i watched this for the first time last night (lol right

got tagged by my boyyy @kisama-san for a good ol tag game

Last movie you watched: John Wick 2, pretty nice action flick (also plan on seeing Lego Batman soon)

Last song you listened to: The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj

Last show you watched: the new Dragon Maid ep the other day

Last book you read:

Last thing you ate: a big bag of Doritos all in one sitting lol

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: friend’s house so we could binge watch and eat pizza

When would you time travel to? the 80s, i just liked the music and pop culture even tho the fashion back then was a mess lmao

First thing you’d do with lottery money? some takeout Chinese food tbh

Character you’d hang out with for a day: Koyomi from Monogatari, would be badass to hang out with a vampire

Time right now: 7:24pm

gonna tag @bakemonokotori @darkrai-10 @winged-wasabi@sapphictracer and anyone else who wants 2 do this

doin the thing

I was tagged by @fremenfantastique

last movie you watched: Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark! We’re rewatching them all.

last show you watched: currently watching Key and Peele, before that You’re the Worst. 

last book you read: Dragon Behind the Glass. it’s so gooood. its about the Red Arowana and the illegal pet trade.

last thing you ate: chipotle~

when would you time travel to: I think I’d do college over if I had the chance.

if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: In our new house! We close one week from today! or sleeping because lol i slept 3 hours last night.

first thing you would do with lottery money: how much is it? pay off our student loans, debts, and my car. Then I’d pay as much as our house as I could with what’s left. If I had some more left, I’d buy a new bed lol.

character you would hang out with for a day: Sookie Stackhouse (book sookie) or Buffy.

time right now: 8:12 pm!

I tag @itsokaypeaches@intentnevermakesasound,and @tradingtruthsforlies

So I pulled an all nighter last night, mostly to draw, and at about 7am I suddenly wanted to draw Ayay and Papyrus…
I have had a hard time drawing him for ages! So this is actually the first thing I’ve made where I’m really happy with it >_< 
I hope I drew you right Ayay, I actually managed to start drawing him better after watching a couple of your streams so thank you lol, but yes, here ya go! :P
(I’m actually not too sure what’s going on in the pic… I had been awake a loooooong time XD)