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You're my home/Part 3

Warnings: Reader is a young single mom. Sad conversation(?) and i guess a little (just a little) bit of smut…

Notes: Here it is the 3 part, i hope you like it! Sorry for not posting it Saturday, i had to finish some details that took more time than i imagined. The girl in the gif is Paige from Scorpion, and she’s a waitress but unfortunately, the gif don’t show her uniform. -Sigh- Anyways, i will probably post the requests next week, because i’m having tests in my school. -Sigh-(Again). Wish me luck…

Part 1 Part 2

“She was crazy, man, I’m telling you!” Misha said talking about one fan that went in his photo Op. This was the last day of convention in that city, and in the morning, they would have to travel to another one. Everybody was laughing while they were in Cliff’s car to go to a restaurant. 

“Okay guys, but we still need to decide where we’re going.” Cliff said and immediately, something came up in Jensen’s mind.

“What about that pasta restaurant that (Y/n) also told us about yesterday?” He suggested and everybody, expect for Misha, smirked. “What?” Jensen asked when he saw the clever smile on everyone’s faces. “You’re like fucking teenagers!" 

"Nobody told me this story!” Misha argued and Jensen rolled his eyes, he felt like he was back in college. 

“(Y/N) was this fan that we met yesterday, she has a daughter, and we offered her to stay in the backstage because the little girl was sleepy and grumpy. Jensen was totally crushing on her.” Jared explained making Jensen roll his eyes again.

“Hmmm.” Misha said with a giant smirk making everyone laugh.

“So we’re going to the pasta one?” Cliff asked and they all nodded. This night, only Misha, Cliff, Gen, Jared and Jensen decided to go have dinner outside of the hotel, everybody else was tired and didn’t want to come. 

“Be good to your nonna okay, Tom? I love you.” Gen said in the phone to her little son, who stayed with Gen’s mom for the weekend. “Okay, I will pass it to him.” She said looking at Jared. “He wants to talk to you.” She said giving the phone to her husband.

“Talking about kids, you and Vicky are trying again, right Misha?” Cliff asked to Misha when they got out of the car, entering the cozy restaurant. 

“Yeah… Vicky is pretty excited about having another kid.” He said smiling and Jensen suddenly felt dislocated. This wasn’t the first time he felt this. Everyone talking about their children and well… everyone having someone to make kids with. He was the one who always wanted kids. He usually didn’t fell like this, but when a situation like that happened, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking. He hadn’t had anything serious with someone since his last girlfriend cheated on him. Nothing he wanted to remember. 

“What do you want J?” Jared asked when they all were already in the table, with the menu in their hands. 

“I think I’ll go to with the spaghetti.” He said and Jared nodded calling for a waitress, apparently everyone had already chosen it and he hadn’t even noticed. They talked about random stuff when waited for the food. 

“I will go to the bathroom again.” Gen said seeming a little annoyed while getting up. “I hate this part of pregnancy.” She said and everybody laughed. 

“I’m excited for the next convention, it is going to be really big.” Jared said looking at some fan messages in his phone and all men agreed.

“C'mon, lets take a picture.” Misha said taking his phone out of the pocket. They smiled and Gen arrived seconds later after the photo was taken.

“You won’t believe what just happened!” She said excited and Jensen frowned, she was looking specifically at him. “I was getting out of the bathroom and I found (Y/N)!” She said smiling and Jensen felt his heart beat faster. What the fuck? “Apparently she’s a waitress here.”

“(Y/N) as in ‘the fan Jensen was crushing on’?” Misha asked before Jensen could even open his mouth. 

“In the flesh.” Gen said. “Coincidence? I don’t think so." 

"C'mon guys.” Jensen said with a small laugh seeing his friends open smirks and malicious faces. “She was the one who suggested this place, is it really that surprising that she works here?” He said not really believing his words. 

“Yeah, actually.” Jared said “I will look for her, and maybe, this time, our dumb friend here will have the courage to ask for her number.” Jared continued messing with Jensen, who just rolled his eyes. 

“Oh don’t worry, I already called her.” Gen said smiling. “She said that she needed to finish serving a table and then she would come here to say hi.” She said when the orders arrived. 

They quickly changed the subject, but Jensen started to get anxious. He really wanted to see you again, like, really. He cursed himself the entire day for not getting your number last night. He was single, he had the right to ask a beautiful girl out, didn’t he? Jared noticed how his friend was a little off all day long, and he mentally swore that he would find a way to get in contact with you, for Jensen. But now he wouldn’t need to, you were there! This certainly was not a coincidence. 

“(Y/N)!” Jared said suddenly looking behind Jensen, who slowly turned around and sighed upon seeing you smiling and being hugged by Jared and Cliff. You were in the restaurant uniform, with a high ponytail. Jensen stood up smiling and hesitated for a moment before pulling you in for a hug. 

Of course, you just melted in his arms. You just couldn’t believe you got to see all those guys again, especially Jensen. You were really scared for a second, thinking this could be a dream. This was probably the best thing that ever happened to you. After Lottie. 

“We don’t know each other, but I have already heard a lot about you.” Misha said opening his arms to you, and you started to fangirl again, you didn’t see him yesterday, which was a shame because he was one of your favorite characters. 

“Heard a lot about me…?” You said with a small laugh after separating from him, not really paying much attention to this. You had just hugged the cast again, and Misha Collins for the first time, so you were still a little awed. 

“After all, we came here because of your suggestion.” Jensen said with a smile before his friends could open their big mouths to say that Jensen couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

“And are you guys enjoying it?” You said seeing that they were still eating they orders, smiling when they nodded and started to praise the place. “I’m glad then! Hm…I will let you guys eat, it was a pleasure to see you guys again.” You said waving a goodbye and turning around. Jensen didn’t even see his friends’ faces before getting up and holding your arm to stop you. You turned around a little confused, but felt your heart explode when you saw that it was Jensen. 

“What time does your shift end?” He asked and you raised your eyebrows.

“In an hour and a half.” You answered and he smiled softly. “Why?”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to wait for you, and maybe we can talk for a bit.” He said and your world simply stopped. Wait, what? Jensen Ackles was asking you out? Really? You? 

“Hm… Yeah, I would like that.” You said still a little lost and finding it hard to process what just happened. He smiled like he was relieved and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling too. 

“Great, then I will be in the table waiting for you.” He said and you nodded. He came back to the table, and to his surprise, nobody asked anything or even stopped what they were talking about when he sat again. Good for him.
Dinner ended surprisingly fast, after lots of talking and laughing. The restaurant was practically empty by now, and although Jensen said that they could go rest, Misha decided to stay and wait for you with him. Jared and Gen had to go because Gen was starting to get nauseous, another symptom of pregnancy she hated, and Cliff took them to the hotel.  

“So she has a 3 year old daughter?” Misha asked. When the others left, he wanted to know more about the girl that made his friend finally ask a girl out again. Jensen was a little, hm…how could he put it? Traumatized after his last serious relationship. 

“Yeah, she’s the cutest thing.” Jensen answered with a smile. But before they could continue, you got out of the kitchen, stopping in front of their table. You changed the uniform for your normal clothes, and even though you were just in dark jeans and a blue shirt, Jensen thought you were beautiful.

Cliché? Maybe. Whatever.

“Hey.” Jensen said smiling, getting up. “You’re ready to go?” He asked and you nodded with a smile. 

“Okay guys, i will take an uber to the hotel, you want a ride somewhere?” Misha asked while he unlocked his phone and you twisted your lip. 

“My house is literaly behind the restaurant.” You said already a little scared that Jensen would want to cancel the ‘date’. Every guy that you dated in the past was gone the minute they learned you had a daughter. Okay, Jensen already knew about Lottie, but you couldn’t avoid that feeling. “And I have to go home, because Lottie is staying with my neighbor, and she’s crying… I just have to put her in bed and then we can talk. Is that okay?” You asked a little anxious and Jensen smiled. 

“Definitely.” He said and you sighed, relieved. “Let’s go?” 

“Well, I hope you have fun, my uber arrived.” Misha said waving and heading in a different direction. You and Jensen turned to each other, smiling as he extended his arm to you. You twined you arm with his and started walking away from the restaurant and in the direction of your apartment.

“You didn’t mention that you worked in the restaurant.” Jensen said looking at you with a small smile, and you were trying your best to act normal and ignore the fact that Jensen Ackles was going to your house.

“It didn’t really matter yesterday.” You said struggling and continued. “I mean, I didn’t actually think that you would go to the second restaurant suggestion I gave you.”

“Why wouldn’t I? We loved that sushi one yesterday, and I don’t even like sushi” He said and you opened your mouth in indignation.

“What? Sushi is the best food ever!” You cried opening the door to the little building you lived in. It had just four floors and two apartments each. 

“Oh… I didn’t think it was that close to your house” he said when you entered the lobby.

“I told you.” You said with a smile while clicking the number '2’ in the elevator. "But really, how can you not like sushi?“ You asked and he laughed struggling.

"I guess I don’t like eating things that are alive.” He joked and you giggled rolling your eyes. The elevator stopped in your floor, and he followed you to your neighbor’s door.

“This is just gonna take one second.” You said and he nodded, you knocked on the door and after a few seconds Mrs. Alba appeared, a sweet old woman that took care of Lottie when you couldn’t. Mostly just after seven o'clock, the time she arrived from her work at her flower shop.

“Hey (Y/N)! And…. Well, I’ve never seen you around.” She said with a smile to Jensen, that copied her action.

“I’m Jensen, I’m (Y/N)’s….” He hesitated a second, looking at you and you twisted your lip not knowing what to say. What could you possibly say? He’s my favorite actor? “Friend.”

“Oh, pleasure to meet you.” She said shaking his hand and turning to you. “Lottie is already sleeping, she got tired.”

“Oh….” You said and Jensen noticed how your face fell. He imagined how it must be hard for you, working so hard that you couldn’t even put your 3 year old daughter in bed. 

And he was completely right. 

“Okay, I will get her.” You said entering the house with Jensen behind you.

“You want me to carry her?” He asked when you stopped in front of the sofa she was sleeping in, hugging a teddy bear. 

“No, it’s okay.” You said a little surprised and in love with how sweet he was. “If you can hold my purse…”

He immediately took it out of your arm, watching you gently lifting Lottie and putting her in your arms, her head on your shoulder. 

“Thank you so much, good night Mrs. Alba” You said and after a “no problem, good night.”, you got out of her apartment. 

“Make yourself at home, I will just put Lottie in her room.” You said when you entered your apartment, disappearing into a corridor. He put your purse in the sofa and looked around. It wasn’t big, but it was wide and cozy. It was a nice place to live. After a few minutes you came back without Lottie and you smiled at each other.

“She’s okay?” He asked pointing at the corridor and you nodded entering your open kitchen.

“Yeah, she’s a heavy sleeper. Lucky me.” You said with a little laugh and he laughed too. “Wine?” You asked lifting a bottle.

“Course.” You put the wine in two glasses, extending one to him, and you two went to sit on your balcony. You two started to talk about everything and anything, and after a while, he seemed like an old friend and not your favorite actor, who by fate’s weird ways was in your house on a Saturday night. He told you so many things about his life, his career, his fears, cravings, and well…

“I really though she was the one. All my friends were getting married… Hell, Genevieve was already pregnant. I wanted that, you know?” He said talking his last girlfriend and you nodded. “I wanted a family with her, and she just… Cheated. Except from the long distance, nothing was wrong in our relationship."  

"But shouldn’t you be relieved for not having started a family with her? Imagine how hard it would’ve been going through a break up with kids, how hard it would’ve been if you were married.” You said and he gave a small relieved laugh.

“Yeah, I always think about this. I was blind with…. I think it was pure lust. I was in a rush, because all my friends were starting their families and I wasn’t. I was in love with the idea, not with her.” He said seriously. “She wasn’t a good person. I thank god for not having proposed.”

“You did right Jensen.” You said squeezing his hand, which was already too close of yours. “I made this mistake once.” You said referring to the fact that you had Lottie with a despicable man. “And I learned that this stuff… No matter how old you are, just do it with someone you are one hundred percent sure you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone you know won’t let you down.” You said and your looks connected and this time, he was the one who squeezed your hand.

“You didn’t talk about that part of your life, and I understand if you don’t want to. I don’t know what happened, but I just wanted to tell you… You’re fucking amazing.” He said so intensely that you didn’t doubt his words for even a second. “You didn’t have any support, and raised a kid at the age of nineteen.” He said what you had already told him and you opened a shy smile, making him smile more. “You’re amazing.” He repeated, this time in a lower voice, and suddenly your faces were just inches apart. His hand was on your cheek, and the glasses of wine were left forgotten in the little table. 

You took a deep breath before he gently pulled your face and glued your lips together. The kiss started slow and you were just… Exploring each other. But after minutes, with no warning, the kiss started to grow hotter, and before you knew it you were sitting on his lap, your hands on his scruff. His large hands were squeezing your thighs, and his teeth bitting your lower lip. You could feel the bulge in his pants brushing in your center and when his right hand entered your shirt and squeezed your breast, you couldn’t help the moan. He started to kiss your neck and you began to do circular movements with your hips, making him moan. He was about to lift your shirt when you suddenly backed away with a concentrated face. 

He frowned and you looked at him and sighed, leaving him more confused than ever.

“Three…” You started. “Two…”

“Mommy!” A little voice screamed somewhere inside the house, and you two gave a small laugh with the interruption. 

“I didn’t listen to anything!” He said a little surprised and you struggled, giving him one last chaste kiss before getting up.

“It’s my job listen to her steps.” You said smiling before entering the house. He smiled when he thought about what had just happened, but frowned when he looked at the sky and saw the…sun? He quickly got his phone and saw that it was already five in the morning. Fuck. His flight was at 8.

He entered the apartment, seeing Lottie lying on the sofa watching a cartoon and you in the kitchen with a baby bottle in your hands. 

“(Y/N), I didn’t realize it was already morning, my flight leaves in a few hours…” Jensen said to you and you gave him a yellow smile.

“Yeah, of course.” You said putting the bottle in the sink and going in the direction of the door. 

“I wish I could stay for a few more days.” He said, a little guilty that he was leaving that way. You told him about the lame excuses the guys gave you to leave because of your daughter. He surely wasn’t doing that. But he knew you were thinking that about him. “(Y/N)…”

“Thank you for tonight, Jensen. I had a lot of fun.” You said opening the door, not even looking at his face. He sighed and squeezed your hand. 

“Me too. I have your number now, I will call you.” He said stepping out of your apartment, remembering a moment in the night when you got each other’s number. “I mean it.” And for the first time in a long time, he really meant it. You weren’t just a one night stand for him. He didn’t want you to be just a one night stand.

You smiled, still not believing his words. Could he blame you? This was what always happened to you. For god’s sake, he was a millionaire actor, of course he wouldn’t be different. You were the fan of the night. 

At least you thought so.

“Take care.” And with that, you closed the door. And for a weird and undeniably cliche reason, he went to the hotel with his heart small and the thought that he really didn’t want to leave your small and cozy apartment. He really didn’t want to leave you.

Part 4

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Seventeen Reaction to You Being Their Interviewer

Request: hi!! seventeen gif reaction that their gf being their interviewer!!

A/N: I hope you enjoy!


He would try to remain professional, yet can’t stop lowkey flirting with you.

“The way you gesture with your hands when you talk like this, it’s cute.”

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Honestly, this would just make him more comfortable doing the interview. He’d know you wouldn’t ask questions that made him uncomfortable.

“I’m glad I got to do my interview with you, Y/n.”

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Total gentleman. He’d answer all of your questions happily and compliment you the whole time. Also constantly reassuring you that you’re doing well.

“That’s a really good question!”

“You look really nice today~”

“Oh wow, interesting question, Y/n.”

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Pretty much a greaseball mixed with a fluffball. He’d be all proud of you for becoming an interviewer, yet couldn’t help making a few suggestive comments.

“You know, it might have been better for you to not wear such a form-fitting shirt…”

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Literally a hyperactive puppy, okay? He would answer all of your questions with crazy enthusiasm and be smiling like an idiot the whole time.

“Ahh, yes! That’s such a good question! You see…”

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He would be a bit shy at first, not knowing exactly why his company had paired him to be interviewed with you, but soon he’d get comfortable and start cracking a few jokes here and there.

“I just can’t believe I ended up getting interviewed by you, it reminds me of our first date.”

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This little marshmallow would be so shy at first oml. But as the interview went on, he would take your questions incredibly serious and answer in crazy detail.

“Yes, well, when we first were set to debut, these thoughts were roaming in my head. Not to mention that…” so on and so forth.

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Being real, Seokmin would totally be the guy who cracks inside jokes between the two of you most of the time. Especially if it tied in with the question.

“Ohh, this reminds me of that one time when you…” *insert embarrassing story*

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Literal. Grease. Ball. He’d be straight up flirting with you the entire time.

“I’m so lucky I got to be interviewed by the most attractive person on this planet~”

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He’d definitely be pretty shy the whole time, but that wouldn’t stop him from pulling out a bit of aegyo here and there.

“I mean, if the fans think I’m cute, I wouldn’t correct them.” *gif*

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Quite a bit of a diva. He usually remains really professional during interviews if he doesn’t know the interviewer, but since you were his interviewer, he wouldn’t hold back his sass.

“Isn’t it pronounced, “food,” not, “fud?” Silly…”

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Lowkey meme child comes out. He’d probably do the running man challenge if you asked him to show his favorite choreography to the audience.

“What? At least I’m comfortable around you~”

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Okay, so he’d be one of two ways.

Either a) fluffy little shy baby who stutters when he answers every question and can’t stop staring at you.

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Or b) freaking playboy of the year award goes to Lee Chan because he keeps making jokes and flirting with you the whole time.

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someone stop this child

-Admin Yeonie

I Can't Believe We're Actually Doing This

could you do a Johnnie Guilbert imagine that’s super adorable? Because I’m pretty sure it’d brighten my day , this weeks been bad xx

A/N: Aww. <3 I’m sorry your week has been rough. Just know if you ever need someone to talk to, the ask on my personal is always open.

I only very recently got into Johnnie’s videos, so I don’t know a lot about him, so I don’t think it’s very good… but I hope this at least makes you smile. <3

Also it’s only half the boyfriend tag questions because all the rest are hard to do in an imagine format.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…” Johnnie mumbled under his breath, shaking his head at the camera.

The two of you were sat on your living room sofa, you practically sitting on Johnnie’s lap as he played with your hair.

“Come on!” You pouted, “It’ll be romantic!”

Johnnie rolled his eyes, “Literally every single youtube couple does this! It’s not romantic, it’s cheesy!”

You pushed Johnnie’s shoulder, laughing and pushing him into the couch behind you two. “Hey guys!” You said to the camera; “Johnnie and I are finally doing the boyfriend tag!”

“Noooo…” Johnnie whined.

“Yes,” You chuckled. “It’s happening. Whether you want it to or not.”

“No!” He whined again, chuckling to himself.

You turned back to him, pecking his lips slightly; “The fans wanted to see it, please, can you do it? For me?” You tried to give him the best puppy-dog eyes you could manage.

Johnnie sighed, “You know I can’t say no to that face.”

You grinned at him and gave him a look to say “I win.”

He looked at the camera. “So yes, Y/N and I are finally doing the much-requested boyfriend tag!”

You and Johnnie had been dating for seven months now; and ever since the moment you moved in together, the two of you had been doing videos with each other. Typically they were random, random little vlogs, challenges, covers, all sorts of things… but above all, the most requested video was, of course, the infamous boyfriend tag.

“Okay!” You smiled, kissing his cheek. You shuffled on his lap to get comfortable, “Where did we meet?”

“We met at Warped Tour, actually.”

You nodded, looking back at Johnnie. “Yeah, we met at the youtube booth. I saw you and I was like "omfg it’s Johnnie Guilbert.” and then we started talking and kinda just hit it off instantly.“

Johnnie nodded, "When was our first date?”

“There’s two answers here,” You explained.

“Our first date was a few nights later over Skype; I skyped you when I got back to the hotel and we talked all evening. Our first real date, however, was a month later when I came and visited you. We went to some Italian place, and both of us ordered lasagna. You were wearing a really gorgeous navy blue dress and you did your hair up all nice.”

You smiled to yourself, Johnnie didn’t often show it in videos, but he often remembered little details about your relationship. It was one of things you loved most about him.

“I wanted to impress you!”

He chuckled, “It worked. Because I asked you to be my girlfriend that night.”

You felt the blush form on your cheeks. “And I thought you were crazy, because we lived so far away from each other.”

“But still you said yes…?” Johnnie smiled, kissing you gently.

You pulled away from the kiss, blushing like mad; “What was your first impression of me?”

“Honest to god,” Johnnie paused; “I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I still think that.”

This is why you liked doing cheesy videos with him, because he was one of the most romantic guys on this entire planet.

“Aww,” You kissed him, “And I thought you were the most handsome, funny, incredible boy I’ve ever known.”

Johnnie chuckled, moving on to the next question; “When did you meet my family?” He turned back to you. “I met your family when I first visited you. You invited them over for dinner.”

You nodded, rubbing your fingers along his back. “And I met yours about a week or so after we moved in together.”

Johnnie smiled to himself, “I kept telling them about this amazing girl I was in love with and they really wanted to meet you.”

“Weird habit of each other?” You asked the next question.

Johnnie laughed, he had an interesting habit.

“Johnnie likes to get naked; a lot.”

There was a blush on Johnnie’s cheeks now too, “I just know I have a beautiful body; and it needs to be seen by the world.” He grabbed your hand, “You, my dear, swear like crazy.”

“I do not!” You protested.

“Yeah, you do. As soon as this camera’s off, you’re swearing like a sailor.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “How long have we been together?”

Johnnie shuffled from underneath you, squeezing your hand while he answered. “Eight months in a week,”

You smiled at him and squeezed his hand back. “Yep.”

“Do we have any traditions with each other?” He questioned.

You thought about your answer for a moment, there were a few answers you could give, but you decided to give only your favorite, “Once a week; when it gets dark out, we got outside and look at the stars while listening to music. You’ll always hold my hand and tell me how beautiful I am, sometimes we’ll even slow dance under the stars.”

Johnnie glanced at you, giving you a look of pure love. “That’s always a highlight of my week.” He kissed your forehead.

“What’s an animal that resembles one another?” You asked, scanning Johnnie from head to toe. “I’d say you’re like a little monkey. Crazy, playful and cute.”

Johnnie laughed at that, “I guess we’re both monkeys then,” He hugged you from behind.

“I guess so,” You laughed back. “What was our first roadtrip?”

“We’re planning to go to Mexico together.” Johnnie responded.

“First thing you noticed about me?” You asked next. “For me, it was your hair.”

“I didn’t just notice one thing when I met you,” He paused. “I noticed everything at once; and then it was like, "Holy shit, this is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I need to get her number.”

“Aww,” You pecked his lips again.

“What pisses me off?” Johnnie asked.

“It really makes us both mad when people are assholes to each other for no reason.”

Johnnie nodded, playing with your fingers while holding your hand; “I just don’t believe in intolerance. People should just be nice to one another.”

You nodded, “Completely agree.”

“Favorite physical feature about each other?”

You thought for a moment, “Either your lip piercing or your hair.”

“What can I say?” Johnnie smirked. “I’m a beautiful bitch.”

You laughed, “As for you,” He continued. “I think my favorite feature is your beautiful smile…”

“What are 3 things I am good at?” You asked him. “You answer first.”

“You’re good at…” He had to think about what to say. There were so many things you were good at. “I can’t pick just three… goddammit…”

“Same, there’s lots of things you’re good at.”

“Should we just move on?”

You nodded in response.

“What do we argue about the most?” He asked.

“Usually stupid little things that make no sense to argue about.”

Johnnie nodded, “Pretty much.” He laughed, reading the next question; “Do I have PMS?”

You nodded towards the camera, “Johnnie has bad PMS. He’s just constantly bitching about everything.”

Johnnie gave you a playful shove, causing you to laugh. “That’s not true! Tell them that’s not true!”

You laughed back at him, “No, I’m just kidding. He’s a sweetheart.”

“Who wears the pants in the relationship?” Johnnie read out. “Uh…” He chuckled. “I don’t think either of us do.”

“I’d agree with you there,” You nodded. “I think we have a very laidback relationship. No one’s really in control.”

“Do I have any weird obsessions?” Johnnie moved on. He gave you a little look, “Obsessions, no. Fetishes, yes.”

You laughed, “Let’s just skip past this question.” You read the final one, “Do we have any nicknames for each other?”

Johnnie wrapped his arms around your head in a headlock, smirking to himself. “You don’t really call me anything. But sometimes I like to call you my little baby bear.”

“Still the cutest nickname I’ve ever been called,” You paused. “And that was the boyfriend tag!” You smiled, trapped in Johnnie’s headlock. “That wasn’t that bad, was it?” You looked up at him.

“No,” He smiled back. “It was worse.”

You giggled to yourself and kissed him, “You lying little shit; I love you so much,”

He chuckled back, kissing you in response. “And I you,”


OH yeah, this happened once. There’s a sad story behind this. A lot of money and time and stress went into this costume. I had pneumonia while in this process of making it which is why it is incomplete. To this day, I still need to rib the sides and add straps and other little details. Not many people know that I am fucking crazy in love with Rogue. Anyone who knows what my real hair looks like probably figured that out. 

I really want to finish/revamp this cosplay this year. It’s one of those things I am actually proud of because I put a shit fuck ton of my own work into it and I only wore it twice. Not even for a convention yet, can you believe that shit? I’d love to do this for RICC this year and maybe SMF if I go to that one. Ignore my buddy in the bottom pic. We were just pals. Marz obviously wants to do Gambit with me now. i haven’t finished this and done it at a convention yet because he hasn’t done his. I wouldn’t want to do this without him, as I am an AVID ROMY supporter. 

I will try to light a fire under him. I want to finish this. So bad. 

anonymous asked:

I need some cheap shirt ideas for back to school in a couple months. Yeah, I'm starting early, but do you think you can help me out? I'm in high school so it has to be appropriate. Thanks so much!!!!

Hi! I would love to help you out! Okay so I went a little crazy but here are a few random ones I picked out arranged into categories! Let me know if you like them :)

Basic Tees: soft grey comfy tee, draped slim tee

Graphic Tees:  daisy graphic, dinosaur graphic, superhero graphic, mandala graphic, cat pocket detail, cartoon rockets, cactus tee

Lace/Crochet/Beaded/Other Detailing: lace short sleeve tee, lace loose vest, back sequined tee, cutout peplum waist, lace panel chiffon

Long Sleeve Tees: contrast leather stripe,  asymmetrical loose tshirt, loose knit long sweater top

Striped Tees: zipper detail, loose striped, eye details, longsleeved striped tee

Tanks: Gold embroidered design, blue chiffon tank, floral graphic tank

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Original Illustration Exhibition

Went to the Cardcaptor Sakura’s exhibition of original artwork at the Tokyo Skytree :D
The exihibition is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of creators Clamp, as well as the 60th anniversary of manga serial Nakayoshi.
It was amazing. Clamp’s artwork is so incredible, so detailed and flawless..I really wanted to take one of the drawings home!!!
The crazy part was the little shop at the end of the exhibition..where girls went crazy and elbowed each other in the ribs to get to the cute mugs, adorable buttons, bags and straps. Obviously I was one of those girls and I was able to get some art, a button and this..the mug! mwahahahah.

Work for “The Mechanical Misadventures of Jordalice and Ron” has officially begun

Now don’t get toooooo hype cause it’s gonna be a long time coming, but @chongoblog and I just held a call where we went over the basis of a story and character development for the two bots. We’re planning it to be just one over-arching plot that we’re hoping is gonna be a fun little take on the Hero’s Journey archetype, as opposed to it being an ongoing slice of life series or something similar. If what we just came up with sticks, it’s gonna be crazy, and will include plenty of Spagoots lore veterans.

More details will be revealed when necessary B)

The Word “Love” 恋

What does love mean to Sanji?

One of the things I was wondering about when I read this arc was, “Is Sanji in love with Pudding?” Although I don’t have an answer, I noticed one detail. 

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