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Frank runs into Karen years later. She's married and pregnant/has a child.

Frank never liked going into the city during the day, it was always so busy, so crowded with people that slowed him down. But it had been weeks since he stepped out for supplies, and since he was back in Hell’s Kitchen for the first time in years, he was curious what had changed.

With his worn-out baseball cap pulled over his head and his hands deep in his pockets, Frank began walking around the street stalls. There were places he noticed hadn’t changed at all, and he was beginning to think he never left this city. Until he laid his eyes upon someone who reminded him over every single day he spent away from this place.

“Oh sorry,” the woman apologised, stepping back and bumping into Frank.

“No problem ma’am,” he returned, noticing the woman was heavily pregnant.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the woman stilled. Her blonde hair was covering her face as Frank watched her turn, his eyes growing wide at the realisation of who he had come across.

Karen Page stared back at him, wondering to herself if she was really seeing the man she thought he was. He had a scruffy beard now, but everything else about him was the same. The black clothes, the military-like jacket, even the bruises and gashes hadn’t changed.

“Frank?” she whispered.

Frank’s lips almost pulled up into a smile at the sound of his name on her lips.

“Long time ma’am,” he nodded, looking down at her large baby bump. “Long time,”

Karen followed his gaze to her stomach, running a hand over her tight-fitting shirt. It was then. that Frank noticed the ring on Karen’s finger.

“I…I thought you were…” she trailed off, unable to speak her thoughts.

“Came close a few times, but I’m still kicking,”

“What are you doing here?” she asked. “Hell’s Kitchen never stopped looking for you,”

“I know, I kept my distance,” he explained. “Got a bit is business here, thought I’d take in the sights,”

Karen chuckled, immediately reminded of why she missed him so much when he left.

“You’re married?” he asked, unable to stop himself.

Looking down at her ring, Karen had a small smile on her lips. A smile that Frank saw perfectly.

“Yeah, I am,” she nodded.

“Good guy, huh?”

“Very good guy,” she grinned again.

“Good,” Frank nodded. “You deserve the best guy out there. And uh…I’m assuming that ain’t from a big lunch?”

Karen watched him point toward her stomach, chuckling lightly at his words. She missed so much about him.

“Due next month,” she explained. “It’s a girl,”

Frank could picture a tiny version of Karen. Blonde locks, a huge temper and stubborn as all hell.

“Well if she’s anything like you ma’am, I gotta wish you some luck with that,” he laughed.

Karen grinned back at him, appreciating everything about him in that moment. Frank Castle would always be a mystery to her. Seeing him right now, Karen knew that it would be the last time for another long while.

But he was here, he was alive, and he was okay. As okay as Frank Castle could be.

“All this time, it’s killed me not knowing if you were…if you were alive,” she admit.

“It’s better if you pretend I’m not,” he advised.

“Frank…” she began, unable to put any of her thoughts into words. It was too much.

“I kept reading your pieces,” he added, changing the subject. “Knew you wouldn’t stop getting your ass into trouble,”

“Maybe I’ll slow down now,” she shrugged.

“I don’t think you’ll ever slow down ma’am,”

Karen smiled back at him, knowing that this was going to end very soon. They couldn’t stand here all day and talk, and Frank would never endanger her by meeting anywhere else. Not when this city would always be hunting him.

So before Frank could escape again, before she lost him once more, Karen stepped forward and hugged him close.

Frank could feet her large stomach pressing against his own and it took a few moments for him to react, but once he had his arms wrapped around her too, he finally felt some peace.

Being back in Karen’s arms, smelling her shampoo, feeling her warmth. It took him right back to the way they used to be.

“I’ll always miss you,” Karen whispered.

“Me too ma’am,”

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Last movie I watched: I didn’t watch any movies in far too long and I thiiink that the last time I watched a movie might have been over a month ago, so if I’m not very much mistaken, the last movie I watched was Hamlet with David Tennant. I mean, technically, it’s a play but a recording of a modernised version of the play, so it’s actually like a movie, so I think it counts… xD

Last song I listened to: “I’ll Try” by Jonatha Brooke - it’s a song from Peter Pan 2, I discovered it yesterday night and I kinda like it :) 

Last book I read: “The Book of Tomorrow” by Cecilia Ahern. I have actually read it once before, about 7 years ago but my English wasn’t as advanced back then, so I didn’t understand it as well as I did now. And since the last time I read it was that long ago, I didn’t even remember the plot that well - just the basics of it and a few fragments of the details - so it was just as if I’d read it for the very first time. ;)

Last thing I ate: An apple. Yes.

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: Hm, there are many where I could imagine that spending a day with them would be a blast :) But I think I’d have to feed the absolute cliché of my fandom and go with the Doctor because a day with him could be any day and any place that ever was in all of time and space… and I’d like that. Very much ♥

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: On a boat trip across lake Wörthersee with my girlfriend :)

Current fandom obsession: Mainly Doctor Who. And anything David Tennant, really. 

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Nickname: Liz

Zodiac Sign: Libra!

Height: 5′3″

Last Thing You Googled

Favourite Music Artists: o boy uh… @marinkarin is a jerk who got me into p!atd so i’ll say they’re fave for this month

Song Stuck in My Head: Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimental Waltz Op. 51, No. 6 (a slightly different version to this, mind)

Last Movie You Watched: o… uh… maybe Spectre? Or Victor Frankenstein… I have no idea. OH WAIT, NO, IT WAS THAT AWFUL SEQUEL! CRUEL INTENTIONS 2! omg it’s so awful

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: a grey dressing gown?

Why Did You Choose Your URL: itsnotlove was taken, so i just… kept adding lyrics until i got itsnotloveifitsjust

Do you have any other blogs?: ahahaha 

What did your last relationship teach you?: shhhh

Religious or Spiritual: Cynical 

Favourite Color: green, followed by tones

Average hours of sleep: 3-5

Lucky Number: 1327

Favourite Characters: the ones who are my favourites <3

How many blankets do you sleep with: One in winter, none in summer.

Dream Job: ; )

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Relationship status: single

favourite colour: grey or blue

makeup or nah: depends on the day

last song I listened to : the squip enters

last movie I watched: moonlight

top 5 fictional characters: Alexander Hamilton (the fandom version), Sam Winchester, Gabriel (yes the archangel), Raven Reyes, Bellamy Blake

top 3 ships: Lams of course, Bellarke and Destiel

(ima add some more)

myers brigg personality: INTP-T

star sign: Virgo

age: 16

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(( @dreamsofsantafe I had a dream that we were watching an outdoor version of Newsies and for some reason they needed a Jack so you were going to play him for one part of it and I was going to do the other part, and we were all excited like “YES OUR MOMENT HAS COME” (because apparently writing as Jack here makes up for not having genuine delucarms? or, ya know, in my case, not having any acting or singing talent either) but then I realized that THIS WAS IN FACT THE MUSICAL AND NOT THE MOVIE SO I DIDN’T KNOW THE SONGS (plus they added a bunch of new songs???) so I didn’t end up doing it after all, which was disappointing, BUT YOU WERE AN AMAZING JACK NO ONE KNEW THE DIFFERENCE

So good job. I’ll work on my movie lyrics for next time.)) :p

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NAME: Livi

NICKNAMES: ha that is my nickname

GENDER: im genderfluid

STAR SIGN: taurus


LAST THING I GOOGLED: what is speciation? (its for my bio class)

FAVOURITE BANDS: bts, gfriend, blackpink, got7, monsta x ,etc

FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: dean, giriboy, jay park


LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: the sword in the stone (the disney version)

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: earlier this month actually lmao

WHAT DO YOU POST: im multifandom af tbh so anything from bts to blackpink


DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: nope this is it

DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: never so feel free!

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: bc i always want more jin and idk maybe i’ll get it if I say please but its not likely

FOLLOWING: oh gosh like 200 or smth

POSTS: im not even sure but its probably not that high


POKEMON TEAM: sorry i never got into it

FAVOURITE COLOUR: dark blue, dark purple, white, black, just dark colors in general

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: normally i get maybe 5-6


FAVE CHARACTERS: basically all the peeps from Under the Aegis i love tht comic so much

WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: long sleeved shirt, sweatpants, cute penguin sock

DREAM JOB: translator/editor

DREAM TRIP: Korea (duh), France, and/or Austraila

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NAME: Tahlia 

NICKNAMES: T, Tills, Tdog/Tdawg, Schneidz

GENDER: Girl (But I feel like I'm gender-neutral) 


HEIGHT: 1.73cm 



FAVORITE BANDS:  BTS, EXOK & M, Blackpink, TWENTY ØNE PILØTS, GOT7, Monsta x, SF9, Seventeen and like way moreXD

FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: Too many to count>_<

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: BTS new upload from today “BS&T Japanese version” <3

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Something on Netflix forgot what it was called:D

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: Ummm a few months ago:)

WHAT DO YOU POST: I mostly reblog stuff I like or just vent. So a lil bit of everything.



DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: Nah not really, but if you have any make sure you do, I’d love to respond! I’m quite good at advice:)

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Because I’m just a weirdo (in a good way) and I love the internet.





FAVORITE COLOURS: Dark colours/shades, pastel and sometimes neon. 

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Around 4-6 on school days. On weekends I sleep all dayXD

LUCKY NUMBERS: 7, 21 & 8


WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: PJ’s and chilln with ma laptop:)


DREAM JOB: I’m still trying to figure that out>.<

DREAM TRIP:  To Japan, South Korea, Ireland, America, UK. Basically around the world with my friend(s). 

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I think the animation feels organic - funnily enough - because there’s less frames? Like it’s pretty stiff animation but it feels easier to listen to because there’s less for the eye to watch?  I could be wrong it’s been months since I last set eyes on BH

(It’s worth noting I’m watching it dubbed) for some reason Ed’s voice is so much better in this version, I don’t know what it is but the voice acting just seems better all round. I THINK I prefer Al’s but I also noticed in BH Al’s voice gets ‘older’ as it goes along. I think I like both in this case

I always thought Ed’s speech about the make up of bodies and science and whatnot was SO cool when I first watched this but in hindsight it is so obnoxious and I love it, lmao

I do prefer how horrifying Rose’s story is in this one, that always stuck with me and I remember it even without watching it again (I’m not even there yet, I just randomly remembered it)

I think I prefer the Chimera fight scene in this one. There’s something about it that’s just SO damn good. Also the automail reveal in this one is very satisfying and I love the janky camera

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Do you know where I can watch Die Mitte der Welt (2016) ??

I’m sorry, but I can’t find it online :( Perhaps it’s too new to be online yet, since it came out here in Germany last November, I believe. So maybe in a few months it will be easier to find.

However, the book Die Mitte der Welt and the English version The Center of the World are available on Amazon, if you like to read!

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Yesterday I received this message on my most recent upload to YouTube, no doubt a dig at the current content being uploaded to the channel but still a fairly accurate comment none the less.

I haven’t really spoken publicly about the direction I’m taking World of the Orange for 2015, mostly because I simply don’t know. So instead I’m just going to explain where I’m at and what’s going on with me and then y’all can rest easy once and for all.

In January this year I started working essentially full time on video editing for an external company. Completely separate from any of the personal editing I’ve been doing for the past 4 years on WOTO.

Reasons for accepting the job as opposed to forging forward with a YouTube-centric career?

The channel wasn’t providing a huge income for me and YouTube’s ever more broken platform for channels with less than 6.8 gazillion existing subscribers didn’t help matters. So yes, money obviously plays a factor. I have rent and bills to pay. I live with my girlfriend and my dog and sometimes we like to eat. Sponsorship deals would poke their heads around the corner from time to time but I’m not hugely into acting or presenting or generally portraying a false version of myself in front of the camera, which seemed to be what most of the offers coming my way required, so most of the opportunities I was turning down anyway.

There have been many incarnations of WOTO but generally people only think of one (2013/#CONTENT era). The channel how it is now is just another regeneration. (I’m aware that’s a Doctor Who reference and I’m sickened by it.) To explain I will have to cover essentially the entire timeline of WOTO. So here goes.

2011/2012. The channel actually started off as a comedy VFX channel. 4 years ago both myself and Liam were slightly below par video editors with some small experience in video effects software like After Effects. So we made little sketches like Epic Mundane Task’s etc.  

Then we gave that up. The stress of producing high quality content regularly whilst juggling work and university was insane. So we actually ended the channel. During 2012 we ended the channel. It was dead. We had retired. Resigned to the fact that it simply wasn’t for us. Then at the beginning of 2013 we sat down and turned on a camera, poked fun at the system and broke every rule that YouTube had asked us to follow with their “Creators Handbook” and made a stupid, poorly shot, poorly edited, piss take of a video. Then we did it again… every week, for an entire year. That was the peak of WOTO. The chaotic 2013 era that saw multiple collabs, sofa banter, #CONTENT and nothing but laughter. The second incarnation of WOTO is what most people think of it as being, still, even after Liam left, even now.

At the beginning of 2014 we tried to branch out with our brand. We reached out to radio and television to see if we could push WOTO beyond YouTube and further the brand. We spruced up the channel. We even attempted a longer format (incarnation three) over the summer to test our skills but after 6 months of mostly fruitless attempts we stopped pushing and not long after that Liam wisely decided to throw in the towel.

That was obviously a huge blow to the channel. It left me at square one. I didn’t know how to run a solo channel. Since I can’t do makeup tutorials or direct short films, I was faced with the crossroads of either vlogging or gaming. So I tried vlogging (incarnation four) and I hated it and myself within about 2 weeks. I had spent 4 years honing the skill of bouncing comedy off of my partner in crime Liam, not sitting alone in a bedroom classic vlog style. At the end of the year a pretty decent opportunity was offered to me as an editor. The years of WOTO weren’t fruitless, in fact they honed my skills as an editor better than a performer or comedian. So I took the job expecting to be able to easily continue providing content for the YouTube channel.

There was a transitional period, I moved house and settled in at my new job and it was pretty tough to find time to upload. So I didn’t. But without the guillotine of rent dangling above my head I was able to step back and take a look at the last few months of the channel. Did I want to keep uploading vlog-style solo videos? Is YT even a thing I want to do anymore? Was I just doing it to pay rent?

No, no and yes.

Honestly, I probably could easily keep uploading at least a single video a week but I realised I didn’t want to. For one thing the whole landscape of YouTube has changed so dramatically over the last few years that it’s not even a platform I like anymore regardless of whether I am on it or not.

But aside from that, I found that, bit by bit I was carving away at my own personality. Forcing myself to be very vanilla to appeal to brands and make sure that nobody watching the video would be offended or turned off by anything I said or did. The pressure to be something your not starts to really affect your ability to have fun and enjoy the content you’re creating. WOTO was supposed to be fun first and foremost and frankly it wasn’t anymore. In reality I would never heavily censor myself like that. I had built a version of myself that was starting to feel more like an act than anything else.

Recently, I started live streaming on Twitch in my spare time. Mostly I wanted to chill out after working all day and play a game. But I still love the interaction with an audience so streaming on Twitch seemed like a good idea. The reason I made YouTube videos was to have a laugh with my friend and provide something decent for everyone to watch. The comments on our videos used to make us laugh as much as much as filming the video did. It was like YOU were all involved with us. A huge group of friends from all over the world. But by the end of last year it was just me churning out a video containing a false version of myself in the hopes somebody would pay me enough money to promote something so that I could make rent that month. I had become the same as every other channel on the platform and WOTO made its name by swimming against the current. I no longer represented my own brand. I no longer represented myself.

So for the time being WOTO is in its next incarnation. Number 5. On a whole different platform. And yes, I guess that what’s left on YT is a gaming channel in a way. If you subscribed for me and Liam, we’ll pop up from time to time playing a game. If you subscribed for collabs with other YouTubers on a sofa, that ended 2 years ago. If you subscribed for me then I haven’t really gone anywhere. But if you subscribed for a specific type of content then likely it is gone. Essentially it’s complete overhaul number 5. Me, working as a video editor, then coming home and streaming games and possibly uploading that to YouTube for those who want to see it.

So if you wanna hang out with me this year I’ll most likely be at Twitch.tv/BradWOTO. If you wanna watch whatever bits and bobs I upload to YT then go for it! That’s great! But I think we have to say goodbye to WOTO 1,2,3 & 4 and accept that everything eventually moves on.

Honestly, I think you’ll be okay.

Disclaimer: This was ghost written.


I’m not sure which version I like best, so I’m just going to post both for now until I decide, and then I’ll edit it down to one later.  Anyway, this is a drawing I did last month for that one evening that Lune, Brandy, and Azuki hung out on the island.  But I wanted to draw a town beach instead, so there.

Thank you to those of you who came to my livestream yesterday to watch me work on this!  I hope you had a good time!  I’d especially like to thank Mark who was there for almost the entire run and kept me company during the end when everyone else had things to do.  As a reward/punishment he got to meet my little cousins and answer all Isa’s questions.  Good job, dude.

Begin Again

Based off of the song: Begin Again by Taylor Swift

Character: Barry Allen

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You looked at yourself in the mirror and took a deep breath. Your blue lace summer dress flowed to just above your knees, hugging your curves and placing a soft sweetheart neckline at your chest. Your hair was curled in waves and you had your favorite baby blue heels on. Your old boyfriend never liked it when you wore high heels. He said it made you “too tall” and would occasionally call you a slut. You didn’t wear your heels throughout the entire time you were dating him, and you missed them. You loved wearing heels.

          You straightened out your dress and put the finishing touches on your makeup. You grabbed a light jacket and headed out your apartment door, slipping earbuds in. One of your favorite songs came on and you started humming along, remembering the times you had while this song was playing. He didn’t understand this song. He didn’t get the meaning behind the words. But you did, especially now. You felt your heart drop with every sad lyric and twist with anger and frustration at how your old boyfriend didn’t just take the time to understand it. He never did.

          You drove a few blocks to the local café. You had made plans with an old friend of yours, Barry Allen, to meet and catch up. You hadn’t seen each other since high school and that was eight years ago.

          You entered the building and breathed in the delicious coffee smell. You were about to walk to the counter and get your coffee, when you saw Barry at a table nearby, drinks in hand. You were surprised; Barry was always late in high school. Late to classes, to meetings, anything you could think of. But this time, he was early.

          He waved to you with a large grin on his face and you couldn’t help by smile as you walked over to him. As you approached him, he sat the drinks down and wrapped you into a welcoming hug. You missed hugs. Any affection from your ex boyfriend had stopped toward the last few months of your relationship.

          He pulled away from the hug and you instantly missed the warmth, but a different wave of warmth coursed through you when he held out your chair for you. The smile on your face grew bigger, taking the seat. Such a small gesture made you the happiest person in the world. He probably didn’t realize it, but to you, it made all the difference.

          You easily strike up conversation with the handsome man in front of you. He told you about his forensics and how his college experience went. You told him about your major and the friends you made, the experiences you had. “Alright, I’ve wanted to try out this joke for a while, but none of my friends would get it. Please don’t think I’m lame.” You smiled sheepishly, hoping to make a good impression.

          He gestured you to go on and you took a deep breath. “Two men walk into a bar. One man orders H2O. The other says ‘I’ll have H2O, too.’ Sadly, the second man died.”

          Barry exploded with laughter, causing your heart to speed up with joy. It was strange, but it felt so good to hear someone laugh like that again, especially to the lame joke you just told. Your ex never thought you were funny, whether it was your jokes, sarcasm, even puns. You always tried to get him to laugh but nothing worked.

          Being with Barry made your heart open up again, but only a crack. You weren’t used to the attention and the smiles. For the last eight months you couldn’t think about anything but your terrible relationship and what went wrong and why you couldn’t fix it. Love sucked and you never thought anyone could love you or love at all. But Barry came back into your life and you watched love begin again.

          “What’s your favorite band?”

          “Y/F/B. I have all their CD’s and I’ve been trying to find the record versions of them.”

          “Really? I’ve never met anyone that’s liked them as much as I do. Have you been to the concert they recently had? Not a lot of people showed up.”

          “Of course! I got the fourth row. They were amazing!” You blushed and hid your head, mentally scolding yourself for being so excited.

          Barry placed a finger and lifted your head up, your E/C eyes meeting his green ones. “You don’t have to hide, Y/N. Your excitement makes me excited and happy, too.”

          Your blush became deeper and you gave him a soft smile. If only he knew. If only he knew the way your ex would scold you for getting so excited. He would tell you to shut up if you burst in with comments and interrupted his argument. It was rare for you to utter a word around him in public, scared of what he might do.

          You talked for a long while with Barry, finishing three cups of coffee each by the time he had to get going. He offered to walk you to your car and made a loop with him arm. You slipped your arm through his and continued to make small talk.

          You almost brought up your old ex, one of Barry’s anecdotes reminding you of the past. He could see the hesitation and sadness on your face, not quite understanding it, but wanting to make it better. “I can’t wait for Christmas to get here, though. It’s my favorite time of year. My step-dad and I, we bake cookies and watch his favorite movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. If you don’t have any plans this year, I would love for you to come join us, Y/N.”

          You looked up at him gratefully, and you could almost feel the stars in your eyes. His gave you his signature smile and leaned against your car. “Please tell me we’re going to do this again.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

          You nodded and leaned up to capture his top lip in yours. The hand that wasn’t against the car, he placed on your waist and pulled you closer. Your hands found the back of his neck and you pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. Your thoughts were all over the place and your heart was beating out of your chest. Barry smiled, breaking the kiss. He placed his lips gently to your cheek and laughed against your skin, tickling you. “Thank you,” you whispered.

          He finally had to leave, and you hated to see him go. You sat in your car with your head in your hands and a huge smile on your face. You can’t remember the last time you felt this giddy about someone, but you didn’t want the feeling to go away, ever. All the bad thoughts of the past were erased and forgotten, the past staying the past. And you were glad to see that love was beginning again.

In praise of Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraser

A dear friend of mine is a non-tumblr shipper.  Her Mom is losing her eyesight and will likely be legally blind within the year.  She LOVES Outlander and sent the following email today:

“OK so for the last 2 months I have been watching partial or total replays of movies or series I love while I can still watch TV - episodes of 1&2 TB, Johnny Depp in Bennie and Joon, Chocolat and Gilbert Grape, 3 versions of Wuthering Heights, 3 versions of Jane Eyre, 2 versions of Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, Poldark, Sherlock with BC, Jax (CH) on Sons of Anarchy, Kit as Jon Snow (GOT), Rollo in Vikings, Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans, Rodney Grant in Dances with Wolves, Frank Langella in Dracula.  I’ve done all of this because I know that my vision will not allow me to see clearly and focus for much longer.  So I decided to refresh my memory.  And in the process reaffirm my #1 best combo for good looks, sex appeal, talent, and charisma.  Beyond any shadow of a doubt, winner is Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraser of Outlander.  Goodness me he definitely rocks this old broad’s boat!   What amazes me is in Sam’s live appearances, his fair skin, red hair, and blue eyes are nothing like what I usually pick - which proves it’s not the ingredients but how they all come together!  I am so happy that I will get to watch season 2 soon!”   

I told DJ that her love for life and her ability to so graciously handle her struggles with her vision are an inspiration to me.  I asked her if I could share her note with my tumblr friends.  She said of course.  I wish I could share her email with Sam!   I try to remember to be grateful for the gift of sight everyday…but DJ’s email will hopefully deepen that gratitude in me…as well as deepen my gratitude that I can watch Cait & Sam portray Claire & Jamie so incredibly well!

Deconstructing feedback

We’re heading into event season, and a lot of indies will be off demoing their games. For us, hands-on events with gamers are massively important, not just for the PR, but for the feedback. No PR employed demo attendants for us, we’ve put on trousers and everything. Special event.

I’ve talked before about playtesting, but it’s one I still get a lot of questions about. Everyone knows they should be doing it, but it’s a tough skill to learn outside of traditional game dev environments, where you’ll likely learn most of it getting coffee for the testers while the real designers get on with it. That’s how I learned ;)

Volume has, I’d guess, had over a thousand playtesters at this point. Every time we take it to an event, we take notebooks. If you’ve played any of the versions we’ve shown over the last two years, chances are I or one of my mates was watching over your shoulder, making notes. We then spent a couple of months after the event removing or fixing that stuff that pissed you off so much. Promise. Buy it. Oh god. Please buy it.

I’ve given that advice before.. make notes. But it occurred to me that ‘vague note’ to 'fixed game’ is a long path, so let’s try breaking it down. Here’s a bit of feedback about an imaginary game:

You fucking suck. The character should move faster. It should be more like Vanquish.

1) All games should be more like Vanquish
That’s a given.

2) Remove the personal stuff
You need to suppress that urge to ignore rude people, or massively trust people who were nice to you. It’s a human, social impulse, and it’s nice and warm and fuzzy but utterly useless to designers. Leave that compartmentalisation of people as either heroes or demons for twitter, where it belongs.

OK.. so.. here’s the statement:

The character should move faster

3) Suggestions aren’t useful
This is the core of it. A lot of younger devs, once they’ve decided that the user’s feedback is relevant, will just jump into changing it in their image. Problem is, each player experience is different, and while that person may want X, the next playtester will demand Y.

It’s absolutely normal for gamers to give suggestions instead of feedback, that’s natural, we all play games, we all have opinions. But it’s important to remember that the tester isn’t designing your game, you are.. so take out the suggestion.

So, it becomes:

The character moves too slow

So, yeah, let’s fix that problem…

4) WAIT.. context
The statement is absolute, a certainty. Are we certain of it? Time to add some context.

A player felt the character moved too slowly.

How many players?

25% of players felt the character moved too slowly.

You could go further with this.. how hungry for overpriced fast food were these players? How old? What was their player history? Factor this stuff in, but it’s beyond the scope of this blog post.

5) Consider causality
This is where we do some design. This is an interesting problem, a quarter of players feel that their character moved too slowly. That doesn’t necessarily mean we should speed the character up though.. because.. yeah, a majority think it’s fine, and we don’t want to piss them off. Causality is important.

Think about the last time you lost your keys. You got angry at the point where you discovered the loss, right? The solution to this problem is not to make people less irritated when they lose their keys, it’s to help them lose their keys less often. Don’t design for the reaction, design for the problem. Games are the same, a mishmash of interacting systems of causality.

So.. some possible problems that’d create this symptom:

  • The world is too large, so traversing it gets dull, and the player wishes they could move faster.
  • Enemies are overly fast, so the player feels incapable of escape.
  • You have a sprint button that no one is noticing.
  • Genre expectation is faster movement, you need to do a better job of explaining your choice mechanically.
  • Or your character just moves too damn slow.

Consider all of these, and maybe do some follow up playtesting, specifically testing them as hypotheses.

6) Fix it
After considering all the above, make the tweak you feel matches the problem. Do so in a way that maintains your vision of what the game is. Good action on playtester feedback is about achieving your goals as a designer better, by listening to how well you’re doing (you’re almost certainly doing badly, we all are).

Unless your feedback is monumental, in which case, more drastic measures may be called for. But be bloody sure of a problem before making a major course correction.

7) Playtest it again
Take the game to another event, and see if a) you get the same feedback or b) if the change triggers a bunch of new problems.

Fix those, repeat.

This is game design, it’ll never be perfect, but whittling with the help of players will drastically improve your game.

Good luck :)

I know everyone and their mom watched ‘Orange Is The New Black’ last month …. Remember how all the other guards were giving their different versions of what happened, to try and cover up for the guard that killed Poussey. They were trying their hardest to make it look like an accident, they even tried to make her look bad. I know everyone was pissed. I know a lot of you cried . Well what happened to Alton Sterling is the same shit but this time it wasnt a character on a tv show .

A real life episode of OITNB .