i wear black when i workout

Guys been a while since I’ve posted any writings so here is a little short story series. There will be two or three more parts so stay tuned.

Pairing: Luke hemmings/ girl
Warnings: none I don’t think.

If You Don’t Know

Part 1

The first time I saw him at the coffee shop right down the street from my house he was wearing a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black shorts. His hair was tucked into a hat.

The first thing I noticed was his light blue eyes. They looked unhappy, with dark circles accompanying them.

For the first time that day i was happy i were working.

When he came up to order he asked what I recommended because it was his first time there. He agreed to get what i said and that’s when I asked for his name.

In an accent that intrigued me even further he told you.


It fell from his lips so effortlessly. I don’t usually ask for names but I was intrigued by him. I had to know.

He gave me a weak smile and a ‘thank you’ when i handed him his drink.

And it all started there.

He came in at least once a week after that. If not more.

He ordered the same thing i recommend that first day.

He asked for my name the third week he had come in.

“Mary-Jayne. But most people call me MJ.” I say quietly.

I have always hated my name and cursed my parents for giving me such a horrible title.

“A unique and beautiful girl needs a unique and beautiful name.” My mother’s words run through my head.

“Mary-Jayne.” The name sounds foreign coming out of his mouth.

Him saying it with his accent make me not hate it as much.

I thought for sure that day I would build up the courage to talk to him some more. Ask for his number or if he was busy later.

But i didn’t. I just watched as he sat there, bringing the cup up to his plump pink lips every so often.

Next time. I tell myself.

But you didn’t then either, nor the next time, nor the next time.

I overall was a shy person, but at work I was more outgoing which is why I didn’t understand why I was having a hard time talking to him.

After having a really bad day, seeing him walked in never failed to make me smile. He always came in wearing some sort of workout clothes, which isn’t uncommon since there was a gym across the street.

Today he was wearing grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. His hair fell in curls over his forehead. He hasn’t worn a hat in a couple weeks and I was taking a liking to seeing his natural hair.

My day instantly got better when I saw him. I enjoyed seeing him and hearing his accent. It made my bad day better.

“Hey, Mary-Jayne.” Luke greets me.

“Hey, Luke. How’s a goin?” I smile at him.

“I’m alright.” He nods.

He ends up getting his regular which is no surprise to me.

Today was different.

“Can I get a name with that?” I joke, making him laugh.

“Yeah, its Maria.” He jokes back.

“Oh yeah?” I pretend to scribble the name down on the cup.

My confidence building. “And how about uh- your number?” I avoid eye contact.

When I finally glance up at him he looks flustered. His face is red and he looks as if he doesn’t believe what I said.

“I mean unless you have a girlfriend.” I stutter out. For some reason that possibility didn’t even cross my mind until then. “Which would make sense be-”

“No, no. I’d love to give you my number.” He scratches the back of his neck.

He coughs awkwardly while writing his number on a napkin.

I could feel my face burning from excitement and embarrassment.

The rest of the time Luke sat at the same table as always. In between orders I would glance at him. A couple times catching him looking at me. It would always make me smile and blush.

After he left I shortly got off my shift. I stared at my phone the whole way home. His number dialed and ready but I was again just a big coward. I groan, throwing my phone in my purse. There was no use, today would not be the day I talked to him.

I was proud of myself for finally asking but now I had to build up the courage to actually do something with his number.

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isn't it amazing that Zayn who is always described as the intellectual of the group wasn't able to provide us with a clear enough picture of the event but Liam 'I'll be honest I can't read' Payne was the one who came through for us and gave us the blessed agony of details and a play by play unfolding of the kiss? Aren't we just so blessed?

LIAM: I was standing there after my workout, my bare chest heaving, when suddenly Zayn walked up to me. He was wearing a form-fitting black tank top and jeans that hung low on his lanky frame. His hair flowed free in the evening breeze. “Zayn,” I breathed, ”why are you so beautiful?” He looked at me with eyes that were deep pools of mystery and took a stance that was both defiant and coy. I knew then that he was daring me to love him, and I felt both terror and rapture in equal measure. Finally he opened his lovely lips to speak. “Come on then,” he said, “come on.” I thought he meant to take me roughly, bear me to the ground in a show of strength. Instead he tilted his sweet head and his mouth met mine in a kiss so passionate I might well have swooned, had he not borne me up in his manly arms.


Bulking Buddies

The two muscled and slightly sweaty teens came into their usual post workout hangout with their stomachs growling loudly enough to announce their arrival. Ben Tennyson was dressed in his workout favorite of a bold green tank top and black shorts that showed off his new hard won muscle that he had gained from his hours spending in the gym. 

At his side was his best friend, Kevin Levin, wearing a near skin tight sleeveless black compression shirt. It left almost nothing to the imagination and showing off just how in shape the older teen really was. 

“Man I’m exhausted! Those deadlifts take it out of you, especially when you pair it with sumo squats! I swear my butt is screaming. I’m not going to be sitting right for a week!” Ben said. He rubbed his ass, as if trying to comfort his distressed gluteus maximus but in reality only making his shapely butt more pronounced. 

Kevin slapped his friend on the back, making his own arm and chest undeniably flex as he did so. “Come on Ben! That just means it was a good workout! Now let’s eat! I’m starving.” He said shoving Ben towards their usual table. 

In no time the pair raided the buffet, piling on loads of food, then bringing it back to their table before going back for more. Each of the teens had crowded their side of the table full of food with a mix of meat, fruits, vegetables, and more. 

“This looks AWESOME! I swear I could eat a horse!” Ben said with sparkles in his eyes, anxious to send this and more to his waiting stomach. He rubbed his stomach under his tank top, giving small flashes to his toned abs underneath. Grabbing a fork, he furiously dug into the pile of food. 

“That’s just your metabolism finally kicking in. I told you, the key was just eat and lift; eat and lift. See you’re finally starting to put some meat on your bones!” Kevin said reaching over to slap Ben’s more muscled arm and a slight squeeze and smirked when he felt that it was unyielding under his fingers. Not to be outdone, Kevin also attacked his food, eating messily. He was so hungry, he wished he could just will the food into his stomach already but satisfied himself by just eating as quickly as he could.

With a grunt, Ben finished his first helping of several plates and got up to get a second round. He smirked at Kevin again at being done before him, only winning a glare from Kevin who quickly caught up with him and was off grabbing more food shortly there after. 

The scene repeated itself several times more, each time being a little more difficult for the young men to get up and becoming pickier on what foods they continued on. But still they pressed on as their once trim waistlines rounded out with their post workout fuel filling their bellies. 

“That’s it, I’m out!” Kevin said as he held up his hands in defeat. His stack of decimated buffet trips next to him, though the true testament of his crusade against the buffet was evident in his rounded middle. Thanks to it’s more elastic material, his shirt only rode up a little, revealing a hint of his treasure trail. Though above that was a pronounced round mass, filled to the brim with food. His heavy belly jutted out from him and his compression shirt made it look like he was smuggling a basketball under his tight shirt, but little movements and slivers of skin proved that it was attached to him. He rubbed his belly to try to calm it down and instead let out a tremendous belch that rattled the rest of the buffet goers. Seeing the attention he got from the other patrons, Kevin smirked and slapped his belly loudly to exaggerate how much he had eaten.

Ben kept on going, determined to out eat his rival. It had helped that he had since moved on to desserts and was currently battling piled high sundae and an entire pie that he had already half eaten. “That’s right, I told you I was hungry!” he boasted. Grunting as he got up one more time just to one up Kevin, Ben arrived one more time with more dessert and to show he wasn’t just having things of little to no nutritional value, he large steak to top it off. 

Slowing down a little, Ben kept a steady pace, alternating between bites of food and small sips of water. He was starting to sweat for an entirely different reason now but he pressed on until finally he finished the last bite of steak and swallowed roughly. Ben opened his mouth to give a smartassed remark to Kevin but instead all that escaped his lips was “UUUUUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP” that seemed to go on for several seconds. When he finally stopped, he blushed covering his mouth with his hands at the sudden expulsion that he hadn’t meant to come out. The buffet became deathly quiet for a moment as nearly everyone stopped moving. Slowly people overcame their stupor and started to move again. “…ummm….Excuse me…” Ben said. “Sorry that caught me off guard.” 

“Don’t be shy Tennyson! That was impressive!” Kevin said as he drummed his belly with his fingers. Ben smirked and laid back in his chair, letting his round belly jut out from his torso even more. His distention was even greater, his gut a round ball and his tank top hiked up past his belly button, leaving most of his food induced mound on full display. He slapped it proudly. “Well what do you think? I think I held my own. I’m working up to that horse.” he joked. Kevin rolled his eyes. “See? I told you you’d have fun bulking. You can’t argue with the results can you.” Kevin said as he flexed his bicep. 

Ben chuckled. “Well I can’t say I’m unhappy with it,” he said glancing down at his expanded chest barely contained in his tank top. “Bulking was the best idea.” he said as he hiccuped and placed cash on the table to settle his bill.

so alright the gang all wears each others clothes right? right. for example
+ despite my blog title, i choose to believe that magnus probably wears simons little nerdy shirts occasionally. theyre roughly the same size and some of simons stuff is still over there from when they roomed together, so when magnus is in a rush or need something to sleep in he’ll just put on one of simons shirts that says “mulder, its me” and alec is like who tf is mulder
+ izzy and magnus have a “whats mine is yours” policy and izzy takes him up on that 100%. hes actually her Fashion Icon and sometimes she’ll see him wearing a flowy cardigan thing or smthing and she’s just like “can i borrow that”
+ clary wears luke’s flannels. it started when she was a kid and he’d go away for a few nights for business and he gave em to her so she wouldnt miss him, and now its a habit. theyre way too big and she has to roll the sleeves up so many times but honestly? with leggings its a real Look
+ and obv jace wears alec’s big black sweaters. take a second, i ask you, to imagine jace after a long workout, just showered, putting on one of alec’s comfy sweaters and taking a nap in his bed all snuggled up and safe
+ and of course simon borrows jace’s worn out pajama pants on nights where he and jace stay up and watch tv together in jace’s room, inevitably falling asleep on jace’s bed with a little peaceful smile on his face

Fashion faceplant

York couldn’t dress himself to save his life. For @lostlegendaerie.

It wasn’t exactly hard for someone to find themselves attracted to York. He was consistently at the top of the leaderboard, sometimes miles ahead of the third ranked; he had a collected, easygoing nature with a good sense of humor and a heart of gold; he stood six-foot-four in armor and had a face like if the boy next door was maybe kind of an asshole, but never in an off-putting way.

But it was much, much easier to be attracted to him when he only had two clothing options.

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Shawn Mendes - I’m jealous of her

Request:  Hi would love a Shawn Mendes imagine… Maybe just friends turns in to something more…. Thanks so much


I was so damn nervous. And the weird part? Only he could make me this nervous. Shawn and I had known each other for a while, we were kind of best friends before he got famous. I was there for him when he got into Magcon and I was the first person he called when he got the news that he would go on tour with Taylor Swift. Long-distance friendships can be hard sometimes, but you can’t just let go of the people you love. The hardest part of the story was when I started to feel something more about two years ago, but with I was always a shy girl, so I never told him how I felt, I just did what every girl in the world. Silently hoped he would wake up one day feeling the same.

So lately he was super busy with the tour, I got school and everything, so we didn’t really have the chance to meet. But we talked on the phone almost every day and needless to say these were the best parts of my days. One day, when we were talking on the phone again he asked me something that surprised me.

“Hey, so I was wondering if you are free next weekend,” he asked and I heard a quiet shuffling in the background.

“As far as I know I don’t have anything.”

“Good, because yesterday I talked to your parents, so you could come with me to the iheartradio music festival.”

“What?” I gasped surprised. I surely wasn’t expecting this.

“Yes, I mean, we haven’t met in the last two months and I thought it would be fun. Are you in?”

“That’s crazy! Of course I would love to go!” I mumbled happily. “Wait, do I have to… like go on the red carpet or anything?”

“If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I know that you don’t like the attention.”

“Thank you.” He knew me so well, posing and casually being beautiful wasn’t my kind of thing. If I had to go through the red carpet I’m sure I would have tripped, said something stupid, looked like an idiot and the list goes on.

“No problem. Then I will send you your tickets to your flight and I’ll meet you at the airport,” he exclaimed excited.

“Can’t wait.”

I was so excited about the weekend I could barely sleep all week. Shawn called me every day and we talked about how amazing it will be, since I was about to spent the whole weekend with him. I went shopping and bought some cool clothes I could bring in case I can’t avoid taking pictures, and I was all packed by Thursday evening. I went to school on Friday but my mom picked me up earlier so I could catch my flight. I couldn’t wait to see him again. Even though I loved him, I missed our friendship too. He was very important to me and it was hard that I couldn’t see my best friend whenever I wanted to. He told me he would be waiting for me at the airport, and there he was. As I walked through the gate I saw his smiley face, my heart started to beat really fast. I felt the urge to hug him, but I didn’t know how would he react, but as I walked up to him he was the one who wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a warm hug.

“I missed you!” he asserted letting go of me.

“I missed you too,” I smiled widely. He took my suitcase and we headed out of the building.

“Okay, so we have the whole evening, the festival is tomorrow, and then we can do whatever we want to,” he exclaimed excited. I was so glad I was again with my best friend. He changed so much, but he was still the boy I fell for.

We went out to have dinner later and then had a movie marathon, like we always used to. The other day I woke up early to get ready. By the time Shawn came for me I was dressed up and my makeup was on point. I was wearing a deep green dress with a denim jacket, I let down my hair and used my eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger. When I opened the door for Shawn and he saw me he couldn’t take his eyes away from me. I felt myself blushing.

“You look beautiful, Y/N,” he said smiling at me. He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans, he looked so good, especially because I could see how muscular he was. He really did workout lately.

“You are not bad yourself too,” I replied shyly. He offered me his arms and we walked down to the car.

“Okay, so I have to go to the red carpet, but you can just go in right away with everyone else.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting inside then,” I smiled at him. It seemed like he was about to say something, but then changed his mind.

Getting to the location he got out of the car and I walked round to enter the building through the entrance. I stood a bit farther from the red carpet, so I could see him pose for the cameras. He looked so happy and professional smiling to the cameras. I wish I could be part of his life like…

Like Camila Cabello.

I didn’t know much about Camila other than that she was part of Fifth Harmony, and that she hung out quite often with Shawn. She was confident, beautiful, talented and… everything a guy like Shawn would want. As she walked up to the red carpet in that gorgeous white dress I immediately felt my insecurities take over me. I read a lot about how people were expecting them to get together but they always denied it.

Shawn got to the end of the carpet, but then he turned back and scared Camila. It was a cute scene, the photographers started to shout to him to come back and pose with Camila, which he gladly did before leaving her behind and coming up to me.

“I swear, it’s so tiring to pose,” he sighed smiling at me. I forced a smile to my face trying to hide my jealousy towards Camila.

“You looked great,” I said. He stared at me for a long moment before speaking up.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Unfortunately he knew me too well. I couldn’t avoid his suspicion.

“No, I just… she is really pretty,” I said nodding towards Camila who was still on the red carpet.

“Yeah, but why does it matter?” He asked looking confused.

“It doesn’t.” I shook my head and wanted to head inside, but he stopped me by grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

“Hey, why do you care? Is there something you didn’t tell me?”

I sighed feeling myself giving it up.

“There are a lot of things I didn’t tell you, but you don’t have to worry about it. Really. Let’s just go.” I yanked off his hand and started to walk ahead, then I heard him run after me.

“Y/N, was this because… is there any chance that you are jealous?” he asked smiling lightly. I didn’t answer, and he stopped me once again. “You are jealous of Camila,” he stated trying to look into my eyes, but I was looking everywhere but him. “Why is that?”

“Shawn, why do you care? It’s not like you would be interested in me or anything. Yes, I’m jealous of her because probably you two have something going on, and I just…” I was cut off by his lips pressing to mine. It caught me by complete surprise and at first didn’t even realize what was happening. His arms were wrapped around me as he kept his lips on mine. Then I finally snapped back to reality and closing my eyes I hugged his neck and kissed him back.

We stood there for some minutes, people were passing by us not even noticing that one of the best things in my life was happening right in front of them.

He slowly pulled away but he kept his arms around me.

“You really surprised me now,” I giggled looking up into his eyes.

“I hoped so. Yes, Camila has feelings for me, but I could never feel the same because I think I might be in love with my best friend.”

I gasped in happiness hearing his voice, I wasn’t able to say anything, I just pulled him into another kiss and then another and another, because now I could do this. And I wanted to do this for a long time.

Reylo (Not So) Mini Fic Rec Thing

Guys, oh my god. This has been such a great few days for Reylo fic, especially of the smut and AU variety! Goddamn. Talented authors are turning out amazing work left and right. What a time to be alive! Here are a bunch of my favorite new ones, before I forget… You didn’t have anything to do today (or ever) right?

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hey can i get bts reaction when they see you wearing your long black socks? (they thought it was sexy but you were just doing it normally) long and with gifs please and thank you <3 love your blog!! fighting!~

You got it! And thank you so much! <3 I hope you enjoy!


Jin had insisted that you take him shopping with you. He was free and wanted to spend time with you. He didn’t care what you were doing that day. Your favorite store was having a sale that you couldn’t pass up and with the changing weather from summer to fall you needed new pieces in your closet. You were trying on your third and final outfit while Jin waited against the wall for you to come out and show him. You yelled out at him from behind the door that it was already your favorite. Cute high-waisted shorts with over the knee black socks and a black oversized sweatshirt. You looked warm and cozy and it was perfect. Flinging the door open you posed and laughed before bouncing out of the fitting room. Jin’s eyes went wide and he shook his head. “Jagi..” Turning to look at him you tilted your head as he approached you. He suavely attempted to block you from view of anyone who might be in the area and herd you back to your fitting room. You hit his shoulder and asked what he was doing and why he was being so weird. He leaned in and whispered. “You can’t get those.” He pointed to the socks and shook his head again. “Too sexy.” He added and you laughed at the ridiculousness. But you loved his reaction. You patted his chest and whispered back that you’d be getting the socks and the other five colors they came in and he could suffer. You could hear him groaning in defeat as you went back into the changing room laughing.

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It was that weird part of fall where it wasn’t cold enough to turn the heat on or keep the windows closed. When you woke up Yoongi was already up, probably working on something in the living room. You put on a long sweater and over the knee black socks, not really feeling like wearing pants if you were just going to stay in and be lazy all day and you had plans on just curling up in blanket and reading. Shuffling out into the apartment, your hair a mess, you passed the living room and Yoongi on the couch with his headphones on. He didn’t see you at all. You kept going to the kitchen and made some coffee for the both of you. Bringing Yoongi a cup you set it down on the table in front of him. He glanced up at you briefly and mumbled a thanks. You nodded your head but were stopped by his voice saying your name. He was staring at you and you raised an eyebrow. He didn’t say anything just stared so you asked him if he was hungry. Reaching out he lifted the bottom of your sweater a little bit and you slapped his hand away with a smirk. “I think I need to take a break.” He turned back to his laptop and saved his work. You reminded him that he just started working and usually he didn’t even take breaks. “I just really need to take a break right now.” He set his laptop aside, stood up and got that look in his eye. You laughed and backed away quickly in retreat through the apartment, Yoongi following quickly behind.

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It was cold and rainy out but you had gotten this new skirt on sale and wanted to wear it out. Namjoon was actually taking you out after weeks of promising it was going to happen but something always came up. So you dug out a pair of long black socks to pair with the skirt and planned to wear some cute ankle booties. You validated your outfit to yourself in the mirror, told yourself you were freaking adorable and breezed out of the bedroom to find Namjoon. He was playing on his phone on the couch but looked up immediately when he heard you. His smile dropped off his face and you stopped in your tracks, asking him what was wrong. “You’re wearing that out? In public?” You nodded and looked down at yourself. You were freaking adorable what was wrong with it?! “Jagi you can’t wear that out…” He got up off the couch, tossing his phone on it and walking up to you. You huffed and crossed your arms and were ready to throw a big fit about how you could wear anything you darn well pleased but you never got a chance to say anything because Namjoon pulled you close and kissed you like he had just come back from tour and hadn’t seen you in months. You’d have to go out another night but your outfit certainly didn’t go to waste.

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You were ready to pump up the jams with your boyfriend. You had finally worked up enough courage to ask Hoseok to teach you a dance. He had so much fun dancing and he was amazing at it. You… not so much. But you wanted to learn, plus it got you precious one on one time with your boo. You shuffled into the practice room that he had booked with your workout bag over your shoulder. You had shorts, black long socks on and sneakers. Hobi had told you to wear something comfortable and that you could move in, but you wanted to look cute too. You smiled at him and dropped your bag but he didn’t smile back. He gave you a look that said he was personally offended. Before you could say anything he spoke, his voice loud and dramatic. “Jagi! I told you to wear something comfortable not something that would kill me! How am I supposed to focus when you look like that?!” He dramatically fell to the floor, making you laugh but he was serious and he would make you pay for it later.

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You planned to meet your boyfriend at the movie theater for date night and go grab something to eat afterwards. He texted you that he was already there and had gotten the tickets and where to meet him. You had taken longer then usual to get ready because it had been a while since you two had a date night. Spotting him through the crowd you called out Jimin’s name and waved to him. The moment he saw you in your skirt and knee high black socks he started laughing. You didn’t know if it was good or bad, he was always laughing. You asked him what was so funny when you reached him but he shook his head and pulled you toward your theater. He held your hand tightly and told you how pretty you looked while you waited to shuffle in and find a seat. Once settled in he pushed the arm rest up and out of the way from between the two of you. You made idle conversation before the previews came on, you noticed him looking at your outfit from time to time while you discussed where to go for dinner. When the movie actually started you were so into it that at first you didn’t notice… But looking down at your lap Jimin’s hand was on your thigh, his fingers creeping under the band of your socks while he watched the movie. He glanced over at you catching him and smiled widely. You figured you’d be ordering take out for dinner tonight. 

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You just wanted a lazy day inside with Tae. But he wanted to actually do something, go somewhere. He promised that you would have fun, and you knew you would. He even told you that he’d pick out an outfit for you to wear so that would be one less thing you’d have to do. Before you could tell him no he was running off to the bedroom. When he came back out he gave you a big smile and motioned to the room. With a sigh you shuffled off to find out what he had picked out, you were kind of curious to see what he liked you in. You frowned instantly, knowing that the weather was way too cold outside to wear what he wanted, at least without a few changes. You added a long sleeve shirt under the one he picked out and a pair of long black socks so your legs wouldn’t get frozen. When you came back out he was already putting his shoes on but he stopped when he saw you. “Where did you get those?” He pointed to your legs. “I didn’t know you had those…” He stared at you while you put sneakers on and grabbed a snapback, too lazy to do anything with your hair. You left the apartment, leaving your gaping boyfriend to follow. He wouldn’t stop bugging you about the damn socks all day. It wasn’t until half way through the day that you realized why he was staring at you so intently and being extra affectionate.

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You invited him over to hang out, catch up on the shows you watched together and eat a ton of food. Super relaxed and you favorite kind of date. You were just wearing your pj shorts, one of his hoodies that he left at your house once and you refused to give back and long black socks so your legs wouldn’t get cold. When you let him in he was wearing sweats, a hoodie and carrying two bags filled with food. He smiled the awkward smile he got sometimes as you took a bag from him and headed to the kitchen. You were telling him which show you wanted to start with and reminding him about the episode you left off at while you put food on plates. When he didn’t say anything back to you, you looked behind you to check what he was doing. He was just staring at you with that awkward smile on his face and he nodded, blushing a bit. Shaking your head you handed him a plate of food and settled on the couch crossing your legs criss cross style. You reached out, patting the spot next to you for him to sit down too. He did but with a lot more distance then you wanted. “Jagi you’re rude.” He mumbled before shoving food into his mouth not knowing what else to do with himself.

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1-4-11 please

1) Boobs or ass?
I am a boob girl myself but while involved in some hot kissing my hands like to wander to the ass.☺

4) When kissing tongue or no tongue?
Tongue girl here😏

11) How do you dress on a normal occasion?
I wear a lot of black workout style pants and jersey shirts or t-shirts with tennis shoes. Lots of ball caps not snapbacks though. I am not fond of how they look. Lol

Thanks for the questions.😉

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I'm 15, short (5'3''), sort of muscular?? (idk I workout a lot and haul my 12 pound dog everywhere), long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I'm v shy around new people, but wILD af once you get to know me. I read and write a lot, play guitar, voice act, manage stage tech (think lights and sound effects for school plays), and pet every animal in sight. I dress mostly in black, but also wear my hair in low pigtails with little bows 90% of the time.

Okay, you’d get on with Alistair! You’re both shy when you first meet people but then wild. And then you both pet every animal going, you’d get on great!

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It's so dry in TX! Mimi will you write me what it would be like to spend a rainy day with Sammy? You choose smut or no smut. You rock and I love you!

Rain, Rain DON’T Go Away

“Why don’t we go for a run?” you suggested. “We’ve been in here all day. If I have to look at another website about rugaru, I might scream. Dean already bailed on us, so why don’t we take a break?”

Sam nodded, pushing himself away from the table. “Sounds like a good idea,” he said.

You grabbed your workout clothes and stepped into the bathroom to change. You’d just pulled your shirt over your head when you heard Sam.

“Hey, Y/N?” he called.

“Yeah?” you said, pulling open the door and sticking your head out. Your breath caught in your throat because Sam was standing at the window, the curtain pulled back, wearing just a pair of black basketball shorts, bare feet and a tight white t-shirt. You had to look down quickly so he wouldn’t see you staring. If you weren’t more careful he’d figure out you had a huge, completely inappropriate crush on him.

“I don’t think we’re going running,” he smiled. He pulled the curtain back and pointed out the window.

You crossed the room to stand by him, peering outside. It was raining. But it wasn’t just a light sprinkle or even a steady downfall, but rather a deluge of water falling from the sky. You couldn’t even see the sidewalk right outside the motel it was raining so hard.

“Well, crap,” you muttered.

“So much for that break,” Sam laughed.

“I’m not going back to research,” you said forcefully. “We need to do anything but go back to research.”

“You know what,” Sam said. “We can still take a break.” He grabbed his duffel from the floor, digging through it until he found what he wanted. He held up a deck of cards and a wooden board with holes in it. “You said you wanted to learn to play cribbage. Now seems like a good time.”

“Okay,” you shrugged.

Sam sat on his bed, legs crossed, setting up the cribbage board. He gestured for you to sit across from him, which you did, after grabbing a couple of beers from the cooler on the floor.

The two of you spent the next two hours playing cribbage and drinking. Except Sam wasn’t a very good teacher because it was painfully obvious that you weren’t very good, especially after he skunked you for the sixth or seventh time. Irritated and slightly tipsy, you shoved the board and cards to the floor, laughing at the shocked look on Sam’s face.

“Hey,” he protested. “That wasn’t nice. I was winning.”

“That’s why I did it!” you laughed.

The next thing you knew, Sam was tackling you to the bed, tickling you until you were almost screaming with laughter. Your hands beat fruitlessly at his chest, trying and failing to push him off of you. He grabbed your hands in one of his, holding them above your head, his other hand finding every single spot on your body that was remotely ticklish. You squirmed and kicked your legs, giggling helplessly.

Sam grinned, chuckling under his breath, pulling you beneath him, trapping your flailing legs with his body. You moaned in frustration. He paused and then his hands were no longer seeking and finding all of your ticklish spots, but instead they were sliding gently over your body, exploring and caressing. You sighed quietly and closed your eyes.

“Y/N, look at me,” he murmured.

You opened your eyes to see a set of hazel green eyes staring into yours. You smiled hesitantly.

“Is it okay if I kiss you?” Sam asked quietly.

The rain was still pounding against the windows and you could hear thunder far off in the distance. But it wasn’t as loud as the pounding of your heart.

You nodded slowly.

Then Sam’s lips were on yours and it was even better than you’d expected.

Binders Coming Soon

Hey all, so I’ve got surgery coming up in two days. As exciting as that is for me, I’ve got some binders for you guys! Keep an eye out; within the next week I’ll post the information- pictures and measurements for all of them. In the meantime- signal boost for anyone who might need a binder. I want these to go to people who couldn’t otherwise bind.

There is only one binder that I wore consistently- which has a hole by the hip. The rest are practically new, clean, and not overworn. They will all be clean when mailed, but do whatever makes you comfortable wearing them. I have:

-1 gently used Tan Underworks 997 (size M, measurements to come)

-1 heavily used Tan Underworks 997 with hole (size M, but wider in the shoulders from adapting to my lifting)

-1 gently used Black Underworks (size M, I don’t know the model number). This one is stretchier and more breathable, ideal for running or an easier bind. Recommended for someone with a smaller chest.

-1 /barely/ used Black Underworks tri-top (size M- I only wore this one once)

-1 homemade workout “binder”- mainly an extra layer to be worn over a sports bra while I was working out, but as I got smaller it worked alone. Made of a Champion brand athletic shirt (size S) that I cut and sewed smaller to hold my chest. Recommended for someone with a small chest.

Again, measurements will be posted with the pictures. I’ll pick winners on July 22- one month post surgery. Winners must have their ask box open and reply within 24 hours or I will move to the next winner. Happy binding everyone!


Zumba order has been placed. I spent my gift card…and some Christmas money. Zumba wear and gym clothes are my absolute kryptonite. I’m not a spender, usually. I browse at stores and always leave without buying anything. But Zumba wear? Holy smokes. But the cuter I dress when I’m teaching - the more fabulous I feel - the harder I dance - the better I teach - making me the best instructor I can be. So this is an investment. *anyone out there convinced?*

Anyway, I went with the black & leopard leggings. The deciding factor was that I do already have 2 pairs of purple-ish leggings.  I’ll probably end up buying the other pair eventually, let’s be honest. I’ll try to at least wait till it’s on sale.

I also, clearly, had to have this hat. When Zumba makes a hat, I have to buy it. That’s a rule!!

Then the shirts. I am dying over this blood orange!! *Project Runway wink* It’s so zesty!  I got the tank in black too because, well,  black goes with everything and because I tend to love Zumba’s burnout tanks so I knew I’d want more than one.

And this concludes this episode of “Rationalizing Buying More Zumba Clothes When I Have A Drawer-full” with Sarah.

Little Black Dress!

Harry: You just came back from shopping with your bestie and bought a new dress for girls night. It was a black, strapless bodycon dress that stopped above your knees and showed off your boobs. You always love to show off what other men can’t have because little do they know harrys gonna take it off tonight. Harry is supposed be back from tour today so before you can meet your girls at the club you have to pick him up from the airport. You have about two hours before you need to go pick him up so you take a shower and take your time getting ready. You check the time and see you have 10 minutes to spare so you quickly get in the car and start for the airport to make sure you’re there before he lands. When he makes it into the airport his eyes light up at the sight of you then darken slightly when sees what you’re wearing. Before he even says a word he kisses you deeply and holds you closes to him. “Y/N, I’ve missed you so much baby but first can I say you look ravishing. You are so lucky we’re surrounded by paps and fans. I want to take you to the bathroom and fuck you till you can’t speak!” He growls lowly in your ear. “Fuck” you whimper. As soon as you got back home he fucked you on every surface he could. He fucked you with the dress on then he ripped it off during round 4 in the shower. The next morning you had love bites all over your boobs from last night.

Liam: liam can hide stress easily but you see right through it. The Where We Are tour will be starting in about a month and liam is stressed out. They basically just got back from tour and they still do a ton of interviews and performances during their breaks. Everytime he comes back home after an interview he’ll say a few words to you, have a snack,  then he’ll go to his workout room to let off some steam. You’re not too upset but it really bugs you that he won’t tell you why he is so stressed. And it REALLY bugs you that he won’t let you help him relax. But tonight, Tonight you will NOT take no for an anwser. “Y/N Babe I’m home!” He shouts. You stay silent as you hear his footsteps walk up the steps then back down. “I guess she’s not home" you hear him say from the hall way. He opens the door to his workout room and gapsh when he finds you standing in the middle of the room wearing a sexy short black dress and the the pair of red high heels that he loves on you. “I just thought you could do something else to reduce a some stress” you say seductively and slowly walk toward him with a sexy smirk. “I-uh-um-Y/N,what are you-oh fuck” he grunts and grips your hair. Well after that day he rarely went to the gym while stressed again.

Niall: you and niall just came back from after prom where all you both did was drink, laugh, and grind. You’re wearing his favorite snap back, a black lace dress, and flats. The moment you put it on he wanted to bend you over the table and make you scream his name while wearing the hat. An he would’ve if you didn’t spend $45 on your after prom tickets already and you really wanted to go because it’ll be your last after prom. When you both get there the music is loud and bumpin. Everyones grinding, chatting with friends, and drinking the spiked punch at the back table. You talked to everyone you knew, had a few drinks, and grinded for the rest of the night. While jammin to 23 you end up takin nialls hat again and danced with your girls while he talked to a few guys he knew. But then ‘Sex Anit Never Felt Better’ by TGT starts blaring through the speakers and you take niall to the dance floor. The sight of you in that his hat already gave him a semi and now you’re both grinding yeah, he is so hard you think he’ll explode.  His grip on your waist gets tighter and tighter as you grind back to the beat. “Bathroom Now!” He growls. That boy fucked you so hard people could hear you outside the barhroom over the loud music.

Louis: You and louis just got home from zayn and perrie’s wedding. You and perrie became friends not to long after you started dating lou so she asked you to be a bridesmate. The colors were the classic black and white so you and the other bridesmate wore the same short tutu like black dress. It showed off you beautiful long legs that lou always loved especially over his shoulders when he’s fuckin you into the mattress every night. You couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel nothing was gonna stop you from pouncing on lou and to make it worse he didn’t shave so you are aching for it.  At the reception one of perries guy friends ended up hitting on you. You didn’t really notice because you only have eyes for louis so it wasn’t really a big deal for you. Then right before you left he gave you his number while lou was standing right next to you. To say louis was pissed would be a far understatement. He gave you the silent treatment and glared at you the whole way to the hotel. As soon as the hotel door closed he blew up! “Y/N! What the fuck was that?!” He yelled. You opened you mouth to anwser but he kept yelling and yelling and yelling. “I guess I have to show you who you belong to” he grunts and throws you on the bed. The next night you had to go downstairs for more condoms and you still had love bites from the night before all over your neck an legs. You ended running into the same guy from the reception in the hall and he asked you why didn’t call him. Lou comes out of the room and snakes his arms around your waist. “Did you get the condoms love?” He whispers loud enough for the guys to hear and smirks with satisfaction when the guy walks away frowning. “Lou that was so mean you could’ve just told him I was taken” you scold. “Hey he should’ve know when I kissed you earlier that night that you’re mine. Now, go in there and get undressed so daddy can punish you for talking to stangers”he smirks and smacks your ass.

Zayn: You had to go dress shopping for the black and white party you got invited to by danielle and liam. Zayn, being the best boyfriend ever went shopping with you because all your friends were to busy to help you find a cute dress. You got to you favorite store in the mall picked out over 10 dresses and made zayn go into the dressing room with you to help zip up the dresses. You tryed on 5 dresses that were really cute but seemed a little to blah for this fancy event. But then you found the perfect black dress and seemed to love it from the way he eyed you hungerly. He zipped it up for you and started to kiss up your neck. “You know that dress looks amazing on you, but it’ll alot better on the floor” he smirks and lifts you up making the dress slide up your thighs. “Z we can’t do that here we’re in a dressing room and everyone will hear” you whisper harshly. “Mmm not if you’re quite” he chuckles. You were right people heard even when he covered your mouth the whole time. you were hella blushing when you both went to pay for the dress with sex hair. You never shopped there again, well atleast not with zayn.