i went into a kelly mood lately


I know I’m late: I didn’t have time and now I’m writing this little thing.
Today I’m in the mood to talk about serious things: if before I spoke in a rather short of the news of Rosey’s death, now I talk about another thing.
A few days ago, Renee went with Kelly Kelly and Emma at a party. She was dressed like a normal woman of her age, t-shirt and shorts.

And here are the haters starting to scream …

“Renee is married and she goes to a party!“ 

"Renee is married and she dresses like that!” 

“Renee is married and she doesn’t go to see the matches of her husband!" 

"Renee is married and she goes out!”

Excuse me … but what’s the harm in going out? I didn’t believe we were still in 1890 when women could not do anything.
Let’s talk seriously: ok, Renee’s married. Like all we know. But being married doesn’t involve oneself in the home and clean the whole house, look after children and serve the husband as a deity. This was done in the nineteenth century, not in 2017. A married woman can have friends, can go out you can do what you want. And Dean has never said anything about this … and he is her husband. You haters don’t have no relation to Renee, then you should shut up. Also… most of the haters are women. And women say such things to a woman. In 2017. So I’m right when I say that there is no equality if we women make war with the women themselves …
But the thing I hated reading around on Tumblr was 

“Dean would kill her.” 

“If I were Dean, I would have killed my wife!”

BUT you realize what you write?
You’re favoring and making melody to the femicide!
In Italy, 152 women were killed in 2014 and the number increases every year. Worldwide, at least 32% of women are killed by their partner.<

 And you, stupid haters, wish it all at Renee.
You are not haters, you are inhuman!
Now I understand why you are the same people who justify the gesture of Chris Benoit (definitely I didn’t want to quote him, but unfortunately so) and condemning Paige. They are completely different situations, but united by one thing: the judgment of the fans. Benoit was justified his actions because “incapable of understanding and will”; Paige was condemned because “a woman should not do these things.”
So, reading this, I am not surprised when I read that you want to Renee dies at the Dean’s hands only to have fun with friends.
I hope not to read these things …try to think before writing.