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♥ + Jeans

Ok, so sit your buns down and take a gander at the following images, as proof of Harry’s comfort in denim, and his preference for it when not wearing his ridiculously gorgeous, bespoke suit:

It started early in his late teens, before he’d even been selected for Kingsman. Sometimes he even wore denim jackets with his jeans, as was the style at the time:

Then he went through his soft and warm stage; a light beard, longer hair (complete with unruly curls) and a somewhat stockier body shape:

Chucks started to become a recurring theme along with jeans almost too long for Harry’s already lengthy inseam, though he’d lost weight in the early Noughties to coincide with changing fashion trends:

As styles changed, he became slightly more fitted in his choice of jeans, though his streamlined body shape remained nearing the 2010′s:

Let’s be real; this post was simply an excuse to see how lovely Harry looks when not suited up to the nine’s. He’s gorgeously replete in his bespoke suits, but a soft, relaxed, comfortable Harry is just as lovely.


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