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Fated meetings – Jack’s version - Superheroes!AU

I dedicate this comic to @phagechildon - thank you for all warm comments and support until now =D! You’re amaziiiing!!

Ugh… I finally finished it! It took me like a month and a half almost to do it D:! Urgh… I really do not like some of the panels, but I was too angry and tired to correct them so naaaah. Sorry for all drawing, spelling and grammar mistakes D:!

So, anyway, this is happening two years after the case with Dagur… so this is kind of reply to one anon message  =D <wave wave> It looks like saving Hiccup isn’t so easy D: Maybe they will be able to save him later~

And under the cut Hiccup’s version, but in form of a fanfiction, because I couldn’t draw more D:

Fated meetings – Hiccup’s version

Hiccup breathed heavily as he turned around the corner. The dimness of the small passage between company building and apartment swallowed him when he leaned his back on one of the walls.

Just breathe, slowly, in and out, in and out…

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