i wear a bubble now


as requested by anon

“I can’t believe you’re cutting our night short, you just got here!” I exclaim getting up from the couch and running my fingers through my messed up hair. “Babe, I’m sorry – but I can’t blow off the guys again. I don’t want them to think you have me whipped; I’d never hear the end of it, you know?” he says while sitting back up on the couch still a bit breathless from our small, but intense, make out session. I walk across the room and turn the t.v. off.

“You should have said something to me earlier, now I’m all hot and bothered and I hate you.” I rub my face with my hands in frustration. My boyfriend Robbie and I were barely alone in a house together but it was Saturday night and my parents decided to drive to my aunts for dinner, meaning the house would be empty for a few hours at least. I jumped at the opportunity to have the house to myself and invited Robbie over for dinner and a movie and, well, the rest was implied. I had run out to the mall in the afternoon and picked up a really hot lace and satin teddy to surprise Robbie with for dessert. I know it was incredibly cheesy, but he’d totally eat it-and me- right up. I was wearing it under my clothes now but Robbie had burst my bubble like 2 seconds after we started our little amuse-buche.

“You don’t hate me, babe” Robbie interrupts my thoughts, and I look at the smirk on his face. I want nothing more to wipe that smugness off his perfect face and make him regret choosing his friends over me. I know its totally unfair of me, but I’m aggravated and unsatisfied and quite frankly pissed at myself for spending $80 on something that was just going to be tossed on the floor after 5 minutes. Well, now it wasn’t even going to get tossed on the floor because Robbie wasn’t going to take it off. I continue staring at Robbie… he has no idea what he’s missing. Maybe I should just give him a sneak peak before he leaves. I mean, it’s the least I could do.

“I had this whole night planned out, Robbie” I pout, “I put a lot of thought into it.” I start moving closer to him again, and he’s watching me intently. “What exactly did you put a lot of thought into? The movie? We’ve watched this one like 10 times already” he says leaning over and picking up the blu-ray case from the coffee table. “No, not that. I put a lot of thought into this” I start unbuttoning my long sleeved plaid top and watch as Robbie’s eyes widen in surprise. I pull the sleeves off from me and let the shirt fall to the floor by my side. His eyes are fixated on me as I start undoing my skinny jeans and step out of them too. I hear his sharp intake of air and he clears his throat. “Oh” he struggles to says, his ears turning bright red. I shrug sadly as I finish crossing the short distance between us and stand directly in front of him between his legs. Robbie’s mouth has slightly parted and his eyebrow arches up, looking at me. “I-I’ll call the guys up and say I can’t make it” he swallows hard and his hands start moving up my bare legs. “No, your not going to do that” I hear myself saying. His head snaps up and looks at me, his mouth wide open now “Wait, what?” he practically shouts. “Well, I don’t want your friends to think that you’re… whipped, was it?” I ask, now grinning myself. I shove Robbie backwards  on the couch and straddle myself between his lap. I can already feel his stiffness pressing up against his jeans. “Oh, and I still hate you, so you’re totally going out with your friends tonight.” I move my face closer to his, our lips practically touching. “Before you go though, can you help me take this off? The lace is starting to irritate my skin” I hear Robbie groan softly and I move my lips to his ear before whispering “especially my nipples.” I press myself harder into his lap and adjust myself a bit so that my center is completely lined up to his. I stare into Robbie’s crisp green eyes as he starts to bring the straps of the teddy down my shoulders until my breasts are bare. His eyes look like their about to pop out of their head. “Thanks babe” I say softly, letting my nipples brush his parted lips as I stand up from the couch. “Wait” he croaks out, but still doesn’t get up. I chuckle noting his hard-on in his jeans. I finish taking off the rest of the teddy in front of him and I’m completely naked. “Have fun tonight. Close the door behind you okay?” I walk away from him, feeling his stare on my ass. “You’re not serious!!” he yells out as I climb up the stairs to me room. “Say hi to the boys for me!” I laugh.