i watched this on full screen and i think i'm pregnant now

I'm Busy Mending Pieces Of The Life I Had Before

Warnings: Constant mentions of depression, suicide and self-harm, and use of a common phan song in a slightly unconventional way which idk if works but ayy. Oh and Dan is a carrier, so mentions of m-preg.

A/N: I literally had no idea what c-section scars looked like so I actually looked them up (not expecting to get any results) and wow people actually share pictures of those scars for other mums to see what the fuck even is the internet man. For the phanfic weekly challenge.

Phil hates saying it, but he knows they never should have had the kid.

They never should have gone through with it. And it breaks his heart to even contemplate that thought, but the way that Dan visibly flinches when Phil even suggests that Dan hold their son for just a moment tells him that having this child was probably the worst decision of their life.

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Anonymous said: So KC just did a con where she says that “Laurel isn’t afraid to challenge Oliver. She will stand up to him. He needs her.” Correct me if I’m wrong but the woman who does this & has been doing this since season 1 is Felicity. Captain said so himself. It’s like KC don’t even watch or pay attention to the show. & then she had the nerve to say once again that her & oliver are soulmates!! Lol girl bye. She’s is not fighting for her character, which makes me very sad. And AK retweeted it. Thoughts??

Anonymous said: "I look at Oliver and Laurel as soulmates" -Katie Cassidy. UM WHAT.

LOL. Nobody gets the Olicity fandom more worked up than Katie Cassidy. This is the third ask I got on this (in a row), so I’m sensing people are pretty heated up about it. :) Understandable, so let’s address it.

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