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Jeon Jungkook + Kim Yugyeom

**REQUEST: heyyy i was wondering if you could do a smutty smut with yugyeom and jungkook where they both like you and they ask you to choose one of them but you can’t and so they both fuck you??? it’s ok if not, i know it’s weird but idk i just have a thing for maknaes 😏

Type: SMUT

Word Count: 3378

It was Namjoon who introduced you to Jungkook, and Namjoon who introduced you to Jackson who introduced you to Yugyeom. Your friendship with each of them was different, but equally as important to you.

Jungkook loved to make you laugh. He was always right by your side whispering silly things in your ear, laughing as your cheeks turned red from his words. You found yourself with him a lot, always watching movies and sneaking around with black baseball hats and masks just to see how long the two of you could goof off before someone recognized him. You spent your Sundays  in the dorm with him, legs draped over his lap watching what ever movie he chose- he always chose the movie. He had cried to you a few times, you were a sense of comfort for him and he wasn’t scared to tell you how much you meant to him.

Your friendship with Yugyeom was similar, but different in so many ways. You made him nervous despite how close the two of you had become. He’d listen to your problems and tell you all of his own. It was always late nights with him, sitting around a wooden table with your hands being warmed by the coffee he would place in front of you. It wasn’t all serious though. You found yourself at his practice a lot, you didnt care if he knew how much you loved to watch him dance. You would be the one to make Yugyeom blush by telling him how great he was all the time which was usually followed by you telling him how cute he was with the way he would smile with rosy cheeks.

You were sat there in your favorite cafe reading the latest book for a class you were taking, completely oblivious to the world around you. The only thing that was able to pull your attention from your book was a coffee cup that was being placed down on the table. You looked up and smiled, Yugyeom standing over you looking nervous.

“Hi love! What are you doing here?” You said checking your phone. He should have been at practice.

“I uh,” He sat down, his long legs caused his knees to touch yours. “I wanted to ask you something.” He said sliding the cup over to you.


“So you know how I asked you to the award show the other day?” he said nervously kneading his hands.

“The award show that I said I would go to you with? You’re not dumping me are you?” You joked making him blush.

“Oh, no never Im really excited.” He started with a smile. “Its just… I wanted to know if maybe you would want to get dinner with me another time… You know.” He said avoiding your eye contact. You smiled and bit your lip.

“Are you asking me on a date?” You said, smiling at him with excited eyes.

“I guess I am.” He said. Before you could answer your phone began to ring, Jungkooks name flashing on the screen. You smiled reassuringly to Yugyeom as you answered the phone.

“Hey, y/n I need to talk to you.” He said in kind a panicked tone.

“Whoa, hey are you okay?” You asked, your eyebrows pushing together.

“Is Yugyeom there?” He said. You looked up to Yugyeom who looked like he was going to be sick with nerves.

“Um, yeah he just sat down why?”

“I wanted to take you out. Like on a real date. I want to be with you, y/n” He said. You squeezed the bridge of your nose and ran your hand through your hair.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You said looking to Yugyeom who looked at you with concerned eyes.

“Its Jungkook. Asking me out.” You said.

“Where are you?” You said into the phone sternly, trying to keep your cool as best you could as a thousand things started to run through your mind.

“The dorms.”

“Up. Now.” You said to Yugyeom, before hanging up on Jungkook.

You loved the boys and you would be lying to yourself if you say you hadn’t started to grow feelings for them. As you walked quickly with Yugyeom you tried to push your thoughts out of your head but you couldn’t.

You loved the way Jungkook made you smile. How even when you were crying hysterically he was still able to make you laugh. But when you were with Yugyeom in that state the way he’d hold you close to his chest made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. You loved the way Jungkook would tease you, chasing you through out the dorm to get something you had taken, and the way he would wrap his arms around your waist and spin you around playfully. But you also loved the way Yugyeom would wipe the frosting of your favorite cupcake on your nose, something he always had plenty of just for you. You loved the way Jungkook held you when he said goodbye, but you loved the way Yugyeom held you when he said hello.

You were so caught up in trying to figure out what you were going to do you didnt even realize you had made it to Jungkooks dorm.

“Why did you bring me here.” Yugyeom said, looking torn.

“I… We will talk about it upstairs.” You said punching in the code and pushing the door open.

It felt like the most awkward intervention ever. The two boys sat on the couch, awkward and hands folded in their laps as you sat across from them on the coffee table. You sighed a few times thinking you were ready to start talking but nothing came out. Finally, you spoke.

“I love both of you.” You said, watching as both of their breathing increased.

“I love both of you so much.” You laughed to yourself while shaking your head. You rubbed your face once before looking back to them.

“Why would you do this to me?” You said wrapping your arms around your self.

“Im crazy about you, y/n. I have been for the longest time.” Jungkook whispered, scared he might say the wrong thing.

“You know how I feel about you.” Yugyeom said even softer.

“I literally can’t think of one thing that makes one of you better than the other.” You said looking up, you knew at the end of this you were going to lose one of your closest friends and that broke you heart.

“You both are such assholes.” You said sternly looking back to them. “What gives you the right to ruin the relationship I have with my two favorite people.” You said getting loud.

“So you don’t want to be with me?” Yugyeom said looking at you with sad eyes.

“Are you stupid? I want to be with you so bad. Both of you. I just.. I can’t choose.” You said shrugging.

“Y/n, please.” Jungkook said reaching forward to put his hand on your knee. You looked over to Yugyeom and your heart broke. He looked like he was going to be sick.

You stood up and with arms still crossed left the room. Out of habit you started to brew yourself coffee, you needed something to help you think, coffee was good at that. Your fingers drummed on the counter as you started to weigh your options again. But once again for every good thing about Jungkook there was something that met it for Yugyeom.

“Y/n, Im sorry about all of this… I didnt think it was going to be this hard.” Yugyeom said walking into the kitchen, his hand rubbing nervously at the back of his neck. You looked at him and your heart melted. He was so sweet for wanting to care for you. You wanted that in your life. But Jungkook would take just as good care of you.

You were striding across the kitchen before you could even realize what you were doing. Your hands rose to take his cheeks and you didnt hesitate to bring his face to yours. Kissing him felt like everything and nothing at the same time. Your heart raced and the tips of your body tingled, but you couldn’t hear any thing. His lips fit yours perfectly and he didnt hesitate to wrap his arms around you. Being this close to him made it hard for you to step away, the want to deepen the kiss strong, but once you did all you could think about Jungkook. Maybe he was the one.

The coffee forgotten you walked away from the stunned Yugyeom and into the living room. Jungkook stood quickly, but before he could say anything you were kissing him. The actual feeling of kissing Jungkook was so different than Yugyeom, but the feeling it gave you was so similar.

You pulled out of the kiss and groaned, stomping your foot and crossing your arms. The two boys looked at you both confused and worried.

“I thought that would clear things up for me.” You said looking at both of them.

“Thought?” Jungkook said.

“It was the same…” You said before making a ‘poof’ noise along with a hand motion to indicate they had both blown your mind.

What happened next caught you off guard. Yugyeom had looked over to Jungkook before stepping forward and kissing you again. You were taken aback by his forwardness, it was a side of him you didnt see very often, but loved when it came out. You would have been mortified to be kissing Yugyeom the way you were in front of Jungkook, but the feeling of strong fingers on your waist and another set of lips on your neck made you shiver.

“Let us prove to you how much we want you.” Jung kook whispered against your neck as Yugyeom nodded, his lips brushing yours.

You shocked yourself when you nodded. Having the two boys you loved the most at the same time scared you and was something you’d never think you’d be doing, but to justified this you just told yourself it would be the best way to choose.

They led you to the bedroom not talking, your nerves exploading, both in the scared sense and the heat that started to pool between your legs. One in the room and sitting on the bed, Jungkook was the first to kiss you, his hand reaching up to meet your cheek as he sat next to you to deepened the kiss. It surprised you when his tongue touched yours, but it was something that was alot easier for you to melt into than you realized. You gasped into his kiss when the feeling of a hand running up your thigh made you jump. Thinking it was Jungkook you pulled away, only to be surprised to see the hand belonging to Yugyeom.

You lent towards him, kissing him again and loving the way he tasted as Jungkook took ahold of your other leg. Out of instinct you let your knees part, and soon Jungkook’s hand went from just stroking the length of your thigh to adding in a little teasing to your clothed core. The moment the teasing earned a breathy moan from you Yugyeom started to undress your top half, only stoping his kiss when he pulled back to make sure this was okay. You bit your lip and slightly nodded letting him slip the shirt over your head. The two took a second to take in your body before Jungkook was guiding your chin back towards him.

He laid you down and intertwined his fingers with your hair as he deepened the kiss. The feeling of another set of lips meeting the skin of your stomach made you moan again, a tingling feeling erupting through out your stomach. You hooked one arm around Jungkooks neck while your other hand placed softly to Yugyeoms neck, his own hands making quick work of unbuttoning your jeans. You bent your knees and rose your body so Yugyeom could pull the pants from your hips and chuckled accidentally at his eagerness to get them off of your body. Your chuckle was immediately silenced by the placement of Jungkooks tongue. Now there were three hands on you. Both of Yugyeom’s were slowly running up your now bare legs as his mouth kissed along the hem of your underwear, as Jungkooks free hand traced along the top of your breasts.

You wanted to moan a name as their fingers set your nerves on fire but you weren’t sure who’s to say. In stead you just gasped, your body sitting up slightly as Yugyeom placed a kiss right over your center. Though jealous Yugyeom got that reaction out of you, Jungkook took this opportunity to unclasp your bra and lay you back down so he could take it off. His lips started to kiss your skin, gently at first but then with such passion and sucking that you knew there were going to be marks later. Your hand took ahold of his hair as a silent plead for him to let up but it only make him kiss and nip harder.

You gasped again when Yugyeom pushed aside your underwear and slipped two fingers along your entrance. You didn’t even realize how wet you had become until then and the feelings of his fingers slipping easily up and down you made you even wetter. You felt his lips on your hip as Jungkooks left your skin. Your eyes opened slightly to see him stripping of his shirt and you smiled. You always loved seeing him shirtless, he was just so beautiful. His lips returned to yours and held yours for a while before a new feeling was erupting through your body. Some how Yugyeom had pulled your underwear off and now had his hot tongue pressed to your core, trailing it upward at an agonizingly slow rate. You sat up again slightly with another gasp as he did so and tilted your head back, just the sound of your wet against his tongue made you squirm. Jungkook took this opportunity to undress himself.  If Yugyeom got to do this first than why shouldn’t he get to enter you first?

What he didn’t expect was at the sight of his naked erection your hand would find his member and start to pump. His breath would hitch and he’d chuckle lightly, not expecting you to be that forward, but as Yugyeom intensified his licking and sucking your pumps where becoming nothing more than a tightening grip around him.

You couldn’t catch your breath. The way Yugyeom’s tongue flicked and rolled against your core seemed to hit  sensitive nerves every time. You couldn’t fight the natural way your body arched and your eyes closed as his arms wrapped around your legs so you couldn’t get away. From their position one of his long fingers found its way to your sopping clit and started to work it. Your body arched again, the familiar tightening feeling you only ever got by yourself threatening in the pit of you. You breathed hard once, trying hard to get air flow back into your body as you gripped his hair with one hand and Jungkooks arm with the other. Jungkook brought his lips down to your neck again and traced his hand up your side till his fingers were brushing along your erect nipple. You moaned at that making him smile and in a swift movement he gave it one hard pinch, and you came undone. You pushed your hips up as your thighs shook slightly, by far one of the hardest orgasms you’ve ever had. You held on tighter to Jungkook as Yugyeom swallowed every last bit of your juices, so proud that he had made you feel so good.

Your hands immediately covered your face as you realized what had just happened. You were ready to give yourself to Yugyeom completely, just tell him he had you and all of you, but soon Jungkook’s lips pressed to your neck again and with a hot breath he whispered. ‘My turn, baby.’

Yugyeom stood and stripped his shirt and began to undo his pants when he noticed you looking at him, your head rolled to the side as Jungkook pushed your knees in a way that he could better line up with you. He crawled onto the bed and placed a kiss on you, your taste heavy on his lips. He pulled away too soon for your liking but your attention was brought back to Jungkook who had just started to tease your core with his member, your breath hitching as you were still over sensitive from Yugyeom. You couldn’t look away from Jungkook. His eyes had darkened and his bottom lip was taken between his teeth as he watched intently to his member sliding into you. You moaned once as you gripped to the sheets on either side of you. Everything around you disappeared as your eyes closed and the only thing you could think about was the feeling of him inside of you, slowly pumping as you adjusted to his length and width.

It wasn’t until he thrusted once hard into you did your eyes open back up. His hands on either side of your waist you pumped into you harder and harder each time until the feeling of Yugyeom getting on the bed next to you made him slow down. You looked up to Yugyeom and bit your lip, his member standing proud and soon you were pulling Jungkook out of you and flipping around to face Yugyeom. You took his member in your hand before wiggling your behind at Jungkook to resume, which he did immediately, the thought of you choosing Yugyeom right then wiping out of his mind as he committed to taking his claim on you.

You smiled at your shy Gyeom before taking his whole in your mouth, allowing the heavy pounding of Jungkook behind you create a forward and backward motion. You groaned around Yugyeom making him moan at the vibrations. His hands now finding their way into your hair to hold you as close around him as he could get. You tried to focus on pleasing him, but soon the feeling of your g-spot being hit as Jungkook figured you out made you suck in a deep breath of as and pull yourself away from Yugyeom. You turned slightly to look back at him, his eyes set on him entering you while his fingers dug into your butt. You hid your face in your shoulder, biting slightly as he hit the same spot over and over again. Your hands gripped onto Yugyeoms thighs as you tried to brace yourself for what you knew was coming. Your knees started to slide together as you felt yourself tightening around him. He lent forward, his chest now pressed to your back as his hand found your clit, just to help.

'Cum for me baby girl.’ Jungkook said into your ear as he let out four last hard pumps.

You tried to hold on but the constant nagging of his finger and the pounding that hit you just well enough to make you squirm made the coil tighten quicker this time. You gripped tighter to Yugyeom and let out a shaky 'ahh’ as you came undone around him. His arms supported your body as your arms began to shake, your second orgasm just as intense as the first. Your head fell forward into Yugyeoms chest as Jungkook softly pulled himself out of you. Your eyes were watery and your mouth was dry. Jungkook chuckled lightly as he flopped down next to the two of you. You rolled off of Yugyeoms chest to sandwich your naked body between the two boys. You could hardly keep your eyes open as you fought for some thing to say.

“So, Y/n… Who do you chose?’ Jungkook said.

'Kook, not now.’

'I choose…’

The Secret (6)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Zoe, the movie’s about to start!” you shouted through your apartment, throwing a handful of popcorn into your mouth while the opening credits of another Disney film lit up your TV screen. This was how you spent your Sundays with Zoe, being lazy and watching movies while the weather grew colder outside. It was definitely colder in Seoul than what you were used to in your hometown.

Zoe came into the living room huffing and puffing with her lips pulled into a pout. “We can’t watch the movie. I can’t find Mr Snuggles,” she grumbled, climbing onto the sofa to check behind it.

“Have you checked the bathroom? You were giving Mr Snuggles a bath in the sink this morning,” you remembered, holding her hand so she could safely jump off the sofa and sprint out of the room again.

Five seconds later, Zoe’s voice echoed from the bathroom. “I found him!”

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Sound the Alarms: 08

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Angst, Self-Harm, Mentions fo Suicide, Oral, Intercourse, Slight Dirty Talk, Cumplay, Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation
Word Count: 6,494

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There are things that are meant to happen, written in the stars and tattooed in invisible ink in the air. They’ll happen no matter which turn you take in the path of life, or how many delays are in the way. They’ll wait for you right until the end when it’s time for a new beginning.

This was probably not one of those things.

That probably doesn’t change anything.

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I’ve Known You All My Life (Part Two)

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 1,967

Hello everyone! I just want to say thank you to everyone who read the first part. I can’t thank you all enough for your lovely comments. I take requests! Just message me or comment below :) I hope you all like it! (If you’d like to be tagged in future fics, please message me!)

Part One

tagging: @trinityjadec, @aussie-mantle, @tiau-man


“Harry has feelings for you, Y/N.”

The moment those words left his mouth, Sam wished he could take it all back. He felt so stupid; he really fucking wished he hadn’t said anything.

You, on the other hand, your mind was reeling. You had hoped that today would be the day that Sam would admit he had feelings for you too, but instead it was Harry. Don’t get me wrong though, you loved Harry.

You two got on very well, the both of you bonded over photography (you never took it farther than your phone camera though), you two would exchange notes for school, it was good, it was fun. But Harry was never anything more than a brother figure to you.

Now though? Oh, boy. What did Sam even expect you to do with this information?

Tension-filled silence flooded the cozy den, Paddy was long gone, he left as soon as he heard what his older brother said. You wished you could’ve gone with him.

“Y/N?” Sam gently shook your shoulder

You snapped out of it, your eyes settling on Sam, who in turn was looking at you worriedly.

“What the fuck do I do, Sam?” you whispered

He groaned in response. It was his fault, truly, it was. What the hell was he even thinking? Trick question. He wasn’t thinking. He wasn’t fucking thinking that by telling you, he was damaging any chance he had with you in the future.

Sam shook his head abruptly, what the fuck? He thought to himself.

Chance? With you? The future?

These thoughts, albeit they were always lingering in the back of his mind, were foreign to Sam. They were there alright, but never did he entertain them.

Until now, now that even just the possibility could be taken away from him.

“Can you please forget I said anything? Please? Harry will kill me, they’ll never find my corpse, Y/N.” he begged

“Sam! How the hell can I forget? I’ve known Harry for forever, and now you’re telling me-“

“I’m telling you,” His voice grew louder “to forget it! Okay?!”

The veins in his neck were prominent, something that only happened when Sam was really angry. He rarely was angry with you. But looking at him right now, the light flashing in his eyes was not the kind you welcomed.

“Fine.” You muttered, leaning your back against the sofa with a huff

Sam looked at your pissed expression and it made him angrier. Not at you though, never at you. He was angry at himself.

He was angry that he was actually that stupid to tell you like that. He was angry that he was starting to feel differently towards you, his best friend.

Nikki popped her head through the doorway.

“Y/N? Are you staying for dinner, love?” she asked sweetly. God you loved Nikki.

Her tone and the motherly smile on her face almost made you say yes. Almost.

You shook your head and stood up. “I’m sorry, Tita. Not tonight.” You smiled apologetically.

Nikki nodded but looked between you and Sam in confusion. She didn’t want to push it, Nikki knew her boy. She’d have to wait until he was ready to talk about it.

“Okay. Safe walk home, darling.” She gave you a kiss on the cheek and went back to the kitchen

You roughly tugged your sneakers back on and got your laptop. Sam remained still on the couch, deep in thought, you could tell by the way his eyebrows were knitted together and his fingers were wildly tapping at the side of his lap.

With a defeated sigh, you left him there without another word. Once he heard the front door shut, Sam lay down on the couch. He draped the blanket you two were using over his body and he grabbed the pillow you used to prop up your head. He brought it close to his face and breathed in the scent of your shampoo. Sam closed his eyes and imagined that you hadn’t left, instead you were running your delicate hands through his hair.

As you were making the short trek back to your house, your mind was going into over drive.

Harry?! Harry. Had feelings. For you?!

You never even noticed! And you were around him. A lot. How could you have missed something as big as that? Had you become that absorbed in Sam?

“Fuuuck!” you groaned, you wanted to kick over your neighbour’s rubbish bin. And you were just about to when someone stopped you.

“Hey, hey, hey.”

You whipped around to find, just your luck, Harry. His eyes were filled with amusement as he watched you fume in frustration. He had just come from the park which explained the Blue staffy licking at your ankles.

“Tess!” you wasted no time kneeling to shower her with love

You rubbed her warm stomach and scratched her neck, Tessa’s leg bopped up and down appreciatively. Nevermind Sam or Harry, Tessa was the one for you.

“You alright, Y/N?” Harry asked. Don’t think he forgot that you were about to completely trash your neighbour’s bins

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll survive.” You sighed, getting up and dusting yourself off

“What’d Sam say?”

The question could’ve knocked you on your ass. You stared at the boy in front of you, eyes wide. Harry stared back, and for the first time, you saw it. He was looking at you like.. Like how you would look at Sam.

Oh no.

“Well, uh.” You scratched the back of your neck harshly

“He told you, didn’t he?”

Not even the gorgeous hues of dusk could distract you from this conversation, no matter how hard you tried. You just gave up and nodded.

“Oh.” Harry dug his sole into the gravel repeatedly

“Bollocks, Harry. Harry, I am so sorry. Sam told me not to say anything and I just fucked it up and please don’t kill him. Please don’t. It’s my fault-“

“Chill out, Y/N. No one’s dying. Not today at least.” he looked at you, anger subsiding minutely

Your heart slowed to a normal rate, allowing you to function somewhat normally.

“It’s true, then?”

It was so strange for you to see the twins so vulnerable, all in one day. They always seemed so strong, even when Sam went and got that black eye, he feigned nonchalance just for you. Or when you were kids, and Harry skinned his knee playing football, he didn’t cry until after you turned your back.

You were their most important female friend, they didn’t want you think they were soft. But for the second time that day, you saw a Holland boy look at you with the utmost vulnerability, the utmost sincerity.

“It is.” Harry admitted

That made your heart ache, you actually felt your heart clench. But for all the wrong reasons and not for the boy you wanted it to be for. You could only smile weakly at him in response.

Harry noticed your silence, so he and Tessa took their leave. He pulled you into a hug and rested his chin on top of your head like he’s always done before. You pulled back and noticed the rosy blush on his cheeks. Rest assured, that was something he didn’t do before.

“Right. Uh. We’ll see you at the house sometime, Y/N.” He bid you good bye before running off with Tessa.

You took off running through your yard, feeling the air burn in your lungs with each breath. You ran through your door, you ran upstairs to your room. Once there was nowhere left to run, you collapsed on your bed.

You were drained of energy and utterly spent. That said, you felt rather grateful you had the house to yourself. You’d opted out of the Mediterranean cruise with your parents (being on water wasn’t really your thing) for some quality time with your best friend.

Sam, your best friend that you were beginning to fall for.

Sam, the beautiful talented freckled boy you’ve known all your life.

Sam, whose twin brother, Harry, had feelings for you while he did not.

That last thought struck you really hard. Sam didn’t see you like that. He wasn’t beginning to see you through the rose coloured glasses you were seeing him through.

He wasn’t starting to notice the way you had stars in your eyes just watching his fingers dance over the ivory keys of his piano, or the way you just reveled in the feel of his lips against your cheek when he said hello.

How stupid were you to think that Sam was ever going to see you differently. You’d always be his best friend.

You would always be just that.

-Meanwhile in the Holland household-

Harry unclasped Tessa’s leash from her collar and off she went. The warmth of his home was just beginning to seep through his bones, a sharp contrast from the cold that was starting to linger in the night air.

He went into the kitchen and set the leash down on the counter. His mum was just about through with dinner, and as per usual, it smelled amazing.

“Mum, where’s Sam?” he asked her

Nikki looked up from her pan of buttered veggies and smiled fondly at her son, “In the den. See if he’s okay, won’t you, dear? I think he had a fight with Y/N.”

Harry was momentarily puzzled. Huh. A fight with you? You two were as thick as thieves, what could you two possibly be arguing about?

He quietly entered the room. He could see that Sam was sound asleep on the couch, a blanket wrapped around him. Harry approached him quietly then sat down at his feet.

Sam stirred, feeling the couch dip. He rubbed his sleep-riddled eyes groggily.

“So you told Y/N.” Harry spoke, startling him

Fuck, Sam thought, wishing he’d stayed asleep. He was trying hard to come up with something to say to his brother.

“You are a lifesaver, man!” Harry suddenly exclaimed, tackling Sam into a tight hug

Harry pulled out of the hug and grinned at a confused Sam.

“I-I.. What?”

“I know I was being sour earlier but now that she knows? I don’t know, man. I feel like a weight’s been lifted off me, you know what I mean?” Harry asked gleefully

Sam wanted to tell him that the weight was now on his shoulders, but he just nodded in response.

Harry snatched the remote from the coffee table and started leisurely flipping through the channels, a genuine smile on his face, oblivious to Sam’s inner turmoil.

“So, what’re you going to do, then?” Sam asked, dreading what he was going to hear

“I was thinking I’d ask her out? Do you think it’s too soon?”

“Definitely. Really too soon.” Sam replied quite hastily

He was lucky no one could hear how hard his hart was trying to rip through his chest. Damn fucking right it was too soon!

“Well,” Harry shrugged “we’ve got all summer anyway.”

All summer.

The thought swirled around in Sam’s head over and over. All summer, with Harry taking Y/N out on dates and trying to woo her. Could he take it?

Sam excused himself and went up to his room. Once the door was shut, he sat on his bed with his head hung low.

How did things get so messed up in such a short amount of time? He just wanted to have another great day with you; he just wanted to be with you without having all these feelings overcomplicating things.

Before he realised it, he was sniffling. Unwanted tears were beginning to fall down his freckled cheeks.

“Christ.” Sam muttered to himself, angrily wiping them away

It was just. So. Fucking. Difficult. He felt so heavy, seeing his brother confess his feelings to you just as he was starting to realise his.


 Part 3

Art Museum Meeting ft. Taehyung

Originally posted by je0n

word count ; 1.7k

like 2% fluff

today was the day. you were going to an art musuem for the first time. it was something that you always wanted to do.

you tried to get your friends to come along with you but, they thought that it’d be ‘boring’. so here you were, walking alone and humming slow songs to yourself.

although you were about to be alone, you still kept a smile on your face. you were about to be face to…frame with art. not just random art, but some of the most famous pieces.

vincent van gogh paintings were what you anticipated the most. all of his work was out of this world but what you really couldn’t wait to see was the starry night, irises, and the yellow house.

your walking and thoughts about art came to a halt when your phone started ringing, loudly. you answered the call while putting your phone on silent mode.

you were extremely lucky to not be in the musuem when it rang. your ringtone was a song with very explicit lyrics, so that wouldn’t have been good.

“who has ringtones anymore?” you overheard but couldn’t figure out who asked that question.

you scoffed it off and turned your attention back onto your phone.

“yes, can i help you?” you sarcastically asked.

“kill the attitude y/n, i just wanted to see if you were at that place yet.” your annoying friend said, already getting on your nerves.

“if i was there, i wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

“don’t lie. i’m your friend, you’d answer whenever i call because you love me.” she teased.

“i mean…if that false thought helps you sleep at night, then believe it all you want.”

“anyways.” she paused amd dramatically sighed. “you need a man so i’m hoping that you meet an intellectual at that place.”

“i don’t need a man and for the last time, it’s a musuem.”

“and for the last time it’s a musuem!” your friend mocked you. “you need a man! i’m tired of you third wheeling with me and m-”

you cut her off by hanging up. “annoying. as. hell.” you mummered as you started to walk again.


“finally.” you let out a sigh of relief once you saw the two front doors of the musuem that you had wanted to visit for years.

your hand quickly rose up to your face as a tear shed from your eye.

“what the hell? what’s she crying for?” a random person asked their friend, thinking that you didn’t hear it. but you did.

instead of embarrassing yourself in public and spitting out very detailed and emotional paragraphs about the beauty of the outside of the musuem, you hurriedly entered.

just as you expected, there were people everywhere. this place was heavenly, the scenery…everything.

“this place looks like something from that beauty and beast movie!” you smiled, watching a kid as he shouted and pointed at the ceiling in awe.

you remembered being that age, being so interested in art and photography. thankfully, that interested stayed with you up until now.

you started on the left side of the museum, admiring the floral paintings as they lead you to the back. to your left were the stairs that went to the second floor.

“even the stairs! who painted this?” you mumered while you slowly walked up each stair, looking at each one before you went up on it. they were individually painted in a different design or style.

“you seem to be really into those stairs.” a deep voice said which made you jump. hell, the owner of it was basically in your ear.

you hurriedly went up to the second floor and turmed around to face whoever it was that made that comment.

“damn.” you said in a breathy tone. the owner of that deep voice was a tall and (very) handsome man.

he looked wealthy, healthy and sexy. you couldn’t even hide that you found him attractive.

he wore a long sleeved loose shirt that he had tucked into his pants and he had on those ugly gucci shoes that everybody wanted for a reason you didn’t know. but he made it work.

“what? Is there something wrong?” he curiously asked, squinting his eyes at you.

you were staring too long!

you were hesitant to say anything so instead of doing so, you walked away.

“hey..” the man quietly called you until he caught up to you. “why’d you say damn?”

you sighed and turned to face him. as soon as your eyes met his, your face got hot and at that point you were struggling to do anything. you couldn’t even move or speak.

that is, until he snapped his fingers in your face. “ma'am.” he whispered.

“don’t call me that. i’m not old.” you said once you came back down to earth.

“okay, tell me.” he swayed from side to side with his hands in his pockets, staring at you, and waiting for you to say something.

you didn’t like to lie but you had to. you weren’t about to tell him that he was the most attractive man you’d seen in your life.

“you dropped your forehead.” you spat out and waited until he looked down to escape to the nearest bathroom.


you waited for five minutes, hoping that he wasn’t near when you walked out. hell, there were four stories here, he shouldn’t be.

“dumbass! it’s only been five minutes and this is an art museum. he got up here the same time you did!” you face palmed yourself after thinking about this whole situation.

you were here for the art and not to play hide and seek, if he was even looking for you…

you kind of hoped that he was. when would you ever get this attention again? it’s been so long since any dude had ever paid attention to you.

you just didn’t know how to act. acring hard to get was something that you always did because you wanted to see how far a guy would go for you.

they always gave up.

“it can’t be that bad.” you told yourself, as you proceeded to exit the bathroom.

“hey, thanks for telling me.” said that familiar voice that you thought that you’d never hear again. “about my forehead.”

you sighed and proceeded to walk away but, he grabbed your arm. your eyes slowly traveled down to his hand and then back up to look him directly in his. “let me go..”

“let’s look around together?” he suggested, sneakily putting his hand in yours

“let me go.” you were getting annoyed.

“i’ll let go if you promise not to run away again.” he chuckled and slid his hand in yours.

“i don’t have to promise you anything. i don’t even know you. so let me go.” you ordered.

“what are you so mad about?” he asked.

you let out a dramatic sigh and looked him straight in his eyes. you noticed how his pupils enlarged, his cheeks developed a rosy tint and his hand became moist.

was he intimidated? hopefully.

“really?” you paused. “there’s a stranger holding my hand. he won’t leave me alone. i didn’t come here to be attacked, i came here to look at art.”

his curious facial expression changed into a more giddy one. he let go of your hand and did the most extra bow that you had ever seen. “i’m kim taehyung.”

suddenly, you weren’t annoyed anymore. you couldn’t hide your smile.

his smile was contagious, and he was actually kind of cute.


“y/n, y/n, y/n, y/n. the most beautiful human that i’ve ever seen.” he went over to your side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“don’t gas me.” you scoffed at his action, wiggling to get his arm from around your shoulders. as expected, you failed..but it was worth the try.

“that’s silly. you’re not a car.” he laughed, thinking that what you said was some type of joke.

“oh!” taehyung shouted, leaving you behind as he rushed over to a familiar painting.

you quickly followed him after realizing that the painting was, the starry night.

“oh my god!” you semi yelled.

“it’s what i most wanted to see. it’s beautiful right?” he asked you, raising one of his eyebrows and stepping closer to your side.

you nodded, noticing that he was suddenly and very close to you. “me too.” you paused and eyed him. “but…do you know what personal space is?”

“why are you being so mean to me?” taehyung asked, fake pouting.

“i’m not? you’re just really close. we’re not dating and i don’t know you that well, so there’s no reason for it.”

he cocked his head to the side and stepped to the side to give you back your personal space. “well then, can we get to know each other better? i wanna know you better.”

what a genuine voice.

you covered your mouth before he could see the wide smile that quickly formed after what he had said. “why do you even wanna get to know me? i’m no one special.”

“wrong.” he shook his head no. “you’re so beautiful and different in so many ways. we haven’t even known each other long but i think i like you.”

“oh.” was all that came out of your mouth. it was all that you could say.

that was the first time that someone had said something like that to you. not even your ex’s told you something like this.

“so, do you want to go out to one of the cafes around here? we can come back. i’ll pay for everything.” he offered.

“you’re really trying to make moves with me huh?” you let out a small giggle.

he might’ve done something here. you started catching feelings.

“i mean, yeah.” he swayed, looked away from you and awkwardly smiled,  letting you see his shy side for the first time today.

“okay.” you responded walking past him and heading towards the exit.

“yes!” he whispered to himself as he followed behind you.

“i heard that.” you said, holding the door open for him. as a response, he laughed and grabbed your hand. when the thought of yanking your hand away came to mind, you quickly got rid of it.


when you two went to the cafe, you really came around to him. you became bestfriends almost instantly after he did what he did. he showed you how happy you could really be. not to mention the endless gas that he supplied you with.

Mr Douchebag- Stiles Stilinski

Author: @maddie110201 

Pairing- Dylan x Chloe

Word count- 3,884

Warnings- Cringey smut ;) 

AN: This was for @writing-obrien Competition (thus Chloe x Reader) But i also decided to post it as well! Im not sure how much i like this and im not really too proud of it but oh whale. I’ve been meaning to post something for months now!!!! Also thanks to the lovely @dylan-trash-tbh for proofreading this for me!!!

Originally posted by allmyworry

Stiles. Fucking. Stilinski.

Stiles is my best friend. Or was. I’m not sure how to feel now, considering he has ruined every relationship i’ve been in. I’m not sure why he does it or why he thinks he’s “protecting me” but i’m getting really sick and tired of it.

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merry early christmas

the sun peeking through the blinds was the sole reason you weren’t able to fall back asleep. some nights both you and shawn were too occupied with your 15 month old baby girl to remember to close them before you finally went to bed. your little girl, ava, still wasn’t sleeping through the night and you and shawn were up almost every 4 hours feeding her or trying to put her back to sleep. you were extremely tired and looking at the clock, it was only 7 am which means you had about an hour and a half until ava woke up again. you rolled over so the sun rays were now hitting your back to reveal your husband sleeping soundly. ‘i wish i was that peaceful right now.’ lucky for him, he didn’t need to feed ava every other time she woke up and he got a few more hours of sleep than you each night. you weren’t complaining about feeding her, you loved it. it was a bond only you and her could share, but sometimes you wished she didn’t have to be fed every few hours.

shawn stirred, draping his arm around you and pulling you closer to him. “good morning,” you chuckled, running your hand through his messy curls. “sleep well?” he didn’t respond, instead he pulled you closer and rested his head on top of yours. “i’m tired,” he finally said, his morning voice was raspy and even after all these years it made you want to melt into a puddle every time you heard it. “me too,” you agreed. “but we need to get up and start the day.” you tried to free yourself from his grip which only resulted in him pulling you closer and holding you tighter than before.

“don’t leave, stay with me.” he said, nuzzling his face into your neck. “the baby is going to wake up soon.” you sighed. as much as you wanted to lay here with shawn all day, you knew you couldn’t. you weren’t carefree teenagers anymore, you were married and had a baby and a four year old to take care of, which required you to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed. of course, you could always bring little ava into the bed with you for a little while, which shawn tended to do on weekends when you two just wanted to relax for a while. luckily, your four year old son, alexander, slept through the night but had quite the history of coming and cuddling with you and shawn every morning, which you loved. he was such a momma’s boy and he loved cuddling with you, which made shawn pout because he wanted to cuddle with you too.

“shawn,” you whined, trying to push him off you. “i can hear her, she’s awake.” you could hear the faint cries coming from her nursery from the baby monitor you had set up in your room. you absolutely loved that she wasn’t a loud crier, and that she rarely cried. overall, ava was a good baby, she always ate willingly, rarely cried, and was the happiest baby you’ve ever seen. not to mention, she was by far the cutest baby you’ve ever seen but you might be a little biased. “i need to go get her.”

after hearing the cries of his little girl, he released his iron grip so you could go get her and bring her to your own room. as you tiredly made your way down the hall, you could hear her cries get louder.

“hey, it’s okay,” you cooed as you entered the pink room. her crying ceased once she noticed you, instead she was making grabby hands that her father taught her how to do. you picked her up as she let her head fall on your shoulder. “come on baby girl, let’s go see daddy.” you tiptoed your way back to the master bedroom, taking a quick peek in alex’s room to see he was sound asleep under all his blankets. she perked up at the mention of shawn and you knew the minute she saw him she would no longer want to be in your arms, she would want him. you walked back in the room to see shawn talking to his phone, from the looks of it he was live on instagram.

“shawn it’s 7am on a sunday, who’s even watching that?” you laughed, taking a seat on the bed that was out of the camera.

“for your information, 90 thousand people including niall, john mayer, and andrew are watching right now.” he said, reading some of the comments fans and his friends were leaving. “andrew says hi.”

“hi andrew!” you said, making sure not to speak too loud or else ava would start crying. you were surprised she wasn’t squirming around to get to her father yet.

‘dadadadadada,” ava babbled, reaching for her father but not whining for him, yet. he smiled adoringly at her, reaching his arms out to take her from you. you were sure once she came into view of the livestream, people would start going crazy.

“hi baby,” shawn cooed, kissing her rosy cheek. “how are you today? did mummy dress you in a christmas onesie?” he tickled her small belly, earning a laugh from the now wide awake little girl. “say hi to the people,” he motioned to the camera for her to wave and she copied him. you weren’t in the shot but you could clearly see the fan’s comments from where you were sitting. you loved that they absolutely adored your kids and that they never left negative comments about your family.

“for your information shawn,” you butted in. “there are 10 days until christmas so it’s only fair that both kids wear their christmas pj’s.” you shook your head, “get in the christmas spirit shawn.”

he laughed, “come in the camera y/n, the people want to see you.” he grabbed your arm with the arm that wasn’t supporting his daughter in attempt to pull you in.

“no way, i look terrible i just woke up.” you said, moving further away from him. he shook his head, “you look beautiful as always.”

while shawn was talking to the fans on his livestream, you heard the pitter patter of alex’s feet running down the hall into your room. “mumma!” he yelled, running into your arms. he was still holding this all time favourite stuffed bear as he gave you his famous morning hug.

“hi baby, how did you sleep?” you asked, kissing the top of his flat bed hair. you hadn’t noticed that shawn had now flipped the camera so it was facing you and your son.

“good!” he looked up at you, giving you the cutest smile you’ve ever seen. he looked exactly like shawn, he had inherited all his features and pretty much none of yours. “christmas is soon!” he exclaimed.

“shh, not too loud.” you whispered. “but yes, it is. are you excited?”

shawn watched as you talked with your son, eventually deciding to end the livestream and spend some time with his little family. shawn pulled you all close to him, cherishing this time he has with his family before he starts touring again, which he was hoping to take a few years off.

“do you guys want an early christmas present?” you asked, breaking the comfortable silence. your question was mainly directed at shawn and alex since ava was too young to understand and she was half asleep on shawn’s chest.

“yes!” alex exclaimed, sitting up immediately. “what is it?” you smiled at his eagerness. shawn gave you a confused look. “who is this early present for?”

“everyone!” you called as you walked into the closet to retrieve the present. The physical part of the present was mainly for shawn since alex was also too young to understand.

you returned to your bed, holding a small box in your hands. you handed it to shawn and told him not to open it yet, alex tried to grab it but luckily you stopped him.

“alex,” you smiled. “you know how ava is your baby sister?” he nodded, not fully processing this information while shawn looked at you questioningly.

‘well how would you feel about having another baby brother or sister?” you asked, unable to contain your happiness anymore. shawn’s eyes widened and his jaw completely dropped. alex looked confused before he nodded slowly. “but ava is the baby?”

“yes, but how would you feel about another baby?” you asked as shawn just stared at you in awe.

“i want a baby brother!” he said happily. “we can name him joey like my bear!”

shawn ripped open the gift without your consent revealing a sonogram of the baby that was currently in your stomach and a positive pregnancy test. “no way!” he smiled, “no way,”

you nodded, “i’m pregnant! surprise!”

luckily, alex moved out of the way in time for shawn to pull you into his arms after he gently set ava down on the pillow next to him. “this is amazing baby!” he pressed a passionate kiss to your lips as alex cringed.

“we have to call my parents, and your parents!” he said, reaching for his phone.

‘no!” you stopped him. “let’s wait until christmas eve, i have a plan.”

shawn nodded, not really caring about when he tells his parents or yours. all he can care about right now is the fact that there is another life growing inside you that was half him and half you. he pulled you in for another kiss, ignoring alex’s protests yet again.

“merry early christmas baby,” you said, still in his embrace. alex ended up joining your hug and you managed to grab ava too.

“merry early christmas indeed.”

It Just Happened (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

(A/N: Request for Tom Riddle angst! Female reader!)

You couldn’t remember how it started, just that you suddenly saw him one day - it just happened. You’d always found Tom Riddle to be handsome and like every other girl at Hogwarts you’d steal glances at him from the corner of your eye, but that meant little to you - he was just pleasing to look at.

Speaking to the boy was about as interesting as speaking to a windowpane. He was utterly dull and you’d find yourself making excuses to leave as soon as you couldn’t bare to pretend to be interested in the conversation anymore. Long story short, Tom Riddle was boring.

You hated boring.

But then one morning you woke up, dressed yourself, chatted with your roommates on the way to the Great Hall, taking your usual spot next to your closest friends, halfway up the table - and then it happened.

“Y/N, you’ll never guess who’s looking at you right now.” Your girlfriends huddled together and leaned forward, whispering to you, their eyes darting from you to something behind you.

Turning your head in the direction of their shared gaze, your eyes met with the most beautiful brown orbs you’d ever seen. Shaped by thick, long lashes that fluttered lightly as his stare intensified, you felt a painful burst of adoration for him explode within you.

“Tom Riddle is looking at you, Y/N!” You couldn’t look away, you couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t blink, you could only stare back at the handsome Slytherin who had somehow after years of going unthought of captured you entirely. The rest of the morning your heart furiously pounded in your chest, refusing to calm as you came to your only shared class with the Slytherin - or lack thereof. A free period that you knew he used to study in the library, a place you rarely went to.

Breaths coming out in short pants, you felt sweat begin to form on your brow and lower back and hoped it wasn’t prominent. You were almost sprinting through corridors, up stairs and past paintings that scolded you for running inside. You didn’t care, all that was on your mind was finding Tom Riddle. His face was the only thing you could see and his name was the only thing you could hear.

Tom Riddle, Tom Riddle, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Tom, Tom, Tom.

“Tom!” You shouted as you burst into the library, eyes darting about as you rushed past book sections, frantically searching for the boy.

Practically sobbing, your heart threw itself around violently from beneath your rib cage and as you entered the far end of the library, there he was. Sitting with one leg folded over the other in his wooden desk chair, his eyes scanned over the pages of the book he held in his long, slender fingers.

What you did next was so unlike you, something your friends and family would absolutely not believe. You rushed to Tom, his name on your lips and your arms outstretched. Hands spread and gliding over his shoulders and gripping at the expanse of his broad chest. Your hands roamed all over Tom’s chest and stomach before coming up to cup his cheeks, pulling him into a desperate kiss you’d never needed before this day. As if expecting it, Riddle hummed approvingly into your mouth, book falling to the floor as his fingers wrapped around your wrists, thumbs brushing against the fabric of your robes.

“Tom,” you whimpered and the brunette chuckled, pulling away from you and watching your face carefully. “What’s gotten into you, Y/N? You’ve never been all too interested in me before.”

He was right, there was absolutely nothing natural about your sudden recognition of the boy you’d never cared for in your six years of knowing him - or knowing of him. “Of course I have!” You lied, hands shaking violently as tears welled in your eyes, you couldn’t control yourself.

“Please Tom, please,” you begged, tilting your head to kiss him again. Tom didn’t protest but he didn’t respond either and this made you panic. “I think I love you.”

Your lips trailed from his to his jawline where you whispered against his flesh. “I love you, Tom.” To your surprise, you felt the mysterious boy’s head tilt and you blushed wildly as a soft sigh left him. Pride swelled within you and you sucked dark blotches into his neck, knees quaking anxiously as you hovered above him.

“Do you love me, Y/N? Truly?” Tom asked softly and you unlatched yourself from him to meet his eyes, stroking his hair affectionately. “So, so much.” After your declaration of love to the Slytherin, you were rarely seen apart.

Hand-in-hand, the two of you went everywhere together and you even began spending time with his group of friends. You were so intent on pleasing him that you hardly noticed that you were spending less and less time with your own, not noticing their mourning of you.

“Y/N,” Tom called softly, fingertips tracing against the rosy flesh of your cheek, “I’ll return to you soon.” Crying softly, you threw yourself into your husband’s embrace. His long arms wrapped around you and his fingers ran though your hair.

“Will you long for me, dear?” You nodded furiously, sniffing as you sobbed into his vest. “Of course, my love. I long for you always.”

Tilting your head with his hand, Tom kissed you passionately and your fingers tangled into his thick waves. You continued to cry as you kissed him, lips pressing desperately into his. Your crying only ceased when you felt large hands slide up your blouse and over your swollen belly, fingers barely grazing your protruding belly button.

“I’ll definitely be here for our child,” he promised, “I simply cannot wait to meet him.” You scoffed, “It’ll be a girl.” Tom let out a low chuckle at your constant debate on your baby’s gender, he said boy, you said girl and it was a constant but playful battle. Hesitantly releasing you into the protection of the followers he’d accumulated since graduation, your husband Apparated from your sight, leaving you and your unborn baby alone in the old manor he’d claimed for himself after the murder of his muggle father and grandparents.

Weeks passed without word of Tom’s whereabouts in Albania and just as you were about to go in search for him despite his followers’ specific instructions to keep you within the manor, he returned. Face pale and eyes sunken in, Tom returned to you safely but somehow different and it troubled you deeply.

Standing in one of the many kitchens, preparing yourself a meal that would revolt anyone else, but your pregnant self demanded, you argued aggressively with the man who’s arms were lazily draped around you. “I feel fine, dear,” Tom said, “better than I’ve felt in years.”

“I know when you lie, Riddle. Don’t you know how worried I am about you? This quest of yours is getting out of hand,” you cut aggressively into your hideous sandwich and continued your rant on deaf ears. “You forget that we’re married, lovely.” The brunette teased and you scoffed, “What of it?”

Tom nuzzled into your neck and breathed in your scent, sighing deeply and squeezing you closer and you let out a low groan. “You’re so manipulati - ” Your handsome lover raised a brow at your unfinished sentence but only became alert when the dish you’d been holding slipped from your shaking hands and his eyes fell to the ground.

A puddle surrounded your shaking form and Tom wrapped himself around you, Apparating to an upstairs bedroom and carrying you to your shared bed. You shivered wordlessly there and didn’t protest when several others appeared into the room, men and women. The next eight hours were the most painful you’d ever experienced and no amount of magic could dull your agony.

You screamed, cried and begged for it to stop until your voice gave and even Tom’s usually calm demeanor was shaken. His hands cupped yours and you squeezed, screaming as you were commanded to push over and over and over.

You felt as if your body was about to break or split and despite all the tears flooding your eyes and the sweat running down your face, with one final heave you caught a glimpse of a writhing pair of legs. Head falling back, your eyes fluttered closed and the sound of a crying babe lulled you to sleep. You did it, you’d had your baby.

“Mother,” a soft voice called, “mother, I’m hungry.” You moaned softly, rubbing your lids roughly as you stirred in Tom’s arms.

Reaching out and pulling back the covers, you wriggles from your fleshy cage and slipped on your gown and slippers, smiling as your son’s hand slipped into yours. “What would you like, darling?”

Looking down at your five year old, you noted just how much he looked like his father. Dark brown hair framed his pale face and you felt your heart flutter every time those familiar brown eyes looked up at you. He was utterly gorgeous, just like his father - his father who was looking less and less like himself every day. You spent most of your time tending to your son and in return he was a well behaved, obedient boy.

And then one day, just as abruptly it had come, your love and devotion to your husband, the father of your beautiful baby boy, was gone. You packed your suitcase in the dead of night, gathering as many of your belongings as you could before waking your son, promising him you were going to take him somewhere wonderful. He gleefully accepted and you held him close, wand at the ready. You pulled off the dark ring Tom had given to you as your engagement ring and placed it on the bedside table.

You Apparated away. Far, far away in search for your long forgotten family with your son at your side, the feeling of being absolutely free and your own overwhelming you. You weren’t sure what happened, why you woke in a panic and the need to escape took over, but you knew it was right. Somehow you knew it was meant to be this way despite not knowing why.

It just happened.


;; Mingyu x fem! reader 

summary: angsty fluff in which Mingyu cannot get enough of his s/o and teases her relentlessly in front of their friends. 

word count: 1,2k 


- suggestive humour

- kissing // touching [even though you say “stop” its consensual as you dont actually want him to stop ok ok] 

- swearing

a/n: enjoy !!! 

It had been a quiet day for you, amidst a week of college work and stress. You sighed inwardly as you made your way up the stairs with the promise of food and your boyfriend awaiting you. He had called you an hour earlier, whining playfully down the phone: 

“Y/N” he had mumbled, the sound of laughter and muffled voices echoing from behind him,”When are you coming over? Babyyyyy”. College notes sat on the desk in front of you, remnants of coffee lingering in the empty mug that sat on the windowsill. It wasn’t as though you were actually learning anything; information had stopped going in hours ago and now your were just running on steam. Deciding that a night with your boyfriend and his friends wasn’t such a bad idea, you had quickly hung up after telling him you’d be there asap.

As you reached the 4th floor, you knocked apprehensively on the door, glancing down the corridor as you waited. It wasn’t that Mingyu’s friends were frightening. You just never knew who o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶  would answer. Suddenly the door flew open and whomever it was engulfed you in a tight hug. 

“Thank god you’re here!” Seungcheol exclaimed dramatically, his face a mixture of mock terror and happiness. Behind him stood Jeonghan, an apron tied smartly around his waist and his hair swept back. Raising your eyebrows, you unlatch Seungcheol from your waist and make your way in, nodding to Jeonghan as you pass. 

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Does This Make You Happy? - Alex summers pt 2

Summary : when the boy from the ice-cream shop swings by the school to see his little sister Alex gets mad and walks in on your sleeping, and confesses how wrong he was and how le loves you.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : cursing, angst, more fighting, angry alex

Prompt : (52) “Don’t look at me like that.” (55) “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

Pairing : alex summers x mutant!reader

A/N : omg so much angst, so much.

part one

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Originally posted by fyeahlucastill

You hadn’t seen, heard from, or talked to Alex in a week. After that day when you two -well you- ended things, you both seemed to shut down. You didn’t go to any of your classes, you didn’t go to any of your training sessions, you barley ate, and you couldn’t sleep. Alex was going through some of the same things. He wouldn’t go to his training sessions, he’s being a jerk more than usual, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, he drank all the time. You missed him, god did you miss him, but you weren’t going to go back to him after what he had said to you.

At the moment your head was tucked in between your knees and silent sobs escaped your dry mouth. Tears stained your cheeks, your bed spread, and your clothes. This hurt a lot more than any of your other break ups did, and maybe it’s because you had seemed to have such a deep connection with Alex, and now that you’re apart it just hurt not to be near one another. Old memories and conversations ran through your mind, even little flashbacks would appear behind your eyes when you closed them. When Jean was around that’s all she could hear, she could just hear your thoughts and your conversations in your head, and they were so sad that even she stopped hanging around you. Your best friend didn’t even want to be near you.

Sniffling you wiped your eyes and got up, brushing out your hair and throwing it into a messy bun. You trudged down stairs, keeping your head down so that no one would see how pathetic you looked. You walked into the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle and then going back up to your room.

“Y/N?” Your eyebrows furrowed, trying to recognize the voice that said your name. Slowly turning around you were shocked to see Leo, the boy from the ice-cream shop. Shit. You thought to yourself as you plastered on a fake smile. Leo jogged over to you, a smile on his rosy cheeks . His eyebrows furrowed as he looked over your features. No doubt your eyes were red and glossy, your cheeks were stained and dirty, you looked like absolute hell.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been crying?” You nod slowly, taking in a shaky breathe to try and keep yourself calm.

“Yeah, um..that day that I was at the mall with my friends? My boyfriend I broke up because the relationship wasn’t making him happy, and this week has just been hard for me.” You sighed, blinking back your tears. Quickly changing the subject you asked him a question, “Why are you here? You’re not a mutant…are you?” Leo chuckled and shook his head.

“No, my kid sister is though and today is my day off so I thought I’d come by and say hi to her, see how she’s been doing.” You nodded. “You might know her? Her names Carrie?” Your face lit up.

“Oh her? God she’s such a cutie, much like her brother.” You mentally face palmed, your cheeks blushing red. Did I just say that? I did didn’t I? You thought to yourself. Leo smiled.

“You think I’m cute?” You blushed again and looked down sheepishly. Leo chuckled. “Don’t worry, love, I think you’re cute too.” You looked up with a small smile, but face a bright red by now. He coughed awkwardly and  scratched the back of his head. “Would you mind helping me find my sister? I have no clue where I’m supposed to go and I’m pretty sure I’d get lost if I went wondering around here by myself.” You giggled and nodded.

“Of course, she might be outside so we’ll go out there first.” Leo nodded and you started your way out to the back. When you got there you started to walk around and search the ground for her. A little while later you spotted her, pointing her out to Leo. A grin stretched across his face as he watched his little sister play with her friends.

“Hey, Care Bear!” Leo shouted. Carrie turned around, her eyes landing on her brother. She squealed and sprinted over to the two of you, heading straight to her brother. She jumped up into his arms, smiling and wrapping him in a tight hug. You smiled, wishing you had a sibling bond like they did, or a sibling in general. Leo put Carrie down and she turned her head looking over at you and hugging you as well.

“What are you doing here, Leo?” Carrie asked once she pulled away from you.

“Well I came here to see you of course, I missed my little sis.” He smiled ruffling her hair. She groaned and swatted his hand away. “So how have you been? Any progress with your powers yet?” He asked, sitting on the ground. You went to walk away, not wanting to intrude on their time together but Leo grabbed your hand, pulling you down and sitting you right next to him. Carrie giggled.

“It’s good! I can grow just about anything now! And the Professor even had me fix his favorite tree because someone blew it up!” She said excitedly. Leo looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. You chuckled.

“It was my friend Scott, he basically has laser eyes and he hit the tree that the Professor’s grandfather planted.”  You explained. Leo nodded, chuckling. The siblings talked for a while until you heard the oh so familiar voices of your friends. You looked over your left shoulder to see them walking over to you.

Peter whizzed his way over to you, hugging you tightly and shaking you. “She’s alive! She came out of the cave!” He teased you. You shocked his arm, causing him to let go of you and hold his arm. “Ow! No need to electrocute me, missy.” He frowned. You chuckled, shaking your head.

“Hey, Y/N it’s nice to see that you came out of the- is that the boy from the ice-cream shop?” Jubilee grinned, looking at the Leo and then you quickly. You shook your head, smiling.

“Yes it is, this is Leo, his little sister is Carrie.” You motioned between the two. Carrie got up quickly and rushed over to Kurt, jumping up and hugging him. Kurt smiled sheepishly and hugged back. I looked over at Leo who was still smiling.

“She thinks Kurt’s a cat.” I whispered to him. He chuckled and nodded. The group sat down and introduced themselves to Leo and told them how talented and cute his little sister was.

“So, you two dating yet or what?” Peter said, eating a twinkie. Where the hell did that even come from? You nearly choked on air at Peter’s words, and shook your head, waving your hand in the air.

“No, no, I’m still trying to get over Alex remember?” Peter rolled his eyes and you glared at him. You looked over at Jean who was staring at one of the windows. “Jean? What are you staring at?” You question, looking up to see who or what caught her attention. When you looked up your eyes locked with Alex’s, his were full of sadness, pain, emotion. You quickly tore your eyes away and looked down, your chest rising and falling heavily.

“He’s pissed, Y/N.” Jean says in your head. You look down, shaking your head. You take in a few breathes and then look up, blinking quickly in case any tears had formed in your eyes. You stood up, brushing grass off of your body.

“I- we should probably getting going, don’t want to intrude on you and your sister catching up.” You say, voice squeaking a bit. Leo frowns a bit but nods. You quickly scurry off, your friends close behind you. You finally stop in the front corridor of the mansion, your lungs constricting, not letting in any air. You leaned against the sofa, wheezing for air.

“Hey, Y/N why’d -oh my god, are you okay?” Scott asked you worriedly as your group of friends huddled around you. You shook your head, rubbing your chest.

“Can’t.” Wheeze. “Breathe.” Wheeze. Scott looked over at his girlfriend, and she ran up the stairs, going to your room and looking for your inhaler. It probably took her a minute or so to find it, but within that minute the lack of oxygen had started to get to you. Jean ran back down, pushing the end of the inhaler into your mouth and pumping the air into your lungs. You held in the air for a minute and then exhaled, your vision straightening out and your grip on the couch loosening.

“What the hell was that? Did you just have a panic or asthma attack?” Asked Jean. You shrugged, shaking your head.

“I-I don’t know, I saw Alex in the window and I just-” You whimpered, wrapping your arms around your stomach. Jean frowned, enveloping you in a hug. You sobbed into her shoulder, your body shaking violently with every exhale you took. The group backed away, only Jean and Scott stayed with you. You sniffled into her hair. “It hurts so damn much, Jean.” You mumble, pulling away from her. She rubs your shoulders softly, trying to give a reassuring smile.

“I know, I know, but you’ll be okay. You have me, Scott, the others, and hell Leo is like so over his head with you, he couldn’t stop looking at you!” You giggle softly, sniffling a bit. “You’ll be okay, just give it time. I know you still love him, you just gotta find someone that loves you the same way.” You nodded slowly, giving her weak smile. “Come on, lets get you to bed, you haven’t slept in a week.” You nodded as Scott and Jean escorted you to your room. Unfortunately you had to pass Alex’s room in order to get to yours.

Alex must have sensed you or something because as soon as the three of you walked past his door, it opened and a sad, hung over Alex stood in the doorway.

“Y/N!” He shouted your name. Jean pulled you closer to her side and Scott turned around, glaring at his brother through his ruby glasses. You could hear him slam the door, which made you jump. When you got to your room Jean basically tucked you in like you were a child. She fluffed your pillow before laying her hand on your forehead, and before you knew it you were out cold and the thoughts of Alex had completely vanished.

“What did you just do?” Scott whispered to Jean. She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked at your sleeping frame.

“I cleared her thoughts, it should help her sleep. I feel so bad for her, she loves Alex and the entire time it seemed like he loved her, but I guess now.” She shook her head, frowning. “Your brother is an ass, no offense.” Scott shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Nah, it’s fine, after what he said to her? He is an ass.” The two walked out, leaving you alone and sleeping peacefully in your bed. Or at least you thought you were sleeping peacefully.

Dreams of other girls touching, kissing, hugging Alex invaded your sleeping mind. You couldn’t even sleep without crying. Alex didn’t love you, he never did, and that’s what hurt the most. You gave him your innocence, your heart, your mind, you gave him everything. And he just fucking acted like he cared about you. Electric shocks bounced off your body, you shook as you slept, unable to open your eyes. You were trapped in your own little hell.

The door to your room opened and out of all the people in the mansion it just had to be Alex who walked into your room. He frowned when he saw you shaking and crying, knowing that he was the cause of your pain. He walked over to your bed, pulling out your desk chair and sitting in it beside you. He ran a hand through his tangled hair, sighing and looking down at his hands. God he was so stupid. He let you go, the only person he would open up to, the only person that wasn’t actually afraid of him. He let you go and he felt so stupid. He loved you, he really did, and those words he said to you over a week ago, he didn’t mean them.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I never meant what I said to you. I love you, you do make me happy, and I was so damn stupid to let you go.” He mumbled. Your back was faced to him so he couldn’t tell that you were awake.

“Sorry doesn’t fix everything.” You mumbled, not quite sure if he’d be able to hear you or not. To your surprise he did hear you. His eyes went wide, and you turned around, sitting up in the process. You rubbed you eyes, salt tears washing up on your knuckles. You look down at you lap, fully aware of Alex still sitting in your room and staring at you.  “Don’t look at me like that.”  You snapped, finally turning your head and looking at Alex.

“L-like what?” He stuttered. You rolled your eyes, your e/c landing back on Alex.

“Like we’re still together, you’re staring at me the way you used to when we were dating. God you made it so damn believable. I actually believed you loved me.” You scoffed, shaking your head. “I’m so stupid for thinking you did.” You muttered. Alex shook his head and reached out for your hand but you moved away from him.

 “Y/N,” He sighed. “I’m the stupid one, I’m the one who let you walk out the god damn door. I’m the one who’s making you cry. I’m the one who fucked up, not you so don’t you dare say you’re stupid because you’re not. You are so damn smart, sometimes I can’t even understand you because you’re so smart and you make me full dumb whenever you start going on about something you had learned in class.” He smiled a little as he looked down at his palms, as if he was remembering something.

“Get out.” You say flatly. Alex’s head  snaps upward, his eyes glossy as tears brimmed his waterline.

“What?” He whispered.

“I said get out, if you don’t I’ll make you and you sure as hell don’t want to see how I’m going to do that.” You growled. Alex’s body didn’t move, it’s like his brain wouldn’t allow his limbs to move. Your eyes sparked, a warning signal for him to get the hell out of your room. When he thought he could finally move he made his way to the door, looking back at you before closing it behind him. You let out a shaky breathe, one you didn’t even realize you were holding in.

The rest of the day was spent trying to sleep and everyone slowly coming to your room to give your piles of homework and give you some food. Maybe it was because of the breakup or you were just so depressed, but you couldn’t eat, the thought of eating made you gag.

Around 5:00 - 5:30-ish someone knocked on your door. You wipe your eyes and cough a little before saying, “Come in!” The door creaked open and you were shocked to see Leo standing at the thresh hold of your door. He walked in, leaning against the wall and giving you a small smile.

“Your friend Jean told me you’re room number, thought I’d just come and check up on you before I headed home.” You smiled weakly.

“Thanks Leo, that actually means a lot to me.” He nods.

“So I see that you’re still crying over the idiot who dumped you?” He asked. You chuckled and nodded slightly.

“I actually broke up with him, but there’s no need to tear open the already opened wound, right?” You chuckled to cover up your heart ache. Leo shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so.” It was silent, and then Leo spoke again. “Well if you ever want to come talk to me or something, you know where I work.” Leo winked, making you blush. “I’ll see you around, Y/N.” He said as he opened the door.

“Yeah, see you around.” You said. He walked out, and with that you were left once again with your aching heart and your sad thoughts.

Told You I Would Remember

(gifs are not mine)

TITLE: Told You I Would Remember

PAIRING: Dean x Reader


CHARACTERS: Dean, Reader, Sam (mentioned), John (mentioned), Mary (mentioned).

WARNINGS: talk of marriage and the hunter life (if that should be a warning), fluff.

A/N: This takes place at 12x11 (Regarding Dean). As always I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is gladly welcome.


“You’re doing great, just one more time. Who are you?” I asked Dean.

“Umm… My name is Dean Winchester,” he said carefully, making sure he wasnt making a mistake “Sam is my brother, Mary Winchester is my mom, Cas is my best friend and you… you are my girlfriend.

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The Tale of the Legendary Spoop

(not the LARP camp I work at, but the one I volunteer at- the high-immersion one for teens up in the mountains)

One time, I really really wanted to scare the shit out of the kids. So, I dressed up as a spooky ghost lady. My friend did skull-like makeup on me, I wore a long white dress, and I took my hair down (brown, and waist-length). I had my hair over my face, and then I put on a veil. 

A bit after one in the morning, I started singing ring around the rosy in a slow, high-pitched voice in the woods outside their camp. The kid on watch woke everyone else up, and they proceeded to half freak out trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t see for shit, since it was dark and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I had to feel out every step I took, which allowed me to do a creepy, jerky, zombie-ish stumble.

I entered their camp, and they were all huddled in the center, pointing swords at me and trying to decide if I was friendly or not. I approached them until I was maybe 5 feet away from the group. One of the girls steps out in front, holding out her hand to me and saying “it’s ok, we don’t want to hurt you-” as soon as she got close enough to almost touch me, I RIPPED OF MY VEIL AND SCREAMED AS LOUD AS I COULD RIGHT IN HER FACE


like 8 or 9 kids just tumbling to the ground it was hilarious

a fellow volunteer later told me it looked like a fus ro dah

anyway I kept haunting their camp for a while, basically stumbling vaguely towards them while they scrambled away, and I was singing whatever bits of songs I could remember that sounded vaguely creepy, such as

-ring around the rosy

-johnny cash (hurt, ain’t no grave)

-green fields of france

-the Halo 3 theme

-bookends (simon and garfunkel)

-spooky scary skeletons

i’d sing really high-pitched and slow, and on the long notes i’d slide out of tune 

and they kept mishearing what I was singing as SO MUCH CREEPIER THAN IT ACTUALLY WAS

one time I dropped down and did a rapid spidery crawl (like the girl from the Ring) at them and they FREAKED

I couldn’t do it for too long because i kept stepping on my hair.

There were multiple teenagers crying. One actually went and took himself out-of-game because he was so freaked. It was beautiful.

(don’t worry, they had fun).

at one point, the only other adult in camp (the plot lead, who was with the teens at the time, playing as himself, but he totally knew the spoopy ghost thing was coming) decided to try and take me down, and ran up to me and grabbed me, literally lifting me from the ground

i was like ????? because we hadn’t had enough time to discuss the spoopy ghost lady’s abilities- i.e. if I could take more than the normal amount of sword blows before dropping, if I could deal any damage (I couldn’t, I was literally unarmed) so I was like well, idk wtf to do here, so i just turned around and screamed in his face until he put me down, and he told me later that him releasing me wasn’t acting, he was literally too paralyzed to do anything

it was hella fun, so about a year later I decided to bring back the spoopy ghost lady (the kids had decided to call her Ashes). I approached the camp again and started singing and i hear “GODDAMN IT! FUCK! FUCKING SHIT!” etc. and I walked in and started my spoopy routine again (afterwords, someone told me that they were literally just talking about me and that one of them had looked at her watch and said “Ashes showed up at about 1:30 last time” and literally right then I started singing).

Highlights from the second time include:

-one of them gave me a fucking sword for no goddamn reason, and then proceeded to attack me. So I knocked him out and threw the sword at him.

- “She’s not that scary, she’s not that scary, she’s not- *I turn and look at him* FUCK”

- *standing over body of unconscious kid* “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM”

- *I stumble towards him* “FUCK NEVERMIND YOU CAN HAVE HIM” *runs away*

-quiet sobs

-louder sobs

- “she’s gonna do the thing she’s gonna do the thing she’s-” *I drop down and spider crawl at them* “FUCK SHIT I TOLD YOU SHE’S DOING IT”

- kid: “Tell me what you want, what you really want!” me: *internally suppresses urge to go so tell me what you want, what you really really want*

- fellow volunteer (who had decided to join the kid’s camp as himself, literally so he could be there to watch me spoop) tries to sneak up behind me, I wrap my veil around his neck and “choke” him (not really, but it looked real)

-next day at checkout, when I walk up to the group (not in costume, duh) to see them off: “fuck you Katt”

vernon; get lost in the rhythm of me

Originally posted by visual-17

Summary: She had less than a month to finish a project she should’ve finished ages ago, and on a whim decides to interview the campus radio show. Little did she know she’d get locked into the Thursday Night Lockdown with a certain campus cutie. Wow I’m sorry I suck at summaries please send help.

Characters: fratboy!Vernon/Original Female + various

Genre: Fluffity fluff (and if you count student stress a lil wittle angst)

Word Count: 5896

01 | 02(?) | 03 (m)(?)

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Don’t Test Me - (M)

And of course, I can’t forget Tashee~ how does death feel love? 😘

Genre; pure, good ole s m u t 

Length; 3,600+ words

Kink(s); overstim., sensory deprivation, rope play(kinda), impact play, degradation/humiliation, boy x boy, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc

Originally posted by chaeseok

Sitting there with HyunWoo and his friends, the six of you joke about as you all watched Kihyun and Minhyuk take their game of Overwatch just a tad too seriously; nothing but curses and rage filled screeches escaped the men as they killed enemy and died left and right. 

Wonho chuckled as he looked over you and his friend, “Hyung, you should give Overwatch a shot.” He playfully teased. “I bet you’d do great.” 

Shownu scoffed, shaking his head, “I’d rather not.” He replied, turning to you. “Babe, why don’t you play? You’re pretty good.” 

“I- I’m not that good..” You shyly added, “I’m decent at best, but I mean last time we played together you kept shooting at the wrong people- so I suppose I’m good compared to you.” 

The boys immediately broke out in a fit of laughter as your little taunt. “God, Hyung, you must be terrible then,” Changkyun added, as Hyungwon just sat back soaking in the roasts that he knew were about to come. 

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First Impressions (Part 5)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 1612

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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After a few days of sorting out Seb’s pay, schedule, and lines, finally, he was working with you. It was a slow process because he didn’t have much time to prepare, so you gave him as much time and patience to work as you could grant him. He did everything splendidly though.

During filming, you found yourselves always having lunch together. Having Sebastian on set was like a god send, a way to get your mind off your asshole producer who was always on your ass. So lunch with Sebastian was something you looked forward to every day. You always had something to talk about from work to hobbies to funny things you saw online to interactions with the new Marvel cast you were becoming quick friends with. He always seemed to find ways to brighten your day in the tiniest ways too, from bringing you your favorite drink, taking you to a good restaurant nearby, surprising you with a little bag of chocolates.

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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

also on ff.net

Thank you so much to the fantastical @lenfaz, for lessons on child development, read-throughs and general hand holding.

Tagging: @katie-dub, @wholockgal, @kat2609, @whovianlunatic, @optomisticgirl, @ladyciaramiggles, @the-lady-of-misthaven, and whoever else asks.


Emma Swan had a PhD. Emma Swan had 1265 followers on Instagram. Emma Swan had every line of The Princess Bride memorized.

But one thing Emma Swan did not have?


She flicked the switch again, in the vain hope she’d just imagined it the first time. Nothing happened. She tried the outlet by the toaster. Nothing. Nada.

Because of fucking course Emma would wake up on the first day of the year to find her new apartment shrouded in unending darkness. Because what landlord in their right mind actually picked up the phone at 7am on January 1st? Hell, judging by what she’d seen out her window over the last few hours, they were probably just getting started on all their Hogmanay festivities. Everyone else seemed to be.

Only, Emma wasn’t going to accept defeat right away. Sure, cold Pop-Tarts were okay in a pinch, but it was still freezing out and she had a mighty need to crank up her space heater and put on a pot of coffee. She was very motivated.

It went to voicemail three times before someone finally picked up, the voice on the other end of the line irate and decidedly not sober.

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Reggie x Reader: The Best Woman (Part III)



ALSO, this story is heavily influenced by the movie, “Love, Rosie” in fact I will be using THE WHOLE WEDDING SPEECH in this chapter.

Very sorry for the late update we went on a short vacation and my dumbass forgot my hardrive

Plot: The one where everything that mattered remained unsaid.

Originally posted by flyngdream

When you thought that Reggie was distracted enough not to see you leave, you left.

You walked to the confusing hallways of the hotel that you were staying in and managed to call an Uber despite your drunken haze.

You sighed in relief when you finally reached the front door of the hotel, where you agreed to meet your ride back home. You realized this was probably the last time you were going to see Reggie and you didn’t even have the decency to say goodbye.

Well, it’s not like you were running for best friend of the year anyway so if you were going to be a shitty best friend you might as well go big.

You see the thing about dying and being broken hearted is how much death seems like the better option. Because, at least, with death you know you can get some well deserved rest after the grand finale but with being broken hearted? It feels like consciously stabbing yourself over and over again hoping the one person who can help you will look your way and save the day.

They usually never really do.

You wanted to control at least one part of your life, one last time. You wanted to control your death; you wanted to choose how and when you will go. And that’s exactly what you will do as soon as you get your packed backs and get on a one way ticket straight to Riverdale and into the little cave you loved so much.

“Leaving so soon?”

Your body likes to remind you very much that you were still alive by beating twice as fast when you heard that gruff voice.

“Reg! Jesus, you scared me!” You laughed, placing a hand in your chest. “What are you—why are you here?”

“Could ask you the same. I thought the best men are the ones who usually stays late and cleans up the mess.”

“Good thing I’m the best woman then.”
Both of you managed a small laugh but then he suddenly looked at you from head to toe and when he reached your eyes you striked a small pose and fluttered your eyelashes. “Like what you see, Mantle?”

He let out a laugh as he took your right hand and spun you around. “You’re always a sight for my eyes, sunshine.”

You placed your free hand on his shoulders his hands immediately locking on your waist as you danced to the imaginary song only the two of you heard. “You charmer.”

He smirked. You placed your head on his chest, trying to memorize his hypnotizing scent and the steady rhythm of his heartbeat one last time. “Your shitty reception was making me barf so I had to go.”

“For your information, sunshine, that party caused me half a million.”

“Just tell me the name of your party organizer and I’ll take care of him so there will never be a second victim.”

Another laugh. You felt a kiss at the top of your head and you almost spat everything out. You were never used in lying to him but you had to learn.

“I have a flight to catch.” You admitted, breathing out the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

He hummed, and the rumble it emitted in his chest felt so familiar – so much like home you could almost cry. “Where?”

You looked up at him and he stared at you. God, you wanted to kiss him, just say ‘fuck it’ and just grab his neck and just get a taste of the little heaven in front of you.

Three hours too late. 


Reggie bit his lips – staring at you a second too long before he smiled.

“Okay.” He kissed my forehead. “Do me a favor and tell Pop’s I said  hi.”

You watched as his eyes looked past you and went behind you, to the car you have booked. You gave him one last glance before caving and kissing him in his cheeks, just close enough to graze the side of his lips.

“Will do, my love.”

You were this close to crying so you slowly pushed yourself off him and you knew that you in that exact moment, you were already dead. “You go in now. Congratulations, Reggie. I’m so happy for you.”

He squeezed your hands tighter and kissed the back of it. “I’ll see you when you come back okay?”

Another chill in your spine, another guilt in your heart. 

“Yeah, I‘ll  … I’ll keep in touch.”

Another lie in your lips.

He seemed to notice something was off but obviously decided to ignore it as he nodded and started walking away.

You watched him place two hands in his pocket and just as he was about to reach the front door and disappear from your view your will broke.


He looked way too fast but not fast enough because he barely had the time to prepare for you when you decided to jump into his arms. You hid your face as much as possible as the tears started falling in your face.

“I …” you hugged him tighter as he did the same, although confused. “In another life,” you whispered as you felt his hands run up and down you’re back trying to soothe you.

“In another life, ask me out to prom, okay?”

Reggie scowled, remembering how you didn’t go to prom because you were too busy sleuthing with Jughead and Betty to even look for a date much less a dress. He remembered a huge fight because you almost got shot that night and Reggie only heard about from your mother days later because you didn’t want him to worry as if that wasn’t his job. He also remembered feeling bad because if only he had asked you out, not too stuck up and cautious of his reputation back in high school, you would’ve been safe.

“Will do, my love,” he smiled, not bothering to ask the sudden and uncharacteristically strange request.

And you wondered if you were going to hell for causing that smile to fall in the next few hours.


Leaving for work, the last thing you expected to find in front of you, propped up against his pale blue door, was a badly beaten version of your neighbour: bruised and bleeding and barely conscious, groaning in pain.

You dropped down onto your knees in front of him and cradled his bloody face in your delicate hands. “Sehun are you ok? What happened?” you murmured frantically, your thumb brushing across the cut on his lip and immediately pulling back when he winced and leaned away. “Who did this to you?” you asked more sternly, placing a gentle finger on his chin and lifting it to check for more injuries.

He didn’t answer. Instead he swayed out of your grip and dropped back against his front door with a dull thud, his face showing the amount of pain he was experiencing.

You had three weaknesses in your life that you would drop everything for in a split second without a single thought. Number one was white chocolate - in whichever form you could get it. You would probably knock over children if they came between you and the last white hot chocolate on the planet. Number two was puppies – cute adorable little balls of fluff that made your heart melt into a puddle on the floor. They were extremely hard to resist. And the third?

Your neighbour, Oh Sehun.

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Her Name Was Mary// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by doctorstrangebatch

This is Part 2 to These Wounds Won’t Seem To Heal

You’re all going to hate me for this one. Heavy spoilers for TST.

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Temporary Amnesia. Common with head trauma, memories will come back in due time. All you have to do is wait. 

Memories were painful, but they were pivotal to recanting a story to those who didn’t know it. It took you several weeks and much help, but eventually you had started to regain some of your memories with John Watson. The times you’d shared scotch when Sherlock locked you out of the flat. The endless cases, the laughter and smiles, the first time he’d told you that you were in love with Sherlock Holmes. 

But for the life of you, you just couldn’t remember Mary Watson. It got much more difficult after Rosie was born, because at that point you were more concerned about making your mark on the baby. Your presence at her flat was killing Mary slowly but surely and you were completely unaware of it. 

The four of you were inside London Aquarium after the Six Thatchers case had been solved, facing Vivian who had her weapon pointed at Sherlock. Your breathing was abnormally even for a woman who had nearly lost her life far too many times, and had nearly watched the man she loved die far too many times as well. You’d been there for Sherlocks proclamation to protect John, Mary and Rosamund. You just didn’t expect everything to go to hell as soon as the bullet fired.

Your heart stalled as the world faded away, the only thing drawing you to your senses was a blonde female jumping in front of your husband and taking the bullet that was meant to kill him. 

  “Y/n, this is my fiance Mary Morstan.” John remarked proudly, stepping to the side so you could shake her hand. Marys eyes lit up as you extended your hand and tightly grasped her own. 

  “Y/n y/l/n, girlfriend to Sherlock Holmes and best friend of this moron here.” you remarked, lightly nudging John who only blushed in response. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mary.” 

  “The pleasure is all mine. I believe we’re going to make such great friends.” 

Tears ran down your face as John ran to his wifes side, desperate to apply as much pressure to her wound as possible. Despite constant rambling and bickering with an utterly speechless Sherlock, Mary Watsons eyes were still firmly locked on you. 

It had been an eventful time since the two of you had become friends. Endless chatter over hot tea at your favorite cafe, her openly allowing you to read her memory stick, the confessions you’d made about dating each others best friend, the laughter you shared. 

  “Mary, for the last time, I look AWFUL in lavender.” You whined, turning on the pedestal as the seamstress pulled at the loose fabric at your hips. Janine rose an eyebrow as you squirmed uncomfortably beneath her gaze. “Why did I agree to be your maid of honor? This was such a bad plan on my part!” 

Mary wiggled her eyebrows and extended her hand, grasping yours as you stepped off the pedestal. Her gaze softened as she twirled you around to get a better look at your dress. “Because you love me, you git. I’m your best friend.” She replied sarcastically. “You are surely a woman made for Sherlock Holmes.” 

Everything burned. Your brain was screaming at you for being so clueless, your muscles protested as your moves became sluggish. Even though she was only a few feet away, it felt like Mary was a whole world apart. “Oh Lord, what are you-” Sherlock started, only to be halted by Mary’s weak voice speaking out from beneath him. 

  “Shut up. She’s remembering.” 

Your jaw slackened as you knelt beside your boyfriend, eyes wide and tears rolling down your cheeks as you took her hand in your own. “Mary,” You pleaded. “I’m-I’m so sorry.” 

  “You picked an awful time to remember, y/n.” She joked, gasping as another wave of pain radiated through her body. The longer she watched you cry and John wheeze, the more difficult it became to breathe. “But I’m glad you did, because our friendship was truly something. Don’t you think so?” 

  “You were my sister.” 

She gripped your arm and pulled you as close to her as possible, her lips inches away from your ear. “And you-you were mine. Please. Please don’t give up on Rosie. She’ll need a mommy too.A anguished cry left your lips as Sherlock pulled you to the side, rocking you back and forth in his lap as the two of you tried to block out the final words exchanged between husband and wife. Your cries became hysterical when you finally realized- John Watson was now cradling his wifes corpse in his arms. 

Sherlock couldn’t find the strength in him to stand. His face continued to remain hidden in your neck, your fingers weakly grasping his messy raven curls as you sobbed hysterically. The tears just wouldn’t stop coming. “Y/n..” He whispered softly, brushing a kiss against your tear stained cheek. “I love you.” 

You swallowed the emotion building in your voice, your breathing erratic as you rested your forehead against his own. He was your safe place. Sherlock Holmes had always been your sanctuary- a place to hide away from the cruelties of the world. Much to your misfortune, now the two of you would have to mourn together. Mourn a mother who had never made it home. 

Mourn a daughter who would never know her mother. 

Flash Forward

Six months. It had been six months since you’d gained back your memory and watched your best friend die in her husbands arms. Despite your unfading sadness over such a tragic loss, you did exactly what Mary had asked as her dying eyes locked on yours. 

You looked after Rosamund. 

  “My dearest Rosie, it seems you can’t sleep without a bed time story anymore. Can you?” You chided, smiling as you took the baby from her crib. John and Sherlock had needed a night to reconcile everything from Mary’s death to the events at Sherrinford, so you had offered to look after the baby for John. Rosie yawned as she rested her head on your chest, exhaling while you ran her fingers through her blonde hair. “I’ve got one. Let me tell you a story. Not a story of a princess, but of a woman who literally defeated hell.”

Her name was Mary Watson.

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