i watched this show only for him okay

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I just heard the audio. Why they asked him about the baby??? 😢 I thought this is a music promo...

because that has always been how promo works.. this isn’t new.. hosts never only strictly ask about the thing they actually promoting… they ask about each celebs personal life real or fake to get more people interested to watch or listen to their shows. it’s not a shock that they would bring up babygate because that’s one of the biggest headlines about louis even though the whole world knows it’s fake

okay but can we talk about youngjae’s english skills and how it improved SO much….like he literally went around toronto buying food, taking the bus, and talking to people and fans with zero problems in understanding anything said back to him. it really shows how much he practiced and i just want everyone to know im so so so proud of him. 

y'all: *aggressively hate / are against boy chris because he’s a fuck boy*

me: *wonders if y'all have watched the last 3 seasons of this show because you would know that theirs more to everyones story and they show that literally every season* *also wonders why y'all hate him so much when he only talked like 3 times* *also wonders why y'all are so against him and eva when so far she’s been the only one ive seen with him all season 3 also he’s been obsessed with her since season 1* *also wonders how y'all can hate him because he’s a fuckboy when william was too until we heard his story than everyone was like, “okay he isnt" just like EVERYONE on this show but i guess not chris*

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ok so you guys remember i recommend to you Old stories new discoveries by @the-mystical-wolf, right?

Which remind you, if a fic about the whole class of Miraculous watching the show.

So now it’s in Copycat and has the best scene ever im just so losing myself because of this scene:

Ladybug: Hm… [approaches Imposteur, face to face with him] You didn’t tell him about us, I hope…

“Okay, no, wait,” Nino managed to get the remote, pausing the episode. “Marinette, I know you asked to stop, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass.”

The class turned to look at him, confused. Nino chuckled.

“Alright, so, Ladybug is face to face to the akuma now, right?” he gained a collective nod. Rewinding only a few seconds, he paused again, showing the position the three were: Chat on the floor, Imposteur sitting on his stomach while Ladybug is crouched right in front of them. “So if Chat Noir is still lying there the whole time, when Ladybug moves closer…

“What exactly was his view the whole time?”

Nino looked around, and as understanding slowly settled onto his friends’ faces, he had to bite his lower lip to hold back a laugh.

It did not help that both Marinette and Adrien resembled two perfect tomatoes at the moment.





My Problem with Sing

So I recently went and watched Sing, and it was great! I really liked the characters and the funny moments and it was very sweet.
I only had one problem with it. 
Rosita’s husband, Norman. Okay, yes I get that working to earn enough for 25 children plus 2 adults is really, really tough. I can only imagine. However, in order for him to finally show some kind of emotion in her, he had to see her in a skin-tight suit that showed off her legs and thighs and have a whole song sung in front of him to realise yes my wife is really amazing and I should show her some love. 
Look, this woman gave up her passion and her past job to take care of the 25!!! children whom the husband, to our knowledge, doesn’t even bat an eye towards. And she’s just asking for some kind of recognition, maybe just a sincere “Your mother is a fantastic singer.” 
And Rosita’s so excited to tell her husband about this singing competition that could not only help the family but also she’ll get to do what she loves!!! Before she can even tell him about it, he falls asleep. Like… seriously???

Okay I wanna talk about Rosita too because seriously. She does ALL the housework for all 25 children and the two of them. And on top of that, she never gave up singing, and was able to build this contraption that miraculously worked and was willing to stay up the whole night just to do it. And she loves her children so much I mean Jesus look at Norman after work he just goes to the couch and sleeps. But she checked on the children, makes sure everything is in order before going to sleep. 

I guess what I want to say is that Rosita is an extremely hardworking and devoted woman and her husband should give her more credit than he does at the moment.

Lukas makes Philip better as well

I know we talk about Philip making Lukas a better person or making him love himself and be okay with who he is and Lukas learning from Philip all the time but am I the only one who thinks that Lukas actually did a little bit of that on this ep too? 

Think about it: when Philip is having breakfast with Gabe and Helen he says he doesn’t think his mom will get better, maybe he’s a little bit tired of trying and being disappointed. But then when he’s with Lukas and they talk about their moms, Philips kind of makes it sound like because his mom is so fucked up he doesn’t have a mom and Lukas tells him off with “at least you have a mom” because even if she’s not present, she’s still alive. He can hug her and smell her and smile at her AND TELL HER HE LIKES A BOY AND KNOWS SHE WILL UNDERSTAND.

And after Lukas leaves the bench Philip tells Anne to actually try this time, to go to rehab and doing things right. And Lukas inspired that. He makes Philip better as well.

Things that made me think wtf while I was watching the Christmas Special

1. Adrien causes mass Parisian hysteria with his angry disappearing act, Gabriel kinda but doesn’t really learn his lesson

2. Some rude behind kids thought it was okay to HARASS SANTA

3. Marinette realizes that Adrien disappeared and Chat showed up only to somehow come to the conclusion that an akuma is after Adrien which is somehow the “only answer”


5. His son wasn’t even in the house for a full 2 seconds before he was like: Thanks Ladybug, it’s akuma time.


7. Santa’s first stop after the Agreste household was Chloe’s. We didn’t even see him interact with her so either her did so off screen and wanted personal revenge, or she was so high on his naughty list that he had to be his first real stop after telling Adrien he was so good that nothing would happen to him

8. Santa. Dabbing.

9. Ladybug took so much effort to get them up there, but Chat falls off his sleigh TWICE

10. Ladybug starts rifling thru drawers in the Césaire household like she owns the place. (Though it was an emergency and everything gets turned back/replaced in the end so I guess it was okay)

11. Everyone knows how terrible Adrien’s home life is that they all showed up at his house for a Christmas dinner.

12. It hits me that Adrien loved Mari’s gift but gave it away to santa and lost the card somewhere along the way.


He was watching some very boring cooking show on the TV when he got a text message. He frowned at the name on the screen. It was from Neptune. She’d only left half an hour ago, why would she be texting him now?

N: Is it too late to ask for a ride?
R: Is everything okay? You want me to pick you up?
N: I’m fine and only if you want to.
R: I do. Where are you?
N: Myshuno park
R: Ok.

Revan grabbed his car keys and a jacket before heading out the door. Something was clearly wrong.

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Astro reaction to their idol crush tripping on stage

Of course! Hope you enjoy!

Eunwoo: Eunwoo would be very worried. He would rush over to their crush and make sure they’re okay before calling for a medic. He would help them up and give them some water to drink and a chair to sit on. I think he would be very caring towards them.

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Moonbin: Since Moonbin is very caring and warmhearted I see him showing immediate concern, no matter how severe the injury is. Even if they only trip a bit I think he would act as if they broke a bone.

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JinJin: JinJIn would watch them for a bit to see if it’s serious or not. If it’s not serious I think he would casually walk over and ask if you’re okay. If it’s serious he would bring over a chair and other things to help his crush feel better!

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Rocky: I think Rocky would be a bit timid and afraid to approach his crush. He wouldn’t want it to seem like a big deal but then again he didn’t want them to get no attention if it’s a serious injury. I think he would ask one of his members to go over and check if his crush is okay.

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MJ: I think MJ would immediately be concerd but once he comes over to them and realizes it is not a serious injury, I think he would get abs from laughing so hard. But he would also be sure they’re okay before joking around. 

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Sanha: I think Sanha would laugh on accident but then rush over to help them. Maybe he’ll bring one of his hyungs to come help him carry them to a chair if they’re very injured. He would do ageyo to try and distract them from any pain they may be feeling. 

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**Thank you so much for requesting this!! I’m sorry it took so long but i hope you like it!!**

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Oh my god so I just found out the biggest plot twister of all And I went back and watched it myself and like it's legit In the last episode, when the shooter is in the cafeteria, the worker tackling the gunman is Hap, and you can see that the shooter has Homer's green eyes. I'm like legit screaming right now.

Ask continued: Ok the only thing that actually kinda throws that idea is that the gunman is blond. So… but everything else actually could still make it true.  His hair could’ve been dyed blond so he wouldn’t be recognized as a missing person, maybe? And the reason they didn’t dye it for Spain is because no one would have recognized him there.

Okay so I’ve re-watched the scene a bunch of times and I’m starting to believe this theory more omg. I have the blurriest stream of the show of all time because I’m too poor for Netflix so maybe I’m not the best judge but the worker really does look like Hap. Maybe someone who can actually see the details of the show could help out?

As for the shooter being Homer I’m not so sure. In the close up, he has a bit of a bump in his nose. I don’t think Homer has that.

Here’s a screenshot to show you how blurry it is but to me it could be Hap? But it’s so blurry that really it could be anyone

Sickness and Injury Headcanons

“INJUrE tHEM. I mean uh– what are they like when they’re sick or injured?”

- He shows up to practice despite being injured. They told him he can’t play but he’s just too eager to be there so he’ll sit by on a bench and watch the others despite being really fidgety while watching.
- He hardly gets sick because he’s careful about all of it and always eats his vegetables like a good boy. But when he does get sick, he’ll pretend he’s okay when he has a fever
and looks like he’s about to die.
- Only really stays in bed when his mum tells him to. Otherwise, if it’s just a cold, he’ll work out to break up congestion but his sneezes are really loud and sudden and once he almost dropped his weights on himself. (This is why you need a spotter)

- When he’s injured, he usually just grumbles the whole time because it’s an
inconvenience rather than it actually hurting him. “I could’ve been doing *** while I was in hospital.”
- “Why is nobody resting when they’re sick?” he says as he’s doubled over with a stomach infection yet is trying to clean his room.
- Satori is the only one willing to drag Eita to bed because he’s used to getting hit by him. He spends his rest glaring at whoever is taking care of him.

- He doesn’t even remember the last time he injured himself. He’s pretty sure he had a sprained ankle or something when he was twelve but that’s about it.
- He doesn’t come into school when he’s sick because he doesn’t want others to get sick too. He’ll go home and stay with his parents because he doesn’t want to inconvenience
his roommate (honestly what a sweetheart)
- He listens to the advice of the doctors because he doesn’t want to miss too much work despite how the teachers excuse him because of his sickness; when he returns to his normal life, there’s not much of a gap between recovery and adjusting to everything again.

- He doesn’t tell anyone when he’s injured because he doesn’t want them to worry. If it noticeably affects him and others call him out, he explains what’s happened but then the others just scold him more for hiding it and tell him to rest.
- BEING SICK IS A DIFFERENT CASE. If he has a cold, he’s calling his friends telling
them that he’s dying and can’t breathe all the while sounding gross with his nasally
voice. If it’s a fever, he’ll whisper that he’s going to slowly lose all his senses and die in a void of emptiness. Literally so over the top.
- Uses his self proclaimed “last moments” to beg for chocolate ice cream even though that is definitely not going to help his state.

- He’s rather like Semi in the ‘inconvenienced’ attitude to injuries. He is however too careful with sprain or wounds that he has an bandages them way too tightly till he can’t feel blood flow
- He’s still pretty high energy when he’s sick and is prepared for it with the amazing mass of tissues in his bag that he carries around with him. He just wants to be up and moving despite how much everyone protests to it.
- Under the covers however, he’d probably shrivel up and rot away if nobody was taking care of him. There’s food out for him on his desk but it’s like his blankets have drained all his energy away (it’s actually just too comfy)

- He’s mildly irritated by his injuries but usually takes it as a sign that he’s been pushing himself too hard. He doesn’t really find anyone to blame but himself them.
- You’d expect him to be a germaphobe but he’s really gross at home and forgets to clean up after himself so if he has to take care of himself when the staff at home aren’t there, he’ll cease functioning and call someone to take care of him.
- He tries to do homework as it’s all he actually does but he gets really tired and falls asleep in his sitting, sometimes slamming his head on the desk or slipping out of his chair.

- NORMAL. HE’S NORMAL. He doesn’t let injuries bother him too much but he knows
how to take it easy and actually listens to doctors.
- Actually feigns being sick a lot so sometimes people don’t believe him until he’s hacking up a lung in the middle of class. He does tend to throw up a lot when he’s sick as well; it’s gotten to the point where when he’s sick, someone will hang a plastic bag on his desk just in case.
- He gets sick mainly because his diet is 20% instant noodles when he’s lazy during break and hungry. He shuffles out with noodle pots into the dining room to fill it up with hot water. The sad thing is that it’s all he actually eats when he’s sick as well too.

- He’s more likely to get injured at home fighting with his siblings. His sister has more than once threatened to throw him. The other two boys sit back and record, only to tell on the two once their parents get back home.
- He’s got enough siblings bringing germs into the house, he doesn’t need the others
bringing germs near him when they’re pretty much dying. He tells them to go home and rest like he does when he’s sick.
- He locks his room and does absolutely nothing when he’s sick. Taking a day off means that he has an excuse from homework on that day so when it’s late at night, he’ll be
stupid and wake up to finish the homework due for the next day.

I accidentally deleted the ask lmao so here it is anyways

Everyone! I have a very important question!!!

Super serious help needed!! 😁

Okay so I have struck a deal with Hubby. If I promise to sit watch his new Mötley Crue concert DVD (and not complain or be playing on my phone…) then he will watch ANY 30 Seconds to Mars concert I choose.

It’s gotta be a really good one! I need high energy and excitement. Hubby claims I make them look boring cause I’ve only really made him watch acoustic stuff where they just sit/stand there.

Then we watched Artifact and when they showed the little bit of tour footage at the end he tells me that’s what he wants to see!

I need all you lovelies to tell me your all time favorite live concert from 30stm! It can be on Vyrt or YouTube! I am totally willing to buy a new show on Vyrt if it means I can convert him to at the very least a “casual fan that thinks their stuff is okay” 😅😅😅

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REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi! Can you write something where Cas has to take care of Sam and Dean’s teenage sister (like 15-ish?) while she’s really sick with a fever and Sam and Dean are away on a hunt? Thank you!

Having to take care of an urgent hunt, Sam and Dean has to rush away while you are sick. Usually, even sick, you can take care of yourself, but this time you are really too sick. They had to ask Castiel to watch over you, and simply watch you and if something happens, to call them.
“I’m not sure if I can” Castiel said to Dean looking at you laying on your bed.
“Don’t worry Cas” Dean told him “she just need some sleep and Sam let you some food for her that you only have to put in the microwave. I showed you how it work. She’s fifteen, it’s not the first time she’s sick”.
Dean enters your room and checks your temperature with his hand. He sighs seeing that you are still very hot.
“How is she?” Sam asked entering.
“She’s not better”.
“That’s why I brought her pills and water, she knows how to take them”.
Dean passes a hand in your head “rest well, kid”.
Sam kisses your head and walks out, followed by Dean.

Castiel watches you sleep with a frown on his face, wondering if it is normal for you to sleep for all this time.
You finally wake up, groaning as you lay on your stomach.
“(Y/N)?” Castiel walks up to your bed “how are you feeling?”
“M’fine” you groaned “where’s Sam and Dean?”
“Your brothers were called for an urgent hunt, they had to leave”.
“Oh, okay” you see the pills and water on your night table “oh… at least I have my drugs”.
You sit up and take the pills. You wish you weren’t sick so you could have helped your brothers on the hunt.
“Ugh, I feel like shit” you whined laying back down.
“Can I do anything to help you?”
“Well, if you had your mojo I would… but you can’t… I just need some rest, Cas… thanks”.
“Dean said you have to eat” Castiel said “I will get you a meal”.
“Nah… I’m not hungry”.
“Sam insisted that you eat well. He said it is very important”.
Ignoring your whining, Castiel goes in the kitchen and repeats the step Dean showed him to heat up the soup. Once it is done, he brings it up to you, but you really don’t want to eat it. Castiel never saw you sick, hurt, yes. Though, showing how weak you can get makes you feel ashamed and you want to show how strong you are.
“Please, I don’t want you to get worse, (Y/N)”.
“I’ll just throw it out anyway” you refused once again.
“At least eat half?” Dean suggested.
“Ugh… I guess Dean told you to saw that… come on”.
You grab the bowl and eat half, like Castiel said.
“Here” you hand it to him and lay back down, sleep coming fast.
“Rest well” Castiel said leaving the room.

This is setting a bad example for the young girls watching this show, though. We forget that this is on Disney, that this is a kid show. We forget that not every viewer is older who only came back because they watched BWM.

Young girls should not ever, EVER, be taught that it’s okay for your boyfriend to tell you that you’re too much for his weasel ass, and you stay with him anyway. We shouldn’t be teaching our kids that. Period.

It’s not okay. And it’s certainly not a thing we should be praising and making gifsets of. That’s a toxic relationship. A girl does not have to make herself smaller and quieter for a man. If you want a man, that’s wonderful, but find someone who won’t try to diminish your light.

Because that’s what Riley is. She is light, she is happiness, she is the sun. It’s a disservice to Lucas’ character, it’s a disservice to Riley and the relationship. Don’t tell little girls that they have to be smaller and quieter for a man.

Don’t tell little girls that they have to be smaller and quieter for a man.

Okay so I started watching Dreamwork’s Trollhunters because and only because I am pretty tipsy and this is the weirdest show and I cannot take it seriously

This dude Jim it’s like he’s trying to look like Jack Frost and is failing.

Also Anton Yelchin voiced him apparently which is sad.

Seriously what is even happening I don’t care about any of these characters. So many fat jokes. This feels more like Jimmy Neutron than a dreamworks gig.


Don’t get me wrong I love Miles. But he seriously has nothing on Kitty Walker. Kitty and Miles had similar situations.

Okay so if you don’t know who Kitty is I feel betrayed. She’s from one of my favorite shows “Brothers & Sisters” you should watch it. It stars Sally Field. Now back to Kitty her character is a Republican but she is actually likeable. She’s supportive of her gay brother.

Now I got off track. Okay so there was a car pile up in a season that ended with Kitty’s husband in a coma. Now Miles stayed by Tristan for like three months which was good. But Kitty stayed next to Robert for a whole year. She only let him go when her brother convinced her he wasn’t coming back.

I know Miles couldn’t handle it. He’s a teenager while Kitty was a grown woman. But I still believe Kitty would win. But she’s a political woman so she would have the upper hand most likely.

I’m glad they both stayed by their lovers sides even tho their situations ended different ways.

"No matter how dirty the job, do it well."

I ship it like whoa. I mean, I’m not sure yet if I ship it because they would be awesome together or because I want any excuse to have these two characters get as much screen time as possible and a steady diet of popular narrative has told me the most obvious way to have one always around when the other is around is to have them in a relationship, but regardless, I ship it like whoa.

He’s a bandit. She’s a madam. They snipe at each other and he courteously guides her to the side so the safe he’s having dragged out of the saloon doesn’t run into her.

(Man, they named him Hector Escaton. This show ain’t subtle. And that’s okay.)

(Her name, by the way, is Maeve Millay. Which does not have the same resonance, and as far as I know is not a reference to anyone, although I will be watching to see if it’s an Edna St. Vincent Millay thing.)

Also, the first episode has some gloriously placed Shakespearean quotations and is possibly the only time I have ever cheered to see a character swat a fly.

// I’m sorry but I have to say something. So I know I’m not the only one that leaves it on the USA channel after wrestling and just forgets what I’m watching okay?! So this show called Incorporated came on and the dude that’s the deep voiced Allstate agent that is all like are you in good hands? – is on that fucking show. All I know is I looked up and saw him in an alley picking something up off the ground and I thought it was an Allstate commercial until he started kicking two dudes asses all over the place and I was like “Man I want insurance guys that do that for me .___.”

Okay, I’m watching the Twilight marathon on Freeform, and they show the extended editions. 

The point is, they added the scene where Rosalie molds a mixing bowl into dog bowl and serves Jacob a hot dog in it only to have him throw it at her hair and now I can die in peace. 

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So, I'm watching old NCIS episodes, and I have a lot of feelings about chubby McGee. He is by far the most attractive McGee, and when he's super confident it is the best (hottest). I was having these thoughts, and thought you'd appreciate them.

Okay, I don’t watch NCIS, so I had to go a-googling in order to get a visual representation – and my goodness, what a treasure trove he is.

Jawline: A+.  (And am I the only one getting a chubby Steve Rogers vibe from him here, all clean cut and sparkly-like?)

And look, I found a picture of Gothy Mc-Bettie-Bangs (IDK i literally have never seen the show) pinching his cheeks!  Nice call, Gothy.  Good impulse. 

So basically – your feelings are Good and Right.  And also, I think you’ve lived next door to the dumpster for long enough that you may have caught a mild dose of our cooties.  Not a full-blown case, perhaps, but at least a little sniffle of chub kink.  And I love it!!!