i wear shoes

sigh. got my photo op and my face looks all shiny lmao. but hey at least I have a pic with katie now. there’s no space in the gotham panel so I’m just sitting on the floor. one thing this con could have done better was having more places to sit because literally everyone is sitting on the floor and it kind of sucks.

i miss you the most when the sky is all one shade of blue, and the clouds are pink
and i don’t even know who i’m writing to

maybe i’m looking in the mirror and reciting every letter i’ve ever written;
every you’ve changed, every let’s go back, to the way we used to be

i don’t want to go back. now i know, i don’t have to know the songs you grew up on;
because i’ve been raised to be someone more unique than you could dream

i don’t want to go back. maybe everything still hurts, and maybe i’m not always great at loving right
but at least i don’t spend all my time apologizing for who i am. at least i know who i am

and maybe i’m not who i thought i’d be. maybe i can’t be who you imagined me to be,
but i am sure of something - even if it’s only that i wear the same shoes every day

when i’m watching the sun set behind pink clouds i think i miss you, and i don’t know who i’m writing to 
or if that’s even true

because i don’t want to go back. i look in the mirror, now, and know something
at least

remember when ten year old edward elric bit his brother, ate two ants then had an existential crisis all within the same minute 

hobi was wearing today the shoes jin got him for his birthday!

i was just wondering why ben platt never wears shoes whenever you see him in pre-show photos and videos. like, does the man hate wearing shoes or something???? i mean, honestly:

and it just dawned on me that the reason he doesn’t wear shoes before the show is BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WEAR SHOES AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE SHOW!!!! HE PUTS THEM ON DURING ‘DOES ANYBODY HAVE A MAP’!!!!!!!!!! i was agonizing over why he doesn’t wear shoes. i was honestly so confused because literally everyone else is wearing them but he isn’t????? 

did a warm up with victor in my outfit (well, almost). That sure is a fun thing to do, recommend everyone ХЪ

anonymous asked:

Okay so i have this question: WHY THE HELL norwegians take off their shoes before get in a house??? i dont even take off my shoes in my own house

UMMMM????? BECAUSE SHOES ARE DIRTY???? We’d rather not wash our floors 4 times a day? Do you leave your shoes in front of the sofa/ bed then?
And what if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and your feet/socks would get so dirty because there had been shoes there the whole time??!!

Every time I see a meme about Asians taking of their shoes I’m just blown away because how tf is that an Asian thing. If someone came into my house with their shoes on is kick them the fuck out.


About to head to class soon! This is the same(ish) outfit I drew Yoosung wearing in my previous post. c: