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Study Breaks

Author’s note: No prompt sorry!!
Because of the new announcement and the fact that I’ve been wanting to write MakoHaru again for a while uuuughhh pls forgive me

Summary: Haru wants Makoto’s attention.

Word count: 1k

Two weeks, eighteen hours and fifteen minutes.

That was how long it had been since their last kiss and Haru’s left eyebrow wouldn’t stop twitching.

Obviously his boyfriend had his reasons: exam week. He had four exams coming up starting next week and had already started reviewing three weeks ago like the good student he was. Haru had been watching him stress in those said weeks, offering massages, movie nights and of course, swim dates, but Makoto would decline every time with an apologizing smile, because, “I’m studying, Haru. Sorry.”

At some point Haru stopped asking him and decided to lay on his bed, texting Rin and the others, playing around with apps and —more often than not— watching Makoto write. This was the only way he’d get to hang out with him and since Makoto didn’t particularly mind, this became their routine.

Haru would enter Makoto’s dorm, completely wet from practice, take a shower, change (sometimes he’d borrow one of Makoto’s shirts but whatever) and join him in his room. It was nice to spend time together in silence, but Haru really started missing his daily dose of affection.

Why was this a thing?

Usually he wasn’t all about cuddling, hugging, smooching and all that mushy relationship stuff, but Makoto’s hugs were nice and warm, his kisses were soft and tender, his mumbled words were sweet and caring and god, this was killing him. He had grown used to it because Makoto had been doing these things every single day for the past three years, and here he was, longing for some attention like a drug addict.

It was one of those days again; Haru watching Makoto study from the corner of his eye and about to go grab a snack from the kitchen when an idea popped into his head. From his position he could see a patch of the skin of Makoto’s lower back as his shirt had ridden up just a tiny bit. It was enough to bare the dip and a glimpse of his boxers.

After blinking three times, Haru put his phone down on the pillow, slowly got up and walked over to the chair. As expected Makoto was so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t noticed a thing, which kind of made Haru doubt his future actions, especially since he knew how jumpy the other could be.

Oh, well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

He lifted one single finger and lightly ran it over the revealed skin.

The loudest shriek he had ever heard echoed through the small room and Makoto nearly leaped out of his chair if he hadn’t grabbed the edge of his desk. He looked up at Haru over his shoulder, glasses balancing on the edge of his nose, cheeks flushed and mouth open in shock.

“H-Haru! You know I’m ticklish!”

“I know,” Haru answered dully. “That’s why I did it.”

His response sounded like that of a sad puppy. “Is there something you want?”

“For you to take a break.”

“Ah… I can’t. I gotta finish this chapter. No, wait!”

Haru’s patience had officially left the building so he firmly grabbed Makoto’s waist with both hands and started squeezing. Since Makoto had pretty much grown immune to tickling due to his constant play fights with his brother and sister, Haru knew he had to catch him off guard if he wanted to get a reaction and go for his worst spots right away.

Poor Makoto was rocking back and forth in his chair, trying to grab Haru’s wrists while letting out one bark of laughter after another, accompanied with several snorts and yips. Most of the time their tickle fights were one-sided in which Makoto would have the upper hand, so Haru knew the tables could turn any minute and he had to be fast and thorough.

And so, Haru wormed his hands under the sweater Makoto was wearing and started fluttering his fingertips all over his back. This had Makoto literally screaming with laughter and his entire body jumping in synch with every little movement Haru’s fingers made, head thrown back against Haru’s chest and lips stretched into one of the silliest grins he had ever seen.

Haru was absolutely enthralled by the crinkles around Makoto’s eyes, the dimples in his cheeks and most of all his gorgeous laughter. The low and short chuckles he was used to were nothing compared to the cute high-pitched laughter Haru was hearing right now. Now that he thought about it, this was probably the first time Haru had ever gotten such a good look at his face during a tickle fight.

“Stohop! Haruuu!”

Poor Makoto was forever failing at getting a hold of Haru’s hands as they kept switching places, which was one of the techniques Makoto himself had used on him not too long ago. He pleadingly looked up at Haru with tearful eyes and Haru, wearing a somewhat smug expression, stared back down and stopped tickling for a few seconds.

“Take a break.” And give me attention.

“Ugh, can’t I at least finish my sen— Eeh! Okay, okay! Break, I’ll take a break!”

Unfortunately for him, Haru’s hands had still been near his ribs and threateningly curled their fingers, brushing lightly over the flesh.

Satisfied, Haru pulled back and sat back down on the bed, keeping a very casual posture. It was really hard to bite back his victorious grin that he was wearing on the inside so he hoped that Makoto would come kiss him soon. He sat there quietly as Makoto obediently took off his glasses, closed his notebook and went to join him.


Or not.

In less than two seconds he was struck down, fearfully watching as his merciless, thirsty for revenge ass of a boyfriend smiled down at him. His legs were trapped between the other’s, hands pinned on either side of his head and Haru knew that the next few minutes of his life were gonna be very long and very bad.

Makoto was the kindest person he knew, except when it came to tickle fights in which he was the most ruthless and experienced on top of that.

“If you wanted my attention that badly, you could’ve just said so.”

Shut up.”

In the end he did get his kisses and cuddles, though.

Last night I dreamed there was an early 90′s movie called Super Star Wars that was a parody/remake of the original Star Wars and it was filmed by Frank Darabont (I watched Sunday night’s TWD last night, so maybe that’s why his name was on my mind?).  Super Star Wars had Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford in it and I guess they played parody versions of their original characters. In the few shots of the film I saw they were dressed in relatively contemporary Earth clothing though, maybe a decade or two out of date (for the early 90′s).  I kind of thought they looked like reporters in a newspaper office or something.  

I wasn’t sure how I had gone 20+ years and was only just now hearing about Super Star Wars. The way I found out was a YouTube video of some guy interviewing Frank Darabont (I guess it was supposed to be him, but I’m not really sure what he even looks like).  In the interview they were making fun of some ridiculously lame old video of a Super Star Wars party being held in some stadium somewhere, I think maybe somewhere in Russia.

What a night.

Late night talks & cigarettes

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,018

i was trying to sleep just now and couldn’t get this lil entry of calum’s out of my head.. so i got to imagining things and this happened

enjoy xx

Of course, Calum wanted to spend his last night before you left to go back to university. And after watching endless movies in his hotel room together, you ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Sure, you two have cuddled before, you were best friends. Things like this weren’t that uncommon between you two, since over the years of your friendship you had gotten so comfortable around each other. But halfway through the night, you began to stir, drawing your arms closer to you in attempts to bring Calum’s torso closer to you.

One thing was wrong: Calum wasn’t there.

This realization took you a while to comprehend, for you were still half asleep, but when you sat up and blinked your eyes a few times and fully realized he wasn’t there, you began to panic–this was his hotel room. Had your embarrassing snoring kept him up, so he left to go sleep in Michael’s room next door? 

You yawned, sitting up in the bed a little straighter, when you noticed the door to the hotel room’s balcony was slightly open, catching a glimpse of Calum sitting out there.

Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you slowly walked over to the open door, sticking your head out. Calum was sitting, with his journal open in his lap, staring out at the night sky with a cigarette between his fingers. 

You knew you shouldn’t read his personal journal entries, but it was only 4 lines written across the top. Squinting your eyes and trying to decipher his handwriting, you finally were able to make out:

and you’ll move on
and fall in love with another brain
another soul
and i’ll still be here

The cryptic writing intrigued you, and you wanted to know what the hell it was about.


Your voice spooked him, and instantly he grabbed the journal and held it so you couldn’t see the small entry written at the top of the page. “Y/N? What are you doing up so late?”

“I should be asking you that.” You said, taking a seat in another chair on the balcony. “Whatcha writing about at this time?”

“Nothing important.” He stated, shutting it.

“Oh, come on Calum. You never share anything you write in that book with me. I’m your best friend, just read me one thing.”

“No.” He stated firmly. “It’s not something you should be reading.”

“Fine.” You said, crossing your arms in front of your chest and watching as he took another drag from the cigarette. “I know what you wrote anyways.”

“You do?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. You nodded. “How?”

“I’m a sly bitch.” You said, grinning wildly. “Talk to me about it. What does it mean?”

“Nothing you should know about. It’s private, you shouldn’t have read it anyways.” He told you.

You sighed. “Will you at least tell me who it’s about?”

“I’m sure she knows damn well who it’s about.”

“What if she’s a dumbass?”

“You aren’t a dumbass, Y/N.”

The second he said it, he knew he fucked up. Your eyes just widened, not knowing what to say. “It’s…it’s about me?”

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Would it be so terrible if it was?”

“But,” You started to say, getting lost again. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Y/N. You’re leaving in 8 hours and you won’t see me for another 9 months. You’re going to move on, figure out your life because you’re so fucking smart and actually studying to get a degree and after that you’ll get some great job and fall in love with some smart doctor and where will I be? In a studio, writing songs about you and me and more importantly how I’m going to be alone. I’ll be alone and you’ll be living your life with your doctor husband but I’ll just be waiting, Y/N. Because I’m really the dumbass that can’t gather up the courage to actually do something about this and instead of sharing my feelings towards you, I’m just going to shut my damn mouth and wait on the sidelines and hope the universe cuts into my life and changes things for me.”

You stared at him, his dark brown eyes staring right back at you, a terrified look glossing over his eyes. He was scared to see how you would react, and most likely scared of being denied. 

“You won’t be waiting, Calum.” You told him softly, reaching out and grabbing his hand. 

“Oh really, because I’m pretty sure–”

“Calum, would you shut the hell up and realize what I’m trying to say here.” He stared at you and shut his mouth, silently urging you to continue. “You won’t be waiting because I’m right here. And if you really don’t want me to leave, I won’t. I’d rather be with you because honestly, I don’t know how you didn’t see how fucking in love I am with you.”

“Y-You love me?” He asked, sitting up straighter, as if he was getting more excited.

“All the other guys know, I have no idea how you didn’t realize it sooner.” You said, a dry laugh escaping your lips. “I don’t want anyone else, Calum. Not some smart, rich doctor. I want you, the weird kid who writes songs in his free time and is secretly an extremely amazing poet, in my opinion. I really wish you would share more of what you write in this thing.” You said, taking the journal gingerly in your hands.

“Just for the record, I love you too.” He mumbled, taking another drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the ash tray.

“I think that goes without saying.” You laughed.

He smiled brightly at you, his eyes looking gorgeous in the moonlight. “Y’know, if you wanna read a thing or two in here,” He said, taking the journal and flipping through the pages. “There’s this one entry from a few days ago…” 

I just watched DragonBall Z Battle of the Gods last night.

Guess who two of my new fav DBZ characters are? BTW I love DBZ if you didn’t know.

I love how the God of Destruction is a dork who loves pudding and I love how Whis basically acts like his mother. It’s so great.

Also threw in Buu and Vegeta back there cause they’re also favorites and cause of the movie.


Summary: You leave scratches on Calum’s back during sex and the next morning all the guys see.

Warnings: Smut

You sat on the couch next to your boyfriend Calum, only half watching the movie on tv. You two tried to spend as much time together when he was home from tour, especially nights alone like this. However, this one was a little on the boring side and you were starting to get antsy. 

“Babe, are you as bored as I am?” Calum asked, as if he could read your mind.

“Yes,” you replied, “This is the last time I let you pick the movie.” 

Calum laughed and asked, “How about we ditch this movie and to bed?” The sparkle in his deep brown eyes told you he was not talking about sleeping.

“You had me at ditch the movie,” you answered, jumping up. Calum grabbed your hand and lead to back to the bed room. When you stepped through the door, he swept you up bridal style and carried you over to the bed. You giggled softly as he lowered you onto the sheets.

Calum pulled off his shirt before crawling on top of you. You ran your hands down his toned chest and abs, easily your favorite part of his body. Okay maybe second favorite. His warm lips connected to yours, igniting that spark inside you always felt when you kissed him.

His hands slipped under your shirt, helping you take it off. Since you had just been hanging out at home, you hadn’t been wear a bra. Calum smirked at your bear chest, running his hand over them, as he pressed his lips to your neck. He let his tongue trace a line from your jaw to your collar bone then kissed his way back up. 

You ran your hands through his wild dark hair, as his moved lower and lower down your body. You nudged his chin up, to gain access to his neck. You kissed and sucked on the soft skin as he slipped his hands down your pants. He began to rub you over your underwear, making your core ache. You moaned against his neck as he slipped a finger into you. 

“I love when you get so wet for me babe,” Calum mused, as he pumped his finger in and out of you. You ran your fingers down his back, knowing he loved how it felt when your nails scraped against his skin. It told him he was doing a good job.

“Calum I need you,” You whined, desperate for more of him.

“Your wish is my command,” he smirked, unbuttoning his pants. His bulge was straining against his boxers as he pulled off your pants and underwear. “You’re so sexy y/n,” He purred, removing the final piece of clothing. He lined himself at your entrance, rubbing his tip teasing over your core.

“Calum please,” you begged, aching for him to be inside you. 

Calum chuckled softly, “Sorry babe, you know how i love to see you beg.” With that he pushed his length inside you. You gasped, no matter how many times you slept with Calum you could never quite prepare for his thickness. After giving you a second to adjust, he began to rock his hips back and forth. He gripped you hims, allowing himself to get into a rhythm. 

You dug your fingers into his back as he hit your sweet spot deep inside you. He moved so smoothly and so quickly it made your stomach knot up with pleasure. He nipped at your neck again, eliciting breathy moans from your lips.

Calum reached running his rough finger over your clit. You hissed, clawing at his back as he rubbed quick circles over your sensitive bud. Calums hips rocked harder into you, finally pushing you to climax.

“Shit Calum,” you moaned, desperately scratching down his back. Seconds later Calum hit his high, releasing himself inside you.

“Fuck,” he groan tilting his back, as he rode it out. When you were both finished, he pulled out and rolled next to you. He wrapped you up in blankets and peppered kisses all over your face, causing you to giggle.

“I love you y/n,” he said cuddling against you.

“I love you more,” you replied before you both drifted off to sleep.


The next morning you woke before Calum. You smiled, loving how the rising sun seemed to make his skin glow. You slipped out of bed, pulling on some soft shorts and one of his big tees, before tiptoeing into the kitchen. You decided to surprise Calum with some pancakes, which were his favorite. You were just about done when walked in with sweatpants hanging low on his hips and a hint of sleepiness in his eyes.

“Morning babe,” he said coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around you. He kissed your cheek and took in a deep breath. “Mmm pancakes, you’re the best.” 

“You know it,” you smiled, “Grab a plate they’re ready.” Calum set the table and you loaded the plates with pancakes. As always you made way too many, but hopefully Calum was really hungry. 

You  two ate in a comfortable silence, the warm pancakes filling your empty stomach. You were just about finished when there was a knock at the door. The two of you exchanged a confused glance, wondering who it could be at this hour. Since your were finished, you said you would get it.

“Good morning!” a voice shouted as soon as you swung the door open. Three familiar faces were standing in front of you. It was Calum’s band mates, Luke, Michael and Ashton.

“Uh hey guys, I wasn’t expecting to see you,” You said, wondering why they were here.

“Yeah well we woke up and there was no food in the house and we were kind of hoping you made some breakfast,” Ashton admitted. 

“And it smells like you did,” Michael said eagerly. You laughed, knowing they must be desperate if they drove all the way over here.

“Well come in,” You said stepping aside, “Calum and I were just eating. They guys followed you back to the kitchen. You pulled out more plates as the guys joined Calum at the table. 

“Its a good thing you guys came honestly because I made way too much,” you said piling on pancakes on their plates.

“Don’t worry y/n, well take care of that,” Luke replied. You set the food down in front of them as Calum got up to bring his plate to the sink.

“Holy shit Calum,” Michael said with a full mouth. 

“What?” he asked, turning around. It was then you noticed the long red lines all over his back as a result of last night.

“Your back,” Ashton giggled. Calum eyes widened as he realized what they meant. 

“I guess you two had a good time last night,” Michael teased, causing your cheeks to turn red. 

“I didn’t know you were so aggressive y/n,” Luke laughed. The rest of them joined in the laughter, tossing out some more jokes at yours and Calum’s expense.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Calum fired back, “Just shut up and eat your pancakes.” 

a/n: okay sorry this ending is so lame im mad tired rn and couldn’t think of how to end it and i felt like it was already to long so yay for abrupt endings.


Dean Winchester Smut- And….CUT!

A/N- My idea for this is all wrapped up and in pieces, so that would be why i didnt do it last night. Anyway, here’s some smut to start off my posting of, well, more smut today :) Enjoy ya’ll, and credit to gif owner. (I was worried for like 5 minuted bc you guys weren’t requesting then i remembered that I closed them)

     Cuddled up to Dean’s side, the soft blanket came over the two of you, your legs on his lap. The movie had been dragging on, you never actually wanted to sit on the couch and watch a movie, but Dean did, so you did. 

        The scene went from the babysitter watching the kids to a fairly graphic sex scene with the father she worked for. “The mom should fire her.” You laughed, looking up at Dean. Completely glued to the screen, Dean’s hand was mindlessly running up and down your leg. 

     Smirking, you figured he hadn’t heard you anyway. Sitting up, you pulled his face with your hands, kissing his lips slowly. Dean kissed you back immediately, his hands going from your legs to your sides, pulling you up to sit on his lap and straddle him. You kissed him a little harder, lightly biting then pulling on his bottom lip. 

    Earning a groan from his mouth, you began to grind slowly on his clothed cock. Groaning into your lips, Dean bucked his hips  up, a silent ‘please’. “Patience, baby..” You spoke breathlessly into his mouth, moving to kiss his jaw. Dean’s hands gripped your ribs harshly, controlling your grinding. 

       Reaching your hands down, you grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head.Running your hands down his exposed abdomen, you started to kiss his collar bone, savouring his sweet skin. Warm hands grabbed the back of your shirt, pulling it over your head. Dean’s hands wandered, finding the clasp of your bra and taking it off your chest. 

     His greedy hands came to your breasts, slowly rubbing them. Taking your left nipple in his fingers, Dean rubbed it, suckinging on the other one. Your head went back as you moaned, feeling your wet core leak through your shorts. Dean sucked and kissed your breasts, a silent praise to your body. Lifting up slightly, you pulled your shorts and panties down, letting them fall off the couch. 

     Before returning to straddle him, you unbuckled his jeans, you pulled them down with his boxers, his erection standing against his stomach, leaking pre cum. Leaning down, you licked him from base to tip quickly, teasing him. Pulling away as he groaned, you smiled up to him, quickly taking him in completely.

   Impatient, you bobbed your head a limited amount of times before pulling off his cock, his face turning to shere confusion. Pulling yourself up, you straddled him again, lining him up with your hole. “Fuck…” Dean moaned, his hands on your hips. Sliding onto him , you gasped, his size a large change from the normal emptiness. You began to grind down, moving your hips back and forth. “F-fuck don’t stop.” Dean moaned, his head on the back of the couch. “I didn’t plan on it…” You moaned, your breathing heavy. Holding his shoulders, you started to thrust faster, your chest bouncing. 

      Dean’s hands moved to grope your breasts, playing with your nipples. Groaning deeply on your chest, Dean sent vibrations through your body, causing you to clench tightly around him, your cum running down his shaft. “Oh my- Fuck-” You screamed, riding out your high. Dean held your hips again, bucking his hips into you. “Fuck- Y/N- I love you…” Dean moaned loudly.