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Guess who just made a gijinka of everybody’s favorite dinosaur rabbit? Meeeee

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As a black person who isn't from Africa. Can I still wear traditional African clothing? Since my ancestors are from there?!

I cannot speak for every African, but as an African born in Zambia; I believe it is fine.

But head this warning:
- Don’t do this just for fashion. If you start to wear African tribal prints because you have decided to get in touch with “ancestors” learn about the culture each print came from. Study up on west Africa. Or whatever region you will be wearing your prints from. If your just doing it to look cute and hip, you may as well be a white girl wearing a bindi.


We are a continent with roughly 61 countries (with the debate of North and South Sudan and the western culture ludicrous attempt to count Egypt as a part of the Middle East) ; we have over 10,000 languages with 8,000 dialects. Remember Each COUNTRY, STATE, REGION, AND TRIBE has a culture within its own which can polar opposite another from the same area.

Every culture and subculture within Africa has a design style, whether it be in colors, patterns, appropriate/special occasion, or even material used.

In other words, you cannot start wearing African tribal prints and say it’s “African” meaning Africa as a whole. It’s good to learn the region the design is coming from.

Africa is arguably one of the richest (in resources) and most beautiful continents in the world.

Treat it with respect as you represent.

- Susie the Zambian