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I hope everyone likes this comeback because Odd was a bit of a non-story for most people

nah, it really wasn’t. it’s shinee’s best selling physical album to date / “view” is their best ranking digital single ever and it’s been critically acclaimed all across the block. and it’s the best selling album physically this year after exo’s, so.

anyway, people are looking forward to the comeback and it’s because the last comeback drew them in.

the almost 7k upvotes on this article naver posted on their comeback announcement proves that.

1. [+1,828, -198] i don’t think there’s been a group in the history of sm that has gone through as variety of colors as shinee has. i think their concepts are some of the best in the idol industry.

the fact that it was this comment and it’s went up almost 5k upvotes since netizenbuzz translated that says a lot, so.

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Last year I went on a diet and drank lots of water everyday I became a bit lighter and everyone thought I was bleaching even when I told them I wasn't so I know how you feel

I used to be extremely light when I was younger, got darker through the years (which I loved because I was actually the color of chocolate) now, I’m getting over a week-long sickness and I got lighter again so *shrugs*


I made a gift for splatterlewis and I liked seeing how my own kind of progress went through while I drew and also needed to come up with commission examples for stuff so I wanted to see how I did stuff.

I’m gonna fix the background at one point but i was most focusing on coloring stuff with this one.

So yeah. Garnet!Splatter.. so… Splarnet.

The dentist squeaked me in, and I got to have the exciting conversation that went “…uh. There’s a lot of tooth on this crown.”

“That cream colored bit is tooth?”


“…that’s a lot of tooth.”

“Oh yeah.”

So the cement held. The tooth apparently is what failed. The tooth is completely dead, so I couldn’t feel the fact that it was decaying under the crown, and since it had a metal base, the X-rays couldn’t see through it.

So ultimately it was a good thing that it broke, because otherwise my tooth would have become–I quote–“Mushy.” And after “mushy” there is not a lot to be done.

Nevertheless, given that crown was over twelve years old, over top of a massive hole, and done on a steep budget by a dentist in Phoenix, I got an amazing run out of it. My dentist saluted her counterpart in the Southwest. (He was trained in India–I mentioned this in passing to my dentist, who said “Aha! I was wondering.” Apparently the differences in technique are visible when you’re effectively doing a post-mortem on the tooth. She hastened to add that he’d done a very good job, but the technique was substantially different than the way she’d been trained–something to do with the way the little filler dealies in the roots are done and with the base. I had no idea that dentistry differed that way…)

Anyhow, the crown fit so snugly that she had the same problem getting it back on that I did, and wound up having to sand down the top so I wasn’t biting weird. I’ve got an appointment in August for the full removal/recrown/post deal.

“Good news!” she said cheerfully. “It’s completely dead so you don’t have to get numbed!”


This dragon sure went through a lot of changes recently! I scattered her twice (and got a really nice earth palette on the second try!) and changed her name from Mary to Anstey. Plus, I gave her smoke & a new accent and outfit.

She was a messenger in her previous home, and I hadn’t done much with her lore-wise since buying her months ago. She’s now a Devout of the Earthshaker and an Overseer of the Ossuary (the temple where my clan exalts dragons). Nice!

More fun with random ideas! This week I wanted to go a little darker than I have been, and after sorting through some buried sketches of mine, I found an interesting-bird like creature and decided to run with it.

While the body and proportions were decided fairly early on, the face took some work. My first draft looked a lot more owl-esque, and the following drafts had strong mask resemblances. I finally landed on something when I remembered the old plague doctor masks, and it certainly helped that they were already more bird looking. Before I decided on a crow sort of theme, the color drafts went a little crazy too, the runner up being a combo of maroon and navy with gold accents. But with all the brainstorming out of the way fairly early, I had more time to spend on detail work, and I really like the way it turned out.

Hope you guys like this one too. Tune in again to see what else I can come up with.

I kept a lot of things from you when I was just getting to know who you truly are. I made sure that I would never show my true colors to you. I
I find it funny how only five years ago, you came into my life as a complete stranger, but it was only three years ago that you began to mean something to me, and it was only one year ago that we fell out and you became a stranger once again.
I knew we should’ve never gotten to know each others names, if only we went through school not knowing each other existed, I wouldn’t be like I am now, I would be an even better person than I am now.

I never told anyone how I felt about things because I was scared they would only make fun of me and say, “You’re only fourteen, you have no feelings and you don’t even know love.” and they were right, but spending hours upon hours just talking to you about nothing gave me a sense of hope that is indescribable and made me think that something was going to happen and that something would lead to us being together and we would have that fairy tale ending that my parents didn’t have.

Looking back on it, I wish I had told you how I really felt while you were still here and while we were still talking and while we were still best friends.

Our story went like this; strangers to lovers to strangers again.


Me Strangers Again

Thank you to the beautiful tayswifty07 for nominating me! 

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, you choose 25 people to tag. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Last Drink: water
Last Phone Call: My Mum 
Last Text: “Okay, thankyou. (:”
Last Song You Listened to: Currently listening to Words and Medicine by Tim McGraw 
Last Time you cried: yesterday, haha

Dated Someone Twice: I haven’t even dated someone once!  
Been Cheated On: No
Kissed Someone and Regretted it: Lets say in year 10 we went through a truth and dare phase which I regret a lot!

Lost Someone Special: yeah 
Been Depressed: Yes
Been Drunk and Thrown Up: No- close once, but no.
Three Favorite Colors: purple, pink, blue

Made a New Friend: yes
Fallen Out of Love: no
Laughed Until You Cried: YES!

Met Someone Who Changed You: Yes

Found Out Who Your True Friends are: I hope so!

Found Out Someone Was Talking about you behind your back: yeahh

Kissed Anyone on Your FB Friends List: I haven’t kissed anyone in the last year ahaha!

# of people of your FB friends list that you actually know: I only add people I know

Any Pets: long list! Horses, Dogs, Cows, chooks… list goes on and on!
Do you want to change your name: I don’t really like the name Bethany, bt I don’t mind Beth and Bethy so..
What did you do for your last party: Went to dinner at the cutest bohemian restaurant with close friends and family.

What time did you wake up today: 5.30am (work!)
What were you doing at 12 last night: Sleeping!!!

Something you cant wait for: TAYLOR CONCERT!
Last time you saw your mother: 4 months ago yesterday :( [I’m in Germany as a working student for 6 months]
What are you listening to rn: Keep You With Me by Hot Chelle Rae

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yeah, I had a few Toms as classmates over the years
Whats on your nerves right now: This bitch at work who thinks she’s better than everyone and thinks she can boss everyone around and tries to get everyone into trouble.
Blood type: I honestly have no idea!
Relationship status: single pringle
Zodiac Sign: Pisces 
Pronouns: She/her
Favorite TV show: BONES FO LYFE!
Tattoos: None at the moment: tossing up getting a fearless wrist tattoo 
Right or left: right
First surgery: never
First Piercing: ears are my first and only (: 
First best friend: Abbey
First sport you joined: Horse riding I guess haha!
First vacation: No idea!

First pair of trainers: I don’t even know!

Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
I’m about to: finish the questions then have a shower and go to bed!

Listening to: Strong by London Grammar
Waiting for: My best fried to text me back
Want kids: Ew no! I am a kid!
Get Married: Hopefully
Career: Professional Dressage Rider

lips or eyes: eyes are the most beautiful things ever
hugs or kisses: both hehe 
Shorter or taller: taller always!
Older or younger: up to 3 years older or the same age
Romantic or spontaneous: I’m a hopeless romantic

Nice stomach or nice arms: stomachhh

Sensitive or loud: sensitive 
Hook up or relationship: definately a relationship!

Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble, trouble, trouble baby (but not too much trouble!)

Kissed a stranger: No 
Drank hard liquor: Unfortunately

Sex on the first date: Never been on a date lol
Broke someones heart: yeahh, accidentally
Had your heart broken: yess
Been arrested: hopefully something that will never happen!
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: struggling through this right now

Yourself: usually, sometime I go through self doubt phases, but generally yes
Miracles: I think so
Love at first sight: I would like to
Santa Claus: Why is this even a question?? [of course!]
Kiss on the first date: sure
Angels: yeah

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Name- Luiza

Nickname- Izzy

Birthday- October 13

Star Sign- Libra

Gender- Female

Height- around 165 cm i am not sure

Sexual/romantic orientation- Wonwoo (jk bisexual)

Favorite color- blue, black and white

Time and date- july 26 12:54

Average hours of sleep- it’s either no sleep and sleep a lot there’s no inbetween

Lucky number- 13

Last thing I googled- Youtube

Word that comes to mind- rain

One thing that makes me happy- reading a good book

How many blankets do I sleep under- 1

Favorite fictional character- Itachi because he went through some shit

Favorite famous person/celebrity crush- Wonwoo (I am Wonwoo trash can’t you see)

Favorite book- Oh man uhh, Harry Potter, House Of Leaves

Favorite musician/band- everybody I reblog and Fall Out Boy and One Ok Rock

Favorite movie I’ve seen at the cinema- at the cinema?? Clash Of Titans (i like greek mythology)

Dream holiday- a place where that has a history and where i can learn things

Dream job- uhhh…i don’t really know

Last book I read- House Of Leaves

Last movie I saw in the cinema- shit uhh…The Fault In Our Stars i think…

Wearing right now- blue tank top and black leggings

im tagging- new people that i want to learn about ho-zii kindaobsessedwithsunggyu leechan-el daynasaurus07 meowminghao  j-hobiii  atomichoshi  ewhansol  and like always, everybody who wants to do it^^

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I was tagged by blondiegrl00 for this task. Hopefully I do it correctly and can think of 11 questions.

The Rules:
1. Write down the rules
2. Answer the questions written by the person who tagged you.
3. Make up 11 new questions and tag 11 new people.


1. Who is your favorite historical person and why?
Queen Elizabeth II - she’s a strong woman and went through a lot.  I think that it’s rare, especially in that time period to have that happen in real life and not just historical fiction.

2. What is your favorite color and why?
Hot Pink - because it is!  Do I really need a reason?  It’s pink! 

3. If you could live in one place forever where would it be?
This is hard because I’m not well traveled.  I want to say Ireland or England, but really…it’s wherever my family is.  That’s what REALLY matters.

4. What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t blogging on Tumblr?
Spending time with my daughter, writing fanfic, obsessing over fictional characters.

5. Besides Olicity, who else are your OTP’s?
Of like the lifelong ones…I’m always shipping ALL the shows!
Murder/Scully (X-Files), Sam/Jack (SG-1), Deanna/Riker (TNG), Janeway/Chakotay (Voyager)

6. Do you remember the first fanfiction you read and what was it?
I have no idea, but I THINK it was Stargate SG-1 fanfic.

7. Do you have a job and what do you do?
I am currently a stay at home mom and basically nanny to my youngest siblings (and nieces when need be). 

8. Do you believe in life after death, why or why not?
I actually have no idea.  I believe in angels that watch over people.

9. Do you have any tattoos and what are they?
Nope.  I keep thinking about it, but needles terrify me. 

10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
This seriously changes for me because I’ll get on a kick and then get sick of it.  Probably a Crunch Roll from Miyako’s (tempura shrimp, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, nori, rice, and crunchy stuff on the outside). 

1. What character (show) do you most identify with and why?
2. Do you normally prefer books over movies?  Are there exceptions?
3. Do people’s lack of spelling and punctuation skills make you cringe even on social media?
4. Dog or cat?  Favorite kind?  
5. Favorite girl & boy’s name?
6. Middle name?  Or no middle name?  If middle name, how many do you prefer?
7. If you could be on an island with your immediate family (if you want them there) and ONE other person, who would you pick?
8. DC or Marvel?  Or Both?
9. Favorite cartoon growing up?
10. Have you ever met online friends in real life?

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I was tagged by frnkmyhero to answer some questions! (i’m rlly sorry it’s so late!!!)

1. write your name in song titles

H - how it’s going to be - gee

O - ode to sleep - 21p

L - lights out - msi

L - let you get away - electric century

Y - you know what they do to guys like us in prison - mcr

2. why did you choose your URL?

I went through a lot of wholock urls but eventually i stuck to mcr which is where mychemical came from and then actioncat is from gerard’s album so yeah

3. what’s your middle name?

4. if you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?

5. favourite color?


6. favourite song?

umm i try to keep it to a favourite per album but songs i can’t stop listening to are happy song by bmth and don’t you find by jamie t

7. top 4 fandoms?

oh, well i’m superwholock trash so there’s three of them but the fourth will be the marvel movies (mcu)

8. why do you enjoy tumblr?

I don’t even think i do tbh but i’ve made a few amazing friends on here and i’ve learnt a lot of useful information like things about sexuality and genders etc.

9. tag 9 of your mutuals: frankediero, dylans-dick, thequeenofkittycats, intoxicating-iero, thnksfrthrevenge, mychemicalstablerelationship, welcometothe-black-paradeevergreenbooks and folie-a-duex-me 

the finished version!!

fern and kai are both not very good at people, and both tend to speak without thinking. that leads to a lot of hilarious awkward situations. vasco is also hiding in the background behind kai.

a couple things i am happy with: the skin tones (at least on fern), much better colors after a little messing around, the background characters.

things that i could do better next time: the background is still bland with just the bare walls, some parts of the shading are clunky, i didn’t plan out the picture with thumbnails before i went for the detailed sketch and that shows through the composition, posing, and spacing in the background. i could have also done more cross-hatching on the walls to give them more depth.

I was tagged by the lovely sterolineotpforever, so here I go:

Why did you choose this URL?
Because I was making a blog on the fly after lurking for years. I couldn’t come up with anything and kind of just went through my play list and “Falling Slowly” always reminded me of Steroline.
I kind of hate it though, reminds me of an AOL screen name, and I had some awesome AOL screen names back in the day.

What’s your middle name?

If you could own a fairy tale pet, what it would be?
I don’t even know. The only thing I can think of is Swift from David the Gnome? He was a fox that was kind of like an ambulance?

Fave color?
Red and black. Actually I like a lot of colors. Can’t pick, but I own a lot of red and black, so I’ll go with that. The red is mostly due to a lot of Red Sox shirts.

Fave song right now?
I just discovered Ed Sheeran because of a discussion about him in the tag. I really love “Kiss me” and “Photograph” although I haven’t really dug deep into his discography.
I really love Always, Let me Out, I don’t want to wait, and You ruin me by The Veronica’s. I actually love a lot of their stuff, but those are my most played.
Shut up and dance. I saw Do-you-think-Im-Spoopy talk about it and I got curious and now I love it.

I just really love music  

Top three fandoms?
I don’t have a lot of fandoms, when I fandom, I fandom hard, so I kind of stick with one at a time.
I guess I’ll go with my top 3 fandoms of all time?
1)Sailor Moon(Mostly H/M)/Sera Myu
-The fan fiction writers in the Sailor Moon fandom on ff.net were some of the sweetest, most supportive people I’ve ever met.
-Sera Myu or “Sailor Moon Musicals” was the most fun I have ever had in fandom. Beyond out love of the musicals, the community was kind of small but close. We had a lot of inside jokes, and made some close friendships. It’s been almost 9 years since I was heavily in this fandom (and for them as well) and I still talk to a handful of these people to this day.
-Roswell was my first fandom, but BTVS was the first I was heavily involved with. I role played, wrote and read  fan fiction and made some of my first online friendships here.

3) Steroline
-Besides you guys being so freaking cool, this is probably the first fandom I’ve been involved in since Sera Myu, so, there ya go.

-I don’t say TVD because I like being in my little fandom bubble.

Why do you like Tumblr?
I kind of have stuck to a very small population on tumblr so I haven’t really seen the hate beyond what is reblogged and shot down by the wonderful people in our fandom. I use to lurk on a select number of blogs and then when I saw the blogger reblog or talk to someone, I would check out their blog. If I liked it, I would lurk too. Once I joined tumblr, I followed the blogs I had been lurking on. I kind of have stuck to the same process. I guess you could say I have a screening process. I only stick to my dash, so I kind of stay away from the hate so its easier for me to enjoy tumblr.
The people I have talked to or even just follow, I enjoy their humor, their thoughts and their opinions. The internet is fascinating with people who are  miles to a continent away are just a click away. It’s interesting to see culture, experience and moral shape opinions and ideas. Even if it’s just over fictional characters, it’s so interesting! Plus I like a lot of the humor :)

Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!
I consider everyone I follow cool,amazing and worthy of crushing, I’m going to just kind of play in my tag and go through people alphabetically unless I KNOW you’ve been tagged a ton of times. If you have already been tagged and I didn’t realize, I’m sorry :(

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I hate this ‘black people can’t be racist’ concept so much.

If any person bullies/murders/rejects an innocent person BECAUSE of their skin color THAT is RACISM. 

That’s like saying “black people can’t murder because their ancestors were victims of lynching.”

Guess what? White people today have NOTHING to do with what our ancestors went through and it is NOT their fault. 

There are still a lot of white racists in our society and in our government today that we need to eliminate.

But picking on an innocent person, murdering them, being prejudiced towards them because they are white, doesn’t make you a social justice worker, it makes you a racist.

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I was going through your blog and i saw someone asking for that mickey mouse shirt tyler had and im pretty sure it was something from disney world a long time ago?? Like probably the 90's or early 2000's because my family went there a lot before i was born and we have like 2 of those shirts in different colors but im not sure! Just a thought!

thanks for this!!! very helpful i love u a ton

How Did We Make You?

How did we make you? Well, we were going through this period where I was out of work and nothing much was going on in my life. I’d watch a lot of TV, smoke weed. Your mother had a part time job at this pet store a few blocks away, and when she came home she always smelled of fish food. Those colorful flakes.  She knew I didn’t care for it, so whenever she came home she’d dump her clothes in the laundry and shower. 

Well, it was while she was showering that I needed to use the bathroom.  I went into the bathroom, which was unlocked, and sat down on the toilet to do my business. You see, we were used to each other, your mother and I, and could do these kinds of things.  You know i would suggest you should see if you can do these kinds of things with a woman from the get go.  I was doing my business and she was showering. 

She turned off the water and stuck her hand out from behind the curtain to ask for a towel.I gave her one, and as she dried herself off she said, “Today in the pet store I had this funny thought. You and I have a baby waiting for us in paradise that we just haven’t claimed. Isn’t that a pretty thought?” And then I said, “Well, we should get on that.” She came out of the shower naked and beautiful. Her long hair wrapped  in a towel. And she smiled at me.  

That was a long time ago. Before things fell apart. I guess we never got to make you. I don’t even know who’s asking. I don’t even know who I’m talking to.

How Did We Make You?

-Jonathan Goldstein

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Hey, is is alright that I ask for a ship? I'm a 96-liner, 5'2, dark brown hair/eyes but I like to experiment on my hair, first nations (but skin looks more on the white side). I'm a Libra, but more of on the introvert side. Close friends of mine say that I'm mature for my age, but I can be a bit of a brat occasionally. I like to dance/listening to music, watching movies, and going to school. I don't like bratty kids, and egotistical people. Please ship me with someone from EXO ✌🏼

It’s totally fine (✿◠‿◠) 


I ship you with . .

A baby who used to be a baby but is really a grown ass man now, 

Oh Sehun!

Sehun went through that faze where he dyed his hair the color of the fucking rainbow, so I think it would be cute if the two of you went to the hair salon with one another and get matching hairstyles (omg it sounds gross but cute at the same time). Everyone knows that Sehun’s a little bitch, so your mature attitude should knock tame the damn boy (which would be adorable and hilarious at the same time because imagine Sehun’s face when you tell him to shut the fuck up). The both of you could dance with one another too! Sehun would try so hard to show off, but we all know he’d fail and fall on his ass lol. Omg I just saw that you don’t like bratty kids and egotistical people, and Sehun is all of those things. I am so sorry, but I still think the two of you are good for each other orz

that gif is so ugly omg

👩 Admin : Raven

Thank you for requesting!

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Blue aqua orange, and tangerine for the color asks.

Blue- you’re amazing.


Aqua- I could stay on your blog for hours.

I’ve actually done that before and went through all of my blog lol.

Orange- I want to get to know you.

Madison, do you have Skype?

Tangerine- we have a lot in common

From what I put on my blog, we might!

Feel free to invade my privacy more.

#WishItWednesday - Kipling 100 Pens Case

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been seeing the kipling 100 pens case around on instagram, and it seems very usefull. I has space for a lot of things and the little monkey is adorable. So I went and look on handy dandy amazon and they have a ton of different color options. I’ve seen a rose gold one around and I couldn’t find it on amazon and had a little trouble browsing through their website. But I think…

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