i went in to get my paycheck

“I water my lawn every morning and birds come to get worms out of the wet ground. If I ever miss a day, the ground will be too hard, and the birds will sit in the yard and call out because their babies are hungry. That’s how I’ve felt my whole life. Like a bird calling out for food. Thirty years ago I went on strike in this same square. We weren’t getting paychecks. There was no money for bills or food. At the time my sons were one, eight, and nine. So we decided to go camping. I’d go fishing on the lake every night and catch two trout. That was enough to feed the four of us. We did it out of necessity but it was beautiful. My sons are in their thirties now. All of them have flown away. But they remember those times with happiness.”

(San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)

The Pursuit

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You catch a glimpse of him, heart rattling rapidly in your chest and you realize how exposed you are. You need a diversion, some place to hide before he notices you.

And then you see it; your opportunity.

You grab him, pulling him close to shield your body from view.

The look in his eyes is one of total bewilderment and before he can cause a scene, you press up on your toes, locking your lips with his.

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Discrimination gets you nowhere, except bankruptcy.

This is gonna be a long post. Get comfy.

So within the last year or so I made a bunch of life altering decisions.
One of those was moving to another side of the country after being offered a job at a company in the state I wanted to live in. My boss, we’ll call him Brandon, had known me for a while (I work in an industry where most people know each other and the key players) and had offered me a job knowing my criteria and many other things. I was well qualified for the job he has hired me for.

So I move across country and I begin working. This company has a main office and a supplying warehouse, the supplying warehouse was where I worked. No manufacturing done here, just supporting parts for the main office. Within a month the owner of the company, Viet, shows up at the office looking for my boss. (The main company is about 8 or 9 hours away so this was a long drive and the owner never came down to the warehouse, not since it opened originally 7 years go). My boss isn’t there (he usually isn’t and doesn’t need to be because I can handle it and he lives up the road if I need him). Viet immediately begins yelling at me. He never once speaks to me. He yells at me the whole time he is communicating with me. Berating me on the fact I need to take inventory because fiscal year is about to be up and that I need to maintain the warehouse and had I ever done this before. He gave me the third degree and treated me like an idiot. Meanwhile I had texted Brandon and he showed up and Viet changed his tune completely. At that point he didn’t even speak to me at all. Didn’t even make eye contact. The two of them chatted and then Viet left.

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Saying goodbye to my 20s and my birthday wish to all my young hopefuls.

Today I will be saying goodbye to my 20′s. It has never been so clear to me that time is indeed real, and what you do with your time is crucial.

I remember when I turned 20.. actually, I don’t. My memories are blurry when I was young, solely because I choose not to care, because I was 20 and I thought I had all the time in the world. All I knew was that I was young, I was healthy,  I cared only about spending time with my boyfriend (I was determined to get married to him at the age of 21), and that I have to submit my assignment to my legal professor by Monday. Mediocre, and lazy- that was me. At 20, I had no idea that at 9.9 years later I would be in the kitchen of my apartment in the heart of Los Angeles, and writing this, with you in mind. Also at 20, I went to my first indie band rock show, and that changed EVERYTHING. And so, my life lessons began..

At 21, I decided I didn’t want to settle down so soon, I wasn’t ready. I went to an entirely different direction, went into music and discovered that my whole childhood of loving music and singing wasn’t a scam, and I started writing songs of my own.

Me at 20

22 (2008) was when I learned about dignity. I walked into my first record label meeting, sitting across a man, leaning back in his corporate chair telling me I will not go far in the music industry if I
1) kept my headscarves on
2) sang my English songs.
I said no thank you, and proceeded to (with my little knowledge of Company law that I learned in school) start my own company called Yuna Room Records, with my 22 year old cousin, Wawa. We still run this company today. Also this year, I got interviewed for the very first time by my favorite music magazine at the time, Junk, by my all time fav person today, Didi Ramlan.

Young Yuna with bandmates Efry, Paan, Adil.

22 was also when I learned that quality is key. I wrote a song called Dan Sebenarnya, and was willing to let the rough recording of it live forever. Turns out I was wrong, radio wouldn’t play my music because of the crappy quality. I went to get a RM1000(about USD$200) loan from my dad, went to a professional recording studio, to record an EP so the radios will stop saying no to my song.

My bedroom in university. You can see my passion for photography and a photo of me performing my first show with a guitar on the wall, and my law notes sprawled across the table as I stay up studying.

23 (2009) I learned how to manage my financials. I received my first royalty paycheck in the mail, and when I opened it I had to sit down and made sure if it was meant for me, and remember thinking if I deserved all of it. Dan Sebenarnya EP was being downloaded almost 100,000 times a month, my first paycheck was almost RM30k. Too much. I paid off my dad’s loan, split it with my bandmates who helped recording it in the studio with me, and started my savings account and learned how to pay tax. I also graduated from legal studies this year.

With friends from law school. Already you can tell I’m out of place.

24 (2010) I learned that even if I thought I worked really hard for something, second place is a good place to be. I competed in my first national tv music award show performing my song, and lost to a very talented young man who I am now close friends with Aizat Amdan. Sometimes you have to know that some things are just not meant for you. That night, I didn’t get an award, but I got a wonderful friend that I can depend on forever. 2 years later, I got an award that was taken away from me, but because of this incident, I had already learned how to not care so much about awards. Awards do not define you. I also graduated this year, earning my degree in legal studies. Finally!

25. (2011) I learned to take a leap of faith. I went to America with a small bag and a big dream. I was a shy foreigner, I was alone and I was a little bit scared. But, I knew that if I don’t start talking, I will not go anywhere. Being awkward and shy is a waste of time, I learned. The more you want to talk to people, the more respectful you are, the more you will learn.

I learned that you are the only person who can sabotage yourself. When people say you can’t, the only person who can prove them wrong is yourself.

Pharell and I, 2011.

My very first apartment in Los Angeles. I remember every dollar i made from work was to pay for this rent.. I ate a lot of instant noodles and shopped at dollar stores. My furnitures (and one piano that I still have) were all hand-me-downs from my friend, Niles (now a big time DJ, KSHMR!)

26. (2012) I learned how to travel and perform at the same time. I was in different cities everyday, performing every night. Something I didn’t know I could do. I saw people from all races showing up at my show, a diversity and I learned to loved them all, something I didn’t know existed. All my ignorance and stereotypes melted away just from traveling across America. I also learned about loyalty, and the meaning of friendship. Didi, Faiz, Lincoln formed this experience together with me and I will never forget it.

Faiz, Didi and Lincoln, us on the road, across the country for a month in 2012.

Lollapalooza 2013.

27.(2013) I learned about the REAL treasures in life. That your parents are the true treasure that you will never find anywhere else, at any point of your life.  That breaking their hearts is never an option for as long as you live. 

My last moments with my late grandfather. I miss him so much.

28.(2014)  I learned that money is not everything. You can make millions, but you can’t buy happiness. Money will not save lives. I tried my best to save my uncle or my grandfather from their sickness with whatever money I had, and I lost this battle. God saves lives, and he takes them at His will. You can plan, but He is the best planner.

I learned that fame is not everything. You can have millions of followers, a few friends who thinks you’re awesome, but you can still feel very alone. Being liked, or dislike, does not give you infinite happiness. I also learned the horrible truth that for some, fame and money is everything.Time is the best gift you can give to your loved ones.

I learned that physical beauty of a person means nothing. We are all flawed. I am flawed. I learned how to see people’s hearts and hoping that my heart is worth seeing. I learned that being in love is not everything. I learned how to piece myself back together slowly after someone has broken every fragile part of me. I learned that the person you spend your time with can either bring the best out of you, or unleash a monster inside of you. People come into your life to teach you valuable lessons, and you have to learn from it. I learned that if you lose someone, it doesn’t mean its because you’re not worth it. It just means you’re growing. How you rise above this, will be your life’s best victory.

29,(2015-today) this is my favorite year. I learned to let go, and learned to realize that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else. I learned that I was not entirely healthy, and decided to take care of myself better before it’s too late.

I learned that you can find love in the calmness of being in someone’s presence. Never disrupt that calmness. ‘Don’t be an idiot’, I tell myself, ‘Don’t screw this up!’

I learned to stop caring what people have to say about me, because of the simple reason being- they have no clue what’s going on. They don’t deserve a space in my thought process. I learned about having the courage to be me. I learned the hard way, that there are givers, and takers. There are people who are here to take advantage of me and use me, and I have to walk away from them. I learned to shut doors to people who sees life in a negative way without any second guesses. I learned how to say no when people try to take away the best qualities that I’ve taken all these years to shape. I learned how to sever ties with people who drain my energy. I learned how to fight for my identity. I learned how to fight for my life and the lives of people that I care about. Most importantly, after all these years of thinking I should be this and that, I want this, I want that, .. blablabla. I learned one important thing - its not about me. It’s about how can I contribute to make the world a better place.

Al-fatihah for Aina.

On my 30th birthday, I don’t need gifts. I just wish for my young fans to not waste their time. Know that your time is yours, but it’s not yours. If you are in your 20′s, spend your time wisely. Go have fun, you’re young, but don’t forget to contribute your energy, you’re young. Time flies, but take your time learning. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Don’t try to grow up too fast, stay in your zone and be present as much as you can. Remember, you are so much more than what people say about you. People rush you into doing things.. but ask yourself what do YOU want? Go and live life fully, learn as much as you can. Achieve greatness and bring out greatness in others as well. Be aware of whats happening in the world, not just yours. Learn to see whats on the other side, and try not to settle in what your setup has been set up for you. 

Be woke. Be intelligent. Be there for the people who need you. Keep your head up and be confident, but know when to keep your head down and be humble. Never underestimate what your heart tells you. It’s okay to be wrong, its okay to fail and know that you are flawed, and life will prove this to you again and again. Know that you will rise, again and again. Being flawless comes after you learned that you can accept your flaws and not giving up doing something beautiful for the world.

Happy birthday to me and to you, here’s to us, who will see today as Day 1.

Goggle (Small!Reader x Hamilsquad)

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Abuse, cursing

Request: Yo how about a fic that’s a reverse of your fic that the reader is from the past and put into the modern world as a smol and meet the modern!hamilsquad??? Idk

A/N: nope, but maybe small drabbles

You looked at the dandelions on your front lawn. They were fully bloomed, their seeds ready to be blown. You crouched down, picking one of them up. The wind picked up immediately, causing the seeds to be blown. Your heart dropped.

Your father would be angry. You quickly threw the stem down on the ground, trying to hide it between the grass. You heard footsteps behind you, and straightened up quickly. Turning around, you came face to face with your brother. He smirked, looking at the dirt on your dress.

“Oh, Pa will be angry.”

“Johnny, please, don’t tell him. Please, can we keep this between us?” He bit his lower lip, thinking. You looked at the lust in his eyes, and quickly regretted asking him for anything. You tried moving around him, but he followed your steps. “Johnny-”

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hi i hate doing this but i’m losing my mind currently

if you don’t know my current situation i’ll briefly summarize: my mother passed when i was 3, my father did a shit job of taking care of me and the second i turned 18 (aka the second he stopped getting money from the govt for me) he kind of gave up so i moved in with my friend unintentionally, now i’m literally on my own and i pay my own bills, i have monthly loan payments that are doubling bc i still don’t qualify for deferred loans, and all of this is very overwhelming for me bc im a fucking child and i am so scared 90% of the time

recently i’ve been fighting w/ everything, i’ve been trying to get myself food stamps and health insurance but they keep denying me and saying i’m missing information and i’m ultimately playing phone tag with them and it’s been a strenuous process. my summer job fell through and i’ve been applying to places with no avail. i’m trying so hard. i was working as a substitute once the semester at college ended, but the school year is over and my paychecks from that short span of like 5 weeks have come to an end.

today the reality set in when i went to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy and the fucking total came to 95$. i almost cried in the middle of the store bc i had 70$ in my account. thankfully my friend was there and able to help me.

i hate asking for help but i’m so afraid man like i don’t know what i’m going to do and i’m freaking out. i was going to try to get an eye exam bc i haven’t had one since my sophomore year in high school and i’m going to be a sophomore in college now (and i’m supposed to get new glasses every year bc my eyesight is literally so shitty lmao) but like i can’t even afford that so fuck me am i right. i have to push off stuff like that, my ability to see, bc i have to take care of my loan payments and the like. it’s very frustrating.

basically, if any of you could help me out in the slightest i would appreciate it wholeheartedly. any little thing would help, but please don’t donate if you yourself aren’t in a stable place. i know once college starts up again ill hopefully be okay bc i’ve already got an on campus job. but right now there are so many uncertainties in my life and as of right now i can’t afford to pay anything right now and it’s so scary and i hate doing this alone.

here’s the link to my paypal: paypal.me/courts28 , and thank you so much to anyone; even just sharing this helps. thank you.

FIC: show up

supergirl, post-season 2 finale, alex/maggie, the danvers sisters, 1k, first in a series of “maggie doesn’t say yes” fics

Maggie doesn’t say yes.

Maggie says, “Babe, I love you so much, but we are not getting engaged right now. You are figuring out where Kara went and we are watching movies and spending my entire paycheck on food to cheer her up.”

Alex blinks a few times. Swallows. She has to clear her throat to say, “Yeah. Yeah, right, good idea.”

Maggie catches her by the arm before she can turn away. She holds Alex’s face in both hands and presses their foreheads together.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” she whispers. “But we’re not getting engaged because your sister had to send away some boy who you never thought was good enough for her anyway.”

A tear slips down Alex’s cheek but she chuckles.

“When we’re ready,” Maggie says, “just us, no one else. When we’re ready, and the world isn’t ending or about to end or just saved from ending. When it’s just us and we live together and we’re ready, I’ll say yes, okay?”

Alex pulls back to look at her. “You want to live with me?”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” Maggie says, because she does, God, she does, but they can’t make this decision right after the world almost ended. “Let’s find your sister first.”

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Betty’s a serpent (part 3)

(part 1) (part 2)

Every single one of you reading this is awesome. Thank you all for the love and support and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Don’t get your hopes up

Also shout out to @betsforsythetrash for all the help!


“wait” Veronica turned back to them “what about the wedding?”


Betty stood up and walked backwards slightly so she was now standing in front of him, his arms draped over her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her head.

“Well? Did you get married without us?” Kevin asked.

“About that” Betty looked up smirking at a Jughead who continued “our wedding may or may not have been last Saturday.”

“May or may not? Do you not remember?” Veronica asked slightly insulted that he didn’t remember.

“What Juggie meant was, it was a midnight wedding.”


It was the week after the engagement and so far only the two families and the serpents knew. 
“So” Jughead asked sitting on the opposite side of the bar to Viper who was wiping down the bar “is this the part of the sitcom where I tell you my troubles, you do the whole sliding me a glass of something, give me profound advice and my life becomes easy?”

Viper chuckled pouring the boy a dram of whisky and slid it across the bar which he caught with ease and he sipped it “Jackie and I have always had a rule with whoever we look after, if you wanna drink or smoke we’d rather it be where we can see you and not off somewhere unknown. Plus this’ll be yours and Betty’s place soon. Just don’t do what your dad did, please Jughead” he pleaded “don’t think you can carry the world on your shoulders.”

The younger boy nodded and sipped his drink again. “So, dad said he can get a day release for the wedding?” 

Viper nodded “full 24 hours with guard protection. Did he tell you anything about our plans?”

Jughead shook his head “no. What should we expect?”

The older man chuckled “just you wait.”


It was the evening of the weekly Cooper-Jones and ”any serpent that had been in an argument with their partner who needed food and a place to crash dinner at the trailer” dinner. Betty had cooked a massive roast dinner, something with Jackie had helped with as her parents were from Yorkshire in England. It took most of the afternoon but they had roasted a whole chicken, made fresh batter for yorkshire puddings, steamed five different vegetables, roasted potatoes, made mashed potatoes and made gravy. It was something Betty had hoped to impress the rest of the serpents with as soon Jackie and Viper would be passing the flame onto the two teens so it was never too early to start learning. 

The whole Cooper family were coming, JB and Gladys had driven down from Toledo, Viper & Jughead were at Scorpion doing the books and some of the other serpents had invited themselves once they heard about what was for dinner. Not that Betty minded she’d actually grown quite fond of the gang and their partners, Stingray’s wife was seven months pregnant and due around the same time as Polly.  Betty accompanied her to birthing classes when Stingray couldn’t and had even help build and set up the nursery. 

Dinner started off without a hitch, everyone that was attending had dressed up and all getting along with each other, even Hal had made a friend in Viper, learning stories about his wife’s youth when a knock on the door stopped everyone. 

The knock came again and Jughead got up to answer his door “dad?” he asked, not believing that his father was standing in front of him.

“Hey Jug. What no hug for your old man?” he asked smiling and his son pulled him in for a hug. Betty had joined him at the door also greeting the man with a hug. He nodded behind and asked “you ready?”

“Always” Alice replied “Betty, Polly, JB with me” she ushered the girls to the room Betty shares with Jughead.

“Jughead, FP with me” Viper ordered.

“Also my escort for the evening Miss Ashley Weatherly, prison guard extraordinaire” FP introduced as if the person was a member of the royal family.

“Just go get ready Forsythe” the younger guard ordered.

“Feisty as always Weathers” FP mumbled walking to his room.

“What’s going on dad?”

“Welcome to your wedding son” FP grinned “I hope you’re ready to become a married man.”

Jughead smiled widely “more than ready.”


“I can’t believe you all planned this” Betty said sitting down as her mom was curling her hair.

“But you are ready right? Ready to get married?” Alice asked.

“Of course mom. I can’t wait till we’re officially married”

“You don’t feel like your friends are missing?”

“I’d love to have them here but they wouldn’t approve of me and Juggie. It wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t understand.”

“I understand Bets” Alice finished the last curl “I can’t believe my baby girl’s getting married. I have something for you” she went to her bag and retrieved a couple of items. “You’ll need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” Holding up a pair of diamond earrings “your something old. FP bought these for me for my sixteenth birthday from the first paycheck he earned” she handed them to her daughter “he wanted you to have them.”

Betty looked up at her mom and hugged her trying not to cry “thank you.”

“Come on honey, let’s not keep your groom waiting any longer.”

“What about the something new, borrowed and blue?”

“Just wait.”

Betty wore a white bohemian style dress with her curly blonde hair flowing. Walking out, she was greeted by Hal, FP (and Ashley) and Viper. Alice, JB & Polly had also changed into light blue dresses. Jughead was already at the arbor.

FP noticed her earrings and smiled with a nod at Alice. “Your something borrowed will be me from jail” he joked Viper gave him a look “Sorry not funny. Your somethings new and blue are not really for the wedding itself, more afterwards when you’re living together” he handed her a set of keys and a blue collar. “We’ve all pitched in and got you your own trailer in the park. It’s at the west entrance away from all the noise and the collar, well Jug’s always wanted a dog and we thought why not now.”

“Jackie & I will help when you’re at school and stuff but other than that he’s yours” Viper said. Betty looked like she was going to cry so her mom put an arm around her. “Your something blue is the theme color. If we had longer than a day for the wedding, we’d have put more thought into it but..”

“It’s perfect” Betty interrupted “all of it. Thank you so much” she was grateful for everyone’s role in making the day (well night) happen. She noticed the clock on the wall “It’s almost eleven thirty” she pointed out.

Everyone looked at either a watch or phone for the time “We better get going.” 


Walking down the steps of the trailer, Betty followed her family through to the vacant green near the back of the park. The motorbikes belonging to the gang all had their lights turned on to highlight the area. All of the serpents and their families (except for the younger kids) were that were sat down and Jughead was standing at the end of the make-shift aisle with Razor (who seemed more nervous than the groom.)

FP, who walked down the aisle first was greeted with cheers from the other serpents, joined Jughead at the front to be his best man (he had asked his dad when they were getting ready.)

All the congregation stood. First JB & Polly walked down first, arm in arm, followed by Alice & Viper. Hal took his daughter’s arm and gave it an encouraging squeeze before following the other down. 

Jughead was speechless looking at Betty. His father whispered “you picked a good one son” who turned round and nodded at his dad.

Betty arrived at the arbor and kissed her father who then shook his almost son-in-law’s had. Razor began the ceremony by saying “We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Elizabeth Marie Cooper and Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third” which as always earned a few giggles “as many of you are aware, this isn’t any ordinary wedding. This is the marriage of two legacies and if you’ve seen them together you'd know just how adorable these two are” he gushed. 

He now directed his talking to the couple “normally, we celebrate a wedding over three or four days but as our boy FP here only has 24 hours. We’re making this count” Betty & Jughead looked at each other confused but Razor continued on with the ceremony.

The words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ almost seem surreal. They had done it. They were now married and the two couldn’t stop smiling. Jughead grabbed her face and brought her in for a deep kiss which was eventually broken by the cheers of the people around them.

Before anyone moved Razor took out an air horn and blew it three times which which was some sort of signal for everyone to get up towards their vehicles and they all took off leaving Betty, Jughead, FP (and Ashley), Hal, Alice, Gladys, Polly & JB. The now married couple looked towards their families in hope of an explanation.

“Don’t worry about them, they’ve just gone early for the food” The two shared a look of confusion then looked back towards Alice “What? You think you’re getting a wedding without a reception? Think again. We should really head to Scorpion.”

They all walked to the entrance to see Alice’s car as well as Gladys’ people carrier and FP’s truck. The latter tossed his keys to Jughead “I’ll let the newlyweds go solo. Gladys, can I get a ride?” His wife nodded and they all got into their respective vehicles.

During their journey Betty asked “do you think our friends are gonna be pissed they weren’t there?”

Jughead reached over to take his wife’s hand “probably but it’s our day not theirs” Betty nodded “plus who’d have thought the Southside Serpents are a bunch of romantics?”

“I know right” she turned to face him “my mom was telling me that weddings are a big deal. They love celebrating the people that accept them hence why the celebration normally lasts for days. She said the weddings happen at midnight then they go to Scorpion and drink though it’s different for us because we’re underage. We can have a couple for the celebration but that’s it.”

“Fair enough” he replied making a left hand turn into the road they were heading too. “I don’t blame her although a drunk Alice Cooper would be a great sight.”

“Can you imagine?” Betty asked laughing “I bet my dad would love us.” She saw Jughead smile “what?”

“Us. We’re an us. Officially the Cooper-Jones family” he looked into her eyes “I love you”

“I love you too” she replied and leaned in for a kiss.

Walking into the bar, they were surprised by the amount of people there but one person shouted “It’s the bride and groom” which earned the two a massive cheer and applause and the crowd parted so they could walk to the front of the bar where there were two makeshift thrones. 

Jughead bowed his head and stretched out his hand saying “m’lady” which she took the the pair made their way to the thrones. 

Viper and Jackie were the first to hug them when they reached the front and the elder man cleared his throat to talk to everyone “As you can tell, Jackie & I aren’t getting any younger” he started

“speak for yourself” his wife mumbled which earned a few laughs

“anyway” he gave her a pointed look “we won’t be around forever. Our new Cooper-Jones couple however are a hell of a lot younger than us therefore when they turn 18” he took Jackie’s hand in his “they will become the new leaders of the southside serpents.”

Betty looked at her husband with wide eyes.

“We know it’s a shock to you both but Alice & FP have agreed to help you both out when you need it. Hal also offered to help behind the bar” Jackie said. Pointing at the thrones “now please take your seats”

The couple did and they saw his dad and her mom making their way to them holding something behind their backs. Once they had reached them, FP and Alice produced a two silver crowns both with the serpent ‘s’ on the front. FP placed his on his now daughter-in-law as Alice did the same with Jughead. 

Viper raised his glass and toasted “The King and Queen” which everyone copied. 

Once the couple signed the registry, they had their first dance to Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits. They even had wedding presents from people though their favorite by far was their ‘Something Borrowed’ present from Stingray and his wife which was a cabin up in Wisconsin during their next break. 

Everyone stayed out till 8am before people started to leave, Jughead & Betty escaping whilst everyone was distracted with how many slices of lemon Dodger could fit in his mouth (he got to 8 before throwing up.)

They spent their first night, well day as a married couple in their new trailer.


The three looked stunned. Their best friends were now officially heirs to the Serpent throne. 

“We’re still us guys” Betty encouraged sensing that they were uncomfortable “still Betty & Jughead. It’s just we’re now married and have effectively 30 kids to look after” she said referring to the gang downstairs.

“Kids?” Veronica asked breaking the tension “are they that bad?”

“You should see them when one of them’s had a fight with their wife or husband. Then it gets messy” she joked back to her best friend. “So are we all okay?”

Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”



anonymous asked:

Can I have headcanons for the main 3 on how they would react when their always calm and gentle s/o suddenly lashes out at them from pent up stress? Your blog makes me so happy omg!

Is that a bit of angst I smell? I think so. I love writing angsty shit like this. Pain is my pleasure, which is probably why I hate myself and love to destroy my own confidence lmao. Anyway, I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You have been cleaning all day because your parents are going to be visiting the apartment you and Viktor share as a couple
  • It’s the first time they’ll be seeing your home, and you want your parents to know that you live a good, healthy, and responsible life with your boyfriend
  • and of course the best way to do that is to clean the fuck out of every square inch of the apartment lmao parents love that shit
  • You’re putting the finishing touches on the living area when Viktor comes home from practice, looking tired, but still sounding chipper when he kisses you and asks you how your day was
  • Out of force of habit, Viktor throws his duffel bag on the floor and slings his jacket over the back of the couch before heading to the kitchen for a snack, leaving his water bottle on the counter in the process
  • oh my god can you believe this bitch lmao like what the fuck who do you like you are ???? you act like you’re viktor nikiforov smh what the hell
  • “Viktor, honey, can you please put your things away? I spent all day cleaning for my parents, and you kind of just threw a wrench into everything, haha.”
  • Viktor basically ignores your nervous laugh and passive-egressive tone; he doesn’t seem to notice how stressed you are about your parents coming and evaluating all of your life choices based on one visit
  • “(Y/N), honey, you’re being silly. It’s fine, it’s all fine. Don’t worry about a thing, okay? It’s all in your head, I promise.”
  • Something inside of you snaps, and you’re sent over the edge of fury; you feel yourself scowl as every muscle in your body tenses and your blood boils as your heart begins to pound
  • You drop the can of cleaning spray on the floor with a loud clatter, causing Viktor to jump and look at your with a startled expression
  • “(Y/N), what are you—?”
  • “You’re seriously telling me ‘not to worry about it,’ Viktor? Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been cleaning and working all day for tonight, because I want my parents to approve of the life you and I live. You realize tonight could determine if they give you their blessing to get married one day? And you’re saying ‘it’s not a big deal?!’ Viktor Nikiforov, I cannot believe you! What the hell?!”
  • Viktor stares at you with a guilty expression, not sure how to react to your outburst; you’re always so calm, and he would have ever expected this to come out of you
  • but can you imagine leaving THE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV speechless ???? respect, fam, respect
  • You storm over to the bedroom door, needing to get away from your boyfriend right now since you need to cool down before your parents arrive
  • You slam the bedroom door, leaving Viktor alone in the aftermath of your outburst and the surprisingly still atmosphere of the almost-clean apartment

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It’s been hard the last few weeks with Yuri being so caught up in skating and you with your own responsibilities, and you’ve gotten pretty stressed out
  • But tonight, you’re going to stick it out for just a little while to cook Yuri an amazing dinner; you mostly just want to spend time with him and unwind together, though
  • Sure, you’ve been a little lonely without Yuri around as much as he used to be, but you’re holding up because you know how much he values his skating and the time he as with Viktor
  • i mean his idol just came out of nowhere and became his coach ???? how can you blame him for wanting to spend time with THE Viktor Nikiforov ?
  • Pushing the lingering fatigue aside, you take a quick trip to the grocery store to get what you need for tonight’s meal
  • The grocery store is busy as hell, and it’s a very stressful experience trying to get though the isles of customers, and the line to check out seems to stand still
  • You barely make it out alive, but you manage to exit the store with everything you need, with a little extra stress on the side
  • You spend the next several hours reading the new recipe carefully and preparing the food; cutting, seasoning, and mixing the ingredients is a lot of hard work, but thinking about spending time with Yuri tonight makes it more bearable
  • you may or may not have shed a few tears and extra sweat into the recipe, but it is made with love nonetheless and thats all that counts lmao
  • Once the food is in the oven and cooking, you text Yuri about how excited you are to see him tonight, and you be sure to imply that you have a bit of a special surprise for him
  • There’s only a small amount of time left before Yuri is going to be home, so you hurriedly set the table with the finest china and wine glasses you have, making sure to fold the napkins fancily on the plates
  • You go through the effort of lighting candles and setting out an expensive bottle of wine that you know Yuri loves
  • Yuri’s normal time of arrival rolls around, but there’s no word from him or any sign of him coming home; you send a couple of texts, but he doesn’t even open them
  • you even have turn the oven on low and put the food back in to keep it warm since it’s starting to get cold ;-; yuri where tf are you
  • At almost 10 p.m., the front door opens and Yuri enters, seeming chipper and happy to see you; you though, wear an angry expression, and demand to know where he’s been and why he wasn’t answering his phone
  • “I-I was with Viktor, (Y/N)! He promised to take me out to eat if I had a good practice, and we went out. I’m sorry for not texting, though, honey. I have no excuse.”
  • “You mean you ate already? I spent hours in the kitchen getting ready for dinner! I spent half my paycheck on expensive wine I don’t even like, I cooked for hours, and I waited around with no word from you! What the hell, Yuri?! Enjoy the meal, I guess. I made it special, just for you.”
  • Leaving a bitter edge to your words, you storm out of the apartment before Yuri has a chance to explain, pushing past him and slamming the door behind you, leaving Yuri in the dim candle light and the smell of a home cooked meal filling the room.

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • You’re having a rather bad day—just feeling a bit worn down and stressed from the week before—and just want to spend a day on the sofa to try to clear your mind
  • i mean i think everyone deserves a day off once in a while; life is busy and sometimes a break is all it takes to get back at it again
  • You’re waiting for Yuri to return from skating practice so you can watch a movie together and relax on the couch for the rest of the day
  • Yuri’s been really busy and stressed with his skating career lately, so you figure it’ll be perfect for both of you to take time and relax together
  • The telltale sound of the lock of the front door unlatching echoes into the living room, and you smile at the sight of your boyfriend entering with his duffel bag
  • and his hair is half up in that little ponytail of his and he looks absolutely fuckin adorable ugh yura ilysm
  • After dropping his belongings in their usual place on the floor, he walks over to the couch where you lay
  • You open your arms welcomingly, inviting him to have a cuddle party with you in your arms; he’s just in time for one of your favorite movies to start playing
  • To your surprise, Yuri just picks up the remote and turns the television off, leaving you with a disappointed and confused expression on your face
  • “Uh, Yuri! I was watching that.”
  • “(Y/N), get up. We’re going shopping and then getting dinner, okay? I saw some stuff online that I want us to try on for the party Viktor and Katsudon are throwing this month.”
  • ugh Yuri wtf are you doing goddammit not everything is about you smh
  • You explain to Yuri that you just want to stay home and relax for the night, making sure to include how tired must also be because of training; you promise that you can shop with him tomorrow
  • “Come on, (Y/N). You can’t be that tired! Just suck it up and go shopping for an hour. I trained all day today and I’m fine; all you did is sit here at home on your ass this week.”
  • Something inside of you snaps and you throw the nearest pillow at Yuri as hard you can before standing and walking up to Yuri so your body is flush against his, but there’s nothing affectionate about your gesture
  • “Yuri! I’ve been having a really, really rough week and I just wanted a day to relax with you! Look, I get it; you’re probably tired from training and want to just go shopping to unwind, but can’t we just do what I want for once? I feel like all we do is what you want! And you have no right to disregard my feelings like this! Fuck you, Yuri!”
  • “(Y/N), I—“
  • Yuri sits with a blushing, dumbfound expression on his face as he watches you storm out of the room and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you

Guy I fucked up. I’ve been chipping away at my student loan payment little by little, $50 bucks each paycheck to pay what I’m behind. We’ll tonight I went to schedule a payment for friday, but like a fucking idiot, I marked the wrong date. The payment is marked pending but it won’t let me modify or cancel it. Their customer service hours are 8 am to 8 pm and it’s 11:45 right now. This wouldn’t be a big deal, if I weren’t waiting for my rent check to hit. Right now I have a $24 dollars buffer to keep me from over drafting and getting a $35 fee on top of the $26 dollar difference that will be in my account. Needless to say I’m freaking out and I need to come up with $26 fast, so while I hate doing this, I really, really need you help. Please.

Smosh Winter Games~ Shayne Topp Imagine

“Fuzzy socks?” Damien asked on the floor of the bathroom.

“Check,” I said dropping them into my bag.

“Extra gloves?” He read the next item off a list.

“Yup,” I dropped them in too.

“And toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, teeth cleaning items,  and feminine products. Did we miss anything toiletries?” He said pulling all these items out of their respective homes.

“I don’t think so. Now we just have to wait for mister forgetful to get back.” I said flopping down on my bed.

“Your boyfriend,” He said lifting himself off the ground.

“Your best friend,” I retorted

“Touche. Now you help me pack.” He said lifting me off my bed and pulling me across the hall

“ I have returned! I come bearing gifts!” We could hear him bust through the door and announce his arrival.

“It better not be another cat,” Damien said to be before going to help Shayne out. I looked out around to see a couple strands of cat hair floating away from the spot Freyja was laying in. I started to root through his drawers and pulling out an absurd amount of socks.

Well, I was until I hear the click of springs and a sharp sting in my right buttcheek. I turned around to see Shayne with a giant ass nerf gun.

“Why?” Was the only thing that I could get out because I was still a bit distracted by the sting in my butt.

“Gotta be safe in the wild wilderness.” He said showing it off.

“Whoever thought that a legit Nerf war with all the crew was a good idea, I hope they are driving everyone to the hospital if they need it. Which they will because I know all of you.”

“Just make sure that Wes doesn’t try and use you as a meat shield.” He said nonchalantly

“Oh, why did you put that into her head? She won’t even reach up to his chest.” Damien said as he walked back into the room with a matching nerf gun to Shayne’s.

“Well, it looks like you don’t need any more help than Damien,” I said walking out of his room and back o mine. I could hear the two of them playfully bickering back and forth while Shayne helped Damien finish with the job that I had started.

Things that I would have never of guessed are: The drives up to Big Bear are a lot crazier than you think and filming up there is so much more crazy than what it can be normal in the office.

I could barely keep my eyes open during dinner, catching myself slumping a couple of times. There were a couple more shoots scheduled late tonight and into the early morning. So that means plenty of time to slip a nap in while we were waiting. Once I laced my dishes into the sink, I paddled down the hallway until I found the room that the boys had thrown our stuff in.

There was one bed, one bed for three people. My brain didn’t want to dig too much into it. I crawled my way up into the bed and buried myself under all the blankets and bags.

Shayne POV

“Where do you think that she went?” I said to Damien as we moved through all the different rooms.

“I don’t know. I’ll go check to see if she made it out to the living room. She probably found somewhere to curl up for a nap, go check the bedrooms.” He turned around and headed from where we were. I went on towards the bedrooms and started checking each of them.

When I got to the room that we had thrown our stuff in and saw the lump laying resting under the blankets. I removed the bags from around her and gently folded the blankets to reveal her.

“Sweetie, it’s time for you to wake up. We have a couple more videos to film.” I said resting my hand on the side of her face.

“Five more minutes.” She said trying to turn over.

“How about two while I get you a coffee?” I countered

“How about you just stay?”

“Tempting, but we both know that paychecks and coffee are more tempting for you.”

“Very true, I hope that doesn’t offend you too much.” She said stretching and sitting up.

“Not terribly much,”I leaned in and placed a quick kiss on her lips. “You get ready to shoot, I’ll get your coffee.”

I helped her down from the bed and handed over her backpack. Damien was running around like a chicken without a head, everyone was filling the living room. But the good thing about filming for some much of the day, there was always a fresh pot of coffee.

Employer screwed me over, I screwed him back with help from the FBI.

It was the early 1990’s and I worked for a telemarketing company with the initials “SMC” in Logan, UT. I was employed for two full days when I came to the conclusion that we were just scamming old people out of their money using grossly unethical methods.

I quit after my second day of work and when I received my paycheck I noticed that I was paid minimum wage instead of the $10.00 per hour I was promised when they hired me so I went back to complain. The office manager told me, “You didn’t finish the 90 day probationary period so you only get minimum wage.”

Bullshit. They never said anything about a probationary period in training and I know it wasn’t in the contract I signed upon hire. (Yeah, I actually read it before signing it.) As the office manager opened the door to have me leave he said, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

I was fuming. I called the city offices and discovered that SMC didn’t have a business license and reported them. Less than an hour later I watched as the police showed up and told them they would have to shut down operations until they had a business license. (It took ‘em two weeks.)

When they were back in business I used an elaborate scheme to get myself on their call list and recorded several of their employees efforts to sell me their crap (it was Utah and legal to record the calls). I knew what they were doing wasn’t just unethical, it was illegal.

Not only did I report it to a local news station who had their consumer reporter (Debbie Dujanovic) do a two part story on the scummy company but I also reported them to the FBI.

The owner of the company was one of the 200+ people that was arrested by the FBI in a nationwide sting of dishonest telemarketing companies. The FBI called it, “Operation Disconnect”.

“See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” Ha!

Harassed by guest for not smiling

I was working at Target a few years ago and I absolutely hate anything customer service related, people are terrible and I just can’t stand being treated like shit for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. So I was working on the cashier and a woman came through my line and started putting her items on the belt and I said, “Hello” and started ringing her items. Now, I don’t stand there with a fake grin plastered on my face, I just stand there expressionless I guess, not frowning but not overly smiley. This woman goes, “what’s wrong with your face?! Why you not smiling?!” Like yelling it so everyone around can hear. I was honestly stunned and just quietly said, “nothing.. it’s just my face.” Now, had this happened to me now, I would have had a large arsenal of comebacks to say, but at this time, I was shy and getting upset. She wouldn’t let up, she goes, “you need to be working in the back so no one has to see your face!” And I just stood there, all the other guests stood there watching. She wouldn’t stop, she continued to yell and demean me for not being overly friendly, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever experienced. This continued to go on even after she had paid and I handed her her receipt. I had to say, “ma'am, please just take your stuff and leave, you have already paid.” And still! Wouldn’t stop! Finally my dumb shit fellow employees started to notice that maybe they should help, so they had to escort her out of the building.

Honestly, I tried so damn hard, but I broke down and started crying while trying to help the next guest and had to go off the floor. The entire experience was so humiliating and was my last ever customer service related job. I realize that yeah, I could have been a bit more happy while working but I was miserable at that job and only went in for the paycheck. Shortly after this event I would just stop showing up and called in a lot because I couldn’t deal with so many people and getting treated so badly all the time.

I’m overly conscious of how I treat people working in customer service or anywhere else that I interact with because I don’t want to be the reason that they go home and cry themselves to sleep at night. Those workers deal with the most shit and should be treated with the most respect.

Unsolicited Bar Prep Advice

I have received by first sunburn of the season, and a hell-like heat has returned to my fair state. Coincidentally, my brain has chosen to correlate the heat of summer with “Remember when you had to take the bar and hated almost everything?”

Yes, I do.

But, here are some things that helped me and got me through. I’m not going to talk study techniques or how to get over Barbri’s ridiculous study schedule, just (quite frankly) how I survived:

1. Stick to the schedule. As in, don’t start bar prep any sooner than the schedule says to. Cherish your freedom. I had three weeks between graduation and bar prep starting, and I don’t think I even cracked the Barbri box until the night before.

2. Eat three meals a day. Or, at least, have a lot of snacks on hand. (Preferably both).

3. Stay off social media, if you can. If you’re not jealous of people going about, enjoying their lives while you’re holed up inside for hours on end studying Secured Transactions, you will probably have a friend who constantly posts on Facebook how far they are along in the program and how swimmingly everything is going. And you will waste mental energy hating them.

4. Get used to waking up early and working early in the day. It’s one less factor to worry about on test day. My jurisdiction started testing at 8 a.m., sharp, and we had to check in by 7:30.

5. Have at least one conversation with another human being a day. It will keep you sane. My sister had an internship in another state, and it was so nice to talk to her and just focus on her life/issues instead of my own for a few minutes.

6. Treat yo’ self. Did I take a study break on a whim to buy cupcakes? Yes. Were they a reward for getting x amount of work done? Hell no. I wanted cupcakes, I got cupcakes.

7. Get outside at least once a day and exercise. It doesn’t have to be major. Take your dog for a walk. Water your plants. Whatever. I honestly didn’t work out (see #6, above), I just went on a lot of bike rides, felt the wind in my hair, considered biking into the sunset and never coming back. You know.

8. If possible, plan to GET THE F OUT OF YOUR TOWN as soon as the bar is over. Don’t come back for at least a week. Do something fun. Also, don’t bother starting work right after taking the bar (unless you really need to start earning a paycheck). Your mind will be useless. And no matter how busy your new job/firm is, guess what, they’re always going to be busy. You going back a few days sooner really isn’t going to make that much of a difference for anyone.

Good luck!

So my account of abject personal failure seems to have been welcomed by many! Let me elaborate on a point or two.

At least one person commented on my low grades in organic chemistry. For those of you who don’t know, I actually have a Master’s degree in organic chemistry. Which I got from a real live institution of higher learning (Ohio State), not out of a cereal box! 

This is a thing that’s true - your GPA doesn’t matter as much as you think. A less than perfect one doesn’t condemn you to a life of digging ditches (not that there’s anything wrong with ditch-digging). If you graduate college without straight As, it doesn’t mean you can’t go to graduate school or professional school. It might mean you can’t go to, like, Harvard. But you can go somewhere

I graduated from Bryn Mawr (admittedly a very challenging school) with a 3.0 average. Yep, a B average. And my grades in my major coursework (chemistry) were lower. Part of that was that I was taking the hardest chemistry courses, but other parts were that I chose to have more than one priority than just grades. And I wasn’t really the world’s most diligent student. I applied to four graduate schools and was accepted to three of them.

Fun fact: a co-worker of mine is my age and has almost the same degree as me (an MS in chemistry, although her concentration was different) from an Ivy League institution. And we do the same job and get the same paycheck. 

Fun fact #2: The only reason I know that is that it came up once in conversation. Other than that, I couldn’t tell you which of my co-workers have PhDs vs MS degrees or where they went, and I’ve worked here for 13 years. Nobody cares.

This isn’t true for all industries, of course. But it’s more true than not.

I’m not saying grades don’t matter at all, or that you shouldn’t stay on top of it or ever worry about anything. I’m saying it’s not the end of the world if you’re not making straight As. The world is full of imperfect people, and if only the absolute perfect performers got jobs, nobody would work anywhere.

Okay guys this is fucking humiliating but I’m desperate. Things have been very tight in me and my roommate this paycheck and I have sold a few embroidery things but it wasn’t enough to cut it. My rent check, which has always taken 2-3 days to process, went in the next day this time and I have been hit by an over draft fee. When my hits tomorrow I will have $6.00 to get through until the 14th. If you want to commission some embroidery work from me, check out this post, and shoot me a message. My paypal is avlbane@yahoo.com. I also have cash.me and chase quickpay if you are more comfortable using those. 

EDIT: the link to my commission post now works sorry

My Last Tenant

Becoming a landlord wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be. I had thought (foolishly, I realize now) that it would be as simple as buying a property, making it livable, and renting it out to quiet, responsible people who would cause no problems and pay me on time. Hey, two outta three ain’t bad, right?

It didn’t start out badly. My first rental was a cute little two bedroom cottage on a dead end street that I fixed up with the help of my mom and brother. It was in pretty good shape to begin with, so all it really took was a few fresh coats of paint, some updated appliances, and new curtains to give it a homey touch. A pair of elderly, widowed sisters ended up living in it and I couldn’t have asked for better tenants. They were both very sharp witted, always had the rent check ready on the first of the month, and kept me supplied with all the baked goods a woman could ever want.

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Dress Haul!

The first one was fantastically gifted unto me, which was a lovely surprise and was worried it would be too tight, but was encouraged to get. The second I may go back and get when I have another paycheck. 
Went to the mall and checked out a lot of things, but of late Forever21 is really on the ball for my goth needs. Though there was a dress at Hot Topic I wish I tried on. My wallet thanked me.


i sort of hate myself for doing this but i’m crying a lot right now and it’s a last resort even if i don’t think much will come of it, i was in an accident yesterday that totaled my car and i have no insurance because it was under my mom’s before she went to the hospital for 3 months. i wasn’t aware we lost it until she was released about a week ago, i was actually going to get it this friday when my paycheck came through! ha! no one was hurt but i was sharing my car with my disabled mom mom and sister for all of our jobs and basic living activities that require traveling

anything, anything helps. my paypal is abbyewilkins@gmail.com 

thank you