i went like super weeb when i saw these

Really like cute clothes? Really like Shingeki No Kyojin? Well these leggings come from an amazing shop called, Rosewe. I think the shop is absolutely amazing and they have gorgeous clothes. I really like their designs and their products are very promising. I recommend going to this shop if you are interested in snatching these leggings or look for other great clothing! A COLOSSAL deal! 


Our holidays are now the trifecta of loud Mexicans Italians and Black all in one and I’m stoked. 

Mr. B is grand master of BBQ and brings forth joy and beautiful food in which no one said a single negative thing or debate because the food was so damn good. 

As per usual, the nieces and nephews my age came with their fiances and pregnant so wasn’t much to talk about with them

of course the one 14 year old is a weeb and lit up like a freaking christmas tree when he saw my room and we went about our evening discussing weeb things. 

Thanksgiving went really well and I’m super stoked for my new family c: 

I hope you’re all doing well! 

To my Overwatch squad I’ll be on later tonight for the usual wrecking.