i went through a lot of colors


7.5.16+3:30pm // journal unfiltered + comments behind each spread! // wanted to show you guys what my bujo spreads look like with no filters/editing involved. i feel like this would give you a better perspective of the colors and washi tapes i’m using. just click for a bigger view and for commentary. :D 

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I went through my blog and found some posts that I thought were useful. There’s not a lot yet, but I’ll keep my resource page updated

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Kitchen Witchcraft

Hellenic Polytheism

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Wallpapers from Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Covers and Title Cards

Just went through volumes 2-5 (already did Vol.1) and made a WHOLE LOT of wallpapers. I’ll gladly post them all if they’re wanted. Otherwise I’ll just pick out some favorites and post those. Reblog and let me know!

But historically accurate Hetalia looks like…

I can almost guarantee that the nations change appearance all the time. Like, America probably changed with every decade. Can you imagine him in the 60s and 80s? And same with the much older nations. Germany and France have probably changed a lot over time as they went through wars and peace looking like soldiers than civilians. I’m sure England’s had all the colours of the rainbow for hair colors and that Canada might get an undercut or shave half his head. Every single decade has probably overturned an entire wardrobe. Haircuts and piercings and then a whole new look 20 years later. Those would be fun albums.  


I went through Ruth Clark’s IG (Ashley Jessica grandma, the one on the the hospital pics when Freddie was born), looking for more pics of the Clark’s and well, I found something. The minute I saw the picture, my head was thrown back to another one. 

I found a picture of Ashley’s brother - Brandon, who was also there when Fredie was born - and let me tell you: this baby has to be a Clark.

 Brandon has a lot of the physical appearance that runs with the Clark’s and so does Freddie.

And just a bit of info - Brandon is Brett nephew, and just like Brett he has no blood connections with neither Briana, Tammi nor Louis (of course). Freddie and him share no DNA at all. 

This is a even better example than Austin, because Austin is Briana’s half brother, so a bit of resemblance would be normal in that case. But Bradon here, no. He’s nothing to do Freddie when it comes to blood. 

So please exmplain to me how this resemblance is possible. Freddie looks too much like the Clark’s to be just a coicidence, don’t you think? 

And why was the whole Clark family there when Freddie was born, but not one single person from Briana’s family was pictured? She had just spent Christmas with the Jungwirth’s, they were on pretty good terms I’ll say. So, why?

Now, please notice: the shape of the head, the broad nose, the big eyes, the thin upper lip and slightly bigger bottom lip, the pointy ears (in the second picture) and the shape of those damn eyebrows. 

So dear Briana, you can keep posting your tb pictures, but as long as your kid looks like the family he doesn’t share DNA with, things will still look super fake.

alviss-kun  asked:

Your last comic was really beautiful ! It got me wondering, how do the look of your characters develop between childhood and adulthood ? Like, how do you go from child Cashmere to Adult Cashmere with the horns and everything ? I'm really curious, I just love the way you draw your character, how you color them ! I wish you all the best for the future, and thank you again for what you're doing, it's so inspiring !

Crimson, Fleece, Mocha, and Cashmere. They grow and change as much as I do. From childhood to my 20 year old self now, I grew up and changed a lot of things about myself, or maybe I was trying to find myself and kind of went with whatever I felt like at the time. I’m still not sure, but for my character, he goes through something similar except he undergoes some kind of metamorphosis and changes both his name and appearance to fit how he feels (if that even made sense :x). That’s all I can say for now since I, too, am trying to understand what these characters truly mean to me. All I can say is that they were all trying to solve something by themselves but still haven’t found the answer, yet.

And thank you! I’m still not really sure what i’m doing, but I do hope I can be able to keep on continuing with this personal project of mine! It helped me realize a lot of personal things that I’ve been pushing aside in the past. So in a way my own characters are helping me kind of figure out what I need to do.

Ink Spark. Talking about changing styles all the time, Ink Spark went through a whole overhaul. Her name was before Tribalrocket and was supposed to be a cousin for Skyrocket. They were supposed to compete each other in race who was faster, but I scraped that idea really quickly and forgotten it. The first coloring of Ink Spark looked like a palm tree:

I later changed her hair color to orange and later changed the color pallet completely. What I really hadn’t seen before in other people OC’s that they really don’t have any tattoos. Ink was rather special as she has a lot of tattoo on her and her hair style was rather different as well. Ink’s personality was something that I thought about a lot. She hasn’t appeared too much in either of my blogs (Ask Skyrocket and Ask Sweep Slick), but I decided that she is an really enthusiastic tattoo artist and wants the world to see what “living art” is. She is an optimistic person and doesn’t really care about the consequences that follows after. 

I like Ink Spark, but she might not be the most popular among my OC’s.

letmebeyourcanary  asked:

I TOO LOVE YOUR ARTS. especially the sweet sparkly eyes!! it's kind of magical?? and so is the coloring. puhlease never stop drawing! i found you through the art you did for astrayeus? she's so sweet, thank you so much for drawing her lovely character!! even though it was probably like ten thousand yrs ago. i kinda went through your whole entire art tag when i found your blog and it kinda made me feel warm and fuzzy. and also made me want to draw. but then i kinda gave up bc drawing is hard lol

D’awww!! Thanks Canary! I love the sparkly eyes a lot too! Blame the shoujo-manga I grew up with honestly. All the magical girl stuff I indulge in is the blame for all the sparkles and desu I put now LOL I won’t stop drawing for as long as I live and have my dominate hand on me! 

OOOOOOOOO YOU FOUND THE ART I DID FOR MY BEAUTIFUL CLEF!!!! YAAASSS!! I love drawing Gemiya!! ( CLEF YOU HAVE A FAN!!!! ) I haven’t drawn her in a while now, I might one day, but that’s to surprise clef darling! I’m glad you had a nice trip through my tag ahaha—I’m glad my style brought out those feelings in there! But don’t give up! Draw until your hearts content no matter what it is! It’s about fun—but lets not forget that practice makes perfect!


I tried to paint my nails today but something went wrong and they have been slightly squishy all day and I’m very annoyed with it. Because they look so pretty? Black with gold glitter. I’m probably going to have to redo them tomorrow. Annoying.

Today was alright. I didn’t feel so good today, so I didn’t get a lot done. We didn’t go ice skating. I don’t know why it fell through but its alright. I was really sore from yesterday. I slept okay last night but I woke up pretty miserable. My hot water was back though so I was pleased about that. I had a small breakfast and laid on the couch for a while. Poked around online.

I got a shower and got dressed eventually. I headed to my studio to print out some forms for the dentist tomorrow but I didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to go home. I worked on some stuff here. I had waffles for lunch. I just didn’t feel good.

I laid down at some point. I didn’t mean to fall asleep but I did. It wasn’t good sleep though and I woke up shaky and miserable. I put some of the lasagna from  yesterday in the oven and laid on the couch trying to pull myself together. Eating helped a lot but I was still feeling not great.  

I walked up to franklin and caught the bus to go to my activated artist meeting. This week was different then normal, instead of doing art for an outside project we just hung out and just did some self care. In the form of color books. It was actually really nice.

When I first got there I sat at a table with some neat people who were in to photography. Then when we broke into our small groups I went to sit with some other people and it was really nice actually. We talked about my thesis, and podcasts and my upcoming birthday. How age brings social expectations. Some shows and projects we have going on. It was really nice. And also I just liked coloring this bunny thing. I don’t normally like or care for coloring books but when everyone else is working on it its really nice and soothing. We also got muffins from Gabe’s ( the guy who runs it) sister. I had a good time. Allegra brought a girl, Rosy, over to talk to me because she thought we had some stuff in common. And we have talked briefly before but she’s right, Rosy’s a really cool chick.

I left there after I finished coloring around 7. Got a bus home. I know its not very far but its dark and cold. So I just felt better taking the bus. I’m home now. Cuddling with sweetP and ready to go to bed. I have a dentist appointment in the morning and then I hope to spend the afternoon in my studio. I’m hoping to actually get something done tomorrow at the dentist, like actually get a cavity filled or fucking something. I don’t know I feel like the last couple times I’ve tried I’ve been brushed off and told me make more appointments and its so stupid. Just fix my mouth!  I hope its just happens the way I want.

I hope you all have a good night. Be safe. Be nice to eachother.

Hi so I just wanted to share something I recently started doing to help get my room cleaned and organized and avoid that, “ohmygod there’s so much to do” crisis which leads to nothing getting done because you’re too overwhelmed. To break it down I drew my room, basically like a blueprint. Then you make a simple (I stress SIMPLE) checklist for the things you have to do in each section. Then, I went through and coded it with four colors.
Green= simplest/fastest/least effort
Yellow= slightly more effort/slightly more time needed
Orange= medium time required/ medium-a lot of effort needed
Red(I used pink because it’s highlighter)= lots of energy/ maybe requires tools/ lots of time

Then to the left I have a sort of key with four check boxes for each of the colors so when I completely finish, for example all the green ones, then I can check that off.

This gives you a clear visual of the things you can do right away, like pick up dishes, that takes maybe thirty seconds to collect them and bring them to the kitchen(green). And the things that should get done absolute LAST, like for me, replacing the light fixture.

And lastly I’d just like to explain some of the points on my own personal one pictured above which could be confusing. I have a loft bed so my bed is on top of my desk (like bunk beds) so I just split that area in two to account for the two separate areas that needed cleaned. Then up towards the top I have a list point named “colleges”, that’s because I’m a junior in high school and have received multitudes of college info pamphlets which I need to go through and sort. Then the area at the bottom with “trim pillows” and “wash windows is my windowsill. And finally, I have two points for “trash” because one is picking up trash around the room, and the second is taking out the trash when it is full. :)
So you can see that it is very easy to personalize. And easier to look at then just a written list of the things you need to do.

I love this! What a great way to do it if you’re a really visual thinker!

[Image is a picture of the diagram described in the text.]


what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why is sssn pronounced sun. why. i went through two volumes thinking it was pronounced season, and honestly, can you blame me? sssn makes a hell of a lot more sense as s-ea-s-o-n than sss-u-n. they’re even colored, approximately, like seasons, with winter/blue/neptune, sage/green/spring, sun/yellow/summer and scarlet/red/fall.  but no. it’s not team season, it’s team sssssssssssun. like. what the fuck. what the fuck? what the fuck 


I´m done. I´m finished and I like the result :D

Shae went through a lot changes… Most of them were because I changed my own hair color (:
And thats why I change it again. I have had my nearly black hair long enogh, now I´m going to bleach it. But since theres so much red underneath the darkbrown, it will turn into a some kind of “strawberry blond” color (:

I like it, when my candy looks a bit like me, so Shailene will make her way to the barber shop as well :D ♥

I gave her Alas curls, so I can keep sthg of the ginger girl in mcl as well :D

I hope you´ll still like her with her new looks :D

GLaDOS looks REALLY different in the Robot Repair VR

So, accidental misinformation like the thing I said about the rails aside, GLaDOS does look a lot different in the robot repair VR. Like, they actually went and changed her design instead of just porting her model into the thing.

I giffed the next couple images so some details would show through better, hope you don’t mind.

The orange wires now have a flashing animation, and her head looks extremely different.

She has the markings on her head now, she’s smoother and cleaner looking, her “eyelids” are removed, and her optic is a COMPLETELY different color, with an added grid texture like Rick’s.

(Most recent appearance, for comparison.)

Here are some other images of her new model for reference:

Anyways, I just think this is really interesting, considering they went to all that trouble of redesigning her just for a silly demo. 

(Unless they didn’t. *X-files theme plays*)

It’s worth to note that her optic is way more similar to its color in the first game. and also that, well, this is unrelated, but you can see P-Body in the VR as well

She’s reading a magazine in the waiting room while ATLAS gets repaired, and I think that’s great

Today I went through all my embroidery floss from probably the last seven or eight years. It’s a lot of Iris, some DMC, and a great many skeins of unlabelled stuff (no brand or color code of any kind) that as far as I remember came from a friendship bracelet kit I never used. Planning to shift them all to floss bobbins this afternoon for less tangly storage

Confession: My first college party (if you could call it that) was a bust. And mainly because of my skin color. Here’s how it went down: got invited by my roommates who are sweet enough so I figured it’d be fine. Should have considered the fact that they probably have never had to worry about their skin color a day in their life. So, there was drinks, flirting (between the white guys and girls obviously) and a whole lot of awkwardness on my part being the only black person there. I shouldn’t have let my insecurities get the best of me. 

But as if fate was showing me a sign one of the guys was flipping through Tinder on the couch with his buddies and I happened to look up when he came across a black girl & said, “Does she really expect to get a match?” She was make up less and dark. I lost all energy after that to try and socialize. I’m automatically done with anyone who associates with people that tear down my sisters. I just find it horrible that if I was lighter but the same person they would have found me worth it. And that’s the most ignorant thing ever. At least my skin color work as an ass detector.



Wow, what a build! First time trying this much remodeling, completely redid the skirts, shoulder armors, and backpack. Used lots of parts from a HG RX-78 to hash out the shapes I needed for the build and went through lots of Tamiya putty. Making the fuel tanks and the leg bulges was pretty maddening making sure everything was even. I think I am addicted to Kazuhisa Kondo/Makoto Kobayashi style MS proportions now!

The camo netting is from a line of modeling goods I am working on developing, please look for it soon! The monoeye jewel is from HiQ parts and the mesh exhausts is fine brass screen. This older HGUC shows its age, but is still a great build.

Thanks for looking! Is anyone going to be at FanimeCon? Would love to meet some builders out there in person!


Who’s That Vans Girl? Anhia Zahira Santana

Anhia Zahira Santana, aka Distortedd, knows a thing or two about being bold: We discovered the Philadelphia-based artist and animator when she hit us up on Twitter and asked us to check out her work. When we did, we discovered a girl who epitomizes East Coast streetwear style and combines major talent with a serious work ethic.

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