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A/N: Okay, this is has is on the angst side. This actually hurts my heart.

Warnings: breaking up, depression, slight obsession

This would be the first time you would be seeing Jerome ever since he got sent back to Arkham. You hadn’t seen or contacted him at all since that night, which would make about a little over two weeks, close to a month. You felt guilty for not coming to see him, but you fell into a very deep depression. It got to the point where you couldn’t even find the will to get out of bed in the morning. So many things were happening all at once and you just could not handle all the stress and pressure. With everything that was happening with Jerome and the GCPD, you knew that it would end badly, but you just kept it to the back of your mind.

You remembered the night J came back vividly because it was such an event. You remember being in a state of shock and the next thing you knew, you both were fucking like a pair of rabbits. Maybe it was just the after sex talk but you just felt like you were the biggest idiot on Earth when you believed he said he would change.

“You gotta stop doing this, J..”

“I’ll stop for you, I promise, doll.

"No, I’m serious this time. You have to change or there can’t be an us.

Walking down the halls of Arkham brought back many memories of when before Jerome died and you would visit him frequently, everyday actually. The feeling wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Life with Jerome was never easy, you’ve been through the days when he was dealing with his mom to this very day. It’s funny what love can make you do.

"Right in here, miss.” The guard directed you into the visitation room. You silently thanked the guard and walked into the visitation room, your stomach was filled with tons of butterflies when you laid your eyes on Jerome. His head was wondering around and he was tapping his hands on the grey table. The sound of your heels hitting the ground caught his attention making him turn his attention towards you.

A slight smile appeared on your lips dispute of how you felt inside, you missed him. His eyes watched you intently as you pulled out your chair and sat down. Jerome leaned back in his chair and stared at you. He looked better now that his face was sewn back on properly instead of his stapling.

“Where have you been?” Jerome’s voice didn’t sound friendly at all. It actually kind of scared you.

“Jerome… I’ve been going through some things and I just needed time to think..”

Jerome’s fists slammed the table making you jump and your hand instinctively went to your belly.

“Some time to think? You can think anywhere, princess. What the hell?"His voice sounded agitated.

"Jerome, I’m pregnant. And I’m afraid that I can’t see you anymore.” Your words came out quickly like word vomit.

Jerome froze and after a while he furrowed his eyebrows, shook his head and chuckled to himself.

“You’re pregnant? And you’re breaking up with me?” Jerome bursted out in laughter. “Okay, be serious.” He wiped the tears that formed at his eyes from laughing. A few months ago his laugh made you the happiest girl on the plant, but now you just wanted to be far away from it. He was never going to change.

“I’m glad you think this is funny. I’m leaving Jerome. This was fun while it lasted but I need to move on, it obvious that you’re never going to change. You fucking promised me! And now look where you are! I love you but I can’t keep doing this! You’re a murder and a psychopath… goodbye, J.” You slowly got up from your seat and walked toward the exit with tears running down your cheeks, not even looking back.

Jerome sat there dumbfounded. He was the only thing he had and now you were walking out of his life.

mercy pt 2

Genre: Angst

Length: 3.9k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it. 

Part One

“Answer me Y/N.” Yoongi growled stepping closer not taking his eyes off of Jimin. His face was a bright shade of red and his breathing was unsteady.

“It’s not wha-” I choked out trying to make words come out as clear as they could.

“Then what the FUCK IS IT?” He shouted, “Huh Y/N? EXPLAIN.” He hissed grabbing my wrist pulling me closer to him. I grimaced at his touch and struggled to release myself from his grip sobbing.

Jimin quickly steps in taking my wrist in one hand and pushing Yoongi’s chest away in another. Yoongi falls back catching himself before he could fall and tries to regain his balance.

“Don’t. fucking. touch. her.” Jimin raised his voice at him growling. I felt my heart inside my chest pounding louder than I thought was possible, I had tears streaming down my face and I probably looked like a mess but I didn’t care. I was more scared of what was going to happen next and was trying to figure out why the hell Yoongi reacted the way he did.

“What the hell do you want from her man?” Jimin roared, “Haven’t you done enough?”

“Jimin calm down” I cried trying to get his attention on me instead of Yoongi because God knows what else could happen.

“Fuck you. You don’t fucking know anything!” Yoongi snarled running his hands through his hair, “Y/N let’s go.” He turned to me, “Now.”

Jimin stepped in front of me blocking me from Yoongi, “You must be insane if you think I’m going to let that happen.”

Yoongi charged up to Jimin grabbing him by the collar and pushing him to the wall at full force. “Who the fuck are you to tell me that?” He screamed. “You’re not her hero! You don’t fucking know what she wants!” Suddenly I saw Yoongi’s fist flying in the air landing on Jimin’s face and before I could step in both of them were at each other’s throats. Without thinking I threw myself in the middle and pushed Yoongi off screaming at them to both stop, both boys were out of breath grunting in pain and for what felt like hours no one said a word. It wasn’t until I got my sobbing under control that I noticed a bitter taste in my mouth. Blood. I brought my hand to my face and sure enough my lip was bleeding. I groaned in frustration and looked both of them dead in the eyes.

“What the fu-” They started to say realizing what happened.

“I don’t care who the fuck it was this is ridiculous,” I hissed, “Yoongi, what are you doing here?” I spat turning my attention to him.

“You weren’t answering your damn phone Y/N,” he responded softening his eyes once his eyes met mine. “So I came over wondering what was going on but I didn’t expect this shit.” He cursed shooting daggers at Jimin.

“You should go back to your girlfriend Yoongi,” I mumbled tearing my gaze away and looking at the floor.

“No. Not until you tell me who the hell this little shit is,” He barked moving closer to me, “Who is he Y/N?”

“You heard her Yoongi, get back to your girlfriend.” Jimin mockingly answered for me, “And by the way.. if you really want Y/N to be happy then leave her alone.”

I remained quiet knowing Yoongi was expecting an answer from me and when it didn’t come he growled in anger hitting the wall behind him leaving us with three words, “This isn’t over.” And with that.. he was gone.

I heard Jimin let out a deep breath and he brought his hand up to my busted lip with guilty eyes.

“I have a first aid kit inside my car, let me fix that up.” He hesitantly said. I didn’t give him an answer and instead looked at the gym building. Crap. It’s been at least an hour since he’s been outside with me, I started to panic at the thought of him not going back to work because of my stupid problems.

“What about work Jimin?” I asked, “shit you’re probably going to be in trouble because of me.” I began to feel bad and thought if I never came outside none of this would’ve happened.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just call them and tell them something came up.” He reassured me.

He grabbed my hand and I felt myself relax, “Let’s go get you cleaned up Y/N.” I nodded and followed him to his car reminding myself I need to somehow repay him for everything he’s done.

“Get in” He ordered opening the passenger door of his car, “I’ll go get the first aid, it’s in my trunk.”

I got inside and ran my fingers through my hair with endless thoughts running through my head. I had so many questions, but no answers. What the hell just happened? I snapped back to reality when I heard Jimin get inside the car with the first aid kit in hand. Opening it he shakingly got the things he needed, “Let me see Y/N,” He said gently grabbing my face. I did as he told me and grimaced in pain once he touched the cut.

“Please make it fast,” I mumbled closing my eyes in hope that would ease the pain. He nodded and my mind once again went elsewhere and began to feel a huge dread of guilt once I remembered Yoongi’s face when I told him to leave, he looked hurt. It was like I disappointed him tonight, and that felt much worse than this stupid busted lip.

“Alright Y/N all set.” Jimin finally said, “again I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, “For everything. For what you did tonight. You surely didn’t have to step in for me. I’m sorry about Yoongi, he shouldn’t have hit you.” I added looking down at my trembling hands.

“You don’t have to apologize. If I wasn’t there you would’ve went with him and he would’ve sweet talked you making you feel amazing until you were left hurt.” He replied a little too harshly.

Truth is.. Jimin was right. As much as it hurts to hear, he was absolutely correct. If I never left my house I would’ve picked up his calls and agreed to whatever he had to say. I would’ve thrown myself in this cycle all over again. But the worst part of this fucked up situation is that I regret not leaving with Yoongi. A part of me wishes I could go back in time and stayed in bed and just waited.

“I-I should go I have work in the morning and my head feels like it’s going to explode.” I said, “But thank you Jimin, I really am thankful for everything you did tonight.” I added covering my face in my hands.

“Let me atleast take you home.” He pleaded, “I know a lot happened tonight, and there is no way I’m letting you go alone” I looked up at him and smiled nodding at him.

“We can walk from here,” I began to say, “I don’t live far I promise.”

“Sounds good to me, that means more time with you.” He responded immediately. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I certainly didn’t need a mirror to see that I was blushing.

We got out of the car and I led him to the direction of my house. I noticed he started walking slower than me and I chuckled to myself and caught on to what he was doing.

“What’s so funny?” He asked pouting at me.

“I didn’t laugh!” I gasped pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about.

His eyes widened “YA! You just did!” He accused. This time I let out a laugh and slapped his arm out of habit.

“I just think it’s cute how you’re walking slower than I thought was possible.” I explained tucking my hair behind my ear to get it out of my face as we made it to the front of my door.  

“Well if you think it’s that cute then why don’t you give me your number?” He blurted out smirking at me. I shot my head up at him and smirked back, “A little too early for that don’t you think? We barely know eachother” I replied.

“I mean I did fight your asshole of an ex tonight, that is pretty big for barely knowing each other.” He noted with a grin on his face.

“Ahh you got me there” I said, “How bout this… hmm let’s meet again, if you show up then I’ll think about it.”

He nodded at me and agreed “Same time tomorrow then?” He asked.

“Same time tomorrow.” I confirmed making my way to my door.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm and I quickly got ready for another at work. I grabbed my phone and to my surprise I had a dozen texts and calls from Yoongi the most recent text being at 4am.

“Please get back to me Y/N”

“I can’t sleep”

“Please call me back.”

I sighed and the guilt started rushing in. Why was he acting like this? Ever since our breakup he never acted like he still cared about me. I should’ve never went to that gym, I should’ve stayed and answered Yoongi. I huffed and decided I would text him back later that day.

Work was surprisingly busy and before I knew it, my shift was over. I made it home and made myself some food for dinner. I ate my meal while scrolling through my phone and I noticed a follow request. Park_jimin. I smiled to myself debating on accepting him or not, guess he was too impatient on waiting for my number. I clicked on his profile and I found myself scrolling through his pictures and grinning like a child. I glanced at the time and realized it was almost 8pm, instantly I got up and proceeded to wash the dishes. Once I was finished I changed into decent clothes and plopped on my couch to watch some TV. I wasn’t supposed to meet Jimin for another two hours so I had some time before I had to go. Around twenty minutes later I felt my phone vibrate next to me. From Yoongi: I love you Y/N. My mind wandered over to the thought of Yoongi and I felt my heart sink. I couldn’t get the look of his face off my head, no matter how hard I tried. Should I even go with Jimin? Am I being stupid for this? Maybe I should just stay in tonight, who am I kidding thinking I’m actually ready to meet some other guy when I’m clearly not over my ex. I moved my fingers over the keyboard as I began to type out a reply.

“I love you too.” sent.

I woke up to a bang and I jolted up from the couch startled only to find the sound came from the TV I forgot to turn off. I grunted dragging myself across the floor trying to fully wake myself up. It was then I realized my apartment was dark and I ran to the window seeing it was still night. I grabbed my phone checking the time 9:43pm it read. In all honesty I was hoping I’d sleep through the night, more because I did want to avoid meeting Jimin. But at the same time, I was happy that I woke up. I walked over to my bathroom and splashed water on my face then looked at myself in the mirror. I took one last breath before I changed my mind and I found myself heading towards my front door. Well Y/N… it’s now or never.

I paced down the sidewalk moving slower than usual as I made my way to the one spot I knew a little too well. As I got closer I refused to see if he was there yet or not, I kept my eyes glued to the ground stepping on every leaf that I managed to find. Eventually I looked up and my stomach dropped when I saw the spot was empty. I sighed and sat down putting headphones in my ears to listen to music as I waited. It was around a fully playlist of songs later that I starting to grow impatient and checked the time.


“Is he really not coming?” I thought frowning to myself. Annoyed I stood up and began to make my way home. I reached the sidewalk and suddenly felt a hand on shoulder stopping me in my tracks.

I turned around and came face to face with Jimin. “I was just leaving” I mumbled under my breath.

I noticed he wasn’t in his usual work clothes and instead was wearing a simple black t-shirt with ripped jeans. As simple as the outfit seemed, he made it look.. good.

“What? Why?” He responded with a sad look on his face.

“What do you mean why? I got here almost an hour ago, I thought you weren’t going to show up.” I harshly replied. His face softened and he smiled. I raised my eyebrow at him confused.

“Actually Y/N you’re wrong,” He informed, “I was here before you actually and as creepy as it sounds I was watching you the whole time.” He finished with a grin on his face.

I widened my eyes, “What? Jimin you creep what’s the point of that?” I hissed wanting to wipe that smile off his face.

“I wanted to see how long you’d wait, and it seems like you’re not a patient person.” I rolled my eyes at him softly hitting him on the shoulder.

“It seems like you aren’t either considering you already sent me a follow request.” I replied smirking at him.

He chuckled, “I thought you weren’t going to show up, so I had to find you on my own just in case.” I blushed at his response. “I’m just really glad you came.” He added.

I saw him reach inside his pockets taking his keys out and waved them in the air looking at me, “Care for some ice cream?” He asked and I eagerly nodded following him to his car. We got in and put our seatbelts on and Jimin began driving. “So how have you been?” Jimin asked making me giggle, “It’s been a day Jimin,” I replied still laughing.

“Well… how was your day Y/N?” He confidently asked not taking his eyes off the road.

“It was good I guess,” I responded “It was busy at work and I didn’t do much when I got home, what about your day?”

“For the most part I stayed in bed the whole day, did usual adult responsibilities, and spent a good while trying to find anything that led to you.” He shamelessly said, “believe it or not it took me a long time to find your profile.” He huffed coming to a stop at a red light.

I shook my head at him, “Not even you just weren’t looking hard enough.” I lightly teased causing him to look at me.

He scoffed at me “I ended up finding it didn’t I?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “I want ice cream!” I whined throwing a small tantrum.

“Aish you child! We’re almost there!”

I nodded satisfied as I saw him pulling into the parking lot and once he parked I immediately got out running towards the entrance.

“Hurry up you old man they’re almost closing!” I impatiently yelled seeing him take his time walking. He chuckled jogging to the front door and opened the door for us.

It took me less than two minutes to pick what flavor I wanted while it took Jimin a whole fifteen minutes to decide on what he wanted. We got our ice cream and left the shop just as they switched the sign from open to closed.

“Who takes fifteen minutes to pick a flavor?” I asked in disbelief while eating a spoonful of my treat.

“Ahh Y/N you don’t understand” he replied rolling his eyes at me, “I needed time to see what my body wanted tonight.”

I let out a laugh mumbling something about him being ridiculous and continued walking along the sidewalk.

“Thanks for the ice cream by the way.” I said eating another spoonful happily. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I went to check it. I sighed seeing that it was more texts from Yoongi and decided to ignore them turning my attention back to Jimin. However he caught on to the frown on my face and raised his eyebrow.

“Is that him?” He curiously asked.

I nodded, “Can we not talk about Yoongi tonight?” I added looking at his face for an answer.

His face lit up “That sounds good to me.”

I put my phone back in my pocket and continued eating stealing a spoonful of Jimin’s ice cream. He pouted shooting me a look.

“I swear you’re a child.” He mumbled.

“I know” I responded shrugging my shoulders.

“About your phone number..” he hesitantly asked looking at his feet.

“Give me your phone.” I bluntly said causing a puzzled look on his face, “so I can put my phone number on there.” I pointed out. He stuffed his hands in his pockets grabbing his phone and handed it to me with a beaming smile on his face.

Maybe things were looking up for me..

Two weeks quickly went by and I found myself spending all my time at work. A manager position opened up at work and for as long as I could remember I was throwing myself into long hours of overtime to earn the position. I constantly told myself not to give up hope and it eventually paid off when my boss called me telling me I got the position. Although it meant more hours, it also meant more money and skills. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel useless and that made me more happy than I thought it would. I sent Namjoon a text informing him about the good news and he congratulated me promising me a night to celebrate later that week. I also sent Jimin a text and he insisted on taking me out to eat to celebrate, I texted back a yes and made my way to my bathroom to get ready for the night.

I got out of my car texting Jimin letting him know I was here and sat on a bench in front of the restaurant occupying myself with my phone. I heard a car door open and I looked up to see Jimin getting out walking towards me.

“Y/N! Congratulations!” Jimin exclaimed pulling me into a tight hug.

“Thank you Jiminie!” I squealed, “I’m so happy and thank you for taking me out.”

“We have to celebrate of course!” He replied leading me inside the restaurant. We then got seated and both of us immediately reached for the menu trying to find what to order.

“I’m buying you a drink.” Jimin stated looking at the alcohol menu.

I shot him a look, “ahh you know I don’t really drink.” I whined.

“I’m not taking no for answer, it’s just one drink”

Rolling my eyes I realized one drink wouldn’t hurt and agreed. I started telling him all the new benefits I would get and the raise I earned and he eagerly listened. The drinks came out before the food and I hesitantly took a sip. I made a face at the strong taste and Jimin laughed at me taking it away keeping it for himself. By then the food got there and we started eating taking a bite of each other’s food here and there. As I was taking another bite of my burger I spotted Jimin’s expression darken and swallowed my food, “What’s up?” I curiously asked following his stare only for it to land on one person we both didn’t want to see. Yoongi. To make things worse it wasn’t just Yoongi, it was her too. She however didn’t seem to notice us and even if she did I certainly don’t think she knows anything about me. My heart sank and I felt my throat close seeing her. She was beautiful, it’s no wonder why he chose her. Both Jimin and Yoongi were glaring at each other and even from tables away I could feel how tense the room was. Yoongi looked pissed. We met eyes and I looked away as fast as I could averting my attention back to Jimin. His fists were clenched and I softly grabbed them making him relax.

“We should go.” I stuttered grabbing my things. Jimin nodded and asked for the check and we both hurried out of there as fast as we could. We both walked in silence to my car, “I’m sorry Y/N I didn’t think he’d be there.” Jimin spoke up grabbing my face making me look at him.

“Don’t apologize” I said with tears in my eyes, “It’s not your fault.”

He forced a smile and opened my car door, “Want to get dessert?”

I shook my head “I have to be up early tomorrow, I think I’m going to call it a night plus don’t you have a night shift soon mister?” I said giving him a stern look.

He gave me a pout, “You’re right, but I’m coming over tomorrow after you get off. I want to know all about your first day as manager.” He added grinning at me. I giggled at him throwing myself in his arms.

“Goodnight Jiminie, thank you for tonight” I said getting into my car.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He replied as he closed my door.

Jimin’s POV

“Have a good workout!” I said as I signed the usual customers in at the front desk. I went back to cleaning the machines and having my head wander over to the thought of Y/N. Although tonight could’ve gone way better, I’m glad I still got to be with her. I reached for my phone and saw a goodnight text from her and I smiled to myself. Just as I was about to text her back my manager interrupted me letting me know it was time for my break. I nodded and started walking towards the exit to go to the usual spot. I unlocked my phone and texted Y/N back and went to play some music. From the corner of my eye I saw someone coming closer to me and I turned to get a better look at them.

“Jimin right?” His deep voice said. As he got closer I realized who it was and my fists immediately clenched. He noticed this right away, “No no.. I’m not here to punch you in the face again.” He said smirking at me.

“What the fuck do you want Yoongi.” I snarled at him looking at him with pure disgust.

He let out a small chuckle, “Why are you so defensive? I’m only here to talk.” He calmly said.

I scoffed “Talk? Bullshit.”

“I saw the way you looked at her.” He began, “I know what you want.”

“Yeah?” I sarcastically asked, “then what do I want?”

He looked away and put his hands in his pockets, “You want her to be yours.”

I didn’t answer this time and instead glared at him.

“But guess what” Yoongi whispered stepping closer to me to the point where his face was inches away from mine. “Deep down inside you know she will never love you as much as she loves me.”

“And that kills you.”

author’s note: thank you guys for reading part one! i’m sorry for the wait but i hope you guys like it!! Also thank you to my lovely cousin for editing this @graciela-97 :)

Today I truly realized how far I have come.. yesterday I ate waay too much food and today’s workout was short. The old me would have restricted myself all day to make up for eating too much the day before, and I would have went harder and longer in the gym doing straight cardio. Having a shorter workout would have made me go mental and I would have went home and done more little workouts. But today I will eat when I’m hungry I will NOT restrict myself, I will sit on the couch and watch t.v and not do more exercises. I will bring myself up with positive comments, I won’t pick my body apart with things I don’t like or want to change. I put my mental and physical health through hell for 4 long years, and I won’t do it again. I won’t let the dark thoughts creep back into my head and make me feel worthless. I am stronger than ever and damn hell proud of myself for what I have accomplished on my own. Recovery was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I’m so glad I chose it💙

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could u write a scenario of lance finding his s/o that he left behind on earth in a galra prison ship and just like, him comforting them and their first night safe in the castle with him?

My son deserves happiness and not the angst I put him through to get there

Lance had thought that leaving behind everything on Earth had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. It was nothing compared to finding a piece of his life turn back up on a Galra prison ship. When he had laid his eyes on s/o he suddenly felt like a broken mirror, shattered on impact and unfocused. Out of all the impossible things he dealt with on a daily basis this was the thing that he just couldn’t accept as real, it had to be some kind of mind trick just to throw him off. But then he heard his name leave their lips and their eyes look at him wide and hopeful. It was then that he knew that this wasn’t a trick, this was terrible and real. It blinded him with rage and he couldn’t remember much after that, not that it mattered because the only thing he cared about was the end result. And he got exactly what he wanted … kind of.

They were back safely in the castle which should have been more than enough to make him happy. After all how often had he daydreamed about being the hero for s/o? To sweep them up in his arms and have them fawning over just how strong and powerful he was? Too often to count and yet he was feeling more nervous than the day he had asked them out, which was saying a lot since that day involved a lot of puking and several shirts ruined by sweat. It was just that he was realizing that being a hero wasn’t about saving damsels in distress, it was about dealing with the after math of bad people doing horrible things.

And at that moment he wasn’t feeling like much of a hero as he sat cradling s/o in his arms while they continued to cry into their third consecutive hour. Lance knew that he should be trying to do more but he felt as if he was recovering from shock himself. “Sweetheart … angel … please tell me what I can do. I am completely at a loss here and I can’t stand seeing you like this,” he muttered into their hair, kissing the crown of their head while pulling them even closer to his chest. He breathed in their scent, memories of laughter and sunshine breaking through the cold still air.

“I wish this was as simple as failing a test. Remember what I did then?” he asked with a small smile and a deep chuckle building in his chest “I tried to have Hunk show me how to bake brownies. Mine of course came out terrible so I tried to steal his to act as if they were my own. Too bad I ended up eating all of them before seeing you the next day. I still think that those crumbs were equally as delicious and were more than appropriate in cheering someone up,” he added feeling the ghost of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

 His smile grew when he heard the crying turn into sniffles and a small hiccup of a laugh. “I’m just glad that he had the sense to make a second batch knowing exactly what would happen,” they said, their voice hoarse and rough but it was music to his ears. They hadn’t said a word since coming back to the castle and this was more than a step in the right direction. “Though if I remember right … you made me fail that test because you had me so distracted I didn’t finish on time. You kept blowing me kisses and holding up cheesy pickup lines you wrote on scratch paper,” they continued, shifting to that they were now looking up at him with tears still on their eyelashes but sounding much clearer.

It was so small and yet he felt his heart melting, the familiar family of butterflies taking up their residence in his stomach. Even a million light years from Earth and he found himself completely enamored by s/o. “I refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing and stick with my defense that you were the one distracting me with that cute face of yours. I can take this to court if thats what you want, although maybe the jury would also be swayed by the hotness radiating off of you,” he teased, his fingers running down their sides in a soft tickle. It achieved just what he was looking for, a laugh.

They laughed and scurried to push his hands away. “Thats my (girl/boy/personal preference),” he sighed happily, feeling all the muscles he hadn’t even realized were tight relax all at once. “Hey I got an idea why don’t we try and get rid of those puffy circles under your eyes? I got some great face masks from the space mall, not that I am sure we are ever welcome back to get more, and while we let our faces get all cleaned and junk I can braid your hair. Cause wow its gotten so much longer since I saw you last and I am loving it. Keith is going to be so jealous~” he sang giving a small shimmy in what was suppose to be an attempt at dancing. 

 “You know that actually sounds really nice,” they said reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek. Lance eagerly leaned into the caress, kissing the tips of their fingers. “It will be just like when we were at the garrison. I missed those spa nights Lance … I missed you.” They finally met his eyes making him realize that they had been avoiding doing that all night. He felt himself holding his breath as he stared down at them, counting their freckles and the different shades of (eye color) speckled in their eyes. He had missed this too, more than anything.

“Things are going to be okay now s/o. I know that because of me that you went through a hell of a lot but I’m here now. I’m going to make things right. I’ll make things normal again,” Lance whispered, breathing the promises against their lips that were suddenly so close to his. There were tears in their eyes again but they where laughing, smiling against him. Maybe they were the good kind of tears like the ones he was blinking back.

“I don’t want normal Lance. I want you,” they finally said before at last crossing the bridge between their mouths and kissing him. It was wet and salty, short and rough with their chapped lips against his own soft ones. “After all your my hero,” they said with a tinkering laugh, holding his face in their hands “and despite everything I think … I think this is where I belong.”

Lance smiled back, a steady stream of tears of his own staining his cheeks. “You’re absolutely right, there is no where you belong more than here with me.” 

Season 3 Finale Coda

I don’t know about you all, but I was FASCINATED when Connor said the line “I’m having coming out flashbacks.” I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I wrote this. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Self harm/suicide attempt, homophobia/slurs Please enjoy! I’m real proud of this one!

It’s in the quietest moments when his thoughts make the most noise.

When it’s quiet and he’s alone, when there aren’t other people around to talk or distract him, his thoughts and memories creep up on him, wrap around his entire being and choke him.

All the memories, all the thoughts and feelings, past and present, decided to hit him, like a violent gust of wind, all at once.

Connor has a knuckle white grip on the sink, staring at his wrists. He can still make out the purple bruises and rash from the cuffs digging into his skin. It all floods back to him, everything that happened. Finding Wes, smelling the gas, bolting out of the house. The way his ears rang when he heard the explosion. The helplessness as he watched the house burn to a crisp, Wes still inside, dying before his eyes in a heap of fire and smoke.  

He didn’t see the pictures of Wes until they were at Bonnie’s; the sight of Wes, full of bright smiles and shy tones, lifeless on a metal slab, flesh seared to the core, muscles torn apart, made him want to vomit in the chair right there. The sound of the explosion played over and over in his head, coupled with Laurel’s screaming, hollering that he should kill himself, end it so they wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore.

In that moment, a small part of him knew she had a point.

Connor’s breathing went ragged and strained, heart quickening as the memories burned into him.

He gazed at his wrists again, remembering every pang of his stomach another hour he went without food in the holding room, and the way his tongue dried with each minute without water. How he felt like a chained animal, remembering the last time he was restrained like that.

Connor doubled over, dry heaving into the sink, nothing coming out but his stomach felt like it was on fire. His vision grew blurry as he stumbled out of the bathroom, knocking into walls and doors towards the living room before collapsing in a heap on the floor, wheezing, sobbing. It seemed as if everything went dark, a cruel, mocking contrast to the sunny day outside.

He raised a shaking wrist to his hand, remembering the places that used to house different scars. He sobbed and wheezed some more, his heart feeling like it was going to hammer out of his chest as he curled in on himself.

Through the high-pitched ringing in his ears, he heard the door open and bags drop to the floor.

“Connor!” Oliver cried, diving to the floor beside him.

“Connor, can you hear me?” he asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

“H…h…help…help me…” he sobbed, reaching out.

Oliver grabbed his hand, squeezing it while pulling Connor in closer with his other arm.

“What can I do?” he asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

“H—hold…hold…” Connor choked.

“Okay, okay, I’ve got you. I’ve got you,” Oliver murmured, holding him close, rubbing circles into Connor’s back.

With each word Oliver said, and with each turn his hand did on his back, Connor felt the suffocation of his memories fade away, little by little. His hands stopped shaking, and his heart slowed down, no longer feeling like it was trying to escape out of his chest. The pressure of Oliver beside him, along with the warmth of his body and the soft words of assurance Oliver whispered in his ears helped the attack ebb away. His breathing opened and his vision was clearer. After a while, he spoke.

“Thank you,” Connor croaked, voice rough.

“Of course,” murmured Oliver, pulling away slightly to wipe the remaining tears from Connor’s face.

“Can you help me up?” Connor asked.

Nodding, Oliver shifted his weight so he was on his knees, sliding an arm into the pit of Connor’s to hoist him up off the floor. His legs feeling like jelly, Connor landed on wobbly, weak feet, but he was up nonetheless.

“Couch?” Oliver asked.

It was Connor’s turn to nod as Oliver helped him plop on the couch, sighing when he finally traded cold hardwood for soft plush.

“Do you need anything else?” Oliver asked gently, still standing.

Connor shook his head, “No, just stay,” he mumbled. Oliver took the seat next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder on instinct, Connor coming to rest his head on Oliver’s shoulder.

“I…I didn’t get the chance to actually think about…everything that happened. It…I guess the adrenaline kept me from it getting in my head. They all hit me like a ton of bricks,” he said, voice still rough.

“I’m sorry…”

“Some brain, huh? I can’t even wash my hands without freaking out about it,” Connor huffed a bitter, humorless laugh.

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[post 4x15]

“What about SHIELD?” she asks, and he’s grateful that she’s at last asked a question that requires and answer more than “How did you get in here?” or “Who are you?”

He glances towards Beth.  She still sitting on his desk, back straight, but he can tell from the way her lips are just barely open that she’s scared.

“What about SHIELD?”

“You never went?”

“Of course not,” he says, and then, without meaning to, “My father and I–”

And she nods.  "How funny is that?“ She whispers.  "It’s not fair that you only get to be loved by one of us in each life.  I suppose he didn’t think things through.”

He doesn’t bother to ask who.  Instead he repeats his first question.  "Who the hell are you?“ and it makes him sick with how much she wants to cry.  

"It’s not real,” she says, for not the first time.  "In the real world, a hole once opened.  A portal to another planet no one new existed.  And you still tied a rope around your waist and jumped straight into it, just because I might have been on the other side.“

He wants to ask "Were you?”  but walks to the desk instead and says “For fuck’s sake, tell me who you are or I’m calling security.”

“Oh, Fitz,” she sighs, and his hand hovers over the call button.  "Please wake up.“

"You’re crazy.”  It’s the first time Beth has spoken, but the girl doesn’t look at her.  She only laughs and it’s the saddest thing Leo Fitz has ever heard.

“I’m dead,” she says, half hysterical.  "I’m dead here and you’re not there to care.“

He knows it sounds impossible cruel, but he feels Beth’s hand on his and, pressing the security call button, says "Why would I?”

“I’m not surprised,” she says.  “You’re the first thing that ever made me want to live.”

Leo shakes his head.  “I don’t know you,” he tells her.  He’s done with her game. 

The door opens and several security guards walk in.  At first, she seems like she’ll let them escort her out.

But she fights.  It surprises him, the strength with which she fights and an odd part of him, a part he doesn’t recognize thinks, “That’s my girl.”

“Fitz!” she screams.  “Fitz!  You have to wake up!  You have to come back to me!”

The guard hits her hard and she falls.  In his head, he’s screaming her name.  

It’s only when they’ve carried her away that he realizes she never told him what it was.  

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What song would you use to describe each Katie character and which one would you use to describe them all? - (anon)

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I’m so picky when it comes to music and I wanted to consider legitimate reasons as to why these songs remind me of each character. For those interested, I did create a playlist on Spotify. You know your girl is extra af so it was necessary. Here we go!

Lena Luthor: Rise by Katy Perry

Originally posted by luthorial

I won’t just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can’t write my story
I’m beyond the archetype

I’m sorry but if those four sentences don’t describe Lena, tell me what does! Lena has survived so much and she keeps fighting every day. She knows that even though she is a Luthor by blood, she can rise beyond the dark reputation that comes with the name. There are people out there that doubt her because of her last name and there are others that seek to make her fail but she refuses to give them that satisfaction. It works!

Gloria Miller: Beast by Nico Vega

Stand tall for the people of America.
Stand tall for the man next door.
We are free in the land of America.
We ain’t goin’ down like this!
Come on now!

Sharing time: This is one of my favorite songs. Okay, I mostly just imagine a montage of Gloria kicking serious ass while this song plays (Someone wanna make that?). It’s loud and full of action and a bit of anger but mostly it just sends a message to stand up and fight for your country and for those that can’t fight for themselves. Be a hero. Be a Gloria!

Elizabeth Carruthers: BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

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“You’re back.” Theo Raeken

Ever since Theo has come back from hell things have been different. He’s been different. Yes, everyone still hates him and wants him gone again, but not me. We’ve never admitted our feelings for each other and now that he’s back things have been awkward. It was obvious we loved each other before, we both know that, but now I don’t know what will happen. Before, we were basically inseparable. I could tell him things I’ve never told anyone before and the same with him. He let me in on his sister’s death, how he really felt inside, and when he first met the dread doctors when he was young. I would sit and listen because… Nobody’s perfect. Everybody does bad things and has a past. And I love Theo enough to see past that. The others have yet to come around, but I’ll convince them sooner or later to trust Theo.

“Y/N, want some?” Theo offers. He ordered a pizza to my house for movie night, something he and I did whenever things got too hectic in the supernatural world and we needed a break from reality. I shake my head. “No thanks.” I would probably barf if I ate something now. My stomach is already full with my feelings for Theo. I thought I could just return to things being how they used to be with him, but I don’t think I can. My real feelings are going to come out like word vomit any moment now. “Okay.” He gives me a strange look, he knows pizza is my favorite and I would never turn down an opportunity to have a slice. He puts away the pizza and turns on Netflix while I grab the comfiest blankets. He turns on a classic, Clueless, one of my favorites. “Why this one? Let’s watch something you like.” I bet he didn’t get much tv time down in hell. “No, I do like this one. Besides, I know it’s your favorite.” He turns it on and snuggles underneath the blankets with me. We get into a comfy cuddling position and watch in silence. I lay my head against his chest an d listen to the steady beat of his heart. It comforts me, always has. The first 30 minutes of the movie go by undisturbed. I can tell he’s looking at me from the corner of his eye, usually I would be quoting along the entire movie, but not tonight. He suddenly grabs the remote and pauses it, unwrapping himself from me and looking me straight in the eye. “Ok, Y/N. Something’s on your mind. I can tell. I know you.” He waits for me to spill, but I don’t. “You gonna talk?” “I just don’t get you!” I abruptly stand up from the couch and flail my hands, surprising Theo and myself. “You were gone, you were in freaking hell, Theo! Hell! And you come back and… Maybe you’re fine maybe you’re not, but I just need you to talk to me!” My words start as a yell, quieting down to a soft spoken plea. “Maybe I’m the one who needs to talk to you.” I sit back down and criss cross my legs. I can feel his eyes on me but I resist to look back. “I need to talk to you too.” He admits, making me look up from my lap. So we talk. For hours and hours we talk and just pour our hearts out to each other. We both get everything we possibly can off our chests and into the air between us. I listen as he describes the agony he went through everyday down there. How every second felt like hours, how his sister would never let him rest and tortured him with memories from the past. We both cry to each other, letting our most venerable parts be exposed. I never thought I would feel as close to another person like I do to Theo. It’s like he is my other half. We both know everything about each other now. Absolutely everything. Emotionally, I don’t know where I end and he begins.

After our talk, we’re both brushing away tears and choking back soft cries. A part of me cries for Theo; what he went through down in hell with his sister and everything before that. Another part of me cries in relief; I have never felt so emotionally free. “Theo, there’s one more thing I’ve been keeping from you.” He looks curious. We’ve been talking for four hours and I still have something to say? It sort of makes me giggle. He looks even more confused now that I’m laughing. “What?” He starts to chuckle along with me. “I just…” My gut tells me to just come out and say it. “I love you, Theo Raeken.” I look straight into his eyes as I speak those words. He blinks a few times, his brain processing the information I just gave him. My smile fades away, taking in the realization that he might not respond like I thought he would. “Y/N,” he sighs. “Please, just don’t say anything-“ “I love you too.” My eyebrows raise and I find myself tearing up again. “Y/N, I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.” My throat closes up with tears and all I can do is nod and smile. “You are the only person to ever give me a chance. To listen to me, feel for me, and love me with all of my flaws anyway.” My face breaks out into a grin so big I can feel my jaw start to tremble. “God,” I choke out. “I’ve waited for that for too long.” I lunge from my position across from him into his lap and grab his face to attach our lips for an impeccably long kiss. He reciprocates, arms wrapping themselves around my waist and lips kissing me feverishly. His lips are like the inside of a rose petal, rough stubble prickling my skin in the most pleasurable way possible. We gasp for air between kisses, refusing to let go of each other. “I love you.” We murmur back and forth, not being able to fathom we can openly say that to each other now.

Let Me Think Of How To Word It

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | (All parts on AO3)

A/N: @posiey I may have you mixed up with someone else, but I am relatively certain you liked this series lol

Jason felt his heart in his throat as he read the words on his screen.

How could a perfect girl like Y/N still be mourning him a year after his death?

He hadn’t been much to begin with. A street kid who got lucky. He may have been smart, but everything else was Bruce and his money.

He had been stubborn and temperamental and had only succeeded in getting himself killed. Even his resurrection wasn’t on his own merit, but on the whim of Ra’s Al Ghul.

And yet here you were, still broken up about him a year after his death. He felt awful that you would be sad over him. He hadn’t even deserved to know you, but to have you love him was more than he could have ever dreamed.

He hesitated before beginning to type. “I am proud of you, doll. I wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad over me in the first place. I was a fucking mess that you somehow managed to see something in. I want you to move on. I want you to fall in love and get married and have kids and do all the things we talked about.” He thought over there dreams and the plans they had made.

He hadn’t even wanted the white picket fence life until he met her. The thought of a boring ass vanilla lifestyle was enough to make him sick, but he would have lived through every ring of suburban hell to make her happy. He looked back at the screen and studied his profile picture for a minute.

They were so happy back then. Carefree and young. That was before everything went wrong, before he ruined everything.

He pushed his thoughts back in favor of finishing his message. “You aren’t giving up on me. You are letting me die. Which is what you should have done months ago. I’m dead and gone, doll. Let me stay that way. It is better that way.”

He hit send and immediately regretted it.

What the hell was Y/N going to think about getting messages from a dead man? How the hell was she going to cope with that?

Not much he could do now though. Part of him wanted to take the time to find a way to delete the message before she could see it.

But another part of him wanted her to see it. See take it as a sign from the beyond and do what he said.

He pushed out all thoughts of her out and logged off. Regret was for people who could afford to live in the past and with a past like Jason’s…

All he had was the future and even that wasn’t looking too bright.

anonymous asked:

For the drabble prompts can you do number 38 & 148 and make it angsty yet not at the same time?!?! Like with a happy ending for nessian I need more fanfic and you are incredible! Thank you in advance if you do write it because it will make my day/week because I need need need more nessian fanfic! 🤗😍😘😜

Oh stahp it you make me swoon 

Originally posted by kasugano

But okay; we got 38 -  “You leave whenever you feel like it.” / and 148 -  “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”. So I feel like i have the opportunity to make angst but also comedy (which I never get to do so thank you!!!) 

I don’t know how I’ll make this angsty and funny at the same time but I’ll try??? Also probably no smut here. So here we go. 

“I hate this,” Nesta said flatly. Cassian rolled his eyes. 

They were on official business at the Day court, having meetings with all the generals of the armies to access a problem with the east coast of Prythian. Nesta said she was bored so he had brought her along. They were in their room getting ready for dinner when Nesta just threw herself on the bed and refused to get up.

“You hate everything,” he said, remembering just how many times she had asked to go along with him and regretted it. 

“I don’t hate everything, I just hate everything I do here.”

To be honest, Cassian was a bit hurt by the words. He thought that after two years of living in fae lands, and six months of living with him she would have at least a bit of happiness. Apparently, nothing was ever enough.

“You can leave whenever you feel like it,” he said, looking around the room for his boots. And it was true. Even though she didn’t work (because she didn’t want to), she had the money she inherited from her father, and she could do whatever she wanted. 

“No, I can’t.”

Cassian looked at her then. She looked… Sad. She sounded sad. He forgot about his boots entirely and sat down on the bed beside where her torso was sprawled out. She sighed and looked at him with a frown. 

“I have no one else, Cass. Feyre is high lady. Elain won’t leave here and look at the human lands for the life of her. You were born and raised and lived your whole long life here. How can I just go somewhere else?” 

Cassian frowned, unsure of what to do. He didn’t think going back to the human lands would make her happy, but didn’t know what could. 

“If you want to live there, we can,” he said. “But I don’t think it will help you at all.” 

She widened her eyes in surprise. 

“You would move there… For me?” He frowned again at her answer. 

“Of course,” he said simply. He thought Nesta knew… Knew that he would move to hell and live there gladly if it made her happy. Knew he would do anything for her. “But it will only make you remember all you went through there. That’s why Elain doesn’t want to go back.” 

Nesta let out a breath as if she had been defeated. 

“Then I don’t know what to do,” she said, her voice so low and sad Cassian wanted to just make a bubble around them that would protect her from seeing or feeling anything bad. He wished he could do such a thing. 

“You can try getting a job,” he said. She snorted. “I’m serious, Nes! Try and do something. Something you like. You could ask Amren.” She nodded at that, and Cassian hesitated before he said what else was on his mind. “And… I think letting yourself have some affection wouldn’t hurt, either.” 

She raised her brows, but said nothing. Even though they were living together ans slept on the same bed, she never let him hug her, or kiss her a lot; not when it was just pure affection. She would kiss him and everything when sex was involved, but almost never when it came to just sending time together and doing nothing together. In those cases, she talked to him a lot, but never really touched him or let him touch her. After a few tries he had stopped and decided he would wait for her to at least give him some sign that she wanted something like that. The sign never came; even though she asked him to live in his apartment.

She frowned at him before she asked, “Cass, why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” 

It was true. He enjoyed watching her sleep and plant little kisses on her head and her cheeks. He never did that when she was awake, he figured she wouldn’t like it. 

“Because you look like you’re going to murder me anytime I lean down to kiss you,” he said flatly.

“No I don’t!” The protest was not even serious. Cassian rolled his eyes. 

“It just always seems like you don’t like me to kiss you.” She blinked.

“Cassian. We live together. We share a bed.” 

“Well, yes, but…” 

“No buts, of course you can kiss me!” His cheeks heated. 

“Well you could have said something!” 

She laughed and sat up beside him, kissing his lips lightly. He guesses she wasn’t so good at this stuff, even after they were living together. He brought her close with his arm and she actually hugged him back. 

“Can we not go to dinner tonight?” She said quietly.

“Sure. I’ll get us some food..”

“No, not now… Just… Let’s not do anything.” 

“Okay,” he said, and placed a kiss on top of her head. 

They eventually decided to lie down, and Cassian poured all those months of affection into that one night, kissing her and letting his hands travel through her body delicately, and Nesta actually looked happy. 

chapter 7.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Im Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1490

Warning: sad, angst

note: RIP I’M SO LATE BUT HEY NEW CHAPTER. I thought I put this in queue but I just checked and rip… i didn’t. Sorry my dears! Anyways, thanks for giving the other chapters so much love and I hope you enjoy this one. I really enjoyed writing the ending of this chapter. ugh the feels. Happy reading everyone and take care! -admin

Breathing heavily, I stared at Jinyoung through the wet hair that covered my face. His face was as shocked as mine but, he didn’t speak a word. As for me, a million of thoughts ran through my head which left me speechless. I moved my hair to the side as I looked up at the girl who poured water over my body. And telling by her clothes, she wasn’t someone who anyone would want to mess with. Rude, arrogant, and stubborn. And Jinyoung managed to see a girl like her behind my back.

“Let me ask again. Who is she, Jinyoung?” The girl asked, clearly getting angry. I looked at Jinyoung as he stared right at me, with an expressionless face. For a moment, I could read his feelings that was said through his face but, he soon hid it behind a sweet, soft smile.

“A friend of mine.” Jinyoung smoothly replied back, smiling like this situation was an accident. I widen my eyes and gave Jinyoung a look of disbelief. I knew he didn’t consider me as a friend, since we’ve done things that friends weren’t suppose to do, but those lines broke my heart. If after all this time I was only considered a friend to him, then something isn’t right.

“And you take friends to a fancy restaurant like this?” The girl screeched at the top of her lungs. I could feel the whole restaurant staring at us we created as scene. I sat there speechless, dripping wet from the water, as I observed Jinyoung’s actions.

“Yes,” He simply stated, “She’s having a hard time so I thought I’d cheer her up.”

“Bullshit.” I muttered under my breath. My anger slowly started to rise as Jinyoung made up stupid lies about our relationship. If he thought he was making the situation better, he wasn’t.

Both of their heads turned to me and opened their mouths, “What?”

I stood up from my seat, staring at Jinyoung as I straightened my dress and fixed my hair. Smiling sweetly at both of them, I turned to the girl and sighed, “Do you know how rude it is to pour water on someone you don’t know? Especially since I’m a friend to Jinyoung? Whoever you are, get some manners because you aren’t going to survive this world if you don’t have them.”

I turned my heels and back on Jinyoung as I stood there for a moment, letting the words sink in, before grabbing my things and storming off. Anger, hurt and, sadness. The three emotions that ran through my brain as I waited outside the restaurant for a taxi. His words kept replaying in my mind. A friend? Hell no. I never thought a man like Jinyoung would make me feel betrayed. He was so honest and caring, I never saw a situation like this coming by. The amount of pain that went through my heart was more than what I felt when I was kicked outside my house. And I admit, love does hurt.

“(Y/N)!” I heard Jinyoung’s voice calling my from behind. I stood on the curb, ignoring the frantic callings as I desperately searched or a taxi. I was cold and dripping wet to the point where I will ignore the surroundings around me.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” Jinyoung sighed as he approached right beside me. Without speaking a word, I spotted a taxi down the road and waved it down to pick up me.

“Hear me out, please. It’s not what you think it is.” Jinyoung continued to plead. The taxi car pulled up right in front of me as I opened the door and got into the car. Telling the driver the address of Jaebum’s house, I fasten my seatbelt and looked straight ahead. As the car started moving, I saw Jinyoung from the corner of my eye, drop to his knees and punch the ground. And for a spilt second, I turned back to look at Jinyoung’s face and saw a man who knew he messed up. And he did.

I leaned my head against the window as I tried to keep myself from crying. Was this what it felt like to be cheated on? The heartbreaking feeling that was worse than anything other feeling. And this whole time, I felt anger and sadness when I was doing the same thing to him. It hurt me even more when I thought about the times I spent with Jaebum. What if Jinyoung knew? What would happen to our relationship? He was a man whom I loved more than anything in this world. Even more than Jaebum. But now, I don’t even know anymore.

The taxi finally arrived at the big modern home that held the guilt and shame of my actions. Thanking the driver and paying, I made my way inside the house to finally let my feelings take over me. Slowly making my way upstairs, I strip down my wet clothes and hop into the shower. The warmth of the water wrapped me like a blanket as I stood there, staring at the white wall. I could feel tears streaming down my face, mixing in with the water coming from the shower. The amount of pain and agony hit me like a truck. I felt completely damaged inside. Why did life have to treat me this way?

I suddenly felt presence from behind me, interrupting my time alone. I slightly tilted my head backwards and saw, from the corner of my eye, a naked man. Closing my eyes, I sighed to myself and tried to swallow up my tears before he could see them.

“You were taking a long shower so I decided to join you to save water.” I heard Jaebum say from behind me. I sniffled a little before stepping forward to allow him inside the shower. I could’ve asked him to leave me alone but, I wasn’t clearly thinking at the moment. My mind was filled with thoughts of Jinyoung.

“So, Jinyoung called an-”

“Don’t talk about him, please.” I croaked out, interrupting Jaebum’s sentence. Hearing the name Jinyoung somehow hurt my heart. I can’t say that I hate him, I’m just devastated.

“Something wrong?” Jaebum asked from behind. I’m surprised that he hasn’t made a move on me yet. Maybe because he sensed something wrong since the moment he stepped in the shower.

“Everything.” I whispered under my breath, as I felt the tears starting to blur my vision. I could feel Jaebum’s presence move closer to me as I slightly flinched from those actions.

“What?” He sighed. Turning around slowly, my eyes flickered up at Jaebum’s face as I saw his expression change. He knew, after taking a look at my face, that I was completely upset about something.

“Did you know about Jinyoung?” I softly asked him, looking down at our feet as I avoided his eye contact.

Jaebum let out a breathless sigh, “Yes.”

“Then why,” I cried to him, looking up at his face again with tears in my eyes, “Why did Jinyoung hide that from me?”

“I’m not in that position to tell you why.” Jaebum said as he stepped closer to me. I looked away from him as I felt tears running down my face. Was it that bad of a situation to prevent Jaebum from telling me? What was Jinyoung hiding that was so secretive?

“Please, tell me.” I sobbed out. “Please, Jaebum? What’s so special about that girl? Why did Jinyoung fall in love with her? Why didn’t he tell me?”

“Because,” Jaebum softly said, “He loves you too much to tell you.”

“Bullshit!” I screamed, letting my emotions take over me. “Do you, rich kids, even know what it’s like to go through heartbreak? It fucking hurts!”

“(Y/N), listen to me,” Jaebum firmly stated, grabbing my bare shoulders and pulling me close to him, “You cannot let this get to you and I know you’re stronger than this. Hear him out, (Y/N). It’ll make you feel better, I promise you that. And if he does something wrong, I’m here to support.”

With that, Jaebum softly pushed back my wet hair and gently grabbed it. He pulled my face forward and kissed the top of my head. At that moment, I felt a rush of comfort that slightly warmed my heart. I closed my eyes as Jaebum continued to hold me out of full compassion. That was when I knew Jaebum let his walls down on me. A side of him that I’ve always wanted.

And after a few moments, Jaebum pulled away and smiled at me. His soft eyes showed sympathy and love as he looked at me, healing my heart. His hand touched my face as his thumb ran across under my eye, wiping away the tears even though they were already wiped by the water.

“Just know you are loved.” He softly breathed out. “Loved very much.”

Top 5 moments from Arrow finale “Lian Yu”

Ok. It’s been awhile since I last wrote a piece about Arrow. But season 5 has been an incredible and exciting ride and it finished with a well deserving bang. Actually, multiples bangs.

(Be still our hearts!) So here are my top 5 moments of the finale: 

5. Everytime Slade showed up on screen.

Seriously. How much have we missed him? I always loved Slade. I loved his friendship and bond with Oliver during their island days. They were brothers. They were a good team. Let’s all remember: Slade saved Oliver once upon a time. It was so nice to see that Slade back in play - mirakuru free and in possession of all his marbles.

Everything about Slade’s character it’s brilliant. From my viewer’s point: Through most of the episode I was genuinely afraid Slade would turn against Oliver (really hoping he wouldn’t but kind of excited if he would - because Slade Wilson as an opponent it’s truly entertaining and amazing to watch).

That’s a good character! Who can make you wonder and stay on the edge of your seat.

What I truly enjoyed though was how we could feel the sorrow in Slade’s actions and words. The way he stepped back when Oliver was holding Deathstroke’s mask. The way he was honest with: I killed your mother. You should’ve killed me. The way he had Oliver’s back (with some great fight moves), the triple cross moment and most importantly: the advice about forgiveness.

Let’s be honest: Slade gets Oliver. They both went through hell. They both were put in horrific situations they did not deserve. Oliver’s fight to survive. Slade’s consequences of being subject with crazy drug. In the end both of them survived. Both of them know what it feels to truly regret actions and choices.

It makes sense the “you and me, kid” sentence. So, it was nice to see that Oliver took Slade’s advice and forgave himself from all the terrible things that happened since his father’s suicide.

Is it too much to ask to have Slade as a series regular next season? Or maybe have him for a few episodes? It’ll be interesting to see how he and Oliver can repair their very complicated relationship.

4. Olicity

Awn, Olicity. That’s what I’m talking about.

In the last  5 years, we’ve seen them met, be friends, partners and lovers.

We actually got to see an epic hero love story develop from day one.

What worked really well is the way the writers established once and for all that Felicity is this hero’s great love. Let’s recap the moments?

It happened when Oliver said straight forward that he needed to focus and that meant Felicity had to be safe out of the island.

It happened when they kiss and Oliver optimistically said they were gonna make it through.

It happened when Felicity said that she didn’t wanna regret not kissing him because when it comes to them, she already has enough regrets. [ Yeah, that break-up it’s something that we all regret, Felicity].

It happened when he replied they were gonna have the talk once they were out of the island.

And it happened when Chase said his last line: “… it will be lonely without mom and Felicity”.  

I think it’s safe to say after 5 years, in this DC-tv-verse Felicity is canonically the love of Oliver’s life. In this universe and platform Olicity isn’t shipping anymore. It just is. Haters gonna hate but that it’s the truth.

The character’s love each other. That’s the story. Accept and move on.

Felicity and Oliver’s journey has been a crazy one. They both grew. They both made mistakes, but in this finale (that represents the full circle of Oliver’s path to be the hero) they both were what they were supposed to be: an hero and the strong girl with pure empathy.

Hoping for a very sweet reunion and free-drama Olicity from season 6 and on.

3. The whole team

The team really kick some butts. In a show like Arrow it’s difficult to have all the cast in the same scene or story arc. But they did it! They were all there.

It was very satisfying seeing how well they all worked together. Even Malcolm was fitting too well with the rest of the gang. Nyssa loyalty was also so sweet to see.

After all they’ve been through, they’ve shown they are strong as ever.

2. All the fights scenes

Every freaking fight scene. Specially Oliver and Chase’s. Just that.

1. Every Chase and Oliver scene

I’ve been waiting 5 seasons to hear Oliver say out loud that  he isn’t the killer anymore. “That’s who I was”. FINALLY! Oh, Oliver. Great moment!

Throughout the episode we got to see the real Oliver. The one in charge, making decisions with a team recognizing his leadership. Not because of his yelling, but because he earned their respect.

After all the trauma, the drama, the regrets, the guilt and all lost, Oliver became this super able badass honorable hero. And we have Chase to thank for the final push.

Chase forcing Oliver to admit his killer nature was nerve wrecking. The fight between the two  felt real and with high stakes.

Chase craziness and obsession made him a truly great villain. With no redeemable qualities. Not one.

But, the best scene from this finale was the last one. Chase committing suicide. 

First he bargained William’s life over everyone Oliver loves. Impossible situation. As a true hero, Oliver didn’t give in. Then Chase did the unthinkable, killed himself to make Oliver understand he will always bring death for those closest to him.

Man, in one second Oliver lost his sister, his girl, his best friend, the mother of his son, his father figure, his team and allies.

Everyone he loves. And we felt the brokenness right along with him through that look as he watches purgatory island go up in the air. It was shocking.

He finally was free from the weight of guilt. He was trusting the ability of his team to take care of themselves and he finally was in the light, defeating his enemy. He was not broken anymore. And then, everyone dies.

Ok, we all know know they are gonna make it … right?

That’s the brilliance of this season and the journey from the last 5 years. We know they are gonna make it, somehow (this is a freaking magic island, in a universe of metahumans, aliens and time travel). But even so, we are still wondering: are they?

We are shocked and feeling for Oliver. With Oliver.

We care about these characters. These heroes. We care about all the bad and ugly and painful situation they’ve been through. Isn’t that what a tv show specially a hero one should make us feel?  

We need to care for the hero. And, dear Arrow tv writers, we do.

Thank you for the best season yet!

Shadow Forms: Team X Reader

Requested by anon: Oneshot where reader is first person to find Neverland and was the one who let Peter Pan stay there and gave him his magic and when everyone goes to save Henry, Rumple suggests finding her for help, and basically a scene where the team meets Y/N?

hmmm so I thiiink I know what you mean

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A ship was visible on the horizon, one you hadn’t seen in a long while. Squinting to make sure you weren’t just seeing things you snorted. Unbelievable, you thought, Captain Hook’s returned.

Not that you cared much, it amused Peter more than you. You turned away and went back to your seclusion. It was hours later when all hell broke loose.

Out of the corner of your eye you spotted movement. You ignored it, until you heard rustling form the opposite side. Raising your eyebrows you gaped, “He wouldn’t…” Without missing a beat Captain Hook appeared through the trees.

He stood in front of you, hands slightly raised, “I just want to talk.”

You stared at him not knowing how to respond, “You– you came to, find me? Did you forget who I was?”

“Please, I don’t wish to quarrel. I only ask for your help.” he asked sheepishly.

You tilted your head, “Are you aware of how stupid that sounds?” Raising your voice you continued, “I created this place and after years of waging wars here, you ask for my help?“  You heard the familiar sound of a bowstring behind you. Hook tensed but said nothing.

Rolling your eyes you sighed, “Oh call off your crew already, we can talk.”

As Hook lowered his hands another man appeared in you peripheral vision, “Actually it’s me who wanted to talk to you.

This time, your jaw dropped. You turned to find Rumplestiltskin flanked by others with weapons.

You slid your hands into your pockets still staring, “I wasn’t expecting to see you here. And with a pirate? This doesn’t seem your style.”

“Well it’s not my style, but I’m here to find my grandson and he’s agreed to help.” He said.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” You turned to face Hook, “You know I’ve always had a soft spot for you.”

He glanced away, “Yeah, I could tell from how you yelled at me just then.”

You shrugged with a grin, “Gotta keep up appearance.” You looked towards the woman holding the bow at her side, “Who are you again?”

She raised her head, “Mary-Margaret. Henry, he’s my grandson.”

“Wait,” You coughed, “this kids your grandson, and his?” You said motioning to Rumplestiltskin.

The light haired man spoke up, “Whoa, they’re the parents of different kids. We’re together.” He put his arm around her.

You stared at them in confusion, “Right, so anyways. Why do you want my help? It’s not like I keep tabs on Pan.”

“You mean you don’t know what he’s planning?” a blonde woman asked.

“Oh no I absolutely know what he’s planning and it needs to be stopped.” You arched an eyebrow.

Hook had joined the others and laughed, “You haven’t tried stopping him yourself?”

You scoffed, “What, with his little army backing him? No way Captain.”

“Well don’t you think you ought to do something? You are the one who gave him his powers.” Rumplestiltskin argued.

“Like I don’t regret that?” Your eyes burned, “He, he wasn’t like this before. He had potential. I saw, good in him.” Shaking your head you sighed, “But I made a mistake. So now that you’re all here, we can stop him together. Now, shall we have some introductions?” You asked, eyebrows raised.

The woman holding the bow nodded, as the others looked at each other for objections. Without saying anything they agreed, and the blonde stepped forward. “I’m Emma, and Henry is my son.”

You grinned, “They call me Y/N. Doesn’t sound that epic, but I promise I’m more than I seem.”


it’s like a step by step guide for how to feel bad.

this is only tangentially homestuck-related but i blew through the whole first season of a series of unfortunate events as soon as it went up on friday and its kind of got me thinking

like, im hard pressed to think of a work of fiction i got more involved with as a child than asoue? sure, i read and wrote more fanfiction for like, harry potter and sailor moon, but those were like…. two-dimensional narratives. they did not invite my involvement. id finish a harry potter book and say “well, thats neat, cant wait for the next one.” but asoue invited me to interact with it, a puzzle to be solved. if you read exactly what was on the page and set it aside until the next book came out, youd be fucking lost. not only was there supplementary material outside the main series but even those supplementary materials were written in code or referred obliquely to characters and events that did not appear in the main series. its a series that has a tremendous amount of respect for children - both within the text and outside it. the baudelaires are intelligent and resourceful and struggle against adults who are incompetent or malevolent, and the series expects its readers to be intelligent and resourceful enough to put the puzzle together. additionally theres a lot of playing with the fourth wall, and the author is present as a character who has actual influence on events in the story

and like, OF COURSE a kid who enjoyed asoue would grow up to enjoy homestuck. its the same fuckin thing. its a story about very intelligent children who are forced to fend for themselves, told in a way that exploits its medium to great effect. hell, i went back and reread the asoue books a couple years ago and it gave me a very similar vibe as acts 1-3 of homestuck. youre seeing this very complex, very epic story through the limited perspective of children. the author shows you just enough that you know theres more going on than the kids are clued into but youre still hopelessly lost and its exciting enough to make you start digging on your own. and if you dont do your own digging youre never going to catch up. at some point hussie described homestuck as “a story that is also a puzzle” and i think asoue fits that same bill very well, and i want more stories like it

Standard Wednesday Night

Title: Standard Wednesday Night

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson

Word Count: 3,000

Ao3 link: here

Summary: “You know, not to be a whiner,” Foggy spoke through a mouthful of fried rice, “but it’s so not fair that you’re better at chopsticks than me.”

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Every time I think of the fact that Holt fought so hard to get his first command, something he’s always wanted but was never given the chance because of his race and sexuality, and then was met at the precinct with a detective like Jake, a white straight man who is so incredibly resistant to any type of change and refuses to do his job properly (think episode 1-3 Jake), and I think of the fact that Holt probably went home and was so incredibly angry at the fact that he has a detective like Jake who would screw up his command and make things difficult.

And then I think of the fact that 21 and a half months later, when threatened that if he didn’t leave his command -this thing that he’s worked so hard for, worked so hard THROUGH, built a strong, composed, well established detective squad that have each other’s backs - the squad would be broken up, and each one sent to places that would definitely bore them and depress the hell out of them, he chose to leave. Because he cared too much about his squad, especially Jake, to let anything happen to them. He acted completely selflessly and even though later he was rotting away in PR, literally being brought down and losing hope (this is the same man that started an association for Gay African American officers of the NYPD in the extremely homophobic 70’s and 80’s after his colleagues mocked him and laughed heavily just for SUGGESTING it), he walked away with his head held up high.

And it is that same squad (and same damn stubborn detective) that brought him back into the precinct and position that he loved.

I love Raymond Holt so much and am so grateful that he exists.


What really makes me upset is the look on Robin’s face in the first gif. Like he looks genuinely hurt and upset. Zelena literally talked shit about him after she joked about raping him. it makes me sick. honestly hope/wish the writers show more of his point of view because i’m positive that things aren’t all daisies and roses in Robins world, like he was a victim of rape and that leaves a scar on a person no matter the circumstance. 

Regina also made me really happy when she swooped in because i feel like she really understood the hurt he was feeling and what he went through and that’s why she went all protective like “you’ve put him through enough shit, back the hell up.”

gif creds: always the queen follow her she has a great blog!

Sodapop Long Imagine

Your POV

It had been a week.

A week since Dallas had been shot down.

A week since I lost my best friend.

A week since I lost the only family I’ve ever had.

I stayed curled up in what was his bed. Curled up in his tshirt and using his leather jacket as a pillow.

I heard a knock on the door but just sank further into his blankets.

The only time I stopped crying was when I slept. But I always woke up crying.

Buck opened the door a bit and smiled softly at me. “Soda is here to see you. Wanna see him?” He asked gently.

I hadn’t seen Soda all week. I didn’t want his sympathy. I wanted my best friend.

I wanted Dallas Winston.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” I mumbled into the jacket.

“I think you should talk to him. He’s your boyfriend.” He encouraged and sat down beside me after closing the door.

“I can’t. I want to be alone buck.” I shook my head as another stream of tears fell. “I don’t want to talk. I just want Dallas.”

“Don’t talk then. Just listen.” He shrugs. “I know you’re upset but everyone is. Even Soda.” He walks out and Soda walks in quietly.

He looks like a mess. Like he hadn’t showered in days. He had some scruff and grease stains here and there.

He crouched beside the bed and sorted my hair.

“My baby…” He coos. “I’ve been so worried.” He strokes my cheek and I squirm backwards until I hit the wall. He sighs and messes up his hair even more. He sits on the floor silently and let’s me fall asleep.

When I wake up I’m not in Dallas’ bed anymore, I’m in Soda’s old bed. It hadn’t been slept in since Pony’s nightmares had started.

I saw Soda spinning in the chair across from the bed.

I see Dallas coat is folded neatly under my arm and my hair is tied back. I’m tucked in and all the pictures in his room are turned down.

He sees me squirming and stops spinning. He moves to chair closer to the end of the bed but not too close.

“Why did you bring me here? I wanted to be in dally’s room.”

“It’s not healthy for you to be cooped up in there. You’re making it worse for yourself. Buck even admitted to Darry on the phone that he hasn’t been trying to get you to eat.”

“Why am I here though?”

“Because this way you’re with family. You’ll have someone around all the time. I know you don’t do well on your own. Your thoughts get the better of you and so now I know you won’t be alone. Now I can protect and take care of you.” He whispers tentatively.

“I want to be where dally was.” I huff.

“Dally slept here countless times.” He shrugs.

“It’s not the same. He was my family. I want to be where he was at home.”

“We are your family too. He was more than at home here.”

“You guys aren’t my family!” I snap. “Dallas was my family and now he’s gone!” I scream in tears. “I don’t have a family anymore!”

“Family is people that love and care about you. The boys love and care about you like a sister and you know I care about you.”

“It’s different! Ever since I was a kid it was always just me and him! No matter what happened! And now there’s no him!”

“But there’s us! Us worrying about you. Us mourning for two of our brothers. Us freaking out because you dropped off the face of the earth. For a week I haven’t seen you or been able to sleep! I haven’t known if you were okay or alive and I’ve been worried sick because I keep losing people and I can’t lose you too!”

“You losing Dallas is different than my losing Dallas!”

“How!?” He finally snaps at me.

“You grew up with a family! I didn’t! I was in and out of foster homes my whole life until I met Dallas! He became my family and he protected me and helped me and was my first and only friend. My foster parents beat on me and when Dallas found out we ran away and we went to New York then when things got bad with his dad there we came here. I’ve been through hell and back and the only thing that was ever certain in my life was Dallas Winston!” I scream and the noise outside the room is gone. The other boys are quiet now.

“You’re right I did have a family and I lost them. I didn’t get a goodbye. Now I’m dropout with a deadend job trying to help out so my brother and I can make ends meet for our kid brother who nearly died and then bam two of my best friends die! I get it, you’ve had it rough but so have I. You and I both know that you aren’t the only one with struggles. You’re some sort of brainiac, you could get into any school you want! I’m a high school dropout who couldn’t learn anything so now I pump gas. My brother had to go from brother to father for me and ponyboy! We barely make ends meet every month and if one thing goes wrong i will be thrown in a boys home and never see my brother. All I’ve got are those boys who are probably listening to us talk right now!” He breathes heavily as if he’s been waiting to say all of that.

I rub my face and just hide in my hands. I hear several different sets of feet and the front door shuts.

The bed dips beside me and he pulls me to him.

“Dallas may have been what you considered your only family but we are greasers. We are all a family. If Steve and Two didn’t give a shit about you then why did they beat up that Soc that was calling you names? If Darry didn’t care about you then why would he be there for you to talk to all the time? If Pony didn’t care then why would he make sure that you never walk alone? If I didn’t care why would I be trying to talk to you and make sure you’re okay? Why would I give you every piece of me? Why would I let you push me away but keep coming back to you? Why would I give you my virginity and all the love I can?” He whispers the last one so the boys can’t hear.

“I just want Dallas back.” I sob against his chest.

“I know you do. We all do. I just want you to know that with us boys, you will never ever be alone. Even when you want to be.” He chuckles. “I know you wish that he was here but he always will be. We never could escape him. Even when we were making out half clothed. He pulled us apart and sat between us with his arms around our shoulders.” I chuckle a little at that.

“He’s always going to be with us. Especially you. You’re the one girl he ever loved. You were his girl in his mind, even if you are mine. He protected you. He talked to you. He made sure you had the best. He made sure no one could hurt you and if anyone did he beat the shit out of them.” He chuckled and his chest rumbled as I leaned against it which caused a tiny smile on my lips.

“I want to know if he’s in a good place now.” I whisper.

“He’s probably picking a fight up in heaven right now because he can’t have leather wings or smoke.” He jokes again.

“But those make him happy.” I look up.

“And that’s how you know he’ll get them.” He smiled.

“How?” My forehead crinkled.

“What Dallas wants, Dallas gets.” He smiles.

I nod and hug him. He hugs back tightly and I smile a little.

“Soda?” I pipe up after a few minutes of him holding me.

“Yeah babe?” He whispers, not even pulling back a bit.

“You smell horrible.” I crinkle my nose.

“Don’t worry babe, we have soap and water.” He kisses my head.

“My hair is gross.” I complain when I touch it.

“Let’s have a shower then.” He whispers with a smirk.

I nod and we grab a couple towels and he pulls me to the bathroom.

We strip down and he kisses me softly.

“Thank you Sodapop.” I whisper even though the water is loud.

“You’re not just my girl. I’m your guy too. I’ll always be here for you. It’s in my job description.” He grins his movie star smile.

“That makes me the luckiest girl in the world.” I lean him against the shower wall and kiss him softly.

“Can you two hurry it up? I need to piss.” Steve yells from the other side of the door.

“Go piss outside then! The door is locked and we are busy!” Soda shouts back before kissing me again.

“You’re horrible!” Steve whines.

“He’s perfect.” I correct Steve and smile at my boyfriend.

When soda and i finish shortly after having tried to be quick we go to his room and get dressed. I pull on just one of his big shirts over my underwear and bra. He stays in boxers and roots through his drawers for pyjama pants or shorts. I accept his old gym shorts and put them on before i follow him to the living room.

I sit on the couch and he gets some food. Steve sits in the arm chair and watches me without looking away.

“Quit looking at my girl.” Soda tells him as he comes in with two cups of chocolate milk and the cake that Darry had probably put away for tomorrow.

Soda’s words don’t snap Steve out of his trance though.

I try to ignore him and eat what Soda brought out. After a while he is still staring at us.

“What do you want steve?” Soda asks him sounding annoyed.

“You did her in the shower. Even with me here. Evie won’t let me until her parents are gone at lest an hour. But you two just…” Then he shudders.

Soda rolls his eyes and we eat before he wraps us in a blanket and lays with me while we watch tv.

“I don’t get it!” Steve complains.

“I do.” Soda attempts a joke. I laugh for his sake and just snuggle into him.

“Hey soda?” I look up at him as he lays beside down with me.

“Yeah baby girl?” He puts his head against mine.

“You’re not my family. The boys are but you aren’t.” I say and hear his breathing catch.

“I’m not?”

“No because I’m not supposed to be in love with my family. I’m supposed to have a family with the one I’m in love with though.” I smile and stare into his eyes dazedly.

“I really love you.” He kisses me hard. He lays on his back and pulls me on top of him. Steve groans as Soda starts kissing me.

“Get a room.” Our friend complains.

“We have one and you just happen to still be here.” Soda mumbles. “You can leave yknow.”

“I can’t. You’re my drive to work.”

“I’m calling in sick. I’m gonna spend some time trying to feel better.” He smirks and I kiss him. I tangle my fingers in his wet hair and he groans lowly.

“I’ll fix you up.” I nibble at his neck.

“We actually have that car to fix up.” Steve says sounding annoyed.

“Shit. You’re right.” He puts his head back while I continue to suck at his neck.

“I want you to stay here.” I whine and put my face in his neck.

He rubs his hands up and down my back and sighs. “Come with us.”

As soon as he says it, I know Steve sent him a look.

“I’ll stay here.” I shrug then take the remainder of the cake to the kitchen. I put it away then wash the dirty dishes that are piling up.

Soda walks in and puts his arms around me then kisses my cheek. “Come with me.” He whispers in my ear. I continue washing the dishes and ignore what he said. “Please?”

“I’m going to stay here and clean up.” I tell him.

“I want you to come with us. I want you to come with me.” He whines and sways me a bit.

“I don’t want to.” I snap.

He jumps but doesn’t let go of me.

“Sorry.” He whispers before stalking off to his room.

I leave just a few dishes and dry my hands before walking in his room. He’s sitting in the corner breathing heavily with his head between his knees.

I sigh and sit in front of him. I pull him close to me and tilt his chin up. “Im sorry I’m being so difficult.”

“It’s not your fault. I know you feel a bit uncomfortable after Steve just listened..” He shrugs.

“I just figured it was better if I didn’t go. Working on cars is something you and Steve do together.” I get as close as I can to him.

“But I wanted you there because it wasn’t just me and Steve that worked on it.” He says carefully almost like he’s dropping a hint.

“What do you mean?”

“Dally asked us to help him with it so he could give it to you. He bought it and wanted to fix it up for you because he knew that you hate buses.” He smiles shyly.

“And you were helping him with it?”

“Of course.” He smiles. “He only ever wanted you to smile. That’s the only reason he let you be with me. Did you know he interrogated me before I even asked you out. I’m his friend and he interrogated me and tried to scare the shit out of me. He did daily check ups to make sure i was treating you right. The one time me and you fought he threatened me. He told me if he ever saw a frown on your pretty little lips that I would be sorry.”

“That sounds like him.” I chuckle.

“‘Course he would never let me back around until that frown was gone. But he knew how he would go down and he wanted me to make sure that I’d always be here but never replace him. I received a smack when I said that a spot like his was easy to fill and I’d grab the first hoodlum I saw. I want you to remember that he loves you and will always put you first and he wanted you to know that you would always be his girl. Even if you get married you’ll always be his girl. He made that very clear to me.” He covers a few spots as if remembering what Dallas did to him.

“He didn’t hurt you too bad did he?”

“Nothing that you didn’t make better.” He smiles and kisses me.

“I’ll come with you.” I pull him up and change quickly before tossing him his DX shirt.

He puts on a hat and jeans and I smile. “How did I get lucky enough to have you in my life? I mean you’ve got girls fawning all over you and you picked me.”

“You are easily the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I loved you the moment I saw you. You were perfection. And you still are. And you were off limits which made it so much more fun.” He pulls me to him.

He spins me and grins. “Some people say greaser girls are trashy but you definitely are not.”

We put our shoes on and I climb on his back as we walk down to DX.

“I thought we were taking the truck.” Steve complains.

“I thought Darry didn’t have it.” Soda shrugs.

We are around the corner from DX when someone yells at one of us. “Hey grease! What’s this I hear you’ve been talking shit!?” Three soc’s walk towards us.

I climb off Soda’s back and he keeps me behind him. “Stay back.” He tells me.

“I guess you’ve got good hearing then.” Steve shrugs. “It’s not my fault you guys dress like idiots. I just pointed out the obvious.”

The larger one punches Steve and it turns into a fight and the smaller one holds Steve back.

Soda looks between me and Steve and I push him. “Help steve.” I hiss.

He kisses my head and immediately starts beating on the smaller guy. The third guy circles me like he’s on the prowl.

Before I can react he’s got me restrained.

“Soda!” I cry out to him in pain.

“Shut up.” The guy growls and pulls my arm further into the uncomfortable position.

“Soda i can’t move!” I cry out louder. “Soda help me!”

He hits the guy he was fighting as hard as he can then lets him drop. He pulls a switch from his pocket and points it at the guy holding me back.

“You better fucking let go of her before you end up like your friend Bob.”

“You wouldn’t do that in front of her.”

“Baby close you eyes.” Soda tells me and I do. I hear a cry of pain and I’m released. Soda pulls me to his chest and punches the guy who was holding me. The three guys run and Steve wipes off his hands and soda slips something in his pocket.

“Dally told me to always carry a switch. I’m glad i listened to him.” He kisses my head and directs me to the car.

“It’s so cool!” I run to it and grin. He chuckles and watches me. I climb into the back seat and lay down. “It’s so comfy!”

“Pepsi-Cola likes how much space there is in the back for you two.” Steve laughs and soda rubs his red cheeks.

Soda climbs in the front and I climb forward as Steve starts working under the hood. I put my arm on the seat behind him and smile at his red cheeks.

“You’re the best.” I kiss him softly.

“I try.” He smiles and blushes brighter.

“I love you Sodapop.”

“I love you too baby.” He kisses me softly.

I pull him to the backseat and he grins wildly before leaning me down on the seat and he starts kissing my neck while tickling my sides. I giggle loudly and he starts laughing too. I pull him closer and he kisses me hard.

“Soda, you gonna help?!” Steve yells while still working.

“Busy!” He yells but it sounds muffled.

“Can’t you guys go anywhere without doing this?” He whines and I see that he’s staring right at us.

Soda smiles at my grin. “Dal would be happy you’re happy.”

“I’m happy it’s you making my happy.” I kiss him again. “I think the backseat will work nicely. Dal wouldn’t approve but that’s my choice. ”


1) We know Gideon for sure is going to send Bill after Stanford and not Stanley because of the name mix up. Bill’s going to use that to his own advantage. So I’m assuming Bill’s going to come to Ford whether it’s just to talk/threaten him or actually hurt him. 

This can happen to him two ways: in a dream or in the actual physical world. If it was a dream, this would spur Ford to talk to the kids about the symbol of Bill without actually mentioning him.

Two things can happen again here:

a.      Dipper would explain that he has confronted Bill before and the story progresses from there

b.      Dipper keeps it a secret and Ford finds out later on

If it’s in the physical world something much worse can happen here with Bill and Ford. Some worrying ideas include: making a deal, possession

 (the eye is the same on the possession page that Gideon used as in the preview), or some form of Ford getting hurt. Either way FORD IS IN SOME SERIOUS TROUBLE HERE AND I AM WORRIED ABOUT MY CHILD

2)     We know that Ford takes Dipper to his private study.

 For what reasons we’re not sure. Two things can happen here again:

a.      If Ford suspects that Dipper has been in contact with Bill he might request Dipper use the machine to see if there’s any influences of the demon still there. If he does see influences, trouble ensues causing them to fight.

b.      They use the machine just to try it for cool sciencey stuff and Dipper unconsciously writes out all his adventures and his time being possessed by Bill as they talk.

3)     Dipper gets ahold of the Cipher file (a file that Ford has since he no doubt translated his own thoughts with the machine into organized folders and research) and sees things about Bill.

This is where different possibilities begin to branch off and my different theories begin to form. 

a.      Ford freaks out because he sees Bill either influencing Dipper or still present somewhere in his mind after Dipper reads the Cipher File. This would also be where he finds out about the possession thing. It would be terrible for Ford because of the whole “trust no one” thing and his past troubles with Bill.

b.      Ford freaks out because he sees all the things that Dipper’s been through and pulls the “you’re just a kid” card (Bill possession interaction here as well)

Both of these lead to the possibility where Ford is super alarmed by what he sees and maybe gets into a fight with Dipper about it. This could lead to Ford trying to use the memory gun on Dipper to wipe out Bill or something to that affect. But Dipper points it at Ford instead- either for self-defense or because he wants Ford to forget seeing what was on the machine (so he would forget Bill was influencing Dipper as well as making everything normal again)

4)     Dipper finds out about Bill and Ford from the Cipher File. Here is where we see a little bit of what the two of them went through. Bill coming to Ford with the prospect of knowledge and suggesting he builds a portal for example.

 Something here could make Dipper angry (teaming up with a demon isn’t necessarily a good thing) and in anger he tries to use the gun.

This is as far as I’ve got for what I think is most likely to happen in the next episode. But a few other theories that I’ve thought of:

5)     BIPPER IS BACK. And in that case all hell breaks loose.

6)     Dipper is pointing the gun at Mabel or Stan.

7)     Ford gets possessed but still has some subconscious, enough to tell Dipper to use the gun on himself before Bill can get to the knowledge in Ford’s head (like where the Rift is for example). This one hurts me. A lot.

8)     Ford gets possessed and BIRD becomes a thing. Either that or Bill threatens Ford to do something seriously bad to protect the family and Ford has to play along with it.

Whatever happens I know that Ford and Dipper are going to have some serious stuff to work out and I am so unbelievably worried for their friendship.

9)     I’m not too sure what’s going to happen with Mabel but I know she’s given the crossbow and Journal to find the unicorn (who I have a feeling is going to end up being the bad guy) with the girls. I think there were theories around that she gets kidnapped so Wendy, Candy, and Grenda have to save her. I’m sorry I can’t really speculate much about this because I’m focusing on Dipper and Ford and I haven’t heard much about her and the unicorn just yet.

10)  There is one thing I know for sure is going to happen