i wear bowties now


I’m so excited to wear this to a con
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junpeis-butt  asked:

Nagisa why are you always wearing that scarf? Isn't it hot?

Masaru: I dunno, heh, I think it’s more like it’s his character trait!

Kotoko: But - but really! If you try touching Nagisa’s neck, he gets suuuuper defensive! >x< 

The Button Habit II

This fic is a result of me watching this moment from 13x02 about 20436 times:

She does this thing.

It’s tiny this thing that I’ve noticed but it’s a very cute, affectionate habit that always makes me smile and wraps me ever tighter around her little finger. It’s so simple. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it lasts for minutes at a time. It can be inconsequential or be the catalyst that leads to something amazing. After all these years, I still don’t know if she’s aware of the effect it has on me.

I remember being sat on the sofa in our first house together. We had just had a catastrophic dinner party filled with bickering, a random Wilson appearance, and enough awkward silences to rival a stripper turning up to perform at a baptism. Amelia had promised me earlier in the evening that she would stop meddling and drop the Riggs thing but lo and behold, a couple of hours later she leant over the couch and put an iPad in front of my face.

I sighed as she tried to explain why it meant so much to her that I get along with my former best friend. At the word ‘brothers’, she paused and broke my heart when I suddenly realised exactly why she was so determined: Derek. I kept quiet as she tried to say everything she couldn’t through her expression and a bittersweet smile emerged. And that’s when I noticed it the first time. Her fingers went to the highest fastened button on my shirt and started playing with it. It was a small distraction to keep her mind from thinking too much about Derek as she told me I was required to try with Riggs. My heart flipped out at how adorable she looked, so vulnerable yet happy. Needless to say, she got her way and I tried with Riggs, and now we both have a brother back in our lives.

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