i went through a lot of colors

This Blackout tomorrow really means a lot to me because it took forever for me to accept my skin color.

When I was younger, I never thought I was pretty or good enough because I was black but now I’m happy and proud of the color of my black skin. Shout out you ever started this because all the boys and girls who feel like I used to feel will see that they’re worthy and they should be proud of who they are.

Naruto meme ➜ ten characters (2/10) Uchiha Itachi

"We are humans, not fish, you don’t know what kind of human you are.. until the very end. One realizes their true nature at the moment of death."

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I literally just spent over two hours watching old winter guard and field shows from high school

I miss it a lot. Not just performing, but I miss having late night sleepovers where shit gets deep. I miss having something I can look forward to every day. Most of all, I miss being with twenty girls every day and laughing at their shenanigans.

God I miss color guard so much.

last night i went to a lecture on prison abolition and how it’s related to disability justice and the institutionalization/incarceration of disabled people and all of this impacts communities of color, especially black folks. and then today i went to another lecture on the way injustice and police violence are targeted towards queer people of color and black women (who are often left out of the conversation). 

it’s been, a lot. a lot for me to try and absorb it all and filter through. especialyl stuff about the concept of the modern asylum which i’ve only learned about recently. 

but yueah like this stuff has been so good adn important and im relaly grateful these conversations are happening but it’s also been really triggering and causing me to have flashbacks/relive the police violence i’ve been through and i’ve been thinking more about that and also institutionalilzation. 

and just generally these converations are triggering for me because like i want to have them but i’ts all so gfresh and i already hyperventatlate and panic every time i pass a police officer and it makes this thiings hard to talk about. 


((William went through a lot of color stages a while back, which never made it to the actual Triangulum Trio blog. However, nothing is wholly set in stone, especially with magical mishaps…


Anyway, just a little tidbit, which I thought people might enjoy. I used the most recent design to display the older colors.))

William (c) TG 2015


New colors! So this green came out way more teal than i wanted but in the sun it looks great! Which makes me happy about layering and gives me hope for the fade. I think i will still purchase a special effects color to go on next time but not bad. It’s growing on me. I used jerome punky color and raw hair dye. Ive never used the punky color before but i really didnt like the way it went on. Was very conditioning but was difficult to cover all my hairs. Left a lot of blank spaces even when i combed it through which is why i went over a bit with raw (cuz that’s the trusty stuff for me). The punky color was called like green apple or something and it came out a kind of spring green color and the raw is the one thats way too teal. Interesting thing about cool tones on me is they make my other hair look super black, vs the warm colors that bring out my brown all over. The olive in my skin is what helps me pull this off i think. So for me, wouldnt recommend punky color, im sticking to raw and special effects. Never again will i try anything else.

I just went through Elise’s art tag and just??? I love their art so much?? It’s just so colorful and calming and even their sketches show such emotion and?? I just love Elise

makeup/natural body/view of the self

when I abruptly stopped wearing makeup last fall and have never been able to bring myself to put it on again, even though I’ve always really enjoyed drawing lines around my eyes and mixing colors, I went through a kind of transformation where the way I saw my own face became closer to the way my face actually is. previously there was this gap between my natural face and my face with makeup on, something about completeness or improvement. it made me feel really weird to see my own skin, my own eyes, the shapes of my own body as somehow disjointed from how I wanted others and myself to look at me so I just stopped making those adjustments until the reality of what my skin and face and body hair look like became the way I should look. when it comes to the hair I’ve been shaving for years, before it even grew, it was a much stranger journey and one I’m still not used to. but I am determined to present to myself, and I guess therefore to the world, what my face is. it’s become a kind of mantra, that this is what my skin just IS. this is what my face looks like, this is the size and shape of my eyes and cheeks and hair and growing to see myself as I am and not feel weird about my own face was an experience I didn’t understand when I did it. it’s something that happened, that I only understood when I realized that I was feeling and thinking different things when I looked in the mirror.

This is a comparison of how much they look alike! Bella is the left column and Luna is on the right. I tried to match pictures where they looked similar to each other! They look a lot a like, the only difference is Luna has different coloring on her eyes. Luna will probably look a lot like Bella when she is older since they are distantly related!! That makes me so happy. What’s funny through is that they have COMPLETELY opposite personalities. Bella was mellow and sweet, and Luna is playful, hyper, and daring. Luna likes to cuddle too but she is in her biting stage, i am a human chew toy rn omg. Bella never went through that tho!

Even though I never want my hair to be shorter than it is now, I want my hair to be down to my hips, and I’ve been growing it out for 4 years, I’m thinking about cutting it. I went through a scene phase and had super short layers, so I have two different lengths and the longer hair has a lot of split ends even though I don’t do anything besides dye it. It’s so frustrating. So I’ve been thinking about cutting it and once I cut it, going lighter. I know that I’ll be miserable if I cut it, but it’ll be healthier and I can get to a color I want and then it’ll grow out to one length. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve been so excited because my hair is finally long, but I have split ends when I don’t do anything. I barely dye it. That’s it.


Alright— next in my Rainbow Brite series: Tickled Pink!  I totally skipped way ahead again, but this redesign went through a LOT of variations.  I did always want her to be East Asian, but I originally conceived of her as being really flighty and granola crunchy… Which she still is, but then I couldn’t get the idea of her having dreadlocks out of my head and she transformed into a more self-assured, yet still peaceful, character.  I did a lot of versions of her before it felt right.  But… I’m happy with it.  And she is now my second fave design after Stormy.  I ended up using her redesign’s color sceme, as the original color scheme was pretty fugly, much like Moonglow.  I also really liked the suns on her design and obviously incorporated those into my design.

The rest of my Rainbow Brite redesign series is here.  I hope to have more, now that I’m a lot more comfortable with PS, but we’ll see… :)

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|PART ONE| Hey D! So I scrolled through your blog and I never saw my question, so I'll just ask it again. Ok, so I had sex for the first time in October and towards the ending when he pulled out, there was a lot of blood. Like I had to go to the bathroom to wash it off. It was really embarrassing but he told me not to worry about it. Anyways, I went home and while I was showering I felt my vagina. There's like a little flap or something hanging from the bottom of my vagina.

|PART TWO| its lighter than my normal vagina color and when I touch it, there’s no feeling. Like there’s no nerves or something? Anyways, I just want to know what it could be and if that’s normal or not. I was thinking that it’s the wall of my vagina but idk how that looks or feels like. -AM


I totally just answered your question! For some reason it won’t let me give you the link but it’s on the first page. As far as the flap you are describing, it is possible that it could be part of your hymen but I really can’t say for sure because I can’t see it. It might just be a normal part of your vulva but you just never noticed it until after you had sex. If it’s something that concerns you or causes pain you should certainly get it checked out by a doctor, otherwise I think you are totally fine. 



before i start, i just want to warn you that this is not a fanfic. I know a lot of you follow me for those and I don’t want you to think this is about a fandom, this is about my personal life. - August

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I was tagged by the wonderful nosockswithsandals

Why did you choose your url? Honestly I went through a couple of other ones and they never felt quite right and then with this one, it felt like something I could stick to since I say “lovely” a lot (ask the people who have known me for years) and a lot of my favorite characters could be categorized as a psychopath (really just villains but for the url it sounds better)

What is your middle name? Isabella

Favorite color? Red

Favorite song? well I don’t have one ultimate song but at the moment I’m listening on repeat a lot “Louder Than Words” by Les Friction

What are your top three fandoms? Currently it’s: Hannibal, Sherlock, and The Hobbit (they’re at the foremost of my thoughts recently)

I’m tagging ilfaitduvent holdencaulfieldin221b nagisa3 wickedsuchi

redheadinrapture to answer the questions if they want.

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how do you think her style's changed through each series? i think her s1 style was a bit punk and colorful, s2 a bit more goth, s3 rocker and grunge and s4 glamour(all those sequins and everything)-rocker (before 3x05) and casual or grunge (after 305). obviously for s7 id say elegant

I think that’s pretty good summary.  S1 was punk/emo/scene, S2 was definitely goth-leaning with lots of lace and big hair, s3 was a rocker/grunge thing, and s4 went more for rocker-chic with a little bit more color (barring 307).