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Hey hey! So I recently found your blog and oh m y I love what I see! So can I request newlywed Prompto with his s/o? Pls pls I need more happiness for this Sunshine boyo

I actually did some marriage headcanons with our sunshine child this morning, so check those out if you want! I’ve been having a lot of fun with this idea today!

Happy Prompto is always welcome on my blog, anon! Thank you so much for the request; I always love to write for this boy.

word count: 1078

(so. much. fluff.)


It was just another day.

The sun was rising over the horizon, casting a soft glow over everything in the home you shared with him. Under the sheets, your legs were tangled with his as your arms reached for him, finding their ways around his waist and tugging him closer in an attempt to steal his warmth. He was leaning back, camera in hand, lining up the perfect shot of your resting face.

He smelled of lemons and cinnamon, intoxicating you with every breath you drew. The lilac in your fabric softener drifted from the covers, mixing itself with your husband’s natural scent. A tired hum escaped your lips as you leaned into him, hinting that you were nearly awake.

No, he thought, his chin coming to rest over the top of your head, He wasn’t ready yet.

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Total Divas: Seth Rollins x Reader (10) THE END

(10) This is the last part of a series that can be found on my blog using the masterlist. 

The italics are you talking to the camera like they do on the show. 

The episode starts with you standing backstage of the Slammy Awards with your boyfriend Colby Lopez (Seth Rollins). He looks amazing in an all black suit even with the crutches he leaned on. But you… You stole the show wearing a sexy tight black dress that had cut outs on the side. Colby wouldn’t leave your side for one second out of both attraction and protection. He didn’t want any other man looking at you while you wore that. “You ready for tonight??” You smile straightening Colby’s collar as he cut his eyes over to a guy who checked out your butt. “Ready to get out of here and get you out of that dress.” He looked you in the eyes. Not a hint of exaggeration could be found in his dark eyes. You smack his chest lightly laughing a bit. “Colby Daniel Lopez.” You scold. “What?? It’s true… You were specific on what I was ready for.” He defended with a big smile. 

“Tonight is the night of the Slammy Awards here at the WWE. Me and Colby are both up in the running for some awards. To me nights like this are some of the best in the business. Getting to look back on what you’ve down in the past year with some of your best friends. Its amazing.”

Later on the episode they show the announcement of Superstar of the Year. They show a glimpse of you standing backstage with Colby holding his hand in anticipation. When they announce that Seth had won you wrap him up in a big hug giving him a huge kiss. “Go on you earned it.” You smile wiping lipstick from his grin stepping back so he can accept his award. “Come out with me.” He grabbed your hand as you follow him confused. The crowd popped as he made his way on stage with his crutches you following behind him. He had to wait until the “Thank you Rollins” chant had died down before he said anything. “Thank you… “ He went to a long spill about how much the fans meant to him as you kinda zoned out looking back on all the progress he had made in the past year. You were brought back to your senses as Colby wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “And there is one more person I wanted to thank… (Y/N) she hasn’t left my side once through my recovery. Thanks to her I have made exceptional progress.” He bends his knee back in forth showing a glimpse of his progress. “Its not lie that I am putting in so much work just so I can get back in the ring… But there is another reason I have been working to get this knee back in order… And that is to do this.” You look to him confused as he slowly drops down to one knee looking up at you. The crowd gasps as Colby pulls out a black velvet box. You gasp as he opens it reveling a huge diamond ring. “(Your full name) will you do me the honor of being my wife??” You nod your head as you sobbed happy tears. Colby smiles as he places the ring on your finger and gently stands up to wrap you in his arms and give you a giant kiss as the fans cheer. “Thank you.” You whisper against his lips as he breaks the kiss for air. “No thank you… Thank you for everything you have ever done to me… I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life spoiling you and keeping that beautiful smile on your face.” The episode end with you two still kissing on stage.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… this is the end of the first series I have ever started on my blog… Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through it and gave me advice… please let me know what you think of the series of a whole… any and all feed back is welcome… THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR READING

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Please stop making art, it hurts to know someone can be this bad

Ah…it’s you again…the coward who still won’t show their face to me… Welcome back, I guess. Finally look up at the screen from giving yourself a blowjob? Or did your daddy issues become too much and now you got to compensate for it?
Well, whatever cactus may be lodged in your anal cavity, I’m afraid I’m not going to be following that request of yours. If you don’t like my stuff, then leave. No negotiations- I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
Thanks again for visiting my page! ♥

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I hope I'm not bothering you, but im sorta new to monsta x and I was wondering if you could show me something that would help me put names to faces? I love your blog btw 👌

first, thank you for stumbling upon my mediocre blog and for loving and supporting it! second, welcome to the fandom. once you’re in, you can’t back out. there’s no exit, get it? anyways, i would be happy to help!

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this is shownu, our shy little leader. his real name is son hyunwoo and he’s a 92 liner. he kinda has small eyes framed by some pretty “on-fleek” eyebrows, that’s his charm. he also has some really nice arms, like damn. look at those guns. if you’re watching a live stage, then he’s the one nailing all of the dance moves because he’s considered monsta x’s best dancer.

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this is wonho. he’s usually the shirtless one because the stylists are obsessed with his abs, or the one biting his lips, or the one smirking, or the one driving you crazy with his ridiculously good looks. seriously, look at him. he has declared himself the sexiest member of monsta x. his real name is shin hoseok and he’s a 93 liner.

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and here we have lee minhyuk, our happy moodmaking energy vitamin. he looks great in blonde, by the way. and that one time he had like cotton candy streaks in his blonde hair i practically died. it’s my icon too i believe, i don’t even know. he’s got the cutest smile i’ve ever seen and i think he’s got monolids but sometimes i can’t tell. either way, his eyes are precious. and yeah, everything about him is precious. he’s a 93 liner as well.

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next up is our lovely main vocal, yoo kihyun. he’s a 93 liner as well, i believe. he’s got a voice that will melt your heart and so much aegyo that you will want to jump off a cliff to put yourself out of your bias list ruined misery. he’s got these adorable eye dimples, the ones right on the apples of his cheeks. fun fact: i also have these eye dimples and it’s the first time i’ve ever seen another person other than myself have them. but this isn’t about me, is it.

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this here is our charisma-filled, main rapper, 94 line, lee jooheon. he’s got a face that reminds me of a five year old boy at times but it’s cute as heck. he has dimples so deep you can practically swim in them. he has eyes probably smaller than shownu’s, but they are his charm. oh and if you thought kihyun’s aegyo is bad, jooheon has even more… . . casually shoots myself in the face.

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this right here is chae hyungwon, a 94 liner by the way. he’s monsta x’s very own sleeping beauty. like seriously, this kid is always sleeping. if he wasn’t in monsta x he’d probably be a model somewhere because he’s gorgeous. look at them eyes. look at those legs. he’s probably skinnier than me, what the heck. his lips was what i recognized immediately when i first got into monsta x. look at those lips, o h my g od.

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and last but not least, we have our 4d maknae lim changkyun. he goes by the stage name, i.m. he has a very deep voice and is a great rapper. although he is the youngest, being born in 1996, he often time is said not to act like a maknae. he’s very weird, in a good way, and has this almost sarcastic sense of humor (my fav). he’s either fooling around with his hyungs or very serious and deep in thought, i feel like there is no in between. maybe that’s just me.

okay so that’s basically it. i hope this helped! don’t call me if you need help finding a bias because i still can’t and i’ve been a fan since last year, during no mercy days, before they even debuted. oh god, i am such monsta x trash. 

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Left Behind

Simon has officially made his debut on this blog! Thank you for the request, nonnie.

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Simon fidgeted in the sparsely cushioned airport chair for what felt like the hundredth time in an hour. He was staring absently at terminal exit he knew you’d be coming through while the arrival time board taunted him from across the room. You had only been away for two weeks but just when he thought he was getting you back, your flight had been delayed by the weather.

We need our own private jet.

Are you saying that because you’re feeling lonely? - Jay

I’m saying it as the CEO that hates airports.

And as the other CEO I’m going to tell you no - Jay

He shoved his phone back in his pocket, running his thumb across his bottom lip in frustration. A group of girls were sneaking shy glances at him from their seats in the nearby café. Simon begrudgingly pulled up his face mask and put in his headphones to listen to some new beats that Cha Cha had sent earlier so as not to be disturbed.

“It really wouldn’t kill them to put some extra padding in these seats,” he thought as he shifted in his chair again.

As much as he hated to admit it, Jay was right about him feeling lonely. In fact, all of the guys had been right in their concerns when they sat around Jay’s house drinking the night after you departed. It was only Simon that underestimated how much your absence was going to affect him. He left for concerts all the time. Distance was nothing new and both of you had learned how to cope.

“But it’s two weeks by yourself, hyung,” Loco said.

“With no adult supervision,” Jay added.

Simon scoffed as the laughter spread across the room.

“We’re a mature couple which means we can do our own thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

But slowly the small things began to eat away at him. Like how he had to account for the time difference whenever he wanted to call or how he ended up cooking for himself most nights because it was too depressing to order delivery for one. The worst part by far was coming home to nothing. Even when it was just you lounging in sweats, home was always a place where he could find you and the utter stillness in the house left him feeling incomplete. It’s like he was constantly thinking about your absence even when he was going about his days normally.

He tried turning to the guys to fill the void but Jay was busy with his “Follow the Movement” promotions and it had only taken Gray four days before he started locking his office door to keep Simon out.

“Sunghwa-zzing!” He whined at Gray’s door.

“Go away, Simon.”

“But I have some ideas that I want your input on.”

“Come see me in ten days.”

Simon would never tell anyone how many times he found himself sitting alone in his studio, mouse hovering just over the button to buy a plane ticket so that he could visit you, only to change his mind at the last minute. As much as he missed you, he also knew how hard you had worked to get this opportunity and what it could mean to your career. He cared too much about you to be that selfish.

And for all of his patience this is what he got: three hours of pacing and sitting as your estimated arrival time kept getting pushed further and further back.


You emerged from the plane absolutely exhausted. You didn’t even understand how that was possible considering all you had done that day was sit and stare out the window like you were in a Victorian era painting. Adjusting the strap of the bag that hung from your shoulder, you flipped through all the texts you had missed as you headed off to find Simon.

Please come home soon. He’s very needy. - Gray

Have a safe flight. Miss you! - Hoody

He’s talking about buying a plane now. Do NOT encourage him. - Jay

Your smile got bigger with each message that you read. Simon was hopelessly transparent when it came to how much he cared despite the tough exterior he tried to project. Yet it was still nice to hear in some capacity.

It wasn’t hard to find him amidst the crowd. Somehow his scowl managed to keep people away from him even with half of his face hidden. Had you not known him better, you might have been tempted to stay away yourself. Instead you snuck up behind him, gently pulling his earbuds out as you circled your arms around him, and kissed his cheek.

“You’re the worst welcoming party ever.”

“Aish! You should be glad I made time to come pick you up,” he said, moving his mask back down so that he could kiss you properly. His hand combed through your hair, keeping your head in place, and deepening the kiss when you tried to pull away from him.

“People are staring.”

“Let them watch.”

You gave him a few more minutes before you broke away. He looked smugly at the blush that was spreading across your face as he collected your bag from the floor. He swung it over his shoulder effortlessly and laced your hand with his as you headed for the exit together.

“So what did I miss while I was away?”

“Nothing much,” he shrugged. “We’re getting a private jet.”

“Oh really? Jay approved?”

“Not in so many words but he will.”

You gave Simon a look to show how little you were buying his story but he ignored you.

“Think about it, jagiya,” he said leaning closer so that only you could hear what he was about to say. “You could join the mile high club with me.”

“Who’s to say I haven’t already joined?”

Simon was taken aback by your response and he studied your face to discern whether you were bluffing but you only stared innocently back at him.

“But I guess it’s time a renewed my membership,” you winked as you lead your speechless boyfriend towards the car that was waiting to take you home where you could properly show just how much you missed each other.

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May I request 2P!Russia Fluff? Please? :3

this is a good welcome back to this blog. my two favorite things


“What are you doing, _____?” Ion had almost frozen in place, though at this point in your relationship, he wasn’t all that surprised. “I’m working.”

“Can I watch you work?” Your face was buried into Ion’s chest, so your speech was muffled. He seemed to relax a little, and a hand was placed on your back.

Eventually, Ion sighed. “Alright, but don’t try to interrupt me too much. This paperwork is important.” And even though he rarely smiled, you could hear the faintest of one in his voice. You snuggled further into him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. Though Ion initially said that you were being ridiculous, he didn’t seem to mind.

The remainder of the evening consisted of you asking Ion different questions, while you occasionally kneaded his free hand with your thumbs, or twirled a lock of his hair with your finger. And as the evening transitioned to night, and Ion’s work diminished, his legs grew numb from you sitting on them. In fact, you hadn’t spoken a word in quite a while.

“Actually,” He started. “I think I can leave the rest of this for tomorrow. For now, we should get to bed.” While he looked down to see your response, he then noticed that you had fallen asleep. 

Ion sighed and picked you up, and attempted to stand while his legs felt like static was running through his veins. “Especially you, _____.”

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#(us): Sans!! I'm soooo happy to see you! (Kiss him strongly) I'm so sorry I was not there for you lately.. So, for excuse myself, I'm going to spend the day with you and YOU can choose what we'll do :D I love you~ (So happy to be back on this blog ♡♡ -a happy annon)


((Hiya sweetheart, welcome back!! I’m about to head to New York, but I’ll be back in a week. I’ll see you guys soon though. -Mod K))

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So, I finally finished ME3 (I am also now following this excellence of a blog). I chose Synthesis (though I've redone the ending a couple times to see the Destroy ending as well). For me, it's a toss-up between Synthesis and Destroy. Synthesis, because at least in my interpretation, you essentially become existentialist god (control = Reaper god). You ascend to a higher plane of existence and you bring peace...

though I understand where some people don’t like it. Destroy makes me happy, because it is a nice way to tell the Reapers to go fuck themselves, especially since they’re like “You’ll just build more synthetics and it’ll bring chaos” and you’re just like “I solved the Quarian/Geth thing peacefully (if you do Rannoch right) and I united all organics and synthetics against you… who’s to say it doesn’t happen again…?

also (sorry for the long messages), I romanced Garrus and I REALLY want Garrus and Shepard to go to that tropical place and adopt a few turian and human kids (and a krogan, because why the f- not?). Shakarian hell is hell, man. Anyways, thanks for a great blog with great posts (I have your “Letting Garrus Calibrate Your Vagina” post saved on my phone/tablet/desktop/laptop because I love it so much. Stay awesome!)

Welcome back!

Personally, I’m more of a fan of obliterating the Reapers off the face of the galaxy, but to each their own.

I’m glad you enjoy, darling. I do what I can to bring a little more stupid humor into the galaxy. And gotta love Garrus and his dedication to accurate weapons.

Hey Guys! i realised yesterday i haven’t done an FF in AGES! and so since i just recently hit 800 followers (827 now!) i thought i would do one! so basically i love you ALL your awesome and it makes me happy that you follow me :3 so if your in bold i will leave you a little message just cos your one of my friends or i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, i wont do it for everyone i bold purely cos most of you i dont talk to but i adore your blog and i dont wanna be wierd! but your all amazing bold or not <3 and if i forget anyone im so sorry! just message me :D! 

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13irune-06- I love your blog! And you seem really lovely :)

Allaroundtaylor- your blog is one of my favs! Your drawings are my favourite thing, they are so so good!

Apenandanoldnapkin your such a lovely person, and so so pretty! Im so glad you’ve gotten to meet taylor cos you just really deserve it :)

Bette—davis—eyes I know we don’t talk but your one of my fav blogs!

Blame1989 you are hilarious! Your talvin love makes my day xD hope we can be friends :)

Butterflies-turning-to-dust Naomi I just legit love you. Your one of my fav people and such and amazing friend. You make me laugh and I love that we have our own way of chatting! #hastagchatforthewin #ihopewemeetoneday

Closestthingtomichellepfeiffer I LOVE YOUR BLOG! We don’t talk but I love seeing you on my dash, you seem really lovely!

Coffeeequaltolife  your one of my top 4 fans rn ;D so thanks for that! Aha love your blog!

Emluvzcheese you’ve been really sweet liking lots of my stuff lately! Hope we can be friends J

Finallycleann I just love your blog! And I love your url!

Hashbrownswift you are hilarious. Your url is amazing and so is your icon okay. Wish we were friends tbh…

i-i-i-shakeitoff I love your blog! And you seem so lovely :D

kkvvrr55- your new to my blog! But I already really like your blog and your in my top 4 fans so thanks for that! love that your talvin af xD

lastsummerwasmagical13 I miss talking to you! We haven’t spoken in ages! Hope your okay and I love your blog its so cute!

Magiccmadnessheavensin love love love your blog and url!

Monsterscaughtuptoyou I miss talking to you! Its been ages! Hope your okay :D LYL

Mydignitybrokethefall I love your blog so much and ive always wanted to talk to you but im terrible! Hope we can be friends :)

Mysweetgoodbye ughh why am I friends with again ;) no seriously I love you and im so glad we are friends and hopefully we can meet up over the summer! If not I will see you in September #2ndyearherewecome!

Nevereverlikeever its been sooo long!! HOW ARE YOU!! I miss talking!!

Reflectsthechain  I love love love your blog!! And I wish we were friends tbh… I love how your just you and your so honest and open about that in a good way obviously!

Runwildandbefree your new to my blog but i already really like you! i hope we can be friends cos you seem really lovely! your also in my top 4 fans rn!

swift-haim Verity your my bae… I love that I can just text you to fangirl now aha but hope your okay! And you need to let me know how uni stuff is going!!!

swiftbat17 I love your blog loads! And you seem like such a lovely person and I wish we talked more!!

Taylorswift what can I say. Its unreal that your following me first off… but im never gonna be able to express how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you in my life and how much you’ve done for me! I just hope one day I can say thank you in person… because that would be a dream come true! But I will see you at Hyde Park anyway! I cant wait!!!!!!!!

Taylorswiftgetinmybed klara I miss talking!! I miss you! Hope your okay!? And I hope your singing career is taking off because it needs to and WHEN IS YOUR EP COMING OUT!??

Tayorswoft Christine… you. Are. adorable. I love you! Your such a good friend and your so so pretty! Hope your okay <3

Timeerasingyou  JUDITH HOW ARE YOU! I miss our chats! I also miss fangirling over your edits and you flawlessly playing the piano XD

Whichversionofyou I love your blog loads! And you seem so lovely! You like and reblog my stuff a lot and that makes me really happy so thank you :)


Oh my! So many wonderful notes and tags to come back to! This certianly has made up for the rough start that I had when I got back, but all of you have brought a smile to my face! Theres so much that will be going on this month, and i’ve only been back for a day. I look forward to answering your questions and so excited to see new and old faces alike! (or at least some a them..a certian dog and fellow fox come to mind..)

So welcome spirits to my blog! I hope you all enjoy the stories I have to tell, and I’m ready to get this October started!~

anonymous asked:

I deleted my blog like a year ago and now i'm back and i see your still here. That sucks . You and your ugly face should have deleted a long time ago.

Yeah but if I had deleted, I wouldn’t have gotten up to the 9,770 lovely people who follow me now!

My ugly face and I want to say welcome back to Tumblr and have a great rest of your day! <3

5sozfam is back COMPLIMENTS!

idc if you follow me or not, i’m just making my return to tumblr
and in doing so I wanna make you pretty people SMILE!

reblog this
and send me ‘welcome back!’ (I wanna feel missed okay? shush)


-blog compliment
-blogger compliment
-hopefully a smile on your face :-)

this probably wont get notes bc my blog is dead// cries but I will keep trying to bring it back like the walking dead (thats a fkn good show)


I wanted to make Fanart for FazbearDaycare. When I found their blog they had decided they were done. Not long after though, they decided to continue. I’m not good at art but I do hope you like this. Welcome Back @fazbeardaycare

I wanted to give it a cute background since it looked emptyish without a background so I went with my default of space. I tried to make a cute plush of Mangle. I hope I got her as close as I could to your Mangle. I know the missing part on the face should also cover the mouth so I hope its okay its just kind of touching the mouth.

I think I rambled long enough ^_^;;