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Basic High School Supplies Masterpost

So this is my first year of high school, and if you’re like most students at this level, you don’t get a supplies list until halfway through the first week of school. So, here’s what I went out and got earlier this week:

  • 2 sturdy three-inch binders
  • a pencil pouch you can clip into said binders
  • 4 basic colors of pen (red, blue, black, green)
  • lots of no. 2 pencils
  • college ruled notebook paper (that’s what we use most at my school anyway)
  • five college ruled notebooks: one for each core subject, plus one for a language
  • scissors
  • highlighters
  • tab dividers
  • your basic math/geometry tool set
  • if you haven’t already, for the love of God get yourself a planner
  • a basic pack of colored pencils
  • sticky notes
  • one of those big rubber erasers, you know the ones
  • if you have any special electives, think about the kind of materials you would specifically use for them

Good luck this year!

toxiccreed  asked:

I haven't quite had much interaction with you but I adore that Fael has some rather unique features to him~ Namely his Eye Color (Seriously I love how the color of his eyes stick out) and his Vallaslin colors and the particular choice for his Vallaslin (You don't really see many of the other Vallaslin outside of June in most cases >> though I'm guilty of that myself |D) and I just love that he looks very unique compared to others <3 Such an amazing OC :3

aaa this is seriously one of the nicest things you could say çWç I’ve been for the longest time a bit self-conscious about giving him a face that could be defined as “lame” (he actually went through a lot of stages lol, when I created him first he was so different. except for the eyes), and then I found that there are tons of quizzies with white hair and purple eyes (oddly specific combination is oddly popular, I would like to know why we all like it).
So I’m so happy you think he’s got an unique look! 

thank you~ 

Anonymously tell me something you like about my OCs 


This game is can be so beautiful sometimes. ^_^

Screenshots from GOING THROUGH A BLACK HOLE | No Man’s Sky #3! :D

Okay so for the post I made on the last video Jack uploaded of this game I said I wasn’t into this game very much and that I really wish that I was. I was waaaay more into it for this video! Cause Jack did more stuff and got more stuff done in this video and we got to see more of the environments and scenery that this game has to offer. Plus he went through a black hole in this video how could I not be excited and into that? xD Say what you will about the game play of this game but the scenery and the colors can be just absolutely gorgeous! I can see that the developers put so much effort into this game in that regard. I mean this game definitely has flaws and a lot of people are disappointed with it but I’m really impressed by the stuff they did accomplish with this game. 

Plus what Jack said about this game about how it’s more about shutting off your brain for a few hours and just exploring and getting lost in the environments kind of helped me look at the game in a different way. That’s one of the things I like about Jack. He has such a HUGE passion and love for video games like I do and I can tell that he’s looked into about how they’re made and designed and sometimes when he talks about games he eyes just light up. He’ll notice stuff about games that I probably would of never noticed on my own and sometimes he’ll say his thoughts about a game and explain what he likes about it and gush over certain aspects of it and most of the time those thoughts are really insightful. Sometimes depending on the game he’s playing when he says those kind of thoughts and that can help me look at a game in a whole new way and give me a whole new appreciation for it. That’s why I get annoyed when some people say that Jack is only the loud, obnoxious and energetic youtuber. There’s so much more to him, to who he is and how he thinks other then just how loud and energetic he is. I love seeing that passionate and insightful side of him come out it’s a big part of who he is, how he thinks and how he looks at the world and I seriously do like seeing and getting to know all the sides and dimensions of who Sean is as a person just by his thoughts. :) 

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Is it weird that I'm super worried about Taeyeong's hair? It went through so many colors in such a short time D: they were all lovely on him, don't get me wrong, but I hope his hair isn't fried.

Ah I think a lot of people are worried about his hair too. Hopefully he isn’t in the next unit and while he’s resting they chop off the dead hair and let it grow back healthy in the mean time~


for some reason tumblr won’t let me reply.

firstly, i’m sorry your mother had to go through that. it’s really awful. and yes, lots of people, especially americans who use “white people” to generalize, are ignorant of these dynamics within europe. it’s a shame really because our skin color does not protect us from discrimination. 

i’ve had friends and acquaintances who went through a lot of shit like this and it’s honestly ugly. it also encourages this behavior when people pretend this isn’t a real problem.

@bunnimancer sorry this took so long, SOMEONE in the complex used up all our dang data 

name: Ell
nicknames: apparently Elleybean if you believe Kay and, somewhat strangely, Elley. (Also El/Elle)
orientation: so, so ace
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
time right now: just went 1900h  
average hours of sleep: these days like, 8-9?
lucky number: three! also 27. i accept all the numbers though except 2 when I’m being fickle
favorite color: blue always, but I kinda go through phases of other super-visible colours (like currently red. I have a lot of red things.)
relationship status: in a strictly platonic hivemind
pets: i uh, think @mistresschoc still has my fish. i should. get those. 
coke or pepsi: pepsi max, but excluding that coke
day or night: it super depends
text or call: text probably! i get hung up (heh) on phone conversations and they go for literally hours by accident
chapstick or lipstick: oh, chapstick, defs
last song i listened to: i’m currently listening to Deadlines and Commitments by The Killers but more because I’m absently on shuffle than by design
number of blankets: a sheet, a throw and a doona
favorite band/artist: …it also super depends. probably still Good Kid though
dream trip: please do not make me choose just one thing, I want to go everywhere (but not in the same trip)
dream occupation: for the sake of actual enjoyment? basically anything where I am paid to create things. for the sake of things i’m actually aiming for? super rich philanthropist/inventor
what do i post: heh on this blog i mostly just reblog things related to (intersectional) feminism, queerness, mental health, millennial nihilism and also things that make me laugh out loud (bear humour, for instance)

I think I’m supposed to? tag people? so i’m going with, uh, @lepetitcomte, @thehaikubandit, @diaryofatrekker, @itsmedontpanic, @bunnieswithsunglasses and @mistresschoc but no pressure guys (not least since I’m pretty sure Jules has done this one before and some of you guys haven’t been online since like. Early July.)