i weep at it's perfection


1.10 // 1.05 


The grave and harmonious tone of that beloved voice seemed to have still it’s ancient influence.

anonymous asked:

Someone like you is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Incredible. I'm shaking. Wow. Someone get my an inhaler. I can't breathe right. My heart. Hurts. So. Bad. You're so amazing. Shook. To. The. Core. Wow. I love you forever. Why am I weeping? Perfection in its purest. Bravo. You're something else. xxxx

And with this message you made me tear up, honestly. This is so sweet of you, thank you so very much for your lovely words. It means the world to me and it really warms my heart. I’m so glad you liked the story and I’m so glad you took some time to tel me. I love you, you’re amazng, thank you. Have the best day<3