i went through a lot of colors


Wallpapers from Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Covers and Title Cards

Just went through volumes 2-5 (already did Vol.1) and made a WHOLE LOT of wallpapers. I’ll gladly post them all if they’re wanted. Otherwise I’ll just pick out some favorites and post those. Reblog and let me know!

Broken Fridges and Bed Buddies

It started sometime after Sirius fridge broke down. It was fine until one day it just wasn’t, and as on cue James and Lily moved out, leaving Sirius alone with a broken fridge. And then there was the engagement, making James and Lily busy with wedding plans and grown up stuff that Sirius just wasn’t all that ready for. So he went to Remus’.

Remus’ flat was small and made even smaller with Remus’ books and teacups littering every inch of it. He worked a lot, or not at all, and his fridge worked perfectly. So one day when Sirius came home from the grocery store with a six pack but realized he had nowhere to keep them, he apparated to Remus’ to put his six pack there instead.

“I put beer in the fridge” Sirius said through a mouthful of cereal (Remus always bought the kind in funny colors that left your teeth covered with sugar) as Remus came in through the door that evening after work.

“Alright. Can I have one?” Remus asked as he took of his coat, dusted with snow.

“Yeah. What’s for tea?”

Sirius stayed for four days the first time, before apparating back to shower and change clothes. Two days later he was back, and this time he stayed a whole week. In the beginning he slept on Remus’ couch, but the old thing was awfully uncomfortable and after waking up with back pains he decidedly snuck into Remus’ bed at night, lying close to the sleeping werewolf and waking up all tangled in Remus’ arms. Sirius just shrugged and snuggled closer into Remus’ worn t-shirt (which he suspects was originally Peter’s) and taking advantage in his friend's’ heat.

They don’t talk about it really, Sirius doesn’t see what the big deal is, and it keeps happening. They wake up in each other’s arms, eat breakfast together (which usually is yesterdays take-out and tea) before they both go to work and spend their days apart only to come together at the end of the day, eat together (cereal, candy or take-out), watch movies or play video games before going to sleep, Sirius curled up in Remus’ arms with his head under Remus’ chin. It becomes routine, and soon Sirius’ clothes are in Remus’ washer, his books and movies and records are stern about in Remus’ flat and he’s not been to his own place for two months.

And then one morning Sirius wakes up to find Remus right there, like always. The sun is shining through his tousled curls, and Sirius notices for the first time the red and grey flecks in Remus’ hair. He can’t help but smile. He can’t help but reach out and count the curls as they twist around his fingers, his chest filling with warmth at the soft crunch emitting from his nails and the hairs making contact. When he looks down again, Remus is awake, staring at him with searching eyes.

“Hi” Remus whispers, since there’s only breath between them.

“I like this” Sirius says, a small smile on his lips.

“My hair?”

“No- or well, yeah, but I mean this. Waking up with you”



And that day they just stay all day in bed, Remus’ stubble tickling Sirius skin as they kiss, and Sirius tung tastes like stale cigarettes and sugar.

New Followers...

Wow. I actually went through my activity feed (no mentions, praise Jesus. lol)

Anyways, A LOT of new followers! What’s up!!!!!

I’m Hershey. I’m 20 something going on 45 but forever 21. Umm, I make the best fucking brownies and I am addicted to the 90s. Living Single is my LIFE!

My blog could definitely be described as Pro-Black. I put being Black above EVERYTHING. 

I’m good for advice, talking about colorism, J.Cole lyrics and taking selfies that make me look like a 9 when I’m clearly a 4. Lmao.

Anyways, thank you for the follow. I appreciate it.

Yesterday, the beautiful and ever gracious toshiyaargh drew a sketch of my lovely Ceris for me, and with her permission, I finished it up and colored it. She looks so beautiful, and this went through a lot of trial and error (and some technical difficulties), but she’s finally finished!

Biggest thanks to my senpai for helping me dress up my darling uwu

(P.S. It looks much better in full view!)

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iTunes, iPod, Phone, Media Player etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it along to 10 people!

THis could be interesting, and i went through some trashy phases so don’t judge meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1. Dental Care by Owl City

2.  Feel Again by OneRepublic

3. Colors of the Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas

4. Haunted by Beyonce

5. Timestretch by Bassnectar

6. Immortals by Fall Out Boy

7. Video Games by Lana Del Rey

8. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

9. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

10. Hollywood by Marina and The Diamonds 

Wow only two shittty ones!!

Okay ummm people to tag….

2-dee  thelovelyunimoose  applecherry108  newdll  snapefarquaad  momma-cassidy  benedooctcoomberbootch  stardustedreams  zemblanity615  ampharos-official


My first character for my… possible story! I just finished the digital drawing, so there it is with the first (sloppy, quick) concepts and rough sketch.

Yeah, some concepts I didn’t draw a full body for, buuut I was experimenting a lot anyways. Sometimes I just go for one physical part at a time like heads and torsos… That’s how my brain puts those things together, aha. xD

Her temporary name is Ogoba, though in concept stages it is subject to change. Maybe it won’t? Only time will tell!

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  • white: please marry me.  

lmaoo, babe… bae, baby pls, we already went through this, you’re my only one. ❤️

  • blue: you are my tumblr crush.  

always and 5ever, and ily2 ;—;

  • teal: we have quiet a lot in common.

yesyesyes, we’re both married to awesome people, and ship yoonmin so hard. ;u;

send me a color.

I just went through an article called “photos proving how much makeup can transform people” and the wording was so positive and didn’t imply that anyone looked bad before makeup All of the “after” photos had cute little captions like “a blushing bride!”, “her bold lips are beautiful” and “The purple really brings out her natural eye color!!”. I love makeup and I’m glad it exists and can help people feel confident in themselves. Of course there are a lot of very negative aspects to the perfection based beauty culture, but so much of it has become women supporting other women and encouraging each other that they are beautiful with a bare face or a full face of makeup. I really appreciate that. 

Birthday Blues

Last night I ventured out to downtown Greensboro to help celebrate my friend Josh’s 28th birthday.  As I was getting dressed I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something different with my look. I don’t usually do a lot of makeup, I’m a lipstick and foundation kinda girl. I have a ton of makeup I never use so I went through my case and found a dark blue pigment from MAC. It’s called Bell Bottom Blue.

MAC Cosmetics
I would never buy a color like this. It was a gift from a friend and I think I’ve tried to use it once and it didn’t look good so I vowed to never wear it again. I don’t know what got into me but I gave it another try and I was really pleased with the outcome.

I also wore my ASOS blue trench for the first time. Sorry I don’t have a picture of me in it, but here is the coat.

So I’m on my way to the gathering, jamming to the new Kanye and Jay-Z song (H.A.M.) when I see blue lights in my rearview mirror. Yep, I was stopped by 5-0. I won’t discuss my case here, I watch enough Law & Order to know I need to keep my mouth shut on matters like this. I will say I was issued a citation. I will keep you posted….

So I finally made it downtown and a good time was had by all. I don’t know how it happened but blue was the color of the night, blue eye shadow, blue coat, blue lights, even the birthday boy was wearing it.

After made it home safely without any additional citations, I was very pleased that my makeup stayed put even after laughing until I cried! Check it out.

I used to think blue eye shadow was reserved for whores and chicks featured on COPS but I must admit, I really loved the MAC Bell Bottom Blue pigment and I recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their look. Are there any make up rules you like to break? Would you ever wear blue eye shadow?
Until next time!Deidre


           somewhere between this road and the next, she has come
   to pity them, to a degree. the terrain they walk upon — though
   not entirely different from hers —  is a bit more  toilsome,  a bit
   more difficult than she whose primary objective is to write  and
   ask and publish. ( die-hards, she has come to discover, are by
   far, the worst of them. ) 

                 ❛  i wasn’t aware that they went through such lengths
              to, well … see you.    that must bring about a whole lot of
              stress.  ❜

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I love your new theme, Bunni^^ How long did it take you to find it?

not long at all! I went to http://kconet.tumblr.com/ and looked through what they had. (I clicked on each individual person instead of just scrolling through that blog). But sometimes I also go to http://themesrec.tumblr.com/ (it hasn’t been updated in a long long time but there are still a lot of nice themes there.I usually clock on “view themes by tag”.)

I used to go to another one, but it shut down. I’m sure there are other theme blogs but I haven’t found them. ^-^ I almost always change fonts and colors and on rare occasions I’ll move a sidebar around or something but I try to keep the themes as close to original as possible because what is the point on using a theme if you’re just gonna change it beyond recognition? hehe. ^-^


          I went for a walk to find Miss Hawu the perfect flowers. She deserves them, and I want to be sure she has them before she leaves. I’m sure that the neighbors won’t like me going through their gardens, so I expect to get yelled at. Please bail me out of jail, if necessary. It isn’t my fault if their gardens are growing the perfect flowers for her– I gotta’ get them. They have to be the right color and type. I remember the conversation. Those things mean a lot, right? I’ll search until I find the right ones for a small bouquet. I hope it lifts her heart a l’il.

                                                                                                                              - Mitra

After pinching, I tried to think about surface in other ways. I thought about color as well as layers to show different things happening throughout the piece. 

For this piece I threw a cylinder and then while it was just a little too wet, I sprayed it with slip which cause it to cave in in some areas. I scraped away at the slip and the went in with underglazes (the red and blue) and added some pops of color. This was a lot of fun and successful and I proceeded to continue to try a few pieces , but through that, I discovered a new body of work. 

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No one calls me gordie but I wish they did. I like the color blue and there's a train near us so I enjoy hearing it. I love music. I want to sing. I am invisible to everyone and I am one stubborn, insecure person. I am outgoing but very very introverted. I don't have many friends. I love elephants. I loved reading ever since I was little. I have diagnosed myself with depression. Because it's been years and I'm just not well. Sorry it's jumbled. Just wrote what went through my mind.

aw gordie you seem to have a lot on your plate. i’m here for you. :-)

your aesthetic is those poems that you write on a whim but they turn out beautifully, oversized sweaters, messy buns, the feeling of laminate against your bare feet, and colorful pencils!

send me something about yourself/your day/anything for an aesthetic!!

xenophonspeaks replied to your photo:I never got a chance to show y'all my purple…

Holy damn. Not only does that mascara look amazing in general (seriously, purple is the shit) but it really makes the color of your eyes pop. Very cool.

purple is a great color for green/hazel eyes! i don’t wear colored mascara save for purple. i went through a phase where i was obsessed with gogol bordello and they had a song that was “start wearing purple” and so i wore a lot of purple eyeshadow/mascara. >_<


Mickey, Micky Geib and Super Mickey. Simple love them. They helped me through bad times and made my good times more enjoyable.

When it stopped for a while was a real shoack for me, kept reading the old issues I had over and over and when I was all done, went to el helal establishment to see if they have mogaladat we keda.

Then nahdet masr came to the rescue, more colorful and trendy. Lots of people find it really strange that I am still buying it, the newspaper guy thought I am buying it for my kids, so when pooh magazine came he suggested I should chk it out. (pooh is my favorite)

Why do I still read it? Cause it never has a sad ending, even sad endings are funny, no one dies, no one ends up hurt for ever and time seems to have stopped for them. Donald and daisy are still dating and never got older, Huey, Dewey and Louie are still at school.

Extremists attacked Mickey and the foreign culture it is promoting. Informal relations, dating, a single parent family and the good old uncle scrouge being a misere which isn’t in out culture.

All these things I never noticed while I read it as a kid. Mom used to read it for me and she ends up sleeping and leave me just going through the images to try and figure out how the story ends and this was one of the main reasons I learned to read in an early age.

I feel happy when I buy it, happier when I find super mickey as it comes as a surprise for me.

How amazing the simplest things in life are the most that makes us happy, and how our simplest wishes are the hardest to come true.