i wear bow ties now

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Adult yoosung makes me melt

NO ONE ASKED BUT EVERYONES GETTING A LIL ADULT YOOSUNG HEADCANONS but same oh my god just???? the character development and how tall he’d get and how much he’ll change and just his mannerisms changing and his more mature outlook on the world and most importantly BEFRIENDING V

  • despite being a Real Adult Yoosung still needs mc to call and recalibrate his eye prescription and doctor appointments
  • he wears stupid bow ties now i hate him
  • still lowkey nervous sometimes so mc orders for him still at restaurants
  • all the animals love yoosung but sometimes they freak out so yoosung occasionally has scratches on him that aren’t from mc
  • nobody believes him when he actually means that they’re from the animals
  • but some are from mc too
  • yoosung doesn’t get all nervous when he’s in sexual situations anymore huehueuh
  • yoosung hit a fucking growth spurt the dude is almost as tall as jumin now 
  • he’s still kinda clumsy sometimes don’t get him wrong tho
  • his voice got kinda deep but he’s still mc’s smol baby bean forever
  • yoosung can fuckin make bomb ass coffee now and makes it for mc every morning 
  • sometimes he makes lattes and does that design thing and it’s usually a cute ass heart (sometimes it’s animals!!)
  • cheesy ass mf 
  • yoosung got pretty good at cooking but he sometimes intentionally messes up his cooking to remind mc of the good ol days
  • the single cat ladies always hit on him
  • he owns even more clips now because he needs it out of his face to work, it’s not just for looks now but efficiency!
  • this boy has 3 of the same white work jackets i can’t believe him
  • he’s considered a legend from LOLOL and occasionally gets invited to gaming conventions to talk about it
  • he has back problems because he can’t sit on a desk the right way
  • yoosung is that vet that has treats for every animal in glass bowls in a cabinet
  • whenever yoosung has to put an animal down he still cries and mc is always there to support him afterwards
  • probably still bleaches his hair and keeps the look up, but being so busy as a vet he doesn’t always have time to maintain his hair
  • falls asleep in his office a lot a lot a lot
  • jumin brings elizabeth the third to yoosung whenever somethings up but once seven stole her while yoosung had his back turned and jumin brings guards to keep an eye out for seven
  • mc brings dinner to yoosung when he’s working late and everyone else in the place adores the two as a couple
  • lets be real yoosung probably has a kid by now, if not maybe their first on the way 
  • i can’t get too caught up on that though that’s a whole other ballpark