i wear the watch on the same wrist

Never Ever Land

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Rabastan Lestrange x Rodolphus Lestrange

AU: Modern, non-magical AU; college student!Hermione, older drug dealers!Lestranges

Word Count: 744

Written For: kiwiambrosia, shayalonnie, justcourbeau, politelycynical, brightki

Hermione thinks that it says a lot about what kind of person she is that she doesn’t immediately haul ass out of Harry’s overcrowded cesspool of a frat party when she sees who’s there.

Because Cormac is there.

Cormac I-Should-Practically-Come-With-My-Own-Series-Of-Antibiotic-Warning-Labels McLaggen.

Cormac I-Thought-We-Were-On-The-Same-Page-With-The-Condom-Thing McLaggen.

He’s in the far corner of the living room, holding court by the keg with his latest groupie—girlfriend?—and just generally doing an awesome impression of an exaggerated textbook douchebag. He’s wearing chinos and a backwards black Adidas cap, an expensive platinum watch strapped around his right wrist despite the fact that he is not left-handed, his baby blue Lacoste polo just the slightest bit too tight around his biceps. He’s smarmy. He’s arrogant. He is a sexist, misogynistic, gigantic error in judgment who Hermione cannot believe she let within five un-medicated feet of her vagina. Actually, now that she’s not blinded by her own hormones—

“And what is that face for, chérie?” a deep, unfamiliar, French-accented male voice purrs in her ear.

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Years Later [Jungkook]


A one shot about Jungkook and Reader who went to the same school but never knew each other really existed. Ran into each other in a cafe and spent time, eventually having feelings toward each other

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It was 4 o’clock according to my rose-gold watch I was wearing on my wrist. I had just gotten off work and usually I would grab something to eat or go home, but for some reason, I had a craving for some coffee. So, I started my walk towards the coffee shop since it was fairly close to my workplace and I didn’t want to waste gas just for an easy 5 minute walk. I needed the exercise, since I was always sitting at my workplace.

I entered the coffee shop and stood in the long line that I partially expected since 4 was around the time that most people got off work. I waited patiently as the line moved up slowly. I was on my phone for most of the time until I turned off my phone to see a reflection of a man I haven’t seen in a long time behind me.

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