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That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter Two)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Soulmate AU)

Summary: Y/N Lewis never thought that she would meet a Norse god, much less be the soulmate of one. Nor did she think that her sister would be the soulmate of an agent at some equipment stealing FBI type “company” called S.H.I.E.L.D. But hey, who said life was easy?

Warnings: None. (Yet)

Word Count: 1,138

Previous Chapter:

Chapter One.

Y/N Lewis’s life had been turned upside down overnight. First, they had discovered a man in the middle of the desert. A man who, according to pictures she had seen herself, taken to Earth out of a rainbow-colored tornado. Then, this same man had been her boss’s soulmates, made cryptic references to answering all of their questions, only to kiss Jane’s hand, bow to Erik, Darcy, and her, and leave with a promise to eventually come back for his soulmate and disappear into the desert in search of a fallen “satellite.”

Yet, none of that prepared any of the four of them to wall back into the lab at Smith Motors and find it being raided by what appeared to be government agents. In the parking lot, men ripped equipment out of the Pinzgauer, transferring it into large black vans. More agents came out of the lab holding boxes and files in their arms.

Jane rushed forward and burst into the lab her heart pounding and her fists clenched. “What is going on here?!” She demanded.

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Vanish in the Dark Pt 10

Pairings: None at the moment(Kind of)

Warnings: Language, nothing major

Word Count: 1600+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Yaaassss, shit’s gonna go down next part! I’m excited, are you excited, cause I am! No but for real, I wanna take time to thank YOU GUYS for reading and sending me love! Seriously, it means so much to me! I’m not super close to the end of this series but it’s getting pretty close. I hope you guys enjoy this part! Also, reblogging and like lets me know if you guys like it or not! Enjoy!!

Once again, the gifs are not mine, credit to the owners.

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Part Nine | Part Eleven *Coming Soon*

“Wait a minute. What?”

Y/N had to hold back the eye roll she felt coming on. Tony wasn’t stupid, so she wasn’t certain why he was continuously questioning every shred of information she fed them. Right now, she was trying not to pummel him.

“Do you need a hearing aid, Stark?” Y/N spoke through gritted teeth.

“No. I just wanted to double check. You’re telling me, they’re in a dormant volcano. In Russia?”

“And Georgia. Don’t forget Georgia.” Aubree added, twirling her knife between her fingers. Tony shot her a glare, but otherwise ignored her.

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For @politicalmamaduck

A/N: This following AU has its premise shamelessly stolen from Disney’s Mulan, and much of the dialogue for the porgs is stolen from Mushu tbh, but I have no intention of whitewashing the movie itself. This canonverse story is primarily about Rey, punk ass daughter of a Jedi, wanting so much to punch a First Order officer in the face, she’ll disguise herself as a man to do it.

Synopsis: The First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire. The Resistance has been formed by General Organa, with her son, Ben Organa-Solo as Commander and her right-hand man while her husband Han Solo fights on the frontline. To avoid the mistakes of the Galactic Civil War, Leia Organa has called for troops to only be admitted over the age of 20. Having been turned away from a pilot position for being only 19, Rey, the daughter of a Jedi and eager to carry on her mother’s legacy and bring down evil in the galaxy, disguises herself as a male and lies about her age in order to gain a position in the training ranks of foot soldiers on Crait, the Resistance’s latest base of operations. She doesn’t count on her training commander being Ben Organa-Solo himself.

“Okay.” Feeling the ground underneath her feet, Rey held her mother’s lightsaber in both hands. She thumbed it on. The green blade hummed, the hilt vibrating underneath her touch as if knowing her emotions, her confusion. Rey swallowed it down, drawing the Force inward then exploding it outwards over her skin, a mask of calm. The hilt of the lightsaber vibrated still.

Rey cricked her neck, shifting her weight. “We’ve got this– I can do this—”

“H-yah! Yah! Yah!” She jabbed left and right, as she’d watched her mother do in the mountain gardens, away from everything but the Force. She twisted on her heels, thrusting her mother’s saber forward, “ahhh!

She stumbled forward, the blade sinking into the thick tree trunk, splitting it in half. With a gasp, thinking quick, Rey dropped into a roll, hearing the rush of leaves, the cracking of the trunk as it fell, landing with a dull thud. Above, birds fluttered from the branches. In the thick water, creatures growled. Her heart hammering, blinking, Rey sat back on her elbows, watching as splinters drifting towards the swampy underground.

Her mother’s lightsaber hummed in her palm.

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Strange Magic/Cyberpunk

Story I’m thinking about working on…

The rain had made the street slick and black, the only color from the constant barrage of neon from streets signs and holographic ads that littered every surface disguising the litter and trash that hid in the corners. Bog stopped, the colored lights playing across his sharp features. He pulled his fedora down lower, hiding his striking blue eyes as he reached down to take a long drag on his cigarette before he  tossed the remaining bud to the sidewalk and used the toe of his pointed oxford to crush it. He winced slightly when the movement caused the cybernetic leg to lock up for a split second before shifting itself back; the lights that were woven into the leg glowed for a moment through the dark material of his pants leg.

Bog made a face and growled to himself before he glanced up and down the street. There were the usually people, robots, androids and a combination of the three, making their way here and there through the late night rain, but his attention was on the theater across the street. He pulled his trench coat closer around his neck, holding it together with one hand, while shoving the other in his coat pocket before he jogged across the street dancing out of the way of hover cars and speeding motorcycles.

The theater was one of the few still around that still played the old films from the time before tech made a film experience more interactive. The films showed here were the type where you simply sat and watched the story instead of being part of it. Bog had to admit he was surprised that the eldest daughter of a Summerfield Tech and Augmentation (exec?) would participate in these sorts of extracurricular activities. Her father’s company was on the cutting edge of not just the entertainment industry, but they were also on the cutting edge of android and cybernetic tech. This young woman basically had the world at her fingertips, but instead she was at one of these old timey theaters taking in a 20th century movie.

Bog smirked. He wasn’t surprised often, but this young woman surprised him. He held up his left arm, a display popping up with the press of a button. The image showed his target: Marianne Summerfield, twenty-five years old. Single. She had short brown hair cut in a wild flyaway style and streaked with purple. She liked to dress in Retro-fashions, was highly intelligent, worked in her father’s company in cybernetic design, had graduated at the top of her class. Eldest of Dagda Summerfield’s two daughters.

Bog studied her image, a frown creasing his lips. He was about to hit the button to dismiss the image when his mother…or rather the A.I. program that thought of herself as his mother, spoke up.

“Bog, I’m not sure about this job. You should just go talk to her. Besides, I like her. I like how she looks and I have read through every file we have on her. She would be a perfect match for you.” Griselda’s high-pitched motherly voice sounded in Bog’s ear.

“Mam. Don’t,” Bog hissed at the A.I. She was actually a GRLZLA Model MOM.1 that he had bought when he was a lonely teenager, who had robbed, stolen and swindled in order to purchase her program. In all the years he had had her, he had never erased her memory. She had turned into the mother he had so desperately wanted.

The computer voice tsked at him. “Bog, you are getting older. You should find someone and settle down.”

Bog couldn’t help the grin that danced along his lips. “All right, all right, but right now I have a job to do.”

“Well, I still don’t like it. I thought you said you were getting out.” GRLZLA muttered at him.

“I was—I mean I am. This is one job; after this, I’m out,” Bog assured her, dropping his wrist and the image of his target vanished. He began to walk and the cybernetic leg started to jerk, making his gait stiff and slightly awkward.

“And when are you going to get that leg replaced?” GRLZLA inquired of him in one of her tones. She had many of those.

“Never. I like this leg,” Bog defended his augmentation as he stopped in front of the theater, his eyes drawn upward toward the marquee. They were showing a double feature of a couple of pretty damn old movies, Metropolis from 1927, and a 1937 movie entitled Non-Stop New York. Bog smirked thinking to himself that they really went for the old stuff here.

He walked up to the ticket booth where a robot was selling tickets. Bog smirked as he leaned against the booth. Whoever had installed the robot had made sure it was as over the top and outlandish as possible. The robot was shiny silver, with a large bulky body that barely fit inside the ticket booth. There twisted wires and lights were on the head that were clearly there only for aesthetic purposes and the eyes were large and bright red.

“Would you like a ticket sir?” The robot asked, moving from side to side.

Bog snorted pulling out his data chip card so that the robot could scan it. “One please.”

An old-fashioned paper ticket came rolling out of the robot’s chest. Bog had to reach forward and pull the ticket out. “Please enjoy the show.” The robot twisted one way then the other. Bog gave a salute, the ticket held between two fingers as he touched the brim of his hat and headed inside.


The lobby of the theater was surprising. The only modern aspect of it was the mix of robots and androids that were running the concessions. There was real fresh popcorn, soda machines from the 20th century along with actual candy of the same period. Everything was far overpriced, but considering how hard these items were to find on the open market, Bog wasn’t surprised by the steep pricing. He pressed his lips together; the smell of the popcorn was enticing. He had just about talked himself out of it, but at the last second before heading into the theater, Bog veered a hard right and went straight for the counter. Just because he was on a job didn’t mean he had to go without eating.


Bog slipped through the doors and stopped at the top of the aisle. He was surprised again; the theater was exactly like an old 20th century theater with the stadium seating, the fold out seats and horrible carpet. The only nod to their current century was the track lighting that ran down the aisle. Bog was holding a large bucket of popcorn against his chest (the first food he had had all day, but the delicious smell had been too tantalizing and he had partly done it to annoy GRLZLA as she was always going on about how skinny he was, how he needed to eat at least three square meals a day and that coffee and cigarettes didn’t count. Now he would add popcorn onto the list of things he had eaten. He grinned sure he was going to hear about it later tonight.) Bog headed down the darkened aisle looking for both his target and a seat. The place was fairly packed, though he supposed that shouldn’t surprise him. People were always looking to the past in search of that unattainable “better” time. Some were probably here to enjoy the art of the old cinema and still others were probably just here to laugh. He was curious which one Marianne Summerfield encompassed?

Bog had walked down nearly to the front of the seating when he stopped to look around, tossing a bite of popcorn in his mouth. That was when he saw her.

Marianne Summerfield was sitting by herself. Bog smiled; this kidnapping might be easier than he thought. He made his way down the aisle, then across to her row, sitting with one seat between them. Her attention was completely on the film; the light from the movie highlighted her face and danced across her features. Bog frowned, staring. She was more beautiful in person than her computer-generated image showed. Her face was heart-shaped with her lips painted a deep plum color. He couldn’t tell from this distance and with the dim light, whether her lips were altered to look that color or if she went the most old-fashioned way and painted them herself, but he would be willing to bet she painted her lips. The color had been matched in her hair, the light dancing over the purple highlights.  Her eyelids were done in a similar dark purple color like her lips and again he wasn’t sure if this was a hologram enhancement to her features, a medical alteration or…what did they call it…he tried to recall…yes, make-up. Her clothing was hard to distinguish in the darkness, but she looked to be dressed in a tight fitting silhouette with straight lines in silver that ran across her torso, the top seemed to be asymmetrical, the longer bit hanging down, catching a little light making Bog think it might be purple, like her make-up. She wore a pair of knee high boots with the thick chunky heels that some women favored lately. Like her holographic image, she was small in stature, trim and young. In person, even before meeting her, Bog could almost feel a sense of strength and purpose; from the look in her eyes, watching her, he could almost feel her, she clearly had a romantic soul.

Bog swallowed hard on a bite of popcorn, distracted by the beautiful woman and immediately started to cough and choke.  


Fandom/Shipping: Elsword; LPDE
Rating: K
Word Count:

Summary: Psyker wakes up to the smell of something burning.

His muscles ached when he stretched out his limbs across the bed sheets. Arching his back, Psyker let out a sustained yawn, covering his mouth with one hand while scratching the back of his neck.  Sunlight glazed over the brawler with intense warmth, but he kept his eyes shut as if would chase the sun away.  He knew it was late morning if he was having this problem, but he decided he could care less and wanted to stay in bed.

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Don't be late

@your-lovely-birdHappy summer :) hope you’ll like this little ficlet!

by @letsplaysomethingdifferent

Teen - canon character death

Being strung out, Derek goes to visit his best friend Erica in Beacon Hills. Little did he know that he would meet someone who would change his life.

    Part 1

    Derek had always been one to invent stories. When he was little, he would spend hours and hours modeling little men in playdough and making them do whatever scenario he had in mind.

    Growing up, he always had had multiple notebooks, always keeping one close to hand so he could write what his overflowing imagination dictated him.

    High School years had been the best for Derek. He had joined the writing club, wrote short stories for the school’s journal and was excellent in every literary subject.

    Oh, how dearly he had wished to become a writer. It had tormented him for months before he had been able to talk about it with his parents. But, as he had imagined, Talia and Robert had been against it, saying he would earn nothing and be unhappy for the rest of his life, that it was only a hobby and not something he could live with.

    Nevertheless, Derek had still been able to study English literature and, at the end of his studies, his father had found him an internship in one of his editing company in New York City. The job was fucking hard and tiring but Derek had played along for a few years so his father would be proud, as if everything was perfectly fine. 

    Sometimes it seemed to be so. Derek had made a few very good friends among his colleagues. They would go on holidays together, eat dinner at least once or twice a week. They were keeping each other away from a burn out.

    But most of the time, Derek would go home after a long day of work and burst into tears. To him, his life was nothing but a big failure.

    It had lasted for many years. Subway, work, sleep. Sometimes friends, sex and alcohol. Always the same. Until that 24th of December, when finally going home for Christmas, Derek had found his family house in flames.

    Later, the police had stated that the cause of the fire was criminal. A crazy woman burning everything she could find. She had been locked away and Derek had found himself with nothing left but an economic empire.

    Derek could have stopped working. It was quite the opposite and he intensified his work, spending more than fourteen hours a day at the office, taking no pause to eat or breath a little. It felt like living on his father’s legacy would be a big fraud. And he couldn’t disappoint him like that. 

    It had lasted for a year, until that day in January, when everything had fell apart. Derek had come back to his flat and collapsed on his bed, crying his eyes out. How could he have reached this point?

    Trying to calm himself down, he took his phone and dialed her number.

    « What’s up D? How are you still awake at that hour? »

    « I need you Erica » he whispered.

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    Season Finale 4/7

    AO3 linky

    The previous chapters.

    Chapter 4: The Upper Levels

    Don’t split up. That was the first rule of horror movies. And what did they do? They split up.

    She kept her eyes open for anything strange. What did a regular oil rig look like, anyway? Maybe they all had those bands of spidery runes crawling over the ceiling, could be part of the stabilisation spells, right?

    Oh. False alarm. It was just cracked paint.

    “According to the blueprints, the main computer room should be this way,” Tenney said.

    [Ooh!] the Alcor Virus perked up. [Yes, let’s go there!]

    Tenney glanced at her over his shoulder. “If you insist on playing with your phone, Ms Adams, at least have the decency to turn off the sound.”

    “Apologies,” she said, turning down the volume.

    [Did you really expect that to work on me?] The pixelated Alcor asked. He tapped a finger on his chin, then nodded. [But okay. I’ll allow it.]

    “How gracious of you,” she muttered, as the words crawled across her screen without those annoying noises.

    “Do you think the computers will still work?” April asked.

    “Perhaps,” Tenney said. “I doubt they will be very informative, however. According to the official report, what little data they could get from them was all scrambled beyond understanding.”

    “Oh,” April said. She hesistated. “Too bad. It would have been nice to have, I don’t know, some camera footage perhaps? Old pictures?”

    Tenney patted her shoulder, his smile compassionate and heartening. It didn’t escape Elisabeth’s notice how he made sure to keep his face in full view of the camera guy.

    “We can always try,” he said. “Perhaps they didn’t put much effort in it, since there was already enough evidence of a cult gone wrong. And a lot of progress has been made in sixty years.”

    [Challenge accepted,] her phone added, vibrating to catch her attention.

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    How to Be A ‘Good’ Digital Marketer

    Being a good digital marketer can be exhausting and often frustrating work. There’s a lot of plates to keep spinning and the industry changes at such a rapid pace that what was true yesterday no longer replies because of an overnight algorithm change.

    Yes, being a good marketer is hard. But there’s good marketers, the way there are ‘good’ basketball players, and ‘good’ marketers, like there are 'good’ people. The difference lies in not just being good at what you do, but doing it in a good and ethical way. Algorithms come and go, but the principles that make an ethical marketer never change.

    And while there’s plenty of guides out there on how to master SEO and AdWords, there’s seemingly few on the principles that separate the snake oil salesmen who make the entire industry look bad, from the people who genuinely want to deliver results for their clients. If you’re looking to join the latter camp, here’s some advice to follow.

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    The Assistant (Part 4) - CEO!Luke

    Masterlist || Ask

    Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7


    You had managed to calm your breathing so you were no longer hyperventilating and your shaking had subsided.
    Luke had finished giving his driver instructions and you soon felt the car move. Luke then turned to you with a look of concern on his face. “How are you holding up?”
    It took you a while to find your voice. “I’m okay now, thank you.”
    “Does that happen a lot? The panic attacks?” Luke asked.
    You shrugged. “It depends on the situations.”
    Luke nodded. “You shouldn’t have left. You could have avoided this,” he leaned back in his seat as he stared out the window indifferently, returning to his CEO demeanor.
    You gaped at him. How dare he put the fact that you had a panic attack so bluntly. “Excuse you, but I didn’t ask for this to happen to me.”
    Luke didn’t look away from the window - wow doesn’t that seem familiar - and waved off your statement as he continued to blame you. “It wouldn’t have if you hadn’t have left.”
    You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Well, sorry if I didn’t want to sit with someone who had asked for my company for lunch only to deliberately act as if I wasn’t there and flirt with the waitress the entire time. Oh, let’s not forget that said person also accuses me of flirting with his friend. So sorry for leaving because I didn’t want to deal with some egotistical prick then end up having a panic attack to get away from said egotistical prick,” you sneered. You mentally thanked the driver as he had driven right in front of Luke’s building after your outburst and stormed out of the car, leaving Luke to gape after your retreating figure.

    The following two weeks consisted of you avoiding Luke as much as you could, which surprisingly you had managed except for a few instances since you are his assistant after all. You were also surprised that you hadn’t been fired since your last encounter with Luke.
    The only time that you had seen Luke was during big meetings that he emailed you that you had to attend and him leaving or entering his office. Other than that, you both hadn’t even tried to speak to the other. He even kept his doors shut now, regardless if he even had a client or not.
    You just couldn’t get over the fact that Luke had blamed you for having a panic attack. That’s just something you don’t tell someone with anxiety. You hadn’t asked to go out to lunch with Luke or to be mobbed by paps.
    You were currently typing up some reports regarding the last business meeting you had attended to email to Luke when three rambunctious boys stumbled into the foyer.
    You raised your eyebrow at Ashton who was messing around with the other two boys as they made their way up to your desk.
    Ashton looked away from the other two boys and smiled as he made eye contact with you. “Y/N!”
    You couldn’t help but smile. After all, his was very contagious. “Hey, Ash.”
    He frowned as he leaned against the top of your desk. “Why does it sound like you’re sad?”
    You shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    “Did Lucas have something to do with your unhappiness? I swear…I’ve only been gone for a couple of weeks!” Ashton huffed.
    “Luke in trouble with a girl? Why am I not surprised?” One of the two boys spoke up.
    Ashton’s eyes widened as he seemed to remember that he had some company with him. “Oh, Y/N! This is Michael and Calum. They’re also friends of Luke’s.”
    You smiled at the other two boys. “Hi, guys.”
    “How does Luke always manage to get the good looking girls?” Calum asks Michael.
    Michael looked at him with a fake gasp expression. “I was just thinking the same thing!”
    “Luke doesn’t deserve your beautiful-ness,” Ashton added.
    You laughed. “Okay one, beautiful-ness isn’t a word. Two, there is none of that going on here anyway.”
    “Pfft, okay and my hair isn’t green,” Michael stated.
    You tilted your head to the side. “It isn’t though.”
    Michael face-palmed. “Well, it once was. I dye my hair too much, okay? Don’t judge me.”
    You giggled. “Totally judging you.”
    Calum and Ashton both laughed while Michael pouted.
    “She’s totally cool, mate,” Calum told Ashton.
    You looked at Ashton. “You’ve talked about me?”
    He blushed. “I may of may not have mentioned that Luke had a new assistant in a conversation.”
    You rolled your eyes. “Okay, whatever. You all know you can just walk in.” You waved your hand towards the door.
    “What if we wanted to talk to you instead of boring old Luke?” Calum joked.
    “Well, boring old Luke doesn’t need you distracting his assistant when she’s supposed to be doing her job since that is what he is paying her to do,” Luke’s voice cut icily through the air.
    All of your heads turned to see him standing in the doorway of his office with a glare on his face.
    You looked back at the other boys that didn’t look too pleased with Luke at the moment. “Um, you guys should just go in. I need to finish this for Lu-Mr. Hemmings,” you tell them quietly, avoiding their gaze as you went back to analyzing data and typing away on your computer.
    The boys let out little “Aww’s” as they trudged over to Luke’s office.
    They all grumbled as they walked past him saying “Way to ruin the fun, Lucas,” then Luke scoffing in return, sending you another glare, and slamming his office door shut behind him which made you jump from the loud noise.

    A lot of yelling, shouting, swearing, and laughing had been heard for the past three hours since Ashton, Michael, and Calum had entered Luke’s office.
    You had a serious migraine due to all the noise while trying to finish up the reports for Mr. Asshole.
    You praised the lord when you emailed Luke the final report and you were now able to go home. You had turned off your computer and iPad - putting the iPad in its designated drawer - tidied up your desk area, then did a double check to see if you had forgotten anything. You grabbed your pea coat from the back of your chair as well as your bag before walking over to Luke’s office doors.
    You gave three sharp knocks then shrugged on your coat as you listened to the noise on the other side go completely silent before the door opened slightly to reveal Calum.
    “Hey, Y/N!” Calum smiled widely at you opening the door just a little bit wider so that you could fully see him.
    You hoisted your bag up higher on your shoulder while returning the smile. “Hey, Cal. I just needed to tell Luke that I emailed him the last report and that I was heading home now.”
    Calum leaned his head back, you’re assuming, to hear what Luke had to say before turning back to you. “Wait, Luke wants to talk to you.” Calum opened up the door wider.
    You raised an eyebrow at him before cautiously making your way inside Luke’s office.


    How are you liking it so far? Part 5? Shit is about to go down.

    Scorpio Pt.6

    Scorpio    Scorpio Pt.2   Scorpio Pt.3   Scorpio Pt.4    Scorpio Pt.5  

    PART 6

    Warnings: Smut, Oral.

    Enjoy :)

    I came out at the top of the stairs to a tranquil room compared to downstairs; it was large with seating around the outside with several little tables. The decor was all pine and varnished, the atmosphere was soft with the relaxing music playing at low volume in the background. The lighting was dimmed; I can imagine this room is just what you need when your night at the club was winding down. In the middle of the room was a set table with two chairs, he motioned me to sit and he accompanied. As soon as we were seated and settled a guy promptly came out of the backroom and took our drinks order; I ordered a Cosmo and The Joker whisky. “What will it be doll?” he asked the tuxedoed waiter had returned. “You can have anything” I doubted that but I asked for a classic Lasagne with garlic bread, J of course went for a steak. As soon as the waiter had left the room J broke the silence “Now I want to play a game” he smiled “I’m going to say my theory based on my observations as to what sort of life has brought you here and if I’m right you have to tell me details Deal?”

    “What if you’re wrong” I replied.

    “I’m never wrong doll face” He said seriously but with a smile. I throw him a look to continue.

    “You’ve hid yourself away and buried yourself among technology and come to master it” I smiled as he continued “This tells me as a child you were probably used to being alone or even ignored with only technology to keep you sane. I’d say you’re parents had no time for you and as you got older you used the skills their neglect forced you to learn to destroy them. This upbringing clearly left you to have little or no value for human life and generally lack human connections and emotions. You were gifted with beauty so it was never hard for you to get what you wanted, you mastered the art of manipulation; but you always ended up back in the shadows where you feel you have the most power” He was looking at me with such a smug look which I wish I could wipe of his face but he wasn’t wrong. I felt a pang in my heart that someone knows this about me, I felt slightly vulnerable. “Am I really that transparent” I asked with a concerned look on my face. “No doll but I know a damaged soul when I see one. He gently stroked my cheek. He is the king of manipulation after all and he thrives on the power of emotions and the fear and uncertainty that he can cause in his victims. “So care to divulge princess?” Deals a deal, I took a large sip of my drink

    “My mother died during childbirth, something my father never forgave for. He spent as little time near me as he possibly could. I had a nanny and then a tutor who homeschooled me. My father was a high flyer at a data protection and Security Company, he brought a lot of work home with him; there was always computer and files about the house. I was left to my own devices, I had no friends, no social life and so when I wasn’t avoiding my father’s temper I made one for myself online. It’s amazing what I learned from my father’s work when he was out. As I grew up I grew angry and became much disassociated from life. I wanted out and wanted to make my father pay” His eyes were intently listening. “Well, what did you do?” he asked “I framed him for mass extortion from his company and bankrupt the shit out of him and took off” I felt an evil smirk come across my face. “Love the irony princess” he smirked. The food soon arrived and we hardly spoke until there was nothing left on our plates, the food was delicious. The plates were cleared and when more drinks arrived he stood “Follow me” he headed to another staircase, I briskly followed.

    We emerged on a balcony overseeing the main floor below. The balcony had a metal safety bar running across the top of it and there was also a small ledge which I walked over and put my drink on. “What do you see when looking down?” he asked. I leaned forward slightly to look at the intoxicated herd of people below and pondered for a moment. “People who want to forget about their stresses and escape negative emotions of their lives” I answered unsure of where this was going. He stepped close behind me and trapped me as he placed both of his hand around me on the hand rails either side of me. “Desire” he whispered to me bringing the skin of his cheek to mine which sent electricity through me awakening my own desire. “Everyone including people like you and I who have such limited emotions all are controlled and act according to desire” He leaned forward slightly to join me in looking over the barrier and pressing his body harder into mine. “The desire to forget their life for a few hours, the desire to fit in and be part of something bigger than themselves so they do not have to accept how small they really are. The desire to have control” He started slowly pulling the long side of my dress up as he grabbed me round my waist. I closed my eyes and inhaled as his cold hands touched my skin. I remembered my gun and pushed his hand away letting my dress fall back down. He pulled me hard into him from around my stomach “Don’t deny me kitten” he snarled. “People like you and I who see the world for what it really is thrive of the desires of others” He leaned in again and whispered “Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power” He said this so seductively before gently nipping my neck. “I don’t normally play well with others but you baby I don’t want to leave alone”.

    I turned around to face him “So don’t” I pulled him even closer to me and kissed him hard, his tongue met mine adding fuel to the fire of desire burning within me. I felt his cock twitch in his trousers. I pulled away and pulled at his belt and undone it; he exercises such control I was shocked he didn’t stop me. I took advantage and got down on my knees and freed his erection from his trousers. He gasped as I took his length into my mouth, as I started to flick my tongue across his tip he grabbed the back of hair and began guiding my head up and down again. He growled as I moved my head faster. “That’s enough baby” he groaned as he pulled away and grabbed my arm and pulled up and span me around and slammed me against the ledge before lifting me up onto it. I pulled his face to mine and we kissed passionately. He ran his hand up my leg and over my holster “Baby’s packing heat” he smirked as he grabbed the gun and launched it on the floor and proceeded up my leg further “No underwear for me to take off again kitten? I am spoilt” He lifted me up again and lowered me onto himself; I gasped and grabbed the metal bars to support my weight. He began thrusting himself into me each time filling me and hitting the walls at the front of my stomach. Throwing my head back I grabbed him and pulled the back of his hair causing him to growl. “Don’t stop” I cried as I could feel the tension already building up in my muscles. My moaning getting louder and deeper, with each thrust I grabbed the bar and the back of his neck even harder. He leant into my neck and bit me so hard I bit my own lip and made it bleed but I could no longer control my muscles as they contracted tight around him sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. He groaned as he put me down, he looked at me and smiled “Now why don’t you finish showing daddy how good you’re pretty little mouth is” I slid of ledge careful not to allow my legs to buckle under me. He took my head in his hands and gently kissed me before lightly biting my bottom lip and softly sucked my wound. I smiled and he let out a small purr as I got on my knees.  He grabbed my hair again and thrust himself into the back of my throat so far it made me gag. He loosened his grip on my hair and let me have free reign over him. I tightened my mouth grip and started bobbing my head at increasing speed. He threw his head back, his breathing grew heavy and starting gently thrusting in rhythm with my movement, his movements became slightly erratic. Knowing he was close I gripped the back of his shaft causing him to purr and grip my head tightly again as he released into my mouth. Before I could pull away to spit he pulled away and lifted my chin “Now swallow daddy down” He ordered, not having much choice I did. He helped me up and I quickly went over and downed my drink to wash away the taste as he sorted himself out. He walked over to my gun and picked it up, walking over to me he then ran the cold barrel up my inner leg and placed it back into it’s holster. He lifted my chin again but this time gently kissed my cheek “Be a good princess and wait in the car, daddy has some business to finish up, I won’t be long” I smiled sweetly and walked over and the down the stairs with a massive grin on my face.

    TNG 3X15 “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

    Regularly listed among the best of TNG, “Yesterday’s Enterprise” is an hour of TV that feels very cinematic, with a tightly-plotted, high-stakes, action-packed story and strong characterization for both old and new characters. 

    It also features a top-notch musical score, pitch-perfect dialogue and a long list of set, costume and lighting changes that help make the Enterprise-D feel more dark and militaristic.

    When I put together my top 10 list of feminist TNG episodes, I listed “Yesterday’s Enterprise” at the top. Here are the main reasons why:

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    New in the Neighborhood - 10

    PART 1  -  PART 2  -  PART 3  -  PART 4  -  PART 5 -  PART 6   -  PART 7  -  PART 8 -  PART 9   -  PART 11  -  PART 12

    a/n: This was gunna be the final part, but it got so long i split it into two so enjoy! shout out to my bro Sayyid as always also @liveandbreathgeek and @frecklefaceb

    warning for sexual mentions, nothing too smutty really, just boomer touching claudia’s butt.

    Suicide Squad// Captain Boomerang & OFC

    word count: 1,920

    10. The Return (Claudia)

    It was Snoopy who first noticed that there were intruders.

    He had taken to sitting on Claudia’s lap while she spent hours staring unblinkingly at the monitors as information flashed across them. She would occasionally feel his fur under her fingertips and pet his back, but most often she would sit motionless sucked into the electronics. When Digger left Claudia escaped into cyberspace, submerging herself deeper than ever before. She had learned to do so much in a short period of time.

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    The Girlfriend Elevation

    A/N: I’ve had this headcanon for a while but only had time to write about it now since life got in the way, as usual.

    “I’m sorry if you think less of me.”

    Amy looked at Sheldon with mouth wide open. She was taken aback by the words he just uttered. She tried to pull herself together. “I don’t.” were the only words she managed to say.

    “Really? ‘Cause… every time I come in here, I think less of me.” He looked down and to her again.


    “Because I’m a fraud. I purport to be the man of the mind. I’ve been such a— a vocal champion of the singularity but how can I leave my body behind and be one with the internet when” he paused and picked up a plastic bag in front of her and held it up. “I’ve never even thrown a toothbrush away.” he continued.

    That’s a lot of toothbrushes. And a thought suddenly hits her. She needs to convey a message to Sheldon that he doesn’t have to feel bad about himself. That what he’s going through is no different to what she does. “It’s okay Sheldon. You know I— I’ve saved a lot of weird things, too.”

    “Like what?” Sheldon asked.

    “Well. Umm… Did you know I have a microscope slide with a little bit of tissue from the first brain I ever dissected?” She looked at him with those reassuring green orbs of hers.

    “I have an old teddy bear I secretly wipe my nose on for years.”

    Really Sheldon? But Amy didn’t say that out loud. “It’s not a contest.”

    Sheldon just nodded. “I apologize. I know you’re just trying to make me feel better. Thank you, Amy.”

    She gave him a smile, He smiled back. Then there was silence. Sheldon needs to keep his composure anyway so this is the time to do so. He kept himself from having a panic attack up till now and he’s glad he was successful. He knows that Amy will understand but he still wants to look good for her. He smiled again but this time to himself. He’s so lucky to have Amy. She always knows what to do to soothe him. Leonard, Howard and Raj would have made fun of his ‘I’m a homo novus’ front. They would have called him Wall-E for keeping trash in this room. He’s cute but he can’t afford to take that now. Especially from Howard. He already signed a contract so he can’t say anything to him to make a comeback. Drat! It’s Penny’s fault. She’s the one who suggested adding that clause.

    Amy’s looking around the storage unit amazed by how much Sheldon has collected over the years. There are boxes of different sizes with labels on them, books, toys, costumes, computer parts, some lab equipment and more boxes! There’s even a bicycle wheel on one of the shelves. I would love to hear the back story of this one. Amy told herself. Then something caught her eye. “Hey, I remember this. It’s the one you wore when you guys went to a convention. You were that guy from Star Wars?” She finally broke the silence, feigning ignorance.

    “No. Star TREK. I was Lieutenant Commander Data.” He neared the shelf in the middle of the room and sat on it with a little boost from pushing his hands against the top and a small jump. He continued, “And how can you confuse Star Trek for Star Wars? They are two very different franchise and the latter didn’t even happen on Earth.”

    Sheldon continued to talk mindlessly about how the two are different from plot, characters, setting, etc. when Amy cut him off. “We are more alike than unlike, my dear Captain. I have pores. Humans have pores. I have… fingerprints. Humans have fingerprints. My chemical nutrients are like your blood. If you prick me… do I not… leak?”

    This silenced Sheldon. Did she just… “Did you just…” Did she? No she didn’t. But I heard it quite clearly. “How did you…” He keeps on shifting from his thoughts to spoken words and vice versa until he gave up and just dropped his jaw. He can’t grasp what was going on. Did Amy just quoted Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Amy gave him a mischievous smile. She knew it would cheer Sheldon up.

    “You’re a vixen Amy Farrah Fowler. And here I am thinking that you’re not interested on those.”

    “It’s not hard to be interested in something you’re interested in. It’s like I’m watching a part of you. I watch them every time I’m missing you.” Amy said, blushing. She was relieved seeing him smile at her again. He needed it. She needed it.

    She realized that Sheldon is sitting on one of the shelves and that her legs are tired from standing since earlier so she approached him. As she did, she noticed that the shelf is quite high. Even if she jumps and push her hands on it for a boost, it would only go as far as her waist. She’s quite confident today, though. She bought the right computer for Sheldon and she made him feel at ease despite him thinking that he’s less of a man now that she knows his secret which is not true at all. She adores him too much to think less of him. So she gives it a try. She positioned her hands on top of the shelf with her palms firmly on it, ready to push hard after she jumps.

    Sheldon became aware of what she’s trying to do. As per his calculations, she won’t make it and she’ll hurt her wrists or scrape her knees from the fall. Before he could stop her, she jumped and tried really hard to accomplish her goal. And like what Sheldon has predicted, she failed. Her hands slipped. Oh no. Amy just closed her eyes and readied herself of what’s to come. Her head spun from the thought of falling no matter how low. But none of that happened. She felt a strong set of hands on both her shoulders keeping her from slamming on the floor. Sheldon is in front of her with a concerned look.

    “Are you okay?” he said.

    How did he even get there? She didn’t know he has really fast reflexes. Somehow, this made her love him even more. Strong and reliable. She still can’t believe that’s her boyfriend looking at her eyes right now. Hoo! Maybe I’ll let Gerard out tonight. “Yes. Thanks. That was silly of me.”

    “Here. Let me.” Then Sheldon lifted her easily like she’s paper and set her sitting on the shelf, her hands holding his biceps. He looked at her eyes for about two or three seconds but Amy felt like it’s a hundred times longer than that. Like, time stopped for both of them. He smiled at her and sat beside her. They were quiet for a while, both blushing and refusing to look at each other.

    “So, no one else knows about this?” Amy said finally.

    “Only you.” Amy blushed on Sheldon’s reply.

    “Thank you for trusting me.” She said with a soft voice.

    “What good is having a girlfriend if you can’t unload your psychological sewage on her?”

    Amy smiled. “That’s me, your emotional outhouse.” She jumped down from where she’s sitting and started to ready to head out.

    You know what happens next…

    Thanks for reading!


    Real Programmers write in FORTRAN.

    Maybe they do now,
    in this decadent era of
    Lite beer, hand calculators, and “user-friendly” software
    but back in the Good Old Days,
    when the term “software” sounded funny
    and Real Computers were made out of drums and vacuum tubes,
    Real Programmers wrote in machine code.
    Not FORTRAN. Not RATFOR. Not, even, assembly language.
    Machine Code.
    Raw, unadorned, inscrutable hexadecimal numbers.

    Lest a whole new generation of programmers
    grow up in ignorance of this glorious past,
    I feel duty-bound to describe,
    as best I can through the generation gap,
    how a Real Programmer wrote code.
    I’ll call him Mel,
    because that was his name.

    I first met Mel when I went to work for Royal McBee Computer Corp.,
    a now-defunct subsidiary of the typewriter company.
    The firm manufactured the LGP-30,
    a small, cheap (by the standards of the day)
    drum-memory computer,
    and had just started to manufacture
    the RPC-4000, a much-improved,
    bigger, better, faster — drum-memory computer.
    Cores cost too much,
    and weren’t here to stay, anyway.
    (That’s why you haven’t heard of the company,
    or the computer.)

    I had been hired to write a FORTRAN compiler
    for this new marvel and Mel was my guide to its wonders.
    Mel didn’t approve of compilers.

    “If a program can’t rewrite its own code”,
    he asked, “what good is it?”

    Mel had written,
    in hexadecimal,
    the most popular computer program the company owned.
    It ran on the LGP-30
    and played blackjack with potential customers
    at computer shows.
    Its effect was always dramatic.
    The LGP-30 booth was packed at every show,
    and the IBM salesmen stood around
    talking to each other.
    Whether or not this actually sold computers
    was a question we never discussed.

    Mel’s job was to re-write
    the blackjack program for the RPC-4000.
    (Port? What does that mean?)
    The new computer had a one-plus-one
    addressing scheme,
    in which each machine instruction,
    in addition to the operation code
    and the address of the needed operand,
    had a second address that indicated where, on the revolving drum,
    the next instruction was located.

    In modern parlance,
    every single instruction was followed by a GO TO!
    Put that in Pascal’s pipe and smoke it.

    Mel loved the RPC-4000
    because he could optimize his code:
    that is, locate instructions on the drum
    so that just as one finished its job,
    the next would be just arriving at the “read head”
    and available for immediate execution.
    There was a program to do that job,
    an “optimizing assembler”,
    but Mel refused to use it.

    “You never know where it’s going to put things”,
    he explained, “so you’d have to use separate constants”.

    It was a long time before I understood that remark.
    Since Mel knew the numerical value
    of every operation code,
    and assigned his own drum addresses,
    every instruction he wrote could also be considered
    a numerical constant.
    He could pick up an earlier “add” instruction, say,
    and multiply by it,
    if it had the right numeric value.
    His code was not easy for someone else to modify.

    I compared Mel’s hand-optimized programs
    with the same code massaged by the optimizing assembler program,
    and Mel’s always ran faster.
    That was because the “top-down” method of program design
    hadn’t been invented yet,
    and Mel wouldn’t have used it anyway.
    He wrote the innermost parts of his program loops first,
    so they would get first choice
    of the optimum address locations on the drum.
    The optimizing assembler wasn’t smart enough to do it that way.

    Mel never wrote time-delay loops, either,
    even when the balky Flexowriter
    required a delay between output characters to work right.
    He just located instructions on the drum
    so each successive one was just past the read head
    when it was needed;
    the drum had to execute another complete revolution
    to find the next instruction.
    He coined an unforgettable term for this procedure.
    Although “optimum” is an absolute term,
    like “unique”, it became common verbal practice
    to make it relative:
    “not quite optimum” or “less optimum”
    or “not very optimum”.
    Mel called the maximum time-delay locations
    the “most pessimum”.

    After he finished the blackjack program
    and got it to run
    (“Even the initializer is optimized”,
    he said proudly),
    he got a Change Request from the sales department.
    The program used an elegant (optimized)
    random number generator
    to shuffle the “cards” and deal from the “deck”,
    and some of the salesmen felt it was too fair,
    since sometimes the customers lost.
    They wanted Mel to modify the program
    so, at the setting of a sense switch on the console,
    they could change the odds and let the customer win.

    Mel balked.
    He felt this was patently dishonest,
    which it was,
    and that it impinged on his personal integrity as a programmer,
    which it did,
    so he refused to do it.
    The Head Salesman talked to Mel,
    as did the Big Boss and, at the boss’s urging,
    a few Fellow Programmers.
    Mel finally gave in and wrote the code,
    but he got the test backwards,
    and, when the sense switch was turned on,
    the program would cheat, winning every time.
    Mel was delighted with this,
    claiming his subconscious was uncontrollably ethical,
    and adamantly refused to fix it.

    After Mel had left the company for greener pa$ture$,
    the Big Boss asked me to look at the code
    and see if I could find the test and reverse it.
    Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to look.
    Tracking Mel’s code was a real adventure.

    I have often felt that programming is an art form,
    whose real value can only be appreciated
    by another versed in the same arcane art;
    there are lovely gems and brilliant coups
    hidden from human view and admiration, sometimes forever,
    by the very nature of the process.
    You can learn a lot about an individual
    just by reading through his code,
    even in hexadecimal.
    Mel was, I think, an unsung genius.

    Perhaps my greatest shock came
    when I found an innocent loop that had no test in it.
    No test. None.
    Common sense said it had to be a closed loop,
    where the program would circle, forever, endlessly.
    Program control passed right through it, however,
    and safely out the other side.
    It took me two weeks to figure it out.

    The RPC-4000 computer had a really modern facility
    called an index register.
    It allowed the programmer to write a program loop
    that used an indexed instruction inside;
    each time through,
    the number in the index register
    was added to the address of that instruction,
    so it would refer
    to the next datum in a series.
    He had only to increment the index register
    each time through.
    Mel never used it.

    Instead, he would pull the instruction into a machine register,
    add one to its address,
    and store it back.
    He would then execute the modified instruction
    right from the register.
    The loop was written so this additional execution time
    was taken into account —
    just as this instruction finished,
    the next one was right under the drum’s read head,
    ready to go.
    But the loop had no test in it.

    The vital clue came when I noticed
    the index register bit,
    the bit that lay between the address
    and the operation code in the instruction word,
    was turned on —
    yet Mel never used the index register,
    leaving it zero all the time.
    When the light went on it nearly blinded me.

    He had located the data he was working on
    near the top of memory —
    the largest locations the instructions could address —
    so, after the last datum was handled,
    incrementing the instruction address
    would make it overflow.
    The carry would add one to the
    operation code, changing it to the next one in the instruction set:
    a jump instruction.
    Sure enough, the next program instruction was
    in address location zero,
    and the program went happily on its way.

    I haven’t kept in touch with Mel,
    so I don’t know if he ever gave in to the flood of
    change that has washed over programming techniques
    since those long-gone days.
    I like to think he didn’t.
    In any event,
    I was impressed enough that I quit looking for the
    offending test,
    telling the Big Boss I couldn’t find it.
    He didn’t seem surprised.

    When I left the company,
    the blackjack program would still cheat
    if you turned on the right sense switch,
    and I think that’s how it should be.
    I didn’t feel comfortable
    hacking up the code of a Real Programmer.

    Thunderbirds Are Go FAQ

    The first FAQ post from just after the first part of series 1, last update 22nd of June.


    General questions:

    Is the new show a continuation of the old show from 1965?
    Definitely not. Not only is the new show set in 2060 (while the original was set in 2065, 100 years in the future, though there is debate on this) but there are very definite character and environment changes. Tracy Island is radically different and it’s almost inconceivable to think that it’s the same island (the new island is several times smaller). Apart from that Brains is now Indian and I doubt he’s undergone surgery to change his ethnicity. And don’t forget that the original series character Tin Tin has been replaced with Kayo, who might visually look like her, but it definitely isn’t her. Top it all off with the fact that Jeff Tracy is missing and at the start of this series (which was set 5 years before the original was set) they’ve already started on the rescueing.

    When will they show episode 14 to 26?
    As far as I understand right now, they’re planning to rerun the first 13 episodes from next saturday (27th of june) onwards and then start showing the new episodes as soon as they run out, finishing at around Christmas. 

    When will they show series 2?
    The second set of episodes will probably rerun after the second part of series 1 has finished and the first part of the second series will apparently air in 2016 and the second half in 2017

    Why are they showing the episodes so early? What are they thinking?!
    Whoa, dude, calm down. People get really angry about this one. According to CITV this is the time most kids are up and watching television (the saturday morning cartoon slot). Since kids are, for this incarnation of the show, obviously the main target, this seems to be a logical step. Luckily the show is rerun at least 3 more times over the course of the rest of the week. It is too bad that all of these reruns are not in High Definition, though. Sadly, CITV have chosen that their children demographic is far more important than their adult demographic, so any hope of persuading them to show it at another time will probably be in vain. Of course you can argue and comment on this as much as you want, but they have been doing this broadcast thing for quite some time and I think that they probably know a little more about these things than the average Joe.

    Why are the episodes 22 minutes and not 50 like the originals?!
    Back in the day Lew Grade saw a first cut of the original version (25 minutes long) of what was going to be called “Trapped in the Sky”, but then declared it wasn’t an episode of a series, but a feature film, and then went on and demanded all the episodes to be made 50 minutes long. Honestly, but this is my opinion, I think 40-50 minutes is too long. The old episodes dragged in places and I’m relieved that this new show doesn’t. This might also be what the people behind the show think. However, that conversation is a little irrelevant, because in this day and age it’s really difficult for a kids show to get a 40 minute timeslot. Couple that with the enormous costs of making these episodes and then you will realize that going for 22 minutes was the only option.

    What? These shots makes no sense, the scaling is all wrong! What’s going on?!
    Something that’s remained pretty prevalent in this new show is the tendency to regard things that were taken as fact in the original series to be the same in the new series. Supposedly Thunderbird 3 is 287 feet and Thunderbird 5 400 feet in the original series. However this new series does not adhere to these facts, nor should we expect it to. If you look at how much space the cockpit of the new Thunderbird 2 takes in (using the upper hatch as a reference) and compare it to the original Thunderbird 2 you will notice that the new Thunderbird 2 is quite a bit smaller. The same actually goes for most craft, including Thunderbird 4. All of these craft, and especially Fireflash (which you can see by comparing the windows on the outside and the windows on the inside) are smaller. Even Tracy Island is way smaller. As a matter of fact, because there’s so much CGI involved and all the sets have to made to scale to fit the CGI, I think scale has become a lot more clearer in this production. Therefore I think, and prove me wrong if you can, there has actually not been a single scaling issue all throughout the show. It is so far all correct.

    What about Stingray and the WASPs? Gordon was a member of the WASPs, so how can John see a show of Stingray on television?
    Well, the answer is pretty much the same as the above answer. The original show has had 50 years to build on its own canon, and they did this by adding various bits of data (probably without even asking for permission from the original writers or Gerry and Sylvia Anderson) and just pretty much made stuff up to form a connection between the various Supermarionation series. Remember, none of this was actually stated in the series itself. If Gordon Tracy was an Aquanaut for WASP in the original show, there is nothing saying that he is in this show. The same goes for the Hydrofoil accident he supposedly had. Even down to birthdays that were canon to the original, they might well be different in this incarnation. Right now, Stingray is a show that John Tracy likes to watch, and it’s therefore very probable, or at least it can be assumed at this moment, that WASP is a fictional organization inside the Stingray series in the Thunderbirds Are Go universe. 

    Why does the hair look plastic?
    Probably budgetary constraints. 

    Why do they look like anime characters?
    Actually, they were going for the original size of the eyes of the original puppets. They’re just big eyes and therefore have a similarity with characters drawn in japanese animation and comics. Nothing more.

    Why do they look like One Direction?
    Get the f$£% out!

    Why were the hair colors for some of the boys changed or swapped in comparison to the original show?
    I don’t actually really know the answer to this. It’ve might be a mistake or a conscious decision to make characters stand out a little more from eachother. Especially since four of the boys are voiced by two voice actors, it might’ve been to make them look more apart. 

    What are the ages of the different characters?
    The straight answer that headwriter Rob Hoegee gives is that they’re not gonna tell. They are as old as you want them to be and they’re trying everything possible not to reveal it. There are, however, Japanese character bios that present the character’s ages as follows: Scott is 23, Virgil is 19, Gordon is 17, John is 16, and Alan is 14. Hoegee has not exactly said publicly that those are wrong, but he does say that he will not divulge the ages. 

    Why must every rescue involve a grapple?
    This is kind of the thing what happens when you open yourself to questions from the internet, you get questions like this. I’m going to try my best and answer as intelligently and thoughtful as possible. Looking back at the old show, there are quite a few instances of grapples being used, so it’s not an uncommon practice, however I see how you can think that they have been rather prevalent in the episodes of the new show. I think to put it bluntly, the new show is more for kids than the original was. Therefore the rescues are made just that tiny bit simpler. For example, we probably won’t be seeing a craft send a signal to start the retro’s firing for another craft, because that’s a little too intangible for kids, I think. But using grapples is pretty obvious. A kid can immediately understand what’s going on. I think that’s the best answer I can give you, I hope that’s enough :)

    Will Thunderbird 2 ever select a Pod other than Pod 2?
    Ever since Pod 2 was the least used Pod ever in the original series, it seems that it’s either Pod 2 or 4 in this series, so no, I think we’re stuck with Pod 2… foreverrrrrr!!

    How do the Tracys get into that blue suit?
    We do usually see parts of the uniform being stuck onto them, but we always seem to miss the part where they put on the entire suit. The out-of-universe answer is just that it would be a nightmare to animate, but on the other hand… do you really want to see them undress and put on that blue thing? Or do you want to see a machine take off their clothes and then slide that tight blue leotard over them? If you answered “yes, please”, then down boys and girls, behave :p But either way, it’s not appropriate for a show with a young audience, so at least that is why we don’t see it, but I would guess that with the rest of the answer I gave you can imagine how it might look :)

    When Thunderbird 2 has landed, how does Virgil get out?
    Well that’s easy he- Uhhh. Uhm. Wait. How does he get out? That’s uh. No wait, I know this, I gotta know this! I’ve never even thought about this!!
    No, but in all seriousness, probably the same way Gordon always does :)

    Will there be a soundtrack and when will it be released?!
    Since Ben Foster already has ties to Silvascreen, which incidentally also released the first two Thunderbirds soundtracks ever… I think it’s likely, and that it will be released after series 1 has ended. However, it also depends on how ITV treats the show. This is a kids show and it’s a little less likely nowadays for a kids show to get a soundtrack release. So, while it’s not as sure as a regular series, I still think we are going to get a soundtrack at one point. And else we look at Fanderson with big puppy eyes.

    Will melodies and tunes from the original series be featured in new series?
    I can’t answer this question without pointing out the times we’ve already had this. Consider the opening and ending theme and the end of the launch theme (though the end of the launch theme seems to also resemble the Stingray theme as well, which I find interesting). Then of course, I can’t forget to mention the music used when Fireflash landed on the Elevator Cars in the new series episode “Fireflash” (I also hope we’ll hear that one again, because it sounded like a really good rendition). Then we have a theme that’s been used a few times that sounds like part of what Silva Screen called “Tracy Island and International Rescue” (I’m referring to the second cue in that track). It played for example in “EOS” just after John was rescued by Alan and he looks outside to Thunderbird 5 realizing Alan must destroy it if worse comes to worse.
    Right, so those are a thing. But will there be new music based on tunes from Barry Gray’s original soundtrack? That would be really cool, but I think Nick and Ben Foster are trying to do their own thing and paying homage to individual Barry Gray cues is not on their mind. I think this comes down to us fans really wanting this and feeling it’s so so important, when in actual fact it isn’t really all that important at all. It would be nice, though. I think at this point we can only hope!


    Why doesn’t Brains stutter?
    He… does stutter. Every episode. While it’s definitely not as pronounced as the original Brains from 50 years ago, he still does stutter. Right now the run-time of this show is 22 minutes per episode, and I think they’ve struck the perfect balance of stutter time, not taking up too much precious seconds.

    Why is Brains suddenly Asian?
    has turned Indian, this is true. This is a difficult subject as the threat of being called a racist on this is big. Thunderbirds has a mostly white audience, however there are a lot of other races watching this show as well (for example there’s a huge audience for it in Japan) so to give those audiences some representation it’s actually a pretty awesome move for people to put in main characters that aren’t white in their show. This is why we have Colonel Casey, Kayo and Brains that aren’t white.
    As for why Brains? Well if you change one Tracy you probably have to change all of them so the boys and grandma are out. Then you have Parker and Penny and those characters are so iconic british that to change them would be blasphemous. Brains however still looks iconic, however his skin is darker.
    In any case, there are Indian kids out there who can look at Brains and relate to him and their race is represented. That is very important in an environment where 90% of main characters of children’s shows and well… pretty much everything in entertainment are white. If it still annoys you, consider that if you take away his Indian race now he’s still exactly the same character as the original. I’d even go so far to say that Brains is the closest to the original as any of the characters, including Parker.

    If Brains is Indian, why is he called “Hiram K Hackenbacker”? That’s not an Indian name!
    Well, before “Heavy Metal” aired I’d have used the excuse that information from the original doesn’t necessarily transfer to the new show and tell you that this Brains might not be called Hiram K Hackenbacker at all. However, now that Professor Moffat has called Brains Hiram, all bets are off. In any case, it is also probably good to keep in mind that in the original series episode “Alias Mr Hackenbacker” it is actually Brains’ undercover name and not his real name. Therefor whether or not it sounds Indian is irrelevant. It’s the same for the movie Thunderbird 6 where he travels under the name Mr X.

    Kayo and Thunderbird S:

    Why have we seen so little of Kayo and Thunderbird S so far?
    This is actually due to the time in which these episodes were written. The writing process was very fast and fragmented which resulted in writers not knowing how to write for Kayo and Thunderbird S, as there was no precedent. This explains why Kayo and Thunderbird S are absent from a lot of the episodes in the first part of series 1.

    Will we see more Kayo and Thunderbird S?
    Yes, we will! According to scriptwriter Peter Briggs there are definitely two episodes coming that will feature Kayo and Thunderbird S, the first of which is “Falling Skies” which is a contender to be the very next new episode. Also guys, with 39 more episodes to go, do you really think they’re just gonna ignore this plot point all the way through the end? ;)

    Wait, why is Tin Tin called Kayo?
    Not long ago Steven Spielberg released a film based on the french Hergé comic character of Tin Tin. Confusion in names and character name rights made it so that Tin Tin’s name had to be replaced. To make it a little easier on viewers, the new character of Kayo is definitely different from the original and more sweeter Tin Tin from 1965.  Kayo’s full name is Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano, making her still the daughter of Kyrano (a character who we haven’t seen in the new show yet) and therefore niece of the Hood, like in the original show. Kayo is a play on K-O (Knocked Out) as she apparently has quite a punch.

    Jeff Tracy:

    Where is Jeff Tracy?!
    Oh yes, how I wish the show would address this just a little more. Alright. Jeff Tracy is missing in action (maybe together with Kyrano, but we don’t know that yet). The Hood is apparently involved and possibly responsible.

    Why is Jeff Tracy gone?!
    This is a very interesting question and we’ve now had 13 episodes to see why. Headwriter Rob Hoegee decided at an early stage that if you have Jeff Tracy in the picture he is the one doing all the decision making, taking all that away from the Tracy brothers. The focus in the original was too much on Jeff and not on the boys. However he didn’t want to completely write out the character, because he knew fans would take offense to that, so he made him missing-in-action so that Jeff still has a presence in the boys’ heart. In my honest opinion, I totally had my doubts about this, but it really works!

    When will Jeff be coming back?
    He will not be back in episodes 14 through 26 and he will not return in series 2 as a main character. There might be flashbacks or hints, or possibly even short scenes with him, but that is just wild speculation. According to Peter Briggs, the writer of the yet to be released “Heist Society” there will be more mentions of Jeff in the second part of series 1.

    Future Episodes:

    Will we see…?
    There’s actually very little information available on what we’re going to see in the new episodes. If you have completed The Hood Challenge on the official episode, you are rewarded with a clip from “Falling Skies” one of the episodes of the second part of the first series. In that episode something goes wrong with a space hotel that Brains designed with Lady Penelope and Parker on it. This episode is possibly number 14 and the very next new episode we’re going to see.
    There’s also going to be an episode called “Designated Driver” in which we finally meet Lady Penelope’s aunt Sylvia, played by Sylvia Anderson.
    We also are going to see an episode called “Heist Society” written by Fanderson and TAG(2015) facebook page regular Peter Briggs, which features an underwater rescue by Gordon, and some classic Lady Penelope and Parker action. This episode is also a sequel of sorts to “Heavy Metal” and will indeed again feature Professor Moffat.

    Will we see this and that backstory from the original show in the new show?
    No, I’m sorry, we probably won’t. As I’ve explained in the Stingray and scaling question above, everything that might be canon to the original show is not necessarily canon to the new show. It might eventually be as soon as they release behind-the-scenes or in-universe information books, but even those can all be rewritten by writers for the actual episodes. So we probably won’t be seeing any of that stuff as I doubt the people writing this show are aware of all this backstory. So as people asked, will we see Gordon’s hydrofoil accident, or hear about it? I’m gonna put my money on “no, we’re not going to see or hear about that”, I’m sorry.

    Will Virgil play the piano or paint pictures?
    Seeing as there is a piano and there is an easel in the Tracy Lounge I think it will probably happen. Rob Hoegee has even, in a twitter conversation, teased that we will indeed see Virgil Tracy “tickling the ivories in some future episodes” hinting that we will at least see him playing piano.

    When will we see Lady Penelope’s Mansion?
    We have actually seen the inside of her Mansion at the end of “Unplugged”. We have already seen a bit of the outside in behind-the-scenes pictures. Seeing as it’s such a big model I doubt we’ll have to wait a lot, and I think we can be sure to say that it will feature in “Designated Driver”

    Will there be more episodes focusing on a single character instead of the entire team?
    There are 39 more episodes scheduled to come out after the first 13. I’d be devastated if there weren’t any episodes focusing on particular characters :)

    Will there be any LGBT characters in series 2?
    While I certainly hope to see this, for the same reason as I’ve talked about when explaining why Brains is now Indian, this is something that I don’t expect to see and will be highly surprised when they do (in a good way!). Even Brains’ skin color seems to garner a lot of (unjustified) hate, it might put viewers off to see that the characters they loved for 50 years are different to what they thought. However, I think that’s a bit of a small-minded thing to think, remember that there are a lot of older fans who might be too old and stubborn to accept that LGBT people are a real thing and that they must be treated with as much respect as anyone else, this might cause more backlash than do good. In any case, like with Brains, it’s doubtful that they will address this head-on and might only hint at LGBT characteristics, but I do feel like the main characters are all pretty open-minded.
    I’m unsure whether aromantic or asexual falls under the LGBT group, I’m putting it in here for simplicity’s sake. I do need to comment that I am very doubtful anything regarding sex or sexual behavior will have any place in this show.
    But in conclusion, I do not feel that Thunderbirds Are Go is obligated to address these issues, but if they do and do it well it would certainly elevate the show to the next level.

    Will we see more focus on brotherly relationships and less of the unnecessary/implausible crushes?
    I’ve copied this question almost verbatim, because I feel a little… against this tone of voice? We will probably see a focus on brotherly relationships in episodes to come (which is something I think we see every episode anyway, I mean… that’s what the banter is between the guys, right?). As for “implausible” crushes? Implausible based on what? The original show? They’re just different universes and I happen to quite like the Gordon/Penelope relationship. In a situation like this when doing a reboot, there will always be people that are on both ends of the spectrum regarding whether or not they like a relationship that wasn’t in the original. But I’d rather them going and get hooked at one point than look at Alan who spent most of the original series trying to get it on with Tin Tin and then with no explanation suddenly goes for Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds Are Go! the movie.
    On the other hand, expecting there not to be any romantic relationships or crushes is also a bit weird. We talked about aromantics and asexuals in the last question, so with that in mind, I get that not every show needs a romance subplot, because it already is in everything, but remember that the vast majority of the viewers are into romance and probably the vast majority is cis as well. While I agree that the show would be better if they’d also cater to non-cis people, Thunderbirds Are Go is no way obligated to do so.
    As for will we see more Gordon/Penny? I think it’s probable that we will :) Sorry original question asker. 

    Will we see characters with disabilities?
    It is possible that we could be seeing people in wheelchairs or blind people. Apparently these are things that are a little more likely to show up in shows like this. The question is, how would this relate to the rescues, or how would it add to the story? If you’re thinking of representation, which I talked about with the Brains questions, then yeah if would be great, but since these are a little less on the controversy side you could actually put it into the story, which might make it a little more likely. However, personally I’m tired of seeing people in fiction with disabilities in which they suffer through life instead of adjusting and living a fulfilling life regardless of their disability, because the latter is a far more realistic version of events. So while they might show people with disabilities, I hope they do them proper justice (like what Avatar: The Last Airbender did with Toph for example).
    The same goes for autism. While I doubt they will directly come out and say characters are autistic, it could be that they have characters with autistic traits.



    jessabug916, here you go, my dear! I hope you like this even though it is less songfic and more fic inspired by the song. WHICH I AM STILL HOOKED ON. So. Thank you for that. <3

    Pairing: Pietro Maximoff & Reader 

    Warnings: Light smut mentioned. Language. 

    A/N: Go listen to Heaven by Ailee. It’s such a beautiful song and the inspiration for this story. 

    It was a Friday the first day she met him.

    She remembered that day clearly, it was something burnt in her mind. She wasn’t sure if she would ever forget those memories but she did not want to find out. When the nights got too lonely she replayed them over and over again, like an old movie on repeat. She found comfort in remembering the past and reliving their life together. There wasn’t much in her life that she was certain about, but she was about him. It was funny how quickly her life changed just around one brief meeting. It was like dominoes, and once it started going there was no stopping it. She fell for him hard and fast. There was no stopping it and there was no turning back.

    Just as she did each shift, Y/N worked through her lunch in the lab. It was a quiet day, thankfully. She was excited for the weekend even though her only plans were TiVo and catching up on old paperwork. It was her plans each weekend and while some found her life boring and predictable, she enjoyed the routine of it. She had her schedule down and saw no problems in doing the same thing each weekend. It was relaxing to her and it was her time off to enjoy, so she did.

    He had entered just as most of them left for lunch. She was busy on the computer going over old lab reports, ready to print them out to take them home to analyze. That was a huge part of her life, crunching numbers and writing theories on it. She had heard the door open to see him standing there, a vial in his hands.

    “Bruce insisted I dropped this off.” He  spoke before handing it to her. She just nodded her head not speaking much as she enclosed in in a clear envelope and setting it on Dr. Cho’s desk.

    “Thank you,” she said simply as she turned to get back to her work.

    “I’m Pietro.” He greeted and she spun to look at him, confused to why he was still there.

    “Y/N.” she greeted, not being rude. Most of the people who ran errands for Bruce left right away, but it seemed like he planned on staying.

    “What were you working on?” he asked nodding towards the computer.

    “Uhh, just data.” She said as she stared at him. “I am going to analyze different reports over the weekend.” She added in and he just nodded. She wasn’t prepared for him to grab a chair by her computer and start a conversation with her about science, data and just life in general. It wasn’t until people started filing back in that she realized they spent over an hour just talking.

    She wasn’t sure what came over him when he asked her out on a whim. She was a scientist and everything had to be analyzed and she had to have cause and effect for everything. She had no idea what made her say yes on a whim, but she did. She realized she didn’t regret it either.


    The first date went great. She had pushed back her usual plans of the weekend to meet him at some Italian restaurant on a corner. It was a place she had passed by each day on her route to work, but never stopped to try. The dinner was great, but even better so was the company. It was easy to talk to Pietro. After just a few hours she felt he was someone she knew for years and not a stranger to her. When he asked her on the second date, she didn’t even need to process it or even think it over before she had agreed.

    That had been nearly six months ago.

    It was a good six months with him. She had fallen for him so quickly, that it surprised her. She always felt she had more of a hold on her emotions, but around him nothing was certain. She learned to expect the unexpected with him. She found challenges in dating him, of course. The one thing she always struggled with was the missions. She hated sitting at home and worrying about him. She always tried to distract herself with old paperwork and analyzing data, but her mind always slipped back to him.

    Things always got better though when he returned. They laid in bed, a sheet covering their naked and sweaty bodies as she turned to look at him, a grin on her face. He had just returned and they had a reunion which left her sore but so satisfied. She reached over and placed her hand to his face.

    “Move in with me.” She whispered. He just sat up some, looking at her.

    “What?” he asked and she started to worry that maybe she was rushing this. She had thought about the decision, carefully stressing over each detail of it. The scientist in her never left and of course she spent hours crunching the idea and analyzing it over and over again.

    “You are here all the time anyway. I thought we should just make it official.”  She said and he just grinned before pulling her down on top of him in a searing kiss that mimicked their previous actions.

    “I do love you, Pretty One.” He spoke before stroking her hair, causing her to grin at him.

    “Is that a yes?” she asked and he just nodded before capturing her lips against his. He moved so he was hovering over her as he laid light kisses against her face, moving down to her jaw and neck.

    “Absolutely.” He spoke. He reached down before slipping a finger inside of her, causing her to gasp and cry out. “Let’s celebrate.” He whispered before capturing her next moan with his mouth in a searing kiss that told her that she made the right decision.


    Living with Pietro proved to be an interesting ride.

    She loved having him there with her. The two of them spent the first several weeks in bed, celebrating his moving in. She wasn’t even sure how she was able to walk some days. She had spent a lot of time in bed, with him inside of her. She also learned just how bad of a cook he was. She heard stories, but she truly got to experience it firsthand. She didn’t mind doing most of the cooking anyway, as he always offered to wash the dishes.

    Of course they bickered from time to time. It wasn’t until they lived together that Y/N realized how cranky Pietro was in the mornings. While she was not a morning person, he was a total grump. It wasn’t until he had half a pot of coffee that he actually resembled a person, instead of Oscar the grouch. She tried to avoid him until he started to warm up and wake up, but that wasn’t always possible. Most of their fights started in the morning and carried throughout the day. They always made up from their fights. She remembered apologizing for the last fight, on her knees as she took him in her mouth.

    She struggled even more so now when he was on missions. Having him to herself all of the time left her spoiled, and she always struggled when he left. She’d mope around the house, barely functioning as a person. She would try to read or keep productive, because that would be what he wanted. If she was able to, Wanda would visit. Y/N knew it was because Pietro asked his sister to make sure she was okay. She didn’t mind though, because she knew Wanda too was a mess when her brother was gone. The two of them had formed quite the friendship thanks to Pietro, and it was nice to have someone to lean on.

    Unfortunately for Y/N, Wanda was also involved in this mission, which left her completely alone. She had been lying on the couch most of the day, her paperwork sitting on the coffee table. It was a short mission, at least. It was estimated to only be three days. It was on the fourth day that she got a call from Wanda.

    “There has been a small problem… “ That was the only words needed for her to break down sobbing. As soon as she found out that Pietro would be treated by Dr. Cho, she rushed over there in a speed that she was sure would impress even her boyfriend. Of course Dr. Cho refused to let her anywhere near the case. So instead Y/N sat waiting outside clutching onto Wanda as she sobbed.

    She couldn’t even begin to describe how relieved she was that Pietro was going to be fine. She remembered going to see him, trying to dry her cheeks as quickly as possible.

    “You’ve been crying.” His soft voice spoke and she just nodded her head. He was injured; he had to know she would cry. “No tears, Y/N.” he spoke offering her his hand. She took a shaky breath, but grabbed it before smiling at him.

    “You don’t get to be hurt, Pietro.” She said and he just squeezed her hand.

    “I promise I will make it up to you with that thing you really like.” He spoke before winking at her. She laughed before leaning down to kiss him.

    “Or you could just get better and come home. I miss you.” She said and he just nodded before pressing his lips back up towards hers.



    She couldn’t believe the trouble he had gone through.

    The apartment was dimly lit by candles that were scattered all across the living room. She wasn’t sure what he was up to, but the sight was so beautiful that she didn’t even care. It was almost a year since his injury and stay in the hospital. She remembered him coming home and insisting he was fine. She didn’t listen and pampered him for the first few weeks. He would start to complain, but she would always say that she needed to do something to help him. He’d just stop talking after that. He often reminded her that she was his reason to fight. The words were always touching and made her smile, but she hated feeling so useless.

    He recovered and trained again to do another mission. She had panicked the whole time he was gone, so worried she’d receive another phone call like the one she had before. No more calls like that came in, thankfully and she was working on trying to relax more when he was gone. She knew he needed to worry about being safe and the mission on hand. He had no time to worry about how she was handling things. For his sake, she tried to be better about it. It was a work in progress, but it was the effort that had counted.

    “What is all this?” she asked as she saw the bedroom was also dimly lit with candles. Pietro stood there and he looked nervous. She had rarely seen him nervous in their time together. He was always confident and smooth, the complete opposite of her. She was the one that was nervous all of the time. Seeing him shuffle on his feet was such a new sight to her.

    “I love you.” He spoke. Uh-Oh. Speeches that started out like that didn’t always have the best track record of ending well. “It used to be just Wanda and I against the world. I was content with that. She was my twin, and my best friend. Meeting the Avengers changed a lot in my life. Most importantly, it brought me to you. If Bruce hadn’t insisted I played errand boy, maybe our paths would have crossed too late.” He spoke taking her hand in his larger one.

    “Pie-“ she started, but he cut her off.

    “Meeting you has been the best thing to ever happen in my life. You have changed my world in so many ways. You are so smart that is astounds me. You are so beautiful that it takes my breath away. You remind me of the good that is still left in this world. In a life of darkness and pain, you became my light. I learned that home wasn’t walls, but a heartbeat. More importantly, my home is your heartbeat.” He spoke and her eyes went wide as he fumbled in his pocket before pulling out a velvet box and dropping to a knee.

    “Yes,” she spoke and he just gave her a grin.

    “You didn’t let me ask the question.” He pointed out, but she shook her head.

    “Yes,” she repeated and he just laughed before scooping her up in his arms, crushing her body against his. His mouth found hers in a quick kiss that left her head spinning. He placed her back to the ground before opening the box and sliding the ring on her finger. She threw her arms around his neck.

    The scientist in her always likes to make careful and calculated decisions, but she didn’t need to chart this or think it over. She knew from the bottom of her soul that this was where she belonged. He was right, home was a heartbeat and he was hers.

    He was the thing that saved her and showed her that there was more to life.

    In a world of hell, pain and misery he was the one thing that was good.

    He was her Heaven.

    Ghost: Chapter 43 (Mass Effect, Shakarian)

    Summary: For Shepard, death is just another technicality.

    Rating: Mature. 

    Note: All updates for this story can be found under the “Ghostfic” tag (I’ll still use the “GGIKYLWM” tag too).

    Many, many thanks to garruskrazykanuck for her beta work!

    As always, thank you for sticking with me <3

    Ao3 | ff.net

    Ghost ‘verse Masterpost


    On the list of things she could have lived without, Shepard put being on the receiving end of Collector biotics somewhere below “cleaning out acid burns”, but not by much.

    The inside of her armor stank: sour sweat and melted ceramics, the electricity-gone-wrong scent of a half-overloaded amp, and the leftover burned smell from when she took one of Harbinger’s blasts full-on. Her suit filters worked overtime, but the smell lingered, hot and itchy along the inside of her sinuses. She’d smelled worse over the years — the Thorian came to mind — but this smell, in particular, was impossible to ignore.

    She adjusted her grip on the young turian’s shoulders as the squad passed from one narrow, dank passage to the next, skirting frozen piles of rubble and broken wiring. “Jacob, make sure you get a good scan off that,” she said, with a nod toward the pile. “Might be useless, but I’ll take anything.”

    “Yes ma’am,” replied Jacob. Soft orange light reflected briefly off the icy floor and walls around her, then faded. “Scan uploaded.”

    “Good.” Shepard pulled Maril closer against her side, and tried to ignore the smell. At least it’s a distraction from the headache, she thought, a little rueful.

    Yes, the headache — the depressingly familiar headache, needling into her temples. Because the Collectors with biotics weren’t bad enough — the revenants had to put in an appearance.

    Top it all off with a side of abandoned turian ship and half-crazy turian survivor — even by her phenomenally abysmal standards, today was absolute shit.

    Keep reading