i weep because we'll probably never get to see them in the show

We'll Meet Again: Chapter 10 Pompeii

Sometimes you learn from your mistakes, sometimes you don’t. And if you are lucky enough, you are able to try again. This is a post-apocalyptic reincarnation love story. 

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Chapter 10: Pompeii

But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You’ve been here before?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this? – Bastille (x)


They decided to stay at the hot springs another day. They could have left earlier, but the springs continued to offer a nice reprieve. After their first night together, Liv and Fitz took their time making it down to the lodge to check in with the other two.  As soon as she saw them, Twitchy gasped, “You two had sex, didn’t you?” Without waiting for them to respond, she ran up to Liv and gave her a hug. “I’m so happy for you!”

Liv patted her on the back and awkwardly looked towards Fitz. He shrugged and tried to temper his smile. Spin pointedly ignored the conversation, concentrating on stripping a deer he had killed that morning. The meat provided could feed them for several days. He put another log that he had gathered that morning on the fire and cooked some meat for a mid day meal. They talked about their travel plans and what route to take through the heart of the Denver Territories. Fitz couldn’t help feel trepidation as they got closer to Denver. He watched Liv as she talked over the map again and felt a knot in his stomach thinking about something happening to her.

Eventually Spin and Twitchy went off to swim again and Liv and Fitz were left to explore the old building. Even though many years had passed since people had regularly used the former hotel, the solid foundation made it possible to glimpse its glory days. The stairs that lead to the guest rooms had long since collapsed, but Fitz showed her around what was once a lobby with its high ceiling and carved stone awnings. He pointed out the paint that still shown through in the decorative beams.

She tried to imagine a world of such luxury, a world designed for play where a person didn’t have to worry about finding food, or fuel, or death lurking around the corner. Liv squatted down to pick up a bit of a vase; she could make out the partial image of a deer jumping through the forest.  She turned it over and over again in her hands, feeling its dull edges and examining the detail. “There was an abandoned city we went to when I was a child that survived the initial attack; however the plague that swept through the area some years later wiped out most of the population. We came across a museum that had all of these marble statutes and fading paintings. They were so beautiful, I almost cried. I just imagined the people that created them, and the people who collected them, and the people that would come and see it all. My father said not to weep for the past because they never wept for us. This is the world that we live in because they cared about such trivial things.”

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