i watched this movie last night and i had no idea what to expect

For You - Part 2

Part 2 of at least 3. I do not apologize for the cliffhanger. ;)

Part 1

James walked nervously down the hall in the studio toward the last door on the left where he knew Jenna and Sharna would be waiting for him. He had said less than a dozen words to both of them since last night when they had their movie night together. Though all three of them were much too preoccupied with their own thoughts to pay any attention to the movie.

He barely slept that night, picking up his phone four separate times with the intention of calling Jenna. He had no idea what he was going to say to her, but he knew they would have to talk about it eventually.

He was sure Jenna knew he had overheard their conversation. He could tell by the way he looked at her when he came back in the room. And he spent a few awkward minutes watching Jenna’s eyes flit back and forth between the two of them, as though waiting for something to happen. When he couldn’t handle anymore of this, he closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep as he had earlier in the evening. But he knew that was out of the question now.

The most ridiculous part of it all was that he knew it already. He knew she felt that way, though he had spent several weeks pretending she didn’t and pretending not to notice the way she looked at him. The way she smiled at him. The way she touched him. He had almost convinced himself that he had imagined all of it.

Until now.

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