i went on a field trip today and the left me


Two athletes have provided one of the most inspirational moments of the Rio Olympics so far when they tripped over each other in the women’s 5,000 metres - then helped one another to carry on.

American Abbey D'Agostino and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand were 3,000m into the race today when D'Agostino appeared to clip Hamblin’s heel, sending both tumbling to the ground.

But instead of appearing frustrated that their dreams of glory were apparently over, both women put on a display of the Olympic spirit that will live on long after the Games are over.

D'Agostino, 24, immediately got up to help her rival - then, as it became clear that she had a right ankle injury, Hamblin tried to help her continue.

Both athletes attempted to start chasing after the pack that had left them. But D'Agostino could not keep going as her knee had apparently twisted awkwardly in the fall.

She told Hamblin to go on as she collapsed on to all fours on the track. But the camera then came back to D'Agostino and she was back on her feet and running again.

Hamblin said: ‘When I went down, I was like “Whats happening, why am I on the ground?” And suddenly there’s this hand on my shoulder like “Get up, get up, we have to finish this.”

‘I’m so grateful for Abbey for doing that for me. I mean, that girl is the Olympic spirit right there.

‘I’m so impressed and inspiring that she did that. I’ve never met her before. Like, I’ve never met this girl before. And isn’t that just so amazing?’

Both Hamblin and D'Agostino were subsequently promoted to the 5000m final on Friday. [x]

quotes from the music department

*Repeatedly sings part of the music in scat*

“Ben swore to Jesus that if he didn’t help me at the concert he’d do thirty push-ups in front of the entire band, and I’m just as excited for this as you guys are.”

“If it were easy, football players would be doing this”

“We were 4.75 points off of the next band, and I’ll make certain this number will haunt you until next season.”

“Tomorrow’s gonna be a rough week.”

“I’ll just get a golf cart to follow the band in the parade. Maybe one day I’ll play a halftime show in a golf cart, all by myself.”

“No, Danny, you’re not starting a group chat for jazz.”

“Someone made me a 22&½-inch stick to measure steps. Don’t make me use it.”

“Trumpets, raise your right hand, and move it over to the person next to you. You’ll be fingering the notes on their trumpet.” *leans over to woodwinds* “this is gonna be really funny”

“We don’t have Thursday night rehearsal this week, so live the lives you have outside of band. So basically, catch up on homework.”

“Here it is– wait no, that’s 32 pages, that’s not right.”

“Before we step off on Saturday, you need to focus and say the following prayer”

“All the freshmen are on break, none of them are here!” *section leader raises hand* “Adeline’s here” “She’s the only one ADELINE WHY DONT YOU TAKE BREAKS IN THE STANDS”

“I hope this is loud enough, because this is as loud as its gonna get” *glares at the saxophone that forgot the speaker* “He forgot the speaker, my own flesh and blood.”

“As usual, the bassist knows the articulation and rhythms to the saxophone parts better than the saxophones do.”

*beatboxes to metronome*

“I want you to go home, do homework, practice, do more homework, have a milkshake, and practice some more.”

“If you want to annoy the heck out of a musician, play a cadence but leave out the last chord and wait like 20 minutes”

“this passage is called ‘Glendy Burk.’ I went to high school with her, actually.”

“you aren’t feeling well? Drugs?”

“while I was in the middle of complimenting you, you made a mistake”

“that saxophone line was jazzy as hell”

“you just have to play angrier”

“what’s the point if they’re all accented?”

“you squeaked in tune”

“can you take that d?”

“you can play my final pitch”

“imagine brass knuckles, but on a tambourine”

“I had to blow on my tongue”

“Bethany, you’re my number one!”

“the entire band is pianissimo, so play really loud. mezzo piano.”

“go through the head”

“BAD tambourine!!!”

“112 is the American tempo”

“the audience started clapping during the caesura. I didn’t know whether to continue on or leave the stage.”

“Matthew, while you were gone, Ed and I determined that you’re a freeloader”

“you came in early” “I don’t remember”

“did you just compare terrible bass parts to a terrorist attack?”

“Christ, Elizabeth, you’re such a violinist”

“All of our violas are at another rehearsal today, so we’ll begin today’s rehearsal with a prayer as that is the only thing that can save us.”

“We don’t have a spare bass bow to use while Ed’s is being rehaired, so you two are just gonna have to share. Yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Ah, yes, but what baroque style are we talkin’ here”

“It was at that point she handed the first chair violin a viola part. He proceeded to hand it back to her.”

“I went home and cradled that music. I never get original bass parts.”

“She turned the page in her score and forgot to continue conducting. Honestly, I would’ve been less surprised had she thrown her baton into the cello section”

“There are two basses in pit this year, so we’re an actual section, so he can’t just shove us in the corner this year HIGH FIVE”

“Does she really know how to buy a bow? She should make it a field trip so you get the right one.” *swings hands in air super wide* “it has to AGREE and BLEND with the instrument DO YOU SEE”

“When the orchestra director doesn’t know what to do she just asks the second chair. If he’s gone, she waits until a day he attends rehearsal to ask him.”

“Don’t be afraid to play out. Except during rests. Then you should be very afraid.”

“is it ok if I start to cry a little right now?”

“I had anaemia as a kid, and my schoolteacher’s name sounded like ‘anaemia’, so naturally, I hated her”

“she took the pen out of my hand and said, ‘no, Richard, use pencil.’ I was so mad”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are fewer bassists today and higher rates of suicide, gang violence, school shootings…”

“channel your inner Whitney Houston”

“play quietly, like you’re about to wake a baby. except you’re the baby, because you didn’t practice”

“I have another metronome app now. I collect them.”

“if someone calls my bass a cello one more time I’m gonna lose it”

“at the gig, a drunk guy came up to me, pointed to my harp, and called it a sideways piano”

“I want the space between these notes to be so big you can fit a little drawing of a house, a sun, a tree, and little dog in there.”

“90º angle notes”

“I want the sixteenth notes so sharp they could kill a man”

“turn the soundbox on”

“do you have a fancy phone? the answer is yes, yes you do.”

“I listened to the narration a few times before realising it was in German”

“I’ve got, like, four copies of that piece. the conductor keeps forgetting that I already have it and makes me a new copy.”

“soon I’ll have AIDS. Hearing aids, I mean. I’m old, is what I’m saying”

“more birdlike, turn on roundabout faster”

“kissing from the left is different from kissing from the right. not that I would know. asking for a friend.”

Boys Don’t Kiss Boys

Group: Bangtan Boys

Pairing: Yoonmin

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi always liked Jimin the most.

Jimin wasn’t like the other boys. Jimin was different, much kinder. He didn’t want to hit Yoongi or steal his lunch like all the others boy did.

Instead, he wanted to play with Yoongi.

Yoongi always wondered why out of everyone did Jimin chose to be with him. But he was happy because at least he had a friend.

They were on the playground during lunchtime. While everyone else was away playing Yoongi and Jimin were hidden behind the trees playing pretend in one of the many elaborate stories that Yoongi came up with.

This time Jimin was playing a young prince that needed to be saved and Yoongi was the knight in shining armor that was going to save Jimin from the clutches of the evil dragon-a one-eyed teddy bear that they had found in the toys’ room.

“Stop right there,” Yoongi bellowed in his loudest voice to the teddy bear behind which Jimin was quivering with fear.

“What did you say?” Yoongi asked in a dramatic voice.

Jimin cried out louder.

“Do not worry prince for I am here to save you,” Yoongi said to Jimin before returning his attention back to the dragon.

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anonymous asked:

this is my first request on your blog ><'' uhm, so a hc with the rfa+v+saeran where they see MC at a public place (bus/train station, supemarket, park, etc..) and they are immediately captivated by her. Will they approach her? you decide :D thanks!!

uwaaaaaa~ welcome!! <3 please enjoy your stay~! sorry it was a little late, i have a bunch of things going on so they all might be a little shorter too T_T

P.S. I’ll try and post a bunch of stuff today to make up for all the time i didn’t but i can’t promise anything <3

P.P.S I think i’m sick now so i guess I have more time to write??? T___T But being sick sucks… lololol alliteration



- Yoosung was rushing his way to school. His bus was very late so he had to catch the train

- then he saw her

- she stood on the other end/side of the platform with her head bowed, focused on her phone, headphones in her ears

- he saw the clear screen of flappy bird and the score of 74 in a window reflection

- as he stood, waiting for the train, he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off her

- soon enough though, her train pulled up quickly and she was enveloped (is that the word its the only one that i could think of) in the crowds of rushing people

- his train pulled up soon after and he got on, almost bumping into someone

- when he got to school, all he could think about was the girl on the other side of the platform

- his friends teased him during the breaks about why he was so distracted the whole day


- you were super excited to get these tickets

- most of his shows were all old out within the first hour but one of your friends had pulled a few strings with her sister who was a friend of the wife of one of the actors… basically you got free tickets!

- who were you seeing??? well, duh, Zen~!

- you fidgeted in your seat, your friend laughing at you from her seat beside you

- when Zen came onstage you were captivated by his singing… his acting… his dancing… and his looks too of course

- honestly you were incredulous that he even existed (did i use the word right…? i know what it means but still…)

- he saw you in the crowd too and for a second he seemed to forget his lines for a second

- he sent you a discreet wink and you died inside as your friend laughed at you silently

- sadly, after the show ended, you got swept away by the crowd and didn’t see him again… until you met the RFA~


- it was one of the very rare occasions that she had a day off

- Jaehee was ecstatic when Jumin told her she could relax for the day because he had to go on a business trip with his father and all the other sections would deal with things

- she decided to go on a refreshment day which included going to one of the new cafe’s that opened close to the C&R building for breakfast

- she pushed open the door with a new skip in her step and ordered a latte as well as some (insert cool breakfast food here)

- when she went and sat down, another girl walked in, ordering a latte also before going over to sit with her friend

- when the barista people called out the latte order, both Jaehee and the girl walked over to collect it

- their hands cliche-ly touched as they reached for the cup and Jaehee felt her heartbeat speed up

- “oh, sorry about that.” Jaehee smiled and pulled her hands away

- “don’t worry about it. thank you” the girl smiled back and took the coffee, going back to her table

- Jaehee watched her go, smiling to herself as her coffee came also


- You sighed, swirling your drink around in it’s crystal glass (oh, you’re super fancy fancy high class etc etc here)

- you stood, bored out of your mind on the side of the room, watching as people talked mindlessly amongst each other

- it was a boring dinner party hosted by one of your acquaintances. you’d only agreed to see if you could meet any new companies for deals.

- it had been about three hours and a bit when you decided that if you left now, it wouldn’t be seen as rude

- you placed the glass down, making your way over to your acquaintance to tell her that you were going. you didn’t notice the eyes that followed you across the room

- a dark haired male watched as you walked over to your friends

- he hadn’t met you yet, though he had heard of the incredibly talented owner of your company. aka, you

- he was already infatuated from earlier that night as he saw you deal with incompetent businesspeople

- though he couldn’t talk to you as he was already too busy with the people surrounding him

- you left soon after, not noticing that he was entranced by you completely


- he was undercover at a nightclub for a field job

- attempting to be undercover, he went over to the bar to grab a drink

- there, he saw a girl who looked incredibly uncomfortable as a guy started going closer to her and talking to her

- he could see why, the girl was stunning and he’d heard her joking around a lot with her friends earlier, but clearly she wasn’t enjoying it

- deciding to help out (plus it would help him look less suspicious), he walked up to her and put his arm around her, glaring at the other guy.

- “hey babe, come with me, i want to introduce you to someone” he said before leaning down and whispering to her “i saw you looked super uncomfortable earlier and i thought i’d make sure you’re okay. let’s just make sure this guy leaves you alone for the rest of the night.” she nodded and whispered back a ‘thank you’

- they left the other guy, quickly reporting him to the bar people and walking over to a table (idk as i said i’m a tiny child i’ve never been to a nightclub)

- after chatting for a while and making sure she knew where her friends were and that she was okay, Seven saw his target ducking away

- he quickly apologised to the unknown girl and slipped away, following his target and hoping that he’d meet her again one day (though he knew it was futile)


(okay, so he’s not blind here just for convenient purposes)

- you decided to visit the park for a one-person picnic lunch

- you hadn’t been to the park in ages because you were too busy with work/school but the weather was lovely today so you thought screw it i’m going

- after spreading out your picnic blanket under a tree, half in the sun and half in the shade, you spread out your small arrangement of food and just enjoyed the peace and quiet

- soon enough, when the soft golden light gently danced across your skin, you fell asleep, headphones in your ears and listening to music

- a certain light blue haired man was passing by, just taking photos for his new exhibition at the art gallery

- he spotted you laying down on your picnic blanket, the dappled sunlight grazing across your skin. the lighting was perfect and you looked beautiful

- he took the photo juuuuust right so you wouldn’t be able to tell the identity of the person in it. when he looked at it again, he just smiled to himself


- he was out at the shopping centre, keeping an eye on a potential target for Mint Eye

- he sat in the food court with ice cream, trying to not look suspicious

- looking around he was surprised as he saw a girl get dared to eat a whole (massive portion of food) by her silver-haired friend (>.0 thats what i’m here for //slapped)

- she finished it off soon and he was impressed by her skill as well as her in general

- as she left the food court, so did his suspect so he followed the two of them, walking into random shops and looking around why was he in the pet store

- her jokes and just mindless chatter with her friend intrigued him and he found himself genuinely laughing at some of them

- when she left, he found himself upset, though he couldn’t grasp a reason as to why

- so, for the remainder of watching his suspect, all he could think about was the girl in the food court~


uwah, i couldn’t really think of anything for saeran, so apologies for that

also writing really late at night makes me want to use really fancy words lolololololol

i hope this could satisfy you, dear anon~

bye bye~! *poof*

all i have is love

the love of my life turns 27 today. happy birthday @arrogantbullyingtoerag​. here is the time traveller au i never thought i’d write. you deserve all this and more.

She is a young girl squatting in a field of wheat, the reeds rustling reverently around her as she holds her breath. Her sister will not find her here. The other boys might. Her red hair marks her out as sure as a bloodstain pooling on white snow, and yet she sways with the reeds, her knees buckling, the joints aching. They will not find her here. She can hear them calling, bloodhounds baying in the late afternoon sun, sniffing out her scent, the sprig of honeysuckle she plucked from the hedge down the road clutched tight in her sweaty palm, the sweetness of it dancing around her ears, in her head. Why is her head spinning? She is hiding. The cicadas are bleating all around her, soft ripples of activity jumping from plant to plant. She can hear a bike rolling its wheels past her on the gravel path behind the field. The trees are blustering in the gentle wind that ripples through. The reeds talk. She can hear them coming. She can hear their voices. She wants to be far, far away from here. The scent of honeysuckle is making her head ache. Take me away. They are coming closer. Take me away. She closes her eyes, and disappears.

A musty bookstore in Edinburgh. The shelves talk. The books rustle. Everything is coated in dust and candlelight. Hello? she wants to say. She’s holding her breath. She dare not say a word. The floorboards creak beneath her feet and the deep jade carpets bring up clouds of dust around her ankles, like there are ghosts trying to grab her by the calves, like they are trying to keep her here. Hello? This is like a perverse game of hide and seek. She wanders down the corridor, stepping into rare pools of candlelight, the heavy carpet leading her into the front room. The world is dark outside the windows. She wonders if she will ever leave this place, if she can ever leave. There is a heavy, baroque desk in the middle of the room. The bookshelves seem to climb up into nothing, into the stars. Hello? There is a man behind the desk. He looks like he has just stepped out of the bookshelves. His hair is white as a sheet, whisker-thin, climbing about his face like static. She wants to breathe but her lungs are full of dust. The man smiles at her, showing yellowing teeth, and speaks aloud the word that is stuck inside her head. ‘Hello,’ he tells her. She runs. She screams.

There is a tall manor house she went to once with Petunia and her parents, stuck in the middle of the countryside, so quiet and polished, like a French château. The people were musty but the house was not. She got bored and went wandering from room to room, surveying the display cabinets, chatting with the ghosts. That is where she is now. ‘Hello,’ says the lady of the house. Lily cannot remember her name. ‘We didn’t expect to see you back here so soon.’ The lady rings for tea, and Lily excuses herself. It is exactly like she remembered it, but without the warmth of her sister beside her. The house is whispering to her like it did the last time she was here. She cannot hear what it is saying. She wants to hear what it is saying. So she follows the whispers through the walls, trying to find its source, hear its secrets. She plays sardines with the suits of armour and ends up stuck in the airing cupboard, crying for help. Everything is so dark. She feels like she has been here before. She is in a dream. Everything is in a dream. She tries to reach out and touch the towels, the linens, but there is nothing. There is only darkness.

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Field Trip

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I went with a more normal storyline, I hope that’s okay!

I don’t have any younger siblings or cousins, so I don’t know how tall 10 year olds are, so just, sorry.

I also don’t know anyone that’s autistic, so I hope I portrayed the child okay.

If you were being honest, you were having as much fun as the school kids were. You had to keep reminding yourself that you were just a teacher’s assistant, not a 5th grader yourself, but you were enthralled with Stark Industries. The teacher you were helping, Mrs. Robins, had told the kids that none of the Avengers would be making an appearance at today’s field trip, but they had all hoped they’d catch a glimpse, as did you.

The kids squealed when Tony Stark casually strolled up to you and Mrs. Robins, introducing himself and informing you both that he was just dropping by to say hello. It was a frenzy, all the kids descended on Tony Stark like a tidal wave, clamouring for photos and autographs. You were dazzled too, but something in your gut told you to look for Lucas. He was autistic and Mrs. Robins told you that he had a tendency to wander away from the group on previous trips.

Your stomach sinks through the floor as you notice he’s missing. You check and re-check the crowd of kids a dozen times, you were starting to panic.

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Way to Go, Kid (unedited)


Summary: Reader finds a news report on herself about joining her school’s track and field team. Father!Tony × Daughter!Reader, Mama Bear!Nat, Word Count: Lots, too long for me to even care. Warnings: Fluff, slight mental break down, terrible writing A/N: Please forgive me for not posting for 2 weeks. Requests are open. I might do a Bucky one later today, who knows. Gifs ain’t mine, y'all.

Originally posted by sophfie

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Pressing the on button of the treadmill, you went to work. And by work, I meant you were running, like actually running running. It was 5.15 am in the city that never slept, meaning the traffic 18 stories below you was in full swing.

As your feet hit the treads, you immediately got bored. Music would never help, so you opted to turning on the TV. The first channel that played was the news. You were used to people talking around you when you ran that it just flew over your head.

That was until you heard the new report. “Y/N Stark, daughter of the billionaire, surprised us all last summer when she started at Midtown High School.” Your public school photo was shown next to a photo of you and Peter Parker.

Tripping on your own feet, you fell off the treadmill. “FRIDAY, record this and send it to dad when he wakes up.” You say to the AI system.

“Yes, Miss.” The feminine robot replied. “Your father is awake. Shall I alert him that you are awake?”

“Yeah, why not.” You mumble, getting back on the treadmill.

As you keep watching the report on you, you see a familiar photo. It was Peter Parker and you smiling to the camera. You were in your track uniform and his arm was slung around your shoulder. “- the young girl has been seen during track practice flirting with other athletes. It is unknown what events she is in, but according to footage from the school’s Twitter page suggests she is a sprinter and a long jumper.”

A video of you sprinting around the track showed, and in every frame there was a certain spider boy yelling for you to keep pace. Peter wasn’t on the team, he wasn’t a manager, he was just there because your control freak of a father is paying him. He’s there because Tony freaking Stark wants someone he trusts there if you get hurt.

The sound of the door opening behind you pulled you from your running. And as the world would have it, you tripped and flew off the end of the treadmill. “Geez, Y/N, you’re supposed to be a runner.” Your father joked.

“Hahaha, very funny.” You glare towards him and get up. Turning your attention to the TV, you see more of yourself in running shorts and tank tops. “What are we going to do about this?” You sigh.

“Sweetheart, you’re a Stark. Whatever you do, it’s going to be broadcast across the world.” Your father’s hand was placed on your shoulder. “The press got all worked up when you started at Midtown in August. They’re not going to let you feel normal. Just do your best and stay out of trouble.” Kissing your head, Tony started to leave the room.

“But why me? I have ‘Stark’ in my name and now I’m a celebrity.” Feeling of despair made themselves prominent in your mind. “Why can’t I be normal like Pete?” You cry.

“You’ve never been normal, Y/N M/N, deal with it.” And with that, your only parent left the room.

Your attempted work out was cut short by this sudden development. You went to your room to get ready for the school day.

When you emerged from your room, the team was having their team meeting over breakfast. Steve noticed your presence first. “Hey kiddo!” His cheery tone pushed you farther into your melancholy state.

“Good morning Steve.” You muttered.

Everyone noticed your mood and looked at your paternal unit. “What? It’s not my fault!” Tony threw his hands up in defense.

Nat got up, once again glaring at your dad. “I’ll deal with this.”

She followed you into the kitchen. “Hey, hun.”

“Hello.” You grumbled as you made yourself a bowl of cereal.

“What’s wrong?” Was all she had to say before you broke.

Tear flowed fast down your cheeks. “I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be a Stark. I want to be myself and not my father’s shadow.” Falling to the floor, you curled into a ball.

Nat sat next to you and held your shaking form in her arms. “What made you come to these thoughts?”

“The news report on me.” You whispered.

The team was gathered at the door frame as you looked up. Sad faces met your own, all speaking words of wisdom. “You what? You may be a Stark, but you’re never stuck in your father’s shadow. No one in this tower has lived a normal life.”

Thoughts of how dumb this tantrum was wandered through your head. “I’m sorry. I should have my feelings in check.” The apology falls out of your mouth.

“It’s normal, Y/N.” Nat kissed your cheek. “Now, you need to get to school.”

You ate on the floor, leaving your bowl and spoon relatively close to the sink. Steve and Bucky offered to drop you off because you had definitely missed the subway.

The ride there was filled with unique questions. When your school building was in sight, your need to get out of the black SUV rose. “When should we pick you up from track, doll?” Buck inquired as you jumped out on to school property.

“4.30, probably… What time is it?”

“8.15, why?” Confusion hit both of the super soldiers.

“I’m late and as a freshman, I need one of you to check me in.” The day was just getting better by the minute.

Steve parked the car where it was and they both escorted you in to your first period. You were embarrassed as whispers erupted around the lecture hall. “Miss Stark, you’re late.”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” You squeak as you find your seat next to Peter. You were never living this down.

For Forever - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1751
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: fluffy, falling out of trees
Summary: Inspired by the song For Forever from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, you and Peter take a trip to a hidden gem- an open field filled with trees, that not many people visit. Talking about anything and everything, having a picnic, and climbing a tree makes for two friends having a perfect day.
Authors Note:  I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen…so this had to happen. I also think this song is more lovey than the “love” song between the boy and girl…SO I USED THIS ONE. I love love love this musical so much and ughhhhh it’s just so good. AND I WROTE SOMETHING NOT ANGST FOR ONCE THATS ALSO PRETTY LONG IM EXCITED

Peter / Full Masterlist


You took a bite of your ice cream as you drove both you and Peter down the winding road. “How much further?”

“Not too much further. We should be there soon,” You told your best friend and thought about the picnic basket and necessities in the trunk. Soon enough, you pulled into a dirt parking space and got out of the car to grab the basket and extra things. Not many people visited this hidden gem.

The hidden gem was an open field, which just so happened to be framed with trees. It allowed for the outer parts to have shade, but the center to have open space to allow the sun to come in and watch the clouds pass by, waiting for the sun to go hide away and let the moon and stars come out. Which was perfect for the end-of-May weather, making for a great day.

It was near an apple orchard, which was by an ice cream stop, but not many people actually visited this field. You and Peter grabbed the basket filled with goodies and the blankets in the back of the car. “Race you there!” Peter shouted and took off running.

“Not fair!” You yelled back, grabbing the last of the things and shutting the back of your car, locking it before taking off. “That was so mean, Peter!”

You ran with your hands full to find Peter laying on the ground in the middle of the open field. You laughed a bit and walked up to him, sitting beside the boy with his eyes closed. “Hey!” You yelled, making Peter jump.

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Forgive me

Summary: An easy mission goes south when a group of strange men attack you with an asgardian weapon. Loki is the only one who can help you, but after the incident on earth you hadn’t had any contact since. Will you be able to forgive him?

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 1.406

Warnings: mentions of blood and shootings. a teeny tiny bit of angst.

A/N: Honestly, I don’t know where that went. Originally this was supposed to be a Thor x Reader, where I wanted to practice writing some action scenes. Then suddenly there was Loki and the ending went into a different direction than I thought it would go. I still have mixed feelings about this but it took me too long and I love the ending way to much to not post it. Long A/N is long, excuse my rambling.

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

It happened in a matter of seconds. You were looking trough some old Hydra files, talking to Thor trough the smart watch Tony had build for you. He was guarding the door of the old base in the middle of the desert, while you were busy inside.

It should have been an easy job- you were supposed to be in and out in a matter of 30 minutes max. The bigger was your surprise when you were suddenly swarmed by a horde of agents, dressed in black, guns drawn. You still managed to take some of them down, slowly making your way to the door where you would hopefully meet Thor.

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believe-that-you-can-my-friend  asked:

I'm here for the domestic!bughead prompts!! how about engaged Bughead looking through photos in order to use one for their wedding announcement on the paper but they stumble across their old childhood and adolescence ones and they end up laughing at how awful they are and zooming in on those that one of them is pulling a face or a photo that was captured at just the wrong moment and teasing each other and you know ALL THE FLUFFY FEELS! <3

Ahh, thank you for the cute prompt, m’love!
I blame @lusterrdust and her adorable fic ‘feels like home’ for all these damn domestic feels <3

Jughead didn’t bother looking up from where he was editing the newest chapter of his latest novel as he heard Betty entering their living room. At least, that was until she settled down besides him, unceremoniously plucking the device from his hands and resting it on her lap. He looked at her incredulously, a smile twitching at the corners of his slightly open mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing, Betts?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest and angling his body towards her. She didn’t notice his surprise, or if she did she chose not to indulge him, busying herself with plugging her hard drive into the laptop and finding what she wanted.

“Just borrowing this,” she chirped, scrolling through the endless files that popped up on the screen. He chuckled.

“So what, I put a ring on your finger and suddenly you think what’s mine is yours?” he quipped sarcastically, leaning in to try and catch her eyes, his own glinting with mischief. She cast a smirk at him,

“Conventionally, yes.” He settled back against the sofa with a laugh, throwing his arm around her shoulders. “We need to find a picture for our engagement announcement,” she told him. He groaned in response.

“Do we really have to do that?” he whined, biting his lip against more protestations when she turned to him with a stern look.

“Mom phoned, again. If we don’t give her one to print by the end of today god only knows what she’d choose. You don’t want to face the wrath of Alice Cooper, do you?” Jughead shivered in mock horror. Everyone had been surprised by how little resistance Alice had put up against Jughead dating her daughter, but still he knew all too well what her bad side looked like and it was not a place he wanted to be.

“Wait, what’s that one?” Jughead asked, pointing to a folder on the screen labelled ‘oldies’.

“Oh, I’d totally forgotten about that!” Betty shrieked, clicking on it immediately, an array of images lighting up before them. One trait that Betty had been happy to claim from her mother was her organisational skills. She’d been putting every photo she could find into categorised folders since she could remember. “Oh, my god!” She tapped on one, enlarging it on the screen.

It was their kindergarten class photo, twenty or so chubby little faces grinning back at them. Jughead spotted Betty quickly, like he always did, standing slightly off to the left, her smile a little more subdued than some of the toothless grins of her classmates, but her face just as bright. The rosiness of her plump cheeks matched the tiny pink roses on her yellow sundress.

“I hope our daughter looks like you,” Jughead whispered before he even realised he was speaking. His eyes went wide as her head whipped sharply to face him. His face was burning as he looked down, fiddling with the hem of her sweater in embarrassment.

“Our daughter?” Betty asked in adoration, her eyes shining. He chanced a look back up at her, tension in his chest easing at the hopeful look plastered across her face. He cleared his throat, smiling timidly.

“Well, yeah. If we have a daughter, I mean,” he stuttered out lamely. He felt Betty lean further into his side.

“I hope we do,” she mumbled, turning back to face the screen, a new warmth spreading throughout Jughead’s chest. “Oh, Juggie!” she squealed, pointing to the other end of the photo. Standing there, tiny denim jacket and all, was a little Jughead Jones, crown beanie slipping down over his eyes until all that was visible was a peek of dark hair and a toothy grin.

“My mom knitted it big, said I’d grow into it,” he chuckled, looking at his younger self. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

“That you did,” Betty joked, chucking him under the chin. Jughead swatted her hand away playfully.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s move on, shall we?” He tapped the arrow, shifting along to the next picture. Betty gasped. It was her and Archie, a couple of years older than the last photo, sitting on the grass in the park they used to play in. Archie’s head was thrown back in laughter, his red hair glowing in the summer sunshine as Betty gazed adoringly on. But that wasn’t what stopped her breath. There, slightly out of shot was Jughead, fixing her with the same expression she knew she’d given the redhead countless times throughout her youth.

“I always saw you, Betty, even if you didn’t see me yet. I always knew,” Jughead leaned down to whisper against the shell of her ear. Betty turned her head once more, capturing his lips in a delicate, feather-light kiss. They pulled back, gazing into each other’s eyes as Betty felt the comforting new weight of the ring on her left hand. This was right, this had always been right.

She blinked back tears as they resumed their trip down memory lane, cute childhood memories slipping into the awkward phase of early adolescence. Betty threw her head back, laughing freely at a particularly bad shot of the both of them at someone’s birthday party. She zoomed in on Jughead’s face menacingly.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had so many chins, Juggie,” she teased, shrieking as his fingers danced against her side, relinquishing her control over the laptop. Jughead seized his opportunity, zooming in on her face instead, her expression blank but her eyelids half open and eyes rolled slightly back into her head.

“Yeah, well you never told me you were possessed in our youth, Regan,” he scoffed, holding his fiancee off as she attempted to snatch the device back.

“Wait, Juggie, stop! There’s one I want to see!” she struggled, sitting back with a huff before he finally relented, placing a sweet kiss on the side of her head. “Look, do you remember this being taken?” He turned to face the screen.

They were on the school field, high noon sun shining down on them as they lounged around in the summer heat. Betty was leaning back on her elbows, face turned up into the light slightly, rays catching the highlights in her golden hair causing her to emit a subtle glow. Jughead was lying next to her, propped up on his elbow, looking down at Betty with pure and open adoration in his blue eyes. The angle of the light was captured perfectly, shrouding them in a spotlight against the green of the grass. Jughead looked down, catching a glimpse of the way their hands, barely noticeable behind Betty’s hip, were locked with one another by their pinkies only.

“This one,” she said, her voice getting stuck in her throat slightly. Jughead nodded, tightening his grip on her.


Out Of Nothing At All - One

In the interest of giving those who don’t like OC’s something to read, I’m gonna post this at the same time as White Rabbit, my Criminal Minds case fic which you can find below.

“You really should go and get that checked out Y/N.” This was the fifth time in as many minutes that Spencer had repeated the same thing.

Shifting the ice pack against the back of your head you scowled at him. “When exactly did you finish medical school Reid? Oh wait…….. ” He was annoying you, you were fine. It was just a bump. And a few scratches. And maybe a sprained ankle. Nothing that a hot bath, some bandages and a fuck ton of antibacterial cream wouldn’t cure.

“You need stitches as well. That cut on your arm is nasty, if you don’t get it treated properly you stand an 74 percent chance of developing an infection.” 

“Please go and bother somebody else before I punch you. Please?” You just wanted to get back to headquarters, you were exhausted from the chase that had caused your mild injuries.

Luckily though, Derek Morgan had been with you when the unsub had made his dash for freedom, knocking you into the ditch as he went, you cracking your head on a rock at the bottom. The rest of the team had arrived minutes later, finding Morgan with the unsub pinned underneath him and you flailing like a turtle stuck on its back.

Reid and JJ had carefully made their ways down into the ditch, passing by the bushes that had torn your hands to shreds as you’d tried to grab them to keep yourself from falling, however unsuccessfull. You’d leant on them for support as they pulled you back up the hill and out of the wooded area to the parking lot.

The unsub apprehended and on his way to the local jail, Reid was insisting that you go to the nearest ER to get your injuries checked out. You were fine though, apart from wanting to seriously hurt your colleague if he rambled off one more random fact about brain injuries sometimes not being apparent straight away, or flesh eating bacteria that you could have contracted from the stagnant water of the shallow pond you’d ended up in.

Reid looked hurt but started to walk away from the back of the SUV you were sitting in, nursing your ankle and head with emergency ice packs. You know, the sort where you break the fluid inside setting off some sort of chemical reaction that made them cold. No doubt Dr Reid would be able to explain perfectly how they went from solid plastic to cool bits of ice sent from heaven to ease your pain. Not that you were going to ask him.

Ahhh, peace and quiet. Until the door on the other side of the vehicle opened and he started to slide in next to you.

Nope nope nope, this wasn’t happening. The drive home was three hours long, the jet having been in for an emergency service and the team not being to all get on commercial flights fast enough. You were not spending three hours in the back seat of an SUV with Reid. You’d rather sleep in the ditch you’d not long been dragged out of.

You slid out of the vehicle, wincing as your swollen ankle hit the hard ground as you hobbled across the concrete hearing Spencer protesting behind you.

Making your way over to the vehicle Agent Hotchner had arrived in, you begged him to allow you to ride home with him. Morgan and Rossi had left already, tailing the squad car containing the unsub to the station to fill out the required paper work. This left you, Agent’s Jareau and Prentiss, Dr Reid, and your boss, Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner.

“Please sir, you know how much he winds me up. I just want to pass out for three hours and you know he’ll insist on keeping me awake, jabbering on about….. I dunno, fucking badgers or something.” Your boss’s eyebrows raised at your language and you swiftly muttered an apology. You were still out in the field after all.

“Get in, Emily and Jennifer can ride with Dr Reid. But I’m not listening to that noise you refer to as ‘music’ again.” You grinned, remembering the last you’d driven him somewhere and had forced him to endure the dulcet tones of Corey Taylor.

“Your car, your rules boss man.” You climbed into the passenger side, buckling yourself in and waiting patiently.

Ten minutes or so later and you were off.

“You and Dr Reid really need to sort your differences out you know,” Aaron glanced at you.

“Sir, it’s not like we have that many differences. You know that I respect him and even admire him somewhat. He just….. Doesn’t shut up sometimes.”

“Not unlike someone else I know, sitting not too far from me.” His tone was less stern than it had been before.

“Oh hush now. You enjoy hearing me talk, when I get the chance to….. That’s part of the issue. He rarely gives anyone else the chance to talk, always jumping in and interrupting people.”

“Yes but if you’ll recall, his ‘jumping in and interrupting people’ has saved our asses on a number of occasions,” he pointed out.

“True….. But, maybe sometimes I want to be the one to point out how long it would take cross from the Gulf Of Mexico to France in a one person manned row boat for once.”

Aaron laughed at you and directed his attention back to the road.

It wasn’t that you hated Spencer, or even disliked him. You DID respect his intelligence and ideas, and it was true that his theories had been correct and saved you all and plenty of would be victims on numerous occasions. You got on okay with him at work, even sharing light banter and the odd joke. But he wasn’t who you’d choose to spend large amounts of time with outside of work. And when you feeling pretty shitty like today, you just couldn’t handle his sometimes condescending and preachy tone.

You must have drifted off to sleep as when you woke, the streetlights were starting to come on. Checking your watch you saw you’d been travelling for around an hour. You ran you tongue over teeth, hating that feeling you had when you woke up from a nap. Adjusting yourself carefully in the seat, you felt a throbbing pain in the back of your head and the sudden taste of bile in the back of your throat.

“Hotch pull over, NOW!”

The Agent pulled over almost immediately, and you just about managed to push the door open wide before the vomit erupted from deep inside of you, your head pounding as you leant over the edge of your seat.

Five minutes later and you settled back into the seat, Aaron handing you a bottle of water and some napkins as he fiddled with the satellite navigation system.

“I’m taking you to the nearest hospital Y/N. We passed one a few miles back.”

“What, no! I’m fine. I swear,” you protested.

“You’ve cracked your head and now you’re vomiting. We’re going, as your boss, I overrule your decision. Better safe than sorry.”

You knew better than to argue with THAT voice and ninety minutes later you were propped up on a hospital bed, having had your ankle wrapped professionally and waiting for the results of the labs they’d ran on you and the scan they’d taken of your body and head.

Hotch had made a few calls, letting the team know where you were and you could almost hear Dr Reid gloating. “I told her she needed to get herself checked out, I told her she stood a 135 percent chance of getting abducted by smurfs if she didn’t.” You mimicked his voice inside your head, seeing Hotch put his phone down as the Doctor re entered your room.

“Well your labs have come back fine and the scan looks okay. Nothing abnormal. Given the vomiting though and the size of the egg on the side your head, we’d like to keep you in overnight, just for observation. You’re going to have a pretty nasty bruise there tomorrow.” You sighed as the Doctor turned to Hotch.

“There’s a Holiday Inn two blocks up with pretty decent rates. I can see from your paperwork you’re both based in DC, and it’ll be a pretty long trip home, just to come back for her tomorrow.”

Hotch nodded, “I’ll get a room, the team can manage without me for one night. We’ll debrief when we’re back tomorrow.”

The doctor turned back to you, smiling softly and placing his hand on your arm.

“And you’ll be pleased to know the baby is fine. Ideally, you should have told the xray technician you were expecting. Normally we don’t like to expose pregnant moms to radiation if we can help it, but I’ll attribute the bang on your head to you not ticking that box on your forms. What are you now, ten to twelve weeks?”

“The tattoo of the anchor with a compass” soulmate AU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title: “The tattoo of the anchor with a compass”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompts: SOULMATE AU Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts.

Requested by: @coldplaylover2009 (gave me the idea of making my soulmate Bucky thing into a Series thing so here it is, thanks love!)

Word count: 1695 (I’m not even sorry because i’m not doing a second part)

Warnings: Some language as usual and hey it’s fluff a warning? I always ask that.

A/N: I’m 100% Steve Rogers trash after writing this piece. Also, remember that feedback is always appreciated. Smooches to you all 

Bucky’s Part.  || Pietro’s Part || MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Steve Rogers AKA Captain America or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

Back in the 40’s Steve Rogers never, not even once felt that voice in his head, that one that everyone was talking about. His best friend Bucky Barnes was just like him so he thought that maybe they weren’t destined to have a soulmate, like if that was even possible.

When he met Peggy Carter he felt love, but it wasn’t the same. They did have similar tattoos but never colored, and the voice in his head was nowhere to be heard.

By the time he woke up from the ice the first thing that he noticed was that his anchor with a compass tattoo was still uncolored.

But when he started to go out for a run to be able to be back on the field he felt something different, a low humming on the back of his mind. A melody that he never heard before, and a female voice that made him stop his run and he just stood there, listening to his mind.

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Eight

I cant believe this is already on part eight. Thanks for the continuous support. Also HUGE shout out to @slapshotsandoneshots​ for always helping me out and supporting! Make sure to check her out she’s amazing!

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None?

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex POV*

I wake up from an announcement being made over the intercom of the plane. Jet lagged from the extremely long flight, and time change. At first, I was going to go back to Rochester, but my heart was broken from all the arguments I had faced. I decided to go see my family instead. I look out of the window seeing nothing but an empty sky. Y/N didn’t leave my mind once. All our memories being replayed in my head.

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anonymous asked:

Ok so, can I has meh a HC of how the boys would react to their female crush having a three legged mutt named Chicken? She just found the dog rummaging through trash in an alley way so she took him in and instantly fell in love. Now Chicken is super protective of her.

I totally went off track but that happens all the time but,,,here u go! Pidges one is rlly short and idk I just couldn’t think of what else to put


•have you ever wondered what hunk looks like when he’s crying? happy tears?
•ok so basically you guys met at school and he would take u places every once in a while
•and after a bit of going to his (I hc him as having 2 mamas) moms café, you said
•"hey! you’ve never been to my place! Wanna come over?“
•he’s like yeah sure why not
•he’s crying because he’s going to his crush’s house
•so you’re waiting up or him, jus chilling and he knocks on the door
•you open it and your dog is like oh my gosh!!! someone’s here!!!! boof!
•let the struggle….ensue
•you have to use your knee to hold your dog back so he doesn’t jump all over Hunk
•Hunk literally comes in, shuts the door behind him, and just GASPS
•and he’s standing there and his excitement is boiling over the top and his lid is about to POP
•and you just grin in embarrassment and scratch the back of your head, thinking, wow maybe he’s scared or allergic and I never asked
•he goes “hiiiiii!!!” And puts his arms out and your dog runs through your legs and just flops into his arms and he’s literally crying
•but,,,Chicken,,, doesn’t know how your relationship is with Hunk
•currently Chicken is just excited to see someone new because he’s always been very kind and welcoming to others
•so after you explain to Hunk how you found him and such, he immediately fell in love with Chicken and fell in love with you even more
•so you guys go on the couch and he goes to put his arm around you while you’re watching a movie
•and Hunk just hears growling and he gulps and turns and oh what do u kno
•your 3-legged, Pitbull-Rottweiler, 10 month old puppy is baring his huge teeth and growling
•ur not close with people like you are with Hunk so yr pretty surprised, and you pat hunks lap and the dog just gleefully goes over and lays across you two
•Hunk PISSED himself I kid u not
•he excused himself and texted Lance and Pidge
•they laughed
•when Hunk goes missing, you were at his mothers café, when they broke the news to you and you ended up breaking down into tears and just crying while his mothers comforted you and offered for you to stay with them for a while. Maybe until Hunk came home or when you felt better


•alright, here’s the thing, your dog is GIGANTIC
•despite your puppy being quite young, their growth rate is crazy
•you only know one part of your dogs mix unfortunately, but it sure does explain why they’re so large
•a giant, 3 pawed Bernese Mountain Dog, mixed with something unknown
•the dog at this point is taller than you while on back legs
•you’re taking Chicken for a walk, getting him used to the whole,,, 3 legs thing.
•you aren’t dating Lance at the time but you weren’t expecting to see him. a happy surprise.
•you let your dog run around the park for a while, doing some homework on a picnic bench
•"y/n? is that my favorite person ever!?“ And he runs over and sits beside you
•he’s helping you with homework when he feels a light tug at his pant leg
•and he’s like,,,haha *wink* you’re so crazy Y/n. In public? hmm I guess
•and you’re like ????wat
•you grab your dogs collar and you’re like omg let go stop it
•your dog does and ho boi he is mortified
•you also like Lance, so now you think, oh wow. he hates me now
•and he says, after some silence and heavy breathing
•"man, I love your dog”
•he’s a sucker for big dogs and the fact your PUPPY is gigantic and soft and only has 3 paws? just even better
•you tell him the story of how you found him, 4 months old, abandoned and eating raw chicken that was no doubt moldy, in a dark and unsanitary alleyway in New York (you were visiting friends)
•he fell in love, with the dog and you
•ended up asking you on a date while kissing your dogs face and you said YES
•when he went missing, you saw it on the news. and immediately grabbed your dog and ran to his house
•knocked on the door and one of his siblings answered, very obviously visible that they were just crying. and this is where YOUR, the reader, tears come in
•Lance never shut up about you and told his entire family about you and they could easily recognize you because he’s so detailed about your features . Even told them about the dog
•they immediately dragged you in and hugged you and you ended up spending a lot of time with them while they also fell in love with u, and Chicken.


•totally a dog man
•like, he’s had many pets, mostly dogs of course and he loves them
•your dog: a labrador-husky mix. bright blue eyes and golden fur. 8 years old
•3 legs, a white prosthetic
•you found him on the side of the road, he was abandoned at the age of 5
•anyway, to begin
•Shiro goes up to you in the library after a couple friends finally convince him to
•and he’s like, hey, since yr my partner for the project and all, where should we meet?
•and you’re like, hm, how about my place?
•OKGKKF he nods a bit too excitedly but you exchange numbers and you text him the address
•"the doors unlocked so you can just come right in” you text him
•he goes aight,,,,, and he walks in and leaves his rained on sneakers at the door
•and you’re in the kitchen making some grilled cheese w ham
•and your tossin Ham at your dog, who’s jumping up to catch it
•he chuckles because your standing there in pajamas and tossing your dog Ham like you’re scoring 3-pointers in basketball
•and your dog just stood and books it over to Shiro and when you turn and your dog isn’t there you’re like ???? WHATDH
•you look over the island and there’s your dog standing his ground against Shiro and Shiro’s like uh…hehheh
•"omg chicken get over here" chicken goes back to normal and prances over to your
•"little shit I swear to god"
•Shiro’s like, I never thought I’d be scared of a dog before
•you smile and go hug him and just hear more growling from over the counter and he’s like ohnyktidjd
•you end up going to put the dog in your room because he’s not allowed in the living room and Shiro offers to just watch movies in your room while you guys work on the project
•"I don’t wanna have him feel left out cos of me, yknow?“
•"yeah you’re right”
•you all fell asleep together no lie and if anyone was around they honestly thought it was the cutest thing (shiro drools and has lil light snores and he just looks adorable)
•when he went missing, you were heartbroken and didn’t know who his family was because you never got to visit them
•you ended up visiting Pidge because you became friends with Matt as well
•you hugged Pidge and always took her out to but things and you also helped her sneak into the garrison
•when he came back for like,a day, you were in Keith’s shack when they all got there because you wanted to know if he could get in contact with Pidge for you because you were sick from school
•Shiro came in and when he woke up you were sitting beside him on the floor, head against his shoulder and your dog was on his thighs


•American Bulldog puppy mix, that HE actually gave to you
•he was setting up posters around the garrison because his neighbors dog was pregnant
•you were one of 3 people to approach him, after like a month of it being up
•he’s always liked you and he just like, sndjjsjsk, I can give it to you today
•and he does, you walk with him to said neighbors and you take home the puppy
•this was freshman year so the puppy is 1 year old now
•and after you guys became decently close, he asked you to tutor him in Spanish
•because compared to him your grades were a bit better and he refused to ask Lance because Lance wouldn’t even say yes?
•but he ends up going to your house and knocking because he didn’t get the chance to ask at school, and you just let him in like it’s normal and you don’t even think it’s weird
•and he comes in and as soon as he sits down here comes your dog, now 3 legged and slaps into Keith’s face
•and he’s like WHAT
•one, he forgot you had the dog
•two, since when did the dog have 3 legs
•turns out, one night the dog escaped and you couldn’t find him for hours
•the dog ended up getting hurt and you had no choice but to take him to the vet, where they also had no choice but to remove his log
•the dogs name was Wudley, but since the incident you tend to call him Chicken as his nickname
•Keith hears about it nd is like, “I’m surprised you kept him, lots of people usually put disabled dogs up for adoption”
•"I’d never do that. If it means he has a higher chance of getting put down then that’s just purposely putting him in a slaughter house"
•Keith hugs you and his heart swells because you’re so sweet and kind and wow he likes you more than he thought
•he hears Wudley growing and nip at his elbow and he just chuckles and plays with him and let’s just say he came over more often to “study Spanish”
•by “study Spanish” I mean “play with Wudley for like,,,4 hours straight all the while getting to know you”
•when he went missing you knew damn well that this classified info was aliens and ended up living in his shack and doing research while you’re dog stayed with u


•this one is a lot different
•yr dog is half beagle half terrier
•Pidge was walking their dog, and you were walking yours
•you shout “omg! Hi Pidge!”
•yes this is during the garrison, you were the same age but you went to a different school. you visited the garrison as a sort of field trip with your class and that’s how you two met
•"hi Y/n! Is this your dog?“
•your dog stops and just stares and you guys are literally 10 feet apart and you’re like ????
•you didn’t notice Pidges dog yet bcos u also have a crush on Pidge and were currently paying more attention to them
•Chicken goes full speed at Pidges dog, and they end up fooling around
•the two of you end up talking for at least an hour, while sitting on a bench
•you play games on your phones and ask each other questions to get to know each other even better than before
•next thing you know you both here growling and each dog is growling at one of you. Pidges dog at you, Chicken at Pidge
•you panic and apologize and pick up your dog and Pidge says “oh no it’s okay my dog usually doesn’t do this either so I should apologize”
•you guys literally apologize to each other for 4 minutes before you just laugh
•when Pidge goes missing you end up visiting their mother, sometimes watching their dog as well and doing chores while Mrs.Holt recovers
•she lost her whole family, man

Any Other Way

Nancy, Steve and Jonathan decide to spend the summer after graduation driving around the country fighting monsters. But they weren’t counting on a stowaway…

It’s Nancy’s idea originally. She brings it up one January night, their senior year, when the three of them are studying at Steve’s house.

“There’s this…’network’ of people.” She drops her voice to a whisper. “Monster hunters.”

Steve and Jonathan glance at each other but let her go on.

“We weren’t the first to deal with something like this. And it happens, like, all over the country. A lot of people don’t know how to handle it, so they…well, they hire someone.” She pauses. “And they pay you.”

They don’t say anything and Nancy sighs. “Look, don’t you feel like we should do something? I do. I think about all the things that could be out there and the people who don’t know what to do…”

The boys both nod, looking away from her. They know that feeling well. Steve finally speaks.

“Nance, we can’t just drop out of school to go monster hunting.”

“I’m not saying we’d go now. I was thinking this summer, after graduation.”

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Hartwin Fic: Baking

For @deepdarkwaters and AgeGapApril :-)

Within a week of moving into Harry’s house, Eggsy discovers two things. First is that there’s a fuckton of stuff in Harry’s small kitchen. The second is that Harry has quite a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to baked goods. 

Given the chance to explore things in the kitchen for the first time in his life, Eggsy maybe goes a little overboard. He’s always had a knack for putting together creative meals on a shoestring budget, but now he has both the time and the ability to really see what he can do. 

He has a lot of fun with it, too. He tries his hand at roasts and kebabs, prawn cocktail and a dozen different chicken dishes. He buys a ginormous bag of flour and starts baking: cakes, an apple puff pastry thing that Harry practically devours, a lemon pie that could have been better but ain’t too bad for a first attempt. 

Gone are the days of going to McDonald’s for dinner, grabbing takeaway on the way home, eating standing up on the street corner. Every chance they get, they have a meal at home, and Eggsy preens with pride every time Harry looks at it all and says how wonderful it tastes. 

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Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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Kindergarten Days (Yoon Jisung)

『Author’s note: Awe can you imagine Jisung as a dad? That’s so cute!

Request: “Hiii I saw you don’t have anything for Jisung from Wanna One so can I request a scenario when it’s his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and you’re the teacher and he starts to like you because he’s a single parent”

Group: Wanna One

Member: Jisung

Type: Fluff❥』

Jisung woke up and noticed the day was bright and sunny. It was his daughter’s first day of kindergarten and he wanted to make sure it was a good day. Truthfully he was scared, his daughter was going to her very first day of school! Jisung tried to mentally prepare himself for this day but it was no use.

He sighed as he got out of bed to get ready for the day. Then he went to go wake up his daughter. “Jiyeon, it’s time to wake up” he gently shook her. She opened her eyes “oh, hi daddy!” The five year old excitedly. “Guess what day it is?” Jisung gave her a smile “Is it my first day of school?” “You’re so smart!” His daughter gave him a grin showing she was missing two of her front teeth.

The little girl got out of her small bed. “What should you wear today?” Jisung murmured more to himself than his daughter. “Can I wear my pretty pink shirt?” Jiyeon asked excitedly “Anything you want, Princess” Jisung patted his daughter’s head before picking out a pair of jeans and shoes that would match. After Jisung helped her get dress he sat on the floor with hair ties, different types of hair clips, bows, and a brush.

“What should we do?” Jisung murmured again. “I want a bow!” His daughter said pointing to a pink bow that would go with her shirt. “Okay, let me brush out your hair” Over the years Jisung finally learned how to do his daughter’s hair without it looking like she had just gotten out of bed.

When he was done, they both walked into the kitchen to eat cereal together. Jisung sighed he was going to miss them being together all day, his job allowed him to work from home whether it was filing papers or simply typing whatever he needed to. “Daddy, is it time to go yet?” Jiyeon was practically jumping in her seat.

He checked the time to see it was seven fifteen, school didn’t start to seven thirty five. “I guess going early won’t hurt, go get your book bag.” The little girl quickly abandoned her seat from the table and went to go put on her book bag, which just had a folder, three pencils, and a notebook since Jisung wasn’t sure what to buy.

Jisung let out a laugh as he saw his daughter tangled up trying to put on the straps. After helping her they made their way out to car and Jisung buckled her up into her car seat.

The car ride there was full of laughs and singing. As they got to the school Jisung had a sad feeling again. There was only five minutes before school started. His heart felt heavy, Jiyeon on the other hand was as happy as she can be. “Where’s my class?” Jiyeon was holding onto her father’s hand. “I’m not sure” Jisung said trying to remember what the paper said

“Do you need help?” You asked Jisung who was right in front of your classroom with a confused face. “I can’t remember her classroom number” he admitted sheepishly. “That’s no problem at all, what’s her name?” You asked giggling at him. “Yoon Jiyeon”

You looked through your list, she was the last one to check in. “Oh, found her, she’s in my class” you said happily Jisung look relieved, you seemed like a nice teacher, he also blushed at the thought of how pretty he thought you were.

He broke his train of thought when you bent down in front of Jiyeon. “Hello, Jiyeon. I’m Miss. (Y/L/N), I’ll be your teacher! There are other kids in the classroom if you want to go play while I talk to your dad.” Jiyeon’s face lit up when you mentioned other kids.

She gave her father a hug but Jisung wouldn’t let go. “Daddy, you’re going to make me late!” The little girl whined. Before he knew it Jisung started crying. “It’s going to be okay Daddy. I’ll see you after school, okay?” His daughter comforted him. “Okay. I’m sorry” Jisung wiped his tears. “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get out. I love you!” “I love you too!” Jiyeon called out to him before rushing into the classroom excitedly.

You handed Jisung a tissue. “Most of time it’s the kids who cry” you joked. “She’s just growing up so fast” “Understandable” you giggled at him again. He lightened up after hearing your giggle.

“Pick up time is at twelve thirty and you just have to wait out here. I’ll send home a paper that explains everything we’ll be doing this year including field trips and award ceremonies and things like that” you explained.

“O-okay. Can you make sure she stays safe today and she behaves. Which I’m sure she will, Jiyeon is a very nice girl and she catches on very fas-” Jisung kept on talking but you interrupted him.

“Mr. Yoon? Is it?” You asked. “You can call me Jisung” “Jisung. I can assure you everything will go great today. If you excuse me I have to get back in there with the kids.” You bowed to Jisung and Jisung slowly made his way slowly to this car.

As you got all the children settled down you kept an eye on Jiyeon all day. She was a kind little girl, she was friendly, she liked to answer questions, and she helped a lot during clean up time. You knew she was going to be a good student. After getting to know the kids and painting for the first day, the bell to go home rang rather quick.

Jiyeon was trying to put on her backpack but was having a bit of a struggle. You let out a smile as you went over to her, “do you need help?” “Yes, please” the little girl answered. You quickly untangled her then went to the door. “Please stay by me and let me know when you see your parent or whoever is responsible for you.” You told the kids who were lined up at the door.

Of course Jisung was the first person you saw but his daughter was at the back of the line. The children said bye to you as they left one by one. Jisung ran to Jiyeon and picked her up, “I missed you, Princess!” “I had a lot of fun today, look I made a painting for you.” Jisung put down his daughter and took it from her hands. He couldn’t really make out what it was but that didn’t matter, “I love it” he smiled. You were closing the door when Jiyeon ran up to give you a hug.

“Thank you for today Miss. (Y/L/N)! It was so much fun. I can’t wait for tomorrow.!” You hugged her back. “Thank you for enjoying today, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow either” you smiled. Jisung came up to you. “Was she good today?” “Of course she was, she even got a sticker for best helper!” You said pointing to Jiyeon who was showing it to her father with a proud smile.

“You were right when you said she catches on fast. I know she’s going to be a pleasure to have in class” you said goodbye to both of them then went to go clean up the classroom.

You looked at her ‘Get To Know Me’ page and saw the basics. Then when it came to family all she had written down was “Me and Daddy”. It was no wonder Jisung was so worried about today. They were all they had for each other. You weren’t sure why but that hurt your heart for some reason

Jisung gladly listened to his daughter talk about her day then asked her questions. When they got home he hung up her picture on the refrigerator. He thought back to how kind you were and how you didn’t judge him when he got a little worried. Jisung knew that he was going to be happy whenever he saw you and he could say the same for his daughter

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