i wear my girlfriend's clothes

The Best Q&A

(Sammy’s pov)
Y/N and I are at my house. We’ve been dating for about 5 months and we don’t live together but she’s almost always at my house or I’m at hers because we live pretty far apart. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch while I’m on the couch watching tv. I look over at her just to see a beautiful view. My stunning girlfriend wearing my shirt, I love it when she wears my clothes. I dont know why, maybe it’s the fact that it assures me that she’s mine or maybe it’s because they’re huge on her and it’s cute. I just love her, but she doesn’t know that.
(Y/N pov)
I’m in the middle of cutting the sandwiches I made for Sammy and myself when I feel two arms snake around my waist. I giggle as Sammy starts to kiss my cheeks repeatedly. I turn around to face him, both of us smiling insanely. He goes in for a kiss but I quickly dodge it and dash for the living room. “Ooooh no you didn’t” he says as he chases after me. I laugh as I’m at one end of the couch while he’s at the other, both of us ready for movement. I look at the stairs, then Sammy figuring the distance was far enough to get by him. I quickly try to dash for the stairs but Sammy latches his arm around me throwing me on the couch. I spring up grabbing his arms and pinning him down on the couch, straddling him. Panting from all the sudden movement, we stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until I loosen my grip on him and he sits up. Still straddling him from the previous position, I put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Babe?” I ask Y/N who’s on my lap facing me, arms around my neck. “Yea?” She responds staring into my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” I say “yea of course” she responds hopping off my lap and on the the couch beside me. “So there’s this friend I have-” I clear my throat and continue, “so my friend he um, he’s been dating this girl for almost a year and uh-” I try to make not so obvious that I’m talking about myself, and Y/N and my’s relationship. “Mhm go on” she says putting her hand on my thigh “basically he was telling me that he likes her a lot” I say “I would hope so if they’ve been together for that long” she laughs. “Haha” I nervously chuckle and continue “well he said that he thinks- he knows he loves her and he doesn’t know if he should tell her or not because he doesn’t know if she feels the same way and he thinks the period of time in which they’ve been together is too short to pull that love card. So my question is what should I- what should I tell him to do?” I quickly finish. She looks me dead in the eye, it was like she was staring into my soul. She studies my face for a bit more until she starts to jump back into the conversation saying “well Sammy, my advice is. To tell your friend, that love has no due date, and there are some people who fall in love after the first hello-” she smiles and continues “so when he’s ready, he should tell her because I guarantee that she is in love with him too and has been waiting for him this whole time.” She finishes kissing my cheek and walking off to the kitchen. I start to think long and hard about what Y/N said. Until she arrives back with the sandwiches she made earlier. We proceed to eat and watch some tv, until the time comes where I have to go to the studio.
(Y/N pov)
Sammy and I finish eating. While I’m bringing the plates to the kitchen Sammy comes up from behind me again hugging me “ohhhhh not again” I say turning around to face him. “You know I’m still missing that kiss from earlier” he says wiggling his eyebrows, I look at the stove clock to see it’s about time for Sammy’s studio session. “Isn’t it time for you to go to the studio?” I ask, he looks at the clock and jumps “OH SHIT! FUCK, yeah” he races to grab his belongings while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once I’m done which was fairly quick, I see Sammy is about to leave. As I’m grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, Sammy grabs my butt spinning me around and smashing his lips into mine. He grabs my waist bringing me closer to him if that was even possible, after about 15 seconds we pull apart breathing a bit heavily. “Bye baby oh and when I come back we have to make a Q&A for my channel, the fans wanna see wassup” he says laughing a bit “Ok, I might have to go run a few errands, stop by my house and meet up with some people but I’ll be here by the time you come back” I say. He smiles and nods leaving off to the studio.
(Sammy’s pov)
*at the studio*
Johnson gets out of the booth once he finishes his verse, “that was straight fire bro!” I say giving him the handshake as he approaches me Skate and Gilinsky. “Yeah man this songs gonna be dope” Gilinsky adds on, we all agree as Skate gets the weed out starting to roll up a few joints. “Yo G how’s Madison?” I ask him “she’s good why do you ask?” He questions “well ahh I was just wonderin’, when did you tell her you loved her?” I ask him my head facing downward avoiding eye contact. “Ooohh looks like someone got bit by the love bug, not surprised” Johnson says “yeah yeah whatever” I say taking a hit from a joint Skate passed to me. “You think you love Y/N bro?” Gilinsky asks “I mean I know I do, it’s just I don’t know if it’s the right time and-” Gilisnky cuts me off saying “and if she loves you back or if it’s too early, trust me I’ve been there” he takes a hit continuing “let me tell you this, when I told Mads I loved her all the weight came off my shoulders, it was by far the best decision I’ve made. We were friends for a while and one day we sat each other down and I was just like look I’m in love with you. And she felt the exact same.” “yeah but Y/N and I haven’t been together that long, isn’t it too soon tell her I’m IN LOVE?” I say “so? If you love her now why wait?” Gilinsky says. Then Johnson chimes in saying “I guarantee she loves you back bro, it’s all about the connection and how you guys feel. I may be single but I know about love”. “Johnson does know wassup and that’s a whole fact” Skate says. “Soooo what should I do?” I ask them. They all look at each other for a second and then say “do what you think is right”. I sigh as we change the subject, yet Y/N is always on my mind. After about a three hour studio session I notice it’s about time for me to head home. “Alright guys imma head out” I say. “Aight cool see ya later Sammy” Skate says “see ya Wilk” Gilinsky says “let us know how that Y/N thing goes” Johnson says. Suddenly an idea pops into my head “bye guys” I say as I rush out the studio on my way home. I text Y/N to see if she’s at my place.
Me: baby u home?
Babe❤:at your place yeah
Babe❤: hurry!
Me:why what’s wrong??
Babe❤️: I miss you :(
(Y/N pov)
I was setting up everything for Sammy’s video when he walks in the door, panting as if he ran a mile. “Hey…Sam you good?” I ask confused “yeah,” he pants and continues “I’m just so excited for this Q&A, there are some great questions” he says “yea I started setting up the camera” I say gesturing to the camera. “Ohh I got that just sit riggggghhhttt here” he says placing me on the couch in front of the camera. He goes to turn the camera on adjusting it a bit until he comes and sits down next to me. “Ready?” He asks “yup” I smile and he starts the intro. “What’s up everybody it is your boy Sam Wilkinson and I’m here today with my girl Y/N” he says smiling at me throwing his arm around my shoulders. I smile at the camera as he continues “and today we are doing a Q&A which is what y'all asked for”. Sammy taps my shoulder slightly indicating that I should continue on “we got the questions off of Twitter by tweeting the hashtag ‘Ask Sammy&Y/N’ and thank you so much for trending WORLD WIDE, we appreciate the love and dedication, we love you all so much annnddddd first question Sammy?” I say and he starts. “What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you at a concert” he says chuckling. “Well, this one time-” I decide to cut him off “SAMMY FUCKING RIPPED HIS PANTS ON STAGE IT WAS HILARIOUS!” I yell laughing. Sammy being embarrassed, sticks his head in the crook in my neck and mumbles “stooopp, I wore these really tight pants and when I got on I was really hype and jumpy and….” he starts to fade out. “It’s ok baby it happens sometimes” I say but I gesture 'no it doesn’t’ to the camera, he’ll find that out once he starts editing. “And I had to go out on stage and help him get off without being exposed because keep in mind he ripped his underwear too, not that everyone hasn’t seen his nudes alrea-” Sammy cuts me off “OK OK that’s enough, next question”.
We get through many questions about tours and social media and the occasional relationship questions until some… unusual ones start to pop up.
(Sammy’s pov)
I decide after about 10min to start throwing in the serious questions. “What do you think about Y/N?” Y/N reads “Hmmm Sammy whatcha think about meh?” She adds on giggling. I smile and respond “I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. She smiles at me, as if for a moment she forgot we were supposed to be filming because we were staring at each other for what seemed like hours. I then decided to speak “in fact,” I pause and look at the camera “Y/N is the probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” “oh stoooooopp” she says blushing “No, actually I have to say something.” I say looking at Y/N then the camera then back to her and I continue “Y/N, you are so goddam beautiful, like I don’t think you understand how fucking stunning you are. You’re always talkin’ 'oh Sam I look so ugly today or wow I wish I was as pretty as her’, bullshit. If you could see yourself for a day in the way everyone else sees you, I think you’d finally understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” “Sammyyyyyyy” she says putting her head in my chest out of embarrassment. “Wait baby I’m not done” I say as she lifts her head, her glistening eyes gazing into mine. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to text me when you get home, put on your seat belt, watch your step, stay warm, sweet dreams or have a good day what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words meanings. I didn’t want to fall in love or need someone
I really didn’t want anything 6 months ago, but then you came along and I wanted everything. So Y/N I’m telling you that I Samuel Wilkinson am in love with you, and when I tell you this it’ll be a forever reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I finally finish. From the moment I said the words 'I love you’ her eyes lit up, she engulfs me in the best hug. Not just any hug, one of those tight 'lift me up off the floor mama bear hugs’ the hugs were you can feel the other persons heartbeat and a sense of care and love flows. Still hugging me she speaks “Sammy, baby, my love. I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time, ever since we met I’ve known we were special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everyone else, that I will never meet anyone I trust as much as I do you. And I think most people search their whole lives searching for the thing that we’ve already found.” She pauses and lets go from our previous hugging position, holding my hands “Truthfully I could talk to you all night and day and still have a billion words to say, but too many words become meaningless. So I’ll leave it at that you Samuel Wilkinson are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” She finishes. We stare into each others eyes both smiling from ear to ear. It’s like we read each other’s minds when we both leaned in for a kiss.
(Y/N pov)
It was like our first kiss all over again, the rhythm perfect, the sensation of each others lips unimaginable. But there was one big difference, it was out of love and that had to be the best feeling in the world. After we break apart I turn around to see the camera still sitting there, I walk closer to it to turn it off. I look to see that the camera is already off. Confused, I look up to see a grinning Sammy looking back at me.

i love being my girlfriend’s girlfriend,, like i love never wearing pants and stealing her clothes all the time and letting her play with my hair and sing softly along to our playlists and i love watching her and the way she moves and how she gets excited to see me, i love how her lips feel so soft against mine and how sweet her mouth tastes and i just love being girlfriends i’m so glad i’m a lesbian

I’m Not Jealous (Austin Carlile) (OM&M)

Word Count: 637


y/n had left her phone at our apartment and I knew she needed it because it had her work schedule on. She was on a photo shoot for some alternative clothing line so I could drop it off on my way to the studio.


I was let onto the shoot easily; everyone knew y/n. y/n was a very genuine and friendly person which you didn’t get that often in the modelling business, which made y/n very attractive to photographers and companies.

“You must be Austin, y/n’s just through those doors.”

Some model taps me on the shoulder; she looked familiar so maybe I’d seen her hanging out with y/n once or twice.

“Err thanks. She left her phone; will the photographer mind me going in?”

“No he won’t mind, but be wary around him because he’s kind of creepy. He made me and some of the other girls feel uncomfortable, but y/n is too nice to say anything to him.”

I thank the model and make my way towards the doors. y/n had worked with creeps before, she assured me it was all a part of her job description.

The room was set up to look like something out of a Goths wet dream; y/n was in her element being a huge fan of this kind of stuff. I watched as she was directed how to pose against a black backdrop by some hipster wannabe holding a camera.

“No, you’re not standing right y/n. Here let me show you what I mean.”

I watch as the photographer waltzes over to y/n and stands behind her getting a little too close for comfort. I wouldn’t have minded if my girlfriend was wearing less revealing clothes because sometimes photographers had to be hands on. But this guy was being hands on because he could and wanted to. He parts her legs and holds her hand before guiding it across her chest quite slowly. A look of unease flashes across y/n’s face as the guy brushes her hair over one shoulder and strokes her neck for a few seconds.

Enough was enough so I clear my throat grabbing both of their attention. y/n’s eyes light up and she smiles, while the photographer shoots me daggers.

“Austin, what are you doing here?”

I hold up her phone and she all but runs towards me throwing her arms around my neck.

“Thanks for bringing this babe. How long were you watching?”

“Long enough to not like this guy y/n.”

y/n chuckles, “Austin at the end of the day you’re the only guy that gets to kiss me and see me naked. Besides no one here likes him so he won’t work with us again. You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

I scoff, “I’m not jealous y/n.”

The photographer walks over and y/n stands by my side.

“Austin meet Paul, the photographer.”

“Austin, I’m a big fan of your band. y/n is wonderful to photograph.”

I reluctantly shake his hand plastering on a fake smile.

“Thanks, I just came to drop off my girlfriend’s phone.”

Paul’s face drops slightly at my bombshell but he quickly recomposes himself. So he did like y/n, well she was mine and only mine.

“When you’re ready to continue the shoot just head back on over y/n. It was nice meeting you, Austin.”

y/n playfully hits me in the side shaking her head as Paul walks away.

“I love when you get jealous and possessive Austin. But I really need to get to the studio before the guys kill me.”

Seeing Paul watching us over y/n’s shoulder I take the opportunity to kiss my girlfriend. y/n kisses me back and I know I can leave her here and not worry about Paul making any uncalled for moves. Now I was happy y/n left her phone at home.

Me, 4 years ago: God that woman is so pretty, I want to be just like her. Too bad I can’t because I’m just a guy :(
Me, 3 years ago: Wow I’d love to be in a relationship where I’m not a man! That’d be the best! Too bad I’m 100% a dude lol!
Me, 2 years ago: I wear eyeliner and women’s clothing. Gosh I hate it when my girlfriend calls me a man. But I’m just a femme guy lol :))))

My Boyfriend’s shirt (Joshua, BMP)

Hey guys! (again >.<) hehe I’m back again with my FIRST EVER FANFICTION….I think….and oh. my. word….17 NOTES FROM MY HEADCANON?!?!?! wuuut??? That’s like, 17 more than I expected! I can’t believe you guys not only read my work but liked it?!?! Wow I’m so touched ^ ^ hehe I love you guys <3.

Aaaaaaannnyywaay, this time’s intro is less short so let’s get to it! *clicks knuckles except not really coz I fail so bad >.<* Enjoy~


It’s one of Joshua’s few days off and you guys decide to go camping to ‘reconnect with nature’. At least, that was his excuse, what you don’t know however is that Joshua just wanted to have a more….intimate date with you on this rare opportunity….except, things didn’t turn out quite how he had silently hoped…

“Why are you here?” Joshua asked with an irritable sigh. “Well what did you expect Your Highness? Did you really think you could get past me this time?” It turned out that your purple haired prince’s stealthy getaway was not as smooth as it usually was, mostly due to his uncontainable excitement for spending 2 whole days with you…it seemed that this time, Jan had finally beaten his highness at his own game. In fact, to Joshua’s dismay, Jan had come along himself and was staying in a cabin right next to the royal couple’s. “Go back. It’s my day off and we want to be alone!” Joshua said fiercely. “Shhh come on Joshua, just let him stay, it’s not like he’ll be in the way. After all, he doesn’t mean any harm” You said in a soothing voice. “But…” Joshua’s gaze softened, he never could win against you. “Fine.” he grumbled “but you must stay out of our way!” Jan bowed, “Of course Your Highness” and just out of earshot, “*whispered* thank you milady” After bobbing your reply, you follow after Joshua, linking arms with him as you walk together to take a stroll through the magnificent forest before you.

~10 hours later~

After a long, blissful day of romantic activity with your love, you finish soaking in the spacious bath and step out to find Joshua already clad in his adorable striped pj’s and you smile as you watch him gently fluff the pillows, feeling your love for him burn through your heart. Joshua, on the other hand was not expecting to see you there when he turned around and immediately flushed a bright red after realising that you had seen everything. “D-Don’t misunderstand! I-I was jus- what are you wearing?!” Seeing you now, you had a very long dress shirt on, it was white, clearly to big for you and definately not yours….but it wasn’t his either so….who’s was it? Joshua felt a jealous rage he had never felt before but you didn’t seem to notice as you looked down at your sleepwear and nonchalantly replied: “Oh this? It’s Jan’s. I forgot my pj’s so he kindly lent me one of his shirts to wear…but it looks more like a dress on me doesn’t it?” You chuckled, completely unaware of you boyfriend’s now pursed lips. “,,,Joshua?” You knew something was up as he walked up to you, trying to keep his posture. “J-Joshua?” All of a sudden, he leaned down and sniffed your shoulder, tickling your cheek with his soft hair. “W-what are you doing?!?!” “You smell like him” He noted. “Huh? W-well I suppose so…I mean, it IS his shirt so…” Stammering, you lifted your arm to smell the sleeve, discovering Jan’s new, musky smell.

“Take it off” Joshua ordered, his eyes somewhat cold and his tone absolute. “W-wha..? Joshua, what are you talking about? If I take it off then I won’t have anything to wear to sleep!” You let out a short laugh at his seemingly absurd demand but then you felt a tug at the buttons and looked down to see that the purple-haired prince himself was hastily unfastening the large shirt covering your skin. “W-wait Joshua! Stop!” After all the buttons were undone, Joshua stalked over to his backpack and produced a shirt of his own. It was a familiar shirt - of course it was, you made it for him yourself. Intricately decorated, the colour of the garment in his had was a bluey-purple, to match his eyes and hair. As he neared you, Joshua stopped, suddenly realising that underneath the current white shirt you were clad in, you wore nothing but a pair of silk, baby blue laced panties. “J-Joshua?” You asked, wondering why he had turned such a sudden crimson colour. Snapping back to reality, he continued on his route toward you “Well? What are you waiting for? Take it off.” You didn’t know why but something about his insistent yet pleading demeanour pushed you to slip the material of your shoulders and fall to the cabin’s wooden floor. Seeing your action, Joshua smiled a small smile, his expression becoming gentle, he covered your bare body now with his shirt, wrapping the soft material over your shoulders and pulling you close, not bothering with the buttons. Pressed against his broad chest, you look up in surprise and notice some very red ears. “J-Joshua?” “Please….please…don’t wear any other guys clothes except mine.You’re MY girlfriend and when I see you wearing someone else’s clothes I-I don’t know..I just get so angry…it’s your fault really” “M-My fault?!” “Yes.” He said as he nuzzled into your neck “Only you can make me feel like this.” “Oh Joshua…” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and stretching to your tiptoes. “Of course.” And with that, you pressed your lips onto his, a small gasp escaping from his lips. As he pulled away, Joshua gave you a mischevious grin. Sighing, he shook his head “Oh dear, whatever are we going to do?” “What?” “You just look so cute, especially considering you’re wearing my shirt….it’s just such a shame…it suits you so much and yet, even though you just put it on, it seems we’ll have to take it straight off again.” Winking sneakily, Joshua lifted you up princess style and carried you over to the plush bed. “J-Joshua?!” Gently, he pushed you down onto the soft, cloud-like mattress and grinned down at you. “It’s going to be a loooong night….”

~ending credit~

The next morning you wake up to see Joshua bending over to retrieve the white shirt that had been stranded on the floor the night before. “Mmmnn Joshua? What are you doing?” you ask, sleep still in your eyes.“ What does it look like? I’m burning the shirt.” his nonchalant answer made snapped you awake. “Wha- WHAT?!?! You’re b-b-burning it?!?!” Shrugging, Joshura replied “Of course. Did you really think I would return a shirt that has touched my girlfriend’s bare breasts? Pfft as if I would ever let Jan get his hands on such a garment!” “b-but Joshua you can’t-” “Shhh…Please, just trust me _____ T-There’s no way I could let him have such a precious piece of clothing” Gently, he crawled over to you and pressed his lips to your forehead. “I love you ____”



Whew! All finished! Hehe actually, I already finished this at some point but my laptop malfunctioned and I lost part of the draft T-T. It’s not quite the same but hopefully its’ just as good so I hope you guys like it ^ ^ Have an amazing morning/day/afternoon/evening (wherever you’re from XD) Stay beautiful guys~



O: Until now, I’ve acted in many roles, but “Kuroko no Basuke” holds a lot of memories indeed. Club activities and youth(adolescence) are paths I did not take when I was a student, so I admire them, and there were many passionate words that resounded in my heart. When I think “Oh no!” about throat care to the point of doing something, I don’t really have any special tactics, but my bedroom is pretty much in a “germ-free room” condition (lol). There is only an air filter and a bed, but actually that is probably a good thing. On days off, I also hang out with my seiyuu friends. I am especially close with Eguchi Takuya-kun, Hosoya Yoshimasa-kun, and Osaka Ryota-kun. We have a LINE group called “drive club” (lol). The four of us who like cars sometimes go on long outings, but most of the time it’s me (the youngest one) who drives!


O: My ideal winter date is, going to look at night scenery from a car! I like researching, so I would like to secretly find a not very known nice place and take my girlfriend there. I usually wear monotoned clothing, so I would be happy if she also wears something monotoned too so we’d have a linked feeling. A white one piece would be nice. If I were giving a gift, a ring or something that could be worn on the body would be best, but if it were a ring I would think “what should I do?” and be troubled because I don’t know the ring size. I wouldn’t ask because I would want it to be a complete surprise, so I think I’d make it a different accessory (lol).

disclaimer: I am not a native Japanese speaker and also I took liberties with the translation so it sounds better in English. Please do correct me if you have a better wording.


Casual Spontaneous F…*Loving - Michael Fluffy Smut

(This was Requested and i had some spear time so i wrote something, its quite shot but k hope you guys enjoy xx)

The cool wood hit against my feet as i made my way down the stairs, my bare legs now free from my tight skinny jeans. I pulled the soft, oversized flannel sleeves down with the light air making me shiver, shrugging my shoulders as i felt comfort like no other dressed in only it and my underwear. Passing the living room i caught a glimpse of red hair peaking from the top of the couch, walking past straight to the kitchen. Filling up the kettle before letting it begin to bubble up, i waited impatiently tapping my fingers against the counter. I let my eyes trail to the little polaroid pictures on the refrigerator, me and Mikey pulling silly faces. Of course i had cringed at him putting my face on there for all to see, but he insisted it made him happy so i couldn’t refuse.

The nose of the kettle and my deep thoughts were interrupted by two strong arms wrapping around me, a soft breath felt against my neck as i closed my eyes at his touch.

“Hey babe..” He whispered sending more chills over my skin.

“Hey…” I was left with small pecks against my cheek, his plump lips lingering a little longer as he trailed down to my neck.

“Mikey!” I shrieked as he blew a raspberry on my neck making me giggle and back myself against him, just then opening my eyes with a slight amusement.


“Hmmm?” He continued to pull me closer, making me more aware of already knew.

“Do you have a little problem?”

“Yeah, i think i do….see my girlfriend keeps wearing my cloths with nothing else and it makes me think unholy things…” His voice was deep and gravely in my ear, sending a feeling through me that made my knees weak. Turning in his embrace i wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down to crash our lips together.

I could hear him moan into our kiss, his hips jamming me between him and the counter. His hands pulled me closer if it was even possible, trailing down my sides to lift me up onto the counter. We continued to kiss as he came in between my legs, our tongues dancing with lust as both of us became desperate.

“God i want you right now, i need you right now..” He groaned out, his hands coming down to pull at the hem of my underwear, letting it fall down my legs. Him cheekily stuffing them into his back pocket, i would have cringed at the cheapness of his actions if i wasn’t so turned on.


“I know baby…” Fumbling with his belt, his fingers undid the buttons of his jeans, pulling them and his boxers out just enough to free his hard length. I could almost hear him growl as it sprung up and he brought me to the edge of the counter top, lining himself up.

I let my head fall back as he pushed into me hard, his eyes closing tight with relief.

“Fuck…you feel so good.” Letting out a strangled moan, he started to thrust hard and deep into me. I let out gasps of pleasure, the feeling so intense. He held me tightly against him as he pushed in hard, my head falling back as i let out a breathy laugh with how good he was making me feel. His lips attached to my neck, feeling him smile against my skin.

“So. Good.” I moaned, pushing up off the counter to wrap my limbs around his body, i contracted around him earning groans from his lips.

“Mmmm baby, fuck.” We made out heatedly, our hands roaming, mine pulling on the hair at the nape of his neck as he squeezed my bum in his hands.

“God…Michael! Im gonna cum! Oh fuck…” I gasped out feeling a rush if pleasure hit me, coming in stronger waves.

“Let go baby..!” And i did, smashing our lips together as i came around him, curling my toes tightly and arching myself towards him. I felt hot, the small space and half clothed bodies creating a sticky heat. I knew he had let go too, i felt him grab onto me tighter and him fill me up. His lips sucked on my neck as i giggled again feeling tired and cuddly.

I felt him sigh out completely content, his arms wrapping around my waist as he kept me close.

“I love you.” Mumbling against me, i smiled feeling totally loved and wanted.

“I loved you.” And i did, every part of him.

“I love that we just fucked in the kitchen and now we’re gonna go cuddle on the couch..”

“Oh are we?” I smiled, pecking his nose as he fixed his jeans.

“Yeah..c'mon you were coming to cuddle me anyways, before i ravished you.” He winked being cheeky again and i blushed, biting down on my bottom lip as he turned to walk away. Jumping down from the counter i had to steady my weak legs before catching up to him and jumping in his back. I heard him chuckle lightly, catching me and taking us to the living room.

“Wait i forgot about my tea…”