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Blue is my Favorite

@allurance-week day 6: cotton candy

Rating: General

Words: 1,110

A/n: I went kind of literal with this prompt. Anyway, this takes place after the war and everyone is a little older and grown up. There are a couple of pairings mentioned in the background, but it’s nothing major.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Lance got off the roller coaster with his nephew. He was his sister’s oldest child, and he was just about in his preteens now. Where did all that time go?

“How about we find the others now and get something to eat, huh?” He asked.

His nephew nodded, “yeah, I’m supper hungry!”

With that he followed the energised young boy zip between other people in search of the boy’s sisters and Allura.

Lance smiled to himself. He and Allura had been together now, what? Four, five years? He wasn’t sure. They’d spent a lot of that time in space. Even once Zarkon was defeated there was so much to do. His empire had been around ten thousand years after all. It was going to take time to disband. Time to help civilizations get back on their feet. Not to mention all the other people who tried to use the disruption of the current order of things to cause harm. Voltron was still needed, even if Zarkon and his empire had been defeated.

Though, now they mostly only went out when there was something the alliance couldn’t handle. As of a year or so ago, team Voltron was more or less retired. Or at least on break. Eventually they would have to go back and train apprentices to pilot all of the lions. Then they would hand them over officially, and they would put that part of their lives behind them.

In fact they were already working on putting the war behind them. Hunk had gone back and declared his love to Shay in and adorable and embarrassing way. They were in a pretty serious relationship now. He even brought her to meet his family (they all thought she was the cutest thing). Shiro had gotten over whatever it was that had kept him from asking Keith out. The two lived together on a planet that was mostly a mix of many different races. Pidge and Matt went home to their mom, which was for the best. She’s thought her whole family was dead after all. Getting her children back was like a dream come true. Lotor, who hadn’t betrayed them in the end, was living on Pollux. Pollux was a planet that had, of all races, Alteans. Apparently Zarkon hadn’t destroyed any of the other planets Alteans inhabited, just Altea. And apparently, Pollux was where he grew up. It explained the accent he supposed.

He expected Allura to want to live on Pollux. They were her people, after all. If she felt like that’s were she belonged, he wouldn’t stop her. Even if that meant leaving him behind. When he told her that, she shook her head and took his hand in hers.

“My people are gone, Lance. You are all my family now. I belong with you. I want to go to earth with you.” She told him, certainty in her eyes.

So she moved onto earth with him. They bought a house with two appartments so Coran could live with them but still have his privacy. It was close to Lance’s family, so they could see them every day. It was something they all had to adjust to, mostly for Allura and Coran. Earth was much different then Altea. They seemed happy, though.

He and his nephew found Allura and the girls leaving on of the rides. Allura looked a little lost and stressed out. Of all the things Allura was amazing at, looking after kids wasn’t exactly one of them. She’d never really been around them and only have limited knowledge of what you were supposed to do with them. She was trying though. She’d agreed to come to the carnival with him and his sister’s kids today to help him keep an eye on them. It had been fine most of the day, with Lance there to help Allura out when the kids wanted her to do something, but then his nephew wanted to ride the rollercoaster. His nieces were too young to ride, so Allura had no choice but to take the girls around by herself.

“Hey babe.” He said, approaching her and placing a kiss to her cheek. He could feel his facial hair scratch against her soft skin.

She gave him an ‘oh thank god you’re here’ look. “How was it?” She asked them.

“Awesome!” His nephew shouted, the proceeded to explain all the 'awesome’ things about it. He explained all the way to the food stalls.

They got the kids something to eat before they all sat down at some sticky tables. The kids were talking about their day, while Allura and Lance were discussing if they should get a snack or not. Coran would probably have food ready when they got home. Lance’s mom had taught him how to make a whole bunch of earth dishes. He usually cooked and they’d eat together.

All of a sudden, Allura tugged on his sleeve, “Lance, was is that? It’s so pretty!”

He looked over to where she was pointing and saw a couple of teens with cotton candy.

“Oh, that’s called cotton candy. It’s this really sweet candy that melts on your tongue. It usually comes in pink or blue. It’s one of the traditional carnival foods.” He told her.

“Pink and blue, huh?” She asked with a smile.

He laughed, “Yup. Pink and blue. Like us.” He took her and and stroked the back of it with his thumb, “would you like one?”

“Well, it IS a traditional food.”

He laughed again before kissing her and standing up, “Alright! I’ll be gone for just a minute. You hoodlums behave for Auntie Allura.”

The kids nodded and he headed off.

Luckily the booth for cotton candy wasn’t busy at the time, so he only had to wait behind one person. He bought a pink cotton candy and a blue one.

When he came back Allura was helping the kids throw away their garbage and clean their faces of cheese and ketchup. He smiled at the sight.

He went over too them, “All cleaned up?”

The kids nodded, looking tired now. It had been a long day and now that they had sat down, all their energy seemed to be zapped from them. They would probably nod off on the car ride home.

Allura smiled at him and reaches over taking the blue cotton candy.

“I thought you would want the pink one?” He asked, raising a brow.

She shrugged, “I have a feeling blue is my favourite.” Then she winked at him.

He snorted a little, feeling his cheeks heat up, “You know what? Pink is my favourite, so it works out great.”

A Whole Mess of Emotions

The point of these #unpresidented comics are about me processing everything I felt and went through between November 9th and January 20th, but I feel this one is going to apply for the next four years (maybe less if we’re lucky…). I still haven’t figured out to handle this horrible roller coaster of emotions. Who knows if I ever will?

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Thoughts while reading Acowar.

Mind the swearing and spoilers kids.

-2 years before the wall? Wait is this like a baby bat Rhys POV?
-oh God this field isn’t a nice place. Kinda like it tho.
- omfg 6 High Fae… 6, to defeat one Illyrian… damn.
- Rhys is so protective if his brothers it’s killing me.
-Yes Feyre, burn this shit.
-Already thinking about that wingspan Feyre? Can’t blame ya.
- Ugh Tamlin no can you not enter this moment just yet. Ugh Lucian I’m fucking watching you.
-Oh for Fuck sake I gotta read about Ianthe soon to?
-ugh I just want some smut and it’s only page nine.
-Feyre you can roll your eyes. God knows I am.
- Oh hey Ianthe, go Fuck yourself Ianthe.
-You definitely revived something from Rhys hands Feyre, but it was far more pleasurable than torture.
-Lucian I won’t ship you and Elaine. But please, for the love of God, kill Ianthe.
-Oh hell fucking ni, Jurian, go fucking Fuck yourself and stay the Fuck away.
-Oh snap, Nesta and Elaine already so powerful they can drain the cauldron.
-Oh snap, Feyre laying down these facts. Also that’s how I spell Miryaim’s name.
-Feyre you savage.
-Jurian, talk about Elaine like that again and I will kill you.
-Oh Fuck off Ianthe, I’ve read enough of you.
-Okay Lucian, my heart is softening towards you.
-God I missed you Alis.
-Damn summer solstice is giving me goosebumps.
-Rhys you are giving me life.
-Uh Oh, Tamlin’s getting jealous of friendship.
-Ahhh Feyre you also cringing about Elaine being fucked by a fire blooded male?? Let me introduce to Azriel. He’s far better in my opinion.
-All these painting titles… we’re they like, working title for Acowar.
-Rhysand you get that tongue to work.
-Also Tam you prick.
-God Alis, my bae.
-Feyre slit her throat.
-Yes Feyre Fuck this bitch up.
-Oh these twins. Can you fucking not.
- Go Lucian Go.
-Bring on Part Two.
-“He can get in line,” Feyre getting a list of people who wanna kill her to rivals Aelins.
-Oh for Fuck sake, everything was going so well, until Lucian’s brothers showed up.
-“There’s no such thing as a High Lady,” bitch excuse me.
-Cassian you melt my stone cold heart.
-Mor my darling.
-Amren, boo. Hru?
-Lucian being called a girl, I’m dying
-“Go find somewhere else to be,” I know what that means.
-The smut was worth it.
-Oh I missed the banter of my baby bats.
-And Rhys’ swearing begins.
-Cassian sunning his wings. I wonder if a certain Nesta sees.
-Cassian trying to be chill around Nesta is my new aesthetic.
-Nesta reads romance. Hell Yes.
-“You come between a male and his mate, Nesta Archeron, and you’re going to learn about the consequences the hard way.” Trying to foreshadow something there Cassian? I Ship.
-No is mentioning the sorrow and longing in Cassian eyes, Feyre, for the same reason no one mentioned it when Rhys looked at you all those months ago.
-Reading about Elaine is painful.
-I’m relating to Elaine and all those open curtains too much… shit.
-Cassian you’re to precious.
-I missed the Amren/Cassian banter so much.
-Shit Mor is getting pissed.
-Feyre keeps calling Rhys mate and I’m feeling bad for the Australian readers.
-“Because I can’t stay away” well Fuck me if they ain’t mates.
-Nesta looking as Cassian like he’s the only one in the room.
-Damn right there was a reason Lucian wore a fox mask.
-Idk what to write but the nessian at pg.203. gahhhhhhh.
-“Surely Nesta wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle,” omfg Feyre, it’s hilarious of you to think that.
-Feyre were you not there for Acomaf. He was very clearly, cocky then.
-Library sex? I’m in.
-oh, so no library sex.
-To the Bone Carver we go. RIP.
-Oh so, the Carver, and the Wearer are- I’d be shocked only I read that spoiler.
-Oh so the Carver is a mirror type of perosn? What even is a mirror person? Is it his kink?
-Oh Nesta having death powers.
-Feyre constantly calling Rhys mate tho.
-Tbh all I wanna know is who or what the carver appeared to Cassian.
-Everyone in this book be complementing Rhys good taste.
-Ah Az and Elaine be starting. Az be carrying his ship.
-Poor Cassian. Nesta will come around, I promise, I read the spoiler.
-You know, I wrote a fanfiction about Az and Elaine in a garden and her calling his scars pretty. They kissed in it.
-“Azriel isn’t the ravishing type,” Rhys you should read the fanfic I wrote about him. He loves to ravish.
-omg Cassian calming Nesta- ugh how many more pages until this kiss?
-Az, sunning your wings for Elaine? How scandalous.
-“Why not make them mates?” Feyre babe I’m asking the same question.
-FEYRE YOU SHIP ELRIEL TOO? Oh sweetie I love you more than Cassian rn.
-Rhysand, let Feyre play matchmaker.
-I was about to bash Kier for insulting Az, but Az got this shit.
-Oh not this fucking Eris bitch again.
-Rhys the Fuck you playing at?
-Okay, ngl I know Mor is gay but those Eris know? Ffs.
-Okay everyone is fighting and I’m more intrigued than I should be.
-D'as Nessian.
-Double d'aw Elriel.
-Pg.303 and back to sassy Az.
-Sassy Az KS giving me life.
-It was at page 306 that I realised I was in love with Az.
-Nephelle’s be giving me goosebumps.
-Yes bathtub scent with Rhys.
-Oh it’s actually a massage scene? I’m in.
-Feyre are you trying to start a war? Cassian flying with Nesta. Dammit who am I kidding I wanna see that.
-Yes Az, help Elaine in the garden. I am sailing this ship.
-Nesta watching Cassian lick his fingers and I’m like, now imagine that kissing elsewhere.
-Nes? I ship.
-Some shit happening in the library.
-ohhhh so we finally reached the part where people wonder if Elaine is a seer.
-Yes Feyre, put Elaine’s riddles together.
-Okay that scene was intense but Nessian at the end was calming.
-“Amren on the hunt,” a novel by sjm.
-Damn Az, took you awhile but bravo, she’s a seer. God it couldn’t be any easier to love you.
-Lucian I swear to God if you die, looking for this sixth queen, I will kill you.
-Also where is my Suriel.
-Shit Alis don’t die.
-oh FFS, look, “king” of Hybren, old buddy. If you’d kindly fuck off. Only it’s late, I don’t need these plot twists.
-Look, “King,” I’d pay good money to see you try and take Feyre.
-Rhys if you could destroy my upcoming exams the way you did those ships, I’d be grateful.
-pg.379, more smut, hell yes.
-pg.381, Nesta all concerned.
-The amount of sex feysand are having. That wingspan must be truly impress you Feyre darling.
-So Cassian is terrible at complements.
-Ah yes boys, bringing up that wingspan again.
-This Nessian tho.
-“she threatened to freeze my balls off,” Kallias, Viviane, welcome to my heart.
-I’m in love with Viviane.
-God sake, Tamlin Fuck off.
-Tamlin, let me tell you, Rhys and Feyre have fucked so much I’m sure he could recount every noise she is capable of making.
-Fucking shut up Tamlin.
-Eris if you’d kindly shut the Fuck up too, it’d be a pleasure.
-Pg.438, Nesta, damn, *blows kisses.*
-nvm of 439, Go Feyre. Slay.
-Helion…. wait… look I can’t go around loving all these people. It makes me look like I have a heart.
-You know I’d be surprised at Lucian being a whole, some air of dawn court, but I already read that spoiler.
-Okay mor is gay why is- you know what, never mind, I give up.
-Oh. Oh Fuck.
-lol, I’m so tired, whenever I hear the wall mentioned all I can think of is humpty dumpty.
-“Don’t even start,” Nesta, sweetie, we’ve been shipping this since the last book.
-Part three here I come.
-btw this is still the same day for me. I’ve read up to part three in a few hours. It’s two in the morning. Never underestimate a fangirl deprived of her smut.
-Jurian just has to show up, doesn’t he.
-idk who I am to believe anymore.
-I wanna say Fuck this shit I’m out. But I am so in.
-So am I meant to trust Jurian or not.
-Damn Tarquin.
-Nessian will kill me quicker than these plot twists.
-Ayyy more shut, god I love you Sarah.
-Yes, the Suriel is coming into play bitches. I’d been surprised by what happens only I’ve seen this spoiler too.
-Okay first thing first, Ianthe please Fuck off Secondly rip Suriel 2K17.
-Cassian what happened. Nesta please. I know the ending and shit but tf happened.
-Feyre be joining up these dots about which way Mor floats.
-This, Varian, Amren thing, yeah I’d like another five books of it.
-Awww, Az, you’re to sweet and selfless.
-I’m so tired IDK how to feel anymore.
-Oh greatttt, Feyre got hit with an arrow. Any more plot twists.
-Wait Tamlin? Fuck, ugh.
-d'aw, Elaine kissed his cheek.
-it’s four in the morning. I have less than one hundred pages left.
-Fucking hell Elaine stab them bastard.
-Also Nessian hell yes.
-Also…wait what’s happening.
-Rhysand you fucking bastard it’s five in the morning don’t do this to me. I know you live god dammit don’t fucking do this.
-oh thank fuck that’s all settled.
-This book. These plot twists. These ships. It’s all so heart wrenching and shit.
-Wait is she flying over Velaris in her lingerie.
-Fuck it’s half five in the morning. I read this book in under 24 hours. I need to sleep.
*hours later*
-omfg I need to read this shit again. It was so good. The High Lords, the banter, the near death experiences. The romance. The sass. Sarah you queen.
-if the at least the novellas don’t have nessian or Elriel tho I may be tempted to cry.

And that, my friends, is a snippet of the roller coaster if thoughts and emotions I went through. I was too tired to cry during it but my heart was successfully ripped out a few times.

I had just moved into a new house next to an amusement park, only it was kind of a zoo too. There was a huge roller coaster that went right over the giraffe enclosure, so you could look down and see the giraffes as you went by. One day I was hanging out by the animals when suddenly the roller coaster fell over, and was going to fall right on my house. I ran there in a panic, because my cat was inside, and managed to save her just before the house was destroyed. I then had to tell someone the roller coaster broke, but the owner of the park really hated cats so I had to hide my cat somewhere first. I dropped her in the giraffe enclosure, then went to tell the park manager. I returned to the wreckage with him after explaining what happened, and he was devastated. I said, “Well at least we still have the giraffes!” Then gestured to the giraffe enclosure, only to find them all gone and my cat licking her lips suspiciously. My cat and I were banned from the zoo/theme park and we had to find a new place to live.

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Batfam (plus the girls & Duke) at an amusement park? Who would go on all the scary rides? Who would definitely throw up at some point?

I love this idea since it’s such a normal thing to do and as we all know the batfamily is anything but normal. This of course means that they manage to cause trouble anywhere and everywhere. 

“Okay everyone, we’re here. Now I’m going to ask all of you for the hundredth time to behave today,” Bruce Wayne says to his children as they park the car.

“I don’t know why you’re so worried about them behaving. It’s just an amusement park, how could they possibly cause trouble here?,” Duke asks.

“This is your first non-mission outing with them, isn’t it?,” Barbara asks in response.

“Damian will have to behave since he’s not tall enough to go on any of the rides he’s likely to cause trouble on,” Tim says.

“Because you are so much taller than I am, Drake,” Damian scoffs.

“It’s okay, demon brat, I’m sure Dick will go on all of the baby rides with you. Wouldn’t want you to get too scared,” Jason taunts.

Bruce steps between Jason and Damian before Damian can attack his pseudo brother. He’s wearing the Batman scowl and all of his children back away slowly without saying another word. Once they’ve paid for their bracelets, the family heads inside the park, some with anticipation and some with begrudging acceptance.

Jason immediately runs for the biggest roller coaster in the park, dragging Tim along with him. Tim does not want to go on that ride, not at all, but Jason doesn’t listen to his constant protests and before he knows it, he’s sitting in the roller coaster. They hear a familiar voice behind them and turn around to see Damian Wayne.

When asked how he got onto a ride that he is certainly not tall enough for, he tells them that he managed to convince the ride operator to let him on. That’s Damian’s code for ‘I totally threatened his life’. They all know Damian is only on the ride to prove that he’s not afraid of anything, but nobody says it out loud. 

After the ride, Tim goes to sit with Alfred at a picnic table to recuperate from throwing up while Damian has the time of his life making fun of him for that. Thankfully, Dick pulls him away to go eat some cotton candy. 

“Have you ever tried cotton candy before, baby bat?”

“Why would I have wanted to eat pure sugar? Also, do not call me that asinine name, Grayson.”

“Come on, just give it a try.”

Damian hesitantly takes a bite of the sugary treat and his eyes go almost comically wide and he takes another bite. He doesn’t speak again until the candy is all gone.

“It was satisfactory, I suppose,” he says, trying to regain his dignity.

“Sure it was,” Dick says with a huge grin plastered to his face. 

Meanwhile Steph, Babs, and Cass are going on every ride at the park. Cassandra has never been to an amusement park so Stephanie has made it her mission for it to be An Experience (Steph insists that capital letters are completely necessary). Barbara just kind of went along with it, enjoying spending time with her friends outside of their nightly activities. 

Cass loves rides. She loves the roller coasters, the teacups, the ferris wheel, the tilt-a-whirl, and everything else you can think of. Her favourite ride is the huge roller coaster Tim threw up on. Steph and Babs refused to go on it a second time, so Cass, Jason, and Duke ending up riding it over and over again together. 

Bruce goes from group to group, trying to spend an equal amount of time with all of his children. He’s not the biggest fan of amusement parks due to many a fight with the Joker taking place in such places, but he would do anything for his children. Bruce and Jason even get along for the entire day, making them both nostalgic for when things weren’t so complicated.

At the end of the day, they all pile into the bus Bruce had to buy to transport all of his children since he has so many. Alfred said it was a bad sign when you have so many kids that you need a bus, but it was all in good fun. Everyone ended up asleep before they got back to the manor and Bruce had to take a picture for his not-so-secret scrapbook.

Going to a theme park with the Mcall pack would include..

- Scott assuring you everything will be okay and all the rides are completely safe

- going on the spinning teacups with Derek, Lydia, and Brett

- with you clinging on to Brett’s arm and begging Derek to spin it faster, while Lydias screams could be heard loudly in the background

- Stiles begging you all to go on the fastest roller coaster at the park

- resulting in all of you going on it, of course

- holding Malia’s hand in your twin seats as the rollercoaster slowly went up

- loud screams being heard from Theo in front of you
“Theo I thought you weren’t scared of rollercoasters!” You shouted to him
“Im not, but I’m terrified of this one!” He screamed ba

- Kira throwing up after the ride

- going to get candy floss with Allison and ending up with two bags of candy floss each

- you and Liam going on loads of the fair attractions, like hook a duck, and winning so many prizes
“Y/N we won again!!” He would say happily each time

- going in the photo booth with Issac and Scott, and printing off all the pictures so you could have one each

- seeing the actor/actress from your favorite movie there, and making sure you get a picture with them

- taking so so many selfies together with the pack

- all of you going to the theme park cafe for food, which meant you nearly completely wiped out the cafes food since there were so many of you

- having one of the best days of your life

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Making Out With 24K

Fair warning: I went crazy with this. Don’t read this at night or in public. Have a water bottle next to you at all times. This gets kind of smutty. Also I’m not familiar with the new members, so I left them out. One more group left.

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Freaks (angst, fluff, what the hell is it)

Title: Freaks (Vernon/Hansol)
Genre: Fluff, angst
Words: 1.9k
A/N: This is the first and original fic for the Call It What You Want request/fic so you’d find some similar parts or lines because both were based from one song. I thought this wasn’t good so I stopped writing it at effing one in the morning and wrote another again. But I am a really bad critique to my works so it’s all up to you to decide whether it’s good or bad. Enjoy!

p.s The closest thing I’ve been to a relationship is fake dating (haha, why is my life like this?). I had this absurd crush on someone but then I had to transfer schools, it’s what I often do before. One day, he asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend. He did it through chat. We don’t do anything intimate, he’ll just use my name to present as his girlfriend to his friends. People would gasp thinking he’s dating the girl who currently goes to this fancy school. It sucked so much, I felt like I was just hurting myself so I broke it off after a week. There was nothing to break anyway.

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Heavy smoke and different hues of light filled the house, reeking heavily of alcohol and cigarettes. EDM blared throughout the house. In the middle of the room, amongst the bodies of dancing people, were a group huddled together. They were slightly drunk too, red cups in  hand and cigar stuck between lips or some type of drug in their tongues.

A bottle was spinning in the center. Everyone stared at it with anticipation. It’s mouth stopped in front of a handsome, light-brown haired boy. Everyone erupted in howls of cheers and mock support.

“Hansol,” the hostess, Mina, said, his name rolling off her tongue. “Truth or Dare?”

The rash boy slurred, “Dare, duh.” He enjoyed the cries of satisfaction from his friends. It was just a game, he’d get over it. That’s the tip: Don’t take it seriously.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat, silently laughing, “I dare you to date the school freak for…hmm, three months and you’ve got yourself five bucks.”

The whole group oohed at the dare, looking at Hansol with anticipation. Was he a quitter or a winner?

Hansol hid his hesitancy with a smug smile, spreading his arms, “That’s it? Done.”

“Crush her heart real good, okay?” Mina laughed. Hansol didn’t say anything as he downed in his red cup.

You were in the library when someone sat in front of you. You didn’t see who it was because you had your book open in front of you and you weren’t interested in putting it down just yet. But what made your eyebrows knit together was the fact that someone sat in front of you. Nobody ever goes near you. You were the school’s universal cooties. The booger from The Wimpy Kid. Why though? All because you weren’t Mina’s friend anymore. It didn’t matter though, you liked being alone. Besides, school was almost over. You were finally graduating from this hell and moving to Seoul where you’ll finish up college to appease your parents until you find yourself a job and earn enough to disappear from everyone’s worlds. It was simple. Just put on a mask.

“Go away.” You gripped the hardcover tightly. Didn’t he know who you were?

“Why?” A familiar voice says. Hansol. You knew his voice, he was Mina’s on and off boyfriend, he was the school’s most popular boy. He was trouble.

“Because you’d get the cooties,” you finally said, shutting the book close and looking at his brown orbs.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s not like you own the place,” he said, smirking. Hansol was, you had to admit, very attractive. He made your heart flutter and deep scarlet tinted your cheeks.

“It’s not like you’re going to read, anyway,” you raised an eyebrow, gesturing at his empty hands. Hansol looked surprised but then his lips returned to his signature smile.

“Okay, you got me,” Hansol raised his hands in defeat, earning a smile from you. Bingo, a voice said inside him.

“What do you want?” you accused.

“Hey, slow down, I’m not like that.”

“Shut up, you are. Everyone knows that. So what do you want? My humiliation? My homework? My report card? My money? What?” Every sentence made Hansol wince, making him remember the reason you were Mina’s choice of girl for the dare. You were stone-hard and she hated you.

Hansol didn’t really know about you. All he knew was that if he ever got close to you, he won’t be everyone’s boy. He’d be reduced to nothing. It was survival instincts making him swerve to the opposite direction when you were walking his way or something.

“I just…” he looked at her sheepishly. “I wanted to ask you out on a date?”

You were stupefied, blinking at him. You and Hansol? On a date? It was absurd and ridiculous, “What kind of sick prank is this?”

“No, it’s not like that,” Hansol quickly said. He looked into your eyes and slowly took your hands. “It’s just that…I think you’re going to be fun to be with. And you seem like you have a whole other world inside you. I mean, when I look at you, I see your eyes wandering around, every single thing interesting you. And I think I’d like to know you better.”

Hansol knew he had said the truth. He did have his eyes traveling to your daydreaming face, wondering what you were thinking about. He didn’t have an explanation for that, it just happened. He just got bored from the lecture.

Your expression softened as you took your hands away from his, “Okay, just one date. But after I finish what I’m doing.”

Hansol eagerly nodded and you chuckled and you put the book in front you again, hiding the big smile in your face and the relieved one in his.

“This is amazing.” You say as you finished your blue cotton candy and moved into the line with Hansol. He, too, was giddy as he looked up to the enormous roller coaster. After being in almost all the rides in the amusement park, you and him were ready to take on the feared roller coaster.

“I know,” he agreed. The line moved and they were in front the two boys who run the monstrous ride. They stamped matching smiley faces on your wrists and led the two of you to your seats, strapping you and him. The vehicle started to move and both your heart rates went up.

Hansol and you were staggering as soon as you stepped out of your seats, hair disheveled but laughing. “That was fun, Hansol,” you laugh and Hansol was about to agree when you lost balance making him instinctively wrap his arms around you. Each others’ eyes interlocking.

“Sorry.” You push yourself away from him but Hansol still held your arms.

“Huh? Why? You’re warm,” he smiled and you smiled back. Maybe, he wasn’t what everyone said about him. Maybe he’s just Hansol, the sweet and charming guy in front of you.

You and Hansol tried to hide the excited heartbeats, slightly blushing when your eyes met. It was unbelievable.

That night, Hansol tossed and turned, your smile stuck in his mind. He knew, for the first time, everything didn’t feel like a game anymore. And that he didn’t want it to be a game, he wanted it to be real. He wanted to take it seriously.

He turned over and took his phone to send a text to you.

Today was fun. Are you up for another date?

You replied only a few minutes later. One word that filled Hansol’s brain with fireworks: Sure.

The preceding dates were different from the former ones. Water skiing, movies, Italian restaurant, pizza parlor, sky diving…so many different dates filled with conversations. Ever since, he’d been walking you to school and home. It didn’t stop there.

He would walk with his head down across the halls and you’d be caught in a trance. But then he would look up to catch your gaze, winking at you. You were the only girl he saw among the hordes of open-mouthed girls. And you’ve never felt so loved like this. It was absolutely a beautiful feeling.

Time went fast. As the weeks slowly ripened into months, love and warmth replaced the chill inside your heart. Your hypothalamus betraying every denials of love. But as the time went by, so was three months. Hansol felt his heart slowly sinking and breaking every time he saw Mina’s smug face around the corner.

“Time’s up, Hansol. When are you going to break up with her?” Mina said as soon as Hansol opened the door. His eyes widened as he looked back at you who was lounging at the couch, snacking on the popcorn he had prepared for the date. Swiftly, he closed the door behind him, stepping forward, and finally looked at Mina.

“I…can’t…” he looked down.

Mina scoffed, “Come on, it’s not that difficult. Just tell her you want to call it quits. You do that all the time, Hansol. Forgot it?”

Hansol’s mouth stayed shut.

Mina exasperatedly raised her arms and let it fall, “You’re not seriously in love with her, are you? She’s just a dare! Come on, Hansol, don’t be foolish! Just break up with her. It was just a dare, right?”

Hansol’s mouth opened but a different voice came instead, “I don’t think he has to.”

Hansol swiveled to you, what he saw broke his heart even more. Your eyes were red, tears pooling your face. Your name left his lips, “Y/N.”

“So tell me…what did she offer in return?” You said and Hansol winced, anger for Mina, for his stupidity, for himself simmered. He felt really really stupid. He was such a jerk.
“Y/N, let me–”

“No, let me guess. It’s probably money, right?” You bitterly laugh, crossing your arms over your chest as you leaned against the doorframe. Hansol was once again silent, unable to say anything. “Well, I guess I should go. Better spend your money wisely. I hope it was worth spending time with the freak.”

You tore away from them and ran away, hastily wiping the endless tears with the back of palms. You nearly stumbled so you stopped in the middle of nowhere. You didn’t care. It didn’t really matter, as long as you were away from those liars.

Hopelessness washed over you no matter how strong and firm you tried to be. You give up and sat on the ground, not minding if you looked like a hobo. You strike your chest, it was just difficult to comprehend the different shades of pain and betrayal inside you.

“Y/N…” the voice makes you stiffen, trying to look regal but your sniffles deny it. You look away instead, not wanting to look at the eyes that used to spark up your nights. The boy who made you believe in love. He was such a cruel person. “Y/N…listen to me. I shouldn’t ask that of you but I want you to hear me out. I don’t want this to end, okay? (To which you scoffed when internally you wanted to turn and press a frustrated kiss on his lips.) When I first met you, I didn’t think I’d fall for you. I mean, everyone talked badly of you. By everyone, I meant my social circle. But when you put that book down to look at me in the eye, I guess they all vanished. All their lies gone. I’ve forgotten about my ‘friends’ opinions. I don’t know…when I’m with you. I feel like a better version of me. You’re just everything to me. You light up my world with your smiles, your poor jokes, your books. Y/N…you’re just too good for me yet here I am asking you to not leave me…to forgive me.”

You slowly turned around to see him reduced to tears like you. Your heart clenched, you’ve never seen him cry, you wanted to wrap your arms around him, “Even if people will start judging you? You’ll stay with me?”

“Yes, I’ll stay with you. Who gives a damn about them, anyway?” Hansol knew one right he did these past three months. It was sitting in front of you in the library. It was being in love with you.

“So…what are we now?” you softly smiled. You really wondered what. Your relationship with Hansol was something so different. It felt unique. Far from every other relationships. The freak in the school of relationships.

“I don’t know,” Hansol smiled, inching closer to close the gap. “Call it what you want but I know there’s something real between the two of us.”

Hansol left a lingering kiss on your lips before clasping his hand to yours, both of you running away from the world.

Okay well I’m actually in love with this pic. Any ways this is PART TWO of the Disney!Luke imagine. There will probably be a part three then that’s it!! Yay! Thanks guys for liking. Love you

Rating: PG
Warning: v cheesy

When you got back downstairs your manager only asked you how bad it was. No one else thought anything different of it.

You proceeded to tell them the bathroom was pretty gross and it took a while. They didn’t want you to go into anymore detail which you were thankful for because Luke’s took wasn’t messy at all.

You thought about him the rest of your day at work. While doing your rounds on rooms you were sad you weren’t assigned his floor.

The day went quickly though, you practically ran out of there at 5 and up to Luke’s room. You barely even knocked before the door opened.

“Hi.” He smiles.

You had changed from your work clothes into a outfit you had in your work locker. It was just a pair of jeans and a ‘I met god and she’s black.’ T Shirt but it was much better than wearing your uniform around.

He exits his room, he had changed into a plain black tee with a zip up over it and a pair of tight black jeans.

He looked very good and the t shirt made his shoulders look even more broad.

“So do you want the personal tour of Disneyland?” I raise my eyebrows at him.

He tucks his hands into the pockets of his hoody.

“I would love that.” He grins at you.

You take him to the big castle, taking pictures of him and all of the Disney pictures. You laugh snapping a picture of goofy and him hugging.

“Wait.” He walks up to me grabbing his phone back. He walks up to the next stranger. “Can you take a picture for us?”

The women happily nods. “Let’s get one with Mickey and Minnie, yeah?” He asks.

You nod, standing next to Minnie. Luke stands next to Mickey and you both smile at the lady holding Luke’s phone.

“You two are very cute together.” She says handing his phone back.

You look away, pretending you didn’t hear. It was embarrassing having someone think you and Luke were together. You barely knew him to be honest.

He was someone you wanted to get to know better but in reality he probably wouldn’t be here longer than a couple days.

You two kept walking, “let’s go on a ride.” You suggest.

“You choose.” He says.

The big roller coaster was a must. You two arrive at the line and it is easily and hour wait.

You start walking behind the ride, where most people weren’t allowed. It leads right up to the front of the line.

“Hey y/n.” The ride monitor greets you.

“The upside of working here.” You whisper to Luke, waving at David(the ride monitor). “Mind if we go next?”

David nods “Of course.” When the ride ends you and Luke are the first ones on.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Luke jokes and you giggle.

You are pretty close with your coworkers. They know you are a hard and good worker so they are happy to do little favors for you.

You and Luke do this multiple times. You go on many other rides that would usually take all day but with your nice coworkers it was no time at all.

You two went on the roller coaster at least twice. Luke asks if you are hungry and you nod.

“We could go back to mine and order room service or go to somewhere near by.” He says.

You Watch as he brushes the end of his nose with his finger. He’s looking straight ahead but you can’t seem to take your eyes off of him. He is so attractive it’s hard to think he would want to be spending time with you.

“Whatever’s fine.” You shrug, finally looking away.

He looks at you. A slight smile on his face, he seems like he wants to start laughing.

You glance back at him, “What?” You ask, turning red slightly.

He shakes his head and you start laughing. “What?!” You ask again, this time bumping him with your shoulder.

“I just- would it sound… creepy if I told you I had a dream about you the day before coming to America?” He asks.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you mean?” I ask, he stops walking.

He takes a seat at an unoccupied bench and you Turn around, sitting next to him.

“It was the night before I left Australia to come to California. I couldn’t really sleep in the first place, because I was really excited to come to disneyland. But when I finally did fall asleep I dreamt of a girl in a dress getting a drink as I walked into the room. I was automatically interested in her and she just looked so beautiful. I wanted to talk to her but as soon as I started walking to her… I woke up.” He says.

It does sound kind of crazy.

“Like this girl in my dream didn’t just look similar to you. She was a spitting image. That’s why when I saw you in my hotel room I was so infatuated.” He says.

You look at him, for any signs he is joking. He looks completely serious. He is almost studying you face to try and see what Your thinking as well.

“Well faces you see in your dreams you have seen in real life. It’s impossible for your brain to engineer a complete stranger. Even faces you don’t recognize are people you have at least passed on the street or seen in the background of a movie. You brain might not make the connection to where you recognize them from but it has to be somewhere.” I say.

“Well then I guess the question is where have I seen you before?” He raises his eyebrows.

His arm moves to the back of the bench, stretching out behind you. You wish he would wrap it around you but he just rests it behind you so You can ever so slightly feel It resting on your back.

You ask him if he’s ever been here before. He tells you he’s come here with his family once a year for the last 5 years.

“Well than probably here. We’ve most likely passed each other in the halls or you’ve seen me on my lunch.” You tell him. You feel like You’ve worked here your whole life. In reality it’s only been about 3 years but it feels like so much longer.

He shakes his head. “I feel like I would remember a girl like you.” He says making you blush and laugh.

No guy has ever really shown you this attention, let alone someone as attractive as him. His deep eyes are staring holes in yours and you almost feel like he’s going to lean in and kiss you.

“You’re the girl of my dreams.” He says with a straight face.

You can’t help but laugh, looking away. This is all just too much and so unreal.

“You’re so clever.” You scrunch your face at him.

He shrugs, a slight smirk playing on his lips but otherwise he doesn’t seem to be kidding.

We continue to walk for a little longer. He buys me a pretzel and he gets a corn dog. I ask him tons of questions about Australia, I’ve always wanted to go but he seems to think it’s nothing special.

It’s getting dark outside, the lights lit up Luke’s face as you two walked again. You haven’t really been on any rides after you two ate.

You have just been talking as you wandered the park. You can hear people screaming on the rides and kids running around when you two were quiet.

You knew you still had to bus home but you really didn’t want to leave. You were having a wonderful time with Luke and wanted to just stay and talk with him. He is so funny and sweet.

You watch the roller coaster go around. You can feel Luke’s eyes watching you, he smiles. You glance over at him and he looks at you for a bit longer before looking down.

“You are… you’re beautiful.” Luke says nervously.

You laugh, your face turning red and you covered it with your hands.

Not many boys have told you that, other boys haven’t really taken much interest in you.

You hear him chuckle as you lift your head back up.

You look at him, his hair hanging over his eyes.

“So are you.” You wink at him making him laugh louder.

His smile is almost brighter than all the lights. You can’t help but just stare at him just as he was staring at you.

How is it that this boy has made you feel so much in the little time you have known him.

Another chapter is coming to a close, woot woot! I am finally done with junior year! In celebration and disbelief at how I survived. So in no particular order, here are some things I’ve learned this year:  

1. Your friends in high-school are not necessarily going to be your friends       forever

High school is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s the time where everyone is trying to figure themselves out and figure everyone else out. You are going to get into fights with your friends, and that is ok. It is all part of the process of growing up and maturing. If these fights help your friendship become stronger, great! If they don’t, well then you don’t need them. I have gotten into so much drama this year- all of which could not have been avoided, but could have been lessened. So, yes; continue to be friends but please also remember that these friends may not necessarily continue to be your friends for the rest of your life. It is A-OK to drift apart, especially if they behave in a manner that is not worthy of your friendship. Ya don’t gotta be all cynical, but keep an open mind

2. Put yourself first

Continuing on that same line of thought, you gotta put yourself first homeslice. I don’t want to pat my own butt, but I am a pretty nice person that likes to help other people. This year, I became more aware of how much I was taken advantage of and I don’t want that to be you! There is nothing wrong with helping other people, I advocate strongly for it, but save yourself the pain and suffering that I put myself through and think about yourself too.
Do things for yourself and value yourself, because you are the only you :)

3. Take Breaks

It’s very very very easy to tell yourself you don’t have time to hang out with friends or go out, and very very very very easy to succumb to locking yourself up in your room all day. Continue to study and work hard, but also learn to take a break and have fun every once in awhile. Work hard and play hard- it keeps you sane and alive. It doesn’t always have to be going out to party, but it can be small breaks like watching some vines, stretching, updating your tumblr, watching some netflix, or taking a quick nap. It’s important to let your brain take a break and let your body take a break so you can attack your studying with new fervor.

4. It is ok to cry

You are going to feel overwhelmed and feel like everything is falling to pieces. It is completely normal and your emotions are completely valid because Junior Year is rough!

5. No one has any idea what they are doing

Honestly people will try and talk a big game, but no one really knows what they’re doing. People will seem like they have everything together, but everyone is just as confused about everything as much as you are.

6. Talk to your teachers

Teachers understand that you are dying. They went through the same process and they see hundreds of them dying in their classes. There will be teachers that are completely rude and obviously hate children. It’s terrible that there are teachers who really can’t teach or don’t even try, but sadly it exists. You don’t need to be best friends with those kinds, but still be civil. Most of the time teachers are more than willing to help you and love that you are taking the time to talk to them  It is so important, especially Junior year, to find a couple of teachers that you can talk to. They

7. Start early

It’s incredibly hard not to procrastinate, and I have definitely, 100%, done my fair share of it (and I am still doing it as I am putting off studying for the SAT right now, oops). But even if you have no motivation, no energy, and you just want to surf the internet, it is much better to do even a little bit of it, than none at all. I can’t tell you how many times I have regretted not starting on something, and having everything pile in all at once. It’s not just homework, this is the time to also get ready for Standardized Tests and College. Practice, practice, practice for SAT/ACTS (I have a post about the [ACT here]) Get started researching about colleges so that you have an idea of what college visits at your school to go to and which colleges to visit. Also start planning your summer plans early so that instead of lazing around all day (do do some lazing and relax), get involved in volunteering, interning, working, and planning for college apps.

8. Make a resume and update it as needed

Seriously. Build a resume. I have so many friends that did not/still do not have resumes that were scramming in the end when they needed it. It’s something that is helpful to have even if you aren’t applying for a job or internship. For example, when running for BPA state officer, I needed to submit a resume and used that resume to meet new people and convince them to vote for me. I also gave my resume to my counselor so she would have a better understanding of my experience thus far. It’s good to make/update it when it’s still fresh in your mind so it’s easier to write about, instead of wracking your brain months later and forgetting important details. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but make one!

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s so easy to pretend like you understand everything and so hard to actually come terms with the fact that you need help. People in high school and even your friends might come off as obnoxious and rude, and even sneer at people asking for help. Asking though, in turn gives them an opportunity to show off their “immense knowledge” and clears up confusion for you. Even if you’re afraid of being judged, the worst that can happen is someone can say “I don’t know”. Which is perfectly fine because you can always ask someone else. Asking teachers can also be incredibly hard. I always had this thing where I was afraid to approach teachers because I was afraid of wasting their time and asking stupid things, but teachers are there to help- it is their job, to teach. It doesn’t even have to be about academics, if you need help for any reason- there are so many great resources at school that will be there- resource officers, nurses, coaches, counselors, deans, etc. School is a place of learning and if in the environment you cannot do your best for whatever reason, seek out the help that you need and do not be afraid to do it.

10. If it doesn’t make you happy, ditch it

That applies to everything. If there are people in your life that treat you terribly and don’t make you happy, you don’t need them. If there is a significant other, class, activity, whatever, that don’t make you happy, you don’t need it. High school is too short to waste on insignificant events that eat you up emotionally and physically. Do things for yourself.

Junior year has been a roller coaster ride in terms of academics and emotions. Were there things I wish I did differently? Of course. But there is no need to dwell in the past. I am so thankful for all the support I’ve gotten thus far on my blog. I started Junior year with no idea what a “studyblr” was, and went into it with no idea what was going to happen. There is still a lot I can improve on and more ways I want to help people on their personal journeys. All 500+ of my followers, I am forever thankful of you and your belief in me. I truly never thought I would see the day.

As always, my ask box and messages are always open- so feel free to contact me about anything. Have a good summer everyone!


Yoongi Family Scenario

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: Yoongi was always fascinated by the fact that his son could see ghosts.

Word Count: 1809

Originally posted by mn-yg

“Daddy, daddy! Wake up!” Yoongi groaned in the couch, “Daddy! Are you done napping yet? Daddy!” The little six-year-old boy scurried around the couch in circles chanting for his father to wake up. He was excited because today Yoongi was bringing him to the amusement park, which he loved because you all always went as a family,

“Yoon Ho-ah…just…just give daddy five more minutes okay?”

“Daddy! You’ve been napping for nearly three hours! You promised to take me to the amusement park today, and mommy said she would meet us!” He uses his small hands to tug at Yoongi’s sleeve. 

“Mommy said that?” Yoongi let out a loud moan as he stretched, “Alright…I guess we’d better go before your mother kills me.” 

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What’s it been? 3 solid years since I have actually posted something on my Tumblr blog? I almost forgot about my fitblr family *cries* SORRY TEAM! xx

Life has definitely been an interesting roller coaster these last couple years, I fell off the health wagon for a while there and somehow ended up being the girl who went out multiple times a week and indulging in all the heavy greasy foods more often than not. But hey, I’m human. It’s normal. I don’t feel guilt at all, if anything, I feel more motivated than ever to push my body further than ever. Starting over is never easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it, and I’m back baby!

I’m excited to connect with you all again and have a space where I can share my thoughts, progress and hopefully some inspiration for some of you.

Stay happy and stay healthy! Peace and love y’all xxxx

Jungkook Scenario: Payback.

Request: Hey, Can i get a a date scenario with jungkook in amusement park, but his gf really hates rollecosters, yet he force her to try, saying he’s with. She do it for him but really don’t like. So at the end if the wild date. She make him wear cute mask & matching cloths & walk by the beach together.   Thx            

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Jungkook’s words were still echoing in your mind since he said he wanted to get in the biggest roller coaster of the park. You could feel your hands shaking to the idea, you didn’t like them and were hoping that he would at least pass on them for the day, but knowing Jungkook the way you did, it shouldn’t have surprised you at all.

– It’s going to be amazing Y/N – he was smirking, and you tried not to glare at him because after all, you’d agreed on getting on it at least once, for him. But you were in all honesty one step from turning around and running away.

–For you –

Your boyfriend laughed and pulled you to a hug, kissing the top of your head lovingly and you sighed, surrounding his middle with your arms.

–For you too baby, I’m going to be by your side the entire ride and it’s pretty safe, nothing’s going to happen, we’ll have fun –

Jungkook pecked your lips and moved with you to get on the ride, the line was already moving and there was no way back now. You kind of hated the fact of Jungkook’s idea of fun, for you that roller coaster didn’t look fun in any way, shape or form. You swallowed, steeling yourself and praying for this to be fast and that it truly didn’t happen anything to you once you were there.

–Y/N? – you hummed, your voice was lost somewhere in the middle of your unease stomach. –You don’t have to do this for me –

This time, you did glare. –Jungkook, we’re already seated, I cannot…–

He laughed so soundly right then. –So this means you would have gone back if you could? –

You felt your cheeks heating up. –I’m doing this only for you, you know –

–I know – he smiled tenderly and it was because of that beautiful dammed smile that you were trapped there. –thank you, it’s way better if you’re together with me –

You nodded, feeling your hands getting cold when the ride started to advance, at first slowly but gaining speed, then the first drop came in sight and you closed your eyes, searching blindly for your boyfriend’s hand and holding it with all your might.

–You’re going to crush my hand! –

–It’s the price you have to pay! – you screamed while you fell and Jungkook just laughed louder, holding back onto your cold hand. At least he was there with you but this wasn’t the only thing you were going to make him endure in exchange for you getting onto that monster.

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Just the Two of Us

Note: I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted a fic and I’m sorry. I’ve just been really caught up with AP classes and applying to colleges. Enjoy this long one though. Cough cough, it’s unedited, but oh well.

Request: Hi! Do you know what would be really nice? A Lafayette x Reader where the Hamilsquad goes to an amusement park and like they try to conquer the biggest, scariest roller coaster together, and it’s just a bunch of fluff? Thank you so much!

Word Count: 2621

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader, a little bit of Lams

Warnings: Roller coaster, a lil bit of anxiety, but overall just fluff and hamilsquad banter

AU: Modern

Originally posted by real-hamiltrash

“Y/N, hurry up!” You heard Herc yell.

“Coming! Hold on!” You yelled from your room as you unplugged your phone from its charger before running to meet Herc and John in your living room.

“We’ve been waiting for 20 minutes.” John deadpanned as you walked into the room.

You rolled your eyes, grabbing some cash from your counter. “You can’t rush perfection, Laurens, but-” You turned to him and gave him a mocking gasp. “You wouldn’t know that, now would you?”

It was John’s turn to roll his eyes. “Haha, very funny.” He sarcastically drawled.

Hercules snickered from the couch. “He’s just mad because we’re gonna be late to meet his boyfriend.”

You, Hercules, and John were supposed to meet Alexander and Lafayette at an amusement park nearby. You had delayed them because you took your sweet time while getting ready and it made John a little bit frustrated.

“Ha, true.” You stated while walking out the door to Herc’s car with your friends in tow. “I call shotgun! John, you’re in the back.” You stated with a smirk.

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Finn Balor fluff

summary: some Finn Balor fluff
warnings: none
hope you enjoy anon!

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

It was your and Finn’s one year anniversary since the two of you got married. Of course, being a wrestler, you can hardly have any time off. It was a miracle that you and Finn had today off. You rolled over in bed and placed your hand where Finn usually was in the mornings. You opened your eyes and he wasn’t in bed. His side was still warm so he must have just gotten up.
You sat up, letting out a quick yawn. You got out of bed and went to look for him. He wasn’t in any rooms upstairs so you went downstairs. As you reached the bottom of the stairway, you could smell breakfast being cooked 
It made your mouth water. You walked into the kitchen and what a sight that was. Finn was only in his pajama pants with no shirt as he cooked breakfast. “I love waking up to this.” You spoke, making Finn turn. He grinned.
“What are you doing up, love? I wanted to make you breakfast in bed.” Finn said. You walked over and wrapped your arms around his bare waist. 
“I woke up and you weren’t in bed and happy anniversary.” You said. Finn smiled and turned to kiss your forehead.
“Happy anniversary, darling.” He said in return. 
“I have a whole day planned for the two of us. How about you go get ready and we can have breakfast and get our day started?” Finn said. You smiled.
“How am I this lucky to be married to the handsome and sweetest guy in the world?” You asked before going upstairs to change. 

It was summer so you decided to dress in a summer dress and curled your hair. Once you got dressed, you and Finn had breakfast. “Where are we going?” You asked as Finn opened the passenger side door for you.
“It’s a surprise but you can probably guess.” Finn said before closing the door. He walked around the car before getting in the driver’s side. Since the both of you live in Florida and Finn was a Disney,, lego type of guy, you figured as to where he was taking you.
Your guesses were correct as you saw the sign for Disney World. You of course, never been and always wanted to go. Finn has been thousands of time. “Yes! I finally get to experience this. I am a little kid again!” You exclaimed, making Finn laugh. 
“That’s why I brought you here, love. Let’s go make the day out of it.” Finn said as he parked the car.
The two of you held hands the entire day as you went on all different kinds of rides. Today even made you lose the fear of riding roller coasters. After riding a bunch of rides and having lunch, you and Finn went to the Lego store. 
“No wonder you like it here.” You told him, looking around the store. 
“I didn’t bring you here for my liking. I requested something.” Finn said as he led you to the back. You were confused but went with it. 
The store manager greeted the two of you in a friendly manner. The manager led you two to the back. There was something huge covered by a black tarp. “What is it, Finn?” You asked.
Finn nodded, letting the manager know to reveal it. When the manager pulled the tarp down, it revealed you and Finn together made of Legos. Your eyes widen. “This is incredible!” You said in awe.
“I love this Finn!” You said, wrapping your arms around Finn’s neck. He wrapped his arms around your waist before kissing you. 
“Want to do a Finn Freeze in front of it?” Finn asked. You grinned before nodding. Finn gave the manager his phone as the both of you did a Finn Freeze pose in front of you and Finn made of Legos.
This was the best first year anniversary you could ever imagine. You couldn’t wait for more years to come with Finn. 


Since Dadtoki and Shinpachibro didn’t want to go to the amusement park with Kagura, uncle Zura and Eli went with her. She tied his hair so it wouldn’t get caught on the rides. Then they rode the roller coaster so many times Zura threw up. Then he fell asleep, exhausted from running around with Kagura all day, so Kagura and Elizabeth played rock paper scissor to determine who would carry him home. She lost and Elizabeth carried the souvenir bags.

** please don’t repost, edit or steal any of my art **
I’m Sorry, I Can't (FF) Part 1

Genre: Angst, Gang!au

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Group: BTS and GOT7

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Homicide(Murder), Death

Author Note: Hi! This is a new series I’m gonna write. Im not abandoning the Jungkook series, but, people seemed to loose interest so I’m going to work on short series or one shots more. Please show me some love and leave positive messages. Also sorry for all the Got7 in my fanfics, i just love both groups so much. Thanks for reading. <3

Summary: Your part of one of the largest gangs in the city, you only have one rival gang. You are on your fourth anniversary date with your boyfriend Park Jimin, he took you to an amusement park, but then everything goes wrong. Your on your rival gangs turf, so you know something bad is gonna happen. 

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I love amusement park and I love Park Jimin, so, this is the perfect place to be, especially on a day like today. It was hot, but not too hot, the sun as shining -I am probs gonna get burnt- and Jimin is holding my hand. We’ve been friends for more than half our lives, and we’ve been dating for four years today. Ive loved every moment with this cute little mochi; His smile, his eyes, his hair -his booty-. He’s amazing. Its our 4 year anniversary and Jimin took me to an amusement park (my favourite). We were holding hands and looking at all the food we could eat and rides we could ride.

“Bet you’d throw up if you went on that roller coaster” I challenged Jimin.

“Bet you I won’t” He replied.

“How bout this, If I don’t puke, you have to buy me ice cream. But, if I do puke I buy you ice cream” He said.

“Deal” I said and we shook on it.

We both walked into the line for the ride. It was a HUGE roller coaster, that went upside down, in loops and had huge drops. Jimin looked nervous as we got on the ride, in a cart for two.

“I like mint chocolate chip ice cream” I said with a snicker to Jimin before the ride started.

He grabbed my hand as soon as it took off. He started screaming and I just laughed, He was terrified and i was ecstatic. We were both high on adrenaline. The ride started to go into loops. I could see Jimin was on the verge of loosing his cotton candy from earlier.

“MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!” I screamed as the ride went upside down.

Jimin closed his eyes, he was probably going to his happy place. The ride ended and we got off. It was a puke free ride.

“So… I like vanilla. Thanks babe!” Jimin said to me and legit skipped to the nearest ice cream stand.

There was a cute, little ice cream stand a few feet away.

“Hi. I’ll get one vanilla cone, please.” Jimin said and smiled at me.

“Ugh, and a mint chocolate chip cone, thanks.” He gave the order to the cashier and he got the ice creams for us.

he payed for my ice cream and I payed for his. We both looked so happy with our ice creams, we were like little kids. We sat on a dainty bench and ate our ice creams. We didn’t even start a conversation, we were just so focused on how delicious the food was.

“Done.” Jimin said and stood up to throw out the napkin he grabbed.

“I know you. What the fuck are you doing here? Don’t you know that this is our turf?” A tall man dressed in all black said to me.

He walked closer to me, i recognized him. He was a member of a rival gang. My parents were gang leaders, until they died, now me and my brother are the new leaders. He is mostly in charge cause he’s older, but, i help out a lot too. My brother is more of a behind the scene kinda guy, where as I’m more of a fighter, I’m always a part of the action.

“Get the fuck outa here before i beat you, punk.” The man angrily murmured as he picked me up by my collar.

I was so done with his shit, I grabbed his arms and pulled them off my collar, i fell back on my feet. He got angrier, i smirked. I kicked his knees and he fell to the ground. I put my foot on his chest, he was just lucky i wasn’t wearing heals.

“Not even a challenge. Tell your gang ‘good luck from the Got7’, loser” I said to him and turned away.

Jimin was standing there, shocked.

“You…” He stuttered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I said and looked at my feet.

“Your apart of my rival gang. The leader?” He finally said.