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ECCC musings...

I haven’t been on for a week as my sister was here so I apologize if some of this was repeated by others…

I had never been to a Comic Con or a fan event so call me a virgin. The whole experience was an amazing eye opener. Thousands of people dressed up in outrageous costumes. it was the best people watching I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to Mardi Gras and Walmart. So much fun!

I live here in Seattle, but my sister was in (fellow Outlander Junkie) from out of town so we stayed downtown. We met some fellow Outlanders at a Pub Thursday night, and found our commonalities extended way past our love for Sam and Cait. Just like Jamie and Claire…I’ve discovered that there are reasons we have come together that extend beyond a TV Show, we need each other.

We got to the line for the panel at 8:00. Herded like cattle, stifling air, people cutting in line to stand with friends who were holding spots …lack of coffee…but we loved every minute of it! We made friends with two gals who flew in from Austin, Texas. Turns out they ran into Sam at Pike Place Market the night before. He was having a beer with a guy friend. Super nice and they showed us pics. He had on a baseball hat and they weren’t sure it was him as they thought he seemed too thin, but it was him.

Two gals in front of us were from CA. They’ve been to many of these events and have met all the cast. Their vacations are following Outlander fan events. Please shoot me if I get to this level. If you don’t, my husband will. They only spoke of Sam and get this…one was Tweeting back and forth with Shatner as he wanted to know how it was going. I threw up in my mouth a little.

There were very few men and they all said they were getting brownie points from their wives. The talk was all about Sam. I tried to bring up Cait several times with little interest. There were several dressed in costumes, one as Paris Claire in the yellow cape, and a couple dressed as Wedding Frank and Claire… more throw up in my mouth. My feet were killing me, but we finally went to the main stage. We ended up 10 rows back. Then…out they came!

First thing I noticed was her black jacket she says she loves, and the GOLD band on her index finger!!! Looking at Sam live is an out of body experience, I blush just thinking about it! Chemistry between them??? Like a married couple, without a doubt. They answered questions like they were reading each other’s thoughts, teasing and in synch. The question about how it was filming apart for Voyager and him saying that she loved having her own trailer…my sister and I said busted at the same time as Cait looked at him and he tried back peddling…sorry guys, this was a golden bread crumb! The two next to me said, Wow, his girlfriend won’t like that!

The hour flew by and again we were herded out like cattle. Waiting in line at the Sheraton for autographs for several more hours we met a lady from Arkansas with her daughter. It didn’t take me long to figure out she was an anti. She was all about MM and Sam and how awful that people were writing things on her IG. She said they had so much in common and Cait is too sophisticated for Sam…this three hour line was going to be slow! Met a great gal from Guam that was wearing a Turtle Soup shirt!

Finally it was my turn!!! Good thing I was exhausted or I would have freaked! We were told to move through quickly and no personalizing. Cait is even more beautiful in person. Her skin is perfect! I told her we booed when teasingly Sam was making fun of Ireland as we were 100 % Irish American, and we love Sam…but Ireland always first! She laughed and yelled over to him, “hear that Heughan!” Ireland forever! To which he said, “Always”! She wanted to know what counties our ancestors were from, and then I was standing in front of SAM! I can not tell you what I said next as when I looked into his eyes it was like Mowgli looking into Caa the snakes eyes in Jungle Book, I was in a trance! My sister said she was glad I was talking so she could study his face…perfect super pink mouth, and the most amazing light blue eyes. As I walked off he yelled behind me, “love Ireland”!!!

We ran into some of the people we met there and just giggled and laughed over all our experiences! We shared SM and promised to stay in touch…as bonding over Outlander and Sam and Cait is a happy, happy place for all of us!!! 🍀🍀🍀


Request: hey! can you write a fluffy imagine where spencer spends the whole day with you and your guy’s son :) I would love to see spence in some dad action I feel like he would be so cute dad action I feel like he would be so cute

Note: I agree omg I’m in love with the idea

Warnings: Spencer being the best dad imaginable, fluff ;D

The coffee pot gurgled beside you as the machine began to brew the coffee. You leaned patiently against the granite countertop, tapping your fingers rhythmically against the surface. The early Saturday morning sun streamed in through the large window above the sink, lighting up the whole kitchen. You smiled to yourself, knowing today would be a nice day and hoping that you would be able to spend it with your boys.

Last night, you and Spencer had finally come home after a week long case in Utah. You know your son, Ethan (inspired by Alex Blake’s son), would love to spend the day with his parents. You know that because last night when you returned, his nanny told you about the week and how every night before he went to sleep he would try to stay up a bit in hopes of seeing his mom and dad. Even though the kid was three, he was incredibly observant and already comprehending things you wouldn’t expect a three-year-old to understand. After all, he is Spencer’s kid and this same kid is reading at a second-grade reading level.

Speaking of the devil, you see a small mop of chocolate brown curls sticking in all different directions enter into the kitchen, a very small plush toy of Captain Kirk from Star Trek in his hand. Spencer had gotten him that toy after they both saw the movies and got Ethan to fall in love with them too, and while you and he were on a case in a different state, Spencer somehow came across a pair of Kirk and Vulcan plushies. He brought them home and gave Captain Kirk to Ethan while he kept Spock. Since then, Kirk hasn’t left his dirty little hands - not even for a wash.

“Mommy!” Ethan exclaims in delight once he sees you. You quickly bend down and let the toddler run into your open arms. His small arms are tightly wrapped behind your back as he snuggles his face into the crook of your neck.

“Hi baby, I missed you,” you whisper, smoothing the back of his hair.

“I missed you too, mommy,” he replies softly and pulls away. “Where is daddy?”

“Daddy is asleep,” you say, pressing a finger against your lips in efforts to keep your son hushed. You know how much Spencer longs to see his son while he is away and if Ethan were to wake him up right now, Spencer wouldn’t care. But you do. He hardly sleeps when he’s away and now that you’re finally home, you will have him asleep as long as you can.

“I will be super quiet!” Ethan says in a hushed tone.

“That’s my boy,” you smile. “Are you hungry?” Ethan gives you a quick nod, his tongue sticking out like an excited puppy.

You sat Ethan on the counter beside you as you prepped the pancake batter mix and chit-chatted with him about his week and told him a less gruesome and more sanitized story of your most recent unsub. You went back and forth between the stove and counter several times, conversating with your child all while cooking up the pancakes and bacon.

“Daddy!” Ethan suddenly screams. You turn around to see Spencer entering the kitchen, a bright smile on his face once he sees the two of you. You see Ethan struggling to leap off the counter so you lift him up and put him down before he runs over to his dad’s arms. The second Ethan leaps into Spencer’s arms, Spencer lifts him up in a tight embrace and hugs him like his life depended on it.

“Hey, buddy!” Spencer greets him with the same enthusiasm. “I have something planned for us today.”

“Really!” Ethan asks excitedly.

“Yeah, you, me and mommy,” Spencer grins, looking up at you. You smile back at him, enjoying the warm feeling in your body at the sight of Spencer and Ethan.

“Yay,” Ethan claps his hands happily.

“But first, we all have to eat so we can get our basic nutrients of the day,” Spencer says as he strolls over to the coffee pot and serving himself his daily cup. He then goes over to the dining table and sits down with Ethan on his lap. You had already put all the prepared food on the table and Spencer looked up at you gratefully.

“Yup! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” you say, serving Ethan a small plate of a cut-up pancake.

“Tell mommy what I taught you the other day,” Spencer says looking down at the toddler in his lap. Ethan looked up at him curiously before Spencer leans down and whispers something in his ear. Ethan’s smile grows and he nods.

“Thank you, mommy!” Ethan yells and you laugh.

“Thank you,” Spencer says right after.

“You guys are very welcome,” you smile.

You all ate breakfast in pure bliss. Spencer helped Ethan eat and made small conversations with him and you all while playing a crossword puzzle that didn’t even last that long. You don’t even know why it surprised you when you expected nothing less of him. This was Spencer Reid we’re talking about.

“Alright, I think it is time for you to go get dressed,” Spencer announces as he sets Ethan on the floor.

“I’ll get him dressed-” you begin to stand up but Spencer places his hand on top of yours.

“Not a chance, I’ll take care of this,” Spencer quickly interjects. “After making us breakfast today, you deserve the fourteen minutes of rest.”

“Fourteen minutes?” You question.

“Yeah, that’s how long it usually takes for Ethan to get dressed, brush his teeth and comb his hair,” Spencer says as if it were nothing.

“I didn’t even know that was how long it took,” you say.

“Well on the days where he’s frustrated it could take up to thirty minutes but seeing as he’s pretty content today it should be fourteen minutes.”

“You are incredible, Dr. Reid,” you compliment, looking up at him amazed. Spencer leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead before turning his attention back to Ethan.

Spencer and Ethan disappear into the hallway and for a while, they’re gone. So you finished your coffee in peace and made your way to your bedroom in order to get dressed for the day Spencer had planned.

As you were flipping through items of clothing in your closet, you hear small and quick steps hitting the wooden floors behind you. You knew exactly whose little feet were making that noise. You turn around and find Ethan peering up at you, a hairbrush in his hand.

“Mommy, can you make my hair not ugly?” Ethan asks, a pout on his face. “Daddy makes it look more ugly.”

You can’t help the laugh that escapes your throat as you pictured Spencer trying to comb out Ethan’s hair. Ethan most likely had a pouty face as Spencer brushed through the knots and couldn’t get the perfect ringlets on Ethan’s head to curl.

“Come here, kiddo,” you bend down and pick up Ethan before carrying him into the bathroom and sitting him on one of the counters.

You continued to spray some water into his waves and began brushing through them ever so gently. You occasionally passed through a knot which in turn would cause Ethan to let out an “owie!”. Spencer comes into the bathroom moments later, a slight furrow in his brow.

“What happened to you?” You ask.

“I couldn’t brush his hair right,” Spencer pouts.

“Mommy has the magic touch,” you boast, exaggeratively flipping your hair over your shoulder. Spencer cracks a smile and runs a hand through his hair.

“That she does,” he winks and you giggle.

“Alright, little E,” you breathe out, setting the brush down. “You’re all done.”

Ethan turns his head to look at himself in the large mirror behind him. He smiles his toothy grin and brings one of his hands up to pat his head. He then begins to stand up and admire himself even more. He takes one step towards the mirror and presses his hands and face against the glass.

“Thank you, mommy,” Ethan turns around and smiles at you and you return the gesture. He begins to walk towards you and sits down like he was before.

“You’re so cute!” You coo, taking his small head in your hands and placing kisses all over his soft skin.

“I want hugs and kisses too,” Spencer says quietly from beside you.

“Should we give daddy hugs and kisses too?” You ask your three-year-old.

Without hesitation, Ethan nods eagerly, immediately reaching out to his father. Spencer takes one step towards you and envelops the both of you in a strong embrace. Ethan stands up once again and puts one of his hands on Spencer’s arm for support before leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Aww, he gave you a kiss,” you exclaim excitedly.

Spencer smiled widely at the boy in front of him before leaning him forward and pressing a longing kiss on the top of his head.

“Where are we going, daddy?” Ethan asks curiously.

“You’ll see.”


When you say you were exhausted, you were exhausted. Spencer’s big day had left all of you tired.

The first activity Spencer had was a visit to the local bookstore where he indulged in a ton of books in Ethan’s reading level and some to add to the collection of storybooks in Ethan’s room.

Then you ended up at the park where Spencer chased Ethan around the playground and you went down the slide with him and pushed him on the swing. After he had gotten tired with that, you went to the ice cream parlor across the street and gotten some cones. You had returned back to the park and sat in peace, all of you eating the sweet snack which Ethan made a total mess of.

Luckily, you being the prepared mom that you are, you carried baby wipes with you in your purse for easy cleanup.

You sat in the grass for a little while longer, Spencer read a few picture books to Ethan but once the ducks came along, the books were no longer in Ethan’s interests. And finally, once Ethan was tired with the ducks, he came back over to you and Spencer. All gross and sweaty.

You all decided to go back home seeing as everyone was exhausted, sweaty and kind of hungry.

Once everyone showered and got changed into their pajamas. Spencer called pizza delivery and popped in a movie for you all to watch.

“Star Trek!” You exclaim, plopping down on the couch with pizza in your hand.

“Again! Yay!” Ethan bounces up and down, his Captain Kirk toy was hugged against his chest. “Daddy, where is your Spock?”

“Spock?” Spencer trails off, putting his hand on his chin. “I don’t know, where could he be?”

“Did you lose him?” Ethan asks sadly.

“Maybe I did,” Spencer frowns. “But how is that possible when he’s right here?”

Spencer whips out the Spock toy from behind Ethan’s ear and he laughs in delight.

“Wow!” Ethan reaches up and touches his ear in astonishment. “Captain Kirk says you are cool.”

“Spock and I send our thanks to Captain Kirk,” Spencer responds.

Your two men settled down once the movie started and instead of watching the movie, you turned your attention towards them. Ethan had found his way under Spencer’s arm, and you could tell the both of them were very comfortable seeing as they were dozing off. You reclined yourself against the back cushions of the sofa and tried dozing off yourself, using the background noise of the movie to help you fall asleep.

As you were finally slipping away, a specific text alert woke you up from your peaceful mindset.

“Oh no,” you mumble, reaching towards your phone.

Penelope Garcia: We have a case :(

It was already nine, your usual bedtime when at home and half of the household was already asleep. To your dismay, you extend a hand towards Spencer and run your fingers through his hair. You move your hand down to his cheek and run the pad of your thumb over his cheekbone. He slowly stirs and his eyelids flutter.

“Let me guess,” he whispers, bringing his hand up to hold yours on his face. “We have a case.”

“You are correct,” you smile sadly.

“At least we got to spend time with him today,” Spencer says, smiling down at Ethan. “I missed him, a lot.”

“I know you did,” you respond quietly. “I did too.”

“I wish we can just be like this all the time, but our jobs,” Spencer trails off.

“Our jobs get in the way of being with Ethan, but our jobs are also the biggest part of our lives, it’s who we are,” you say, trying your best to look on the bright side.

“I know,” he whispers. “Okay we can just tuck him in and then we can go.”

You eagerly nod and stand up from the couch once Spencer picks up Ethan. You follow him into the bedroom and rush over to Ethan’s bed to push back the covers so Spencer can put him inside. You send a quick text to his nanny, hoping she would respond and she does so minutes later with an “I’ll be right over.”

Ethan was tucked into his covers, his angelic features at rest. His breaths were soft and quiet and left through his mouth. His hair was sprawled out in all different directions once again.

“I think we should give Ethan a little sister,” you wonder aloud. You see Spencer do a double-take and then give you a bright smile.

“I think so too!” Spencer nods. “Although, statistically speaking, the odds of you having a girl are-”

“We are having a girl,” you interject sternly.

“We are having a girl,” Spencer repeats, nodding at the statement.


and that was daddy Spence ;D <3 sorry if it wasn’t that good but I still have all these other dad requests that I could do so this isn’t the last of father Spencer !

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Hey! I read about how you're a sailor and now I'm starting to consider trying it myself. However, in your guide I remember you mentioning some near death experiences? If you don't mind, could you mind tell me what happened?

Hi! Yeah, I’d be happy to elaborate - they’re not as dramatic as they sound, honestly.

First time - my boat occasionally went under a bridge that was too short to fit without lowering our topmasts. I was aloft, to pull out the metal bar that locks the topmast in place, and to keep the cables from tangling while it was lowered and raised again. The deckhand lowering the topmast was new, and when the line went slack he assumed it was because the topmast was fully lowered, and let go. It was not - there’s enough line to lower it all the way to deck. It was jammed, and if it had come unjammed when he let go, I’d likely have been crushed by the cables around me as the topmast dropped to deck and subsequently punched a hole through the ship. Fortunately, because the deckhand was new, both the first mate and the captain were nearby, and both leapt for the line and secured it. I didn’t know any of this until literally months later, when the first mate mentioned it in passing.

Second time - At the end of the season, we were moving the anchor chain onto a raft so we could bring it to shore for the winter. I was on the raft, lining the chain into even rows that wouldn’t unbalance the raft/get tangled. I didn’t move quite fast enough, and the deckhand passing chain down passed a little more chain than I could get to, and a segment of it fell into the water, and began to pull in the rest of the chain on the raft, until several dozen feet of anchor chain was whipping back and forth at ankle height into the harbor. If it had caught me and dragged me into the water, I likely would have drowned. But I’d been extremely careful to leave room around the edges of the raft, so when it went wrong I had a place to stand that wasn’t between the chain and the water.

I really hope this doesn’t scare you off - starting to sail is genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made, and maybe the first time in my life I’ve been proud of what I’m doing and feel like I have a purpose. If there’s a lesson you take away from my stories, I hope it’s that situational awareness is paramount. It’s what saved me, both times - my crew or myself being aware of what was happening around them at all times. And a lack of it is what caused these less than ideal situations in the first place. You hold the lives of your crew in your hands; you owe it to them to pay attention to what’s going on around you, and to understand what you’re using and how it works.

Hope this helps!

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hi ilu and your fics. was wondering what are some reasons you have for regan being such the perfect couple c: (because i have hundreds! they would have gotten along so well preapocalypse or even early apocalypse imo) especially comicverse i luv them so much

Oh man here’s a start-up list:

1. Let’s start it off with their shared trauma of losing their wives, because it gives them something to initially bond over and empathize with (plus Negan’s love for Lucille humanizes him a lot). Always a good starting point to have something in common.

2. The sexual tension, let’s be honest.Talking close to each other’s faces and Negan’s endless innuendos and and looking at each other’s lips while eye-fucking.

3. A shared desire to lead, rebuild society, and keep others safe. They have extremely different ways of doing this, obviously: Rick’s outward compassion for the people he leads versus Negan’s structure and control. Together, they’d make one hell of a leadership team. 

4. Mutual love of badass murder jackets.

5. They’re not opposites, but I’d say they balance each other a lot. Negan’s loud, brash, very in-your-face and open, whereas Rick’s more reserved and watchful. They would both challenge, encourage, and rub off on each other in ways that could help them improve. (Negan’s a pretty straightforward guy, and I can see his bluntness and persistence helping Rick get over his communication issues.)

6. Negan already adores Rick’s kids.

7. The size difference is cute as hell.

8.  (In the comics) Rick is the reason that Negan’s currently working to redeem himself, and I think that’s pretty amazing. He’s said time and time again that he wants to earn Rick’s trust.

9. (Also in the comics) Negan has come so far as to save Rick’s life when others left him, and teamed up with him to help when Alexandria was overrun by walkers.

10. (Again in the comics) Negan went out and killed Alpha and held up her severed head and said “Wait until Rick gets a look at you” because….he wants to make Rick proud.

11. Negan loves Rick’s occasional hilarious sass, and Rick loves bantering back and forth with Negan. Negan has shown that he respects people who stand up to him and aren’t afraid of him, and I think he’d love that in Rick.

12. Both are willing to go to extreme/brutal lengths to get shit done and protect people. They don’t scare easily, and are willing to step up and do things that others won’t for the sake of a greater cause.

I Give Up - part 15 (A Baekhyun Series)


Genre: Smut / Fluff / Angst / Romance

Characters: Baekhyun X You

A/N: hiatus? Postponed for a moment. Read this guys.

I Give Up [M]- part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9 , part 10 , part 11 , part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25

A few weeks passed. You started your next semester of college as you normally did. Meeting new professors, getting class syllabuses, buying low cost digital versions of expensive text books online to save money, taking out student loans, doing the math and figuring out that you would have to work as a doctor for 10 solid years while aggressively paying off the debt to be free of it completely. You grumbled to yourself as you rolled homemade kimbap with your mom that morning.

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Will there be another FMM baby after Ian?

I went back and forth on this several times over the last few months (I’ve got an original name I am dying to use for a Fraser girl at some point, so I’m tempted!) but no, Ian and Bree will be the only kiddos in this AU.

That’s kind of why i decided to do some big jumps in the pregnancy. That way even though there wont be another pregnancy, I can go back and do flashbacks to some scenes and moments from this one that I chose to skip over at the time. Hopefully that’s the best of both worlds :)

Thanks for asking!

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Hey! Just wanted to say I adore your writing, and the rarepairs are giving me so much Tango content, I adore it. But also! I messaged Ngozi on Patreon, and she said Tango was 5'10 and Whiskey was 5'11. Just so you know.

Thank you! Also double thank you because I was trying to figure out their heights for forever. It’s so hard to tell in the comics that are currently up who is taller than who and by how much. This makes things so much clearer. I’m sure I’ve gotten it wrong when writing in the past because I’ve just been guessing, but at least I can be better in the future. I appreciate it!

I Guess It Really Was… A Softer World

I started my comic, Dinosaur Comics, on February 1st, 2003.  Joey Comeau and Emily Horne started A Softer World six days later, and not too long afterwards Joey emailed me.  "What are you going to do with your Nobel Prize for Comics money?“ he asked.  "My name’s Joey. I do a comic too.”

I followed his link and read all the comics there in one sitting.  They were hilarious and sad, sometimes at the same time, and I saw stuff done in comics that I hadn’t seen before.  I remember this one in particular, because it is the one where I mentally recategorized the series from “this is good” to “okay, this is great”:

I wrote him back and asked him what he was going to do with his Pulitzer Prize for Comics money.  

That was 13 years ago.


I have two friends who are marrying each other, only one of them’s an American, and there’s a part of the immigration process they have to convince the Canadian federal government that theirs is a real relationship.  They have been directed to collect essays from people wherein we swear we know them, and to demonstrate our Friendship Credentials we go over our relationship with one or both of them and explain why this friendship is real and important to us.  

What we have to do, in effect, is write an essay - just like in school! - only the subject is why my two friends who are marrying each other are so great.  It’s a friendship love letter, and it was so satisfying to write.  There’s no time in our culture where we are allowed to walk up to our friends and say “Our friendship is so amazing, and so important to me, and I wrote an essay about it.  I hope you enjoy it,” except for this one, created by an immigration bureaucracy.  I think we should change that.


Joey and I emailed back and forth almost daily for several months until one time he was in Halifax while my girlfriend Priya was visiting, and I insisted they meet.  I hadn’t met him in person yet, but I’d already told her all about him.  I told her she had to go meet my internet friend.  They went out for breakfast, and when the bill came, Joey just looked at the bill and smiled wide.  Priya picked up the tab.  Then he got her to push him home on his skateboard.  This story makes sense when you realize how much of a charmer Joey is. Priya said she loved him!  I wasn’t surprised.  "Joey’s so great,“ I said.

I started grad school, which meant moving to Toronto where I didn’t know anyone.  Joey emailed his friends Tim and Ro and got them to invite me to a games night they were having.  Listen: I was young.  I was excited.  I showed up early and rang their doorbell at 6pm for a 8:30pm games night, because I had no idea what I was doing.  

Tim and Ro invited this complete stranger in to join them to dinner that night, and it turned out they were awesome, and now just about everyone I know in Toronto can be traced back to Tim and Ro and those weekly games nights they hosted.  What Joey gave me through Tim and Ro was a friendship starter kit, a way to make moving to a new city easy, and when my books got water damaged during the move, Joey sent me new ones.  All his favourites.

I love him, and we would’ve never met if it weren’t for A Softer World.


Emily and I disagree over how we met in real life, but that’s great because now we have a mystery at the centre of our friendship.  There’s a sequence of events where I say one thing happened and she says "no you’re crazy THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE”, but I can’t even remember what our two different versions are anymore.  Mine is absolutely the right one though.

One of my earliest memories of her is of being at Tim’s housewarming for his new place, and in his kitchen he’d left this seltzer bottle: they’re those giant pressurized water bottles clowns spray each other with, at least in cartoons I guess?  And obviously at some point I sprayed Emily a little, because this is what happens when you leave me in my 20s in a kitchen at a party with a seltzer bottle.  Emily sprayed me back in revenge, but it was more than I’d sprayed her, so obviously I needed to spray her back to make it even.  It went back and forth until Tim burst into his kitchen, (understandably) mad that we’d sprayed water all over his new apartment.  He told us to stop.  We apologized.  And as he was leaving Emily emptied the bottle on me before putting the drained bottle in Tim’s hands.

Reader, I befriended her.  

One time she sent me a physical letter.  A real letter!  Nothing is more classy.  I hung it on my wall.  I bought a used typewriter at a garage sale so I could respond in kind.  She moved to Toronto later on, and we started hanging out all the time.  When Jenn and I got married, she photographed our wedding.

I love her, and we would’ve never met if it weren’t for A Softer World.


One April Fools’ Day I took down Dinosaur Comics and replaced it with what I claimed was my new project now: A Softer World 2: Better Than A Softer World.  This one was a picture of my friend Eric combined with words I lifted from a conversation that Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship) and I were having about The Incredibles.

A reader emailed me, upset that I would end the comic he enjoyed for “what is effectively just a parody of another comic” and urged me to reconsider.


Another time my comic mentioned “truth” and “beauty” and Joey and Emily’s comic that day mentioned “truth and beauty bombs”, so we started a message board for our comics called that.  We don’t post there anymore, but other do.  It’s still running.  People got married because of that message board.  Children exist today from that thing!  There’s a chain of events that leads from today back through our years of comics and friendship, through Joey and Emily and the way our three lives have intertwined, all the way to when we three babies started comics within the same week even though none of us can draw, and Joey emailing me to inquire about my Nobel Prize for Comics money.  Without A Softer World, I never meet Joey, I never meet Emily, and my life is completely different.  Probably worse, too!

It’s almost definitely worse!


There’s a dedication in the first Dinosaur Comics collection.  It reads, “To Emily and Joey: the first friends I ever made in comics, and still the best.”  

I’m sad Emily and Joey’s comic is ending - more than I thought I’d be, I’ve got all these big feelings about it you guys - but I’m glad it was there.  I am here to tell you now, and without hyperbole, that this comic and the two people behind it have shaped my life more than any other work of art.  Take that, the Mona Lisa.

In conclusion, A Softer World was so amazing, and so important to me, and I wrote an essay about it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ryan North

May 2015


A Softer World ends on Monday, June 1st, five days from now.  The Kickstarter for Anatomy Of Melancholy - their final, best-of collection - ends at the same time.

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hey i have a request for that ridiculous sentence prompts. Could you please write a chris one for the prompt "i'm sorry that i got way into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately" and you dont have to but you could relate this to your siblings headcannons where chris has a 12 year old brother c:

My tol son. <333

Pairing: Chris/Reader Romantic
Summary: Chris’s little brother has to complete a project for school, and he’s asking you and Chris to help him. What could it hurt, right?
Words: 2145

“No,” you said. You crossed your arms over your chest and tried to look as stern as humanly possible. You weren’t going to give in. You just weren’t. You weren’t going to let yourself be emotionally manipulated by a twelve year old boy.

Except… it was Caleb. And even if he weren’t the spitting image of his older brother at that age, you’d had a soft spot for the kid practically since he’d been born. He clasped his hands under his chin (gahhh) and pouted at you.

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Combining these prompts because I thought they went well together.

Guest Starring: Krem, Sera, Iron Bull, Dorian, Josephine, Cullen, and Eowyn Trevelyan

Ships Included: Trevelyan/Cullen, Adoribull, Cassarric

Being a member of the Inquisition wasn’t always doom and gloom, littered with fights and debates. Some days, after particularly hard-won victories, they had a chance to relax. To push aside the building stress in one fell swoop before they inevitably returned to their duties. Depending on the event that acted as a precursor to said attempts at relaxation, the outcome varied. Drinks, however, were almost always involved. For people such as Varric or Bull, this was no issue, as they held their liquor better than half of the Inquisition. For people like Cassandra, however, it was more of an effort.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write an imagine where y/n and harry stay in y/n's old family cabin and they find twister in a cupboard and play it when things get heated (no smut though) ahhaha thanks xxxx

The faint crackle of the fireplace and the heavy raindrops hitting the windows were the only sounds you and Harry heard. The silence was comfortable between the two of you as you both sat on the small couch in the living room of the wood cabin you were spending the weekend in.

It had been years since you set foot in cozy wood cabin. Stepping foot into the place sent a feeling of nostalgia thorough you and accompanied you with only the happiest of memories. Images of you and your cousins playing Twister in the back room of the cabin while the adults talk filled your mind and the thought immediately struck up an idea.

“Can we do something crazy and kind of weird?” You said softly to Harry. His arm was draped around your shoulder and he raised an eyebrow in both confusion and fascination. “Wait here,” you stated as you rushed out of the living room and down the back room where you and your cousins had played. As you opened the small handmade wooden cabinet in the back room a smile rushed to your face as you spotted the Twister box sitting on top of the shelf. 

Proud of your findings, you headed back into the living room to reveal to Harry your big idea. You placed the Twister box down on the coffee table at the end of the couch and Harry let out a small chuckle.

“You’re on,” he stated competitively. He kicked off his shoes and moved them to the side of the living room. You opened the dusty lid to the old Twister game and folded the mat out on the rug in the middle of the room. Harry began to stretch as you kicked off your shoes and braced yourself for an inevitable win. 

“You’re going down,” you said to Harry as you held the spinner in your hand. 

“No, I believe that’s you who’s going down.”

You shook your head as you flicked the arrow of the spinner. The arrow went around several times before landing on left hand red. Harry did the action and you spun the spinner for your turn. 

“Right hand red,” you announced as you placed your right hand on the red circle. Harry spun the spinner with his free hand and the color was red again. 

“Right hand red,” he said and he completed the action. A back and forth between spinning and positioning yourselves occurred when suddenly it all went wrong.

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to do this next one without things getting extremely sexual,” you announced honestly as you observed the spinner. The next move you would have to do would put you right on top of Harry with your hand on the yellow dot right in front of his crotch. 

Harry shrugged his shoulders as a playful smirk grew across his face. You positioned yourself correctly and within seconds Harry’s hands connected with your waist. He pulled you down on top of him and his lips met yours.

His kisses were slow and taunting but Harry had motif behind his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing to you and you hated how he teased you sometimes. You cupped your hands on his cheeks to deepen the kiss but he continued to move his lips painfully slow against yours. 

“Don’t tease me,” you mumbled against his lips and he chuckled. He continued to kiss your lips with the utmost control and slow movements. You huffed against his lips as his hands began to venture your body. 

Since Harry was being a pest and he wasn’t planning to stop the teasing you figured that two can play at that game.

aiko-aiden  asked:

Can yo please do Oreshi and Bokushi tesasing GoM? Please and thank you! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Its just, what if there are actually two Akashis and these two little devil emperors wanted to come clean and tell the truth to GoM. Trolling them perhaps?

i asked the asker to specify what they meant and it’s the one above. i really tried but i had no idea what i was writing. I’m sorry, i hope this is okay.

“Goddammit,” Aomine muttered under his breath. “I’m going to kill freaking Akashi.”

“Why?” Kuroko asked plainly, barely paying any attention to the hot-headed, tanned man next to him as he flipped through his novel.

He held up the torn shoe. Well, it wasn’t exactly torn but more cut up… or shredded into pieces. Threads were sticking out from all over the place and the leather of the shoe had been sliced. Kuroko raised a curious eyebrow at the trainwreck. Aomine shook his head as he stared at the destruction Akashi had brought. So he had teased Akashi a bit for their height. It wasn’t a big deal. There were days the guy could actually handle a small joke, and there were other days when the guy was just downright disturbing and terrifying. “I don’t understand how he switches personalities so easily. One second calm and content, the second willing to murder anyone.”

Kuroko was perhaps almost aware of the existence of the two Akashis. Midorima was too but neither of them would admit it to the others until they were certain that there were two. They had no evidence after all.

“He’s gotta pay me back for this. Right?” He turned to Kuroko who blinked at him, shot him a sympathetic expression before returning to his book. “God, I do not want to be on Akashi’s bad side today.”

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Cala Margarida, Spain // June 29, 2015

The drive was a little long and I fell asleep with my head resting against the cool glass of the car window.  I woke up with the warm sun on my face. We were finally at this beautiful little beach! 

My host family and I exited the cramped car, grabbed our bags, and headed down to the beach. The view was incredible: I could see all the way to the edge of the horizon and it seemed as though you could fall off if you got to close. We walked down some steps and onto the rocky shore. I looked up at the houses on the hill and imagined what it would be like to live here on this little beach. 

Trying to keep our balance, we picked a spot to stick the beach umbrella into. The sun was hot and it beat down hard on our backs though the wind was strong and blew through our hair and clothes, drying the sweat starting to bead up on my back. The beach umbrella tried to escape several times, but my host parents secured it with more rocks. 

After making sure it wouldn’t fly away, I took off my dress, lathered up in sunscreen, and walked towards the bright blue water. When the waves hit my feet, I jumped back in surprise. The water was freezing! It took a little time just walking around in the waves but I eventually got my courage up and slowly waded into the frigid sea.

I swam around in the cool blue waves for a little while but had to get out to warm up in the sun. It was a hot day and as I laid out in the warmth, I started to sweat. I went back and forth several times, each time getting more comfortable with the cool water. 

I swam under the surface, snapping pictures of the algae, sea life growing on the rocks, and the occasional underwater selfie with my waterproof camera. I dove from the diving board, it taking my breath away every time I hit the icy water. 

 Before we left to go home, we drove into the little town to get ice cream. I got coconut of course while Mireia, my host sister, and her best friend Claudia got mango and chocolate while my host parents opted for frozen lemonade. We walked along the beach for a while, finishing our ice cream, then piled back into the car and headed back to city life.   

QLAP! 2014.11 NEWS Multi Talks
Ahh I haven’t translated anything in full in ages…but I’m taking the N1 in December so I’m back to translating as part of my studying! Here are all 6 of their one on one talks from this issue :)

Idol multi talk 01: Kei-chan x Yuya
Theme: “Fan service”
There are different ways to put it into words, but these two who have a reputation for “fan service” talk about “love towards fans.”
Tegoshi: I’m always told “There are so many amazing NEWS fans who put in lots of effort” by people who come to watch our concerts. Anyway I’m proud of that!
Koyama: They listen when it’s time to listen to songs, and make lots of noise when it’s time to make noise. They have proper different ways of having fun.
Tegoshi: But concerts are really fun, aren’t they~.  Since before I’m an idol, I’m a guy. My eyes end up being drawn to girls who stand out, like if they’re dressed in my favorite style, dressed fashionably, or look like they’re having lots of fun.
Koyama: I understand their feelings of “I came dressed up for the person I like!” We notice them.
Tegoshi: Right!
Koyama: There’ve been times when I’ve discovered about five Tegoshis in the audience (lol).
Tegoshi: They are there. There are lots of people with the same hair color!
Koyama: I think “They must really love Tegoshi~.” That’s also why Tegoshi wants to call them “Koneko-chan♡,” right?

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Fic Title: The Late Shift

Pairing: Pricefield

Rating: T

Summary: Chloe works a shift at Two Whales from 10pm-4am and invites Max to hang out with her while she’s there. Shenanigans and fluff ensue. 

Links: ao3, ff.net

Based on this post by hellahellaprice

“Shit,” Chloe swore, causing Max to look up just in time to see the food-laden plates in Chloe’s hands tumble to the floor.

Max raised her hand and rewound until Chloe was standing empty handed in front of the window to the kitchen. “Chloe,” she called out as Chloe reached for the plates waiting in the window. “Only do two at a time. Don’t take them all at once.”

Chloe turned and made a face at Max. “I can totally carry all of these at once, what would make you think—oh. Right,” she said as Max made a backwards spiraling motion with her finger.

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Rain drops

The rain was coming down in sheets that night.

I pulled the car to the side of the road right before the tunnel and stopped there for a few minutes.

I felt kind of stupid being there, but the atmosphere was definitely eerie.

Maybe it’s because the tunnel ahead of us was said to be haunted.

After we took a short rest, we decided it was time to go into the tunnel.

This is the first time I had ever done anything like that, so my excitement was doubled. We all new we should have been more mature about it considering our age, but even my friends’ eyes had a certain glimmer that was reminiscent of a child waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park.

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Welcome To The Family

Request: Would you be willing to write a fic where the reader comes out as bisexual and gets assaulted by her father because of it? And the boys save her? I know it’s heavy so yoi don’t have to write it I’m just going through something similar and a fic would help… Thanks

Characters: Sam x Reader x Dean

Warnings: Abuse

A/N: Cinderella AU is next then another fic then I will continue with the Cinderella AU. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR PATIENCE!

You had always felt different, sure you never thought it would be in this way but the feeling was always there. You ignored it for most of your life, chalking it up to a want for something, what that something was you were unsure of but it still managed to explain away the feeling.

That was until you met her. The moment you saw her, your junior year of high school, the feeling jumped. At that moment you were only sure of one thing: you wanted to be near her. So, naturally, you avoided her for as long as possible, stealing glances at her whenever possible while trying to distract yourself with meaningless flings.

You had never told anyone of the feeling, until you were forced to succumb to a game of truth or dare by your best friend. She explained the feeling much better than you had, chalked it up to what she called a “friend crush”. Explaining that you simply really wanted to be her friend so bad that it hurt, and for a while it worked.

Until it didn’t.

You were sitting in chemistry no more than a month later when it happened. The teacher was calling out names of partners as you mildly paid attention. Your name was eventually called followed immediately by her’s. You swear you could feel your breath catch in your throat as your heartbeat stopped.

You felt a small tap on your shoulder and spun around to be met with her bright beautiful eyes. “You’re Y/N right?” She asked, her voice honey sweet that made you nearly melt.

“I-uh-yeah” You stuttered out, unable to form complete sentences.

She laughed her voice deep and rooted, the kind of laugh that came from deep below and racked the entire body, the kind of laugh that was infectious.

The two of you worked well together, getting the project quick and generally enjoying each other’s presence. You had thought, much to your disappointment however, that nothing would come of the relationship until she asked you, her cheeks a light shade of pink, if you would like to go to a movie with her.

Needless to say you said yes.

One date turned into another and another until with the amount of dates you two had been on it would have wrong to go on anymore without considering you guys a couple. This of course meant you had to tell people.

So you started with your best friend, and you were glad to find that she was nothing left than ecstatic. Unfortunately this meant you had to tell your father next.

You had a whole speech planned, you practiced it constantly that day. To your friends, in front of mirrors, in your head in class. Practiced and practiced until you had it down and you were prepared.

You walked through your front door, your head held high and marched right to the living room where you knew he would be. And of course you were right, he was sitting on the couch watching the news.

You opened your mouth, ready to speak, when the news story changed. Protesters flashed across the screen as the story title changed. It now spoke of protesters for gay rights. How fitting.

Your father sighed audibly from the couch. “Do these people honestly think they are going to accomplish anything?”

You felt your heart stop as you froze in place.

“If god was against it do they really think that the politicians are anything but against it?”

You swallowed harshly “Are you against it?”

“Hell yeah” He grunted, taking a sip from the beer can he held “It’s a sin, these people are huge sinners so I’m against it”

He spoke about it casualy, as if he were telling you the weather. You recoiled in shock a bit, your words dying down before they ever got to the surface. Here sat a man who has never been to church a day in his life claiming to hate gays due to his so-called “religious beliefs”. A man who probably couldn’t name more than three of the ten commandments. And he had the audacity to tell you that you were a sinner and should therefore be denied equal rights.

You were going to speak up, or at least that’s what you tell yourself, whether or not you would have done it was a different story. Little did you know that your silence would result in all of this.


Present Day

You stood pacing in the middle of a cheap motel room, two extremely handsome and extremely well dressed FBI agents sat on the beds in silence as you tried to comprehend everything. They had told you countless times that they weren’t actually in the FBI but you ignored it, still referring to them as agent, as if that would make this situation any less weird.

“So this” You gestured vaguely with your hands trying to search for the word “-monster is coming after me because, what, I have a secret?”

The agents shared a look before nodding their heads, having been through this question a dozen times.

“And if I don’t tell the person I’m keeping my secret from my secret it will kill me?”

Again the agents nodded as you continued to pace.

“And it’s coming after me because apparently my secret is worse than anyone else’s”

Another nod.

“And I have no other way to get around this”


You groaned in frustration, sinking to the ground. “Do I really have to?”

The agents shared a look before the taller one spoke “It really is your only option”

You swallowed again, shaking your head “I-I can’t”

“Look I know it’s scary-“ The taller one began though you quickly interrupted.

“No you don’t!” You exclaimed before taking a deep breath before trying again “I’m sorry but you don’t know you can’t possibly know”

The same agent took a breath before speaking “No, no we can’t. We have no idea what you’re going through but we do know that if you don’t we can’t protect you.”

“Maybe I don’t want your protection” you mumbled.

“So what-“ this time the shorter one spoke “You’re just going to give up, die over some stupid secret”

You sighed, bunching your hair in your fists.

“Look we will be there the entire time” The taller one spoke “We will make sure everything will go smoothly”

You sighed again looking up at the two agents, your eyes dancing between theirs “Fine but you stay in the car”


You looked out of the window of the backseat of a very nice classic car. Your house was just across the seat, all of the curtains drawn, the lights off, yet his car was in the front driveway.

You could hear your heartbeat in your ears as you reached for the door handle.

“Hey” The taller one got your attention “We will be out here the entire time. If you need us just-“

The shorter one cut him off “run out of the house screaming. That should get our attention”

The taller one glared at him as he chuckled slightly, clearly proud of his own joke. You, on the other hand, rolled your eyes, taking a deep breath before slowly getting out of the car and forcing yourself up your front stairs.

You entered the house quietly, as if by hiding your presence you could get out of this situation.

“Hey kid” You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard his voice.

You spun around to see him in the kitchen, searching through the fridge. “Uh-hey”

“You’re late today, didn’t school get out a while ago?”

“Uh-yeah I-uh-went to a friend’s house” You lied, not too smoothly.

“Ok” Your father said quickly before turning back to the fridge.

You opened and closed your mouth several times, trying to find the words to say but choking on them every time.

“Is something up kid?” Your father asked, not turning towards you.

“I-uh-yeah” You stuttered “Dad I have something to tell you”

“Ok shoot” He said happily, still not looking at you.

You took a deep breath, rubbing your hands back and forth as you searched for the words, your heart racing within your chest. You took a deep breath before speaking. “Dad I’m gay”

Time slowed as you watched your father meticulously. Watched as all of his movements, to your horror, stopped. “You’re what?”

You swallowed “Bi to be exact”

Your father was still for a long time before he slowly began to move, pulling out some food for dinner and setting it on the counter, completely silent.

You held your breath, waiting for him to say something, though he was completely silent.

You chuckled nervously “Dad are you going to say something?”

“What is there to say?” He shrugged. “You’re just a kid, you don’t know yourself yet, this will pass.”

You took several deep breaths, still trying to comprehend what had just happened before you spoke again. “Dad this isn’t just some phase” You scoffed “This is who I am!”

“No it’s not!” He exclaimed, slamming his fist on the table causing you to jump. “I did not raise a gay!”

“This is nothing you did!” You exclaimed in anger “This is who I am and no parenting style can change that. And I’m bi not gay!”

As soon as the loud angry words left your mouth you regretted them, just by the look on his face you knew you had gone too far. One second his hand was raised and the next there was a stinging sensation on your face. You immediately brought your hand up to your cheek, your mouth hanging slightly open.

He raised his hand, his finger raised threateningly in front of your face causing you to flinch back. “You are not gay”

You clenched your jaw, prepared to submit, to say ok but you saw something in him, something you couldn’t just ignore. “Yes I am. And no amount of abuse or threats will change that”

You watched as his face turned red before your eyes. In an instant his hand was tangled in your hair and he was throwing you against the wall.

All pain subsided immediately as adrenalin coursed through you and you tried to get to the door. Though every time you got close another kick was sent to your stomach or your hair was pulled back.

It was when you thought you were done, when you were about to give up that you made your break for it.

You pushed yourself up from the ground and scrambled for the door, clawing at the door knob before scrambling through it. You made brief eye contact with the agents before you were pulled back into the house kicking and screaming.

Faster than you ever thought possible the agents were out of the car, sprinting towards you and catching the door just before it shut.

Your father threw you to the ground before the shorter agent’s fist connected with your father’s jaw. He recoiled back as the agent took another swing.

The taller one, on the other hand, went right to you. Practically picking you up and carrying you out of the house. He set you on the curb across the street and immediately began to inspect all of your injuries.

“I’m fine” You chocked out pushing him off of you.

“No you’re not” He insisted as he lightly ran his fingertips over the bruises on your neck.

“Well how can I be!” You exclaimed angrily as you pushed him off of you again “I just got-“ You stopped suddenly, taking a deep breath before speaking much softer “I don’t have to explain myself to you. I don’t even know you!”

The agent sighed, running a hand through his long hair before answering “Sam Winchester”

“What?” You snapped, crossing your arms and ignoring the pain in your chest.

“My name. It’s Sam Winchester. The man in your house is my brother, Dean”

“Well now that I know your name I just have to tell you my life story don’t I” You spat rolling your eyes.

“No you don’t.” He agreed nodding his head slightly “You don’t have to tell me anything but I think you’ll feel better if you do”

“TALKING IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER” You screamed catching him by surprise “I just showed my father the real me. The me without all the walls up to protect myself. Who I am at my core and he was disgusted. He was ashamed of me and for it he beat me. He fucking assaulted me in all senses of the word” You took a deep shaky breath as you struggled to speak around the lump in your throat “How do you just get over something like that? He was my family, he was the one person in the world who was supposed to love me no matter what and he couldn’t do it. If he can’t accept me how can I expect anyone else to?” Tears slowly leaked out of your eyes but you made no move to wipe them and you struggled to choke back your sobs.

“hey hey” Sam whispered, running a soothing hand up and down your back “ A father doesn’t do that to his kid, regardless of what he believes. He was being simple minded and basic and was just an overall shitty person, but don’t you dare think for one second that because he doesn’t accept you no one will.”

You looked at him skeptically, wiping your nose with the back of your hand.

“You are smart and kind and beautiful and anyone, be it male or female, would be lucky to know you. Now I’m not saying that everyone is going to accept you, fact of the matter is that many aren’t. Many share the same small minded views as your father but you can’t let them get you down. You fight for what you want. If you want to date a girl than do it, if you want to date a guy than do it. Just remember that you are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

You nodded along with him, a smile ghosting over your face as you brought him in for a hug.

Someone clearing their throat awkwardly caught your attention suddenly causing you to jump a little bit. You looked over Sam’s shoulder to see his brother, Dean. “Hey do you have a place to say”

You let go of Sam before shaking your head softly “I’ll figure something out”

Dean shoved his hands into his pockets and nodded “Well we have this-uh-place out in the middle of nowhere.” You could see Sam shooting him questioning glances out of the corner of your eye but both you of ignored him “If you’ve got nowhere else to go we’d love to have you.” He paused for a second before continuing with a soft chuckle “I can’t promise it will be a normal life, but something tells me you’d like a break from all of this”

You furrowed your brows, looking at Sam silently asking for permission.

“We have a small and broken family, I’m not going to deny it” He answered flatly “but if you’ll have us we’d love to extend that title to include you too.”

You couldn’t have hid the smile from your face if you had tried. You sprang forward and wrapped your arms around Dean, burying your face into his chest as silent tears slid down your face.

transcript of clone question from the rebels panel

because people were wondering and I need to do something to stop my hands from shaking. CLONE WARS SEASON 6 SPOILERS IN THE TEXT, TREAD CAREFULLY 

Connor: Um, this is for Dave. How did Captain Rex and all the other clones there, how did they survive like, how’d they get past the, how- [audience laughs at the look on Filoni’s face], how-, how’d they get past not killing like, Kanan and Ezra, not killing them after Order 66?

[audience makes a lot of noise, shouting for an answer from Filoni]

JAT: Yes!!! What’s up with that???

Filoni: Now, see… that’s what I’m more used to. And you see, this happens every Celebration, it always comes in a package about this tall [gestures to child height], smiling faces, innocent looks…. and you think, “Oh, probably a fun question! How crazy is Chopper, ohhh!” Um, no, it’s [audience laughs] “How did Rex survive?” Well, this panel doesn’t have enough time for me to explain the full depth of that story [audience groans disappointedly], yeah believe me I love disappointing 4000 people, it makes my day!! 

I will say that probably, when I perceived it, y’know and we went back and forth towards the end of Clone Wars with Rex’s fate, George and I had several conversations about it. There were a lot of things, um, that once I knew George was still at the company that I made sure he and I sat down to discuss it at length. There were a couple key topics, one was Rex and definitely the other was Ahsoka, how did they survive, do they survive, what happens there, we had everything mapped out through Revenge of the Sith. 

I know in detail why that is, I… y’know, I’ll give you something, because you’re here on the weekend, but…. if you’re… if you watch the Season 6 episodes on Netflix, the clone arc, Fives discovers the nature of the encoding that they have, the chip in their head. Um, you have to remember that Fives tells Rex about that, and Rex would believe another trooper. So even though it’s outlandish to Anakin that Palpatine’s in charge, he [Fives] actually says it to Anakin and Rex, right in front of them, Fives accuses everybody, so…. 

I’ve always felt that the truth can break any spell, it’s an old mythological idea that in a fairytale if you know the truth you can kind of break free from spells if you heart is true, and you have to imagine if Rex got to that point with his blaster raised, could… I don’t think he could do it. What would be hard for Rex, if you can wrap your head around that, is that the minute he wouldn’t execute his general, he becomes a traitor as well, and the other clones will gun down the traitor clone, so that was something we had also discussed. 

If you look at that and you’ll see…. just to give you this other tease…. we all love Rex. Kanan, not so much. And it’s pretty clear why. So…. anyway, that’s more than I ever give you!

Nate Maloley- New Puppy

Request:  Can you do a cute Nate Maloley imagine about getting a puppy together please :)))

A/N: I hope you like this! It’s sort of short, but I tried! Thanks for the request, as always it is very much appreciated!

Please leave request here

“What do you want today?” Nate asked me. I laid in bed. beside Nate. We didn’t have any plans for the day, but neither of us wanted to stay home all day. I thought for a minute, before something came to mind. “Let’s get a puppy!” I exclaimed. Just the idea excited me. Nate chucked, “A puppy?” I smiled, “Yes Nate, a puppy.” 

Nate and I had never discussed getting a puppy together. So this was quite a spontaneous idea. After a few minutes of me trying to convince Nate, he finally agreed. “Thank you!” I said, leaving a kiss on Nate’s cheek. I got out of bed, and ran through the shower. A few hours later, both Nate and I, were ready to go. 

“Let’s go!” I said, getting more and more excited. “I’m coming, babe.” Nate was amused by my excitement to get a puppy. He found it quite adorable. 

Nate drove us to the local pet store. I was not sure what kind of puppy I wanted, I just knew that you wanted something cute and small. We walked into the pet store, hand in hand, but quickly separated. He went straight for the German Shepard. Meanwhile, I was in awe when I spotted a Yorkie. She had dark brown fur, with lighter brown spots on her nose. She was so tiny, that she could probably fit in the palm of my hands. 

“I want this one!” We both exclaimed at the same time, but we were pointing at different puppies. “Nate, do you even know how big a German Shepard get? Way too big for our apartment.” Nate sighed. “But I don’t want a Yorkie. They just bark a lot.” 

Nate and I bickered back and forth for several minutes, before a store employee approached us. “Can I help you two?” The young boy asked. “Umm, well we are looking to buy a puppy. But we can’t really decide on which one.” I admitted. I explained to the store employee that we lived in an apartment, so something small would be ideal. 

“I recommend this little guy.” He said, picking up a light brown miniture Dotson. “He won’t get very big. He’s pretty ideal for your situation.” I smiled and looked over at Nate. “What do you think?” I asked. Nate nodded. “We’ll take him.” I told the employee. 

Nate and I took the new puppy back to our apartment. “What are we going to name him?” He asked. “Charlie! He looks like a Charlie!” I exclaimed, Nate chuckled, “Charlie, it is!” We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Charlie. He was so adorable. 

“Thank you, Nate.” You said, giving him a big kiss on the lips. “For what?” He smiled. “Charlie, Thank you for getting a puppy with me.” “Of course, baby girl. Anything for you.” I couldn’t help but smile. I was so lucky to have a boyfriend like Nate. He spoiled me, and would literally do anything for me.