i wear my purse in front so i dont get pick pocketed okay

the feeling’s mutual - c.h.

Request: can you make an imagine or blurb or something where youre famous and you say calum is your celebrity crush and he said that yours is but you guys have actually never met and then you can take it away from there??


Your hand clamps over your mouth as you try not to spit your drink everywhere from the joke that the BBC 1 Radio host just told you. Everyone in the room was immersed in a fit of laughter. When it was nearly died down, you cleared your throat and adjusted your headphones, still slightly chuckling.

“Okay, okay,” The man said, a smile on his face. “Let’s simmer down a bit.”

You smile and listen as the man clears his throat to ask the next question, as you all had gotten a bit off topic.

“Who is your celebrity crush?” He wiggles his eyebrows, making you giggle again.

“Uh.. Oh god, how do I even pick? I guess my #1 is.. Calum Hood..”

“Oooh,” He cooed, making you roll your eyes, giving him a smile. 

“Why’s that?” He asks, digging into this not-so-secret secret.

“I don’t know, just something about him is intriguing. He has a really nice personality from what it seems and his smile is really bright and, ugh.” You finish, looking up at the ceiling, daydreaming about him.

“Aww,” He comments, leaving it at that. You felt a small pang of regret when you said that- you knew this was a live interview and that your twitters would be blowing up. Plus, he would never even acknowledge you, what were you thinking? 

Whatever, the truth was out there now, and there’s nothing you could do about it.


Calum’s POV

I look over at Ashton as him and Luke talk in a corner of my hotel room, messing with the official 5sos snapchat filters. I shake my head and avert my attention back to my phone, texting an old friend from home.

Michael bellyflops onto the bed next to me, phone in hand, huge smile plastered on his face. He stares at me while I ignore him, then finally he begins tapping on my cheek, forcing me to look at him. “What, nerd.”

“Did you hear the newssss?” He says, completely cheesing. I let out a long sigh, followed by a bored “no”.

His eyes widen in disbelief. “Really? Dude it’s all over Twitter!”

“I haven’t been on twitter all day,” I explain, sending the text I was currently typing.

“Bro we’ve been waiting for you to say something about it all day, we knew you would explode. Look at this,” Michael says, pulling up a Twitter video on his phone.

The first thing I notice is y/n, my crush of about 2 years now. We have never even met, so I just called it puppy love. 

“Who is your celebrity crush?”

“Uh.. Oh god, how do I even pick? I guess my #1 is.. Calum Hood..”

“Oooh, why’s that?” 

“I don’t know, just something about him is intriguing. He has a really nice personality from what it seems and his smile is really bright and, ugh.”

My mouth hangs open in disbelief as the boys all look at me, wide grins on their faces. 

“Is this real life,” I whisper, making them laugh. I whip out my phone and pull up Twitter, ignoring all of my tweets about the subject. I start to make a new tweet, look at it for a second, making sure it was okay and she wouldn’t get creeped out. After 30 seconds of erasing and rewriting, I finally settle on

@.Calum5SOS: @Y/T/N yo hmu 

Plain and simple, but gets the point across. 

Every few minutes I got a DM, I checked it frantically, hoping it’d be y/n. And I hadn’t had such luck.. until now. I saw her name pop up and my eyes bulged out of my head, scared to open it. The boys all screamed at me to open it and I finally gave into the pressure, opening the DM to reveal her phone number. I copy it and go to my messages, pasting it and sending her a “Hiyo, it’s calum”

Minutes pass once again and she still hasn’t answered. I throw my phone on the bed and groan in agony. “She hates me.”

“No she-” Michael starts, but gets cut off by my phone beeping. I scramble back up to get it but Ashton grabs it first, reading the text from y/n off to us.

“Sorry for late reply,” He read, doing his best imitation of a girly voice, “I was talking with my manager. New shoot comin’ up in a bit.” He finished, making kissy noises at the end. I snatch the phone from his hands and roll my eyes, texting away.

Oh, that’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll look amazing as always.

The boys all snickered at my attempt at flirting, but I ignore them as I see the bubble indicating she’s typing.

Her: thanks clum! ik this might be kinda awkward and all, i figure you heard the interview..

Me: yeah, but dont worry about it. to be honest the feeling’s kind of mutual.

Her: really? well i guess this isnt that awkward then

Me: Mhm :) we should hang out sometime!

Her: totally! aren’t you in LA right now too?

Me: Yep! You wanna hang out later today?

Her: I can’t really do it later, I have the shoot to do :/

Me: How about I just come with you? I can stay with you and watch you there and then we can get something to eat?

Her: That works too :-) 

She sends me her building information, telling me to meet here there in an hour. I sigh of relief and touch my heart, closing my eyes.

“Soo?” Luke bounces up and down excitedly.

“We agreed to meet up in an hour.” I rub the back of my neck nervously. All of them squealed and started pushing you round and about, telling you what to do to get ready.

While Michael was styling my hair (Because I trusted him with that for whatever reason), I sigh and look at myself in the mirror. “You guys realize we’re literally just gonna go eat, right? I don’t need to look fancy.”

“We’re not making you look fancy, we’re making you look good.” Ashton corrects, picking out a different band shirt and jeans for me.

I roll my eyes and chuckle. These guys were the best.

“Okay, you have 20 minutes, go get dressed and be on your way, young one.” Michael pats my shoulder. 

After I change into the clothes Ashton picked out, I check to see if you have everything and take a deep breathe as I say goodbye to all of them.

“Use protection!” I hear Michael shout just before the door closes, and I’m on my way.


Me: I KNOW I’m like two minutes away

Her: Well we’re starting in 1 minute so I guess I’ll talk to you afterwards :-)

Me: Good luck! xx

I hope out of my taxi and hang my head low as I run into the building, not wanting to be seen by paps. With the help of one of the employees, I’m able to locate where y/n was shooting. When I walk in nobody pays any mind to me- all eyes were on y/n, and I understood why.

She was wearing a beautiful red, long lace dress that looked amazing on her. I walked next to the people on the side, watching her model. She was absolutely stunning- I never thought I would be in the same room as her, let alone take her out to eat.

When her eyes lock with mine, her smile gets 10x brighter for some reason, the director praising her for her wonderful smile. She did various poses and changed into different outfits- it didn’t matter what she wore, she was stunning in anything.

When they were finally done, she walked into her dressing room, exchanging words with no one. After a few minutes of waiting outside, I grow the balls to go to the room myself and check on her. After a single knock, she calls out “Come in!”.

I turn the knob and see y/n sitting on her stool in front of her mirror, removing the makeup the artists had put onto her. 

“You did amazing,” I say, sitting in the stool next to her. She looks over at me and smiles shyly, finishing up with her makeup. After it’s all off, she applies a little eyeliner, then pops it back into the container, turning back to you and standing up with her purse.

“I never thought I’d have dinner with Calum Hood.” She admits, blushing as we left the building. Instead of taking a taxi, we just decided on walking since it wasn’t that far a walk to the pizza parlor. We already knew paps were hidden places, snapping pictures of the two of you to which they would use to create some new fake article as always.

“I never thought I’d be taking y/f/n y/l/n to dinner.” I say, looking down at my phone to check the time as we walking into the parlor. It was nearly 9:45, which meant we both had to be back within the next 2 hours.

We both agree on a pizza and I look at her taking a selfie from across the table. I grin and she looks at me and laughs, stuffing her phone in her back pocket. “Listen.. Priorities.” She says.

I laugh and take out my phone, snapping a quick candid picture of her to which she launches across the table trying to delete it.

“Oh my god I probably look disgusting please calum,” She snorts, nearly knocking over her glass of diet coke.

“You don’t look ugly, you look adorable, look!” I say, showing her my phone screen.

She smirks and flips her hair, sinking back down into her seat. “Well, I do look pretty good, don’t I.”

I go to Twitter and decide to post it, not caring what anyone thought about it. Right now, I was in a state of pure happiness. 

A few minutes of banter later, it’s completely silent- just us, staring at and admiring the other. I reach out and touch her hand, “I really like you, y/n.”

“I really like you too.” She grins, closing her eyes.

Our arms move a little bit causing me to accidentally knock her glass over, the dark liquid spilling out everywhere.

“Shit, Calum go get more napkins!” She shrieks, trying to sop it up with what she had.

I shake my head and laugh, getting up to go assist her.


There won’t be a part 2 of this okay after i finish Splattered I have another calum fic up my sleeve :-) have a good day/night yall



The cold chill woke me from my sleep, I was confused as to why I was in the bathroom on the floor until I remembered what brought me here. That dream really hit me, what if that was to really happen ? I would be devastated, I mean I know chris isn’t my man… but who’s to say things cant change ? I got up from the floor and walked back into my room forgetting that sean was here, he was still sleeping, how the hell did he even get I ? What am I doing ? there’s a man sleeping in my bed that I haven’t even knew for very long, chris is the only man that I let sleep in my bed with me. As he lay there asleep I just stared at him, this isn’t right. I have to stop this, was I really about to choose him over my bestfriend ? chris would never choose another girl over me, especially not one that he just met, I have to wake him up and let him know that I don’t want to do this anymore. Just as I was about to wake him up I heard my phone ringing from inside my closet, I quietly ran in the closet and grabbed it out of my jacket pocket and answered it.

“hello ?” I said lowly

“ hey bitch !!” chanel is forever loud talking on the phone.

“chanel its 8 in the morning why are you so loud ?!”

“girl you know me I cant be quiet, but why you whispering ? where are you ?”

“im home, and sean is in my bed sleeping..”


“NO ! I didn’t give anything up !”

“then what is he doing in your bed ?! you’re lying !” she started screaming and laughing but I wasn’t finding any of this amusing.

“I don’t know he… came over last night and… we just fell asleep we didn’t do anything I swear, but can I tell you something ?”

“of course girl what is it ?”

“I don’t wanna see sean anymore..”

“ why ?! that man is the definition of FINE”

“well since sean been in the picture me and chris don’t see eachother anymore and I miss him. He wont talk to me, and if not dating sean will get us back to how we used to be then I don’t want to see him anymore… its hard not talking him” I looked over my shoulder to make sure he was still sleeping and he was.

“well…… if that’s what you wanna do then do it” see this is why I love her.

“yeah, im gonna tell him when he wakes up, but what are you doing up so early ? you’re never up this early”

“ oh girl, I gotta get up and go shopping for something to wear tonight for this house party in compton ! micheal and chris are going to !” I miss us all hanging out together, I sighed.

“well have fun and tell them I said hi, dont drink and drive !”

“I will ! and im not driving, momas getting white girl wasted tonight ! One of them niggas will.”

“okay I’ll talk to you later.” I blew a kiss into the phone and so did she and then I hung up. I was nervous as hell to tell sean that I didn’t want whatever this was that we had to go on, I’ve never broke up with no one before. I turned around about to walk out the closet.

“SHIT ! Oh my god you scared me !” I said holding my chest, when I turned around sean was standing directly in front of me with a small smile on his face, and it was kind of creepy.

“goodmorning beautiful” he said

“uh, goodmorning… sean I need..”

“what are you doing later on tonight ?” he said before I could finish my sentence.

“nothing, why ?” he walked away to the other side of the room and I just watched him, still standing inside of the closet. I don’t know what it was but I was getting strange vibes from him, or maybe its just my nerves making me paranoid. I watched him closely as he sat down to put on his shoes.

“theres this party going on tonight in Compton, I know you don’t party…. But you should come out with me.” He said standing up putting on his hat

“um, no thank you. But we ne..”

“please ? this can be your first and last time, you haven’t even experienced a house party before, they are fun. You should come.” I thought about it for awhile, yes I’ve never been to a house party before and going to one in Compton was definitely risky… then I remembered chanel saying that she’d be going, and chris would also be there. That’s what made me change my mind.

“okay, yeah I guess I’ll go.”

“you’ll have fun I promise !” he walked back over to me giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll pick you up at 9” I sighed.

“okay. See you then, but sean ?”

“yeah ?”

“how did you get in here…” he stalled for a minute

“you left your door unlocked so I just came in.” I never forget to lock my door but I was a mess last night so I probably did.

“uh okay, I’ll see you later I guess”  He gavae me a head nod and then left. I was supposed end it with him here ! but he kept interrupting me, this is just making it more harder. I don’t want to hurt him, but I also don’t want to lose chris so tonight I’ll for sure tell him…

It was now 5 oclock and I was still undecided on what to wear, I went through all of my clothes in my closet but couldn’t find anything that was appropriate for a house party. Do I wear pants or a dress ? I kind of wanted to wear a sexy dress for chris just in case we were to run into eachother but I quickly dismissed that and just picked out some jeans and a crop top shirt with my jordans. For the rest of the remaining time I just made a light snack and finished reading one of my books. I started getting ready at 7:30, I took a shower then did my hair and make up and got dressed. Im super nervous  about going to this house party, 1 because I never been to one and I’ve heard about how crazy they can get, and 2 because chris was going to be there. I plan on telling him there that Im going to stop seeing sean so I hope we can get our friendship back, that’s if he even still cares. I got up off the couch and grabbed my phone and purse because I heard sean blow his horn, the asshole couldn’t get out and knock on the door? I walked out the house and got in the car and smiled at him, this was so awkward, he doesn’t even know im breaking up with him later. It was surprisingly quiet the whole ride there which was strange because he normally cant stop talking, but I just ignored it, I didn’t really want to converse with him anyway to be honest, the less talking the better. We pulled up to the party and there was cars everywhere, there were people hanging out in front of the house drinking and being rowdy and loud. I immediately regretted coming here it looked like a wild circus. I thought the club was crazy but this is on another level of crazy. Sean got out and opened the door for me and grabbed my hand as we started walking inside. He greeted a couple of people and I just stood back and let him speak to them. I don’t know what they were talking about but I was ready to go.

“yeah… that’s my… girl robyn” I heard sean say, then all the guys in the group turned and looked at me up down, one even was biting his lip as he looked at me. To say I was uncomfortable was an understatement, my paranoia from earlier found its way back. I hope chanel is here already because im not feeling this at all, im here all the way in Compton with people I don’t even know. Sean started walking back towards me and lead us inside the house, it was packed from wall to wall. Why the hell did I agree to this ?

“you want a drink ?” sean said in my ear

“no im fine..”

“come onnnn don’t be a party pooper, just one drink” I shook my head

“yes ! im gonna go get you a drink”

“I said im fine sean..” does he not know what no means ?

“okay, well lets dance” he grabbed my hand but I took it back

“I don’t want to.” I said as I looked around trying to see if I could spot chanel or chris but I couldn’t, I looked back at him and he was staring at me with an annoyed look on his face.

“so you came all the way here with me to a PARTY but don’t wanna dance ?!” he semi yelled and I was taken back, I don’t know who he thinks he is but he’s not about to sit here and yell at me like im a kid. Just as I was about to turn and walk away he grabbed my arm.

“look im sorry, but why don’t you wanna dance ? I mean if your not gonna dance then atleast have a drink” at this point I just wanted him to stop talking to me

“okay I’ll have a drink.” He smiled and walk away to go get it, while he was gone I scanned the party again but I still didn’t see them, all I saw were drunk people grinding on eachother and loud talking. I felt someone grab my arm and I thought it was sean but it wasn’t, I turned around and it was some big buff ugly guy and I can tell he was drunk.

“um can you let me go please !?” I said snatching my arm back

“don’t be coming up in here with that attitude girl !” he slurred yelling, I started walking away but I bumped into sean.

“where you going ? you tryna leave me ?” yes actually.

“no I was looking for you…. Can we leave now ? I want to go home.” He gave me that are you serious face and I just nodded.

“aight hold up let me just go get my phone from in the back room, its on the charger” I nodded again

“come with me though, I don’t wanna leave you out here by yourself” I grabbed his hand and we moved through the crowd of sweaty drunk people into a hallway which lead to the back room he was talking about. I walked in behind him and looked around the room as I stood next to a dresser, this room was filthy. I hope no one sleeps in here, I wouldn’t even let my dog sleep in here that’s how unclean it was. I watched sean as he looked around trying to find his phone.

“you cant find it ?”

“nah, but I put it in here when I went to go get your drink, I don’t see it” I can tell he was getting upset

“yo I’ll be right back aight ? my phone better be in this fuckin house man” he said as he walked out mad and slammed the door. I sat on the dresser waiting for him to come and 5 minutes passed and he still wasn’t back. I pulled out phone checking to see if chanel had left yet and then the door opened.

“did you find it ?” I said not looking up from my phone but it got really quiet so I looked up when he didn’t respond, he was standing in front of me now looking me up and down and my paranoia came back again.

“ uh sean ?” I said getting off of the dresser looking at him, he then smiled.

“you know robyn….. I like you, do you know that ?”

“that’s what you told me….”

“you’re beautiful, very beautiful” he said rubbing his chin.

“it’s a shame that I have to do this.”

“do what ?” I said backing away from him but he just kept coming closer to me.

“I normally get what I want….and what I want is you..” he was now taking his shirt off all while his eyes never left me.


“I came into this thinking it was gonna be easy getting you, but I was wrong. I gotta admit, you’re a tough one robyn. But I like a challenge……” after he said that he whistled and the door opened and 4 guys walked in, one of them being the big buff guy that grabbed my arm. I immediately started to panic, they all were looking at me as if I was their prey. They started coming towards me while sean was undoing his pants and smirking at me.

“please don’t do this….. please…..” I said with tears in my eyes pleading with them but they didn’t stop, one picked me up and threw me over his shoulders while I was kicking and screaming, I hope someone can hear me.

“ SHUT THE FUCK UP!” sean roared, the guy then threw me on the bed while the other 3 each held my arms and legs down. I still continued to yell for help.


“I heard you on the phone this morning robyn. You were gonna leave me huh ?” he chuckled.

“you were gonna leave me because of that bitch nigga chris huh ?”

“no no, I was just… I wasn’t gonna leave you I…”

“why you lying to me robyn ? I heard your whole conversation. You can leave I don’t care. But not until I get what I want..” he said hovering over me between my legs. I tried with all my strength to get out of their hold and I got my arm out and reached for my pocket. But sean saw me reaching there and looked down to see what I was reaching for and he took my phone out my pocket and looked at me and smiled.

“its chanel. You wanna answer it ?” He said while smiling at me and putting the phone towards me, I nodded.

“you think im stupid ?” he laughed and then threw my phone at the wall and I knew it was broken in pieces just by the sound it made hitting the wall. What am I supposed to do without my phone ?! I screamed out for help again, I was now hysterically crying.

“you scream one more time bitch and you wont ever scream again, got that ?” he said roughly grabbing my neck and I winced at the pain. I nodded.

“Now lets play a game robyn.”