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Yoosung - Valentine’s Day Special

 After you chose the innocent and youngest boy, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

 Some hours later, you woke up feeling a lot better. Unlikely before, your body seemed extremely light. You looked for your phone and found it on the bed table. It was already 7AM. Your first thought was about the chats you lost.

 That moment you noticed what was wrong. Firstly, that wasn’t your bed. You weren’t in your room either. It was a very different place. Moreover, none of your apps or contacts were in your phone.

 You started to freak out a little. How did you get there? It was a pleasant and comfortable apartment, maybe someone’s house. Yet you didn’t find anyone. The best choice would be to leave.

 When you went to get your phone on the bed, you noticed a letter was on the bed table. The sender was… Cheritz?!

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traffic lights

  • Me: Ever since I met you, red and orange hold a different meaning to me. I always liked red, it’s my favorite color you know.”
  • Saeran: “I didn’t know, it’s mine too.”
  • I smiled and mussed his hair.
  • Saeyoung: “Is that why you love us? Our red hair?”
  • Me: “Of course not, don’t be ridiculous. Your hair color is just part of your charm. Saeran looked pretty hot when he had bleached hair but he was psychotic at the time so I can’t find that sexy but it suited him.”
  • Saeran: “You thought I was hot?”
  • Me: “Well, not under the conditions we met, but I still remember what you looked like. Your natural hair suits you better though.”
  • Saeran: “I only bleached it so I wouldn’t see my brother’s face when I looked in the mirror, it’s probably the same reason why I still wear contacts, to be a little different than him.”
  • Saeyoung: “Should I dye mine? I think I’d look cute with black hair.”
  • Me: “I don’t care what color your hair is Saeyoung, I love you because you make me happy. Nobody makes me laugh the way you do.”
  • Saeran: “Remind me why you love me.”
  • Me: “You complete me. You’re my best friend that never lets me fall.”
  • [Excerpt from my fanfic Mystic Diary. This is a preview of an upcoming chapter I'm currently working on, thank you so much for supporting me, this is my gift to the faithful readers that follow my fanfic.]

Why do I waste hours with properly cleaning my sketches for big refs like that it is so exhausting.
Anyway, I did something for the UNMO-people because I love them and I kinda wanna draw them and I needed to fix Chris because he looked like something horrible and now he’s ok I guess.

I had to restrain myself to not design a weird anime-school uniform with like one million ruffles and weird colours and shit and I think this one looks pretty nice. I also like how everyone wears it a little differently … the emblem is supposed to be an elder flower because of some kind of symbolism I guess.

Boy these weapons are like such a throwback to 2010 ….. Lucy’s and Chris’ were designed by my RP-partner and I didn’t really change them a lot (I really didn’t), but tried to make some changes so they have more similarities (like the demons having these braided things and like ornaments, and the angels having some kind of pillar-design …)

[FUN FACT ABOUT CHRIS: he looks like I always imagined Tadashi from CR3, @itsmausnotmouse 8DDD]

Even more fun facts about the characters I either made up in the shower or that actually derive from the way they were written in the rp: [tl;dr they are sweet soft children that love each other so much they would die for each other]

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tumblr: clothes don’t have gender!! A dress isn’t ‘women’s clothing’ and a suit isn’t ‘man’s clothing’ it’s just clothing!!

tumblr: holy hit is that man wearing a DRESS??

tumblr: transmisogynist!!!

thecozypreacher  asked:

Hi Sweetie, I know you are going through a very hard time right now, but I just wanted to see how you were holding up. Also wanted to let you know that I am thinking about You and your family. Sending hugs & prayers, if you need anything, to talk, cry, or just vent I'm here I have been in your shoes and I know how painful this can be. You take care of yourself okay. Talk to you soon. XOXO 🌹

Thanks. This week has been all over the place emotionally…. the closer his visitation gets which is tomorrow (Friday) the sicker I feel. The more anxiety I feel. I have so many people who will be there to support me which helps. But through this I have not wanted to be held or anything I just kinda want to not be touched if that makes sense. Idk what I need. I just discovered I need to look in the mirror a little closer cause I am wearing 2 different earrings…. ugh lol at least the stones are the same colors lol

an elegant escapade

part 1 - lady and gentleman

Tracy Island, 2060

Wherein Lady Penelope requires a date to a garden party and Scott Tracy goes through the roster.

An Elegant Escapade Masterpost

“What do you mean Gordon’s not available?”

As though this is the most offensive thing in the entire world, and nations will crumble, all because Gordon’s off tagging flightless cormorants in the Galapagos.

Scott’s not entirely sure why they’re having this conversation in the first place, as it’s founded on a fundamentally flawed premise. “Lady P, I know the term playboy gets thrown around gossip rags with the family name attached to it, but we’re not exactly available to rent by the hour.”

“I had no intention of paying for him.”

“Well, depending on what you want him for, it’s possible you couldn’t afford him anyhow.” There’s a moment of silent gratitude for the fact that holograms can’t throw things, though the slight narrowing of Penelope’s eyes is enough to shave a few minutes off his lifespan. Scott clears his throat and queries, “What do you want him for, anyway?”

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I Want Us (Rick Grimes imagine)

imagine you are suppressing your feelings for Rick, as you believe they are unrequited. but Rick becomes jealous of your relationship with Daryl, causing his feelings to spill out. (946 words)

contains ever so slight sexual references


thanks to whoever anonymously requested this, sorry it’s so short! i think the request hinted at a smut but i chose to ignore that as i thought it would be best without it. i really enjoyed writing Rick’s character in this! enjoy - gabby :)

Originally posted by thewalkinggifs

It was almost tradition for me and Daryl to smoke outside the prison block late at night. Each time either of us found cigarettes on a run we’d chain smoke and talk about whatever was on our mind until everyone else was long asleep; I was lucky to be so close to Daryl and to have encouraged him to open up to me. It had taken a long time to establish a friendly relationship with Daryl due to his reserved personality, but he was actually a very good conversationalist, and I enjoyed his company.

I’d been finding it pretty hard to be around people recently. Rick and I also had a wonderful friendship, but I had developed stronger feelings for him in the past few weeks. Those feelings felt so wrong since his wife had died barely four months ago, and he had two children as his main priority, but occasionally it seemed as though Rick felt the same way. 

The evening was calm, and I was making my way towards the prison courtyard to meet Daryl when I came across Rick trying to calm Judith, who was hysterically wailing. 

“Need any help?” Rick looked exhausted and was struggling to still his baby’s cries. He looked up, noticing my presence and smiled thankfully at me.

“Thanks, Y/N,” he passed Judith over to me, I cradled her in my arms. She became quiet as she gazed up at me with her sweet eyes. 

“That’s better,” I grinned and stroked her soft hair; I had always been good with children. I slowly came to realise that Rick’s eyes were focused on me rather than his daughter, and that his hand had extended to tuck a strand of hair that had come loose behind my ear.

“Er - thanks,” I whispered, trying to hide my blushing face, silently glad for the dim light. “She’s drifted off to sleep, look.” 

“So she has,” Rick murmured, scratching the back of his neck. I placed her back in his arms, watching fondly as he kissed her on the forehead. He caught my gaze, causing me to look at the floor and blush (again). “I better put her to bed.”

“Um, yes,” I replied, stammering ever so slightly.

“I’ll let you get to sleep then Y/N, it’s getting late,” Rick studied my rosy face and smirked to himself.

“Oh, I’m not going to sleep just yet,” I gestured towards the door leading outside. “I’m meeting Daryl.”

Rick’s expression became less cheerful at the mention of Daryl’s name; he nodded, looking away from me. “Goodnight then, Y/N.”

I was on my third cigarette, Daryl on his fourth, and things were a little… different between us. I was wearing a low cut top, which seemed to be distracting him slightly, but he had also sidled a little closer to me than usual, our arms brushing against each other. 

“I miss the farm,” I sighed, breathing out smoke into the cold air as I spoke. “I miss the cute chickens.” Daryl chuckled at this, and soon enough we were hysterically laughing over nothing. It’s strange how in a world where everything seems bleak, the tiniest, most peculiar things can bring you laughter.

I had my head rested on Daryl’s shoulder and was putting out my cigarette when our conversation took an unexpected turn.

“Man, I haven’t had sex in too long,” Daryl exhaled, running a hand through his unkempt hair. I looked up at him from his shoulder and he stared back at me, an amused expression on his face. “What?”

I giggled awkwardly, internally exasperated at the incredibly teenage noise that had escaped my lips. “Well, me neither.”

Before Daryl could reply with anything other than a chuckle, another familiar voice called out unexpectedly from behind me, causing Daryl and me to jump.

“Y/N?” It was Rick, he stood in the doorway to the courtyard. “Can we talk inside for a moment?” I nodded and stood up abruptly, putting my hand on Daryl’s shoulder for balance. 

“See you in the morning, Dixon,” I smiled at Daryl as Rick led me inside.

“Is everything okay, Rick?” I asked as he ushered me inside. His expression was helpless and angry all at once.

“Are you and Daryl…”

“Together?” I laughed. “No way.”

“Well I heard you talking about…” Rick looked away uncomfortably and scratched his beard. Suddenly he turned to me and grabbed my shoulders, stopping me in my tracks. 

“Rick, what is going on with you?” 

“I don’t want you and Daryl to be a thing.”

“Well, we aren’t.” I reached out to touch his face; he loosened his grip on my shoulders ever so slightly.

“I want us to be a thing.” His words took me by pleasant surprise, I felt his gaze on me and yet again, I was blushing. “Seeing you hold Judith, seeing you bond with Carl, I want to see that forever.”

“Rick, I-”

“What I don’t want to see is you flirting with Daryl.”

“I don’t want me and Daryl to be a thing. I want us to be a thing, too.”

His lips were on mine, his coarse beard tickling my face. His hands trailed up my back to finally tangle in my hair, our breathing heavy and irregular. Once the kiss had eventually been broken, I buried my face into his chest as he held me close to him, smiling to myself in pure joy. 

“Oh, and Y/N?”


“What you said to Daryl about it being too long since…” Rick’s hands gripped my hips roughly, licking his lips. He glanced towards my low cut shirt. “I think I can help you out there.”

The Journalist and The asshole (Part 3)

PART 1    PART 2     

Pairing:Luke and Y/N

Summary: Y/N and Luke use to be the best of friends, till they went to High school. Y/N went into the schools paper, while Luke was the star athlete. Things had taken a turn for the worst, they started to pick on one another till they got into a yelling war during class. Vowing to make the others life a living hell. That’s exactly what they did during High School and into College.  

Italic means flashback

Word count: 4K


Originally posted by queenmichaels

“Mom?” I whispered into the phone, looking around the cell. Noticing most of the women in here, were staring at me like I was meat. “Y/N? Honey it’s 3 in the morning this better be good.” Her tired voice holding an edge of anger. “It’s a major emergency.. I’m in jail.” That woke her up fast, “What do you mean you’re in jail!” Mom started Shouting and ranting, I held the phone away from my ear. The officers were staring at me, the women in the jail cell staring at me. “Hey! It’s been way over 2 minutes. Her time should be up!” One lady yelled pointing a finger at me, Ethan one of my closest friends’ started to make his way towards me. “I’m sorry Y/N, your time is up.” Whispered Ethan, sighing “ Mom my time is up. Bye.” I told her hanging up the phone, gripping my wrist he took me back to the cells. “I’ll call your mom.” He told me, closing the door behind me.

I stood there looking at all the women, them in their groups and some by themselves. One of them, came up to me swaying her hips in a way that even made me quiver in my spot.

“You think that since you’re so cute, that you can get away with everything in here. Well guess what cutie bitch, you can’t.” I realized this was the same lady that had gotten angry that I was on the phone for too long. “No, it’s just.. I needed to hear my mother yell at me. Tell me that I screwed up with this whole life ruining thing.” Spoke quickly, my throat becoming dry. With that one sentence I had some of the others attention. The lady looked me up and down, from my converse covered feet, to the ‘I hate everyone’ shirt. Nodding her blue covered head,“Name is Ruby.. Y/N Right?” Ruby extended a hand towards me, “Yeah Y/N.”

“Who’s life are you trying to ruin? This sounds interesting.” One of them said, “Go on babe, tell us. You have no choose.” Ruby said, waving a hand towards the bench that was behind me.

Nodding my head, I took a seat on the bench. “Well me and this guy were best friends. We had known one another since Kindergarten. We went through are up’s and down’s together in life, we were always there if the other needed each other. Till.. well in High School, he chose a girl over his best friend.” By now I had their attention, even the few that had been standing in the corners. “Carry on.” Ruby spoke from the front sitting next to a woman with red puffy hair.

“Well I’ll start from the beginning, when we first met.”  

-First Meeting -

“Mommy they are going to hate me!” 5 year old Y/N spoke from the back seat, looking out the car door window. The trees passing with a blur, familiar houses slowly fading into the distance. “How do you know that babe?” Mom said turning around to look at her youngest daughter, the 5 year old was sitting next to her older brother. Wearing the old nirvana shirt that she stole from her other older brother, the blue jeans peeking out and the light up shoes showing. She had refused to wear the uniform, saying she wanted to be different. Smiling at her, “Mommy I just know!” Giggled, her older brother rolling his eyes at the little one, “You might just meet your best friend there, just like Anthony and Eric.”

“Or.. everyone might hate you and hang you by your toes.” Eric the second oldest said, making a funny face at her. “No! Everyone is nice here! They aren’t like your big school!” She shouted flipping off Eric, “Honey! What have I told you about doing that?” Her father scolded from the driver’s seat, hanging her head in shame spoke very softly,” Don’t do it, very rude.”

“Yes, I want to know who taught you that though.” Her father said, taking a quick glance into the rear view mirror at Eric. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked out the window to see the approaching school. “Well looky there.” Pointing at the small school approaching, Y/N craning her neck to try and see the school. Pulling up to the school, the Middle School and High School were both across the street. Eric jumped out to go to the middle school, but not before kissing his sister on the forehead. “See you later, better be good! Have fun though.”

Her mother got out of the car, Y/N didn’t notice there were tears in her mother’s eye. “Okay honey, do you want me to walk you to the doors? To the class?” Mom spoke fast, shaking my head holding up a hand. “I got this one mom.” Hugging her legs, and hugging my dad’s legs. Both had tears in their eyes, has the there only daughter and youngest yelled a I Love you, retreated into the school.

Walking into the doors, I held the straps of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bag. Looking around at all the bare walls, and the large walls with papers on them. I made it to room 345A, a slightly older women with blonde hair and brown eyes was standing in the middle of the room. Slowly walking in observing the parents and their kids, saying their good-byes even older siblings giving them pep-talks. “You must be Y/N.” The lady who was standing in the middle of the room earlier said, “I’m Mrs.Phelps. Your teacher.” Smiling I held out my hand, “Name is Y/N Y/L/N, very nice to meet you.”  

Bending down tucking her dress underneath her legs, “Where are your parents?” She asked looking around real quick. “I told them they didn’t have to come in. I’m a big kid now,” I said pointing a finger into my chest. “You know you’re suppose to wear a uniform. Right?” Shrugging my little shoulders, “I want to be different, not like everyone else.” Nodding her head slowly, she pointed to the small desks.  “Well you can go and set up your desk, even pick out your spot and cubby.” Nodding my head I went to the middle of the rows of desks, setting my backpack on the desk. Pulling out my crayons, setting them into the desk, along with paper. Making my way, towards the hooks that everyone will be hanging backpacks and coats on for the rest of the year.

“Luke we have to go.” I heard a woman say, turning around I see a mom, a dad and what I’m guessing two older brothers. They were talking to a slightly lanky, chubby kid with shaggy blonde hair standing with tears in his eyes. “But..But no one likes me here. I’m a little bigger than the rest mom.” I felt my heart break, sure I’m 5 years old but I have a heart. Hanging my bag on the hook, closest to the door.

“Luke who cares what the other think of you.” The 8 year old told the little one.  “Thanks Ben.” Walking over to them, I noticed that he was wearing what everyone else was wearing. “Why are you wearing what everyone else is wearing?” I questioned, finally noticing that everyone was wearing either a light blue shirt or a red shirt.  

“It’s called a uniform.. Which you’re not wearing one.” The other brother said, sticking out my tongue at him.

“Jack be nice, she is a little kid. Honey, all the kids are suppose to wear uniforms.” She spoke in a soft voice, wrinkling my nose. “That’s dumb.”

“You’re dumb.” The boy with the light blue shirt said, earning a scolding look from his mother.

Smiling, I turned my shoes lighting up, “I like you. My name is Y/N.” Holding out my hand, the kid looked at it for a while. Shaking it, rolling my eyes “ I don’t have cooties,” moving my head back and forth. Earning a laugh from not Jack, “I like her.” Not Jack said, looking down at me.

“I’m Luke..nice to meet you. I like your bag.” Luke said shaking my hand, smirking “We’re going to be best friends, since you like my bag.”


“Aw! That’s cute.” Ruby said, clapping her hands. “Ninja Turtles, making friendships since 1990,”  

Rose the one with the red hair said.

“Did you two.. You know..ever kiss?” Sassy spoke from the back, her long silver hair getting braided. A nervous laugh came from myself, “Ugh..Once..It was a month before we had the fight.”

                                                            -The Kiss-

I was working on a paper, it was about school uniforms. And how they really don’t truly let you express who you are. I started typing away on my laptop, the light from it brighting up my room and face.

 Just like almost every other school in this country, we all wear different colored uniforms. To show, represent where we all come from. Yes, it shows school spirit and we don’t have many people making fun of one another about what we wear.

*Tap* *Tap*  

Stopping from typing when I heard a tapping at my window, spinning around in my chair. Tilting my head, slowly standing up picking up my hair brush. Pushing back the curtains, jumping when I saw blonde hair blue eye staring at me. “Luke?” I whispered, opening the window, the screen was already taken out of it since Anthony had cut a hole in it. “What..What are you doing here you dumbass. It’s a school night I can’t go to the park with you or anything. Plus I have this paper.” I was rambling on, while he climbed his lanky frame in. “Will you be quiet? I heard from your brother you have been stressing over this paper. So-” He paused reaching over the window, revealing a bag full of movies and snacks. “I bring you favorite movies and snacks.” He grinned, that goofy grin.  Running my hand through my hair, sighing “I-I don’t know.. I really need to get this paper done.”

He was already setting up the TV, and rearranging the floor for the both of us. Shrugging my shoulders, knowing that this damn kid will not take no for an answer. “What are we watching first?” I asked kicking off my slippers, lying on the heap of blankets and pillows.

“Lady and The Tramp.” Luke mumbled, pressing play lying down beside me, taking out some of the snacks from the bag. Tossing over some candy, drinks. We layed there for hours, laughing silently make sure we didn’t wake my parents or my brothers.

“Luke we can’t watch no more, you need to get home.” I spoke standing up, stretching turning off the TV. Turning around I pump into a chest, “Luke really, go home.” I patted his chest, walking around him feeling a tug on my wrist. “Really Lu-” I was cut short when his lips touched mine, to say I was stun that was an understatement. I was shocked, I was the first one to pull away. The look in his eyes said it all, “Luke.” Touched my lips, turning around so he wouldn’t see the smile on my face.  “I knew you didn’t like me. God I’m sorry forget about it.”

“No Luke, I have wai..Luke.” My voice came out soft, looking at the window I saw that it was closed. Glancing out it, seeing Luke walk down the street. Quickly opening the window, swinging my leg over. Landing on the ground with a thud, twisting my ankle a bit, “Luke!” I hollered, limping kept shouting his name he just kept walking. I stopped when my ankle started hurting, almost throbbing.

Next day at school, he wouldn’t look at me or even talk to me. Literally just ignoring me, when he was walking down the same hall as me he would turn around. Go the opposite way, his other friends would make fun of me. Other girls would push and shove me into the walls.

In two weeks, almost all of the school was making fun of me. Since I didn’t have my partner in crime, the one person that would stand up for me by my side. I was free meat, to torment, harass.

By next month, I wouldn’t even go to school. Too scared to even walk out the house, “Do you want us to kick his ass?” Eric asked threw the closed door, “No..I’m going to go and talk to him..Or call him maybe.”

Picking up my phone, I call the home phone instead of his accurate phone. By my luck it was Luke who answered.  

“Hello?” He answered, holding my breath.


“Y/N..What do you want?” The hatred in his voice made my chest tighten up, bowing my head.

“I-I just want to talk. I haven’t spoke to my best friend in a month.”

“Ex-Best Friend.” He corrected, making my chest hurt even more.

“Just hear me out. Please..you don’t know what has been going on.”

“Oka-” He was cut off when another voice spoke, “Lukey, who is on the phone?”

“No one Sara.” He answered quickly, perking up quick.

“Sara?” The hate in one name coming from my mouth, making and I am sure of it Luke flinch.

“Y/N, yes it’s Sara. I went to her house, after..what happened.”

“You fucking bitch, you know she made my life a living hell in middle school! So bad that I had to go to therapy because of her.”

“That’s not my problem. You bitch. I kissed you and you pulled away, I go to her house and she doesn’t pull away. Telling me all these built up feelings for me, something I was hoping you would say. But no, what I get from you is nothing. I don’t care if everyone in school is picking on you, you deserve it.”

“All of this because I didn’t say anything after you kissed me. Because Sara kissed you back and I didn’t?  You’re going to regret this Luke Hemmings. You didn’t even let me speak afterwards.”

“No you’re going to regret this Y/N Y/L/N. I have loved you since the first day I met you, when you said that wearing the uniform was dumb. At least Sara could confess her feelings for me. Even telling me that you really hated me. That you were just using me so others would stop picking on you. So no you’re so going to regret ever meeting me.” Was his last words before hanging up on me, looking at the phone in my hand. Taken aback, anger built up in me when I realized he chose a complete utter bitch over someone he knew for almost 10 years.


Silence was everywhere around the cell, even the guards were quiet. That’s when I realized that my parents and siblings were standing there, even Luke’s parents and siblings looking at me with sad looks. “Sweetie..all because you didn’t tell him how you felt when he kissed you?” Ruby questioned wiping some tears away.

“Yes.” Standing up walking to the door, that Ethan had opened waving me out. Gliding out of the door, passing my family and Luke’s family. Anthony was right behind me speaking quick,”They didn’t get any of your fingerprints off the Meth lab or anything. It turns out to be one of the guys that lived there.  They’re going to Luke place as we speak to confront him about it. Why did you say it was you when it wasn’t? I know, you wouldn’t do that just to ruin his life. Sure you would plant drugs in his house, but not a meth lab.”

“I didn’t plant it there, I planted something else that would have embarrassed the fuck out of him.”

“Where are you going?” Liz asked walking by my side, trying to keep up with me. Taking my items from the lady on the other side of the glass. Finding my keys, go outside to my car.

“I’m just going to go and talk to Luke is all.” Slammed the door shut.


She didn’t plant the Meth Lab there. Was all I kept thinking as Officer Brock told me, that it was one of the frat guys. To be more specify it was Isaac, he was selling it to neighboring schools to pay for his books. I was in a daze, trying to wrap my head around what Y/N could possibly have done. If she didn’t plant the Lab there, than what else was there? I got rid of the cocaine, the marijuana. All I could feel was regret, and confused as to why she confessed it was her. Than again, I wasn’t really specific when I asked her about it.

Just was a bunch, of why did you do it? Where did you get it from? How did you get it in here?

That was when the officers and detectives all came rushing in the house. Arresting her, she had been laughing thinking it was all a joke. Till they put her into the police car, reading her the rights.

“It wasn’t her?” I had asked for what seemed like the 100th time, my head rested by my hands staring at the floor.

“No it wasn’t.” Michael replied next to me, “Luke!” Perking up, almost launching myself out the chair in the living space to the entry way. She stood there looking around the house at all the officers and detectives, some looked at her others ignored her. “Y/N.” Turning around my breath was taken away from me, either from her punching me in the chest or the way she looked at me. It may sound weird but it was the same look that she gave me when she first saw what I was wearing in kindergarten. When I first realized that I liked her, it sounds dumb being only 6 and thinking that. Wish I could go back in time and correct everything that I did wrong in the past.

“You fucking asshole. Wait no.. You should have warned me that it was a Meth Lab, I thought you found the..”  She stopped mid-sentence when all attention was on her, grabbing my hand practically dragging me up the stairs. On the way to my room, I couldn’t stop thinking about how her eyes are such a beautiful shade of Y/E/C. Remembering the first time I really looked into her eyes. Really looked into them, not just a quick glance, admiring them. She was getting picked on by some girls at school, since they were making fun of the way the uniform fit her. I thought it looked funny on the other girls, since the skirts were pulled all the way up to their belly buttons. How she was crying, when one of them pushed her into the locker, than how they were crying when I poured water on them.

“Luke you’re going to be in so much trouble for that.” Her voice was hoarse, after crying so long outside. “Who cares, they were assholes.” I told her brushing it off even though she was right, I got a detention later that week. When she looked at me, the way the sun hit her face the flicks of yellow and brown in her eyes stood out. Making me do a double take, looking at them back and forth earning some questioning expressions from her. “You have gorgeous eyes.”  Blushing while hitting my chest, “No I don’t.”

“LUKE!?” Snapping out of my memory of her, expression on my face must have said it all.

I wasn’t paying attention.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she did this little thing with her feet. She never truly noticed it, when pointing it out she always denied it. Smiling, “You’re doing the foot tapping thing again.” Straightening her posture hands by her side, looks of confusion on her face.

“No, I’m not.” She uttered, her hair falling in front of her face.

“Yes you’re. You also are biting your lip, you only do that when you are in deep thought. Or when trying to keep track of something. Tapping of the foot, now that’s when you get real mad or at least irritated. Playing with your hair, is when you want something for instance when you were trying to get information out of Anthony 5 months ago. The first real party you ever been to in your life, when you figured out that people were calling me a god. Swaying your hips..well you have always done that.. But if you get them heels on, then it’s real swaying, not as bad like that time in 7th grade at that dance.” I remembered, standing there hands in the back of my pants. Giggling, “Or when you laugh, you get this weird crease on your forehead. No, No really it’s cute. Especially when you laugh at something that isn’t even that funny.  Maybe how when someone is looking at you for too long you flip them off. Remember that one time in 5th grade the teacher kept looking at you funny, so you just flipped them off.” By now we both had tears in our eyes, wiping some that ran down her face. Nodding her head giggling, “ You remember that time we went to that abandoned house? We both were a screaming crying mess because your brothers and their friends followed us. Since they all scared the living daylights, out of us.”

By now we were reminiscing, laughing and giggling. Sure I’m pretty sure she wanted to kill me, “Why did we even really start this whole life ruining thing?” Y/N pondered after we both had stopped, shrugging my shoulders, “I really don’t know now. I guess we..we just had our mind set on ruining our lives.”

“Just because I didn’t kiss you back that one night, when really I was trying to think of the right words.”

“To tell me you didn’t like me that way, tha-.”

She went from being on the end of the bed, to being in my lap. Y/N lips connecting with mine, was I shocked?

Of Course the girl I have liked since the beginning was kissing me, “Relax.” She mumbled into the kiss, and so I did. Laying my hands on Y/N  waist, “FINALLY!” Someone shouted from the door, braking apart from one another like we were 12 years old. Everyone was standing in the doorway, well at least the best they could, tall people in the back short in the front. Nervous laugh came from me, along with Y/N.

“Does this mean this whole life ruining thing is done?” My mother asked, along side Y/N mother.

“We miss you Y/N, it sucks to admit. But these past 5 years almost 6 years, have been horrible. Sure we like the boys, Y/N you were the one that would always help in pranks. Help give us all advice, you gave are mother a daughter. Even gave me a little annoying sister I never wanted.” Jack spoke up from the back, Y/N had some more tears in her eyes.

“Yeah..If it’s okay with Luke.. I would love to end this feud. Get back to being like how we use to be.”

“Fuck yeah! I have missed you. I was about to put up the white flag, right when I knew it wasn’t you that planted the Meth Lab in the basement.”

Laughing we both stood up, shaking hands. Pulling her into a hug, whispering, “It’s good to have you back.”

“You so owe me though. I have a shit ton of bruises and scars from these past 5 years.”

Pulling away, “How about a date?” I flirted wiggling my eyebrows. Giggling patting my chest nodding her head, “Absolutely. I would love too.”

Lucifer!Sam in Swan Song:

Sam when Hallucifer appears:

I’m officially naming this ‘The Samifer Jacket’.


June 8th - First time wearing significant other(s)’s clothes

Here we go. Be prepared for all the mutsurie coming out this week. 
This one I wanted to do a little something different when thinking of wearing your significant other’s clothing. (Also want Urie to be supportive of Mutsuki)

1ST PLACE: I dare you to write from the POV of a serial killer


My name is Daisy. I’m seven years old. People call me “a cereal killer”, and the doctor Mama takes me to says I have “home-i-cidle tentacles”. It’s all because I’ve killed a bit. After seeing me squeeze the life out of my thirty-second gold fish, that’s when Mama started to worry.

She loved the thought of me taking care of a gold fishy but didn’t think about the fact I wanted to watch it squirm and gasp for breath, or watch it slowly stop moving and feel it’s tiny little heart stop. You see, this is why people worry about me. Papa says I should go hunting with him but when I did I just ran after a squirrel with a knife I found until I got it. After that I held it by it’s tail and watched it try to get away as it bled all over me.

Watching something die is satisfying.

Papa says it’s Mama’s fault and Mama says it’s Papa’s. They always yell at each other when they think I won’t hear. I do though, it’s a small house. So I can hear. Sometimes I feel like it’s all my fault they are mad and as I try to plug my ears the knife I stole from the kitchen seems like a good idea.


My name is Daisy, but I prefer to be called Jane. As in Jolly Jane the killer who was a nurse and killed her patients on over dosing them on drugs. Oh what a beautiful girl she was. She’s what made me think “hmm, poison would be nice.” Besides its a lovely day for death isn’t it? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I’m staring at their corpses wondering if I should hide the bodies or just run. I put mercury on the tips of their cigars… Run seems like a plan, run definitely sounds like a plan.

Just gotta pack first.

So I grab the back pack under my bed, shove a good amount of clothing in there, make sure my lucky turtle shell necklace is on, and head out the back. You may be thinking “what about the blood all over them?” That is a good question however I have a reputation in this small town for being that weird kid who always has blood on their clothes so nobody is really going to question me until I get out of town. There I can just say “I’m getting some extra clothes because my dad and I are on a hunting trip and we got blood al over these. Ya know, animals…”

Besides I’m headed in the right direction for murder. I can go the big city and burn down an apartment building just to hear people screeching. Fun huh? Oh the wonderful joys that come with homicidal tentacles! Burning things, killing people, feeding fish. Fun right? Ah homicide. Beautiful.


My name is Jane, I’m seventeen. People call me a “serial killer”, I wear that name with pride. I swear I’m not crazy. Just a little different, that’s all

i went outside and i felt the wind pushing against my hair just the way it used to when we went for walks this time last year and i was wearing a different jacket this time to make sure i look a little different and i think whats weird is that i still expect you to be there right next to me ready to kiss my lips but when i look no one is there and i just put the music up a bit louder and change the song because our song came on again and i can’t listen to it without collapsing
- i hate my favourite song because it was our song


Since my promise was two kinds of tutorials on horns and the first one was quite a success - I’m keeping my promise.

Tutorial nr.2! 

To be honest I had 0 time to take pictures of the process, and it’s pretty much unnecessary since the basic part is the same as in tutorial nr.1. I’ll try my best to put it in words.

So, the horns I, myself, am wearing in the pictures are made a little differently.

The list of things needed:

  • A random headband (a thicker one is recommended)
  • Wire (I used copper wire)
  • Sticky tape (thin)
  • Newspapers/any other paper you like
  • Several rolls of plaster of Paris bandage
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Acrylic paint of any color(-s) you like
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Varnish
  • Fake flowers or any other things to decorate

After doing the shape as in tutorial nr.1 cut plaster of Paris bandage in pieces, moisten it with water and apply it on the horn shape you made out of paper. Again, decide on the texture yourself, you can shape the wet plaster of Paris bandage really easily with your fingers. After you’re done I’d recommend leaving the horns to dry for at least 24 hours, for the top of the plaster may already seem dry, but it will still be wet inside. And real fucking heavy. So better don’t even move the thing till it’s completely dry, unless you want it to tear apart.

After it dries - the fun part kicks in - painting. You’re gonna need a fair amount of paint with this one, and a real rough brush. I’d recommend applying at least 3 layers of paint, since the plaster of Paris bandage has little holes in it and they’re a little of a pain in the ass and look like small white dots if not painted properly. (It’s even visible in my pictures, since I was painting them in a hurry.) Use of varnish is very recommended, otherwise the paint might crumble.

Take any kind of ribbon to match your horns, wrap and glue it around the headband using hot glue. To finish the look add some fake flowers (or anything else you want to carry between your horns).

To compare the two: 

  • Leather horns are more lightweight
  • Plaster of Paris bandage horns are way cheper to make
  • Plaster of Paris bandage horns are faster to make
  • Leather horns are more durable, the plaster ones are more delicate to scratching and any other damage.

Hope it will be useful to any of you! :)

1st picture taken by my beloved Gabija.

2nd picture taken by some girl at NowJapan festival.


When I was in highschool I knew a girl named Hannah. She was a redhead. A real ginger with bright red almost orange hair cut short in fact almost boyish. Her skin was as white as a snow drift with a dusting of red freckles. Her eyes were almost a powder blue. She wore no make up and dressed in the same outfit every day. A knit cap, baggy top and camo pants. She always wore a hoodie. Now, camo and hoodies are common today but in 1980 they were rare especially for girls. Her only concession to fashion was a shell bead necklace.

Hannah was very bright. I would see her reading Sartre or Nietzsche at lunch sitting all by herself. So far as I could see she had no friends but I found her fascinating. I had to get to know her. When I tried to approach her she was very standoffish at first. I would try to engage her in conversation but she was having no part of it. So, I started to eat lunch next to her and read. One day I was reading “The Golden Bough” and, out of the blue, she asked me what it was about. We started talking about mythology and its relationship to modern psychoanalysis and, well, I fell in love.

We started eating lunch together everyday and I noticed that she started to wear a little make up. Nothing much but I noticed the difference. I had a car and I offered her a ride home and she took me up on it. I drove her home to a beautiful older house in a nice neighborhood and she asked me in. Her mom and dad both worked so we had the place to ourselves. We went up to her room where she showed me her books and her violin. We sat on the bed and on impulse I kissed her. She kissed me back.

As we kissed she pulled me back on top of her and she started running her hands under my shirt and unbuttoned it. It was all going a little fast for me. I hadn’t intended for this to happen. I reached down and unbuttoned her baggy top. Her bra snapped in front and I unsnapped it. She turned and covered her face. I asked if she wanted me to stop. She thought she was ugly. I pulled her to me and kissed her and gazed upon her. 

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and she thought she was ugly. I couldn’t fathom this. I wanted to be a painter so I could paint her, a sculptor so I could carve her in marble of the purest white. She was perfect. Her small breasts, her long neck, the freckles on her shoulders, the curve of her back … she was so beautiful that I could not do anything but look upon her. Not in a sexual way but the way one looks at a moonrise or the sea. Her beauty tightened my chest and literally took my breath away. I could not make love to her that day. I could only see her as an exquisite work of art. I kissed her and told her that I loved her.

Then I took my leave.