i wear this like everyday


Growing up I never had a perfume. I was like oh, one day when I’m grownup and have money I’m going to wear perfume. I had one perfume and I would save it for really, really, really special occasions. Which meant I never actually wore it. So now it’s one of those things like, I can wear perfume everyday. I can afford to buy another one, I’m really lucky that I can. Now when I have nice stuff I don’t save it anymore, I try to use it.

So this time next week I’ll officially be a permanent resident in the glasses community..

According to my optometrist, I’m very near sighted, I should definitely not be driving and she has no idea how I’ve managed to drive for the past 10 years without being in a major accident.

Thanks Karen.

HC time (agains)

Pacifica finding out that Dipper is trans and she forces him to go shopping with her so he can get more clothes that he feels comfortable in and she helps him buy a binder and doesn’t let him say no and when he asks why she is doing all that she is like “I can’t be seen with a boyfriend who wears the same clothes everyday. Who do I look like?”

(added by did-you-really-just: Agender Pacifica) <- Dipper calling her his “datemate” because while she still uses “female” pronouns he knows she isn’t fully comfortable with it.

its-quiiet-uptown  asked:

Are we still doing crush stories? This guy I highkey like wears a sweatshirt almost everyday of his life (I mean he works it tho) and yesterday he wore a t-shirt in math and I was like sweet mother lord above help me. No I seriously need help lol.

Hahah, this made me smile. My favorite stage of having a crush is when everything they do is “sweet mother lord above help me.” I’ll be sending you strength.

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What makeup would you wear everyday? Like to school,work. I have lots of makeup for nights out, but I want to start getting into wearing makeup daily. Thanks

Well, if you’re looking for more coverage you could go with a good foundation or bb cream, or for less coverage, a tinted moisturizer. Top with a translucent powder. If you have naturally dark and/or full eyebrows, don’t worry about them, but if they’re light or sparse, fill them in with a pencil or pomade. Use a light blush and/or bronzer, and some mascara. That’s my light everyday makeup recommendation, hope that helps!! xoxo


Requested by Anon #184

Y/N: I’m off to work.
El Diablo: What are you wearing?
Y/N: I’m a maid. I’m wearing my uniform.
El Diablo: You go to work, like that everyday?
Y/N: Well apart from weekends. I’m not needed then.
El Diablo: How have I not noticed this?
Y/N: Because I leave early in the morning for work. *puts on coat* So I will see you later tonight. *kisses him* Bye.
El Diablo: *throws you over his shoulder* Not happening Y/N.
Y/N: What? Put me down!
El Diablo: Phone in sick.
Y/N: Why where are we going?
El Diablo: Bedroom.
Y/N: Oh. Okay.

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams
I hope that when you see me
You are imagining a future with me
And that my smile will give you butterflies
And you’ll never want anyone else

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams 
I hope that when you see me 
Your eyes will light up
And you’ll do anything to see my smile 
And hear the sound of my laughter

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams 
I hope that when you see me
You’ll be speechless
And you’ll tell all your friends about me
And how great it is to be in love

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams
That when you see me 
You’ll never want to know what 
It feels like to be alone
And you’ll hold me tight and never let me go

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams
That when you see me
You’ll surprise me with something I’ll love,
Like a necklace or earrings 
And I’ll wear them everyday

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams
That when you see me
You’ll tell me how much it is you love me
And that no one could ever compare to I
That we were meant to be

I hope I’m the girl of your dreams
That when you see me
Walking down the aisle in my wedding dress
You’ll tear up
And say I do at the alter 
And it will be you and I forever

i cant wait until i move out and can fully embrace my gender and express myself as femininely as i want to bc right now i actually hate not wearing makeup everyday and being cute and girly like its killing me i look so good like this and it kills me that none of my family ever fucking takes me seriously lol

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Hey Danielle I love your makeup and style so much gurl ! I wanted to ask do you wear thong underwear a lot like everyday or what ?

ya thats weird af to ask c ya boi

Part of My Heart

Some Olivia x Reader because I’m avoiding finals and all other unfinished work.

“You know you should wear shorts like those more often.” Liv piped up from her spot on the couch.  

“Oh, you like?” You turned around like a model and watched her smirk.

She’d been working on paperwork all day while you played with Noah. He was finally napping to your relief and to hers too apparently because she pulled you to meet her on the couch. One kiss was bestowed on your temple.

“You know, I wear shorts like these practically everyday around you.”

“Mm…Maybe you should make it everyday, instead.” She hummed flipping on the T.V. “I want a break from this paperwork.” She pulled the blanket from the back of the couch and covered the two of you up. The channels were flipped through till it landed on How I Met Your Mother reruns and you snuggled into her side.

“Thanks for being here.” Liv played with your hair.

“Of course.” You replied softly. “I love playing with Noah and I never mind watching him, while you work.”

“No I mean,” She shifted to face you. “I mean I’m glad you’re here.” You looked at her puzzled. “For me. I’m glad you’re willing to stick around, even though I’m not always the best company and I’m always chasing down a perp or my minds on some case, or–” You placed a kiss on her lips. A persistent kiss at that, which she reciprocated. You pulled away and was that a pout on her lips.

“Liv, I’m glad you’re here, for me, too.” She cocked her head. “I need you too and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to be with me. And allowing me to be with Noah because he is the sweetest and a takes up the biggest part of your heart.” Liv kissed you tenderly.

“I don’t trust just anyone with Noah,” she chuckled, which she most definitely didn’t trust everyone.  Anyone who came in contact with Noah, got a thorough background check through the police database. “I trust you because you too have a big spot in my heart.” You felt tears prickle your eyes. “I love you.” She uttered kissing your forehead.

“I love you too.” You beamed leaning in for another kiss.

Things I've Learned on CoOp So Far:
  1. Working 9-5 IS NOT like being in high school again.  The hours may be similar, but that’s about it.
  2. Working 9-5 is really hard. Especially if “9-5” is actually “8:30-5:30.”
  3. When you live in a city as beautiful as Boston, the commute is actually a perk. 
  4. “Professionalism” is a very relative term. I highly recommend working in an office where constant profanity and inappropriate jokes are encouraged, like I do. 
  5. Wearing business casual everyday is fun for only the first 30 minutes that you’re doing it. 
  6. Do not accidentally buy “control top” tights/stockings/leggings.  Come 12:00, you’ll feel like you’re bleeding internally. 
  7. That one guy in the office whose name you just never learned? Yeah, you should probably try and learn it before you’ve worked there too long to ask. 
  8. If you’re walking down the street and find yourself flanked on all sides by fancy businesswomen and men, then walk the walk.  It makes you feel important. 
  9. Getting a “real” paycheck for the first time is incredible. Have you ever SEEN your bank account go from 1 digit to 4 in a matter of hours? 
  10. Work rewards you for what you put in.  If you do the assignments you don’t want to do and you do them well and without complaining, you’ll find yourself having greater autonomy, more responsibility, and more interesting projects real quick. 
  11. If you need to buy 5 boxes of coffee for a meeting, Starbucks will be very mad if you don’t call ahead. 
  12. Do NOT go to lunch at 12:00. That’s for amateurs, and you’ll basically spend the whole time in line. 
  13. If you’re going to pick something up at Starbucks or Dunkies for yourself, ask everyone in the office if they’d like anything while you’re out….you’ll make friends more quickly, and just maybe you’ll be able to charge it to the office. 
  14. If someone asks “are you busy?” and you actually are, feel free to say so.  These people may be older than you, but if they aren’t your boss then they are just your colleague.  They can’t tell you what to do, so don’t do work you don’t have time for or really don’t want to do. 
  15. The government has a database for everything. If you ever have to do professional research, always start with the government. It will simplify your job, act as a legitimate source, and will make you feel like Edward Snowden being praised for the great knowledge you’ve mysteriously uncovered. 
  16. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! This applies to pretty much every aspect of life, but especially when you’re starting out in a new job. 
  17. If you take public transit to commute during the work day, BE AGGRESSIVE. Is that your train coming? Then get on it. 
  18. Don’t get sucked into the system. Do you work at a consulting firm? Great. Then think about how the work you’re doing (and the firm is doing) relates to the bigger picture.  After all, CoOp is a learning experience, and understanding the implications of your work is important. 
  19. You don’t have homework (or the brooding stressfulness that classes generally bring) so use your time wisely.  On some nights, sit at home in your underwear and fall asleep at 7.  On others? Go to a museum, read a book, go to a fancy club or restaurant with friends….get out there and live a little, because you now have the time to do whatever you want. 
  20. Rub it in your parents face that you actually have a successful career trajectory with your humanities degree. 

So about two hours ago, at 12pm, i was sitting at the school library cause im trying to upload a video for school and the wifi at home is just that shitty in uploading video files. Anyways, a random dude walked by and then asked me where I got my jacket (it was the finn/poe jacket i got last Friday–i have been wearing it everyday since). I was like, “amazon. what about it?”, and then the guy was like “yeah i knew i saw it somewhere before, it’s a star wars jacket eh”. It’s been three whole days and FINALLY someone recognized where my jacket is from.