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This was my splurge over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on Origin. Unravel is just up my alley being a puzzle, strategy, and story-based game. It has it all. Although infuriating sometimes (ok, a bit when nothing went right) I really enjoyed it. Not only that, but the developer’s passion definitely shines through. It was an emotional roller coaster i would get on again. 

My Five Stages of Yuri on Ice Grief

Denial: No. Just no- NO. There is no way Yuuri actually just said that.

Anger: I CANNOT believe he actually said that. Why would they put that at the end of the episode and DO that to us?! 

Bargaining: Ok so hear me out, they are literally the perfect couple and they have to stay together.  I would give my own happiness, my firstborn and so much more for them just to stay happy and whole and together and-

Depression: -and now I am just actually crying.  I am so sad right now and I don’t know if I feel anything at the moment.  I am just numb, yet the tears are there, so I guess I am also sad?

Acceptance: Okay I just went through an emotional roller coaster. I cried, saw some sad tumblr posts while others were happy and hopeful.  But at the end of it all, it’s going to be ok.  They love each other and that is not going to change.

#TurbulenceinMIA fanaccount

So to anyone who cares to read about my experience please continue on reading. This will be a showcase of my roller coaster emotions so I apologize in advance if my thoughts are all over the place.

Anyways, I got to the venue around 12pm to get my p2/hitouch wristband. I think this fanmeet is more organized than it was for FlyinATL. Most probably because I went to the venue a day before and saw the signs on the doors on where to get the wristbands. Tbh the line was sorta organized, but towards the opening of the doors people that just arrived cut in front of the people who were there since morning. That kinda angered me a bit, but I wasn’t gonna let it ruin my day since I’ll be seeing my boys again for the 2nd time.

So I stood in the GA standing section on the right side and because I’m short (5′2), I can’t barely see shit HAHA. I had to tiptoe and jump just to see the stage. There was chairs on the stage before Got7 came in, so I immediately knew the first song would be Let Me… and your girl was right. But I wasn’t prepared for the next song which was Prove It. LORDT I WAS GONE. In my fancam, I said “oh my god, Prove It YAAAS” so loud the girl behind me laughed at me XD I don’t blame her though. She could tell I was JB trash. 

So they did their introductions and i was cheering for every member then when it was JB’s turn my screams went from volume 10 to 50 right quick LMAO .I will post the fancam of it soon. During the Parkson and Young & Rich game Jackbum kept hugging each other and 2jae had a moment where jb held youngjae’s head against his… i was gone… my 2jae and Jackbum feels were alive.

Then came the fan x got7 game… I legit was about to get called by JB, but i was a number away from the raffle ticket he said. I was about to have a heart attack lmao. I hated his partner so much, but we ain’t gonna talk about how rude she was to JB because it just angers me so much cause jb deserves better treatment. If I was his partner instead, I would’ve treated him like a king and made him feel loved. Also, during one of the opening songs Yugyeom looked in my direction then I smiled at him then he had the audacity to wink + smile at me. Like ok boo, I know you fine as hell, but I ain’t tryna ruin my bias list, i still love u though. Then during the same song JB went to my side then the light shone on the fans where I was then I sent JB a finger heart then our eyes met then he smiled at me. OK I WAS SHOOK.. RIGHT AFTER I SHOOK MY MOM BY HER SHOULDERS CAUSE I COULDNT BELIEVE PIABUM WAS REAL FOR ONE SECOND. 

Skipping to Home Run encore. There was a line barrier letting us know we can’t stand outside of that line, but your girl was like YOLO I didn’t run towards the stage during encore last time so I’m gonna do it now IDGAF. So i went there and Youngjae was literally two handspans a way from me. I was screaming YOUNGJAE!!!! like bloody murder so he looked my way for a second and we made eye contact. I didn’t know he stared at me until I was trying to screenshot every second of my fancam. Then Jackson came out of no where then started hugging Youngjae! In my head I was like ME TOO JACKSON ME TOO. Then he walked towards me. I started screaming “JACKSEN JACKSEN” then JACKSON LOOKS AT ME AND SMILES… LIKE LEGIT SMILES AT ME /DED/ RIP PIA THEN I WAS REACHING MY HAND OUT TO HIM AND HE HELD IT DBGWYEUEISAJDBSAYDUAHNIJDM GSTYEUHIJDSADASDBUINSDSDTRWYDUSN I AM SO BLESSED??? THEN TO THINK I WAS JUST TRYING TO RECOVER FROM THAT INTERACTION I HAD WITH JACKSON.. BAMBAM COMES AND STANDS IN FRONT OF US HE TOOK THE PHONE OF THE GIRL NEXT TO ME THEN I SAW THE PHONE WENT BLANK SO HE HAD TO RETURN THE PHONE TO THE FAN. SO HE HAD TO GO BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE STAGE THEN HE SENDS US A KISS!!!!! AGAIN RIP PIA!!! then i went back to my original spot cause the security finally saw me outside the line barrier. So I made a run for it LOL i wasn’t tryna get kicked out before hi touch happens. 

So for the highlight of my night. The Hi-touch. After the fanmeet, they asked p2 ticket holders to sit on the seats behind the GA area. So photo op came first and the boys came back out to take pictures with the fans. I was literally singing “that should be me holding your hand” whenever a fan holds jb’s hand for the photo. I was jealous af. In our seats my mom and I were devising a plan on how were are gonna record our experience without getting caught. We ended up not recording anything cause we’re afraid my phone would be confiscated. Anyways so it was time for hi touch. As i was in line, I kept practicing what I was going to say to each one of them… so Jinyoung was first, I just said Hi, Jinyoung then he smiled at me, Yugyeom was next so I said HIT THE STAGE then he smiled at me. THEN IT WAS JB’S TURN. I WAS TRYING NOT TO CREEP HIM OUT BY GIVING HIM A DEATH STARE LIKE I DID FOR ATLANTA SO I POINTED AT MY DEFSOUL HAT AND SAID “JB LOOK!” SO HE LOOKED AT MY HAT THEN HE WAS SHOCKED LIKE THIS GIF

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LIKE YOU KNOW JB IS HAPPY WHEN HIS EYES DISAPPEAR AND HIS EYES DISAPPEARED WHEN I SHOWED HIM MY HAT!!!!! THEN I WAS PROBABLY CHEESING HELLA BRIGHTLY BECAUSE WTF IM JAE FUCKING BUM SMILED AT ME????? WHAT THE FUCK???? THE LOVE OF MY LIFE NOTICED MY FUCKING EXISTENCE??? I WANNA CRY???? LIKE ASDFGHJKUDVFYEWFDQUWBHKWHVGYQWDWQBDW ;_; AS I WAS POINTING AT MY HAT JB’S HAND STILL LINGERS AGAINST MINE AND BRUH I WANTED TO COMBUST THEN AND THERE BUT I HAVE TO GET MYSELF TOGETHER BECAUSE THERE WERE STILL 4 MEMBERS AFTER HIM… BUT ANYWAYS PIABUM IS REAL JB CONFIRMED IT HIMSELF. I HAVE MY MOM AS A WITNESS OF OUR LOVE… OK LET ME STOP:))))  Markeu was next i just said hi, then I said hi youngjae but then i got myself together (sorta but not really) then before i passed by yj i said “you’re so handsome” :) idk if he heard me because I already passed by him when i said it, but atleast i wouldn’t have to regret not telling him how handsome he truly is. Then Bambam was next, then i just heard him shout and point at me and said, “DEFSOUL!!!!” then i made a weird “you know it boo” gesture to Bambam then he just kept smiling and so did I. I felt like I was Kenny or JRE because Bambam made me feel like I was a star/famous person for the amount of time i was on stage. Then last was Jackson, I said Hi Jackson then he shook my hand. I wanted to tell him to go to Brazil like i originally planned on saying, but I was really just way too shook that Piabum rose on January 21st 2017 to remember to say anything. As I was going off stage I literally held my hand to my face in shock because I couldn’t believe it was real. Im Jaebum noticed my existence. He knows i’m his fan. He knows that I love him. I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY YALL DONT EVEN KNOW. I HAVEN’T STOPPED SMILING SINCE IT HAPPENED LIKE THE SMILE ON MY FACE NEVER FADED. I LOVE GOT7 I LOVE IM JAEBUM I LOVE LIFE I LOVE EVERYTHING I’M STILL ON CLOUD NINE.


Since Dadtoki and Shinpachibro didn’t want to go to the amusement park with Kagura, uncle Zura and Eli went with her. She tied his hair so it wouldn’t get caught on the rides. Then they rode the roller coaster so many times Zura threw up. Then he fell asleep, exhausted from running around with Kagura all day, so Kagura and Elizabeth played rock paper scissor to determine who would carry him home. She lost and Elizabeth carried the souvenir bags.

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The Raven Gang and Roller Coasters

I recently went to an amusement park, and I love roller coasters. The flip in my stomach, the screaming, the pure energy. And I also love TRC. So here are my headcanons if the Raven Gang went to an amusement park.

• They need some time to just be stupid teens, not parents or kings or mirrors and magicians and greywarens, so Ronan leaves Opal in the care of the ladies of 300 Fox Way. They’re the best baby-sitters Ronan could ever find, and Opal spends a week or so being spoiled rotten by the psychics.

• As impractical as it is, all five of them pile in the Pig. As well as their luggage. Henry takes a selfie every time the Pig breaks down.

• Gansey plays a big bluff about not being scared on the coasters

• Gansey screams the entirety of the ride. On every. Single. Ride.

• Henry also takes a selfie with Gansey after every ride, because his hair is windblown so far back that it looks like he went through a wind tunnel.

• Blue is next to him, wind in her hair, laughing, a wild and reckless creature. Her arms are above her head (a risky and life-threatening move according to Gansey [who has a death grip on her thigh, not for any romantic reasons but because he is convinced that his hand is the only thing keeping Blue in that seat, safety contraptions be dammed]).

• Ronan and Adam both like the big coasters a normal amount, Adam a bit less.

•Ronan kisses Adam just before the big drop on one.

•Adam can’t decide if the flip in his stomach and the buzzing in his veins is from the coaster or the kiss.

• Some rides have cameras that take riders pictures , so there’s a picture of all five of them in one row, Ronan and Adam on one side, Blue and Gansey on the other, Henry stuck in the middle.

•Henry looks bored. Both couples are kissing on either side of him.

•Blue goes up on the Ferris wheel and takes pictures of the entire park at night, lit up.

• On the spinny rides, Ronan rides with Henry and laughs as he crushes the other boy as he’s pushed to one side.

• They ask a passerby to take a picture of all five of them. What starts out as a nice, orderly picture turns quickly into chaos.

• Blue is on Ronan’s shoulders, while Gansey has Henry in a playful headlock. Adam is caught between Ronan and Gansey while Blue is playing with his hair. On the other side of Ronan, a faint pale blur in the shape of a boy doing a peace sign can be seen.

Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: amusement park
  • Through the magic of me being the one writing this shit our favorite monsters that kill the other monster are at the amusement park. How are they doing, what are they doing?
  • Alucard: lurks in the shadows of the haunted house. Integra assumed he went home but no he's frightening hipsters. Only the hipsters.
  • Integra: I guess I could go on a ride or two. The Ferris wheel might be nice.
  • Seras: look a petting zoo! Roller coaster! Walter that ride goes upside down, let's go!
  • Walter: (what he says) I'm not sure I'm one for thrill rides Miss Victoria... (What he's thinking) "fuuuuuuucccckkkk yesssssss"
  • Pip: apparently this place has laser tag. He has not been seen since.
  • Anderson: "heathens, all of them. I'm going to pet the animals"
  • Major: Dok this place might be too much fun to blow up...just kidding!
  • Dok: what mad science created a deep fried Twinkie. I'll take 10.
  • Zorin: was not invited cause they suck
  • Heinkel and Yumie: *have been on the big roller coaster 20 times already and are showing no signs of slowing down. Part hard*
  • Maxwell: "Anderson do not touch the heathen animals!"
  • Captain: *totally not the dog in the petting zoo*
Don’t Defy Me, Doll pt.9

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO HORRIBLY LONG. like i’ve mentioned before, i’ve just been going through so much in my personal life that i have either had no time or just plain zero motivation. But, without further ado, here is the latest installment, and I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for the continued support.

as promised, anon. ;)


Last night was the epitome of a roller coaster. You went into Empusa with the intention of pissing off Joker, and came out officially “his girl.” You grabbed your phone and were about to send Mister J a text when you realized you still didn’t have any way to contact him. It didn’t make much sense for him to make you swear to be his and all his, and then not give you a way to talk to him. That fact annoyed you and almost made you want to seek out Dent again for round two of aggravating Joker and an unexpected good time.

You clicked on your phone to check the time and saw you had six text messages waiting for you. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw they were all from a contact titled “Mister J.” All six were from him… shit.

I hope you sleep well, baby.

Good morning, doll.

Are you awake yet?

What are you doing, why aren’t you answering me?

You’d better not be ignoring me.

I hope you’re just sleeping, and not avoiding me. Because I’ll be there to see for myself soon.

That last one was time stamped as being sent at 10:07am, it’s now almost 11am. Your fingers moved as fast as lightening to respond to him, “I just woke up, i’ve been sleeping this entire time.” Before hitting send, you decided to add a little flirt in there, too, “I’m excited to see you though. ;)” Happy with yourself and this mornings turn of events, you plopped back onto your bed, got comfortable, and waited for your Clown Prince to arrive as you drifted back to sleep.

“Good afternoon, princess.” Joker was sitting next to you on your bed, he stroked a stand of hair out of your face. He gave you a sincere but toothy smile, and it made your heart skip being the first thing you saw.

“Hello, J. It’s strange actually seeing you in my apartment. I kind of thought I’d never get the chance.” You teased. His smile slowly turned to him licking his teeth, “Oh, you know, never say never, or something, right?” He lifted the blanket covering you and stood up, “I think it’s time you get up. We have things to do.” The air of your bedroom was cold and made your skin tense, “Like what? Where are we going?” You hoped he’d answer with something crazy or entertaining, but he wasn’t going to give you that satisfaction. As he headed for the closet, he turned his head to the side to reply, “Out. We’re going out.” Joker opened the closet door and waved your attention to your hanging clothes, “Pick something nice. Quickly, please.” His request was quick and demanding. He winked at you and then skipped out the door and closed it behind him. You were glad to see he didn’t feel uncomfortable here, but it also made you feel a bit awkward that he didn’t feel at all uncomfortable here. How many times had he been here without you knowing?

Rolling out of bed, you made your way to the open closet and picked out something easy. Black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, green cardigan, grey shoes. It could be considered business casual, nice enough you thought. Joker was sitting on the couch waiting for you. He nodded approvingly as he watched you walk out of the bedroom. “Alright, baby, lets go out to the car. Are you ready?” You weren’t sure why he always asked what you thought of things you knew you had no control over. “Of course I am,” you mused. He led you down the stairs and into the parking garage of your complex. There it is… the stunning chrome purple you saw the first night you’d seen him. His lamborghini was parked perfectly, just waiting to be revved up and raced around the city.

Joker hurried to the passenger side to open the door for you, “My lady…” He bowed and looked up at you with a devilish grin. His simple chivalry made you giggle. When you climbed inside the car you noticed the entire inside was white. The leather seats, the carpeted floors, the dash, the stereo, steering wheel, doors, everything was white and flawless. It reminded you of his skin; maybe it was done on purpose? He got in on the driver’s side and got himself settled. He let out a big sigh and let a 10 mile wide smile stretch across his face as he watched you. “Ready?” He asked as he flipped the ignition. The beautiful machine purred to life and practically teleported out of the garage, Joker didn’t waste a single second getting out of that cement tower.

The speed was making your stomach tickle, “Mister J, where are we going?” You laughed. “I told you… out. You’re so impatient today, just hang on, alright, baby?” He moved his hand to the shifter and sped the car up.

Before you knew it, you were approaching the valet in front of Le Chien, a notoriously fancy french restaurant in the heart of Gotham. You looked at Joker in disbelief that he let you come here dressed as casually as you were. He chuckled as he stepped out of the car and came to let you out. The valet driver took the dream car away, and you and your Mister J headed into the building. The light was low and a pianist played a delicate melody from the center of the room. Joker led you to a small table set for two below a massive glass chandelier, right next to the pianist. “Wait here, order whatever you want. I’ll be right back. I have to take care of something.” He kissed your cheek and disappeared in the back of the restaurant. This place was too beautiful to worry yourself with whatever he had to do. The floors were a gray marble, and the tall walls led into a cream colored ceiling. In the middle of every table in sight, there was a thin glass vase with a single white rose, you noted it was odd that the roses had thorns on them still.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle. My name is Luke, and I’ll be serving you this evening. Can I get you anything to drink?” You had gotten so lost in the atmosphere of the room you were in, you almost didn’t notice the waiter talking to you. He was standing on your left, both arms behind his back, “…ma’am?” You jumped as you startled yourself back into relativity, “Oh! I’m so sorry, this place is just so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it,” the waiter nodded in approval, and waited for an answer. “I’ll just take a water for now, please. Thank you.” He walked off to the kitchen that was hidden behind a garden on the top of a half-wall. It was a very aesthetic way of concealing it. It didn’t, however, hide much of the noise. It was subtle, but you could easily hear the food cooking and clanking of pots and pans. It seemed to somehow fit nicely into the rest of the area though.

The waiter, Luke, came back with your glass of water and a basket of bread that he’d labeled as ‘artesian’ and then made his way to his other tables. You grabbed a piece of warm bread and started smearing butter all over it. J wasn’t around to see you indulge in the good part- the butter. You were enjoying yourself quite a lot even though you were left alone in this five star establishment. So pleasant… so clean… so peaceful… Until a commotion started in the kitchen and you could hear people yelling at each other. Dishes were shattering on the floor and you heard what sounded like meat searing on a hot stove immediately followed by someone screaming. You hoped it was meat searing and not the person.

You’d just realized that Joker went back to the kitchen to ‘take care of something,’ and all this chaos was coming from back there… this wasn’t a coincidence.

“He’s had enough, pull him off, let him go.” You heard Joker’s voice as clear as a bell and you froze mid-chew to keep listening. “Do you hear me now, beefsteak?” Someone was whimpering and crying in agony. “I gave you a pretty sweet deal, didn’t I? All you had to do was an itsy bitsy little favor for me, and you couldn’t do it. You ignored my request. Next time I see you I wont let you go so easily.” As Joker was laughing while finishing his threat, the head chef ran out of the kitchen and out the door with half of his face covered in burn blisters and blood, yelling for help. You were now just as afraid as that man was, maybe more so because you knew you were leaving with the culprit. The whole restaurant fell silent.

Joker hurried his way to your table and leaned down by your side, resting his hands on your lap. “Sweetness, we have to leave immediately. Frost is waiting outside for us. Grab your purse, let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you up and dragged you outside to the jet black car waiting. He might be a cold-hearted, violent, murderer, but he was also very considerate when he wanted to be. “Frost, get her home. I have more I need to take care of.”


Your apartment was so quiet. Not a single trace of what you had just seen had followed you home. You turned on the tv to help distract your head from Le Chien, but the news happened to be what was already on.  Gotham PD has confirmed that the Joker was to blame for this horrendous act of violence. A man was admitted into St. Valentine General Hospital after being assaulted and having half of his face severely burned. Authorities ask for citizens to keep an eye out for this woman, who is believed to have been seen fleeing the scene with the suspect. More on this story at- you shut off the tv.

You were horrified to see your face on the screen. The entire city has just seen your face as a criminal suspect to blame for this. You didn’t even know what all this was about or why Joker had done it. Your life was going to end if anyone found you, you had to leave. That was the only safe option. But, you don’t have a car, so public transit was the quickest way to go anywhere. With your face plastered all over the news that was too risky. Your mind was racing trying to figure out how to run away and stay safe. The ringing of your cell phone broke the piercing silence surrounding the thoughts in your head. Mister J. This was his fault, but he was the only person who could help right now.

“Joker, help me. I’m on the news. People are going to look for me and I ca-“ He interrupted you before you could finish, “I’m on my way, you’re going to stay with me for a while.”

“What? How is that going to help?”

“Don’t worry, baby. This will all blow over. I promise you’ll be okay.”

“I can’t do this.” You could feel your heart beating faster and faster, and your breath getting heavier.

“I’m almost there, be ready.”

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sept 1

he told me he didn’t love me.

i went on a roller coaster for
the first time.
i taught myself how to play piano
and i sucked at it.
i tried again. and slammed the keys
til middle C cracked. the
universe has better gifts for me anyways.

everyone knows Mary Had A Little Lamb,
so that’s all that matters. i think i’m okay.

i think i’m okay. yeah. i wrote a poem
to calm me down.
and then i

read jane eyre. and i cried when
she drew the portraits. mr rochester.

mr rochester. me and her are the same, you know.
two peas in a lonely pod.

she loves you so painfully, she’s
drawn until her hands went numb.
and i’ve written
a whole book of hollow words he’ll
never notice and he doesn’t even
care and no one else gives a damn either

jane. jane. i wish you could hear me.
he said he didn’t love me. i don’t know
how to draw, jane. and i don’t have a psychic

at my door. asking me about my heart.
jane. what would you do, jane?
if plain stands before beauty and beauty
doesn’t appreciate the bravery, what

can plain do, jane?

will be in my book Red Mouth, in 2017. 

That’s Not A Person - Teen Wolf (Jordan Parrish)

Pairing: Jordan x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can I ask for a Jordan Parrish Imagine? :D I love him so much, but there aren’t much things about him on tumblr. Can you write something like he and his girl (the reader) are going to an amusemant park together and they decide to enter the haunted house? Which actually happens to be haunted? :D

Warnings: Ghosts? Sweet Jordan? 

A/N: I hope you like it anon^^ and if anyone wonders about the sound the ghost makes, it’s because she was strangled to death damaging her vocal chords. ENJOY! 

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*gif not mine* 

You had dragged Jordan around the amusement park all day, taking him on every ride and event in sight, but he didn’t seem to mind though, and for once the guy you went out with didn’t hate roller coasters. Which only made this date with Jordan even better. 

 This wasn’t the first date you two had been to, no not even close. You and Jordan had been dating for a couple of months and he had already told you his biggest secret. The one involving him being a hellhound. 

 It was beginning to get late when Jordan actually pulled you towards something he wanted to do. The haunted house. 

 «I didn’t know you liked these kind of stuff, Jordan?» You teased, earning a chuckle back. 

 «Neither did I, babe. I just feel drawn to it I guess, and you know among other things.» He winked at you, which still made you blush like crazy. You only chuckled back, and let him drag you to the hunted house. 

 As you entered you got the instructions on how to behave in the house, and not to touch any of the «ghosts» and they would not touch you. 

 So off you went, hand in hand with Jordan the whole way, the further you got into it the closer to crept to Jordan’s side, holding his whole arm at one point, but he didn’t seem to mind. 

 It was when you entered the last room that something seemed to shift. 

The air suddenly grew could around you, and you could see the smoke from your breath appear in front of your face. The hair on your arms stood straight up and a light headache started to form. Beside you Jordan stiffened as he looked around, sensing the same thing as you, maybe more. 

 «Jordan?» You asked, looking up at him, only to see his eyes widen at something in front of you both. You averted your gaze from you boyfriend to the lady standing in front of you. She looked nothing like the other «ghosts» You had seen on this walk, with her modern clothes, pale, but not white skin, and terrible bruisings around her neck. 

«Did they change the theme?» You whispered up at Parrish, who still was standing rigid beside you.   

«Uhm… That’s not a person, Y/n… that person is dead, I can feel it from here..» Jordan he whispered back to you, and your eyes widened just as his had. 

A croaking sound made you snap your head towards the girl again, and she was standing there with her mouth wide open, seeming to try to form words, but nothing but that awful sound came out. 

 Suddenly it charged forward, but before she could reach you, Jordan stepped in front of you his eyes glowing red. 

There was no way the dead which he guarded would hurt you. 

oh god i can’t believe i forgot to tell you guys but i saw the cutest thing the other day! ok so i was at king’s island and i was riding in the second car of the roller coaster behind two guys and so, of course they put their arms up as we went down the HUGGEEE drop. but as we’re plummeting down all of a sudden one of the guys just twines their arms together and holds his friend’s hand as we went down the hill and then literally the second we leveled off (and we’re still like, flying on this thing) but you just hear the first guy going “SORRY BRO! SORRY!” and he seemed like he was just as surprised as i was about what had transpired but basically i’m pretty sure i just watched the first 30 seconds of a fanfic

so there’s a fair near where I live that reminds me of Ninjago because there’s a big famous roller coaster and also it’s where I went on my first date

anyway I like the idea of Jay and Nya redoing their first date because it would be adorable and cause the first time didn’t go so well

featuring Jay in the outfit I wore to the fair the other day bc it was cute and I feel like Jay totally would have worn it

Today I went to Funderland (Dublin Ireland)

Standard funfair stuff really, there were carousels, roller coasters, ice cream, all the usual shit. However I didn’t expect to see these.

That’s right. Much to the delight of the noticeably large group of kids, these horrifying animatronic nightmare monsters were happily singing, dancing and jerking around robotically. I was amazed that kids were willingly sitting and watching these things, they’re goddamn creepy-looking. If it hadn’t been for the big crowd, I would have snapped more photos, but I was sorta in the way and I didn’t want to overdo it. That and I just didn’t want to look at these things for more than two minutes.

If you’re not really seeing where I‘m coming from with this, take a look at these things up close.

Happy nightmares, guys.

(Get a load of this, @lotsofaccidentalnightmarefuel!)

To those who wonder where I went

This blog once meant so much to me. Cosplay and body positivity is still so important to me and I really want to start posting and having community here again, but I have to come to terms with why I feel off the map.

After my Rose Quartz cosplay went around I got almost 2k new followers within a week. My comments section filled and overflowed with praise, people asking for help, and people telling me to die because I dared to exist as a fat person. The emotional roller coaster of being put on a pedestal and mocked and reposted in fat hating communities made me so sick and so anxious. The names I was called still keep me up sometimes and I hear them when I work on new cosplays.

And I had all these people looking at me as some sort of role model. I wasn’t allowed to break down because these people were suddenly using me as inspiration for their self worth. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. I really, truly, and deeply want others to be happy and believe that is something we all deserve. But I can’t take care of everyone. Some days it is hard to take care of me.

I guess all this is to say that in the end we are all people and we all have ups and downs. The point is picking yourself back up. Not preventing the down. There are days when I hate myself and it is a struggle to do basic self care.

But there are also days where loving myself comes freely and I can see my positive qualities.

The only common denominator is that no matter where I am physically or emotionally the one thing I have control of is me. The one thing I can count on is me. And that is true for all of us.

Loving your self isn’t an end goal. It is a journey we all walk at different speeds on different paths. There is no end-just more places to explore and new adventures both joyous and terrifying.

XO ChubbyMagicalGirl

Cursed AU trivia, part 2

Well, we reached 1500 followers of this AU, so time for a trivia post. Seeing that there are some of you interested in the blog’s origins, I decided to share how all of this story came to be. What a roller coaster, I swear!



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Fat girls take selfies at waterparks. One of my very best friends and I went to the waterpark as a thank you for all my hard work on his move and as a low key test of how well his back and spleen can handle high intensity motion before a full fledged test at an amusement park (it’s half the price and if it were too much we could have fun horsing around in the lower key activities). It was a success so we may do roller coasters next year.

Good For You by orbingarrow
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Steve doesn’t understand why Tony keeps dating people who abuse him. Tony doesn’t understand why Steve cares.

The rest is bad choices, rehab, milkshakes, paintball, YouTube videos, couples therapy and learning to put the past in the past. All in all, not a bad six years.

Words: 42k in 9 chapters

Notes: Honestly I’ve been wanting to rec this since I finished reading the second chapter because the writing’s honestly that good. But godDAMN did it get better as it went along. This was such a roller coaster ride, and I was crying at so many parts, but it was just so elegantly written while being so beautifully real. Everything about this was so refreshing, from the simplicity (well, that’s arguable; maybe ‘straightforwardness’ might be a better description) of the plot, to the holistic character development, to the head-on tackling of Tony’s character without making a caricature out of him. It also explores Steve’s character pretty thoroughly, though never as explicitly, since the fic’s in his POV, as well as the development of his relationship with Tony and the other Avengers. There’s something to be said about seeing Tony’s awful self-hate through the eyes of someone who really cares about him, and feeling the struggle of wanting to say the right things and needing him to understand that he’s worth it. The way the fic is written goes about the story development in such a way that you implicitly trust it’s going to take care of the characters and going to give their arcs justice, which is an impressive feat considering the amount of negative things that happen early in the fic.

(FIC SPOILERS! Though the summary already mentions rehab, so not really? Lol.) I also don’t think I’ve ever really read a fic that discusses rehab in its entirety - from the many events leading up to it, to showing how the choice is made, to the outsider’s POV in terms of dealing with it (which I understood the narrative need for), to showing characters going to actual therapy and not discarding/invalidating it as something useless (which a lot of fics tend to do - though again, I see the payoff in terms of exploring character dynamics by making that creative decision), to making amends and dealing with the consequences of the events that led up to it in the first place. Really well handled and executed. 

Honestly, I could go on and on because the fic is just that good, but you probably get the idea, and I don’t want to keep you from actually reading it any longer. Enjoy! ♥

Disney Trip (Hayes Grier Imagine)

Mia said: can you do a Hayes imagine. maybe about a trip to Disney together and going on rides and having a great day? thank u!

It was a beautiful summer day in California as me and Hayes made our way through the gates and into Disney Land to celebrate our one year anniversary. I was so excited to go to Disney Land with Hayes but I was a little nervous because I hate roller coasters. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM, and I knew they were Hayes’ favorite ride.
“What do you want to do first?” Hayes asked me. “Hmm….get food?”
“You come all the way to Disney and the first thing you want to do is get food?!?” Hayes said in between laughs. “Shut up.” I said punching him in the arm.

After we got food we went on a bunch of rides. I was having such a great time, until Hayes made his way to the California Screamin’, aka the biggest roller coaster there. I felt my stomach do flips as my lunch started to make its way back up to the surface. “Y/n, you coming?” Hayes asked. “I don’t know Hayes i may just sit this one out.” I said nonchalantly. I didn’t want him to know I was afraid of roller coasters. “Come on y/n it will be fun pleaseeee.” He begged. “No Hayes.” I snapped. “Why y/n, it will be so much fun.” “Im afraid of roller coasters ok?” I said. “Oh baby, I’ll be there the whole time. There’s no need to be scared.” Hayes sympathetically said. After about ten minutes he finally convinced me to do it. I sat in the seat and the worker put the bar down. I was literally shaking in fear. Why did I agree to this? “Its okay y/n, I’m right here you don’t have to be afraid.” Hayes grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. The ride started up. Shit i thought. I held hayes hand through out the whole ride, squeezing it super tight. As the ride came to an end Hayes turned to me and kissed me on the cheek. “See it wasn’t that bad!” He said. “Well I didn’t die.” I mumbled. We got of the ride and sat down on a bench. “Y/n I’m so happy i met you. This has been the best year of my life. Happy anniversary baby.” Hayes said. He leaned in and gently kissed me. “I love you Hayes, sorry i never told you I’m petrified of roller coasters.” “You don’t have to apologize y/n. Im sorry o dragged you on one.” I laughed. “It wasn’t that bad.” We spent the rest of the night going on more rides and watching the fireworks. Overall this was the best anniversary ever.

Sorry this sucks i have wicked wroters block. Keep requesting!



destiel fic rec

The Path of Fireflies by @museaway
Rating: Mature; Wordcount: 63.7k

Summary: After his humanity is restored, Dean wakes up in bed with Castiel, a wedding ring, and no memory of the past twelve years.

This fic has been sitting in my to-read folder for a long time, and I thoroughly regret not getting to it sooner because it was absolutely amazing. The best way I can describe it is a roller-coaster ride of feelings - I went from feeling bad for Castiel and thinking Dean was kinda being a dick to being deliriously happy for them both, to being absolutely crushed and my heart breaking for Dean, to - well, I don’t wanna spoil the ending ;)

It’s difficult to talk about this fic without spoiling it so unfortunately I can’t go into much detail. Just know that the author’s writing is beautifully evocative - I felt like I was experiencing this together with Dean, which made it all the more emotional. Her characterisation is spot on, and luckily there’s plenty of fluff to carry you through the angsty bits. A highly recommended fic, even if you’re not overly fond of the amnesia trope.

In the autograph line, I thanked Kim Rhodes for all of the support she gives fans and she went on this three minute emotional roller coaster of a talk about life advice and emotional support with me and one of the things she said to me that stuck out the most was “Just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.” 

I just wanted to share that with you all, as it really struck me. Kim is such a wonderful human being <3