i went down with this ship and im so mad

Jeremy Jordan and half of Supergirl cast are GARBAGE

My 15 years old cousin have been pretty down since yesterday and im gonna tell you guys why. Yesterday part of The SUPERGIRL CAST made fun of what she ships in a interview. The cast of her FAVORITE SHOW made her feel like her feelings were invalid and wrong

She have been crying since yesterday so I went to see her and the walls of her room which used to be full of Supergirl posters and stuff were gone. So don’t you dare to tell me that I have no right to be mad with the Supergirl cast just because im not a 100% fan.

 A bunch of ADULTS make a teenager feel bad about ship a wlw fictional relationship and if you don’t find any problem with it I have bad news for you.

reddieforfall  asked:

hi !! not to sound ignorant or anything, but do you know what’s happening with jack ?? did something even happen ?? why are some people being rude to him ?? what happened ?? im so confused ?? help ??

SO, a couple things went down and honestly idek know the specifics, but form the things that I hear, people got mad because his girlfriend said the n-word (which is wrong, I won’t argue with that) on a live stream and he didn't say anything about it, then he called Wyatt a “fucking jew” and people got mad about that but Wyatt isn’t Jewish and he didn’t take any offence to it.

Noe Jack has come out and said he is uncomfortable with everyone shipping him and Finn, as he should be because that is his friend and that is uncomfortable! Anyways, all the fangirls got mad, and it ridiculou and it doesn't make any sense.

Also, anyone who doesn’t agree and knows more than me, feel free to share. As I said, I don’t know all the specifics and I am always willing to learn, but still be respectful. He’s a kid, let him be a kid without trying to ruin his life and acting, which he loves and he is good at.