i went on a googling spree last night and this was the result

Yandere V3 Girls

Yandere V3 girls! On an unrelated note, I’m going to be playing around with the blog theme and icon today to make everything look prettier. If the blog looks super weird for a minute or two, that’s why! Said by Mod Iruma.


  • She tries to be a good girlfriend, really. But she just can’t help that pit in her stomach when she sees you staring at someone else.
  • What’s this feeling…? She doesn’t know.
  • So she googles it.
  • The results all are really unique, but the result that catches her eye first is one that talks about ‘yandere’.
  • After reading the article over, Akamatsu comes to the conclusion that this article is the pinnacle of true love and that she should try this “yandere” thing out.
  • So one night, she approaches someone that stared at you for just a second too long.
  • “Hi… I saw you looking over at my partner, and look. They’re mine! So, like… if you just keep your hands and eyes to yourself, that would be great. If you don’t… uh… I might have to kill you. So be careful!”
  • Beat.
  • “H-Hey! Stop laughing at me, you…!”
  • It takes your entire allowance to bail Akamatsu out of jail for bashing someone’s head in.


  • Angie starts to bring strangers into your house, claiming they’re going to help her with blood sacrifices!
  • You shrug it off - you know blood sacrifices are non-lethal - but you can’t help but feel that the strangers look really, really familiar.
  • When you ask Angie about it, she just giggles.
  • “We’re all comrades under the light of God! True followers of the faith can recognize the greatest sinner or the greatest believer on sight!”
  • You recognize that she’s just bullshitting, but you just let her do her thing.
  • You do get kinda worried when they start screaming from the other room; blood sacrifices aren’t THAT painful, are they?
  • Eh. You don’t question it. Angie’s been in a better mood than ever before lately, and that’s all that matters to you.
  • You love getting home every day, because a slightly bloody glomp awaits you.


  • Chabashira has been really, really fired up to teach you Neo Aikido lately. You’re excited, but… not nearly as excited as Chabashira is. Nobody could be, honestly.
  • You show up to the scheduled practice later that night, but for whatever reason, Chabashira’s in a really bad mood.
  • “You forgot your gi! Ugh… I thought you were gonna be serious about this. But no matter! Come here!”
  • You walk over and get slammed in the face by Chabashira’s hand.
  • “…That was for that male degenerate that you toler- wait, no! I mean, sorry!”
  • She’s an awful liar. But you pretend you didn’t hear the first part.
  • The entire practice is pretty much a “Chabashira-Vocalizes-Her-Inner-Pain-By-Attacking-You-Over-And-Over” session. By the end of it, you’re less eager to learn Neo Aikido than ever.
  • “So! Tenko really enjoyed this lesson, did you? Because if you did, she’s holding another session tomorrow!”
  • From the look in Chabashira’s eye? You know it’s not a choice.


  • You get a feeling that going to that party last night was a bad idea. Especially having so many drinks.
  • But Yumeno just kept on buying them for you, over and over, in between all of those glares she was shooting at anyone who got within a one inch radius of you.
  • You also remember something red spilling… must’ve been that cocktail Yumeno bought for you.
  • You groggily wake up and stumble into Yumeno’s Magic Room (don’t come in without knocking!). You go in without knocking.
  • Inside are about 20 bodies of people that you know spoke a word to you last night. Including a cat that hopped on your lap.
  • Yumeno is fast asleep near a fire she started, covered in ash and soot. She apparently didn’t have the energy to get rid of all of the bodies.
  • “Mm… never… again… mmm… too much work…”
  • You want to scream and call 911, but judging from Yumeno’s state, you doubt she’d go on a masacrre again. You hope.
  • And anyway… if Yumeno went to jail… you’d never see her again. And if she didn’t, what she might do to you is…
  • You grab your blanket and cuddle up next to her, and fall fast asleep, ignoring the dead body pushing into you.


  • Figuring out Harukawa was a yandere was easy. Confronting her about it was not.
  • “Hey, have you seen my friend from school lately?”
  • “No,” She says, while wiping her bloodied hands on the table mattress. “Why?”
  • “Harumaki, do you know what happened to that guy I was talking to at the bar?”
  • “Not a clue,” She says, throwing some more wood into the incinerator. The arm is still sticking out. “Why?”
  • You finally get the guts to sit her down for an intervention. But before a word comes out of your mouth, you feel your wrist get enclosed in a crushing grip.
  • Harukawa leans close and begins to whisper in your ear.
  • “There’s nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. You understand?”
  • Her nails dig into your skin. You frantically nod, and get rewarded with a condescending smile (but a smile all the same).
  • After the intervention - which intervent-ed you more than it did her - she’s far more open about her killing sprees. It’s not uncommon for you to walk into the kitchen and see her chopping up some poor guy that bumped into you yesterday.
  • It’s weird how you slowly grow used to it. But it’s the only way you can cope.


  • “Yo, sweet-cheeks, look what I just invented! It’s called the “Keep-Shitters-Away-From-People-I-Am-Sexually-And-Perhaps-Romantically-Attracted-To 2000”!”
  • She pauses.
  • “Or just “FUCK OFF 2000”. Either or. Here, let me show you what it does!”
  • She points it as this guy that asked for your number the other day. You can’t stop her from pulling the trigger.
  • The guy is vaporized into dust. You scream - but it’s the dead of night, so nobody hears you.
  • Before you can shriek at Iruma how monstrous she was for killing that person you barely knew, she suddenly goes week in the knees.
  • Sweating harder than people do when they get accused for murder, Iruma looks at you with puppy eyes.
  • “Erm… you’re the only person who really likes me for me… so… when I saw you lookin’ at this good fer’ nothing little whore… I thought you were gonna leave me… so…”
  • She points to her death ray. You shudder.
  • “I ain’t gonna use it on you, but, y’know. If anybody looks at you the wrong way, KYA HA HA! They’ll face the wrath of IRUMA MI-”
  • You furiously nod your head and pull her into a hug. She giggles and teases you about being a really horny bastard, but that’s not what’s bothering you.
  • …You shiver with the realization that no matter what you do, you’re never getting away from the glorious, genius, terrifying inventor Iruma Miu.


  • You begin to realize something’s wrong when you and Toujou go to investigate a crime scene (a maid accompanies her master everywhere, it seems) and you notice a few… well…
  • “Hey, Toujou-san, weren’t we here last night? The exact time the guy died?”
  • She hands out some drinks to the police force and gives a curt nod.
  • “And this guy died in the bathroom… weren’t you in the bathroom for a really long time, or…?”
  • She explains that she had to take care of some womanly affairs, as she organizes some of her master’s (the head detective) evidence.
  • “And don’t I know this guy? Didn’t he make a pass on—”
  • Her glare tells you to shut up immediately or there will be dire consequences. You do so.
  • She drops the detective as her master shortly after (and he quickly dies a horrible death), and decides to move the two of you across the country for her new job.
  • You don’t complain. You’re scared of what would happen if you do.


  • It’s hard to read Shirogane, harder than you could ever expect. Once she walked into your room with a huge stab wound and she was acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
  • So you’ve learned to take care watching her and making sure she isn’t doing anything… rash.
  • Especially after you found a pile of bodies (all dressed up in cosplay) in the basement.
  • Shirogane’s nonchalant attitude about it was even worse.
  • “Honey, I’ve read your whole internet history. I know how much you get off to yanderes on a daily basis! Since I’m so plain, I thought I could spice up our public life by—”
  • You shoo her away and tell her that although you “appreciate” the gesture, killing people is really unnecessary.
  • She sheepishly bows and promises not to do it anymore.
  • (You still wonder why screams come from Shirogane’s bedroom sometimes. You brush it off as her watching a gorey anime.)