i watched two of his movies last night like


Day 1: Movie Night


Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Genji/Zenyatta aka GenYatta
Rating: PG
Summary: Genji wants to watch a scary movie with Zenyatta.


Warning: This is my first (and probably last) GenYatta fic attempt.  I didn’t really wanna put it out here because these two are my second most respected pairing in Overwatch (second to AnaHardt).  But I’m posting it anyway.  It’s short and simple and cliche, but I hope you like it.



Genji grinned when he got the idea in his head to watch a scary movie with his master.  The omnic was such a gentle and kind soul, yet Genji wanted to see how he would react to something gore-filled and frightening.

He imagined Zenyatta trembling with fear and clinging to him.  Yes, his master would be a helpless and he would be there to give his master the comfort he needed.  It would be the perfect excuse to cuddle with his omnic crush.

“Master, master.  There is something I want you to watch with me,” Genji called innocently to Zenyatta.

“Oh?  What is it, my pupil?” Zenyatta asked.

“It’s a movie.  You told me that you enjoy movies, but it is rare that you ever get to see them.  So I thought we could watch one tonight,” Genji explained.

“How wonderful.  I would be happy to watch a movie with you.”


Genji was ecstatic to have his master sitting beside him.  And as the movie played, he waited for the jump-scare moments where Zenyatta was sure to throw his arms around him, shivering with fright.  To see his master so vulnerable would be cute.

So, he patiently waited as the movie played, but Zenyatta never flinched.  As a matter of fact, the omnic seemed fascinated by all those scary moments that Genji hoped would trigger a cute little scare.

What had he been thinking?  Zenyatta was calm of mind and spirit.  Surely a simple horror film wouldn’t undo him.  And once the movie was over, Genji just sat there looking disappointed.

Zenyatta seemed to enjoy it, however.  "That was a very interesting movie.  It was a bit more violent than I would have liked, but it had some amusing parts as well.“

Genji simply nodded.

"My pupil.  What is the matter?  Did you not enjoy the movie?”

“No, the movie was fine, Master.  It just didn’t go the way that I’d hoped,” Genji said quietly.

Zenyatta hummed curiously.  "Were you hoping for a happy ending?  I was under the impression that a lot of horror movies had sad or scary endings.“

"It’s not that.  I was just…expecting a different reaction from you.”

“Such as?”

Genji frowned and he wished he’d been wearing his faceplate.  "I don’t know.“  Oh, he knew exactly what he’d been expecting from his master, but he couldn’t say it.  It was much too embarrassing.

"Perhaps something like this?” Zenyatta asked, leaning close to Genji and burying his face in the ninja’s arm.

Genji really wished he’d been wearing his faceplate then because he could feel his whole face become warm.

“Oh dear.  This is too scary to watch,” Zenyatta said, sliding his arms around Genji’s waist.  He looked up at his pupil.  "Like that?“

It took Genji a while to answer, but this was exactly what he’d been hoping for.  "Y-yes.  I suppose.  Something like that.”

“Then let us watch the movie again.  I will get it right this time.”

Trapped - Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

The most attractive man I ever did see!  I could be trapped anywhere with this guy and be happy.  Truly.  Anyways, I hope you guys like this!  I wrote this after a 9 hour shift at work and then seeing friends so please let me know if it’s awful hahaha! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 996

Warnings: like one swear word, mostly fluff

Request: “16 and 17 w seggy? :o” - @penguinxii

Prompt: “It could be worse!” & “Looks like we’ll be trapped for awhile…”

Up next: Auston Matthews


Tyler had his arm wrapped around you on the couch while you watched a movie, the two of you enjoying a quiet night in together.  Tyler had been looking forward to not leaving the apartment all night but you had been craving cheesecake for basically the last week and you absolutely needed it.

“Hey Tyyyyy” you purred, looking up at him.

“What do you want?” he smirked.  He knew exactly what that look meant, and that he was probably going to give in to you pretty quick.

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aaaww heck yeah time for mod velvet to S H I NE BITCHESS - mod kimchi :’)))

lmao sorry i have totally strayed from the prompt and wrote a really angsty short fic lmao it gets fluffy in the end

p.s. sorry this took ages i didn’t see it in drafts until today rekt also this is so scrappy im sorry times three lmao  - Mod Velvet

Remember Me In A Year

Seventeen: Minghao
Type: Fluff / Time Skip Scenario Fanfic
Ship: Minghao x Reader /  Jun x Reader
Word Count: 1833

ft. seventeen members, sehun, minhyuk, shownu, jungkook, bambam, yugyeom, lalisa, jisoo, tzuyu, nayeon, seungjun

Mod Velvet

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The Horror

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,050ish
T/W: None!
A/N: For Anon’s Request: “Ok hahaha well like I said I’m not a big fan of horror movies (mostly the ones from today) sooo can I request a *shocker* Philip imagine where he’s totally into horror movies and forces the reader to watch one even though she’s incredibly terrified of them?” YES. YES. YES.
Tags: @justfangirlingaround ✨ 

“Okay, what are we feelin’?” Philip asked you, tossing a blanket to you.

You were already curled up on the couch ready for movie night! It was a tradition the two of you had started when you began dating in highschool and it just stuck. Every Tuesday night was the night both of you sat down together and watched a movie of the choosing. Since the engagement and moving in together, you just combined your movie collections creating one big one. 

“You pick!” you exclaimed sitting on the couch criss-cross, “I picked the last three times.”

He rubbed the back of his neck, walking over to the cabinet you kept the DVD’s in. He always liked it better when you picked, because then he knew you’d be happy with the decision. Not that he didn’t know the movies you liked, he just wanted you to be as happy as possible, even if that meant watching specific genres or movies over again. He’d do almost anything to see you smile. Sure, picking a movie seemed like a pretty little detail, but it mattered it him. 

“Hmm,” he sifted through a couple movies, looking back to see you smiling at him like a little kid; you really loved this time with him, “How about this one?”

“What is it?” You asked, unable to read the title.

“It’s Incideous,” he could tell from the expression that came on your face that you had no idea what that meant, “it’s a horror. I don’t think we’ve ever watched one together…do you want to?”

“Umm,” you bit your lip.

“We don’t have to-”

“No, no, no! It’s your turn to pick! I’ll watch whatever!” you protested.

He asked again and you insisted it was fine, even though you hated horrors. But you felt kind of childish to be afraid of a movie when your fiancé was going to be right next to you. You suddenly felt nervous, and a little anxious. When Philip sat down, you immediately leaned a little closer to him. He didn’t think anything of it, probably assuming you were just cold or something. He pushed play, looking to you, you gave a faint smile before the movie started. Taking a deep breath you told yourself you could get through this. The beginning wasn’t too bad, but once it got into the “horror” part you flinched back a little with a squeak.

“You okay?” Philip laughed a little, but asked genuinely.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine,” you played it off.

You pushed yourself closer to him, and he brought an arm around your waist. You gasped a couple times, but tried your best to keep quiet as you felt your pulse quicken. Your eyes were wide and focused on the T.V. until you felt something grab your side. Arching yourself away from the source and practically screaming, you looked back to see the source.

“It’s not funny, Philip!” you tapped his chest.

“Aww, baby, I’d never let anything happen to you,” he pulled you close to him as you crossed your arms pouting.

You turned your head away from him. 

“Hey,” he brought you to face him, “you know that.”

It was near impossible to stay mad at him, so you responded by resting your head against the front of his shoulder. Every time something scary came on screen you hid your face into Philip’s chest. He chuckled a little as you squeaked and tightened your grip on his shirt, pulling your legs closer, curling up in his arms. He willingly held you. Occasionally teasing you about how scared you were getting. Every time he said something you protested saying that you weren’t scared, and conveniently a frightening image appeared on the T.V. causing you to retreat to his arms. 

The night seemed to last forever. Even though only 30 minutes had gone by, you felt like it had been an eternity. Maybe you should have let him know how much you didn’t like horrors. No, you were fine. He was fine, so you could be fine. Though Philip might not admit it, he did rather enjoy how much you were depending on him for protection and comfort. He was completely immune to horror movies, they just didn’t have much of an effect on him, which you were thankful in times like these. Your breathing began to become erratic after a major climax in the movie, he even felt you shake a little. 

“Babe,” he hit pause. 

“Wh-what?” you looked up at him.

“Why didn’t you tel me you didn’t like horrors?” He asked.

“Well, I- I didn’t,” you sat up, pulling yourself away from him, staring down at your fingers, “I didn’t want you to think I was being dumb and childish.”

You looked up, hearing him laugh. 

“That’s what you were worried about?” Philip smiled.

“Well, yeah, and maybe you wouldn’t like me as much since I don’t like ho-”

Philip took your hands in his, “Do you think I could ever not like you? And of all things over a movie?”

“N-no,” you dropped your gaze down. 

“I’ll always love you, even if you don’t like horrors. Babe, that’s okay with me.” He assured you. 

After thorough reassurance, he asked you once again what you wanted to watch. The final decision was “Serendipity,” a romantic comedy. You were still curled up next to Philip, but much much calmer. And he was much happier knowing you weren’t scared. By the end of the movie the two of you were lying on the couch enjoying a good make-out session, which Philip had started, to make sure that you had completely forgotten the horror. 

“Ah! Philip!” you exclaimed giggling, after rolling off the couch with him, “On the floor?” 

“Oh, wow, the horror,” he said sarcastically, returning his lips to your neck.

He really didn’t care where, as long as you were happy again and smiling.

Pregnant (Bad Boy!Jimin)

Plot: Bad Boy!Jimin as a Father

Parts: TwoThree, Four, Five

Word Count: 1319

A/N: I’m considering turning this into a mini series (bc I’m father!bts trash) and making a few parts with how he is during the pregnancy and maybe some of him with the child after they’re born (bad boy!Jimin is here and all of the father related posts are here)

It took you two months to realize. It took you another week to actually confirm your suspicions. It took you another two weeks to actually gather the courage to tell him.

Your boyfriend wasn’t exactly ready to settle down, barely into his twenties with a love for adrenaline and parties he often took you to. The two of you had been together for three, almost four, years and he had yet to calm his ways, instead integrating you into them. You had been fine with it but now you were wondering how he would adapt to your news.

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I did head-cannons because this idea is so silly and adorable to me

Originally posted by thebirdwitch


  • When you reenact the scene you two made fun of so hard last night she is laughing her ass off
  • “Wait no no! Thats not the line it was this!”
  • She will probably try and be a director”
  • Will have so much fun she wants to watch another horrible rom-com again that night while you two cuddle 

Originally posted by specta-a


  • He will defiantly laugh his ass off as well
  • Will reenact the scene with you as well
  • On the inside he is screaming because he actually liked the movie
  • Although he wont mention that
  • Will play some sappy music from the movies while you flirt with him causing both of you to laugh endlessly
  • Things take a turn for the mega flirty when he smooches you
  • You’ll both end up on the couch watching a good movie for once 
For Science

Request by anon: hey! do you think you could do samxreader thing where he helps you sleep and it’s just really cute and fluffy? ive been having sleeping problems lately and this would make me really happy. also your writing is amazing and i loved the electric series

Word Count: 1426

Warnings: Absolutely none

A/N: A sleepy Sammy oneshot? Count me in!!

Version en Español: Por la Ciencia

“What are you doing up?” Sam yawned as he walked into the library where you were curled up on the couch, watching Indiana Jones.

You flung your arm out, encompassing the entirety of your Harrison Ford shrine. “Uh, watching a movie? Your observational skills are outstanding.”

“Can I join?” He asked, already walking over to the couch. You slid your feet toward you to make room for him on the other end. The two of you watched in companionable silence for a few scenes until Sam spoke up again. “So why are you watching Indiana Jones at two in the morning?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Figured watching people get their faces melted off was a better use of my time than staring into a dark room.” Sam nodded, accepting your answer, and you went back to the movie before a thought crossed your mind. “Why are you awake at two in the morning?”

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H's Birthday: a dialogue between you and hungover Harry

A fluffy dialogue in which Harry is hungover, so you watch some Netflix, eat pizza and talk about Cleveland Steamers. 

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Late night talks & cigarettes

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,018

i was trying to sleep just now and couldn’t get this lil entry of calum’s out of my head.. so i got to imagining things and this happened

enjoy xx

Of course, Calum wanted to spend his last night before you left to go back to university. And after watching endless movies in his hotel room together, you ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Sure, you two have cuddled before, you were best friends. Things like this weren’t that uncommon between you two, since over the years of your friendship you had gotten so comfortable around each other. But halfway through the night, you began to stir, drawing your arms closer to you in attempts to bring Calum’s torso closer to you.

One thing was wrong: Calum wasn’t there.

This realization took you a while to comprehend, for you were still half asleep, but when you sat up and blinked your eyes a few times and fully realized he wasn’t there, you began to panic–this was his hotel room. Had your embarrassing snoring kept him up, so he left to go sleep in Michael’s room next door? 

You yawned, sitting up in the bed a little straighter, when you noticed the door to the hotel room’s balcony was slightly open, catching a glimpse of Calum sitting out there.

Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you slowly walked over to the open door, sticking your head out. Calum was sitting, with his journal open in his lap, staring out at the night sky with a cigarette between his fingers. 

You knew you shouldn’t read his personal journal entries, but it was only 4 lines written across the top. Squinting your eyes and trying to decipher his handwriting, you finally were able to make out:

and you’ll move on
and fall in love with another brain
another soul
and i’ll still be here

The cryptic writing intrigued you, and you wanted to know what the hell it was about.


Your voice spooked him, and instantly he grabbed the journal and held it so you couldn’t see the small entry written at the top of the page. “Y/N? What are you doing up so late?”

“I should be asking you that.” You said, taking a seat in another chair on the balcony. “Whatcha writing about at this time?”

“Nothing important.” He stated, shutting it.

“Oh, come on Calum. You never share anything you write in that book with me. I’m your best friend, just read me one thing.”

“No.” He stated firmly. “It’s not something you should be reading.”

“Fine.” You said, crossing your arms in front of your chest and watching as he took another drag from the cigarette. “I know what you wrote anyways.”

“You do?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. You nodded. “How?”

“I’m a sly bitch.” You said, grinning wildly. “Talk to me about it. What does it mean?”

“Nothing you should know about. It’s private, you shouldn’t have read it anyways.” He told you.

You sighed. “Will you at least tell me who it’s about?”

“I’m sure she knows damn well who it’s about.”

“What if she’s a dumbass?”

“You aren’t a dumbass, Y/N.”

The second he said it, he knew he fucked up. Your eyes just widened, not knowing what to say. “It’s…it’s about me?”

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Would it be so terrible if it was?”

“But,” You started to say, getting lost again. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Y/N. You’re leaving in 8 hours and you won’t see me for another 9 months. You’re going to move on, figure out your life because you’re so fucking smart and actually studying to get a degree and after that you’ll get some great job and fall in love with some smart doctor and where will I be? In a studio, writing songs about you and me and more importantly how I’m going to be alone. I’ll be alone and you’ll be living your life with your doctor husband but I’ll just be waiting, Y/N. Because I’m really the dumbass that can’t gather up the courage to actually do something about this and instead of sharing my feelings towards you, I’m just going to shut my damn mouth and wait on the sidelines and hope the universe cuts into my life and changes things for me.”

You stared at him, his dark brown eyes staring right back at you, a terrified look glossing over his eyes. He was scared to see how you would react, and most likely scared of being denied. 

“You won’t be waiting, Calum.” You told him softly, reaching out and grabbing his hand. 

“Oh really, because I’m pretty sure–”

“Calum, would you shut the hell up and realize what I’m trying to say here.” He stared at you and shut his mouth, silently urging you to continue. “You won’t be waiting because I’m right here. And if you really don’t want me to leave, I won’t. I’d rather be with you because honestly, I don’t know how you didn’t see how fucking in love I am with you.”

“Y-You love me?” He asked, sitting up straighter, as if he was getting more excited.

“All the other guys know, I have no idea how you didn’t realize it sooner.” You said, a dry laugh escaping your lips. “I don’t want anyone else, Calum. Not some smart, rich doctor. I want you, the weird kid who writes songs in his free time and is secretly an extremely amazing poet, in my opinion. I really wish you would share more of what you write in this thing.” You said, taking the journal gingerly in your hands.

“Just for the record, I love you too.” He mumbled, taking another drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the ash tray.

“I think that goes without saying.” You laughed.

He smiled brightly at you, his eyes looking gorgeous in the moonlight. “Y’know, if you wanna read a thing or two in here,” He said, taking the journal and flipping through the pages. “There’s this one entry from a few days ago…” 

“Spoilers!” Bucky x Reader

Title: “Spoilers!”

Requested by: Anonymous asked: #14 w/Bucky♥♥♥♥”

Pairing: Bucky x Avenger!reader


Word count: 207 (Drabble)


A/N: This is kinda like related to the “Netflix ‘n’ chill” drabble that I’ve done. Idk guys it just felt like this was a second part. BUT If you haven’t read it (and don’t want to) you can read this without problem. 

Enjoy! (You can send me a prompt and a character and i’ll write it! / or any request that you want) Requests are still open. 

|| I don’t own Bucky or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

After the events of last week where Bucky and Y/N had a ‘Netflix ‘n’ chill’ night, they were now two recurrent watchers of Netflix, or any show/movie. More like anything where Bucky could just be against Y/N’s chest while she trailed her fingers through his hair.

The entire team had watched the season finale of ‘Game of thrones’ but Bucky. He was really behind, and by that I mean that he was just about to finish the first season. And Y/N had volunteer herself to watch every season with him, just to have an excuse to be curled up with him.

“It’s such a shame that he died… he was such a cool character” Y/N said without even realizing of her words.

Bucky popped up his face, looking at her surprised.


“That is such a shame. Ned Stark was so good” She said absorbed in the show.

The former assassin paused the show and looked at her with dead eyes.

“You’re joking”

“No… he’s about to die, like in two chapters.”

“Y/N!” He screamed and she made a confused face. “SPOILERS! You promised me that you wouldn’t tell me!”

She covered her face with both hands in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry Buck! I wasn’t thinking”

He nodded at her and kissed her forehead. Forgiving the spoiler.

“It’s fine. I’ve watched a few chapters of Modern family’ without you.”

“Oh you bastard!!”

“Hey you just spoiled me something. I’m not sorry”

She scoffed and pressed the play button.

“And now they’re going to…”

“Don’t you dare Y/N”

Y/N giggled and started to play with his hair again.  

Replace VI Novel Ch 1 結成!チーム「Strky」”Formation! Team Strky!” English Translation Part 2 of 4

Here it is! Part 2! Again, sorry for taking awhile!! 

Still feeling troubled, Kasamatsu decides to move forward and try to overcome his weakness.

This part is a bit short but there’s only 2 more parts for this chapter! Keep fighting Kasamatsu~ ;u;

Previous part: Part 1

Next update: Team Strky Part 3

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Hounds of Justice (Part 5)

Originally posted by escapethematrixx

Parings: Roman X Reader X Dean X Seth

Warnings: Swearing

Song: Sometimes By Skillet

Tagging: swatteamstripper ashleyh28 taliacz13 awesome-ambrose-world wonderholicc unstablefuture greygirlambrose crazysparklydragon gimmetatsandharleysanyday holliemoxley blackxrollins jasli123 5sosfam666 wwesethrollinsdiva readerinsertswwe mrsjonmoxley sanazebreigns loveyoujas rocker-girl90 blueblazezz wwefoever70 reignsfan77 sarahmatthews7 drummin-ash unstableambrosegirl mckenziethequeen kcb-bck and missdonna18

You were wiping down the countertop at the diner when you heard the door bell jingle. You looked up and smiled when you seen Roman walk in. 

It’s been about three days since he told you everything. And if you were being honest, he didn’t think any differently about him. He still was same guy, just with a secret. 

You leaned on your elbows on the counter. “Hey big guy.” You said, when Roman sat on the stool in front of you. 

“Hey baby girl.” He said, smirking as you blushed. “No Dean and Seth tonight?” 

“No, I needed them down at the warehouse since we were having problems down there the other night.”

You nodded your head. “You want a coke?” 

“No. I actually I want some coffee.”

You looked up at the time on your watch. “It’s almost midnight. Why in the world do you want coffee?” 

“That reminds me. Why are you working the latest shift?” Roman asked,a s you walked away to go get his coffee.

“Less people to deal with.” 

You came back over with his cup of coffee and handed him it will with the cream and sugar. “I don’t want you working this late at night. It’s not safe for a beautiful lady like yourself to be here alone.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Roman-” He cut you off. “Don’t Roman me. Just don’t work this late.” 

He leaned in, waiting for you to kiss him. You made a face at him and kissed his nose. 

You smiled at him. “Waitress! I need my check please!” The only other customer in the diner said.

“I’ll be right back.” You said. 

You walked around the counter and over to the table, handing the guy the check. You stood there as you got out his wallet and handed you the money.

“I’ll see you next time sugar.” The guy said, smiling and handing you a ten dollar tip.

Roman’s head turned in you direction. 

“Have a good night.” With that you walked back around the counter. Roman watched the guy leave with hard eyes.

“He’s lucky I didn’t punch his teeth down this throat.” 

You put the money in the register and smiled at Roman. “Why?”

“What do you mean why? He was flirting with you! And as far as I know, you’re mine.” 

You blushed and walked over, pecking his lips.

“You want something to eat? I could get you something here, or I could cook you something back at my house. I mean from the looks of things you haven’t actually eating a home cooked meal in a long time.”

Roman smiled at your offer. “I would really like that.”


You were cooking spaghetti for Roman. He was sitting at your kitchen table watching you.

“It’s been a long time since I actually ate a home cooked meal.”

“I could tell. You were at the diner every night!” You said, looking over your shoulder at him.

“I live a busy life.” Roman said. You poured the noodles into the boiling water, then walked over to Roman.

“Well, anytime you get sick of eating at the diner, just come here. I’ll be more then happy to cook something for you.”

Roman smiled at you. “Thank you.” He leaned forward and kissed you.

You grunted as you moved around. You opened your eyes and seen that you had falling asleep on the couch. You rolled onto your back and closed your eyes again. 

But your eyes snapped opened when you heard someone in your kitchen. You looked towards the kitchen and rolled off the couch.

You were still dressed in your black jeans, black shirt from where you were working at the diner last night. 

You shuffled to the kitchen doorway. You peeked your head in and seen Roman standing there shirtless, in his jeans and boots. 

He had his hair pulled back into a messy bun at the back of his head. You pulled your eyebrows together. You don’t remember him sleeping here. Then it dawned on you, you had falling asleep on him last night, after eating you two had watched a movie. 

His back was towards you and you seen his big back tattoo. It was a hellhound and along the top it said Hounds of Justice, and towards the bottom right it had MC. It was just like his cut.

Roman turned around and seen you standing there. “Morning. I made coffee.”

“Morning.” You said walking fully into the kitchen. “Thanks.” You said when Roman handed you a cup. 


Roman sat in one of your kitchen chairs and put some sugar in his cup. 

“I hope you didn’t mind that I stayed the night. You fell asleep on me, and you worked all day, cooked for me. I just didn’t want to wake you.”

“No I don’t care.” You said, smiling and taking a seat.

“Uh, were did you sleep? Because it looked like I took up the whole couch.”

“I slept right behind you. Or I guess you slept in my arms all night.” 

You blushed. “Oh, right. That makes sense.”

Roman smiled at you. “I seen your back tattoo. Is that like a thing the whole club does?” You asked, taking a sip of your coffee.

“Yep. Everyone that is patched in gets the tattoo. But if you get kicked out, you have to black it out. And if you don’t…then we’ll take it into our hands.”

You pulled your eyebrows together. “What do you mean?” 

“We give you a set date on when it’s to be blacked out, and if it’s not done by then……We burn it off their back.” 

“Did…Did you ever do that?” 

Roman nodded his head. “Once. But I already gave the guy a second chance to get in blacked out.”


Roman’s phone started ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket.  “I got to take this.” He said. 

He walked out of the kitchen. You sat there, drinking your coffee, thinking about what he said. You were just trying to picture him in that place. You just couldn’t see Roman, who was so kind to you, burning a tattoo off someone. 

Roman came back in the kitchen, pulling his shirt on. “Everything ok?” You asked.

“Just things with The Kings. I have to go down to the club and talk about a plan.” 

“What kinda of things?” You asked, as you watched him pull his dark blue jacket on, zipping it up.

He looked at you. “We need someone to go into their club, get close enough to them so then we can know their plans.”

You bit your lip. “I could do it.” 

Roman’s head snapped over to you. “No you can not! Have you lost it!?”

“Come on! I already have Wade’s number! All I have to do is go on a couple of dates get close to him. Then I’m sure he’ll open up!”

“You are not doing this! That’s the end of it!” He said, pulling his cut on. 

“I thought you had to bring this to a vote? Hm? And how would they feel if you knew of a plan that could have save someone’s life but you didn’t bring it to a vote?” You said, crossing your arms.

“This is not something I’m going to talk about with you, Y/N. You’re not doing this.” Roman said, heading towards the door.

“But that’s not fair! I can help you! It wouldn’t be that hard to get him to trust me!” You said, following him.

“I’m not risking your life! Damn it!” 

“Just put it to a vote! I want to know what they think!”

“I don’t care what they think! You. Are. Not. Doing. This. That’s the end of it!” With that he walked out of your house, slamming the door.

“That’s what you think..” You mumbled.

Originally posted by ethanschandler

You walked into club house and few looked at you. Dean came walking over to you. 

“Hey, Y/N. What are you doing here?”

You smiled at him. “There’s something I wanted to talk about.”

“What?” You asked. 

“A plan that I think could help you with The Kings.” 

Seth came walking over. “Keep talking.”

You smirked. “It there somewhere we can talk in private?”


You told them the plan and they liked it. They said they’d bring it to the table for a vote.

You were sitting in the main area of the club house. Roman didn’t know you were here yet. Their table room was just to the left of you, you were surprised that there was no yelling.

The door was yanked opened and Roman was the first one out. He was angry. He’s eyes fell to you, he walked over to you and grabbed your arm. Yanking you to his room.

“You’re hurting me!” You said, jerking your arm away once you were in his room.

“What part of you’re not doing that, don’t you understand!” He yelled, slamming his door behind him.

“I just wanted to help..” You mumbled.

“Well we don’t need your help! No! We don’t want your fucking help!”

“I told you everything yesterday for a fucking reason! This isn’t something you can just fuck around with! You aren’t apart of a club! You…You are just someone…That…That I’m messing around with!” He yelled.

“I don’t even want you at the club anymore! Just go the fuck home!” He yelled.

You stood there for a moment, tears burned in your eyes. Messing around with, you hadn’t done anything yet. You went on one date!

You shoved pass him and opened the door. You walk through the club house, wiping your tears with your jacket sleeve.

Seth watched you as you shoved open the door and slammed it behind you. He looked over to the hall and seen Roman standing there, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You didn’t need to yell at her like that. If you didn’t like the plan then you could have said. She was only trying to help.” Seth said, standing and walking out of the club house. 


You’re sitting in your living room, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, watching TV and eating pizza. Roman had acted like an asshole, yet again. You were just trying to help. Maybe going behind his back and having Seth and Dean bring it to the table wasn’t the best thing to do. 

But he didn’t need to yell at you like that. You ran a hand through your hair. “Stupid men..” You mumbled. 

Suddenly someone was knocking on your door. You thought about not answering it, but when they kept knocking, you had no choice but to get up and answer it.

You opened your door and went to close it quickly when you seen it was Roman. But he put his hand on the door, stopping you from doing that.

“Can I please talk to you?” He asked. 

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“And I can understand that. I was an asshole for yelling at you. But I don’t want you to get hurt. I’m trying to protect you like I said I could.”

“I only just got you into my life. I can lose you as fast as I got you.”

You stood there. You let go of the door, letting him in. He walked in, wrapping his arms around you and kicking the door shut.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

He rested his forehead against yours. “You’re everything I’m not….I can’t lose that…I can’t lose you. I’d never forgive myself if something happened to you.”

You closed your eyes. “I’m sorry for doing that. I just wanted to help you. “

“The club voted for your plan. So do you still want to do it?”

“Do you want me to do it? Because I won’t if you just say.”

“There isn’t much I can do about it. You want to, then do it.”

“But there’s something you need to understand. If The Kings find out that you’re working for us, or even a thought that you’re working for us. That’s it, you’re dead.”

anonymous asked:

do you think any of the members would carry a photo of their girlfriend? Like in their wallet or their wallpaper for their phone?

I think all of them would carry a photo of their girlfriend, but I will break down the specifics…

Jin - He would carry lots of pictures of you on his phone. He wouldn’t feel very comfortable setting it as his background, only because he doesn’t know who might catch a glimpse, and he wold hate to have people put you on the spot. But when they are driving around, in the practice room, or at home, he wouldn’t hesitate to have it out, looking at your pictures, some of them ones he took of you while you weren’t looking, while others are ones you two took together. He would sigh and miss you, just looking at your beautiful face. 

Suga - Since he is of the composer line, I have a feeling he carries a notebook of some kind around, so he would stash a picture of you in there. His notebook would be full of lyrics and scribbles. but somewhere in there, attached with a paperclip, would be your smiling face. He would flip to that designated page when he is feeling a need for inspiration, or frustrated with work. You give him relief and comfort, he just wishes he could actually see you instead of a picture, but he will take what he can get. 

J-Hope - You will be on his ipod. He carried the thing everywhere, finding it very important. when he turns on music to help motivate or inspire him, then he can also get a glimpse of your smiling face. He will love looking through his gallery, especially at all the candid pics he took of you; some of you eating, sleeping, studying, trying to dance. He would immediately smile and blush a little. He will burst out into laughter when he finds the pictures you took candidly of him, like the time he fell asleep when you two were watching a movie, and cherish the funny face you made at his unknowing sleeping form. 

Rap Monster - He loves to read poetry when he has the time, so I think he would use your picture as a bookmark. When he has time in the car, in hotel rooms, or late at night, he would always flip to the place where he last left off, thanking you for keeping his spot. He would stop every once in a while, pondering the things he read while looking at your picture, and wonder what you were doing at the moment. He might also wonder if you would like the poetry, and if maybe he should take a chance to read it to you sometime. He would quite enjoy it.

Jimin - He would not hesitate to make you his wallpaper. However, he would only set it as the wallpaper, and make sure to set a lock screen. He would twirl around happily, looking at the beautiful picture of you, and brag about it to the people he can trust. It would either be a really cute picture of you smiling widely, or maybe even a picture of the two of you together. Of course he would have a thousand saved, but he would never feel like it was enough. 

V - He would most likely have pictures of you on his phone, but I also think he would have one tucked into his passport. He would need it every time he goes to travel, because he always misses you so much. He would be waiting in line at the airport, away from the fans, and he would slip it out of the card pocket to take a quick look and to have you wish him a safe flight. He would do this again many times on the plain, and keep it close to him as a charm in whatever place he stays. It would be a token of comfort for him. 

Jungkook - He would have not just pictures, but videos of you on his tablet. He takes the thing everywhere for entertainment, but little do people know that he also has it by his side so he can look at you when he misses you. He has evidence of the few dates he was able to bring you on, and all the times you both had snuck out late at night to meet at the park. There would be videos of you, that you had sent him, of you doing silly things to cheer him up, or to support him in whatever he was doing at the moment. He would keep these forever, they would be his motivation, and inspiration. 

~Admin C

Here’s my first scenario:

The GOM and their s/o end up watching a sappy romance movie together and the s/o ends up in tears by the end of it.

Kuroko: As soon as the credits roll, Kuroko looks to his side to see you next to him. You were an emotional wreck, with your eyes watering and your nose running, but all he could do was smile at you warmly.
“Are you okay, ____?”
“Y-yeah. It was just really touching…” You sniffled. He let out the slightest hint of a chuckle before cupping your face gently in his hands and wiping your tears away with his thumbs.
“Next time, I promise we’ll watch a happier movie, okay?”
You nodded before he gently pecked you on the lips and you nuzzled into his warm chest, being calmed by his warmth and the feeling of him gently stroking your hair.

Kise: Chances are, by the end of the movie, Kise would be on the verge of tears himself. It wasn’t until you started crying into his chest that he decided to man up.
“What’s wrong, ____-cchi? It wasn’t that sad, was it?” He asked, obviously teasing you slightly.
“Shut up…” You mumbled between sniffles. “You were about to cry too.”
“____-cchi!!! Don’t be sad!” He cried as he suddenly tackled you, nuzzling, tickling and cuddling you to the point where your sobs became giggles which soon evolved into squeals of delight.
“Okay! Okay! I’m not crying anymore! Cut it out, Ryouta!” 

Midorima: In all honesty, despite how much Midorima liked and cared about you, the idea of watching a sappy romance film did not appeal to him in the slightest. While it managed to give you intense feels and turned you into a sobbing mess, all he could do was roll his eyes and sigh a whole lot.
“I don’t understand why you’re even crying over this film nandayo. It’s terribly cliche nandayo.” He’d continue to grumble throughout the entire movie. Eventually you became tired of his criticisms and shoved a cushion in his face before storming into the next room. “O-oi! Don’t be mad! I was just giving my opinion nandayo.”
“Yeah, well, your opinion stinks!” You cried as you scowled at him with still watery, puffy eyes.
“Well, I’m sorry nandayo.” He apologized as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “I guess I can finish the movie without complaining anymore. And, I promise I won’t ridicule you if you cry, nandayo.”
You breathed a heavy sigh as the two of you went back to the couch and sat together to finish the movie. Amazingly, he managed to keep his promise.

Aomine: Normally, watching a sappy movie would be the last thing on Aomine’s mind when you asked him to join you for a night in, but it was just one of those days when his lazy side took over and he didn’t feel like doing anything. You leaned into him with his arm around you as the saddest part of the movie played, but the only thing that could be heard aside from your soft sobs was a gigantic yawn which totally ruined the emotional build up.
“You’re such an ass.” You grumbled as you pushed off of him.
“It’s not my fault your taste in movies sucks.”
The two of you sat at opposite ends of the couch for the rest of the movie. Once the credits started rolling and you starting sobbing again, Aomine gave in and grabbed you, pulling you on to his lap and nuzzling into your neck.
“Alright, alright. Your taste in movies isn’t that bad. Happy?”
“Much.” You sighed happily as you gave him a small peck on the cheek. His expression somewhat softened, and he continued cuddling you, refusing to let go until he was sure you’d forgotten all about the movie.

Murasakibasa: The sounds of crumbling wrappers and Murasakibara’s loud chewing did little to distract you from the movie which had turned you into an emotional wreck within the first few minutes. Murasakibara on the other hand seemed to display almost no emotion as he watched, though the film itself may have been a little too mature for him.
“Ne… ____-chin, do you know what’s going on?” He asked, though you were unable to reply as you had your tear-soaked face buried in a cushion. As soon as he noticed your distress, the giant immediately grabbed you by the waist and lifted you into his lap. Before you could react, his ridiculously long arms had wrapped around you, as if he had created a wall which no amount of emotional blows could penetrate. “Now ____-chin won’t be sad anymore.” He mumbled as he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. You giggled slightly at the ticklish feeling of his long hair brushing against your shoulders which seemed to make him hug you even tighter. “That’s better.” He sighed happily.

Akashi: The very second you showed any sign of distress from watching the emotional film, Akashi was there. His arms wrapped around you comfortingly as he rubbed your shoulder while the film continued on.
“Are you sure you don’t want to watch something else, ____?” He asked several times. You knew fully well that he had dozens of different films you could choose from, but you were set on watching this one since so many people had recommended it to you.
“Please don’t cry so much. It’s just a movie. It can’t hurt you, at least not while I’m here.” He’d mumble as you clung to him. He’d occasionally grab your hand or kiss your forehead sweetly whenever he heard you sob or sniffle, and he didn’t dare move a muscle once he’d noticed you’d fallen asleep in his arms. After asking one of the maids to get some blankets and pillows, he stayed there with you in that position on the plush couch for the rest of the night.

Ok so I noticed some details on the new SU episode “The New Lars” and since I didn’t see many people pointing them out I think I should.
So, first, when Steven wakes up in Lars’s body we see well the magazine he was holding ( AND THE FACT THAT THE BOY IS NAKED) so we have an idea of what Lars was doing last night. The cover of the magazine shows a plus size girl, just like Sadie.

In this episode we also see that Lars’s parents are really cute and care and love him and that Lars wasn’t a jerk all his life, he was probably a sweet kid who used to draw and make macaroni hearts for his parents. 

Now, another thing, Steven in Lars body went to Sadie’s place and they watched a movie and apparently the main characters of the movie were two male monsters who just wanted to be together? I don’t know, I need help on this one but if that’s right I’m really happy. 

At Steven’s place when he leaves Lars’s body we see that Steven has a picture of Connie over his bed and that’s adorable.

Anyway, this episode was so full of details, I need some time.

As long as it takes. (”The eve of new years.” - Part 14) (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Description: “I’ll wait for as long as it takes, as long as I get you at the end"You meet Sebastian Stan on the street in New York. What starts off as a fan encounter stretches to an unexpected coffee date and before long you’re caught up in a whirlwind and left with an internal struggle of what to choose.

Word Count: 4632

Warnings: Sexual tension..and quite a bit of it. Language. 

Author’s note: I hope you guys like it!  Please stay tuned for a possibility of continuing instead of ending this fic. Your feedback will be the determining factor.

You decided to spend the night in as it was the last one you’d be able to spend, just the two of you. You cuddled on the couch (when Chloe wasn’t snuggled between you) for most of the evening, watching movies, eating greasy pizza and drinking Moscato. “I want to keep things semi-fancy, we have to, considering we’re in New York,” you had told him. He rolled his eyes, clucking his tongue, but he didn’t argue it and poured the glasses full. You were yawning by 9:30, but there were still two movies you had planned to watch.

“Why don’t we watch the other two in the bedroom?”

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Liam- I Think It’s The Full Moon

Request-  Can you make an imagine where the pack goes to a senior thing but you and Liam aren’t seniors so you have to take care of him but end up doing more than that ? :$ love your writing lol

A/N- Thank you! :) Here it is. I based it off of the first episode of season 5 when the rest of the pack went to senior scribe. Next up is a Malia imagine. 

“Is it a party?” Liam asked Stiles.
“No, it’s not a party,” Stiles answered, a little sick of all of Liam’s questions.
“Then what’s at midnight?” the beta asked.
“You’re bedtime,” Stiles snarked.
Liam rolled his eyes. “Why aren’t the girls going?”
“They’re meeting us there!” Stiles cried. “Will you just stop asking questions? It’s a senior thing. And you’re not a senior.”
“What about Y/n?” Liam asked. “She’s a junior. What’s she doing tonight?”
Stiles smirked, shooting a glance over his shoulder at Liam. “Babysitting you.”

“You gotta be kidding me,” you told Stiles, raising your eyebrows at the three boys standing on your porch.
“Come on Y/n,” Stiles begged. “We just need someone to watch him while we go to this thing, and make sure he doesn’t run off naked into the streets cause of the full moon.”
“Hey!” Liam cried. “That was one time! And I don’t need a babysitter. She’s only a year older than me anyway.”
You rolled your eyes as Liam pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Aren’t your parents on vacation? I mean there’s no one here with you anyway,” Stiles pointed out. “Aren’t you afraid to be alone during the storm?”
“No,” you said with a scoff. “I’m not six years old in case you hadn’t noticed.
"Oh, wow, I hadn’t actually,” Stiles snarked. “You know it’s probably your lack of maturity-”
You gave Scott a pointed look, and he grimaced. “Please Y/n,” he begged. “We’ll owe you one.”
You looked up into Scott’s hopeful face, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist his puppy dog eyes for long. Stiles was tapping his foot anxiously, and you could tell they really wanted to get to the senior thing. You stared at them for a few seconds, and then you finally sighed.
“Yeah you will,” you muttered, pulling your door open wider so Liam could come inside.
“Come on Scott,” Stiles pressed, tugging on the alpha’s jacket. “We gotta go pick up Malia. The jeep already broke down once and I don’t know how long it’s gonna last.”
“Thank you!” Scott called as Stiles dragged him off the porch and into the rain. “We owe you!”
You shut the door behind you and Liam, flicking on the kitchen light. “You can just take off your shoes there. I’ve got some left over spaghetti in the fridge if you’re hungry and we could probably watch a movie on my laptop.”
He stared at you blankly and you raised your eyebrows. You waved a hand in front of his face, asking “Liam? Are you okay?”
“Yeah sorry,” he said, shaking his head and snapping out of it. “Full moon.”
“Oh,” you said. “Okay. So popcorn?”

Fifteen minutes later, you and Liam were curled up on your couch, and open laptop placed on the coffee table in front of you. You reached up, grabbing a blanket off the back of your couch, and throwing it over you two.
You scooted closer to Liam, and he gave you a questioning look. “What?” you asked. “It’s a small blanket. Do you want it or not?”
He frowned and grabbed the edge of the blanket, scooting closer to you in the process. You both focused back on the laptop, laughing as Melissa McCarthy threw a watermelon at the drug dealer she was trying to arrest.
“So do you know what this senior thing is?” Liam asked. “They’re not lying to us about anything are they?”
“No,” you said with a laugh. “It’s something called ‘Senior Scribe’. ”
“What’s that? Is it like a senior prank or something?” he asked.
“Sort of,” you explained. “All the seniors go into the library, and then all sign their initials on the shelves. It’s like a huge right of passage. Apparently even Derek did it.”
“Oh,” Liam said. “Cool.”
“You thought it was a party didn’t you?” you asked.
Liam looked at the ground. “Maybe.”
You laughed slightly, and then a huge crash of thunder caused you to jump. Out of fear, you moved closer to Liam, your warm body pressing against his. Liam swallowed, not being able to deny that he kind of liked it.
“Oh, sorry,” you told, scooting away and blushing furiously.
“I thought you weren’t scared of storms,” he said with a smile, mocking your earlier statement. “You know, like a six year old.”
“Shut up,” you complained, blushing harder…if that was even possible.
“It’s okay,” Liam told you. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. Come here.”
He held out his arms, and you sent him a questioning glance. You were about to be stubborn and say no, insisting that you weren’t afraid, but another clap of thunder caused you to nearly jump into his arms.
He laughed quietly and tightened his arms around you, shifting so that you were both facing the laptop. He was so close to you, and you were suddenly aware of how warm he was. Did having a werewolf’s arms around you always feel like cuddling a furnace?
You looked up at him to say something, only to realize he was opening his mouth to do the same. Because of how close you were, when you turned your heads your noses were almost touching. Liam blinked, his light blue eyes flicking down to your lips.
You couldn’t help but look at his too, and you were just wondering what it would be like if he kissed you when he suddenly did.
He leaned forward, closing those few inches of spaced between you and pressing his lips softly against yours. He already had his arms wrapped around you, but he pulled them back slightly, running his hands down your waist, and to your hips.
He moved forward, kissing you a little more roughly, so that you moved backwards, your back hitting the couch cushions. His hands roughly grabbed your hips, his nails digging into them slightly, and his claws started to come out.
You gasped in pain, and Liam pulled back in shock. “Sorry,” he apologized, propping himself up on his arms. “I think it’s the full moon.”
You shook you’re head. “It’s okay I just wasn’t expecting it,” you told him.
“Uh, okay do you want me to stop?”
“No way.” You grinned, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling his lips back onto yours.

“So did you two do anything fun last night?” Kira asked you and Liam at lunch the next day. “I know Scott said you were both asleep when he came to pick Liam up.”
“Uh…we watched a movie,” you told her, not technically lying. “That was fun.”
“Oh yeah,” Liam said with a smirk. “It was lots of fun.”
Your eyes widened at his suggestive tone, but Kira didn’t seem to notice. She just smiled at you brightly. “Sounds like you guys should hang out more.”
“Yeah,” Liam said. “Do you wanna come over to my place friday and, i don’t know, watch another movie?”
You smirked. “I’d love to Dunbar.”

Betwixted and Between Pt. 1 - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N: So once in a while I really have to write the stuff coming to my mind without having anyone requested it. And here we go. I’ve been thinking about an imagine where the reader is Theo’s sister for a while now. Probably not the best set-up but… well I hope some of you like it anyway.
Compared to my other imagines so far, this one got really, I mean hella long. I would have shortened it or split it up, but I figured it would be better to have it in one piece. Enjoy readin, sweethearts! ♥

word count: 3034

Originally posted by stydiago

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anonymous asked:

I've been going through your blog & I love the way you write and couldn't resist sending in an ask. How would Akashi, Kise, Midorima, Himuro + Reo react when their s/o decides to give them the silent treatment because of a fight?

Don’t fight it dear anon, just embrace it :D

Kise: This guy just couldn’t take a hint can’t he? You were clearly uncomfortable with Kise doing the swim shoot photo session with girls who clearly had other intentions. You tried to tell him, but at the same time you didn’t want to sound jealous or interfere with his work. But seeing him up there looking as stunning as ever with or without you, and those girls with him by his side got unwanted thoughts and a nagging feeling from inside of you. “(Name)-chii~ My love only belongs to you and no one else, compare to those models and you they mean so little to me, but you mean the whole world so please talk to me.” He begged as you cast your eyes down, feeling slightly bad. “Speak to me (Name)-chii, my heart can’t bear it.” In the end, you had to give in to his sincere words.

Midorima: He broke your most favourite possession, an exquisite and expensive piece of china… just for your attention? You honestly thought he wasn’t the kind to even dare do such thing, but you thought wrong, instead you’ll have to teach him a lesson to express his feelings towards you, even if it means the cruel silent treatment. Midorima tried his best to ignore too and act as if there was nothing wrong, but hearing silence from you emptied his heart, so at this moment, he had to forget about his pride. “I was wrong,” he mumbled as if he was a child who was being punished from painting the walls. Not a word comes back from you. He sighed and tried again, “I behaved childishly, I should’ve came and confessed my feelings for you,” suddenly his heart felt whole again, because a warm smile came from you.

Akashi: When you sit still in your chair reading a book without greeting or acknowledging him when he came into the room, something was definitely off. Akashi went through his memories and think of a time where he made you angry to the point where you wouldn’t speak to him, then it hit him, last night you spoke to him something about watching a movie and dine together, but just like any other unfortunate day he just had to cancel because of his endless pile of work. You sighed in despair when he left the room without saying anything. But when you received a text from him to meet him in an excluded place, your heart nearly dropped from the scene in front of you. Dozens of roses everywhere along with vanilla scented candles with a table set in the middle just for two. “I figured you were a little angry today.”

Himuro: Almost instantly he knew something was wrong, he knew you better than anyone else, after all, you were his. Himuro couldn’t help but chuckled at your childish behaviour just because he didn’t eat the bento you made for him, truth be told, it’s not that Himuro didn’t like your cooking, it was because he had extra training in his basketball club which caused him to miss lunch. Now you were here sulking while not knowing how adorable you looked to him whilst making that face. “(Name), I downloaded a new game we can play with eachother.” Nothing. “Playing hard to get? Two can play at that game.” In a flash, you were ambushed by tickling hands which showed no mercy as you finally broke your vow of silence and pleaded surrender, but only with one condition he promised as you obediently agreed. “Feed me the bento you made for me.”

Reo: He felt like his poor heart and soul would break at the moment. That melodious voice he cherished so much has now quietened down to a dreadful silence. Reo had to think rationally if he wanted to captivate your heart and tame it once again, but he should plan it out thoroughly for you were someone he would please with utmost care and devotion, Reo knew this but he just panicked. As soon as you turned a blind eye to him while walking back home which both of you would usually do together, he picked a weed that was sprouting flowers on the crack of the pavement and ran straight towards you. “(Name)! (Name)! Please,” he panted as he gave you the plant. “Tell me what I did wrong, don’t give me the silent treatment. I miss your voice, just say one sentence, one word… Say my name.”