i went through motherfucking hell for this

Anyone going to scream and yell profanities whenever “shiro” comes on screen because you know that’s not him and he’s going to try and bring keith further and further down and you know the real shiro wouldn’t ever do that to keith because that man literally went through a year of hell and still came out selfless and caring.

Because I’m 100% going to

Here For You

Pairing: Jasmine Cephas Jones x reader

Words: 500-ish

Warnings: Meh

A/N: I can’t believe I’ve never done a Jazzy fic even tho she’s the light of my life (next to Kate)

You got home, set your bag on the kitchen counter. You had just got back from a club with your closest friends after you had been dumped you just earlier in the day. Everyone was there, Renée, Pippa, Adrienne, but minus Jasmine. Your head was hurting terribly. You had taken about 9 shots of tequila, and your alcohol tolerance was not very high. You stumbled into your bedroom, reaching for your cell phone as tears began to roll down your red cheeks.

You weren’t even talking to anybody, you were just screaming and wailing on your comforter. You decided to call someone, but your head throbbed too much to care who you called, and so you just clicked on the person you talked to last.


The phone rang for about five seconds until a groggy voice picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Jasmine said, yawning. “Y/N?”

“J-Jazzy?” You stuttered, your voice cracking as you said so. “D-Did I w-wake you u-up?”

“Yes.” She said seriously. “Y/N, it’s 2 in the fucking morning, what the hell are you doing awake?”

“I-I broke up w-with them.”

You sat there on the phone for half an hour, telling her the story of how they broke up with you.

“That MOTHERFUCKER DUMPED YOU?” She screamed through the phone.

“Y-Yeah… A-and we went out to the club, and now my head hurts, and my stomach hurts, a-and I feel sick.”

“Hold on, I’m coming over to your place right now.” She said quickly and hung up.

After about 20 minutes of laying in your bed, Jasmine walked in through the front door (she used the key on the door frame to get in).

“Y/N?” You heard her say from the kitchen.

“I’m in here,” you sniffed.

She rushed into the bedroom.

“Aw, sweetie,” She said, picking you up and rubbing your shoulder. “Hold on, stay put right there, I’ll get you some Gatorade and water.”

“Yeah, like I’m even capable of moving my ass.” You mumbled sarcastically, shoving your head into the pillow.

She came back with some blue Gatorade and a tall glass of water in her hands.

“Here.” She said, placing them on the side table. “Drink up, sweetie,”

You sat up and drank some of the Gatorade.

“Alright, I’ll go over to the kitchen. I’ll sleep here, a'ight? I don’t want you to be alone.” She said, walking out into the living room.

“Wait,” You said, gesturing for her to come over. She spun around. “C-Can you stay here with me? Just… lie down next to me. I haven’t slept alone in awhile.”

“Yeah, yeah of course,” She said, walking over to lay down beside you.

“Thanks for being here for me,” You said, turning around to face her.

“Oh, Y/N, it’s really no problem.” She said, smiling. “I’ll always be here for you.”

end of season 6: *Jaime gives Cersei a ~look~ after she uses wildfire to kill a crap ton of people, the way the Mad King was going to before Jaime KILLED HIM*. me: YASSSS JAIME SLAY HER AND MARRY BRIENNE #MOVE FROM EYE FUCKING TO REAL FUCKING #OTP #TWINCEST IS NOT WINCEST season 7: Jaime gets jealous over Euron, Jaime and Cersei passionately make out. me: MotHERFUCKER (or should I say SISTERFUCKER) (wow that was bad I apologize) also season 7: tormund finally appreciates the badass amazing woman Brienne is. me: WELL FUCKING HELL WHAT DO I DO NOW I mean it’s awesome that Brienne has two love interests after all the shit she went through for being fucking incredible but STILL DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE DAMNIT

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Rewatching The 100 pilot and just...
  • Me @ Clarke: lighten up princess, at least you aren't fighting a war... yet.
  • Me @ Bellamy: douchepants wtf!? Shove your 'whatever the hell we want' up your ass and listen to your bae.
  • Me @ Finn: you gonna be dead soon.
  • Me @ Octavia: girl, calm your hormones. You don't want Finn or Jasper. Be patient young one. A strong man with beautiful abs will take you away soon. Literally take you away.
  • Me @ Wells: you die too man.
  • Me @ Jasper: you are as smooth as a cactus. No Motherfucker! Stop yelling. You gonna get yourself hurt. Literally, a spear just went through your chest dude.
  • Me @ Monty: you are so sweet and innocent my sweet summer child.
  • Me @ Murphy: you a bitch. But you cute as hell.
  • Me @ Jaha: had to wait until the last second to save Abby? I knew you would become a crazy mofo.
  • Me @ Callie: where the hell did you go after this episode?
  • Me @ Abby: awe, don't fight with your bae. You love him. Don't lie. Trust me, one day you will risk your life in a collapsing tunnel for him. Just you wait.
  • Me @ Marcus: wtf do you think you're doing!? Trying to kill your one true love. I can't believe you, you sick son of a bitch! *whispers* I love you.
If I was in the TweekXCraig South Park ep

Craig: “Hey Tweek! Hold up. Listen, it’s just not going to work.”

Tweek:”What? Why not?”

Me: “Yeah! Why not!”

Craig:”I’m sorry Tweek, but we can’t lie to ourselves anymore. Yes, we are gay, but we do not belong together.”

Tweek:”We don’t belong together? What suddenly changed, Craig?

Me: “Oh hell, yeah What changed Craig!?”

Craig:It’s just that people are different. That’s all.

Tweek:Uh huh. And who the hell is Michael?! Huh?! You wanna tell me that?!

: “Oh hell nah! Yeah, Craig who the hell Michael!?”

:What? What are you, what are you talking about?

Me:”Don’t act like you don’t know! Tweek tell him what you found!” 

Tweek:”I went through your phone when we went out last night, Craig! I saw your texts to Michael about hooking up with him!”

Craig:”Wait, uh, that’s, that’s not what happened.”

Tweek:Oh, it’s not?

Craig:No. Uh look, we both know this is for the better.

Tweek:Oh, don’t use that lame shit on me, man! You don’t wanna feel bad, so you’re trying to tell me what I want?

Me:”Yo’ T this motherfucker is Guilty as fuck!”

Sorry couldn’t help myself XD

Haleb and Spoby

What I will never quite be able to grasp is the fact that Haleb and Spoby actually fell out. For Christos sake Hanna found Caleb’s motherfucking parents after being without them for like ever. Caleb helped bring down A and get her mother out of prison. Spencer found out what happened to Toby’s mother after everyone lied to him and Toby well, He was fucking Toby. Always there for her, Always defending her went through hell and back just so he could protect her and played a part in taking down A. I will never understand how couples like these could break apart.


Well…there doesn’t have to be two of us…

Fake AH! Ryan from Achievement Hunter’s GTA V Let’s Plays!  Based on king-rye-bread’s drawing :)

Man I’ve really been getting into RT stuff lately…it almost felt inevitable as I slowly went through the Rage Quits, then the GTA let’s plays, then RWBY, like shit man at this point I’m fuckin hooked