i watched this part like 1000 times

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i think its the dub influence tbh. they really make it seem like they dont like each other AT ALL , even the times where seto acknowledges Jou is a true duelist . i havent seen all of the dub but people tell me seto is like 1000 times more of a dick and seto/jous relationship is classified as a hateship cause of it

i think its more of a rivalry between them, mostly a one-sided one on jous part but !!!                            

Yeah. I watched the dub as a kid, but after DK my viewing was very sporadic, and it’s been a long time… that seems in line with what I remember, though, and
the clips I’ve watched more recently.

It’s not just Kaiba they made more of a jerk, either. It’s like… a general dubbing technique, where they make everyone wisecrack and insult each other as much as possible. The Digimon Adventure dub was like this, too. One of these days I’ll watch some episodes side by side and kinda compare. Maybe when I get to episode 135 (although that will take me a million years :v).

It’s definitely one-sided, but Jou wants to be acknowledged, and it’s his nature to throw himself against people stronger than himself. The more Kaiba writes him off and the more difficult it is to beat him, the more Jou wants to. On the other hand, the way Kaiba treats Jou is grounded in his views of himself. That ego of his requires a lot of stroking in order to keep his fears and insecurities at bay, I think.

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First time watching Saw was a midnight show in a packed theatre Halloween night and it was awesome! A lot like a rock or hip-hop show audience but with a movie. There was people yelling jokes during the overused preview parts before the movie. Everybody was into the movie so much we all sat around after talking about everything. Top 3 experiences I have ever had at a movie theatre. It was a very similar situation with House of a 1000 Corpses.

I didn’t get to watch it in theaters, but that sounds like an awesome experience! You’re lucky I always have the worst movie experiences I swear

I just watched last night’s episode and all I really have to say is...

CS fans this is when you’re gonna want to look away. 

That tiny moment between August and Emma had 1000% more chemistry than all her moments with Hook put together. 

Like, I honestly felt that small part of my heart that used to belong to the Wooden Swan ship start beating again. 

Don’t get me wrong, Swan Queen is my endgame, but I actually forgot what it looked like to see Emma with a man she has chemistry with.