i watched two of his movies last night like

Don’t Call Me Baby

Here is my submission for the wonderful, lovely and perfect @supersoldierslover3K Writing Challenge. My prompt was “first night spent together”. I’ve never written a fan fic before, and Taw is the only human I would do it for. I must give credit to Taw because this is based on several conversations we have had. My favorite line is actually a direct quote from her, so really she is the co-author. I hope you enjoy it! This will most likely be my first and last work because I do not enjoy beta-ing my own work.

Summary: After finally confessing your love for each other, you and Steve discuss what pet names you want to call each other. 

Words: 1419

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: gross amounts of fluff; I mean really disgusting, barf inducing fluff. Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Lots of kissing and cuddling. Far too many movie references. Verb tense changes and bad spelling galore. Please let me know if I forgot to include anything warnings. 

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Summary: After confessing your feelings for each other, you and Bill discuss pet names for each other. 

Words: 1416

Paring: Bill x Reader

Warnings: Swearing. Suggestive dialogue. Mentions of sexual activity but nothing explicit. Fluff. Like barf inducing fluff. Bad Swedish. Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. 

I originally wrote this for my main blog with a different pairing. This will by far be my most polished fic, which I know is not saying much. 

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College parties and Drunk Assholes

Summary: ( College au) Your best friend invites you to a party, unfortunately, you can find her anywhere. Luckily you find a pretty cute guy to spend the night with.
Words: 2010
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings:  A drunk asshole, people drinking and doing drugs. This is my entry to @wanderlustingandwandering writing challenge where my prompt was “Do you want me to leave?“

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You look around the party cursing yourself, you feel so out of place right now. A few days ago your best friend invited you to a party in one of her friend’s house, you said yes in heartbeat, you felt like you need it to explore more of the college life and there is any better way to do this with a party full of strangers, right?

You don’t have anything against parties, actually, you love them. The loud music, people dancing like the world was going to end and the idea that anything could happen. You could wake up in a stranger’s bed or in someone bathtub.  

But in this party, you feel like a fish out of water. The only person that you knew it is your friend and she is nowhere to be found. You grab a bottle of beer out of the fridge, feeling that people are watching you “Hello there, princess.”

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Finn Wolfhard ~ Mistletoe ~ part four

Request/Prompt:  Nope. Just a special since its Finns birthday on the 23rd and Christmas on the 25th. 

Ship: Finn Wolfhard x fem!reader 

Summary: (for part four) It snows outside so everyone joins in on a snowball fight! When they return inside to warm up with hot chocolate, Sophia puts her plan into action and puts up the mistletoe! 

Type:  Fluff! 

Warning: Only warning would be swearing, I think. 

Word count: 3358 (including A/Ns) 

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know! 

I’m going to be doing something a little different for this, and I’m going to post each day for them on the actual day, so it’ll be split into 5 parts. If that makes sense. Hope you guys don’t mind me doing it this way! So close to being done! Remember to read part one, part two, and part three first! 

Here’s part four! (Fun Fact: Today is my 15th birthday!) 

Gif credit goes to @elloveseggos

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2 4 t h D e c e m b e r . 

Finns POV 

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Colors Tell Stories - Third Color

College!Tom AU

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Summary: Tom and reader are college students, both majoring in English - with an emphasis in Creative Writing. They met their first year and, as third years, have grown closer than ever.

Color: Green - The term “green-eyed monster” refers to a jealous person and the term “green with envy” stands for feelings of jealousy and envy. The color green stands for sickness, jealousy, and cowardice.

People that said ‘green’/Inspiration for this post: @dardevils, @taxesareallthatsurroundus, @draqcnheartstrinq, @captainamericasinnocence

Add yourself to my taglist!


First Color | Second Color // Fourth Color | Fifth Color | Sixth Color 

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Day 1: Movie Night


Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Genji/Zenyatta aka GenYatta
Rating: PG
Summary: Genji wants to watch a scary movie with Zenyatta.


Warning: This is my first (and probably last) GenYatta fic attempt.  I didn’t really wanna put it out here because these two are my second most respected pairing in Overwatch (second to AnaHardt).  But I’m posting it anyway.  It’s short and simple and cliche, but I hope you like it.



Genji grinned when he got the idea in his head to watch a scary movie with his master.  The omnic was such a gentle and kind soul, yet Genji wanted to see how he would react to something gore-filled and frightening.

He imagined Zenyatta trembling with fear and clinging to him.  Yes, his master would be helpless and he would be there to give his master the comfort he needed.  It would be the perfect excuse to cuddle with his omnic crush.

“Master, master.  There is something I want you to watch with me,” Genji called innocently to Zenyatta.

“Oh?  What is it, my pupil?” Zenyatta asked.

“It’s a movie.  You told me that you enjoy movies, but it is rare that you ever get to see them.  So I thought we could watch one tonight,” Genji explained.

“How wonderful.  I would be happy to watch a movie with you.”


Genji was ecstatic to have his master sitting beside him.  And as the movie played, he waited for the jump-scare moments where Zenyatta was sure to throw his arms around him, shivering with fright.  To see his master so vulnerable would be cute.

So, he patiently waited as the movie played, but Zenyatta never flinched.  As a matter of fact, the omnic seemed fascinated by all those scary moments that Genji hoped would trigger a cute little scare.

What had he been thinking?  Zenyatta was calm of mind and spirit.  Surely a simple horror film wouldn’t undo him.  And once the movie was over, Genji just sat there looking disappointed.

Zenyatta seemed to enjoy it, however.  "That was a very interesting movie.  It was a bit more violent than I would have liked, but it had some amusing parts as well.“

Genji simply nodded.

"My pupil.  What is the matter?  Did you not enjoy the movie?”

“No, the movie was fine, Master.  It just didn’t go the way that I’d hoped,” Genji said quietly.

Zenyatta hummed curiously.  "Were you hoping for a happy ending?  I was under the impression that a lot of horror movies had sad or scary endings.“

"It’s not that.  I was just…expecting a different reaction from you.”

“Such as?”

Genji frowned and he wished he’d been wearing his faceplate.  "I don’t know.“  Oh, he knew exactly what he’d been expecting from his master, but he couldn’t say it.  It was much too embarrassing.

"Perhaps something like this?” Zenyatta asked, leaning close to Genji and burying his face in the ninja’s arm.

Genji really wished he’d been wearing his faceplate then because he could feel his whole face become warm.

“Oh dear.  This is too scary to watch,” Zenyatta said, sliding his arms around Genji’s waist.  He looked up at his pupil.  "Like that?“

It took Genji a while to answer, but this was exactly what he’d been hoping for.  "Y-yes.  I suppose.  Something like that.”

“Then let us watch the movie again.  I will get it right this time.”

dr-sappho  asked:

Favorite movies of the paladins to watch with their s/o

so i was supposed to finish this last night but then dakota was sweet :((( oh yeah and if anyone was wondering after last night sharks may have two (2) dicks but dont worry they most likely only use one at a time (scientists dont watch sharks have sex often so we don’t know for sure)


  • chick flicks with his s/o
  • you guys shipping characters and then getting excited when they interact
  • getting mad over the guys’ bad choices
  • “babe we are a much better couple”
  • you guys make these movies so much deeper then they have to be
  • “but he only liked her because she got prettier!”
  • “idk man but all i can say is Legally Blonde was better”
  • “legally blonde surpasses all of these movies tHAT’S AN UNFAIR COMPARISON”
  • he’s also watch disney movies with you
  • you guys analyze those as well


  • action movies!!!
  • he always roots for the good guys like always
  • probably predicts a fight before it happens
  • “yeah he’s not gonna win”
  • anyway he comes for the action, stays for the plot
  • not like he’s telling anyone that though


  • kind of open to most genres
  • he does however enjoy mystery movies
  • but like to ease stress he likes to watch family friendly movies
  • like “cheaper by the dozen”
  • soft smiles and lots of cuddling
  • would probably also watch a documentary
  • he’s a very interested person ok


  • thriller/psychological/mystery
  • She likes to think and thrillers usually make you think
  • if it was a movie and not an anime, i’d say she loved erased
  • she likes to test how smart she is like WHO is the killer
  • WHO are they running from
  • not really into gore though
  • stuff like Gone Girl (hAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET But based off what ive read about the book)
  • “inception was just weird”
  • “no, katie sweetie it made no fucking sense.”


  • family/comedy
  • (okay but imagine movie night being you guys watching the food network!!!! i love the food network!!!! cooking shows bro!!!!! anyway)
  • disney movies!!!!
  • Moana would probably make him tear up me too hunk
  • Also, the Aristocats, 101 Dalmations, the ORIGINALS
  • he finds them calming and also fun
  • he cant stand pidges movies he always walks right out of the room when she starts one
Trapped - Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

The most attractive man I ever did see!  I could be trapped anywhere with this guy and be happy.  Truly.  Anyways, I hope you guys like this!  I wrote this after a 9 hour shift at work and then seeing friends so please let me know if it’s awful hahaha! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 996

Warnings: like one swear word, mostly fluff

Request: “16 and 17 w seggy? :o” - @penguinxii

Prompt: “It could be worse!” & “Looks like we’ll be trapped for awhile…”

Up next: Auston Matthews


Tyler had his arm wrapped around you on the couch while you watched a movie, the two of you enjoying a quiet night in together.  Tyler had been looking forward to not leaving the apartment all night but you had been craving cheesecake for basically the last week and you absolutely needed it.

“Hey Tyyyyy” you purred, looking up at him.

“What do you want?” he smirked.  He knew exactly what that look meant, and that he was probably going to give in to you pretty quick.

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Ong Seongwoo Imagine

I swear my house is haunted Y/N!”

“Do you really think you can trick me again Ong Seongwoo? You know what happened last time.”

The two of you have been bickering for the past half an hour after watching a horror movie and getting into a heated debate over whether or not ghosts were real. It was a usual occurrence for the both of you to ‘argue’ this way, and was one of the many reasons why your friends teased you for behaving like a long term married couple.

“Stay the night and I’ll prove it to you. Once I do, you have to buy me lunch tomorrow.” he says, leaning backwards into his chair and placing his hands behind his head, a self-assured smirk plastered on his smug face.

“You’re on.” you respond, equally as confident.

After hours of watching movies and drinking together, you finally decide to go to bed after reading that the time is 1:00am on your phone.

It was the first time you’d stayed at Ong’s house, so you were still getting comfortable and getting to know your surroundings, which is why you were so surprised once you entered his bedroom.

There’s only one bed.” the shook look on your face was enough to make Seongwoo burst out laughing, easily amused by your reaction.

“Well I guess you’re gonna have to sleep on the floor then.” he looks at you with a completely straight face. However, the ‘excuse me?’ look on your face breaks his serious facade.

“I’m kidding Y/N. You can handle sleeping by me just for a night, right?” his trademark smirk is once again spread across his face, anticipating your answer. But, you’re unable to respond as you don’t wanna give away the nervousness in your voice, the heated blush on your cheeks makes your shyness obvious though. Instead, opting for a simple nod of your head as confirmation.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I don’t bite - unless you want me too.” he throws a wink your way, but by now you’re used to his flirtatious remarks and have become a pro at handling an overconfident Seongwoo.

“I’ve spent an entire day with your annoying ass, I’m sure I can handle one night.” the tilt of your mouth as your gaze returns to his has him as shook as you were originally, leaving him standing there with his mouth hanging open as you go to change into more comfortable clothing.

You return five minutes later wearing a shirt that you found in Ong’s room, him laying in bed with the blankets wrapped around his whole body.

It’s only when you tell him to move over and stop hogging the blankets that he looks at your attire; his eyes going wide and gulping nervously.

Is that my shirt?

“Well I’m not going to wear all my clothes to bed, what did you expect me to do?” you notice the effect that you’re having on him and make him the subject of your teasing.

“Does it make you nervous to see me like this?” you lean into him, twirling your hair as you do so, smugness evident on your face.

“N-no, of course not. Just go to sleep would you?” the stutter of his words let you know you’ve won this round of teasing, and you happily grant his request by snuggling into the covers.

You’d barely been asleep for twenty minutes when you felt the blanket being yanked away from your body. You turn to Ong accusingly, expecting him to be hogging the blankets again, but you’re surprised when you see him looking just as confused as you.

“Y/N! Why did you throw the blanket across the room?!” you turn in the direction of his gaze and notice that the blanket is now spread across the floor by the door.

“I didn’t!” you recall your conversation from earlier about the existence of ghosts and can’t help feeling uneasy.

“Oh no…the ghost is back.” Seongwoo hurries to stand up, pulling you with him.

“Stay behind me Y/N.” any other time you would have berated him for his stupid pranks, but your fatigue and fear diminish any logic from your mind. So you stand behind him, gripping onto the back of his shirt.

He makes way to the door, signalling you to stay in the room as he leaves to ‘survey the area’ according to what he mouthed to you. However, a few seconds later you hear a deep scream coming from the living room and are frozen in place for a moment. 

After gathering some courage you go to find Ong. Tip toeing as you search the house for any sign of him. As you’re looking behind the couch you feel bony fingers poking your waist and a loud shout coming from behind you, causing you to release a high pitched scream. You turn to see Seongwoo hunched over, laughing uncontrollably, fueling your frustration. Once he realizes you’re not laughing, he looks up to see the rage on your face; and for the second time that night, he is shook.

I’m going to kill you!you yell, charging at him.

You’re chasing him into his bedroom, when suddenly he stops directly in front of you making you stumble into his chest. He puts his hand on your waist to keep you balanced, and looks at you warmly. Things between you two had always been playful, so it was strange to see him being like this, and even stranger when he places the hair in your face behind your ear.

“Let’s go back to bed now, yeah?” within just a few seconds he has managed to change you from a raging monster, to putty in his hands. You don’t hesitate to return to his bed, except this time you’re wrapped up within his arms and he’s placing gentle pecks to your temple. Maybe you won’t just spend one night with him after all.

(A/N I haven’t reread this or edited it, so sorry for the overall shittiness)

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drabble #57

57. “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”


“Theo please tell me you’re joking.” Liam said as he rolled his eyes.

Theo shook his head, “I’m not.” He said with determination.

Sighing and rubbing a hand down his face Liam responded “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.” He knew they shouldn’t have watched the Notebook last night but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to see if Theo would show any other emotion than his usual two which were sarcastic or angry.

“Your fault, you’re the one who showed me that movie.” He remarked with a shrug of his shoulders. “Now I want to see if it was as awesome as it looked.”

Liam threw his hands up in frustration. “Theo it was a MOVIE.” And then added sarcastically, “It’s literally their job to make it look like the kiss was something out of this world.”

“Fine. Whatever. You won’t do it with me, maybe Brett will.” Theo said sounding defeated. “Hey Brett!” He called out across the room and started to walk in his direction.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, may I please request a scenario with Ignis and a female reader: how we would hint at how he likes the reader (such as offer his jacket, etc?) Either way, I really enjoy your writing. Thank you!

TITLE: A Day in the City
AUTHOR: ladychocoberry
FIC SUMMARY: Ignis spends the day with his crush.
TAGGING: @stunninglyignis, @alicemoonwonderland, @ffxvhoe, @themissimmortal, @dizzymoogle, @ff15trashgoldenslumbers@kerbiesworld28, @fieryfantasy, @ffxv-milkshake, @sonsoflucis, @xnoctits, @theyearofdiamonddogs, @hypaalicious, @hornyoldmoogle

Ignis stood outside at a park during a breezy day of Insomnia. It was splendid weather here, but it would soon grow too cold to go out. So he and along with many others at the park, are enjoying it while it lasts. It was then when Ignis began to remind himself to grab out his heavier coats for the upcoming season.


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Pregnant (Bad Boy!Jimin)

Plot: Bad Boy!Jimin as a Father

Parts: TwoThree, Four, Five

Word Count: 1319

A/N: I’m considering turning this into a mini series (bc I’m father!bts trash) and making a few parts with how he is during the pregnancy and maybe some of him with the child after they’re born (bad boy!Jimin is here and all of the father related posts are here)

It took you two months to realize. It took you another week to actually confirm your suspicions. It took you another two weeks to actually gather the courage to tell him.

Your boyfriend wasn’t exactly ready to settle down, barely into his twenties with a love for adrenaline and parties he often took you to. The two of you had been together for three, almost four, years and he had yet to calm his ways, instead integrating you into them. You had been fine with it but now you were wondering how he would adapt to your news.

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aaaww heck yeah time for mod velvet to S H I NE BITCHESS - mod kimchi :’)))

lmao sorry i have totally strayed from the prompt and wrote a really angsty short fic lmao it gets fluffy in the end

p.s. sorry this took ages i didn’t see it in drafts until today rekt also this is so scrappy im sorry times three lmao  - Mod Velvet

Remember Me In A Year

Seventeen: Minghao
Type: Fluff / Time Skip Scenario Fanfic
Ship: Minghao x Reader /  Jun x Reader
Word Count: 1833

ft. seventeen members, sehun, minhyuk, shownu, jungkook, bambam, yugyeom, lalisa, jisoo, tzuyu, nayeon, seungjun

Mod Velvet

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School Daze 3, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Part 3 of the School Daze mini-fic! Rick and Michonne take the next step

Originally posted by girl-ninja

Rick’s head lolled to the back of the couch, his eyes closed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been here, making out with a woman like a teenager. Michonne was currently killing him softly, her mouth on his neck. He groaned, grasping her tighter, his palms overflowing with her curves.

“Shit, Michonne…” he knew he should be whispering romantic nothings to her, but his mind was going fuzzy.

Michonne, beautiful, graceful, successful Michonne, was straddling his lap, panting in his ear.

“I’m sorry,” she straightened up, her skin flushed, her chest heaving beneath her now-wrinkled dress. “It’s been so long…I just got excited—”

He cut her off with a bruising kiss, his tongue racing past her lips. “Don’t be sorry,” he told her, lacing his fingers through her thick coils of hair.

She smiled, the action almost blinding him. He wanted to see that smile often.

“We’re acting like teenagers,” she seemed embarrassed, unable to meet his eyes. He liked this side of her.

“Hey Michonne,” he grinned, kissing her lightly. “I like you. Like, like you, like you.”

She burst out laughing, her whole body bouncing in his lap. “I like you like you too, Rick.”

“We can go whatever pace you want to,” he moved his hands to a more conservative place on the small of her back.

“It does feel like we’re going very fast,” she admitted, her arms coming to rest around his neck.

She wasn’t lying. They’d been out nearly every night for the last two weeks, sometimes alone, sometimes with their sons, seeing movies, eating dinner, watching television at her house. His partner wouldn’t let up about it, prying for details that Rick wasn’t ready to give. Whatever Michonne was to him, he wanted to keep her to himself, just for a little bit longer.

“I don’t mind it,” he admitted. Every moment they shared he felt more like his old self, more like Rick, and not just Carl’s dad, or Lori’s widower, or Sheriff Grimes.

“I don’t either,” her voice was quiet. She leaned her head down on his shoulder. In response, he tightened his arms around her.

“Want to go steady?” he asked, half-joking. She snorted, slapping at his chest.

“It’s been a long time since you dated, hasn’t it?” Michonne teased.

“Didn’t want to. Not until you walked into that office,” his hands were wandering again.

“Smooth talker,” her fingers made their way to his hair. He sighed contentedly.

“I’ll say whatever I have to say,” he fired back, pulling her closer to him. “Doesn’t make it not true.”

Her lips brushed his skin again. “I’ll go steady with you,” she whispered, sending a chill racing through him.

“Thank you,” he buried his face in her neck, delighting in the shudder that tore through her body. She giggled.

“Thank you?” she asked, incredulous. “You’re something else, Rick.”

Jokingly, he jostled her. Her giggles escalated. “You like it,” he accused.

“I do,” she agreed, her voice dropping into a sultry timbre that sent arousal coursing straight through him. Her wiggling took on a much more purposeful cadence. Rick felt his head lull forward.

“You’re going to kill me,” he bunched the hem of her dress in his fists, desperately trying to get ahold of himself.

“Why would I want to do that?” she pressed her chest flush against him, rolling her hips forward. His hands moved forward almost of their own volition, tracing the smooth skin of her thighs.

Her quiet gasps and moans as his palms trailed over her only increased his resolve to see just how unbuttoned he could make Michonne. He slanted his hands beneath her dress, kneading at her until she was like putty in his grasp.

Her fingers began to work on the buttons of his shirt, popping them open efficiently until she could tug the fabric off of his shoulders. She promptly began to give as good as she got, clutching at him until Rick was sure he was making plenty of noise on his own.

“Take this off of me,” her breathless instruction drew a groan from his throat. Without hesitation, Rick tugged the dress over her head, tossing it behind the couch. She stood up, disengaging so quickly that it almost left Rick disoriented. He reached for her, determined to draw her back until he realized her goal. When her fingers curled into the waistband of his jeans, Rick quickly rose to his own feet.

“Not on the couch,” he managed to mumble. In a moment, he was going to be incapable of coherent thought, but now, he knew he didn’t want a quick tumble on his living room sofa. He picked her up, grasping her around the waist, practically running to his bedroom. They hit his mattress in a frantic tumble, the rest of their clothing disappearing at record speed.

“The boys,” Michonne made one last-ditch attempt to be logical.

“They’ll be fine,” he knew that Carl and Dre were likely still on the couch at Michonne’s house, right where they left them. They could wait another hour. Or two.

Her concerns disappeared as his body covered hers, her legs coming to wrap tightly around him. Rick glanced down at her, taking in her kiss-swollen lips, her expression of unadulterated desire, those dark wide eyes staring back at him.

“Everything is going to change now,” her voice was apprehensive, almost as though she was afraid of his response. Rick watched her form the words, felt his heart begin to race.

“I know,” without preamble, he leaned down and kissed her, groaning into her open mouth as her body welcomed his. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, arching her back, folding against him like they were made for one another. His hand found hers, latching on so tightly it was almost painful. Rick readjusted, shifting his weight. Michonne voiced her protest immediately.

“Don’t stop,” she instructed.

Rick caught her in his arms, pulling her closer. She gasped as he moved against her, clutching at him, her head thrown back in pleasure. “I won’t,” he promised.

“So…” Carl looked over at his father from the passenger seat of his truck. Rick held in his grin, knowing exactly what his son was gearing up to ask.

“So, what?” he responded lightly, his mind still partially on the woman he had just dropped back off at her home.

“So, should Dre and I start picking out tuxedos, or what?” Carl was flat out smirking now, his clever eyes seeing right through his dad.

“Not yet,” Rick laughed, laughing at his son’s expression. “But hopefully you’re prepared to see a lot more of each other.”

Carl nodded, “That’s cool. I have to teach Dre how to fight anyway.”

“Maybe hold off on that,” Rick suggested. He didn’t need two boys on some sort of punching crusade.

“Sure,” Carl’s tone suggested that he had no intention of following his dad’s instructions. Rick didn’t mind much.

“Maybe we can all take boxing lessons,” Rick said.

Carl smiled. “All four of us?”

Rick nodded. “All four of us.”

The Horror

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,050ish
T/W: None!
A/N: For Anon’s Request: “Ok hahaha well like I said I’m not a big fan of horror movies (mostly the ones from today) sooo can I request a *shocker* Philip imagine where he’s totally into horror movies and forces the reader to watch one even though she’s incredibly terrified of them?” YES. YES. YES.
Tags: @justfangirlingaround ✨ 

“Okay, what are we feelin’?” Philip asked you, tossing a blanket to you.

You were already curled up on the couch ready for movie night! It was a tradition the two of you had started when you began dating in highschool and it just stuck. Every Tuesday night was the night both of you sat down together and watched a movie of the choosing. Since the engagement and moving in together, you just combined your movie collections creating one big one. 

“You pick!” you exclaimed sitting on the couch criss-cross, “I picked the last three times.”

He rubbed the back of his neck, walking over to the cabinet you kept the DVD’s in. He always liked it better when you picked, because then he knew you’d be happy with the decision. Not that he didn’t know the movies you liked, he just wanted you to be as happy as possible, even if that meant watching specific genres or movies over again. He’d do almost anything to see you smile. Sure, picking a movie seemed like a pretty little detail, but it mattered it him. 

“Hmm,” he sifted through a couple movies, looking back to see you smiling at him like a little kid; you really loved this time with him, “How about this one?”

“What is it?” You asked, unable to read the title.

“It’s Incideous,” he could tell from the expression that came on your face that you had no idea what that meant, “it’s a horror. I don’t think we’ve ever watched one together…do you want to?”

“Umm,” you bit your lip.

“We don’t have to-”

“No, no, no! It’s your turn to pick! I’ll watch whatever!” you protested.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Originally posted by chenlos

spending every moment with Renjun before he leaves to go on tour

so kiss me and smile for me

tell me that you’ll wait for me

hold me like you’ll never let me go

Genre: fluff

a/n: I was listening to Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver and saw a very cute picture of renjun and i cried

“y/n, we’re leaving in an hour”, Renjun gently wakes you up. You two fell asleep on the couch from watching movies last night with the other members for their sleepover party before they leave. The thought of Renjun leaving has just sunk in. You didn’t want to open your eyes thinking that it will stop the time. You hugged him tighter and buried your face in his chest. “Let’s stay like this for a while”, you replied.

“You don’t know how much I’ll miss you”, Renjun said as he placed a kiss on your forehead. You finally opened your eyes and saw that he was already dressed up and just came back to lie down with you and woke you up.  His things are all packed up and placed near the doorway, waiting for Renjun to just take them and go. It made your heart sink, he hasn’t even left yet and you’re already feeling lonely.

He laced his fingers with yours and held them up. “Look, our hands are embracing each other too because they won’t see each other for a long time” he wanted to say it humorously but he realizes it too, that he won’t be able to do this for a long time. You saw the sad expression written all over his face. It wasn’t only hard for you but for him, too.

“We’ll call each other everyday, though”, you reassured him. You didn’t want to make it harder for him.

“Yeah, we will and I’ll make sure to disturb you even when you’re sleeping”, he chuckled. 

“I’d like that.” you two sat up and talked about the things you two normally chat about, temporarily forgetting about the tour. For a while, both of you were in your little world.

“Renjun, the car’s here. We’ll immediately board the plane once we get to the airport”, Mark came up to you two. He saw how yours and Renjun’s expression changed and took his leave to go to the other members. It was too sudden. One hour was too short. No, everything will still be still too short for you to prepare yourself to watch Renjun go. You stood up and walked him to their car, dreading every step as you get nearer.

“I’ll be back before you know it. Don’t get too distracted at school and take care of my moomin plushies okay?”, Renjun said as he caresses your hair while trying to lighten you up. You know that his words were meant to comfort you both but it didn’t work. The tears that you held back earlier suddenly started flowing.

“Oh no, what should I do? I’m crying” you said while trying to laugh.

“Kiss me and smile for me.”, he pulled you close to him and put his forehead against yours. “Okay.” you smiled before you wrapped your arms around his neck and tiptoed to meet his soft warm lips. You could feel his breath tickling your face. Your tears have stopped. You two finally found the reassurance that you’ve been looking for. It wasn’t a long kiss, but to both of you, it was a promise that you two would be fine even when the other is not around.

He held your hand one last time before he entered the car. You see Jeno and Donghyuck giggling at the back of the car and you knew Renjun was in for a long travel of teasing.


baronessblixen  asked:

Mulder and Scully watch a scary movie, one of them is scared but won't admit it. OR a Halloween party and one (or both) is wearing a silly costume. Bonus: Skinner is there. BUT FLUFF! 😁

Ok this is definitely fluff! And yes my Skinner love is for sure showing😁 Thanks for the prompt I hope you like it!

@fictober @today-in-fic 

  “I can’t believe neither of you have seen this movie.”  Skinner stares at you incredulously as he takes a sip of beer.

  “Something tells me we’ve already lived it so I guess we never thought to watch it.”  Mulder offers his answer with a sly smile.

  You two have been having these movie nights with Skinner once every couple weeks for the last six months.  It started out unplanned, Skinner coming over one night for dinner after you two had been officially forgiven by the F.B.I.   There was an easiness in the dynamic you three shared.  He’d been there from the beginning,  been a part of every battle wound both physical and emotional.  He was you and Murder’s oldest friend, only friend really.  Skinner was a person that could never reside in the past tense, he belonged with you two on whatever adventures you were going to have.  Even if latley that meant beer and movies.  You were happy to have a taste of normalacy, quite contented.

  “What is it we’re watching again?”  You ask as you plop down between the two men on the couch nuzzling into Mulder.

  “The Conjuring. ”  Skinner answers wearing a shit eating grin.

  “Honestly I don’t know which one of you is worse.”  You chuckle as you take a long swing of your beer.  "Ok then start it up!“  

  You’d never admit it to Mulder or Skinner, but you’re genuinely loving the movie.  What you might be loving a little more is the fact that Mulder is scared!  He is doing his damndest to hide it but every time something spooky happens, his arm squeezes a little tighter around your waist, his fingers gripping your hips with a surprising amount of urgency.

  “I’m gonna grab another beer, you guys want one?”

  “Uh huh.”  They mutter in unison eyes glued to the TV.

  You collect the beers and start to head back to the living room when you stop a few feet shy.  Mulder and Skinner are slowly inching closer to one another on the couch as the movie grows more intense.  Something happens on screen making both men jump and scream like little girls!  You walk over to them desperately trying to hide your amusement when you notice Mulder and Skinner are holding hands.  There’s no containing yourself as you erupt into fits of hysterical laughter.  They realize that they are in fact clutching each other, and make an attempt to very nonchalantly break apart.

  “I can sit on the chair if you want, let you two be alone.”  You manage to squeak out.

  “That sounds great thanks.”  Skinner deadpans as he takes a sip of his beer.

  “Yeah Scully leave us.”  Mulder snickers as he puts his arm around Skinner.

  “You know I’ve had dreams like this,” you say as you wedge yourself between the two men, “But I was always in the middle.”

  “Yeah you were in the middle in mine as well.”  Skinner tries to say it with a straight face but fails, laughter booms out of his chest as he slides back to the other end of the couch.

they can be so cruel

Summary: Your mom is a stripper, and the entire town of Hawkins knows it.  The people who talk about it most?  The high school students.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything!

Request: @20milligrxms The reader is a stripper saving up for college and gets total crap about it from everyone, except Steve Harrington.

Author’s Note: Hi!  I’m sorry this took so long, love!  And I did switch it up a little bit!  Enjoy!

Word Count: 1,079

God, you hated this place.  You hated everything about it.  You hated the buildings, the school.  Most importantly, you hated the people.  You had hated them since the seventh grade, when everyone first began to realize what the term ‘exotic dancer’ really meant.  The second that these people had realized your mom was a stripper was the second that your entire social life went downhill.

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