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A Dixon’s Mate

Pairings: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Summary: Y/N is attracted to a certain blue eyed Alpha, but she thinks he doesn’t like her because of how much he avoids her. What she doesn’t know is that Daryl lives to protect that Omega. One night when Daryl doesn’t join everyone for a special dinner in the cellblock, she takes some dinner to share at his watch post, but what she finds will change everything between them.

Warnings: Unprotected sex (be safe when you get naughty), A/B/O Dynamics, knotting sex, a little fluff at the end, wee instance of Daddy kink, etc.

A/N: This took longer than expected for many reasons, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This isn’t my best work, but I’ve been told it’s good for how rusty I am getting back behind the keyboard after a while. The style of this story is written in @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O universe. If you’d like to know more she has a link to the list of rules on her page. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10816410

Word Count: 2,356

Originally posted by findmeacurebae

The sun was already high above the prison when Y/N stepped out to the yard, loving the Georgia heat despite the humidity. It had been freezing inside the cell block with three straight days of rain, so the warmth of the sun’s rays soaking into her skin was a welcome change. A smile tugged at her lips as she watched the kids run out through the muddy grass, Rick and Hershel checking the crops, while Maggie and Glenn walked hand in hand to the fence to kill off some walkers. She was always so happy to see the sweet beta couple together, feeling the love they have for one another radiating from them every time they even look at each other. Poor Rick always smiled at the sight of them too, wishing he could go back to the days before he lost his omega, Lori. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to kill his best friend, Shane, another pig headed alpha pining over his omega. But he had Carl and sweet little Judith to keep him going. He also had his duty as leader of the group to make his days busy, caring for the people taken in after the fall of Woodbury and the Governor slaughtering some of his own people.

An all too familiar feeling pulled Y/N from her thoughts and made shivers run down her spine. Her teeth quickly sunk into her bottom lip to hold back a soft whimper that threatened to escape, loving the heat that spread through her body under the blue eyed gaze of the alpha staring at her from the nearest watch tower. Daryl watched her every chance he got, secretly admiring everything about her. He had been completely entranced with her since the group first found her outside Atlanta. He liked to believe that she had no idea, looking away to avoid meeting her eyes any time she’d look at him.

To Y/N’s dismay, he always kept his distance from her. Whenever she caught him looking, she wondered how it would feel to be close to him or how he would smell. She’d been told that alphas smell wonderful to omegas like her, but she’d never been around an unmated one before, aside from Shane but he acted like Lori was his, even when Rick came back. “Maybe he thinks I’m gross.” She mumbled and kicked a rock from under her foot before walking down the gentle slope to feed the pigs the group had raised.

Daryl kept his gaze locked on her every move, groaning at the sight of her hips swaying with each step. He wanted nothing more than to pull her against his chest and scent her properly, make her his mate. He always made sure she was safe when they were on the road, keeping his distance and watching from afar. It was dangerous enough for her to be an unmated omega in a world of zombies that half rely on the scent of living things to find their next meal, but it was worse when her scent intensified during her heat each month. Securing the prison had been like a God send to protect her. He’d stop outside her cell at night when everyone was a sleep just to check, inhaling deeply to take in her intoxicating scent while he peeked in on her sleeping form. He thought he’d heard her whimper his name in her sleep a few times, but it was too quiet to tell for sure. As much as he wanted to be hers, he never got too close. Daryl thought he wasn’t good enough for her. He thought she deserved better, but couldn’t stand the thought of anyone but him touching Y/N. He shook his head and turned his attention back out to the woods and fields surrounding the perimeter of the prison, fully prepared to stay there long into the night with his thoughts.

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Issues- Part Seven

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count- 2,392

Please read previous parts-HERE


Part Seven

So turns out I would of been better having anyone but Joey show me around. I couldn’t call him fat Joey. It just seemed fucking rude.

If he wasn’t shoving any kind of food he could get his hands on into his mouth he was pretty much falling asleep standing up. To be honest I was pretty shocked the Negan let him get away with it. He must trust him.

Pretty much everyone else worked their arses off. You’d be a fool not to see it.

I wish Negan would let me contribute.

Work here.

Do something useful.

The fact that he said he would think about it was something but I wasn’t stupid enough to think he would say yes. Lower those expectations.

Having enough of my time with Joey I suggested we should head back. Apparently this was ‘a great idea cause man I’m tired’…. Yeah.

A sound I had not heard for years caught me of guard. Heels?

Confused I looked up as a tall, skinny brunette in a tight black dress came around the corner. Woah.

Why would she be… and then it hit me she was one of Negans wives. Wasn’t she?

He made them dress up like that? Fucking hell.

The expression on her face was a mix of nervousness and basic bitch face.

You know like those girls in school that walk the halls thinking they are better than everyone else when in fact they’re just scared that one day they will fall to the bottom from this imaginary pedestal they had placed themselves on.

Totally not bitter that you were a bit of a loner in high school.

Well being a sheriffs daughter will do that to a reputation plus everything with Mum. No one wanted anything to do with me really then. Fuck.

Joey eyed me as we took the corner the brunette had come from. 

Why did he make them wear that? 

Is that what he was into?

I couldn’t wear that. Not now. I mean its the fucking apocalypse!

“What’s your deal anyway” Joeys voice made me jump a little bit as I had been in my own head a little too much thinking about him.

“Sorry?” I asked confused.

“With Negan” Where would I even start with that?

“What do you mean?”

“Its weird” he said as he pulled a mint from his shirt pocket, blew on it and popped it in his mouth. How long had that even been there? Gross

“Right cause your not one of them” he gestured to the girl who passed. So I was right then, she was one of his wives “and you get extra benefits, just like the boss himself which is not the norm around here, like ever” he awkwardly laughed.

“I don’t know how to answer that” I told him “Maybe you should ask Negan” I’d love to a fly on the wall for that conversation for sure.

He choked on his mint as he laughed “Fuck off I would rather keep my head intact” thank god he recovered because the thought of having to perform cpr was not something I wanted to be doing.

“He treats you differently” He said once he finally recovered “did you know him before?”

“The zombies?”

“Yeah” he nodded his head.

“No I first met him like a week ago? Something like that” feels like months.


I couldn’t help but agree.

How had so much happened in only that amount of time? Its the apocalypse life changes in a split second.

We crossed the cafeteria in silence as people around us shouted and ate. Was this room always so loud?

I could feel everyones eyes on me again but it didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. 

Maybe I was getting used to it? 

Did I want too? 

Not really, I’d rather they just stopped. That would be nice.

“They talk about you” he finally spoke as the door flung shut behind us, shutting out the sounds of the cafeteria.

“The wives?”


“Oh” Why?

“Since you got here, actually maybe a few days before that he hasn’t seen them, thats pretty unusual” he was looking out of the corner of his eyes at me as I processed the information “Normally a couple of times a day. At least” god.

“So they hate me?” I felt a little panicked. Should I be worried they were going to come after me because he wasn’t paying them the attention like he apparently normally did?

“Fuck no, I mean maybe one who’s a bit of a nutcase when it comes to Negan, Like one time she actually had a meltdown cause she didn’t think he thought she was as sexy as the others, but the others have been relieved I think”

Why would they be relieved? So they didn’t want to be his wives? I don’t understand.

“I’ve never known him spend all night with them, I mean I guess it might of happened but I normally stay outside of his room all night, until recently”

“And now your watching my door?” I guess now I get why he’s so tired. Poor guy. Now I felt kind of bad for thinking he was lazy when in reality he has been up all night. Damn.

“Yep” he bit down on the mint. God he is going to break his teeth. And now I sound like a Mum. Fuck. I wonder if Negan had a dentist here? He had enough people the chances were high I guess.

“Does he come in my room every night?” I knew he did but it would be nice if someone confirmed it without me having to ask him.

“Yep, normally for like an hour or so, apart from last night” he gave me a knowing look. He probably thought you’d had sex with him. I mean if we hadn’t been interrupted it probably, defiantly, would of happened. God I wish it had.

“I’m not going to be one of them” I told him. Because I wasn’t, right? Right.

Truth be told the entire time we have been walking around the compound that man, with his sexy fucking lop-sided smile has been playing on a loop in my head.

Joey opened a door that lead us back outside. The only thing out here was five motorbikes parked to the side. 

The air smelt like the dead. Likely from the live security wall or whatever it was called.

“Oh damn it” Joey muttered and bent down to tie his loose shoe lace that had come untied when a commotion at a door over the court yard took me by surprise.


Oh my god.

What is he doing?

Y/n” he said looking at me shocked. What is he doing? Oh my god has he escaped? Fuck Negan is going to kill him

“What the fuck Daryl?” I stepped backward “What are you doing here?”

“Errrrrrrr” Joey slowly stoop up looking between the two of us. What was he going to do?

Before anyone could say another word Daryl stormed over and with a metal pipe, I hadn’t even realised he had been holding.Raising his fist he went to smack Joey on the head.

“No!” I jumped in front of him, almost a second too late. The bar smashed the side of my face as Daryl tried to stop his arm moving once he realised I was now in the firing line of it.

My face instantly began to throb. Fuck me.

“Oh fuck Daryl!” That was going to leave one hell of a bruise!

“Im sorry, I’m sorry” he tried to touch me but I backed away from him.

“What are you doing? You need to back to your room before Negan knows you’re out” I touched my face and saw blood on my hand. Oh fucking hell.

“What?” He looked at me confused “Didn’t you put this under my door?” He gave me a piece of paper and a key.

“No, I’ve been with him all morning” I pointed at Joey who was just starring wide eyed. Who had given him that?

Daryl you need to get back to…”

“What happened to you y/n?” Jesus’s voice made me jump. Fucking hell.

“What are you doing here?”  Had he let Daryl out? How would he of gotten the key?

Holy shit.

Daryl looked at me with that same shocked expression.

“Come on” he tried to grab my hand “We gotta be quick”

“No, I can’t” I shook my head. He had saved my life before but this time I had chosen to be here. The only thing I could do was cover for him. Can you? Fuck!  “You have to go Daryl”

“Y/n” he begged. His voice almost made me cave and go but how could I leave here. How could I leave Negan?

“Daryl please let me be” I shook his hand off my arm.

“Why are you even here y/n?” He asked with a small amount of anger.

Daryl” Jesus spoke obviously wanting to get out of here as soon as he could “We have to go”


“Just go back to your room Daryl” Please.

What do I do? 

I didn’t want someone to think I had let him out. I am pretty sure that was a mighty big no no in Negans rules. 

“We can go home” But this is my home now?

“Go back to your room Daryl, don’t make me say it again, please

“I’d listen to my girl, she’s real fucking smart”

At that all of us turned around to see Negan standing with Lucille over his shoulder. I stopped breathing.

Men began pouring out from the door behind him.

Well this isn’t going to be good. Is it?

“Your girl?” Jesus bravely repeated. Fuck.

I couldn’t look at either of them.

The piece of paper and key Daryl gave me I quickly shoved into my jeans. 

Hoping that Negan hadn’t heard that part of the conversation. Who had given that too him?

“Joey, take y/n to her room” his eyes were on Daryl, like a laser. Not moving. He looked so angry and it scared me.

“Negan..” I needed him to be calmer.

“Don’t make me say it again y/n” he faced me, finally seeing what had happened to my face.

“Did you do that?” He looked at Daryl who suddenly went silent and looked like he was shaking “Damn baby

I noticed that his men had cornered Jesus and Daryl into the court yard now. There was no way of them escaping.


“Joey take her to see Doctor Carson”

Joey pulled me back wards by my shirt as Negan stepped towards my friends, ex-friends. God I don’t even know anymore. I guess now I’m technically the enemy.

Please Negan” he turned to look at me again. Anger was pouring off him and in a wrong, wrong way it was kind of turning me on. Now is not the time for that y/n.

“Go baby, you need to get that looked at you” he came close to me again, running his ungloved finger down my jaw “You might need stitches” and then he bent his head and knew what he was going to do the moment before he did it. He pressed his lips against mine softly.

In front of his men. 

In front of Daryl and Jesus. God what were they going to think of me now? 

“I’ll see you tonight y/n, go

I knew it was pointless saying anything else. 

Dropping my head I let Joey lead me over to the door Daryl had come through.

Negans voice was booming in pure anger. As the door slammed shut behind me I sagged to the floor as voices started shouting.

“Y/n” Joey said but I wasn’t moving.

I heard it.

That sound was unmistakable.

He just hit someone with his bat.

Someone just died.


That night when he came to my room I pretended to be asleep.

“Y/n I know you’re awake” My face was throbbing but I tried not to move. 

Negan was right I ended up having to have three stitches in my face and good god was it fucking hurting right now.

Maybe If I just stay silent he will go away and leave me alone.

“Y/n” his hand nudged my shoulder.

“Go away” I mumbled covering my head with the bed sheet.

“Ex-fucking-cuse you” he sounded offended.

“I’m not talking to you right now” I sounded like a grumpy teenager again.

Him laughing at what I had said made me angry.

Suddenly sitting up I bit out “And whats so fucking funny Negan?”

“Watch how you speak to me” he said with authority.

Staying silent I just stared at him in the dark.

“And why exactly are you not talking to me

I was silent for a minute “You killed him”


Crossing my arms over my chest I could feel tears begin to form in my eyes. You will not cry. Not in front of him. Please don’t cry.

“He’s not dead” he said taking off his black leather jacket “Your precious friend Daryl”

He’s alive? My heart began to race.

“Don’t lie to me”

“I swear on my fucking life doll”

“But I heard….” Oh god was it Jesus?

“You heard what?”

“The bat hit….”

“A walker came in following that Jesus guy who broke in, idiot left a hole in the fence and they just walked on in like they owned the fucking place” He did what?

“What did you do to them then?” God I hope Daryl is ok.

“I’m not going to lie to yah sweetheart I roughed him up a bit, my men roughed him up a bit but he will live” oh thank god. I swallowed and shut my eyes.

“And Jesus?”

“Is on his way back to the hilltop” He let him go?

“You just let him go?”


“So he got roughed up too?”

“Can I stay?” He asked ignoring my question. I’ll take that as a yes.

Nodding my head I moved the blankets over for him to join me.

This time he removed his boots along with his jeans before getting into bed.

Wrapping his arm around me he said so quietly I almost didn’t hear it.

“I didn’t kill him for you”

And just like that my heart fluttered.


Sorry this wasn’t out sooner but it took me longer to get it perfect and I dint want to post something that wasn’t right. Let me know what you think <3 xxxxx

Next chapter things are about to become a little (lot) steamy ;)

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tell the world that we finally got it all right

miyusawa with kuramochi’s perspective

2,164 words

It’s just a hunch, but Kuramochi’s fairly sure that Miyuki has affections for his new roommate.

(Calling it a crush feels oddly juvenile, because he couldn’t see Miyuki having a crush. It just didn’t feel right.)

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Healing Words

((Here’s my fic for Sheith Week day 1 - Hurt/Comfort. I nearly failed on day one! I wrote this in my head earlier with the intentions of posting. It is still Saturday where I live so I made it!))

             “Keith, it’s not your fault.” Allura pressed for what felt like the hundredth time today. She wanted to put a comforting hand on his shoulder, but withdrew it. She only saw Shiro do that to him, it seemed to be their thing.

             “It is. If I hadn’t gone after Zarkon, he wouldn’t have had to come save me.” Keith wasn’t looking at her, but at the cryo-pod. Shiro was sleeping inside, but was in rough shape. There was hardly a part of him that wasn’t covered in a scratch or a bruise. He pressed his lips together in a hard line and lay his hand against the glass.

The guilt hurt like being stabbed and felt like being constantly short of breath. Keith had lost Shiro once and now he nearly did again because of his stupid mistake. “I let my rage and my over confidence cloud my judgement.” They don’t understand. It wasn’t the same for them, Shiro’s Lance’s hero, and the others’ leader,  but he’s my first love. Zarkon took him from me! He mutilated Shiro and made him nearly forget about me. Whenever he closed his eyes he saw himself stumble with Zarkon looming over him. Shiro had jumped between them, taking a deep cut to the side. He couldn’t even look at his own lion because the red reminded him of explosions. He saw the bright red-orange light and how Shiro was sent flying.  Luckily the pieces of the black lion were salvaged.

             “Keith, he’ll be out in a couple of days. It could have been worse.” Allura tried again, but Keith was drowning in his agony. She swallowed and ushered everyone else out of the room.

             “Shiro…Takashi, I’m sorry. What have I done? Will you be able to forgive me?” He wasn’t sure if Shiro could hear him, but it was worth a try. He took a deep breath and slid down to the floor. “We promised to protect each other. I couldn’t do it back then and I didn’t do it now. I was just so angry. What they did to you…” His voice broke and tears started falling down his face. Keith couldn’t stop them nor did he want to. He deserved this pain and deserved to fully feel it. “What if you hadn’t been okay? It would have been my fault. I don’t want to live without you again. That hurt like hell, but this hurts more.”

Allura came by later that night to check on him again. “Keith, it’s getting late, why don’t you go to bed?”

“No, I’m not leaving him.”

“I thought you’d say that.” She dropped a pillow and blanket in front of Keith. “But, he won’t be out until the day after tomorrow. Sitting here like this won’t do either of you any good.”

Keith ignored her and continued to silently stare at the ground. His hand had not moved from the glass once. If he couldn’t touch Shiro, he’d keep in as close contact as he could.

Allura nodded and left where she joined the others around the corner. “It won’t work. He looks…empty.”

“Like a zombie.” Lance offered. “I’ll perk him up! I got it.” Lance ran into the room and stood in front of Keith. He had not even made a move for the blanket nor the pillow. “Keith, you mope, spar with me. I bet I’ll win. Come on, I know you’re a lot weaker than you try to appear.” Lance put his fists up and stood with his legs apart, sharing equal weight between to them.

“I probably am.” Keith answered. Lance had pulled out not only a challenge, but an insult. That should have riled Keith up in an instant. Allura had been right, he did look empty.

Lance stalked out, returning to the group. “That’s not Keith. He didn’t rise to a challenge that could have won. You know Keith’s second best at martial arts behind Shiro. Even if I’m a close third!”

They all tried to think of something else to try until Pidge spoke up. “Leave him.”

“Pidge!” Lance protested.

“You don’t get it. When I lost my father and brother, I was banned from the Garrison for breaking into their computers. I wouldn’t stop bugging them and trying to find information about my family. Keith was the same. He only had a discipline problem after Shiro left. I mean come on, with their relationship, can you blame him for being like this?”

Allura and Hunk looked down at the floor and shook their heads sullenly. “You’re right, Pidge. I wasn’t thinking about that.” Allura answered.

“What do you mean? Shiro’s like my hero too and he’s the leader of Voltron! He’s important to all of us.” Lance looked between the other three.

“I swear Lance, you really can be an oblivious idiot.” Pidge muttered.

“Everyone but you knows, just like with Pidge being a girl. Shiro and Keith are together. They always have been.” Hunk clarified for him.

Lance’s eyes blew wide and his mouth fell open. “What? They are? All of you knew that?”



“Of course. It was always obvious.”

Lance nodded. “No wonder Shiro is always easier on Keith.” He muttered under his breath.

“Actually he’s not. He’s harder on Keith because of their relationship and he believes in better for Keith. It’s pretty gross.” Pidge rolled her eyes.

“We’ll try again tomorrow.” Allura announced and dragged the three paladins off to bed. “You all need rest. Just because Shiro’s out of commission doesn’t mean you three get out training.” She purposefully left Keith out, knowing he wouldn’t budge.

             “Keith.” Hunk approached him and placed a plate of food in front of him. Keith had finally surrendered and accepted the blankets. He was wrapped in the blanket and put the pillow between his head and Shiro’s pod. “You should eat something. Shiro would want you to keep up your strength. I know you got hurt yesterday even if you’ve been trying to hide it. I made something special for you.” Hunk gave him a small smile and left.

             Keith looked at the food and back up at Shiro’s face. The scrapes and bruises were starting to fade. “I won’t be reckless like that again. I promise, just get better. I know you want revenge like I do and I should have acted rationally. I promise, we’ll get him together. As a team.” He added as an afterthought because he knew Shiro would want that. This team was their family and they couldn’t lose one memember. “I love you.” He stood and pressed his forehead against the glass. If it wasn’t blocking them, their foreheads would have touched. “I know, I’ll eat.”

He knew Hunk was right, but he couldn’t make himself move from Shiro’s side. What if something went wrong? He couldn’t be far away. He had to be there for his Shiro. He sat down again and picked up the food. Hunk really did make a special meal, it was all his favorite space food.


             The whole team approached, led by Coran, the following day and Keith jumped immediately. “Are you going to let him out?”

             “Patience Keith, almost, just a few more ticks.” Coran’s voice was even, but even he was eager to see if Shiro was okay.

             Keith paced as they waited, each tick feeling like an hour. His heart was racing and his mind was flipping through several different outcomes, only one of them positive. Coran approached the cryo-pod and Keith’s heart stopped. He pushed a few buttons and the cryo-pod slowly opened. Shiro’s external wounds were healed, so luckily this wouldn’t leave scars like his last encounter with the Garla.

             Shiro peeled his eyes open and blinked a few times. He was greeted by five eagerly smiling faces and one with a smiled crippled with worry. His gray eyes zeroed in on Keith and carefully stepped out of the pod. He stomped up to Keith and crossed his arms. It was very reminiscent of a father scolding a child. “Keith.” Keith winced, but didn’t say anything. “We were hardly ready for a confrontation with Zarkon together. What would make you think you ready to face him?”


             “But you promised next time, we’d take him on as a team.” Shiro smiled at Keith and Keith covered his mouth as tears started falling.

             “Let’s give these two a little time.” Allura whispered and Pidge and Hunk nodded, following her out. She noticed Lance and Coran didn’t move. “Lance, let’s go. Coran, you too.”

             “Others were worried about you, Shiro, not just Keith!” Lance protested.

             “But it’s such a tender moment!” Coran said at the same time.

             “Come on!” Allura pulled Coran by the arm and Hunk dragged Lance with them.

             “You could hear me?” Keith asked, oblivious of the others.

             “Every word.” Shiro reached out and brushed Keith’s hair out of his eyes.

             “I’m sorry Shiro, you were right.” Keith folded himself into Shiro’s strong arms. He sighed feeling Shiro’s muscles tighten around him as the embrace was returned.

             “You scared me. You better have meant the promise.” Shiro’s voice was stern, but loving. “I don’t blame you, though. If Zarkon had hurt you instead of me, I would have gone after him too.”

             Keith smiled up at him. “So you forgive me?”

             “How could I not?” He leaned down and pressed a kiss onto Keith’s lips. They both made a silent promise to stay by the other’s side in the tender kiss.

Reading Buddies

A fluffy Hancock x F!SS miniseries centering around a Sole Survivor who’s a bit embarrassed about her bookish behavior; because we’ve all gotta have hobbies, right?

Part 1 of ?? (If I ever decide to get to it?)

 "The smell of rotting books and dead bodies, nothing like it.“ Hancock quipped, gunning down the last super mutant that had been plaguing the Boston Library. Him and his lady companion had been gunning down the green slabs of flesh at the behest of Daisy, proprietor of one of Goodneighbors most successful pawn shops; and by that he meant their only pawn shop. She wanted them to clear it out to preserve her fond memories of the place, which neither of them had a problem doing. She was one of Z’s only friends, and somewhat of a mother figure to the towns mayor, like hell he’d ever admit it though.  

Speaking of his companion, he hadn’t seen her since she gunned down one of their suiciders with a shotgun. He turned away from the massive pile of mutated bodies and looked down the hallway they had just come from.

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Lost Chapter 5

Chapter 1 (x)

A/N: Anything from to potterverse belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Warnings: None

Masterlist Here 

It had been  several weeks since George started receiving your memories. Much to your dismay, all Fred could report to you was that George suffered severe headaches and seemedzombie-like in general.

“He mostly just stares out the window all afternoon,” Fred sighed. “Mum’s a bit worried, but I think she knows that the memories are going to help.”  You didn’t want George to live a passive life. You wanted him to go outside and go to his shop, even if it was without you.

“Do you know what he is thinking about when he stares out the window?” Hermione questioned.

“I think it’s the memories ‘Mione. Often times when I come in the room, he asks me about the one he saw yesterday. Once he asked if he could watch one again,” Fred replied. You smiled a little at that.

“Which memory was that if you don’t mind me asking?” you inquired.

“It’s the one where you two meet. He’s so perplexed by you being so nice. I think he’s trying to figure out why he doesn’t like you,” Fred shrugged. “Anyway, I should probably get going. I have to run down and check inventory at the shop.” With that, George apparated.

“I suppose we should get to work too. Mrs. Weasley wouldn’t want us to delay wedding preparations any longer,” Hermione chimed as she stood up. In all the commotion about George, you almost forgot about Fleur and Bill’s upcoming wedding. “If you don’t want to help it’ll fine. I’m sure Mrs. Weasley will understand.” You shook your head no. You had to get out of this room; if you didn’t, you were afraid the emotional weight of events would get to you.

Much to your delight, Mrs. Weasley sent you to work on setting up degnoming the gardens. On top of that, Mrs. Weasley wanted several types of flowers planted and various plants reshaped. It was mindless work for you, and though it left you dog tired, it at least kept the dark thoughts of George at bay. Sometimes when the work got to you, you would just take a second to fall onto the soft grass, close your eyes, and just daydream.

“Come on Y/N we have to get up early if we’re going to spend a full day playing quidditch,” George called as he barged into your room. Annoyed, you placed one of your pillows on your head.  

“George, can’t you see that I’m tired,” you moaned into your pillow.

“If I kissed you awake would you be more likely to play with us?” George smirked. You didn’t have time to respond as you felt his warm lips touch your exposed hand. “Please Y/N? I made tea for you and breakfast.” Slowly he lifted off the pillow exposing your bed head and sleepy eyes.

“George, I probably look hideous right now,” you complained as you wiped your eyes.

“You’re a morning beauty Y/N,” he smiled as he leaned in to place a tender kiss on your lips. The kiss was enough to stir your lips awake, and you craved more. Slowly, you sat yourself up pulling yourself closer to him until you straddled him. “Hey now, save that energy for quidditch Y/N.” You pouted as he pulled away from you.

“You are such a tease,” you pushed on his arm lightly and went to go get ready.

After a shower and a hardy breakfast, you were ready to play quidditch. You were surprised by the amount of people willing to play this early: Harry, Ginny, Fred, Ron, and Lee Jordan.

“Finally, we didn’t think the two of you would make it out of bed before noon,” Ron joked. After George painfully elbowed Ron for his comment, you split into teams. You forgave George for waking you once you started dipping, whirling, and soaring through the skies. You didn’t realize how much time had passed until you heard Mrs. Weasley calling you back for dinner. Reluctantly, you descended from your flight and fell back on the grass to catch your breath. A few seconds later, you saw George lay down beside you.

“So was it worth waking you up early Y/N?” George teased.

“Absolutely. I had an amazing time,” you gasped still catching your breath.

“Would now be a bad time to ask for a continuation of that kiss?” George asked.

“I’m all sweaty and gross George,” you pointed out.

“You’re still gorgeous though, and I love the red color in your cheeks you get after you fly,” George commented kissing your forehead. Just when you were about to kiss him, you heard another call from Mrs. Weasley to hurry on inside. “Raincheck?” George whispered before assisting you into the house.

“Y/N! Y/N!” your eyes reopened as you looked to find the source of the voice. It was Hermione. “It’s beginning to rain Y/N you should come inside.” You didn’t realize it had started to rain until Hermione woke you from your daydream. You quickly raced into the house.

“Finally, Y/N is back,” Harry smiled. “Tell her what happened today Fred.”

“Funniest thing, I kept popping into our room all day, and George was practically glued to the window all afternoon,” Fred started. “At first I was a bit concerned that he had gone mental, but when I saw who he was staring at I could guess why he didn’t move.” Fred began to laugh loudly and the suspense of the new development started eating at you.

“Fred. FRED! Come on now tell us,” Ron coaxed. “Who was he looking at?”

“Y/N of course. He was watching her in the garden, and I think I saw him smile just the smallest bit. It could’ve been a trick of the light though,” Fred beamed. Did this mean that the treatment was finally working on George?

“This is fantastic. Have you told mum?” Ron questioned. Fred nodded.

“Mum thinks that if George can sit through the family dinner when the relatives start to arrive, she’ll allow him to stay for the full wedding,” Fred replied.

“When exactly are your relatives coming?” Harry asked, a hint of edge in his voice.

“Tomorrow night I believe. Is that a problem?” Fred gulped. Everyone in the room stayed silent. Tomorrow. Surely, Fred had been mistaken. Tomorrow was much too soon to have you and George in the same room. What if Fred hadn’t really seen the smile on George’s face? It would ruin everyone’s visit if they saw the terrifying way George acted with you. The damage was already done. All you could do was make the best of it.

The Story Continues (x)

Calm is a Color in Your Eyes

a/n: i am literally yellign omg i wrote this piece of trash at like 2am and was supposed to upload it on halloween for various reasons but haha @ me i was too nervous lazy 2 do it and this is (pretentious!!) violent garbage and pls don’t judge me

// i was supposed to split this up into two parts but i got lazy and sorry if there are grammar/spelling mistakes i didn’t have a beta

***also: i got some of the ideas of part i. from like a book but i can’t remember it?? it was so good & i think it was about zombies msg me if u know !!

Summary: Dan Howell is a cold blooded killer. He’s a ghoul that preys on humans, and that won’t stop him, even when he falls in love with one.

Words: 8.6k 

Warnings: horror, bloody, kinda smutty, kinda gore-y wowie?? violence, DEATH tw, killing stuff??, swearing, smoking, yikes

(this is written in 2nd person btw!!!)


Imagine a bowl of macaroni & cheese. It’s hot and sizzling and absolutely creamy with cheesey goodness. It’s even doing that crusty thing it does when it’s well cooked. I’m not talking about that cheap boxed Kraft macaroni you can buy at the local grocery down the road, I’m talking 5-star gourmet macaroni and cheese platter.

It smells like orgasms, and it might be the best thing you ever put in your mouth.

Now imagine, (hypothetically of course), that the macaroni and cheese is a 6 foot something with jet black hair and two pairs of brilliant blue eyes. It- and by it I mean he, has eyelashes that actually curl up to his eyebrow, and when he looks at you, cheesy gross human feelings take over you.

You had it all planned out, too. Invite him over to your house to play Mario Kart or smoke hash or whatever, and then when you’re driving him back to his house, pull over by the junk yard in the secluded woods, and sink your teeth into him.

Of course, it hasn’t been as easy as you thought it would be.

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