i watched this for the 100 time yesterday

it came to isaks knowledge long ago that even is obsessed with movies. he loves watching them and he has a physical list in his notebook with his top 100 favorite movies. and whenever isak tells even how bad that one movie they saw yesterday was and how it was a waste of time, even usually gives isak an hour long speech on how “every movie is a work of art” and how it would be impossible for a movie to be “a waste of time”. 
but how come we’re not talking about the amount of times that even gets home from school or from visiting his mom and he’s like “hey guys, so i just bought three cinema tickets to this movie that premiered yesterday, and it starts in like forty minutes so you guys better hurry up, eskild, you coming?” and everyone knows that there is no way to convince even not to go so isak gets his shoes and his jacket while eskild tries to find a sweater big enough to smuggle alcohol in.

while they’re in the actual cinema watching the movie, even is like he is in a trance. eskild sits sipping his beer and laughing with isak at the actors horrible haircuts but there is no way in hell to even try to get in contact with even. once in a while, isak tries to steal a kiss, but he end up just having to kiss evens cheek and having even hold his hand instead, because he’s just so into the movie. and if eskild ever tries to offer him beer, he just waves his hand at him, giving a pretty clear signal that eskild is not allowed to talk to him for the next hour or so.

when they exit the cinema no one says anything, except even. even is rambling on about the amazing scenery and the beautiful light and the wonderful actors and how the director was a genius and how the music was just right and what an incredible story it was. he doesn’t even stop talking when eskild goes to get some more vodka and him and isak has to stand there all alone in the cold, but  then again, isak was the only one who listened anyways. even though he really couldn’t care less about how all the deaths in the movie were perfectly timed, he could listen to even talk about movies for hours. because there are very few things that even is so passionate about as movies, and there are even fewer things that makes him this happy. 

Passive-Aggressive Partnership

A/N: I had quite a few people ask for a follow-up to Passive-Aggressive Partnership, and I think I might have an idea for a few pieces of this, but we’ll see. If I have enough interest in it, I’ll probably continue it. Enjoy! @coveofmemories

Part 2


No, but really.

What. Just. Happened?

As he walked back to his car in a stupefied trance, ready to return home for the night, he looked down at his pants to take in the situation; he was rock hard. Wasn’t in his mind - that actually did happen. He’d just made out with the medical examiner he claimed to hate and had a very visceral reaction. But why? Where did it come from? Was he supposed to do something about it now? Later? Never?

When he got to the car, he looked around, thankful to be the only person on the street at such a late point in the night. If someone else was around, it would’ve been very obvious that something had just gone down. The entire drive back to his apartment was fraught with frustration. One would think that 10 minutes after the fact, with no additional stimulation, his arousal would subside some, but there it was, still hard as a fucking rock as he sat in his parked car thinking about the taste of her skin. God, he wanted to taste her again.

Quickly, he ran inside, going over the facts of the case in his head in an attempt to think about anything else. By the time he reached his apartment, he’d cemented the facts in his head, gotten changed for bed and slipped under the covers. Before he’d gotten to Y/N’s office for the second time that day, he’d been exhausted; he should’ve gotten into bed and passed out. But his brain wouldn’t allow it. For nearly an hour, he tossed and turned, thinking of anything to get her out of his head, but the instant something else entered his brain, his thoughts would revert back to her, until he couldn’t take it anymore and went to take care of business before returning to bed and finally passing out for the night.


Hotch had told everyone to meet in the conference room by seven o’clock the next morning with a fresh start. Problem was, Spencer’s mind was still clouded from the night before - and it was obvious. 

“Bad night’s sleep, Pretty Boy?” Morgan asked, watching as Spencer plopped down into his chair and guzzled nearly half of his exceptionally-large coffee in one go. “Really bad night.”

Awful didn’t even begin to cover it. Every time he closed his eyes, he thought of his and Y/N’s barely five-minute long encounter, which caused him to toss and turn in frustration. “I barely slept,” he yawned. “Hence the coffee.” Just as Hotch walked into the room, Spencer finished the last of his coffee, 100 percent positive he’d be needing a second cup yesterday.

“Reid, how’d it go with Y/N last night?” Hotch asked. 

“W-What do you mean, how did it go?” he stuttered. 

“What was she able to tell us about the second victim?” Hotch said. Oh man, this was really getting to him. What else would Hotch mean? Nothing was happening. 

Or was it?

“She said that the cause of death is the same, but a different object was used. The assault weapon was the same though,” Spencer yawned again. 

As Spencer’s mind wandered from the memory of Y/N’s collarbone and down the buttons of her shirt, Emily and Morgan went over the rest of the information they had from each crime scene. JJ leaned back in her chair, looking between the TV and Spencer. “So that would mean that the attacker comes to the scene with the assault weapon, but the weapon used for the blunt force trauma is something that’s picked up at the scene?”

“That’s what Y/N said,” Spencer yawned for a third time in as many minutes.

Apparently, everyone else had taken notice of Spencer’s inability to stay awake. “You okay, kid?” Rossi asked. “The purpose of not working the case overnight was that you could get some sleep.”

“Definitely didn’t work out that way,” Garcia laughed as Hotch picked up his phone. Apparently, they had a third victim.

“Okay. This unsub does not seem to have a cooling off period. We have another victim found in a house less than 10 blocks from the last victim. JJ, you and Emily interview the victim’s parents. Garcia, look into any connections between the three victims - do they go to the same college, work in the same area, go to the same coffee shop, anything. Morgan, you can head to the local station and catch up their lead on the case with what we have so far. Rossi and I will go to the crime scene, and Reid, you can go back to the medical examiner’s office for the COD on our third victim.”

Dammit. He had to go see her again. Was it dammit because he really couldn’t stand her? Or was it dammit because he wanted her? What was he supposed to do?


Once Spencer arrived at the M.E.’s office, he sat in the car trying to figure out how he was supposed to go in there. Was he supposed to just go in there and act as if nothing happened? Maybe he was supposed to immediately address what happened and hope for the best. Or maybe he was supposed to forget it ever happened.

“Dammit. Dammit. Dammit,” he whispered to himself as he got out of the car. 

Just like yesterday, he walked past the older woman in front with a small wave, knocking on Y/N’s door with more force than he had intended. “Come in,” she called out, obviously not knowing who was on the other side of the door.

“D-Dr. Reid,” she stammered. “You’re here for information about the third victim, I assume?”

Instead of trusting his words, he just shook his head, the heat of embarrassment rising in his cheeks as he looked at her. Underneath the white lab coat, which looked like it was fitted to her frame anyway, she wore a pair of black dress pants and a royal blue top that drew attention to the hollow of her breasts. “This is without a doubt the same person,” she started, lifting the sheet from the victim. “The abuse she suffered before death was inflicted with the same instrument and again, the instrument used to kill her was something else with a squared off base.”

“Definitely the same unsub. And he shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve got to get ahead of this guy,” he said, turning towards the door to leave.

When he turned to leave, Y/N stammered something akin to “shouldn’t we discuss what happened…”, but he didn’t have the energy, patient or time to deal with that right now. This guy was never going to stop if they didn’t find him.  He’d have to deal with Y/N later.

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wait what quality over quantity comment?


So yesterday, Adam and Simo were having a livestream at the same time, and Adam had like 100+ people watching him, whereas with Simo it was a lot more intimate, like 30 people only, so someone was like “Adam has more viewers on his livestream than you!”, 

and Simo was like “Yeah, there’s no hate here!” and then he joked, “Adam stop stealing my fans!”, so I said had to him, “Simo, it’s about the quality, not the quantity.”, and when Simo read my comment, he was like “FAIZA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh, I’ll remember that!!!”

So, today, someone asked about his followers or something, and he said in reply “Someone on the livestream last night told me that it’s about the quality, not the quantity, and that’s a really good thing I remembered.”, so then I said to him “I told you that last night! Thank you for remembering!”, and he was like “Faizaaaaa, yeaaah, it was you who told me!!!”


Gene Tierney (Scorpio sun, Moon in Pisces) was so beautiful. My new woman crush for sure. This film is on my to watch list. (Leave her to heaven 1945) I saw a documentary on Gene Tierney yesterday, and I was fascinated by her. She began on Broadway before signing a contract in Hollywood. She had a rough time, poor baby…Strange how some people seem to have it all in youth, and end up with nothing and no one at the end of their life. She was the ultimate femme fatale.

From what I gather, pretty much all her movies seem great. Though these are at the top of my list:

1. Laura (1944)
100% on rotten tomatoes

“In one of the most celebrated 1940s film noirs, Manhattan detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) investigates the murder of Madison Avenue executive Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney) in her fashionable apartment. On the trail of her murderer, McPherson quizzes Laura’s arrogant best friend, gossip columnist Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb) and her comparatively mild fiancé, Shelby Carpenter (Vincent Price). As the detective grows obsessed with the case, he finds himself falling in love with the dead woman.”-IMDb

2. Leave her to heaven (1945)
95% on rotten tomatoes

“While on a train, writer Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde) strikes up a relationship with the gorgeous Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney). Ellen quickly becomes obsessed with Richard and abandons her fiancé, Russell Quinton (Vincent Price), to be with him. The couple rushes into marriage, with both of them caught up in romance and Richard intrigued by Ellen’s intensity. Only after settling into marriage, however, does Richard realize that she is psychotically jealous and highly unstable.”-IMDb

3. The ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
100% on rotten tomatoes

“Defying her conventional in-laws, young widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) leaves London with her young daughter and moves away for a quieter life in a secluded seaside cottage. Lucy discovers the ghost of the deceased former owner, sea captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), is haunting the house, but gathers the courage to stand up to him, and woman and ghost become friends. Faced with dwindling means of support, Lucy agrees to the Captain’s challenge to write his colorful life story.”-IMDb

4. Where the sidewalk ends (1950)
100% on rotten tomatoes

“Ashamed that his father lived a life of crime, hard-boiled New York City cop Mark Dixon (Dana Andrews) has a reputation for being too tough on criminals. So when Dixon unintentionally kills a murder suspect during a routine questioning, he hides the fact from the department and tries to pin the killing on his nemesis, notorious gangster Scalise (Gary Merrill). The snag in the cop’s plan comes when his boss wrongly accuses the father of Dixon’s love interest, Morgan (Gene Tierney), of the murder.”

5. Heaven can wait (1943)
89% on rotten tomatoes

“Spoiled playboy Henry van Cleve (Don Ameche) dies and arrives at the entrance to Hell, a final destination he is sure he deserves after living a life of profligacy. The devil (Laird Cregar), however, isn’t so sure Henry meets Hell’s standards. Convinced he is where he belongs, Henry recounts his life’s deeds, both good and bad, including an act of indiscretion during his 25-year marriage to his wife, Martha (Gene Tierney), with the hope that “His Excellency” will arrive at the proper judgment.“-IMDb

6. Dragonwyck (1946)
Only 67% on rotten tomatoes but it still sounds interesting to me, plus Vincent Price.

"For Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney), moving to New York to live in Dragonwyck Manor with her rich cousin, Nicholas (Vincent Price), seems like a dream. However, the situation gradually becomes nightmarish. She observes Nicholas’ troubled relationship with his tenant farmers, as well as with his daughter (Connie Marshall), to whom Miranda serves as governess. Her relationship with Nicholas intensifies after his wife dies, but his mental imbalance threatens any hope of happiness.”-IMDb

7. The Egyptian (1954)
61% on rotten tomatoes, not great reviews but I love anything to do with ancient Egypt. The clips I saw looked interesting, and the costumes are divine.

“In ancient Egypt, Sinuhe (Edmund Purdom) is a would-be doctor who saves the life of a young man (Michael Wilding) suffering from a seizure. When the afflicted youth awakes, he introduces himself as the Pharaoh Akhnaton and makes Sinuhe the royal healer. While working at his new, prestigious post, Sinuhe suffers through a botched romance and the death of his adoptive parents. Despondent, he leaves the Pharaoh’s court to bury his loved ones, and, in the process, incurs the wrath of Akhnaton.”-IMDb

If anyone is interested in watching the documentary on Gene Tierney’s life and career the link can be found below. (Note that the documentary is chopped up into parts, but they are easy to find in the side margins):



You know those 3am thoughts..?
Welp yesterday I had one aaand I couldnt let it go.
I never was the one to join the HAAAAPPY WHEEELS “train”.
Since I subscribed I was a picky viewer if I do say so, now I’ll watch about anything.Yesterday and today I watched 99episodes of Happy wheels.
I regret that I was SO picky xD
Even though I didn’t join the amazing hype train at the time I still loved the series! Amazing that it dragged on to 100episodes!

Every episode had a facecam so…
Now I have 100+pictures of Jacks face ;)

And yes I do know that this was late (Had to finish it today though and SPEED IS KEY!) and that there is one picture that repeats itself.
I tried fixing it but it didn’t work out, it was 3repeated or 1repeated picture.Not really my fault that I got distracted by that magnificent face and screwed one facecam shot up.

Now I’m off to see the 100th episode :)
BOOPER DOOPER AND SPIKEFALL STEVE (god, I know I have a flu but all the 99episodes within 6hours really made my brain a smoothie..don’t imagine that)

@therealjacksepticeye Hope you enjoy even though it’s not an amazing fanart ^-^


#108 Brooklyn Beckham - Truth

You’ve got some exciting news and can’t wait to tell your best friend, Brooklyn, all about it. When you arrive at his house, you ring the bell, more than just a couple of times.

“Don’t kill the bell.” Brooklyn says when he opens the door with open arms. You just smile and give him a big hug. “I’ve got something for you.” Brooklyn says and takes your hand, but you don’t move and pull him back.

“Wait! I’ve got to say something first.” You say and he turns around. He gives you a questioning look but keeps a smile on his lips as he holds your hand “So there’s this guy.” You say and he lets go. “He’s soo sweet to me and we met Starbucks and his name is Daniel and he made me laugh over 100 times in a minute. I swear!”

“Oh.” Brooklyn says and takes a step back.

“Yeah, I really like him and he’s in my chemistry class which I’ve never noticed because he was always in the front and I’m always at the back.” You say all that very fast and watch his smile become smaller and smaller with each word. “And we went out on a date yesterday and he kissed me and I’m so happy and today he picked me up and on our way here he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes and I know that’s really fast but I don’t know. I really like him and he said that he really really really really really really likes me and he’s gone now but you’re a couple now.” You continue to explain and take a deep breath at the end.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” You ask your best friend.

“Sure but… I just remembered that I have to go to my grandmother today.” He says and you know that he’s laying, but you can’t figure out why. You give him a suspicious look while he just opens the door. “Next time, alright?” He says cold.

“Alright?” You say but it sounds more like a question. You thought you and Brooklyn are going to spend a nice afternoon together, talking, watching movies, but apparently he has changes his mind. You step out of the house and he closes the door. “See ya.” You say and take a deep breath. You walk home, confused and worried about your friendship. You don’t know what it is all of the sudden but he doesn’t text you and he doesn’t call you. Even when you text him and call him, he ignores it, seenzones the texts and hangs up the call within seconds. You have to admit, it breaks your heart.

A week later, you kinda break into his house and go to his room. He sits on the floor in front of his bad and jumps up when you come in. “Who let you in?” Brooklyn asks, raising his voice.

“I came through the back door.” You say and sit down next to him.

“Who let you in the back?” He asks and you roll your eyes at him.

“I climbed over the fence, alright? You were the one who showed me, remember?” You say and he nods remembering the night he had to leave through the back door and climb over the fence when you came back from vacation with your family and he really wanted to see you even though it was close to midnight.

“oh.” He says and looks away from you.

“Why are you ignoring me, Brooklyn?” You ask but he doesn’t answer. “Brooklyn! Stop ignoring me.” You tell him and put your hand on his cheek, turning his face to look at you.

“I’m not.” He mumbles.

“Do you really think that I don’t get it when you lie to me? Do you really think that I’m that dumb?” You ask and give him a stern look.

“No.” He mumbles.

“See. So why are you like this?” You ask and he takes a deep breath. “Brooklyn!” You raise your voice and then he stands up. You stand up as well and then he starts.

“Because that truth is that you’ve got a fucking crush on Dan – Daniel… whatever his name is, alright!” He exclaims and you’re more confused than before. “Because the day I had planned a surprise for you, you fucking tell me about Daniel and how sweet he is and how funny he is and all that shit, (Y/N)!” He exhales heavily as you feel tears building up. “I made you dinner, lit up candles, set the table and gave my brothers 50 pounds just so they leave us alone but you… you tell me about Daniel! Fucking Daniel! You didn’t even know him before that day but you know me. I was always there for you. Always. I make you laugh everyday but Daniel, oh Daniel who hangs around Starbucks is so sweet and Daniel who really really really really really really likes you.” Brooklyn’s face is red and you cover your mouth with your hand as tears roll down your cheek.

“I don’t even like Daniel.” You admit and wipe your tears away. Brooklyn stands still and his eyes widen. “I just said yes to be his girlfriend because I though that we would never go beyond being best friends and I was really upset that day… and then he made me and laugh and I… I don’t know, Brooklyn. I just thought that you don’t see anything else than just a friend in me–” You say all that really fast but Brooklyn cuts you off by cupping your cheeks with his hands and kissing you passionately. You take one step closer to him and wrap your arms around him as you deepen the kiss.

“I love you.” Brooklyn says when he pulls away but keeps his hands on your cheeks. “I love you so much (Y/N)”

You exhale heavily and laugh short before you say, “I love you too, Brooklyn.” And then he takes his hands from your cheeks and wraps his arms around your waist. “Now I’ve got to break up with Daniel.” You say as you wipe your tears.

“I can beat him up if you’d like.” Brooklyn smirks and leans down to you kiss you again. You giggle and then kiss him back, Brooklyn, your now boyfriend.


Traveling with my SD for the first time...

So I will be in Las Vegas from March 4th to the 7th. If any other sugar babies want to meet up, message me so we can get to know each other in advance. (That would be so fucking cool lol) 

But anyways, I need to do my research on traveling with my SD. My SD is pretty chill and laid back, he just goes with the flow for the most part. BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING…Not only will this will be my first time traveling anywhere on a plane (no, I have never been on a plane before and I’m 19) this is ALSO my first time traveling somewhere with my SD.

So I need to be 100% prepared. I cannot fuck this up or forget ANYTHING

Number one: we ARE sharing a room. I repeat, we are sharing a room. Which is okay with me because we’ve been talking for 3 months and I literally just kissed him just yesterday (I felt like he deserved it after he got me that Valentino watch). He isn’t pushy and he’s respectful so I’m 100% comfortable with that, or I wouldn’t be doing it. But if we’re sharing a room, it means he’s going to see me with no makeup. I have heard of a “night foundation” but I’m not sure which ones are good. (Any suggestions?) My skin is clear for the most part, I don’t have any active pimples, I just have scars from acne. 

Number two: the flight is four hours. What the hell do I need to bring in my carry on??? That’s about it for that… I mean… I’ve never been on a plane so I’m not sure how this whole thing is going to work.

Number three: IDEK where I want to go in Vegas… so if you guys have any must-see places or stores, TELL ME!!!!!!! He’s taking me shopping so I need to know what I want and what stores are good. We’re staying near the strip by the way.

Number four: Should I get eyelash extensions so I don’t have to screw around with fake eyelashes when I’m there? I feel like that would really cut down on my time when doing my makeup, and yall know my face is gonna be beat every time I step outside if I’m in Vegas. But, I’ve always been scared of eyelash extensions because I wear contacts.

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Here's a chewy subject for discussion: What details would a game have to put in in order for you to accept an instance of a trope you normally hate, like a damselization or a rationalization of why a female character 'has' to gad about half-naked (and not a half-assed reason like Quiet's plant skin whatever.)

Well, it really all depends on the trope.

In Far Cry Primal, some of the women have their breasts out in a way that I find perfectly acceptable. They live in a warm environment, it’s 10,000 BCE, men are dressed roughly equivalently, and (perhaps most importantly) they’re not sexualised. There are no lingering camera shots of their chests as far as I’ve seen. The game doesn’t really address directly why they’re dressed like that, because it doesn’t need to. The context is all in the setting and the women’s treatment.

On the other hand, damselisation I can’t off the top of my head think of any real rationalisation for. I’m not necessarily saying there isn’t one, but it seems like a difficult thing to explain your way out of effectively.

The thing about these kinds of tropes, though, is that they’re significant because they’re widespread. A writer might have a great rationalisation, or they might consider that actually people have been trying to explain away these tropes for ages and it’s probably better just to avoid them. (Of course, sometimes these rationalisations aren’t genuine, like in the case of Quiet, where honestly I’ve gotten to the point where I would respect it more if people were just like “we wanted boobs in our game. No smart reason, we just love boobs.”) That’s why your justification is going to have to be really good to get me to like your use of a particularly bad trope; you always had the option to just choose a different plot point.

Forgive me for segwaying into talking about The 100 here, because I’m angry about it. The 100 killed off one of their (two) queer women, and on Twitter the writers celebrated doing it, waving off upset fans in a very patronising way, despite admitting they understood why people were angry (thus proving they didn’t really understand at all).

The Bury Your Gays trope hurts people, particularly young LGBTQ+ folk, who are already having a hard enough time. I was upset about The 100 yesterday (as a slightly older LGBTQ+ woman) but what really broke my heart was watching teenagers devastated that their representation had come back to bite them. So many people started watching The 100 because they could see themselves there, finally, and then - nope! Women who love women don’t get to be happy! They don’t even get meaningful deaths.

The reason your question reminds me of this is because they sort of had to fall into this trope: Lexa had to die. Alicia Debnam Carey’s contract was up; she’s become a series regular on another show. So how do you address this trope while minimising the hurt you cause to marginalised viewers?

  • Make her death meaningful. No stray bullets here.
  • Don’t do it right after the happy love scene with Clarke. That literally links the fact that she’s dead with the fact that she loves women.
  • Make her death consistent with other things we’ve seen in the show. Clarke’s saved people from spears to the chest and other serious injuries, with Lexa she stands around with a cloth in her hand doing nothing.
  • Have a frank discussion with your fans. Apologise. Explain. Help them. For example, Lindsay Morgan (Raven’s actress) posted several thoughts on Twitter that linked to people reassuring queer women that they could have happy endings even though they never saw them on TV. The 100 writers, on the other hand, just joked it off, thanked fans for being “passionate”, and continued to celebrate despite admitting they understood “the sociopolitical context” of why people were angry.

There’s probably more but that would have helped, but these are the ones I’ve seen other people discussing a lot. It would take a lot to make me like this trope, but making an effort to address it properly when you actually have to use it would go some way towards making it less damaging.

This doesn’t apply to everything, but as I said, each trope is different and there’s always context to consider, so I can’t easily say “what details” in general would make me accept an instance of a trope I normally dislike.

As a final note, even if a piece of media has a trope that I hate in, that doesn’t mean that I hate the overall thing. There are a lot of other things that will mean I enjoy a game despite its use of tropes. (Looking at you, Life is Strange.)

6/1/17 [16:05] >> Okay, so I’m terrible about remembering to post stuff. Sorry. ANYWAYS, I swear I’ve kept up with this “Days of Productivity” thing! Wednesday was the first day of school for 2nd semester, so that day I went to school (of course) and also finished a couple english assignments that I had due that day. Yesterday school was cancelled, so all I really did all day was empty out my “Watch Later” list on YouTube (aka I watched videos of Aaron Tveit, Jeremy Jordan, Sutton Foster, and Jonathan Groff all day long), but I still count that as being productive. Today I got a few more assignments, so I’m starting those now. Time to work on some Lib and Law!

Days of Productivity: 4, 5, 6 / 100

14.06.16 // my last ever revison session for a-levels

I had my last exam this morning!! It went fine and I’m just super super glad it’s all over :D I made this time lapse of me doing some practice questions yesterday, since I always find them super satisfying to watch, and I thought it would be a nice way to mark my last ever revision session!!

[STARCAST] Let’s go and watch B.A.P’s accommodation! 100% real accommodation exploration

Hello, STARCAST readers! As I promised last time, I am back with HOT STARCAST again today. Have you watched B.A.P’s ‘Vring U’ a day before yesterday? It’s revealing their accommodation! Along with dressing up the members as boyfriend look and eating show of pizza and chicken as well as the members’ daily features.

The main event today is dressing up as a boyfriend look! They divided the team into three before the battle. It’s Daehyun/Youngjae/Zelo as one team.

The model is ‘amazing growth’ Zelo.

The other team with Bang Yongguk/Himchan/Jongup! Jongup’s ‘V’ who formed a team with older brothers (^_____^)

Each team is given a minute and the members except the model brought the clothes. They didn’t forget to check real time comments while the others went to the dress room to get clothes.

“A tights and scarf for the men in the cold winter, the standard black t-shirt looking dandy and finished with a woolen hat that remind of Christmas”

A cute teddy bear is a bonus!

The opponent team also prepared a lot.

"A baseball hat is a point of the simple style. (Perfume) Can’t miss out the fragrance as well”

The frog doll is a gift to a girlfriend. It’s always good to hang a gift on the pants! There was a real time vote at V app after two teams finished dressing up. What do you think?

Boyfriend look 1)
-Meaning: A boy smashes look! (What? the bad fellows!)
-Features: Got the warmth and uniqueness at the same time by putting a scalf around the pants.

Boyfriend look 2)
-Meaning: ‘Honey, I brought a gift’ look
-Features: Cared about the style of course, as well as the fragrance for girlfriend’s sense of smell.

The winner is… The winner after fierce battle on the comments is…!

★Number 2★ ‘Honey, I brought a gift’ look! The thing is a gift they are talking about here is that happy frog doll.

For those who are not satisfied, I prepared high-fashion poses with today’s models. Please give applause to the members who showed amazing(?) co-ordination today!!!

It was not planned but as fans asked, they run an eating pizza and chicken show.  

Night snack looks so delicious, right?

Cheers with the pizzas_☆☆

So, from here, members’ daily features unveiling ONLY at STARCAST! Let’s go to the six men’s private place!

Bang Yongguk can’t take his eyes off from the laptop while brushing his teeth. As he is a producer Bang who worked for a new album there must be a lot of unveiled works. Finding members to sneak a peek at Bang PD’s laptop  (1/1000)

If he likes his work → (calm) (Buddhist saint Bang)

If he doesn’t like it → Brushing teeth with anger!!!

It is Himchan (26, B.A.P) who uses everything in a slightly different way as others.  

Easel is just a smartphone stand for monitoring.

Plays guitar if he’s bored.

Plays gayageum.

Plays violin.

The thing is actually guitar, gayageum and violin was ‘ukulele’! The view point is Daehyun who is listening.

Here’s one person who is preparing to sleep.

He shakes his head to the question asking “Are you sleepy?” And after one minute.

Daehyun fall sleep to play with B.A.B.Y in his dream. -The end-

La La La La La La La La. Think we can hear a BGM for famous commercial from somewhere. Isn’t this pure Youngjae?

…Maybe it’s not;(^_^);;;;;

Jongup looks like his deeply into reading a book his interested in these days.

I swear there is no made up situation at all. (I have no conscience)

The last one is Zelo who is selecting socks so seriously! It’s quite important thing to do for Zelo who has lots of special patterned socks. He is so cute while selecting the socks.

How was B.A.P’s love house? I think I hear your wish saying that you want to be a bed in 6 men’s bedroom for just one day. Guys, hope you have a fun Friday while listening to B.A.P’s ‘Young, Wild & Free’. Have a good weekend!

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also ravick & 36 pls and thank

36. “I wish I could hate you.”

“Rise and shine, sunshine.”

Raven’s eyes fluttered open and she turned over. Wick was sitting at the edge of the bed, offering a smile, but it didn’t hold the same lightness it usually did. She almost forgot where she was until she glanced over at the tray of tools beside her.

Raven didn’t want to spend the whole day in medical, but Abby—who was still asleep on the bed across the room—and Jackson didn’t really give her a choice.

She grunted as she tried to push herself up into a sitting position, but every time she moved there was a shooting pain in her leg.

“Raven, I don’t think—“

“I should’ve gotten up earlier,” she said. “I should be trying to move on it and—“

“That’s not what the doc said,” Wick interrupted, and Raven tilted her head. “Jackson wants you to rest again today before you try walking.”

“Figures,” she mumbled, laying her head back on the pillow and closing her eyes. Raven bit her lip, fighting back the tears forming in the back of her eyes. When was the last time she was really able to walk?

“Hey,” Wick said softly. She felt a hand on her shoulder before she opened her eyes again. His face looked blurry, so she blinked a few times. “It’s going to be fine. You’ll be up and bossing me around again in no time.”

The idea itself was laughable more than anything else. Her? Walking around camp again like everything was normal? Like she wasn’t physically the weakest person here? It wouldn’t matter when her leg healed, because there would always be one that never did.

“Raven?” Wick tried to meet her eyes. “Come on, talk to me. I know you don’t hate me.”

“I wish I could hate you,” she muttered under her breath, looking away from him. She couldn’t bear to see the smug look on his face.

“Huh,” he said. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say Raven Reyes just admitted to loving me.”

Raven whipped her head around and hit him with a pillow. “I never said that!”

“But you implied it.” Wick grinned like an idiot, and she had the sudden urge to punch him square in the face. 

She sighed. “Yes, I’m so hopelessly, irrevocablyin love with Kyle Wick. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

He just smiled and squeezed her hand. “Maybe someday you’ll mean it, too.”

Raven watched him leave for what she was sure was the first time since he carried her into medical yesterday—after carrying her for eight hours back to Camp Jaha. She smiled and turned over, tugging the blanket around her shoulders.


[150910] Woozi’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17’s Woozi] Start.

Fan: Oppa, your hair looks like someone poured strawberry syrup on it.
WZ: In reality, my hair does not give off that taste. *laughs*

Fan: Ah, the cute chic guy has arrived. *cries*
WZ: Heok.. Ogeul… *laughs* Thank you. *laughs*
(T/N: People say ‘ogeul’ when they think what the other person said is so cheesy and it makes them curl their fingers and toes.) 

Fan: Oppa, my friend said they always hear “mansaereu”.
WZ: I knew someone would say that. 

Fan: Earlier, I was listening to the song while listening to my class, but I keep thinking of the song, I wasn’t able to focus in class. *cries* *laughs*
WZ: Oh.. If that’s so, then mission accomplished.. *laughs*

Fan: I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, Lee Jihoon.
WZ: Me too, me too, me too. 

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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“100 days, one year, our times together grow deeper. Our anniversary, moments to remember. Our anniversary, let’s keep going till the end. All the moments we were happy together and worried together remember it forever. For you, who stayed by my side I will promise you that I’ll protect you forever” – Annie Lyrics 

 It has been two years, but it seems like yesterday that I watched “Say it” for the first time. You have grown as a group, all the members are always working hard to improve their skills and makes me so proud to see the artists who have become. ToppDogg are unique, there is no music like yours and there is no one like you in this world… their passion for what they do, I can feel, even when things got tough you guys never gave up and moved on always doing your best to make ToppDogg a better group. ToppDogg love for us, Toppklass, can’t be measured, they are always kind to us, how can you guys be so precious? I’m thankful that ToppDogg exist, you guys don’t know how much you make me happy and how much I learned from you over these two years – especially never give up my dreams, you are always telling us that. 

I love you, ToppKlass love you. Let’s keep creating memories together, ToppDogg & ToppKlass as a family.

Harper Shouting Out for Bellamy?

First off, hello Bellarke/the 100 peeps. I generally lurk in the shadows, as in, I just follow some of you guys and like/reblog stuff so writing something is kinda weird, but this has been on my mind ever since yesterday. Bare with me! :)

Okay so after watching the trailer for like the 20th time, I’ve noticed that near the beginning of the trailer, around the 0:16-0:18 mark where we see a crowd running from the rain, Harper is there:

Now I assume this is Harper because her hair is shown to be like that whenever we see her in the trailer (the braided crown), and because of her guard jacket. Now if you start the video at the above time stamp, you hear a high-pitched shout/shriek. At first I couldn’t make it out but after watching this beauty of a trailer for like I said the 20th time, you can hear Harper shout “BELLAMY”! It looks like the crowd is pushing her away from Bellamy (or whoever she’s shouting after) because she’s facing the opposite direction of where the crowd is running away. Sooo….what does this mean?? I have no idea but I find it interesting! Has something happened with Bellamy? Is Harper warning him to get out of the acid rain? Does it connect to the next scene of the trailer, which is of Bellamy in the hazmat suit walking out in the rain? I don’t know, what is happening to Bellamy!! It just made this scene more interesting!

Is Bellamy staying out in the acid rain the cause of that hallucination/dream at the end of the trailer of Clarke? (that is totally his hand btw!). This is/might be a reach. Just a possibility!

She can very well be saying “Save me!” or something else though

Also, I like the camaraderie between the Delinquents, like all of these unknown people are like running away, and then you have Harper here who is yelling out for Bellamy and is facing the opposite direction of the crowd…it sure smells like season 1 again!

@forgivenessishardforus, @bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16, @abazethe100, @rosymamacita, @ginalou16, @head-and-heart and anyone else! Sorry if tagging you guys is weird, but I like your thoughts and discussions!

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I remember you guys pointed out that the parody leaked Star Wars trailer from last year was framed after how movie trailers were at the time. I just watched a leaked trailer for the next Captain America movie that leaked yesterday, and it looks just like your parody trailer. The pacing, the cuts to black, and at one point someone says "You thought I was dead..." and it cuts to an explosion. It felt like a joke. So anyways, good job capturing hollywood 100% in your work, even years later.