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How to Focus While Studying
  • Remove Distractions. Silence your phone and get the fuck off Tumblr. Nothing will get done if you are replying to texts every five seconds. This is really difficult for me, because I’m always like well if I just take a lil look… *insert spongebob transition*
  • Don’t listen to lyrical music if you are doing an assignment that requires a lot of thinking or writing.
  • IF YOU FEEL TIRED take a 30 minute nap or splash your face with cold water and drink some tea. Studying while tired is like trying to plow snow with a spoon. It’d be better for you to stop, walk to the store, and buy a snow blower, because you’d still get it done faster that way. Terrible analogy. I am sorry.
  • Take breaks. Focusing for long periods of time can be exhausting, so just study for 20-30 minutes then take a five minute break. The Pomodoromethod is pretty popular for segmenting your study times.
  • Get bright lights if possible. Use your desktop lamp and try to not be reading in the shadows. It’s bad for your eyes and you’ll get tired faster.
  • FOR READING TEXTBOOKS: If you find yourself about to fall asleep, or you’ve read something over twelve times and shit just ain’t sinking in, try reading it out loud. It helps, I promise.
  • Stay strong and don’t let yourself make tea, watch just one episode, and clean your room before studying. Procrastination is not your friend, and honestly for me just getting the willpower to study is the hardest part.
  • fml I’m procrastinating right now by making this post. I hope this helped :)
“Ugly Ducklings”

Kelley is a twenty three year old writer who was born and raised in Hawaii, specifically on the island of Oahu. They currently live in Portland, Oregon, where they are studying to become a future librarian. Their hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and trying not to bump into things as they walk.

They have written three essays that they are sharing with you, our readers. This is the third of three essays. The first essay, “Missed Connections”, can be read here. The second essay, “Scenes in Context”, can be read here.

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