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clo-flo-arts  asked:

Hello. I'm writing a plot about racial tension between Humanity and a species that is only partly human. On top of that, there's an immersive lore and history about the world I'm desperately trying to get across without making it sound like you're reading a text book, but this is proving to be extremely challenging. Is there a way of doing it "correctly" or do I just... wing it?

Hey @clo-flo-arts

Wing it!! Write your story however you think is ‘correct’ for your novel.  You can start by writing out all your lore in textbook form and then edit  and rewrite it later. A  cool thing to do here would be to keep the text book lore separate and create an actual book of lore for your universe. There probably is a ‘correct’ way to introduce lore into a plot. Only diverging the information that your reader needs to properly understand the story. You’ll probably have a lot of left over information about your universe that might not be imperative for your story. 

Goodluck! Just keep writing, you’ve got this! 

Seen/Need to See (Cartoon Edition)

I’m making this post so I can keep track of things I watch. I can’t really edit, so watching shows is a way to pass time. Also a good way to find new content.

I will take recommendations, old and new!

* Seen All Episodes

Shows I’ve Seen (And Liked/Loved)
- Gravity Falls*
- Star vs The Forces of Evil*
- Over The Garden Wall*
- Steven Universe
- Phineas and Ferb
- Milo Murphy’s Law
- Voltron: Legendary Defender*
- The Loud House
- The Amazing World of Gumball
- Adventure Time
- Rick and Morty*
- American Dad*
- Hey Arnold
- Danny Phantom
- Futurama
- Invader Zim
- TMNT (2012)
- Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Miraculous Ladybug*

Want/Need To See:
- Lolirock
- Ever After High (I think it’s called that)
- Total Drama
- Kim Possible
- Teen Titans
- Legend of Korra

That’s it. I also have an anime list.


In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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For ingoosenok : Lord Melbourne offers Sir Robert some advice.

love is a word (you gave it a name) | harry/louis | 21 400 words

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

for inkedrope; written as part of the h/l winter exchange


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents


The evolution of a queen - part 1 / part 2

Huhuhuhu I’m so in love with my new profile pic thingy! I spent a good two hours on it. Do you guys like it too?? 

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2016 is almost over (thank god) and I decided to make a follow forever to show my appreciation for the 1.7k amazing people who follow me, like my edits, and continue to support me everyday. I love each and every single one of you very very much. I joined tumblr in 2012 and I honestly can’t believe I’m still here. I’ve made so many great friends along the way that I will never forget, even though we don’t talk anymore. My blog has changed in many ways over the years, but it would be nothing without all of your love and support. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been posting a lot more gifsets/edits recently. Before, I was really insecure about them and I did not have the motivation to make them. Recently, I’ve felt a lot more secure and I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to like/reblog them. You are my motivation, so thank you!  I made this follow forever as fast as I could since 2017 is quickly approaching. I also turn 21 in a week, like WAT. I KNOW I forgot a lot of amazing people in this follow forever, so please forgive me. Also, please remember that I’m always here for you and stay strong. I love you all!! <3 :)


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You are enough

Even and Isak are on their way to Isak’s mom. Isak had a long talk with her about Even and they decided that a dinner would be the best way to meet each other. Even tries to play it cool but Isak knows that he worries about it a lot but it makes him even more proud that he is now with him in this car. When they arrive, Isak jumps out of the car and opens Even’s door. Even smiles :“I’m so lucky. My boyfriend is a real gentleman.” Isak smiles back but notices the tension in his face. “Are you ready?”. “I’m not sure.” ,answers Even, “Do you think that she will like me?” Isak grabs his face with both hands and gives him a kiss. “My mother is still trying to accept the new situation. But there is nobody in the whole world I would want to go through this but you. And I’m sure that she will get to know you and she will learn to love you. But…” “But…?”, asks Even. “But not as much as I do.” “Don’t you dare to scare me like that!” says Even laughing as he grabs Isak’s hand. And there is just one question left in his head : Why am I so lucky?

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[►] The boys gave me A LOT of gif material today, but (shocker) due to my adulting duties, I only had time for this one.

Why did I pick this moment over everything else, you’re probably not asking? First off, HEART EYES! Look at how Anthony’s staring at Ian! SOOO MUCH LOVE IN HIS EYES! in fact you can actually see Ian return his loving gaze for like a split second or so before he goes into full on flirty mode which is ANOTHER reason why I gifed this over everything else.

The way Ian replies to Anthony here (and throughout this entire video) just comes off as SUPER FLIRTY to me. I don’t know what it is lately, but it seems like that they’re not editing out as much as they used to which has opened the doors for us to see this flirty dynamic that I’ve been seeing for like the past two weeks now! They’re just so comfortable with one another and the way they bounce off of one another just shows how close they really are. I feel like that if I saw Ian and Anthony interacting with one another in public without any cameras that it would be EXACTLY like how they act in this video. I’m not sure what they’ve been doing to these videos to make it seem that way, but I HOPE THEY KEEP IT UP BECAUSE GODAMN IT, I’M DEAD!

Bonus: Ian adorably biting his lip. You’re welcome.

Okay, so we’re going to start sourcing the images we use! It’ll be underneath a read more in each of the posts in the order of the pictures in the board

We are running into some trouble, though. A good majority of the images we use are ones that have been used and edited and reposted for years, and they don’t really have a clear source. We’d love to find a source for everything, but reverse image searching only pulls up pinterest and most sourcing websites are geared towards art, so there’s only so much we can do

If you guys have some way of sourcing images, please please let us know. Otherwise, please give us some patience when it comes to the more recycled images. Thanks.