i wear your granddad's clothes i look incredible

beyond belief gothic

-you’re sure there must have been a time when it didn’t appear as though frank was entirely physically comprised of angst, but you can’t really remember it.
-you’ve heard whispers about lucy. “lucy!” you shout. “lucy parker!” there is no response. there will never be a response.
-the word “knickerhouse” may not be uttered unless it is framed by “parker” and “doyle”, in that order. “what does it mean?” you wondered once. “what will it summon?” you do not wonder anymore, and you always make sure to frame it properly.
-everywhere you look, there are men in grandmotherly fur coats. they hum a haunting rendition of “thrift shop” under their breaths. they are all macklemore, and all bobo brubaker, simultaneously. you open your mouth but no scream comes out, only, softly, “i wear your granddad’s clothes… i look incredible…”
-years later, a woman shows up and claims to have been lucy parker once, in a past life. “who?” you ask.
-the second henderson child was alive all along. you just don’t remember her. you have been to all of her birthday parties.
-”ropes on the bed?” you look at your own bed. there is the rope. how long has it been there? as long as the liquor cabinets, probably. and how long have those been there? 
-“do you do a lot of exorcisms?” you think you probably do, and take a shot of whiskey.
-”clink,” you whisper to yourself. “clink.” you are filled with a drunken kind of happiness and you cannot control your emotions anymore. you belong to Them.