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[TRANS] SHINee’s Messages for Jonghyun

I was proud as I watched the progress of the song’s completion, and I feel like Jonghyunnie hyung himself would have been satisfied as he’s wanted to try this genre for a long time.
It’s such a stylish and colorful track, and because I like the other songs so much it’s too hard to pick just one.
P.S. You went through a lot working on this album! Please write me a song too~^^ ㅋㅋ

Deja-Boo ☆☆☆☆☆
There are 5 stars this song feels like a Jangsudol bed
It’s a song with the kind of exciting/fun beat that Jonghyunnie hyung has always liked
and I also love the lively-feeling Déjà-Boo.
I think the lyrics are so well written too. I feel like Zion.T-ssi’s featuring elevated the birth of this song. Jonghyunnie hyung’s rap, which I’d never heard before, is memorable and it’s a song that can lift your downed spirits in one go.
T/N - Minho actually kept writing “Deja-Boo” as “Deja-vu” (there is a slight difference in Hangul).
This is what a Jangsudol bed looks like (and their slogan is “There are 5 stars!”)

the first words “put your seatbelt on.” are memorable ㅋㅋ
a melody you can listen to comfortably.
lyrics that (allow you to) grip each other tightly.
a pretty song woven with steady vocals.
younha-god-nim. your voice….is jjang (the best)

Hallelujah [4.1 stars]
Ah this feeling of getting blessed
Happy New Year Merry Christmas
This church choir-style harmony
But Buddhists are welcome too
Hyung your voice is too good!!
Oh yea oh yea, let’s push this hard
This song is daebak hallelujah
T/N - “Push” as in promote/support.

Trans by: sullaem, pic by: kimsofmylife


I lost something, too, in my prison… Myself.


Digital artwork by Michael Paul Young is designed for the FRAMED* digital display is an abstract interpretation of computer operation:

About a year ago (2014), I was asked to provide a design proposal to one of the world’s largest software companies, for their flagship product. While I’m precluded from telling you who it is, if you live on Earth, you’ve heard of them. It was a huge honor to even be asked to pitch, and of course a lot of things went through my head as I pondered how to best approach it.

I felt strongly that, rather than doing anything that was preconceived or related to their existing brand, I should stay true to my own personal style, which resulted in some pretty wild visual ideas for the job at hand. The work was very emotional, imaginative, abstract, and all the color and forms (sharp or soft) are there based on my own thoughts for the subject. I envisioned that they would be animated, behind the company’s logo, across devices both on and offline.

As is often the case with abstracts, though, it’s hard to explain what it “means,” and I didn’t win the job…although a close friend did! It would have been much more alive than previous incarnations, in my opinion–this idea of everything being connected on a visual and movement-based level, within a core tech brand. In the end, the visual concepts were most likely just way too far into outer space for such a large commercial project, but I’m glad I didn’t censor my own conviction, even for one of the world’s largest.

Soundtrack by Madsound

More Here

For those of you who get discouraged when trying to design a character
  • Ruff and Tumble were originally purple
  • Aurora is barely similar to how I first designed her over 12 years ago, and I still make alterations to her to this day
  • I go through roughly 4-7 different shoe designs before finalizing a style for any one character
  • One of my newest characters (that I will release soon) went through 5 different initial sketches, 3 wardrobe changes, and over 14 different color schemes.
  • You are allowed to make mistakes
  • You are allowed to make changes

I get a lot of messages from people saying they don’t ever think they’ll be successful because design doesn’t come “easy” to them. The truth is, you’re most likely going to do a lot of scrapping or reworking an idea before it sticks. It happens to all of us, it’s one of the most frustrating AND beautiful things about being an artist (no matter the medium). Heck, that’s why it’s called conceptual development. The stories and characters you know and love don’t just come in to existence without trial and error.

Seeing what works and doesn’t work will not only help you better your characters, but will help you grow as an artist as well.

So when you’re getting irritated and down on yourself, just remember that we have all been there too. Step away from your work, take a deep breath, and when you’re ready try giving it a fresh start from a new angle.

Just don’t ever give up.

Hi so I just wanted to share something I recently started doing to help get my room cleaned and organized and avoid that, “ohmygod there’s so much to do” crisis which leads to nothing getting done because you’re too overwhelmed. To break it down I drew my room, basically like a blueprint. Then you make a simple (I stress SIMPLE) checklist for the things you have to do in each section. Then, I went through and coded it with four colors.
Green= simplest/fastest/least effort
Yellow= slightly more effort/slightly more time needed
Orange= medium time required/ medium-a lot of effort needed
Red(I used pink because it’s highlighter)= lots of energy/ maybe requires tools/ lots of time

Then to the left I have a sort of key with four check boxes for each of the colors so when I completely finish, for example all the green ones, then I can check that off.

This gives you a clear visual of the things you can do right away, like pick up dishes, that takes maybe thirty seconds to collect them and bring them to the kitchen(green). And the things that should get done absolute LAST, like for me, replacing the light fixture.

And lastly I’d just like to explain some of the points on my own personal one pictured above which could be confusing. I have a loft bed so my bed is on top of my desk (like bunk beds) so I just split that area in two to account for the two separate areas that needed cleaned. Then up towards the top I have a list point named “colleges”, that’s because I’m a junior in high school and have received multitudes of college info pamphlets which I need to go through and sort. Then the area at the bottom with “trim pillows” and “wash windows is my windowsill. And finally, I have two points for “trash” because one is picking up trash around the room, and the second is taking out the trash when it is full. :)
So you can see that it is very easy to personalize. And easier to look at then just a written list of the things you need to do.

I love this! What a great way to do it if you’re a really visual thinker!

[Image is a picture of the diagram described in the text.]


Target Valentines' Merchandise Features Wonder Woman and Others

In my list of the Best for DC Women in 2013 I listed the agreement between WB/DC and Target for Justice League Merchandise for putting Wonder Woman merchandise into their product mix. And they have once again for Valentines Day.

First the good. I found two Wonder Woman solo items for the February holiday. First, Wonder Woman lollipop:

Cute! Also they had a variety of water bottles filled with candy with the League logos. I flipped through lots of Bat and Supe logos until I happily found this:

Given the overbundance of purple and pink in the summer offerings I was surprised and please to see some primary colors here.

And then I went and looked at the Valentine cards - the type that grade school kids exchange. For the past few years its been pretty spotty for the ladies of DC Comics when it comes to Valentines. Gone are the days when you saw kids given a set where there was parity between female and male heroe like this:

So the good news is that there is a set with some parity available at Target. But then there’s some … well let’s take a look, shall we?

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I´m done. I´m finished and I like the result :D

Shae went through a lot changes… Most of them were because I changed my own hair color (:
And thats why I change it again. I have had my nearly black hair long enogh, now I´m going to bleach it. But since theres so much red underneath the darkbrown, it will turn into a some kind of “strawberry blond” color (:

I like it, when my candy looks a bit like me, so Shailene will make her way to the barber shop as well :D ♥

I gave her Alas curls, so I can keep sthg of the ginger girl in mcl as well :D

I hope you´ll still like her with her new looks :D


“Rather Comely” A Rule 63 FanComic by Shahrezad1. :D

For an explanation of Rule 63, go here–> knowyourmeme.com/memes/rule-63

Lots of different thoughts went through my head as I was creating this.

1. Hey, look, backgrounds for once! :D I’m pretty sure the dungeons were never this colorful in the film, though… *laughs*

2. Oops, well it looks like I’m going to be fudging the clothing details. *throws all her cares away* XD

3. (Thinking this while changing the genders of all the characters) “…well, this is easy. The lady Dwarves have beards and the Elves are all androgynous. XD”

4. I’m getting really tired of coloring Caucasian skin-tones with watercolor pencils: they either look sunburned or jaundiced. *flails*

5. Forgive the inking. My pens all dried up so I had to use one I normally have assigned for writing, not drawing. It was a bit touch-and-go for a while.

6. Tauriel finds Kili almost too adorable to take seriously. *laughs* He looks like he might be channeling the Magus from Gargoyles, though. ^_^;

External image

7. Aaaaand Lady!Legolas looks more than a bit like Emma Swan/Jennifer Morrison. >_< http://shahrezad1.deviantart.com/art/LadyLegolas-426760716


It was a fun exercise, and allowed me to stretch my artistic muscles, since I haven’t been doing much drawing lately. (Also, I rarely color, so this was an adventure. XD)

I hope you enjoyed it! Please reblog, don’t repost. The original (condensed) comic can be found on Deviantart.com, here–> (Link)


base of jonghyun - 150108
taemin’s message to jonghyun

neon”! i was proud as i watched the progress of the song’s completion, and i feel like jonghyunnie hyung himself would have been satisfied as he’s wanted to try this genre for a long time. it’s such a stylist and colorful track, and because i like the other songs so much it’s too hard to pick just one. p.s: you went through a lot working on this album! please write me a song too~.^^ (source: sullaem)

SHINee special message to Jonghyun


I was proud as I watched the progress of the song’s completion, and I feel like Jonghyunnie hyung himself would have been satisfied as he’s wanted to try this genre for a long time. 
It’s such a stylish and colorful track, and because I like the other songs so much it’s too hard to pick just one. 

P.S. You went through a lot working on this album! Please write me a song too~^^ ㅋㅋ

cr sullaem


Ok I went through and updated the colors for every single page of Vattu, and re-uploaded them to the site. Site colors for book 1 now match colors in the print edition, and some contrast issues throughout book 2 have been fixed. A lot of stuff that isn’t noticeable, but is much more readable now!

Did you know book 2 is finished? Did you know I’m about halfway through the biggest thing I have ever made and you can read it for free right here? Now u know

It’s completely okay to cosplay whoever whatever your size or color or complexion or whatever is, the people saying you can’t are wrong as heck.


Please don’t draw Rose Quartz/Amythest/Steven as skinny. I have hypothyroidism, which means my metabolism has always been a lot slower than average. The medication to right it is expensive too. Growing up with extra weight is so hard, people always remind you, and you never stop getting told that it’s your fault, that you’re not doing enough, that the people mocking you are just “trying to help you”. I went through so much bullying, I had so many people telling me from the time I was in elementary school that I could never be loved because of my shape, and I believed them. I never saw people my shape in books or magazines or on tv, or if they did exist, they were constantly being made fun of for being stupid or lazy or gross or unattractive. 

For so long I hated my body, it took me a long time to see myself as anything but disgusting. Seeing the body diversity in Steven universe has made me so hopeful that other girls will see a chance to see themselves as beautiful and strong and tough, even if aren’t a size zero. The same goes for the people drawing Pearl with a toned down nose and a bigger chest

Don’t thin down the crystal gems. Just this once, let the little girls who grew up thinking they would never be pretty, that they would always be the comic relief feel like they can be the hero too. I know drawing different body shapes is hard, but this is a wonderful chance to learn! 

Keep Rose Quartz a goddess who can’t find her pants size.


Chicago PD & Chicago Fire {This is War} 

Watch in HD because #OneChicago. Okay so this one is important to me. I wanted to make something to tribute both shows because of how much they mean to me. They are what let me escape, they are what distract me from severe pain and being the sick kid. They spark my creativity from vidding to fanfiction. Not only that, the actors themselves are some of the most inspirational, amazing people. They are important and i feel like it’s important that they know that. This vid took me a while, and by a while i mean 3 weeks. I missed a lot of things sure, but editing through 50+ episodes is hard and this is what came out of it. I’m really happy with how the coloring came out, not so happy with the blurring around the edge but never went back to change it. Some of the voice overs may sound bad in headphones, but sound pretty good from the computer. Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this, i worked really hard on it and it’s been one of my favorites to vid to date. If you want to ask me why i put certain people with certain parts( The good, the evil, the civilian, the liar etc etc) feel free to. I’m hoping this is as good for you guys as it was for me. Comment/Sub because it means the world to me, i just hit 100 subs and i am overjoyed. Thank you guys so much.

Queer History, Heteronormativity, Intersectionality

Here’s the thing. 

I feel kind of bad about losing my temper and being condescending to a 19 year old. That’s not usually my style. I got mad and the eyerolling urge was too strong. So for that, I do want to apologize to goldfishandumbrella. I was mean, and I shouldn’t have been.

What a lot of people seem to be missing, is that there is a LOT of queer history. A LOT. Our elders went through shit that we can barely imagine. You think it’s bad for queer kids now? Think about what it would have been like 50 years ago. Or longer. I mean, we all know about Stonewall (and if you don’t, go, right now, and read about Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson while you’re at it)–or do we? 

Thing is, here we are, 45 years after Stonewall, and transwomen of color–the very same group who were there at Stonewall fighting the cops–are the queer group that are STILL the most marginalized, the most likely to face poverty, incarceration, violent crime, just because of who they are. As a trans friend of mine said, “Everyday I see cis white gay men trying to kick the T off of LGBT.”

There are more important issues than making sure we get to see two white cis men kiss on television. THAT’S what makes me angry. That people are basically choosing to champion the single most privileged group of queer people–cis white gay men–over everybody else. There is nothing progressive about that. That is just enforcing the same hierarchy that’s already there, that’s been there for years.

I know this isn’t going to change anyone’s minds. But y'all, intersectionality is a thing. Learn about it. Acknowledge kyriarchy. Understand that by favoring a more privileged group of queers over everyone else, you’re contributing to the problem. You are saying the same thing to more marginalized queer folks as the rest of the world: “You are not as important as the white guys.”

Is that really a message you want to send?

-requested by anonymous-


Y/N p.o.v

Michael had invited me out to diner with his mom since he was on a break from tour with 1D. I was really excited, I loved Michael’s mom, they were really close and made me feel like I was part of the family. Michael was my boyfriend for 2 years already and every time he went on tour or out of the country, it made me sad and I missed him a lot but I was never going to leave his side. So here we sat, we were in this really fancy restaurant with his family, I wore this yellow short dress which was Michael’s favorite on me. “But it’s worth it” Michael continued to talk to his mom about the mobbing that went on in New York, I was worried but Michael loved the attention.

“I’m glad you aren’t hurt” his mother ran her hand through his now aqua blue hair, he had a thing for changing hair colors, I told him his hair was gonna fall off but he didn’t listen. “Moooommmm…” He moaned, I giggled and sipped some of my water “ y/n, how do you handle him?” His mother asked and I smiled over at him “I don’t know” at the end of my answer I felt michaels palm press against my heat “she can handle me, just fine” he answered, my eyes widened and I looked over at him, he didn’t wait much and started to rub my clothed clit in circles, I whimpered and took a deep breath. What the fuck is he thinking! “Is that so?” His mother asked looking over at me, i cleared my throat “y-yeah” I shuddered “y/n can cook so well too, her cookies are always moist and sweet…I can just devour them for hours” his mother smile not knowing what type of cookie her son was talking about, he entered two fingers in and started to rub my clit, I let out a gasp “something wrong, y/n?” His mother asked “yeah, are you alright?” Michael asked letting out a chuckle “yeah, everything is fine” my voice cracked as I heald onto the end of the table as Michael picked up pace. I leaned my head into his shoulder “Michael stop it! We are right infront of your family!” I snapped “exactly, you don’t want me to stop do you?, you love it, it feels so good doesn’t it? Oh huh, you are you wet and ready for me” I bit down onto his shoulder “y/n, are you sure you are okay?” I didn’t want end to end the diner because Michael wanted sex, this was important…not to him but to his family but I just couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted him “no, I’m actually feeling sick” I lied, she gave me a concerned look “Michael take her home, we will continue the conversation some other day, I hope you feel better,love” his mother insisted. I looked over at Michael and he had a disappointed look in his face, he pulled out his fingers leaving me feeling empty and grabbed a napkin as we walked out “what a shame, I wanted you to cum right there and then” he mumbled into my neck as we walked down the street to my apartment “Michael are you insane? They could have known and we would have been in deep shit” he laughed “no, baby girl, you are in deep shit” I gave him a confused look “huh?” He slammed me against my apartment door and kissed me down my neck “you are going to go inside and into your room and you are going to take this beautiful little yellow dress off and then you are going to do whatever daddy wants you to do?, understood” he licked my lips as I nodded “good”. He swung the door open and I quickly ran into our room where I took my dress off and laid ontop of the bed.

He came in shirtless holding a bottle of whip cream. I whimpered as he came closer to me “good girl” he hovered over me and kissed me passionately, he pulled away and ripped my panties off, leaving them to shreads onto the bed, he uncapped the whip cream bottle and slicked my heat with it, the cool making me shiver, he lowered himself down and licked a long strip “such, a sweet cookie” he whispered, he then started eating me out, hungrily and roughly “oh fuck! Yeah!” I screamed as he dipped 2 fingers into me and continued to eat me out while pumping his fingers in and out of me. “Michael slow down” I hissed but he wasn’t having it, he kept licking and sucking like he hadn’t eaten in days, I tried to push away as my body convulsed but he gripped my waist down harshly and continued his artwork. “Please, baby” I felt the family knot in my stomach “ugh shit! I’m cumming” he quickly stopped leaving me out of breath “Michael! What the fuck!” He smirked “shhhh….do what daddy says” he pulled his pants down, along with his underwear, seeing him completely naked could make me come undone. He crawled ontop of me and kissed down my neck, unclaping my bra and moving to my chest, he sucked on my right nipple as he massaged the left. I could feel his hard on pressing into my thigh “how bad, do you want daddy? Huh?” He asked while looking up at me “sooo bad” I moaned, his hand went to my clit and rubbed slightly as he peppered kissed my chest “good” he muttered. He grabbed his tip and began to run it up and down my slit, teasing me “please Michael, no more teasing”. He went up to his knees and began to jerk off, “ugh yeah, y/n” he mumbled looking down at me, my mouth watered at the view and all I wanted to do was touch myself and get it over with but that was not what was on Michael’s mind “oh fuck!” He picked up his pace as he shut his eyes and leaned down “oh please! Michael!” He smirked and looked down at me. He quickly pounded into me, not giving me anytime to adjust, he went hard and fast, I gripped onto his back, clawing it left and right. I screamed and moaned as he let loud groans leave his lips “you are so good for me, ugh fuck!” After a few thrust we were both cumming, out of breath, he looked down in me and smiled “you are so good”.


And done!  Only one more of these to do and then this project will be over.  Once I get them done and all together I’ll see if I can figure out how to sell prints of these.  crazycritterlife, if you wanted to see the finished version, here it is~ I’m very proud of it.

Here’s the process from start to finish.  This little guy gave me a hard time and I went through many different poses before I settled on this one and boy, am I glad I did!  The technique I learned from the sparrow by drawing out the edge of the feathers first and then blocking in the colors on a layer beneath helped a lot instead of just diving right in like I had done with the great horned owl and the king vulture. 

The Osprey is next! 

deviantart version

Owl | Vulture | Sparrow | Kestrel | Osprey


So I ran into a few problems while working on Elsa again. While the skirt and corset looks PERFECT together now, the cape didn’t fit.. at all. The color was all wrong and made the whole thing look cheap. So I spent a day panicking and going through my fabrics until I found one sample I’d bought earlier this year, and while it has a lot of green hues in it, it looked absolutely perfect with the rest of the dress. The fabric almost looks like it glows in the dark, IT’S SO SHINY. (it’s blue/turqouise ruffle organza from Goodfabricstore on ebay)
I went ahead and ordered more fabric from the seller, and paid for express shipping so hopefully it will arive soon! So I will have to cut and sew a new cape, but at least it will look better… I hope.

Feeling my spirits lifted I started working on the new undershirt, and this time I wanted to make the sleeves look nice and shiny like the rest of the dress.  I made a mockup pattern, cut the fabric, and started gluing on the rhinestones. I’m VERY pleased with the result, and I’m hoping the next one will look just as good! Buuut since I suck at making things symmetrical, it probably won’t hahaha