i watched this movie yesterday

Ok trying to get back into daily updating. Today wasn’t too great eating wise, and no exercise, and I’ve got a headache now. I think I forgot to take my meds today, but it’s too late to take them now. McDonald’s for breakfast, waffles PB and a banana for lunch, pot roast with carrots and mashed potatoes for dinner. And I ate too many potatoes.

I watched Heathers, the musical yesterday and the movie today. I’m not big on 80s movies for the most part, so I much preferred the musical. Ok I’m going to go lay down now.

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relationship status: well I never!

favorite color: Orange! It’s just my thing. Not like for clothes or anything, I don’t think I look too great in bright colours, but I still love it so much.

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, my lips would have fallen off my face by now if it didn’t exist.

last song i listened to: Who’s With Me - Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

last movie i watched: Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the movie ‘Slap Shot’. I don’t watch a ton of movies, and I’m not going to say Slap Shot is indicative of my taste, but it’s the last movie I watched.

top 3 tv shows: uhhhh, if I’m throwing Anime in there Gintama 100% fave forever and One Piece as that one show I’ve been following since I was a lot younger. For live action I loved White Collar so much and that was actually a recommendation from Victoria who tagged me so thanks again, but I’m going to have to fight you over my love of TNG.

top 3 characters: Roxas, Riku, and Aqua… I mean, what? But actually, Roxas is my love. I also want to add Morrigan (from DA) to that list, and Twenty-Fifth Baam from the webtoon Tower of God (the greatest thing I’ve ever read btw the most I could recommend any comic)

top 3 ships: HA! What…? I guess Roxas + Xion mostly. Other than that I (friend)ship a lot of people so I don’t think that counts all that much. I ship Jacob from Mass Effect with a better character writer to do him justice if that counts too. I have a couple other ships but mostly in really small stories that don’t have a real following so I doubt listing them here will do anything for anyone. Oh and LadyNoir, I got 3 now… sort of… technically.

books i’m currently reading: My manga + comics list is… extremely long… Putting a list that long is likely bad form so I’ll abstain.

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get to know me meme; 20/20 animated movies: howl’s moving castle (2004)
“You who swallowed a falling star, oh heartless man, your heart shall soon belong to me.”

Civil War? Did you mean: Stressed Out Father Tony Stark

“Steve I’m trying to get you out of your last disaster would you SIT STILL FOR FIVE SECONDS?!”

“Vision keep an eye on Wanda and don’t let her get into any more trouble until I’m back!”

“Why is this kitchen a mess? I didn’t raise you like this!”

“No, Steve and Sam, you two can’t fight the entire UN on your own!”

“Natasha please talk to the children they don’t listen to me anymore!”

“Clint, what the hell! You’re an actual dad. You’re supposed to be doing the responsible thing here!”

“Yes, Wanda, I locked you in your room for your own safety but only because I love you and you’re literally not a US citizen who just created a major disaster abroad??”

“Steve, please sign this so the Fresh Prince of Wakanda stops trying to kill your friend…”

“Who brought the giant plane destroying man?! This is exactly the kind of dangerous shit I’ve been warning you about!”

“Peter stay out of harms way! Wear protective gear! Keep your distance! Stand down!”

“Let go of my Rhodey!”

“Natasha you’re not helping, dammit!”

“All of you sit in silence and think of what you did while I convince Ross not to expel you!”

So, I was watching The Princess Bride yesterday

- correction: I somehow forced the movie on my friends yesterday (and they love me all the more for making them discover this gem).

And WOW, Moftiss are SO pulling a Princess Bride on their audience! Right now, most viewer are basically like the kid who is so upset at his grandpa for turning the story into sh*t - the mean prince is seemingly about to win, true love won’t save the day, Buttercup & Wesley won’t be reunited nor triumph, all this build-up about true love was apparently for nothing… The kid is mad at his grandpa for even beginning the story in the first place, telling him “you are wrong, you must be! It can’t be”, “why were you even telling me this story?!”.

The grandpa (bless Peter Falk btw, I love him) keeps reading the book and we realise a few minutes later all these tragic events were all Buttercup’s nightmare (Buttercup = John, imo: he’s Sherlock’s “damsel in distress”, who’s gotten engaged at a bad person when he thought Sherlock was dead).

When Buttercup wakes up, we hear the kid triumphantly claiming “I knew it! I knew it was wrong!” and the grandpa grumpily replies “Yes, you’re very smart. Now, shut up” before resuming the story.

Moftiss are making the audience mad on purpose, so they root for the real story: true love will save the day.

Series 4 is probably a sort of nightmare - mixing bits of reality with intense fear & insecurities => in reality, events will almost happen like that… but the end changes everything. Wesley/Sherlock & Buttercup/John will be reunited and kiss before the setting sun; true love prevails and saves everyone.

And the kid doesn’t mind the kissing anymore. :)

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