i went out into the cold for this

He doesn’t know what makes him say what he does next: Is it empathy, as he hopes, or is it a boast, an alluding aloud to the improbable and wondrous turns his life has taken over the past month? “You know, Felix,” he begins, “I never had friends, either, not for a very long time, not until I was much older than you.” He can sense, rather than see, Felix become alert, can feel him listening. “I wanted them, too,” he continues, going slowly now, because he wants to make sure his words come out right. “And I always wondered if I would ever find any, and how, and when.” He traces his index finger across the dark walnut table-top, up the spine of Felix’s math textbook, down his cold glass of water. “And then I went to college, and I met people who, for whatever reason, decided to be my friends, and they taught me – everything, really. They made me, and make me, into someone better than I really am.

“You won’t understand what I mean now, but someday you will: the only trick of friendship, I think, is to find people who are better than you – not smarter, not cooler, but kinder, and more generous, and more forgiving – and then to appreciate them for what they can teach you, and to try to listen to them when they tell you something about yourself, no matter how bad – or good – it might be, and to trust them, which is the hardest thing of all. But the best, as well.”

They’re both quiet for a long time, listening to the click of the metronome, which is faulty and sometimes starts ticking spontaneously, even after he’s stopped it. “You’re going to make friends, Felix,” he says, finally. “You will. You won’t have to work as hard at finding them as you will at keeping them, but I promise, it’ll be work worth doing.”

– Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life

i was going to be a good boy and go to sleep early last night (because id only slept for an hour the night before) and then wake up early for my 9am-3pm shift so i could get a nice relaxed breakfast. However, i proceeded to not be able to sleep last night for some fucking reason, so i popped a benadryl around 1am and passed out at some point, slept through both my alarms, and only woke up at 8:30 am when my roommate’s alarm went off, and mind you it takes 20-25 minutes at minimum for me to get to work from my dorm, so i somehow got ready in 10 minutes and jog-walked to work, where i am now sitting without coffee and 90% sure im getting a cold. ok im done whining for the day

omg those christmas aus - “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside” or “drunken caroling” - or both?? for any set of characters you wish??

LATE LATE LATE snowed in christmas eve fic, idek what’s happening here but there are dogs!

It’s not that Stiles hates his neighbor. Sure, he’s a huge jerkface who wears leather jackets, douchy sunglasses and routinely tries to murder Stiles with his eyes. He calls Roscoe a hunk of garbage. He’s got a bombshell probably-girlfriend, Erica, who likes to snap her teeth at Stiles and call him Bambi. He once grabbed Stiles by the scruff of his neck and growled in his face about, uh, a missing newspaper or handprints on his Camaro or something—Stiles was definitely not too turned on to listen properly, and who drives a fucking Camaro in a place where it snows sixty percent of the year round?

But Stiles doesn’t hate him. He’s not sure he’s capable of hating someone that smoking hot. Not to mention the fact that he owns dogs. Plural.

Kira shrugs a little and says, “He’s nice to me.”

“Then why don’t you go ask him for a cup of milk,” Stiles says, staring morosely down at the empty jug.

“I’m not the one in desperate need of Lucky Charms. Also,” she swings her bag up onto her shoulder, “I’ve got a bus to catch.” Her grin is cheeky, but the way she trips over the rest of her luggage kind of ruins the effect.

Stiles sighs and says, “If you’d wait a couple days, I can just drive us both.” They’ve got three days until Christmas—plenty of time to drive the mere five hours back to Beacon Hills.

There’s a break in the mountain weather, though—wind chill holding steady at a balmy 21 degrees, the sun glare even making the snow melt into slick black ice for fun nighttime driving—and Kira’s not going to tempt fate.  Stiles wishes he could leave today too, if only to save him from having to ask Derek Fucking Hale for cereal milk. Unfortunately, he volunteered to take shifts right up until Christmas Eve, like an asshole. Ugh.

“The bus always smells like feet,” Stiles tries one last time.

Kira just cages his face in her hands and tugs him down for a forehead kiss.

Stiles slumps into her hold and says, “Tell Scott I love him.”

“Will do, peaches.” She bounces on the balls of her feet right out the front door, slips down the icy steps with a, “Crap, oops,”—Stiles holds his breath, arms out and legs locked, he wouldn’t get to her in time, anyway—and is caught by the strong, manly arms of Derek, who swoops in with nearly preternatural speed, Christ.

His dogs, Josh and Pongo, take advantage of the dropped leashes and wiggle their furry butts right up the front stoop to sniff at Stiles’s crotch and then make themselves at home on his sofa. They’re both doofy lab mixes that ruin Derek’s street cred by routinely eating paper towels and hacking them up on Stiles and Kira’s doorstep.

Derek says, “Are you okay?” with this deep eyebrow v of concern that makes Stiles want to puke.

He’s almost ninety percent sure Derek has an inappropriate crush on Kira, and that his probably-girlfriend approves.

The sad part is that Kira’s going to be moving home when her journalism internship at Hollow Moon Times is done with, but Stiles will still be stuck out in the boonies for the foreseeable future.

No matter what his dad says, he doesn’t see how being the under-sheriff of a sleepy little mountain town can give him real policing experience. While there’s a slim chance Moon’s Hollow is a hotbed of secret mayhem, Stiles was forced to arrest an overweight raccoon last month, and Tim Gareth seems to vandalize the Wolf’s Den pub’s singular bathroom regularly with forestry propaganda just so Kira can interview him.

Kira straightens up sprightly and says, “Oh, I’m fine! That was a total wipe out, thanks for catching me.” She pats Derek’s arm as he lets her go, his face completely flushed, either from the praise or the frigid wind. He’s probably thrilled to have his hands on Kira. Derek Hale has perfect complexion to go with his perfect lumberjack beard—the quality of it would be pretentious if they didn’t actually live on a mountain.

Stiles has basically been a wind-chapped tomato for the entire five months he’s been living here. He can’t grow even the tiniest bit of well-groomed scruff to save his life, so it’s either look like a patchy bum, wear a ski-mask, or hope that in five years he’ll have the weathered skin of an Alaskan bushman.

None of his options are appealing. He should adopt some Norwegian skincare regimens.

Derek glares over his shoulder at Stiles and whistles for Josh and Pongo, who ignore him in favor of licking the top of Stiles’s coffee table.

Stiles sighs and steps into his boots. He says, “Come on, assholes,” as he grabs his coat.

Pongo barks at him and then disappears into the kitchen.

Stiles jabs a finger at Josh, currently wriggling under Kira’s favorite afghan, and says, “You better not eat my TV remote again,” before pulling the door closed behind him.

Derek harrumphs. “What are you doing, Stiles?”

We are going to walk Kira down to the bus stop, and then you are going to give me a cup of milk, and we’ll call any damage your monsters do to my kitchen trashcan an even trade.”

Kira says, “I’m fine, though. But, uh,” she frowns down at her three bags, “some help would be great.”

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Info on my missing cat

A handful of you have asked for more info, and I so appreciate you trying to help in any way possible, so here it is. Sorry in advance for the long wordy text post. His name is Scamp. He went missing the evening of January 13. He’s grey- possibly Russian blue mix- with goldish eyes. He’s 11 years old. Extremely friendly and very vocal. Was wearing a glittery purple collar with a bow and a yellow tag reading 0A1021541A when I last saw him, though there’s a chance the collar has come off. Yes he is microchipped. He went missing from Knoxville TN, zip code 37919.

I have already put food and shelter for him outside. It’s too cold out for water. In each of the shelters is some of my dirty laundry for smell. His litter box and scratching post are outside as well. We’ve searched in and around neighboring yards, gone door to door on our block, and put posters up all over the neighborhood. We’ve also contacted all the animal shelters, vet clinics, and even pet stores we could think of in the area. So far nothing has been touched and there has not been a single sign of him. I am scared. Thanks to each and every one of you for the support.

~College!au Pen Pal Namjoon~PART FOURTEEN:END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

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“You’re my pen pal,” Namjoon repeated for the millionth time. “It all makes so much sense now.”

“It does?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No wonder, Hoseok hyung was acting so giddy lately. I thought it was just the fact that I was going to stop by the dorm–”

“You were?”

“Heh–uh, yeah. But you technically know that since I told you…as your pen pal.”

Closing your eyes, you suddenly remembered all the texts you two’ve exchanged as pen pals. How did you not realize sooner? It was obvious!

“I wanted to apologize–”

“So that ‘girl you hate’ is actually the girl who ruined our relationship?” Your heart sank. You remembered her. She sent you sweet smiles months prior to her snake-like ways. While you were with Namjoon, she found a way to insert herself into her life, but not as a close friend. No, she was more a familiar face you grew to like to see in public.

Who knew her target was your boyfriend? She walked past you with her sweet smiles and cute greetings and at the time, you didn’t notice the winks and flirtatious smiles she sent Namjoon. 

And he fell for them. He started to engage in conversation with you and at first, you thought nothing of it. Then the arguments began…

“What’s gotten into you?”

“C’mon, live a little!”

“Live? You do know that I can’t just blow off my education right?”

“Skipping a day isn’t going to blow off your education, Y/N,” Namjoon muttered. 

“Sure, but it will when this is the fourth time you asked this week!”

“You know what? Whatever. I just wanted to do something fun with my girlfriend but, of course, you’re too consumed with your own life to acknowledge mine.” And with that, he stormed away from you leaving you in front of the building of your next class on campus. 

The next argument you had was what led to your downfall…

“Hey, babe.”

“Hey,” you replied softly, not forgetting the argument you had a few days earlier.

Namjoon leaned down to give you a peck on the cheek and sat across from you in the cafe. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, our fight?”

“What fight?” He looked up from his coffee with a confused brow raised.

“The one about skipping class?”

“Oh, we’re over that right?” he waved you off with a laugh. You squinted your eyes as if analyzing him. What’s up with him? He’s acting so different lately.

“Well, I’m not,” you crossed your arms. Not only did he not apologize, he didn’t even talk to you until earlier that day when he said to meet him at the cafe. You thought he was going to apologize but you guessed not. 

“What do you mean? You’re not over it?”

“Uh, Joon, you yelled at me for caring about my education and said I’m too consumed with my own life.” You were hurt. It was like he didn’t even know he did something wrong. 

“Well because you are. You never have fun! That’s okay, though. I found a new ditch buddy,” he smiled warmly. 

“Ditch buddy?”

“Yeah, you know that girl you talk to sometimes in the hall? The one I just started to talk to?”

“Oh, Y/F/N?” Your furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Yes! She’s who I was with the other day. She’s really cool, you know? I can definitely see you two being friends,” He grinned.

“Nice to know but uh, you still haven’t apologized.”

“You still want me to apologize? Fine, I’m sorry–”

“What’s is going on with you lately? You’re acting so off,” You frowned, grabbing your coffee cup and tossing it into the garbage. Namjoon followed you out of the cafe and walked along campus.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re acting so cold lately. When’s the last time you’ve told me something about your day? I miss your stories you tell me,” You smiled softly at the thought of the random events he went through that he told you about. 

“Geez, I didn’t think you liked them that much,” he rolled his eyes. “Besides, telling them twice isn’t the same.”


“I told Y/F/N first.” Oh. OH. 

“You told her before your own girlfriend?” You were more confused than anything else. How did he get so close to a girl he met a few weeks ago? It took him a few months to open up to you. 

“Yeah…” he shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. 

“Okay,” you stopped in your tracks and turned to him, “Why do I feel like you care about her more than me? Now that I think about it, you sure seem giddy whenever we’re in the same room as her.”

“She’s cool. I like being her friend.”

You rolled your eyes, “It’s kind of like you’re wrapped around her finger. Pfft, like she’s the one who persuaded you to skip class,” You laughed humorlessly. When he didn’t reply, you looked back up at him.

“She didn’t,” You trailed off, your heart sinking even further down your chest. 

“She said it’d be fun!”

“Who even are you? You don’t do your homework anymore and it’s like you’re a completely different person!”

“Not my fault Y/F/N is showing me a fun time while you’re not.”

You blinked, speechless. Did he just say another girl was treating him better than you have?

“Well, if she’s showing you such a fun time, maybe you should date her then,” you huffed. 

“Hah, maybe I should!” He paused before holding his arm out, “Wait, Y/N, I didn’t mean that–”

But that’s all you needed to hear before tears brimmed your eyes and you walked away from Namjoon.

“I’m such an idiot. Y/N, you don’t know how lost I am without you. I thought you were holding me down but actually, you were the one pushing me in the right direction. I was just too stubborn to realize.”


“No, please. Let me speak. Even before our breakup, I treated you like absolute shit. I was hanging out with another girl just because she caught my eye because of her wild nature. And that is honestly the worst thing I could’ve done. She knew I’d run straight to her after the break up. But I’m the one to blame. I wish I knew how amazing you were since the beginning. You’ve always been there for me and I wish I was there for you.”

“You have been. You just lost yourself a bit,” A smile tugged at your lips. You knew how bad he felt. Hell, you’ve been talking to him about you all these months.

“I love you, Y/N,” He declared, causing your heart to flutter. It’s been a while since you heard those words from him and it was something you were yearning for. “Would you ever forgive me?”

“You sure that I’m the one you want?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Then that’s all I need to hear,” You pulled Namjoon into a tight embrace. Leaning away from him, arms apart, you leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss to the lips. 

“AH! Yes!! Finally! Who came up with this plan? I did! Yes, I did!” An ecstatic Hoseok jumped from behind the couch. He pulled you both held each other in a tight hug.

“Hey, wait a minute. You referred to me as Jerkface!” Namjoon smirked, looking at you. 

“You pissed me off. Aren’t I allowed to, big guy?”

“Fair enough, babe.”

“And don’t forget: You left me on read on purpose!”

“It was funny!”

As you two bickered over your past pen pal conversations, Hoseok was watching from afar next to Jungkook, smiling.

 “Who would’ve thought, though? Exes being pen pals. Must’ve been fate.”

“Must’ve been.”

AND ITS OVER!! I GAVE SOME BACKGROUND INFO ABOUT THE BREAKUP TOOOO HAHA;;;SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! I literally started writing this at around seven and didn’t finish till now omgggg

I hoped you liked it!! I loved this twist of events soooo much and I hope you did!

Let me know here!

Also the next pen pal issssss…JIMIN!!! I’m excited for his, too, muahahah:))))

Bring your pets in when it's cold as fuck!

I work for a small cleaning company and today I went to clean the house of this elderly couple who own an elderly yellow lab. It’s -35 degrees with the windchill today and this couple was going to be gone for an hour (the whole time we were there) so I asked if the dog should come in. His owner lady assured me “he comes in when we do”. So I left him out…..until they left the driveway. (I have a 9 year old dog at home and he found it so cold after being out 5 mins this morning that he tried sitting on the ground and gingerly lifting his front paws in turn to give them a break from the cold ground.) So I call this dog in and he lies right down on the heated kitchen floor. We let him stay in for about 45 mins and put him out again just before they got home so it looked like we listened. I didn’t realize how old he was until I was encouraging him to go back out and he struggled to get up. Poor old boy, I felt so bad for him. IF IT’S TOO COLD FOR YOU, IT’S TOO COLD FOR THEM!!!

too far gone.

billy hargrove x reader

summary: sometimes you just arent meant to end up with the love of your life…

word count: 3.3k

In the summer of 1991, you saw his face again.

It wasn’t intentional, but expected, especially at his own sister’s wedding.

You sat with your cheek resting on your palm as your eyes scanned the ballroom. You had been surprised that Max had wanted her wedding so young, at the tender age of nineteen. You always had to force girl talk out of her like pulling teeth, so seeing her laugh and giggle in a large white gown made you smile. When she had showed up at your apartment last fall with misty eyes and doing everything possible to draw attention to her left hand, you had screamed excitedly. Sure, you had your apprehension about her marrying Lucas so young, but like you had told her a million times as a child,

“When you know, you just know.”

But now, she knew for a fact that Lucas was the one, and you’re the one hadn’t spoken to you in five years at the time of her engagement.

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Wanted (9)

Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: She just wants to be wanted. More specifically, she wants to be wanted by Steve… Until Billy Hargrove weasels his way into her heart.  

Warnings: language, mini cliffhanger?,  that’s it?

Word Count: 1.7k+


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“What were you doing out on your bike anyway?” Billy asks, starting his car.

She rests her head against the cold window. It eases her headache and she sighs contently.

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home, sweet home

Summary: You can’t call something home until you make it yours - good thing Bucky’s figured out the perfect way to do just that. || modern AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,730

A/N: I am so sorry it took me forever to write this out! This is for @dani-si and @dangerousvikings‘ holiday writing challenge! My prompt was ‘decorating home’. Enjoy the fluff xx | masterlist

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A lucky Man

Hi friends! Hope you enjoy this blogmas story. 

Summary: Y/N is frustrated because what on earth is there she could get the man who seemingly already has everything?

Request: Yes.

The picture is truly the loveliest sight I’ve seen in a while.

 Annoyance was a heavy weight in my chest and I slapped my laptop shut, without pausing first to close the dozen taps I’d browsed in vain. Absolutely and frustratingly in vain.

Plenty of magazines lay on the table before me, some of the printed items were circled and others crossed out, but even the few I’d marked weren’t ones I really believed could make a good present for him. And besides, shopping off of magazines seemed very old school and who knew how long it would take to arrive anyway? But there was nothing I liked online either.
I sighed, let my head fall back and my eyes shut. For fuck’s sake. Christmas shouldn’t be so difficult.
There was a dull ache at the back of my brain, clearly due to staring at a screen for hours with no end as the certainty that this year’s winner of the ‘worst girlfriend ever’ prize would be me, pulled me under a wave of disappointment.
I knew I was mostly at fault for my stress, since Harry didn’t worry too much about presents and what he would receive.

As a child he’d stayed up all through the night before Christmas with the excitement making his tummy sick, and once he’d been allowed he’d opened the biggest of his presents first and with a wide smile on his chubby cheeks. 
But with growing older and becoming an adult that excitement lessened and transformed into another kind: He became a giver himself.
He loved to buy and then decorate thoughtful gifts for his friends and family members, spent hours to write and draw little cards for each of them, and cared hardly at all about what he’d get in return.

Since late November Harry was busy getting presents (several for each of the people he loved) and he had most of them wrapped and ready by now.
Me on the other hand? Not quite. I had a couple small presents for my family, and even those still needed to be wrapped, but none for his mom and sister or my friends yet. And most importantly: I didn’t have Harry’s gift yet either. And that was the one that was seemingly the hardest to find.
Just as I was about to bang my head against the wooden table the door to my flat opened and shut with a heavy thud. Footsteps were heard, somebody’s shoes were kicked off and soon Harry’s playful voice called for me.

“Honey, I’m home!” He snickered at the joke and my heart warmed.

I turned to see him walk towards me and reached out my arms as an invitation for a hug.

“Oh, darling,” he chuckled and I sighed happily when my face pressed to his stomach while his arms secured themselves around my shoulders.

He smelled really nice and the fabric of his warm jumper was comfortable against my cheek. I’d missed him more than I’d realized, and it hadn’t been more than three hours since we’d spoken on the phone.

“You okay?”

I shrugged and shook my head against his tummy. “Christmas is annoying.”

Harry squeezed my back to him before releasing me gently and pulling out a chair to sit down by my side. His eyes drifted to the magazines on the table before he turned to look at me, bearing a confused expression. 

The back of his hand caressed my cheek. “What’s all this about, love?”

“Can’t tell you,” I groaned. My head leaned into his palm and I reached out to hold his free hand in mine, finding comfort in the simplicity to have my boyfriend near, especially since he was gone so often.

Our fingers intertwined and he smiled when I turned to look at the rings decorating most of them, the metal warm against my skin after he’d been wearing them all day.

“Why can’t you tell me?”

He wasn’t worried, we were talking about a couple magazines laying around after all, but he didn’t quite like me not telling him what was going on. Normally I always did and often Harry would pride himself for knowing absolutely everything about his girlfriend.
I raised his hand to my lips and gave it a soft kiss.

“Because you’re my boyfriend,” I hummed against his knuckles, “And that’s kind of a problem.”

Taken out of context the words would’ve hurt him, but the smile I wore soothed and chased away and doubt.

“But m’not only your boyfriend,” Harry argued with a small frown on his lovely face.

I knew what he meant and I wanted to tell him though when I turned to stare at the useless magazines and my shut laptop, all the disappointed in myself rushed back. It wasn’t the smartest move on my part to wait until now with looking for a present, but to be fair I was pretty busy. That and… well, I’d known that looking for something would take forever and be difficult, something I tried to both avoid and eventually forget.
My eyes found his again and I giggled when he made a big deal to turn his body and face mine, giving me his undivided attention. The white shirt he wore suited him almost ridiculously well and my heart fluttered at how cuddly and hot at the same time he somehow managed to look. Bastard.

“Tell me,” he insisted and I batted away the hand that reached out to pinch my nose.

I giggled at him whining and squeezed the fingers I was still holding on to tightly. 

“Okay, fine,” I gave in, ”But only because you’re right and you’re not just my boyfriend but also my best friend and it may sound silly but if you want me to spill you’ll have to be just my best friend for a minute.”

The pink lips I loved so much, parted with feigned shock. “Are you saying you’re breaking up with me? Over magazines?”

“Shut up.”

“I mean,” he continued and I grinned when he visibly swallowed the chuckle fighting to leave his throat, “how insane is it that magazines can now even come between relationships as serious as ours?”

I shook my head and let go of his hand so I could cross my arms over my chest. “You’re not funny.”

The wide grin decorating Harry’s face forced me to smile as well. “Fine,” Harry agreed, sitting up straighter, “M’just your friend then.”


Oddly enough the moment he agreed to be friends, if only for the moment and mainly as a joke, the urge to kiss him, an urge I had to deal with at all times anyway, grew stronger. I pulled up my knees and brought them to my chest. How I survived months being just a friend of this gorgeous man I will never understand.

“Tell me, bestie,” he giggled and I regretted my proposition the moment I noticed the cheeky sparkle in his eyes, the sparkle of a new joke he’d just come up with, “Would you say your current boyfriend is the best you’ve ever had?”

“Fuck’s sake Harry!”

He laughed. “What? We always used to have chats like this!”

“And I recall you hating it and ending most of them with advising me to break off whatever I had going on with a guy.”

“’Course and now you know why,” he grinned, “‘cause I knew I’d give it to you far better than any of those wankers you were wasting your time with.”

“Fine, you know what? Now I’m not telling you shit.”

I got up to move the magazines and my laptop out of the way and walked towards the kitchen. Harry’s loud huff made me smile.

“Fine, fine!” his socked feet followed me to where I stood by the counter, preparing two cups of tea for us, “Promise I’ll stop messing around and listen to what you have to say. M’curious. What are you holding those at me for?”

“They’re two different kinds of tea. Pick one.”

His finger tapped the right box I’d held in front of his face.

“Okay,” I began with a sigh and moved to prepare water, “Listen. You’re going to find it ridiculous and probably stupid, too, but I’m really struggling, Harry.” 

“With what?” he wondered, brows knotted. The faint desperation in my tone had apparently gotten his attention after all. My kitchen felt awfully small as I moved under his watchful gaze.

“I can’t find a present that would be prefect and thoughtful enough to be something my beloved boyfriend deserves.”

His expression was priceless. First the cheekiness drained from his orbs, then the smile fell. “You’re shitting me.”

I knew the next joke or cheeky comment practically begged to roll of his tongue, but it seemed that Harry noticed the tension in my shoulders and how I nervously played with the tips of my fingers.
He reached out and touched my arm over the counter between us.

“Y/N, that’s the silliest thing you could possibly worry about,” he insisted calmly.

“It’s not,” I complained, “You have everything, don’t you? And if you don’t then you can easily just go and get it yourself… there’s like- nothing that I could get you that’s half as special or perfect as what I know you have ready to give to me.”

Without saying anything, Harry got to his feet and walked over to stand by my side. He filled half his cup with cold tap water before holding it out for me to pour some of the freshly cooked in it as well.

“I see where you’re coming from” he began, leaning his body against the counter, “I don’t agree, but I get it.”

“I browsed the internet for ages,” I went on, relieved to finally spill my frustration to someone, “spent all of yesterday in shopping malls and found absolutely nothing! Not even the magazines have something I think you would like and I… I’m embarrassed. Because the few things I did find that you might enjoy are in those expensive stores you always go to and I couldn’t possibly afford any of them, even if I were to sell a kidney for it.”

“Wouldn’t want you to go that far,” Harry chuckled, though I could tell by his tone that my worry didn’t leave him unmoved.

Silence fell over us again and I waited with an uncomfortable weight at the bottom of my stomach for what he had to say next. 
After a few minutes of us staring at each other, Harry nudged my hip with his playfully. “I love you a lot.”

A cooing noise left my mouth and this time it was him who batted my hand away as I reached out to pinch his cheek.

“Shut up,” he laughed, “What I mean is that it truly doesn’t matter if you get me something small or nothing at all. I know you think m’just saying that to be humble, and to be honest sometimes I am, but with you I mean it. Genuinely. And that’s not ‘cause I agree that I already have everything I want because of my money, or that I could go get whatever whenever, but because I have had everything I want every since you agreed to let me be with you everyday. You’re my girlfriend, at least usually you are, and that’s the greatest gift of all.”

And there went the waterworks.
A muffled “Oh, Harry!” left my mouth before I shakily set the cup in my hand down and instead wrapped both arms around his shoulders. My sudden affection came as a surprise to him and he tried to stop the tears from wetting my cheeks by kissing the skin of my neck and embracing my hips tightly.

“I love you so much,” I murmured, the lump in my throat making it difficult to speak properly.

“Good,” he breathed, “S’that mean we can stop playing ‘just friends’ so I can kiss my girlfriend again.”

“Yes,” I whined and hot lips found his jaw, “Of course. You’re the sweetest guy in the world, you really are.”

His mouth ghosted over my mouth before he let his nose nudge mine.
My hand reached to the back of his head and he moaned lowly, before finally leaning in to kiss me. Our lips moved quickly and with an urgency that made it feel as if we had been parted for more than either of us could bear. I held on to his curls and pressed my body against his, the familiar smell of his skin making me dizzy. The affirmation of his love for me made every inch of my body tingle with warmth and by the way he deepened the kiss and moaned my name I knew he felt it, too.
A small giggle filled the room when his hands first tickled my sides and then moved to grab my bum. 

I blushed bright red and broke away laughing. “Harry! Stop!”

His chuckle followed and I moved my neck to make room for his face to nuzzle into the warmth. “You really don’t have to worry, baby. M’happy with a card or something. S’long as I got you to hold like this, m’a lucky man.”

Even though I still didn’t have a clue what I would eventually place under the tree for him, the honesty in his voice soothed my worries. He deserved something good, something special and more than just a ‘you’re my girlfriend and now I’m happy forever’ kind of thing.

I tightened my hold around his neck. “You’re the only guy I know who changes from a pain in the arse to the best boyfriend there is, inner seconds.”

“Well, m’special, aren’t I?”

“I still want to get you something, though.”

And luckily I did find something in the end. I took Harry’s promise that he was grateful to be with me everyday, that he loved me and that he was happy ever since I agreed to be his, and got him the one thing that would ensure we’d be together for most of next year. I wrapped the airplane ticket that would allow me to fly out and then accompany him for most of his upcoming tour in golden paper, while he watched with a soft smile. It was when I lay it next to his neatly wrapped gifts that for the first time in years the same sense of excitement cursed through his veins and made his tummy flutter as it had when he was a kid. 
He couldn’t wait to open that present, even though it wasn’t the biggest one under the tree.

Hope you enjoyed this! 
I have a similar story about his the same problem but it’s his birthday right here: You’re My Favorite ( it’s not my favorite though and not very well written) 

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Yeah, Cool || Richie Tozier

Request: Hi can I get a Richie imagine? Kinda based of the song My Kind of Woman by Mac demarco. Where he’s so surprised that no matter what you’ve always stuck by him. No matter how many jokes he masked about you, offensive or perverted, you always know he’s joking. And he’s just in awe cause of how strong you are and YOU choose HIM to stick with through everything. He just utterly adores you and he doesn’t realize you adore him to until he realizes how long you’ve stuck by him. Thanks! Love your blog💛

 +Hi okay so could you do a Richie x Reader where He likes the reader but the losers say that she’s to innocent and completely opposite of him but goes for it anyway and him and the reader end up having a happily ever after?

Characters: Reader x Richie Tozier, the losers club 

Word count: 2924

Warning: swearing, mentioned underage drinking, kissing (ew!)

a/n: This is a weird style that I tend to write in, I don't know if y’all are gonna like it so please let me know. this is also extremely long. please let me know what you think! also let me know if you want to be added to any tag lists!

Originally posted by beverlyrxgan

Oh baby, oh man

You’re making my crazy, really driving me mad

Summer 1988

From the second Richie saw you he knew you were meant to be. Richie wasn’t one to be sappy but when it came to you his heart melted in his chest and his head spun around with thoughts of you.

You moved to Derry in the summer before junior year. Your mom picked everything up and brought the family to this small shitty town. There was nearly nothing to do here. You’d go on walks looking for something, anything to preoccupy yourself with, but your searches went on and on.

You didn’t notice the group of kids that would follow you around every day. The losers club was intrigued by you. They never saw you talk to anyone, you’d just walk around and look at the world around you. They all had the filling that you were one of them. Every few days you’d go to the park and sit against the sand pipe and read a book.

There was a boy who always seemed to be hanging around with binoculars and a little book. He seemed to be birdwatching but you never thought of a boy his age being into such a adult thing.

One day, after a rainy night you decided to sit on the bench instead of the mushy ground. It was a quiet day, near the end of august, a gentle breeze blew your hair against your cheeks as you engulfed your mind in your book.   

You nearly jumped out of your skin when someone sat down at the other side of the bench. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” You saw the bird boy looking at you with a apologetic but slightly annoyed look, after all you were in his spot. “Oh, It’s no trouble, sorry for taking your spot, the ground was just… dirty.”

“It’s fine.” He turned away from you and to the bird fountain. You went back to reading your book but couldn’t help but feel the awkward tension rising in the silence. “I’m (y/n), I just moved here a month ago or something.” You put your hand out for him, He turned back you and gave your hand a tense shake, “I’m Stan. I’ve seen you around alot.” 

“yeah, I’ve just been looking for something to do.” He nodded, “Well, maybe you could come to the Barrens later, its where me and my friends hang out.” You smiled, “yeah, that sounds cool. You’re the first person I’ve talked to here.” he laughed, “that’s Derry for you. Do you have a bike?” You shook your head. “I guess I can give you a ride on my handlebars.” He started to get up, you stayed sitting not really sure if you should follow until he turned around a few yards away and looked at you expectantly, “coming?” “Oh, yeah! Sorry.” You stood up and rushed to join him.

That’s alright with me, it’s really no fuss

As long as you’re next to me, just the two of us

Spring 1989

Richie had fucked up and he knew that. His trashmouth had gotten both the losers pissed at him and his parents to kick him out. It wasn’t on purpose. He didn’t tell anyone but he had a run in with Bowers on the way to school. He was to embarrassed to say anything and His blood with boiling from how weak he felt after what had happened. He wasn’t sure if the losers had told you what happened, or what you would think of him if they did. Spring was here and Junior year was coming to a end.

He didn’t bother to come up with a story to tell, he just walked up to your door and knocked, your parents car wasn’t there but the lights were on so he knew you must be home. When you opened the door your eyes widened with shock at the sight in front of you. “Richie..” He looked so broken. His eyes were red and puffy, magnified by his coke bottle glasses. The goofy grin that was nearly always plastered on his face was gone and his body was trembling in the cool night air.

“I really fucked up.” You nodded, “yeah, Stan told me. Listen, I don’t thin-” “They kicked me out.” “what?” “My par-parents, they kicked me out.” He sniffed and you thought your heart may as well have just fallen on the ground in front of him. “Why?” “I said something and my dad, he just-” Richie couldn’t get the rest out, instead breaking down on your poach, his head held in his hands as the tears slipped from his eyes and splashed onto his glasses. You didn’t waste any time to hug him. He was shaking. You held him as tight as you could, you whispered soft words into his ear and let him nuzzle his curly hair into you neck.

You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman

My, oh my, what a girl

Summer 1989 

It took the loud honk of a horn to knock Richie out of his tance. You laughed as he swore under his breath and pressed his foot down on the gas pedal sending the car forward. Richie had been staring at you, taking the chance as you were looking out the window of his beat up car on the way to pick up Eddie and then meet up with the rest of the losers. A year later and you still didn’t have a bike. He didn’t know the reason was because then he’d have to give you ride.

Richie and Mike were the only ones with cars, you lived down the street from him and Eddie lived 5 minutes from there and then everyone else lived on the other side of town by Mike who would pick them up in the back of his old pickup he got from his dad.

When Richie pulled up to Eddie’s sidewalk the boy who wasn’t much bigger than when you had first met him came beelining out of the front door. He hopped in the back and took a puff of his inhaler, sure enough his mom came out right after and started to yell something but Richie pulled away before you could hear any of it. “What was up her ass Ed’s?” Richie asked, Eddie groaned in return, “She said I had a cold or something because I sneezed, and how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that.”

You laughed lightly and placed your hand on Richies on top the stick shift. His stomach did flips and his brain went just a little fuzzy. You didn’t take it away until he parked outside of the movie house where everyone was waiting. Eddie jumped out and then you but Richie didn’t move a muscle. “Richie?” you asked leaning down so you could see him, “You coming?” “mhm, I just- need a second.” “are you okay?” “yeah, I’ll be right in.” “cool.” “yeah, cool.”

You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman

Summer 1988

Stan pulled up to the barrens and let you hope off of his handlebars, there was only another boy and girl there already, sitting on to rocks with there hands interlocked. “Thats Bill and Beverly” he pointed before they saw you. You nodded and your nerves started to get the best of you. What if the only people you talked to in Derry didn’t even like you? Stan started walking towards them and they both smiled and waved to him. The girl, Beverly, was the first to notice you, taking a double take and then elbowing Bill who stood up immediately.   

“This is (y/n), I said it was cool if she’d hang with us.” San introduced you as you gave a little nod. “Hi. It’s nice to meet you.” Bill smiled and stuck a hand out to shake, “you t-too.” You smiled back and shook his hand.

Bill and Beverly told you about the losers club and how they’d been seeing you around town. “We Thou-thought you m-m-meant be one of u-us.” Bill said and you laughed, “A loser?” Beverly shrugged, “It’s not too bad.” You nodded, “so who else is in it?” Bills face brightened up again as he started to tell you about each member in the group, “Well the-there’s Mike who…

And I’m down on my hands and knees

Begging you please, baby, show me your world

Fall 1988

“What a babe.” Richie fawned over you as you walked away. The rest of the losers laughed or sighed at the pathic doe eyes Richie wore whenever he looked at you.

You were the innocent of the group, Richie was not. Every sentence that he said included swears but one had hardly ever touched your lips. He wore black and punk band tees and you wore pastels and sweaters. He used to call you Betty Cooper when you first started hanging out with the losers as a joke and you’d always call him Jughead in return. You always chuckled at his jokes even if you didn’t get it which was most of the time. It was just the giddiness and rush you got whenever you were around him that really got the laughs going.

“Richie, she’s so out of your league.” Eddie deadpanned patting Him on the back. “And whys that?” Richie asked in a pissy tone. “B-b-because she’s innocent R-Richie, and your N-not.” Bill said, “Yeah, and she’s smart and attractive. Two more things you lack.” Stan smirked. Richie huffed and stood up from the rock he had been sitting on. “That’s bullshit.” They all looked at him with scartic looks. “I can tone it down.” “yeah right.” Eddie laughed, Richie furrowed his eyebrows and started to walk away.

“I’ll show you fuckers!” He started his way to you house jogging in order to catch up to you, “Hey (y/n)! Wait up!” he yelled down the street causing you to turn towards him. You shot him a sweet smile, “What’s up Richie?” He stopped to catch his breath and rubbed his hands off on his hawaii shirt. “I-I just wanted to ask you something.”  You cocked an eyebrow, “and you couldn’t use a phone?”

He shrugged and played with the dirt on the ground with his foot, “What do you think of me?” He was no longer making eye contact with you which you were silently thankful for, “what?” His question had blindsided you. “Like, What do you think of my jokes and how I act or whatever.” “Oh, I think your great- I mean I really like your jokes and you glasses and your hair and and how you sometimes smile with only one side of your mouth and- Your really cool Rich.” You just needed to get yourself to shut up. “So you don’t mind my dirty jokes or swearing?” “No? Why?”

“I just thought they meant be much for you.” You laughed, “You could never be too much for me Tozier” He smiled brightly, “Cool.” “Yeah, cool.”

Oh brother, sweetheart

I’m feeling so tired really falling apart

And it just don’t make sense to me

Spring 1989

You told Richie he could stay at your house as long as your parents didn’t catch him. You gave him some food and he told you about Bowers, He told you about everything, His cheeks were a dark shade of red, you were the last person he wanted to know. But you understood, you didn’t tell him but as soon as he fell asleep you called and told Bev everything and then she told everyone else, they all understood just as you had and Bill was going to talk to Richie at school.

Since the day you met Richie you felt connected with him. You hadn’t thought twice about holding him as he cried or playing with his hair when he talked. You weren’t going to deny you held a liking towards Richie, There was no question as to if you were head over heels for the boy.

You thought he was too but neither of you ever dared make a move. You told your parents you were sick in the morning and bought yourself a few more hours alone with Richie before you’d both go in for the later half of your classes. You gave him breakfast as soon as your parents left.

He didn’t say much. He couldn’t believe he had told you everything, the stuff that he even hid from the rest of the losers. As he ate you watched him from across the table eating your own breakfast. You found his leg with your foot under the table. “Richie?” He looked up to you, “yeah?” “Why’d you come to me? Why not Eddie or Stan? Why me?”

His eyes got a little wider and his cheeks burned a soft pink, “I- I guess, I trust you.” You smiled, “Really?” You started to take a sip from your water “yeah. I really do. Your so nice and I really love you.” You choked on your water and some of it sprayed out of your mouth, onto the table as you coughed. “I’m sorry- I just-” Richie said rushing to apologize as soon as he realized what his big mouth had said. “No, Richie- I love you- too- Don’t be- sorry-” you said between coughs.

He smiled. “Cool.” You smirked “yeah, cool.”

I really don’t know

Why you stick right next to me or wherever I go

Summer 1990 

“Richie this is ridiculous!” you yelled, he jumped back at your outburst. Richie and you had been a thing forever and respected it as dating behind closed doors. You wanted it to be official, you wanted to know you weren’t going to lose him. Richie wanted the same thing, but as long as he had you he didn’t want to do anything to fuck that up. But you were fed up so when he met you at the barrens, just the two of you, you jumped right into it.

“What?” you groaned, “you have to let me know what we are, where is this going? I need to know Richie, I have to go to college and you, you have to go somewhere!” He frowned, “I’m going wherever you go.” “what?” he shrugged, “There’s nowhere else I want to go.” You looked at him with  melow shock. You thought he just didn’t want to commit, you didn’t know in his head he already had.

“Oh. So we’re dating?” “That’s what I thought, If you don’t want me to-” “No! I mean no, that’s what I want, If it’s what you want!” the tension was high, “What if I want something more!” The two of you yelling a bit softer each time, “Then let’s make it something more!” he stepped closer to you, “We’re 18!” you stepped closer to him, “yes!” He took your hands in his, “We could be engaged!” you nodded your head, “yes!” he gave you his goofy grin, “Is that a yes to 18 year olds can be engaged or me asking you to fucking marry me?” “both.” He kissed you sweetly “fuck” You kissed him, “shit.” “that’s what I want.” “then that’s what you get.” “Cool.” “yeah, cool.

You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman

My, oh my, what a girl

You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman

Fall 1989 

The first the two of you kissed was at a party where you both had been a little tipsy. The only reason it didn’t go further was Beverly busting in and freaking out. She didn’t tell anyone, and neither did you or Richie.

But Richie couldn’t live with just a taste of the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and who he’d been drooling over for more than a year. He tried desperately to get you to kiss him again, but the time was never right. One day Richie Tozier had enough, He was driving you home from a meetup with the losers, the windows were open and the radio blasting. Everyone had went out to Castle Rock for a carnival but the rest of the losers decided to stay after you and Rich left.

You laughed at something he said and when that sweet sound touched his ears he quickly turned off the road and onto the shoulder. “Richie? Whats up?” “I need to kiss you.” he said it so calmly it almost frightened you. “What?” “I’ve liked you since the day you moved here and at the party it was like a dream and I need to kiss you.”

You shrugged, “Okay.” “really?” “yes.” “oh my fuck, I didn’t actu- fuck. Okay.” “are you going to or…” He nodded and turned quickly, capturing your lips with his. You couldn’t help but smile as you pulled away. He smiled and turned back onto the road. “cool.” You laughed, “yeah, cool.”

And I’m down on my hands and knees

Begging you please, baby, show me your world

Summer 1987

“…Yeah, he g-go-goes on about b-b-being sick but hes st-still cool, and then th-theres R-Richie-” “Thats my name don’t wear it out Big Bill.” you heard someone laugh from behind you. You turned to see two boys, one with Red shorts who was smaller and then a tall boy with wild curly black hair, thick glasses and a devilish grin. “He’s Well, Ri-Richie.” Bill shrugged as the boys joined the small circle.

“Whos the babe?” Riche laughed and you chuckled slightly, “I’m (y/n), I’m new around here.” He smirked, “cool.” “Yeah, cool.

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Freeze [G.D]

Requested √

Summary: When Ethan decides to prank Grayson and make him run out in the cold in his underwear, you decide to join and then proceed to warm yourselves up in the hot tub together.

Words: 2.2k

Warning: Lil smut towards end!

A/N: My poor gentle soft baby who I must protect from the evil that is Ethan 🔪 Based off of their recent video! It was kinda requested, so I thought I’d make a cute imagine with some nice smut. Not my best since it’s a quick one but here you go x

“I’m going to kill you, Ethan fucking Grant fucking Dolan,” you said with emphasis to the boy who had just pranked your boyfriend in the most menacing way, throwing contents upon contents disgustingly all over him after trapping him in a hole in between the hay.

You couldn’t really do anything about it anyway, so you had to watch, and it wasn’t good on your heart. You had to admit, him falling was pretty funny after you gasped aloud, but overtime you just wanted him out of there as soon as possible and only hoped Ethan would hurry on with his devilish prank.

“I’m not even kidding, I’m scared right now. You guys would be too if you saw the other side of that camera,” Ethan had said to the camera with a nervous laugh as you kept glaring at him, turning your head again to see your boyfriend; a messy pile on the bed of the truck.

You had no idea this had been planned, but it made sense when Ethan stopped you right away from going to try and fix the blanket once you saw it in front of the camera. Turns out he was only saving you from the disaster. However, you knew that if you did fall with Gray, he would’ve probably still continued on, not letting his master plan go to shit.

“Yeah, sleep with one eye open because it won’t be Grayson getting you next,” you said, mostly trying to get him even more frightened than he already was, but at the same time trying to make jokes as you pouted over at Gray.

You jumped a bit at suddenly seeing him giving a kiss to the glass separating you two, putting on a fake crying face as he placed his hand over it next to get you to do the same. With a smile, you placed your own hand there and sent a kiss as well, making sure not to point the camera at you guys because your relationship wasn’t something you liked to showcase or rub in. It was important to the both of you, and as long as you two were happy, it’s what mattered.

After getting home as quick as Ethan could in the snow, almost acting as if you had a gun pointed at his head, they prepared everything for what would be the end of the video due to another dumbass agreement from Ethan himself.

Now there you stood, right at the doorway to their backyard with Grayson - who was stripped down to his underwear with the words Mr. Ethan scribbled on the back along with a floppy dick.

“I’m literally going to fight him, Gray,” you decided to joke around again, a part of you still semi meaning it as you both watched Ethan near the hot tub to check the temperature. “He’s gonna need to square up.”

Grayson laughed at your silliness, reaching down to hold your hand in his. “It’s fine, he’s my brother so it’s okay.”

You sighed, understanding that. Grayson was too good of a person, but the love they both had for each other would never break apart, not even for a dumb prank. “Fine. But I’m helping you prank him back.”

“Of course, peach, you’re my partner in crime.”

You grinned, already excited and feeling warmth engulf you as you heard his nickname for you. Grayson then gave you the tiniest kiss on the lips, running away before you could stop him and keep on kissing him forever.

With a gaping mouth, you watched as they filmed him going out there, running and dropping himself all over the freezing snow. Apart from feeling bad, you couldn’t help but also feel turned on due to his bulge in his tight briefs, his beautiful muscular back, and just every other beauty he had to offer in between.

Biting your lip, you came up with one final decision.

“God, I’m fucking whipped,” you said to yourself as you stripped down to your black lace undergarments, praying to anyone above that you wouldn’t die out there for loving a stupid boy so goddamn much. “Here I come!” you shouted out once you managed to open the door, both boy’s heads snapping in your direction, their faces draining of color once they saw you run out into the snow half naked without being told to.

“Y/N!” Gray had shouted simultaneously with Ethan, his expression changing to a worried one after he dropped from trying to do a back-flip.

“What are you doing!?” Ethan asked, his grin never leaving yet you could tell he was just as surprised.

“Freezing my tits off!” You squealed, grabbing onto your boobs and slap them to mock Ethan, jumping from one foot to the other due to the cold touching the bottom of your feet.

“Baby, go back inside,” Grayson said, messing his hair up that had bits of snow in it. You didn’t listen and instead went over to him, gripping his arms when you almost slipped. “Peach, I’m serious. I’m so serious right now, go back. This is a stupid video, you don’t need to–”

Ethan had then turned to speak to the camera as you giggled, grabbing both of Grayson’s hands to dance a little on the spot - mainly to keep yourself as warm as possible even though that did in fact, seem impossible.

“I didn’t ask her to do this guys, it’s voluntarily! You’re perfect for each other, I swear.”

“Can we go to the hot tub now?” Grayson shouted at his brother, trying to get himself out of the piled up snow with your help.

“Yes, only because I feel bad for her, not you Grayson.”

Once Ethan said that, you and Gray held on tightly to each other’s hands and ran to get into the hot tub. Gray let you go inside first before jumping in himself, and immediately, heat wrapped itself around you as you let out a tiny squeal.

Gray and Ethan did their outro next, and after Grayson’s cute self did his post-outro blooper where he smacked his ass - Ethan left for some warm towels for when you both would get out. But the part of you that had been turned on, was even more turned on at seeing Gray lean down under the water so that only his devious eyes were seen.

“You have such a nice ass, I’m jealous,” you said, causing him to playfully roll his eyes. “You do!” Grinning from ear to ear, Grayson came back out and pushed his wet hair back. You nearly sighed at seeing him, as if for the very first time. “I love you… you know that?” you asked him, leaning over to pull him in, grip his face, and kiss him.

“I love you, and I believe it, you don’t need to do that to prove it.”

“I wasn’t gonna let you do that alone,” you said matter of factly, going back to kiss him, now pushing your tongue inside of his sweet mouth and cold lips, wrapping your arms around his neck whilst his gripped your waist under the water.

“Ew, okay, here’s your towels you weirdos, I’m outta here.”

Smiling, you pulled away from Grayson only to look at Ethan in his warm hoodie. “Better leave the house then, unless you’d like to see the show we’re about to put out here…” You then went to kiss Grayson under his earlobe, keeping eye contact with Ethan, whom didn’t take very long to raise his arms and leave.

“Were your tits really freezing off?” Grayson teased next, going to the straps of your bra and pulling them down your shoulders, your breath making fog appear in between you two.

“Yeah, weren’t yours?” you sassed.

Grayson only shrugged with a smirk, pulling your bra down all the way until your breasts nearly spilled out right in front of him. He went to gently squeeze them together before looking up at you as if to ask for permission, licking his lips like he was starving for them.

“After me telling you to go back and you not listening, I guess I have to keep you warm now.”

“I guess,” you played along, keeping your innocent eyes fluttering as Grayson chuckled and tweaked at your erect nipples, kneading your tits in his large hands, pushing them even further together so that he could go down and send a kiss to the very top of each.

Eventually, you slipped the lace material off and let it float away, going to grip Grayson’s neck covered in wet droplets as he started sucking on the skin of your neck, your chest, your boobs.

“Did you hear Ethan leave?” you asked breathlessly already, craning your neck a little as if to peak inside of the house, however you couldn’t really find the will to truly care.

“Not really paying attention to him right now, peach,” Grayson mumbled against your hot skin, his soft lips now teasingly trailing down and over your perky tits before  gently taking a nipple and playing with it with his teeth before swirling his tongue around and sucking hard enough to mark you. “Feeling warmer?”

Whimpering, you nodded, causing him to smile big enough to show his perfectly structured cheekbones as he continued on with the other boob. In the process, your hand went down to the waistband of his boxer briefs, already knowing how tight they felt for him.

Then your hand grazed his hard cock and you had no more patience.

“Now,” you simply said, gently pushing him away.

Seeing him and how full and puffy his lips were and how rosy his cheeks got, made you fall even more in love with him.

“What? Right here?”

God, he was cute. He was probably thinking that you were joking when telling it to Ethan.

You turned around fully so that your back could be facing him, gripping onto the side of the hot tub. “Right here. Now, Gray.

Grayson moved quickly with that being said, gulping but going under the boiling water to take his throbbing dick out. Meanwhile, you waited for him to take off your panties, but all he did was move them to the side to get to your pussy and rub at it with his hand. You sighed in content, nibbling on your lip, and whined when he stopped - making you feel empty.

You moaned quietly and went back to gripping hard onto the sides of the tub when you felt him pushing inside, your walls closing up on the tip and welcoming more.

“Grayson,” you said, his name starting off slow against your tongue and then becoming loud once he was halfway in. He made sure you were flushed skin to skin, his lips sending innocent kisses to the side of your neck as he deeply pushed himself all the way inside to catch you off guard. “Shit.”

He stayed tucked inside, frozen for a bit so that you could become accustomed, and then he proceeded to grip your hips and start moving, creating a smooth rhythm for the two of you.

Eventually, he had to pick up the pace since it was only a quickie and you were both already heavily turned on by each other.

The water was splashing and slapping together as he hit his hips with yours each passing second, his thighs making contact again and again with your ass - and the more he fucked you, the hotter you became as sweat trailed down your forehead and decorated your chest that was pressed up against the hot tub.

Your grip got so much harder on the sides of the tub, enough to make your knuckles turn white, and then Grayson placed his own hands on top of yours with his knuckles going white as well, his arm veins and muscles bulging the harder he went in and out of you. You could only imagine how hot his back looked, even with those ridiculous words written…

When you and Gray were close, he placed a hand to your shoulder with the other still under the water to grip onto your ass to thrust faster, slamming into you repeatedly with little moans escaping him.

“So. Fucking. Good,” he grunted.

You tried to keep your sounds in even though you were probably capable of screaming out into the void about how good it felt, but you decided to grab Grayson’s hand placed on your shoulder to put all four of his fingers inside your mouth to suck on and take in as deep as your mouth would let you.

Groaning, Grayson stilled and came inside of you, slowly moving back and forth to let every drip go. Not soon after, you came as well, feeling him pull you up to him as you helped grind yourself against his softening cock, shaking from head to toe.

“Warm now, peach?” Grayson mumbled against your skin after a moment, trying to catch his breath with you.

“A little,” you said, still feeling a little weak but at the same time full of energy. “Now… let’s go fuck in front of the fire and create our master plan.”

He chuckled, wrapping his arms all around your waist. “Yes ma’am.”

Bts Reaction-

To (y/n) giving them neck kisses in front of the members.


He would find it really cute of you to show that small amount of public display of affection. But Jin would be to shy to return the favor until you‘re all alone.

But as soon as you both were alone…..

“You drive me insane baby” He moaned while kissing on your lips softly. Gripping your waist tightly he brought you closer to his body, causing you to gasp at the feeling of his hard on pressed against your stomach.

“Jin, Jungkook is sleeping next door” You remembered.

“I‘ll be quite this time” He trailed, but you and him both knew that he could never stay quite for long.

“You can’t just leave me like this“ Jin frowned looking down at his erection.

“Okay, but you have to be quite” Dropping down to your knees you began to unbuckle his pants allowing them to fall to the floor with a ‘clank‘.

“I mean it Jin“ Looking up at Jin you could already tell how worked up he was by the way he nawed at his poor plump bottom lip. “Please“ he whined.

You nodded your and brought your attention to Jin’s clothed erection which was already leaking with precum. Licking your lips you hooked your fingers to the waistband of his form fitting briefs, and tugged down the tight fabric till he was able to loop his feet out of the soiled underwear.

Precum dripped from the head of his cock to the carpet, making you look up at him, “How long has it been since we’ve last fucked?”

“Too long“ He said with an irritated groan.

“Can you hurry up and take a mouth full of this cock“
“Okay damn“ you lifted your hands in surrender.


He would not be bothered, in fact he get a small sense of pride at the small display of affection. 

“what did I do to deserve such affections, hmm?” he‘d ask with a smile.

“Your neck is such a snack” You said smiling up at him.

“You should eat me more often” he chuckled dryly makin you laugh.

“Okay guys you can stop now, its starting to get real gross” Jungkook said with a grimace.

“Look here kid, no one asked for your opinion. If my girl wants to kiss me-”

“Suga“ you scolded. “Sorry kookie-” before you could finish your apology Suga grabbed your face and kissed your lips with a loud smack. Whenever he pulled back he made sure to let out a satisfying moan. You looked at him in disbelief as laughter began to bubble in your chest

“I‘m going to bleach my eyes now“ 


J-hope on the realest level possible would look at you as if he wanted to take you right then and there, and would take pride. He’d smirk and say:

“She can‘t keep her hands off me“ 

Most people would find it conceded but it only made you laugh harder because others would find his bluntness humorous, yet in reality he being dead serious about it. But only the both of you know what‘s about to go down.

“I honestly think you guys should leave and go to (y/n)’s house“ Namjoon scratched his neck uncomfortably.

Laughing like idiots you both rushed to the front door but not before you squeeze J-hope’s ass making the members gag and laugh as they watched you leave with him.


Namjoon would find it very adorable but would scold you for showing PDA in front of his members. Only because he wants to be considerate. Nevertheless he couldn’t keep the smile from coming on his face at the cute action.

“Honey” Namjoon huffed out.

“Yes Namjoon” You mumbled still planting kisses on his warm tanned neck.

“The boys are around behave“ he chuckled. Looking up from his neck to observe his expression. Namjoon was full out blushing red.

“Awwwww Baby’ you cooed pinching his cheek. Namjoon in return gave you the sassiest look and took you off of his lap.

“I‘ll show you baby“ Namjoon whispered in your ear.

Your body shivered in anticipation at the hidden promise.

“Uhh, me and (y/n) are going to uh……. talk in the room” Namjoon shook his head at the excuse he made making the boys laugh in return.

“Don’t be too loud now” J-Hope winked at the both of you before you rushed to Namjoon’s bedroom.


I dare each and every single one of you to fight me on this but I am positive Park Jimin would cringe at the action. He’d feel completely flustered and nervous that you showed such an intimate display of affection. Nevertheless he only becomes this flustered around you when……….

y/n: So you want to tell me whyyou made me leave so early?

Jimin: sorry, it was just to much ahahaha

y/n: You made me feel like It was the most offensive thing on the planet

Jimin: You know I love you

y/n: It was the lightest form of pda


y/n: oh…… I didn’t know baby

Jimin: Honestly anymore of your  “ministrations“, I would have came in my pants

y/n: i’m sorry jimin 

Jimin: you should be

Jimin: I’m coming over

y/n: YOU ARE??? 

Jimin: You’re gonna get it

Placing your phone down with the widest grin across your face, you got up and began to freshen up. Not even 7 minutes later you herd his footsteps out side the bathroom door.

“Get out of the bathroom” he barked

“Gimme a sec“

“I want you on your knees“ He growled. Your body shivered at the angry command. You never thought he’d be this pissed. 

The moment you opened the door and saw his powerful frame sitting on the edge of the bed, you felt you legs grown weak. Your head lowered in immediate submission.



V is a very primal man. When the opportunity is given he makes it count.

As you and Tae were snuggled together on the couch under a soft quilt, while sitting next to Jungkook and Jimin, while the rest of the boys sat on the couch to the left of you. Namjoon thought it was a good idea to watch a movie after the huge dinner you all ate. Yet the longer the movie played the more uninterested you got at the movie and the more you paid attention to Tae’s comfortable body warmth. He smelled so good too, which was a plus.

The more you thought, the hotter your body felt in his arms. So without another thought you snuggled your face more deep into his neck, and you latched your lips to his warm neck. At first it was just one peck, than it became two, three and so on till you were having a make out session with your mans neck. All the while Tae didn’t make a single sound. The only indicator that he was enjoying this as much as you were was the tent you felt up his sweats growing larger and harder by the minute.

“Hey Hyung, I’m a little cold can I get under too?” Jungkook asked smirking. Taehyung lifted your face from his neck but left your hand on his crotch.

“I don’t think you‘re ready for what I have” Tae smirked.

“You seemed to think so last night, ain’t that right y/n” Jungkook smirked back.

“Not now Jungkook“ You bit your bottom lip at the reference to what you three were up too last night.

Jimin‘s eyes went wide, “Wait, what??”


The members would not stop teasing Jungkook for the soft moan that slipped out his mouth when you nibbled on his neck a few moments ago. Jungkook wouldn’t be bothered not one bit from the teasing cus deep down he knew he was about to get his shit rocked by you. 

He could always tell when you were in the mood to ride his cock well and the more that came into mind he couldn’t wait to beg for you to make him cum.

Most would not see him as a switch, but Jungkook loves a girl on top every once in a while to fuck his shit up, and you were the perfect girl for it.

“Noona?“ he asked

“Yes baby“ You whispered back into his ear.

“Please“ He look up with mock innocence.

“Go upstairs and wait for me………….Naked”

Yesterday during lunch the fire alarm went off, and we usually don’t have fire drills during winter and definitely not during lunch so we all flipped shit

So we were all forced outside by angry and concerned teachers, in the cold snow, with no jackets, and we were yelled at if we tried to talk to each other (it was only 6 degrees Fahrenheit if I recall)

When we were allowed back inside, we saw through the windows that a firetruck had arrived which freaked a few of us out but not really

We later found out that some kid pulled the alarm like a fucking idiot and no one was happy about it

★ Request: You can’t go home for Christmas, so Tyler invites you to his house for the holiday and the two of you wind up under the mistletoe. (Paraphrased, I lost the actual request. My bad!)

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: 🎄 I LOVED this request. I got really carried away, and it’s way longer than the other Christmas imagines I’ve posted for the holidays. Oops. I really hope you guys like it. Feed back is always appreciated. :) This is the last of the Christmas imagines. I’m getting caught up on the rest of my requests, I’ll be back with a new imagine on January 8th. Merry Christmas, y’all!

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The house looked beautiful; even Tyler had to admit it, though reluctantly. He hated giving his sister’s too much credit; it went to their heads. When his sisters had arrived a few days ago, they insisted his house needed to be spruced up since he was hosting the family at his house in Dallas this year. His parents wanted to get out of the cold, so instead of Tyler flying home, the family was coming to him.

His sisters had come to town early and his parents would be flying in tomorrow. Candace claimed the house needed to be ready for Paul and Jackie when they arrived. Truthfully, he wouldn’t have bothered with the extra decorations if it hadn’t been for the fact you would be spending Christmas Eve with his family.

When you had called and told him the blizzard hitting your hometown was cancelling all flights, he had hated hearing how upset you were. Immediately he had invited you to spend Christmas with him, not thinking that it meant you would also be spending Christmas with his family; who you hadn’t met before. He was thrilled to spending the holiday with you, but he hated that it was at the expense of not being able to spend the holiday with your own family. You loved Christmas, so he was determined to make it special for you, even if that meant listening to Cassidy and Candace and letting them turn his house into a winter wonderland.

He grabbed the last box of ornaments from attic, carrying the box down two flights of stairs and into the living room where his sisters were finishing up the last of their decorating magic.

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we got 3C with victor how about consider this....3C with yuuri. He'd probably be sooo embarrassed ;;;)

snz meme


BTS reaction: Accidentally making you flinch



“Have you ever thought about me!? Whenever you get a day off, I am working!” Jin yelled, frustrated that you were never home, you shrugged him off.

“I always think of you Jin, how could you say that?!” You asked angrily, walking away. He grabbed your wrist hardly, You winced but never showed it. Jin looks at you.

“Do not walk away from me!” He said, you turned to him upset. Trying to get out.

“Let go.” You demanded your voice a bit shaky. Jin growled under his breath as he lifted his hand, making you quickly close your eyes and flinched. But nothing came.

“W-What the fuck am I doing?” You heard him say, the handon your wrist let you go.

“Y/N, I need time. I shouldn’t get this angry. I am over tried and overworked. But it is no excuse. I really didn’t mean what happened. But I need to think about what I was just about to do. That no one should ever do to someone they love.”


Namjoon was at his desk as he was working hard. All the time  he puts in 100 percent in. Sadly, not into your relationship lately. His work load keeps getting ontop of him and it was hard for him. You realised that he hadn’t been eating so you made something. You headed inside with the food on the tray.

“Babe, what have I said about bring food in here.” Namjoon said turning around looking at you, you waved him off.

“You need to eat.” You said and placed it on the table, by accident you knocked off his drink. Namjoon eyes widened standing up as a bit got on him.

“What the fuck!?"He yelled, your eyes widened as he looked back at his work which was soaked.

"You never fucking listen!” Namjoon yelled as he lifted his hand, your eyes widened and you quickly covered your face. Namjoon eyes widened.

“What the hell am I doing.” He said walking out running a hand though his hair.

“I love her, so why the fuck did I go to hit her. I have to go and get some sleep. Sort myself out.”


Suga was working, all night. He hadn’t eaten, or drunk any water. You were getting seriously worried about him. You walked in with food and water. He turned to you and sighed and carried on working.

“Babe, I am working. Out.” He said, looking at his computer, you put the food down. You placed a hand on his shoulder. He grabbed your hand, pushing it away.

“I am busy. Leave.” He said, not taking his eyes off the computer. He was so cold towards you and this made you very angry,

“What is your problem Suga? I am trying to help you?!” You yelled, Suga stood up and turned to you.

“Oh you are really pissing me off, you keep on talking don’t you? Leave me the fuck alone. Or else you will regret it.” He hissed out and went to turn back around but you stopped him with grabbing onto his arm. He raised his hand up angrily. You covered your face quickly. Suga stepped back.

“Why didn’t you listen? I am over tired and your played that shit on me. I was about to hit you babe, my mind is not straight right now”


Hoseok was generally very careful with his temper and was good with knowing when to stop. But one day, he worked so hard that he didn’t know what he was doing and how to calm himself down. So when he was driving home, he nearly crashed because of someone not knowing how to drive. He headed home and slammed the front door shut.

“Hey, is everything ok?” You asked as you set up the table a little shrug he gave and walked off. You followed him.

“Can you leave me alone?” He asked, running a hand though his hair. You looked at him worried.

“Hoseok what’s wrong?” You asked, Hoseok groans walking off. You followed him and grabbed his hand. He quickly turned around raising his hand up as a fist. You quickly backed away scared. Hoseok looks at you, as he hugs you tightly.

“I am sorry Princess. I just have had a hard day, and I got nearly in a fight. I am sorry babe, I didn’t mean to scare you.”


Jimin was always the one who walked away from arguments, he thought that nothing needed to be fixed. So when you asked him to clean, he walked away. He hadn’t been doing any work lately, maybe because he has work. But he still had to do his part.

“Jimin, please” You begged as you followed him, he shrugged you off.

“I am busy. You do it.” He said, you rolled your eyes.

“You never do anything! It’s always me!” You yelled and stopped following him, he turned to you.

“Do you not see me working?!” He yelled, going closer to you, as he towered over you.

“I am earning income, for you. Isn’t that enough?!” He yelled, you looked at him.

“It is but I need help!” You yelled, Jimin growls walking off again. You quickly grabbed his arm, and Jimin quickly turned around and raised a fist. You quickly covered your face. You heard him sigh loudly.

“Do not. I repeat DO NOT. Sneak up on me when I am angry. I will clean up. But do not sneak up on me. I could have hurt you.”


Taehyung was sitting on his bed, he had gone though alot of bad things. Alot of things, he shouldn’t have to go though. He had been sitting in his bed, days went by of him crying himself to sleep. Losing two friends and his grandmother in one year was too hard on him. You walked in with food setting it on the side.

“Taehyung, I haven’t seem you eat.” You said worried, you sat down beside him. He moved away.

“I am not hungry.” He said, and carried on staring out the window. You held his hand which he pulled away quickly standing up.

“Don’t touch me, y/n” He said, you were hurt but you knew he was hurting more.

“I want to help Taehyung.” You said, Taehyung growls.

“Then Leave me alone!” He yelled raising his hand turning to you, your eyes widened hiding your face. Taehyung suddenly broke down in tears.

“I am so sorry. I can’t take it all. It’s all so much. I didn’t mean to scare you.”


Jungkook was playing his game, not even looking at you the whole day. You sat next to him, gently rubbing his arm.

“Jungkook. You have been on this, the whole day. Come and get something to eat.” You said gently, he shook of your hand and didn’t answer you. You had enough of him ignoring you. You stood up and got in the way of the TV. Jungkook eyes turned dark and paused it.

“What?” He asked in his low voice, throwing the control to the side.

“You are not listening to me Jungkook!” You said angrily, Jungkook stood up.

“I am! You keep asking me to do stuff, I don’t want to. I just want to play my game!” He yelled, you shook your head pushing him a bit as he was a bit in your face. Jungkook eyes widened raising his hand. Your eyes widened and covered your face.

“What are you doing? You thought I would hit you?” He asked, you lowered your hands. You were shaking a bit. Jungkook threw himself back on the couch, running a hand though his hair.

“To be honest, I thought I was going to hit you. I'veplaying these games way too much. What the fuck is wrong with me!”

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Let It Snow

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays guys! No matter what you were up to, I hope you are having or had an amazing day (hi @bananannabeth is already the 26 there). If it was with your family, friends, pet or yourself, I truly hope it’s a good one. I’m so excited to share this holiday fic with you! I haven’t been able to write in so long and since I love this season, I’m so happy to be able to share a little cheer with you guys! I also recommend listening to Taeyeon’s “Let It Snow” and “Candy Cane”, actually I recommend listening to her whole album to get into the holiday mood. Spotify knows I listening non-stop while writing this. So here is 6k of winter mood! 

Thanks to @nerdyadventures for beta it on the 24/morning of the 25, you are absolutely the best and I can’t wait to hug you in two/three days (!) 

For @vithcytries and @tricksterjerk I wish you two the best of the best holidays! Feliz Navidad and Buon Natale for you guys <3

Inspired by this aks ‘this prompt after you’re done with your exams: “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth” (p.s. good luck on your exams)’ I hope this is what you wanted anon!

It was a known secret that if you weren’t the future king or queen of your country, the people of your country didn’t really care about you, no matter what title you had, when it was royalty related they only cared about three things: Who was gonna be the next one to rule them? What drama surrounded the future king or queen and their siblings if they had any and, lastly, who was gonna be the royal mess with all the headlines embarrassing the family. In an attempt to avoid the last point, most parents ended up sending their kids to prestigious boarding schools, ones that were usually in a different country, better safe than sorry.    

Princess Annabeth of Sweden ended up in the same boarding school, Le Rosey, as Percy Jackson. Their school was big but the student population was less than fifty kids per grade and she, like most of the students, had ignored the awkward eleven-year-old trying to fit into his new life. In theory, he was Prince Perseus of Greece but the reality was more complex than that. Percy was not only born out of wedlock but was also born in New York, United States, without knowing who his father was or his relationship with the crown. ‘The Greek Bastard’ was how most people referred to him back at school and as much as she regretted it now, back then Annabeth wasn’t kind to him either. Thankfully things changed between them and by the start of the next year, they were best friends and, by the time Annabeth started studying architecture in Cambridge she wasn’t sure what she would do without Percy in her life. The lifestyle she had was a hard one without someone to rely on and he was her rock, he understood what she was going through because he was in a similar situation, she could rant to him for hours and vice versa.

Annabeth had been luckier than him, she was fifth in line to the throne, so her chances of being a queen were slim (she honestly didn’t want to rule a country) and since her cousin Emma was the Crown Princess of Sweden, the public didn’t pay much attention to her, Emma and Aubrey Chase were the only princesses the Swedish people cared about. Her cousin Magnus, being the only young Prince wasn’t as lucky as her. She could get a life outside her title of Princess, but while Percy had a title and was technically the third in line for the Greek throne…he knew he would never sit on the throne, the Greek people wouldn’t support his claim, plus there was a rule about greek nationality and while Percy kind of had it, he was and will always be an American. Percy was often slammed by the newspaper, he had been the easiest target of the royal family, born out of wedlock and raised by a single mother in a tiny Manhattan apartment, it had been just too easy for the press to pick him apart. He had once confessed to her how glad he was that he was the spitting image of his father, at least that way his mother wouldn’t be called a gold digger whore. The press has given him a reputation of bad boy (Annabeth had laughed so hard when she saw that headline). Annabeth was one of the few people who knew the real Percy, the kind, loyal insecure man with a heart of gold.

It’s not like she didn’t have any more friends besides him, she did. She met her other best friend, Piper McLean, in Cambridge, she was the daughter of a famous American movie star and a British duchess. Hazel and Jason Olympia, Percy’s cousins, were also very close friends of hers, Hazel was the fifth in line for the Greek throne and while Jason was the second in line for the throne, it was widely known that he would be the next ruler since his older sister has been more than vocal about abdicating when their father ended his reign. Frank Zhang, the son of Emily Zhang, who had been the current Prime Minister of Canada for the last 10 years, and Leo Valdez, the son of the current consul of the Mexican embassy in the United States, were also good friends of hers; and lastly but the most important was Grover Underwood, Percy’s old roommate in Le Rosey. Grover, Percy and her had been inseparable during their school days but as they grew older Percy and Annabeth grew closer, not that Grover wasn’t important anymore, he was and not only him, the seven of them were her closest friends, the ones she trusted with all her heart and knew had her back no matter what. The eight of them were currently in Åre, Sweden staying at her family’s holiday house (her family always referred it to as the cottage but it was still a royal house and if you went by the definition it was not what a cottage was supposed to be: small) celebrating the holidays even if it was the first days of December since they weren’t able to spend them together.

“The worst thing about getting used to the weather of Greece is the cold harsh winter of the north,” Percy said sitting in front of the fireplace, trying to get some warmth back in his body. 

Annabeth laughed at him. “You are a new yorker and have spent winters in Switzerland, don’t be such a crybaby you are used to the cold.” She was in the kitchen making them hot chocolate, the rest of their friends were still at the ski resort but Annabeth had taken a nasty fall, hurting her ankle in the process, and she had called it a day, and Percy being the best friend that he was, went with her back to the cottage.

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