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Watch Forever

Relationships: Dean x Reader
Rating: General
Warnings: None, it’s (sort) fluff. (partly) Domestic (sort of) fluff.

~990 words

Summary: A list of things Dean likes to look at. (Including you.)

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There are a handful of things Dean could watch you do forever.

From his bed, or yours, whichever the two of you spent the night in, he’d watch you try to tame your hair. Mostly because it amuses him to no end how you huff and puff and get more aggravated than he’s ever seen you get, even on hunts. You rarely ever get it to sit right, not the way he’s seen other girls wear their hair anyway, though Dean would never tell you that. The wild frizz always seems to outdo even your best efforts and outlast your patience. Still, Dean doesn’t think it takes anything away from your looks. You’re always attractive to him. This, he does tell you.

Dean likes to watch you in the kitchen too. Mostly because what it reveals about how your mind works fascinates him. You flit around the room in an odd sort of organised mayhem. Ticking the kettle on. Emptying two plates from the dishwasher. Taking a mug out of the cupboard. Moving the pan someone had used to make breakfast from the stove top to the sink. Emptying a few more things from the dishwasher. Putting a tea bag in the mug.

From one task to another you flutter in what seems like distinct lack of logic. Still, within minutes you usually get done what you want done. You almost always finish off by placing a steaming mug in front of Dean, wherever he’s perched himself, rattling off which blend you chose from the fancy box of tea you splurged on once, with a credit card that wasn’t your own.

There are downfalls to this delicate system of yours, however. They usually arise when you’ve appointed yourself in charge of making breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. You buzz of energy and you lack clear focus and it usually leads to a burnt, overcooked or, on occasion, undercooked meal. Dean always comments on it and you’re always quick to point out that he eats what you serve anyway. Then, Dean smiles and you smile back and Dean thinks you think his own smile is sweet or, at the very least, conceding. But, if his smile is anything, it’s concealing because, in those moments, Dean always thinks up a very good oral sex joke that he tries very hard to keep to himself.

Dean likes to watch you hunt because when you’re hunting you reach a level of focus you never have in the bunker. The first times he and Sam worked with you, a few cases scattered throughout one hot summer, it had freaked him out a little. You seemed almost in a trance. Now, he finds grace in it. In how you move, in how you kill. Sometimes, when there’s just the one vamp left, or the last of a group of demons, or whatever the case may be, he likes to hang back and watch you take the thing down. He always feels guilty about it, afterward. Sends out a quick thank-you-prayer that nothing went terribly wrong. He doesn’t like to think about you dying, but the idea that it’d happen right before his eyes while he watched casually for no reason other than he wanted to, while he should have been helping you finish the straggler off… Each time he promises himself he won’t do it again. He hasn’t managed to stop quite yet.

Dean could watch you orgasm forever. Sometimes, when you’re especially loud, when you look especially wrecked, when you chant his name for an especially long time, Dean’s ego bloats so much he thinks, for a moment, that he really could keep you coming forever. Could make the moment last and last and just be in it with you forever. You come down eventually, though. Then, so does he. He’s never too disappointed, in any case, because he thinks he could stare at the way you look right after an orgasm forever too. An almost coy smile on your lips, despite your recent foray. Your hair mussed but somehow more in place than usual. A flush on your cheeks that he loves to kiss firmly, then watch as the blood rushes back to tint your skin just so he can do it all over again.

Dean could watch you laugh on and on too. Your laugh doesn’t sound exceptionally nice. It isn’t especially cute, not even in a dorky way. It isn’t particularly unique or music to his ears. But it’s not about how you sound. Dean could watch you laugh on and on. Because you put your whole body into it. Like the laugh starts in your toes, races up your legs and up your spine so fast that it bursts out of you, like it’s taken even you off guard. You shake with it, your teeth flash, your chest heaves, your cheeks blush and it reminds him of what you look like after sex.

There are a couple other things Dean could watch forever that have nothing to do with you.

Like the stars. He and Sam still take the impala out with a couple cold beers just to watch the night sky. They do it more often now, actually, because there’s a field only a few miles from the bunker that’s perfect for it.

Like Cas, and more importantly, Cas’ face when he tries to keeps up with conversations speckled with one too many cultural references.

Like the view outside of Baby’s windshield.

Dean does his best to always be watching when these moments and things occur because he knows he doesn’t get forever. Dean knows he doesn’t even get a lifetime. He gets a little while and he’s going to enjoy it while it lasts. When his time comes, he’ll have regrets, he knows, but not having taken the time to enjoy the little things, or the little things about you, won’t be one of them. This, he knows too.

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~ SPN 12x15 coda ~

This is my voicemail. Make your voice…a mail.

Dean pursed his lips and pulled his phone away from his ear. Three missed calls…where was Cas? 

Usually, if he was not back home by this time – Dean tapped his screen. 10:47 pm – then he was at a hotel for the night. By now, Cas would have texted Dean to check in. To let him know that everything was all right. Maybe he was too tired to carry on an actual conversation. Maybe that’s why he sounded off on the phone earlier,

After a moment of staring at his phone, Dean opened it up and found the messages between himself and Cas. No reason he couldn’t text Cas first, right?

10:48 pm // Any more news about Dagon?

He stared at his screen until it went black. Sighing, Dean set his cell down on his nightstand and pulled off his flannel shirt, tossing it on the foot of his bed. He toed off his heavy boots and kicked them away before he tugged off his jeans. As he sat down, he glanced over at his phone.

Still no notification. Maybe Cas’ phone was dead?

Dean slipped under the covers and sat still for a second before reaching under and yanking off his socks. He threw them across the room and rested his arm behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for a long while, watching the shadows from the lamp creep over the popcorn ceiling.

His phone buzzed. Twice. 

Dean jolted up and rubbed his eyes with one hand and grabbed his cell with the other. His shoulders sagged as he rested his phone on his knee. It was only Crowley. If he actually wanted to talk to Dean, he would call him – several times in succession until Dean picked up, judging by past experiences. 

Dean unlocked his phone with a swipe of his thumb and his eyes fell to Cas’ contact picture. It was one that Dean took who know how many moths ago during a lull in a research session. In the picture, Cas was glaring over the top of Sam’s computer at Dean in response to his endless attempts to get his attention. 

“Hey, Cas,” he said, clearing his throat. He glanced up at his closed bedroom door before continuing. “I…I know it’s been a while since I’ve prayed. But that’s because you’ve been here. And, well…you’re gone now.”

He frowned, tapping his phone on his knee. Yes, Dean talked to him today – just hours ago, even – but something was wrong. Sam did not seem to notice, but Dean did. “I don’t know what to do,” he said, though not necessarily to Cas. 

“I need you here, man. You help me, you know? More than I’ll ever be able to say.” His eyes darted up to the ceiling and back down to the phone. “I’m over-reacting, huh?…You’re probably just tired.” Dean gave his phone a half-hearted smile, his eyes drooping in exhaustion. He really should try to sleep soon.

12:12 am, his phone read when he tapped the screen. He hesitated for only a second after unlocking it before he decided to call Cas again. Dean’s fingers tightened around his phone as he raised it to his ear. “Come on, buddy. Pick up.” 

His plea was answered by the trilly dial-tone, which rang three times before there was a soft click on the other end. Dean’s breath hitched in anticipation as Cas said, This is my voicemail. Make you – 

He hung up the phone and tossed it away. It bounced off the pillow next to him and onto the bed. Dean rubbed his hands over his face, sighing. “Where are you, Cas?”



I just watched sneak peek scene for tonight’s (Monday) Timeless (9c/10e, NBC - please watch!!!), took a screencap of Eliot (Misha) and immediately knew I had to do a screencap of Dean from 7x12 “Time After Time”, because HOLY MOTHER OF ARMS

Also…I’m a sucker for 30’s/40’s period clothing.

Somebody come mop me up off the floor…

“I have… died before, Dean.”

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” Dean stared back at him. They had gotten back to the bunker in two cars, Mary having diverted to meet with another hunter friend. Castiel’s car remained back where they left it because Dean didn’t want him to drive. It was too soon since he had nearly watched Castiel die right in front of him…  Sam could sense Dean’s unease the minute they made their way to the Impala and Dean tossed Sam the keys, opting instead to sit in the backseat with Cas.

“Dean…” Castiel shifted his weight at the base of the stairs in the war room, looking anywhere but the hunter in front of him. Sam went to return the weapons they had brought on them for the hunt. If Dean was gonna say his piece the last thing he could use was an audience.

“Don’t ‘Dean’ me, Cas!” Dean moved to grab Castiel’s attention, his wall starting to crumble. Cas was gonna die. He was gonna flatline right in front of Dean and there was nothing Dean could’ve done before Crowley snapped the lance. I can’t watch you die, Cas.

Castiel saw Dean’s expression change then, the layers unfurling. This was him breaking down. He took a step forward to help steady Dean’s weight as it shifted, both hands on Dean’s shoulders. 

“… There was black goo coming out of your mouth. It smelled like acid, man.” Dean knew he was rambling, shaking, but right now he really didn’t care. “I’ve been through shit. We’ve been through shit, but the last four hours of my life… were the worst I’ve ever had.” He moved to put one of his hands over Castiel’s on his shoulder, this time looking at Castiel head on. “I’ve made ‘I’m gonna die’ speeches, but never once did I say the one thing that I wanted… that I needed you to know. And just,” his voice broke then. Castiel felt Dean’s hand push against his own, grounding himself. “Hearing you say that part made me realize I never said it to you.”

Castiel said nothing, letting Dean have a moment to collect his thoughts. His body was fine, but his mind would need a few days to recover, he knew. Seeing Dean like this, seeing him so broken by the very idea; it was more than Cas could bare. Slowly, he closed the space between them until they were chest to chest, Dean’s face buried in Castiel’s neck as his other arm came around Castiel’s back.

“I’m alive, Dean,” Castiel spoke slowly against Dean’s hair as the other man’s grip tightened. “We’re alive, and what I said was still true.” 

“I can’t lose you, Cas. I refuse to. You’re family. You’re more than that,” Dean raised his head, his eyes red and his lip quivering. “I need to say it. I need you to know,” Dean swallowed hard.  “I love you, Cas. I can’t lose you.”

Castiel gave him a small smile. These were words he never thought he would hear and had come to terms with that, but the tide was changing. “You won’t lose me. Not ever.”

They didn’t separate for the rest of the night. 

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Summary: Look, no one told you - warned you – about how good Dean Winchester looks in glasses. The worst part? He totally knows what he’s doing. 
A/N: Fun fact, I haven’t actually watched this episode yet. I just saw the glasses, and was inspired. Ahem. This is short. Sorry.

Dean is walking slowly next to you, eyes scanning your surroundings, and he’s clearly trying not to smile. You kind of hate him. 

Kind of.

The thing is – okay, you’re not dumb. Dean Winchester might be in his late thirties, but he’s hot, okay. He knows it, too. How could he not? People are always swooning over him and you’ll be damned if you’re going to be one of them. 

He’s wearing glasses today. You know it’s for a job, but still. It’s been hard for you to take your eyes off him since he put them on. You’re pretty sure he’s noticed, if the self-assured swagger in his step is anything to go by.

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Back when Dean Winchester was only a kid, he would often dream of wings. Wings shielding him. Wings protecting him from whatever the world could possibly throw at him, whether it was a supernatural threat or not.

Obviously, his mother was the one to blame for that; telling him that angels were watching over him. According to her, they were always observing, waiting, and there to chase away both his nightmares and any monsters that dared to hide in his closet.

For years, it had been a source of comfort for Dean, even after his mom had passed away. A miracle that Dean chose to believe in, because if there were demons in this world, there also had to be some light to balance out all of that darkness. He refused to let go of it until he turned twelve years old and gave up on believing. Gave up on wishing for things that his father insisted didn’t exist anyway.

That was until Dean finally got to see the real deal, there in that barn in Pontiac, Illinois. Or actually, only a mere glimpse, a shadow of all that power and crackling energy that Dean had seen in his dreams more times than he could count. But unlike in his dreams, back then when he’d first encountered a true wave of celestial intent, it had felt like something intimidating and, quite frankly, terrifying. No hope, no comfort, not what he expected at all. If anything, more scary unknown crap for Dean to deal with, another would-be monster that he would eventually have to take out, probably.

“What are you thinking about, Dean?”

Castiel’s voice gently pulled Dean out of his thoughts, and Dean smiled at the memories as he watched how his mom and Sammy were rushing towards the Impala from across the street. His mother and younger brother were sharing a half-broken umbrella, hoping to fight off the rain to get to the place where they were all supposed to meet up after they’d each questioned a list of witnesses that might help them with their current case.

“God, the weather is awful today! Why aren’t you two waiting inside?” Mary asked before Dean could answer Cas’ question, brushing the water out of her face.

“What she said.” Sam agreed, running a hand through his soaked hair; no wonder, because from up close, Dean could count the holes in that old red umbrella.

Dean smirked at them, unable to hide his smugness as he pointed to his own hair and clothes; perfectly dry. Even though Cas’ wings weren’t visible, these days they did all of the things that Dean had pictured them doing back when he still believed in guardian angels and fairytales.

Whereas Sam simply rolled his eyes and mumbled something that sounded a lot like “cheater” before he got into the car, Mary eyed the two of them with a certain amount of relief that Dean hadn’t seen from her since the day when she’d been brought back, and he briefly wondered if she was sharing his thoughts.

She smiled while playfully shaking her head, then joined Sam in the backseat. Cas glanced at Dean with calm blue eyes, not saying anything, but not getting into the car either. Knowing Cas, he was without a doubt still patiently waiting for Dean’s answer to his question.

Luckily, it was an easy question, and Dean grinned at the angel as he watched the rain fall all around the two of them, yet never touching them. After a brief peck on Cas’ lips he humored the guy, offering him his reply.

Us. I was thinking about us.”

i finally got my best friend to watch Supernatural and she’s now on season three and is growing impatient because she “just wants to see luci” and also said “can dean just go to hell already i want to see this gay angel you speak of”


SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Seven: Favorite storyline
      ↳ Winchester Childhood Flashbacks

In which Dean Winchester watches that show about ice skating because Charlie keeps bugging him about it, and Cas tags along. 

“Oh look, they kissed. I was right after all, Dean.”
“Jesus, Cas! That wasn’t a kiss, it was just a very dedicated hug, they were hugging.

Admittedly, the only reason Dean Winchester started watching that random anime that included ice skating, was because Charlie Bradbury -the sister he never wanted, but totally adored-, kept endlessly bugging him about it. Claiming that it had changed her life, or whatever. Begging Dean to watch it too so that they could geek out over it together, because she needed a buddy to fangirl with, doh.

It wasn’t Dean’s usual genre at all, but on a rainy Sunday afternoon when the bunker was quiet and boredom took over, he gave in and decided to give it a try. If only to make his friend happy, or to see what the fuss was all about.

He made himself comfortable on his bed, balancing his laptop on his legs, clicking on the first episode, rather skeptical when a cheesy song started playing as the intro began.

“What the-?” He sputtered to himself, but kept watching anyway.

Twenty minutes later, he understood, kinda. The show was strangely addictive. There was some humor, the main character was easy to relate to, and at some point Dean had a brief flashback to how he’d felt that one time when Gabriel let him believe that he was meeting his idol Doctor Sexy. Not to mention the other side of it all; the constant fear to fail or never being enough for anyone or anything.

He was about to eagerly click episode two, when a gentle knock on his door interrupted him, and Castiel walked in without waiting for a reply.

“Heya, Cas!” Dean greeted amiably, not bothered by it in the slightest; the personal space between them had gone out of the window altogether now that Cas was living in the bunker too. “Joining team bored?” He added, already scooting over to make room for the angel.

“So it would seem.” Castiel nodded, giving Dean an almost-smile as he sat down on the edge of the bed, taking off his shoes. “Or perhaps I just like spending time with you.”

Dean ducked his head to hide his blush as Cas made himself at home on Dean’s bed, right there beside Dean, their shoulders firmly pressed together.

“What are we watching?” Castiel asked as Dean clicked ‘play’.

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Thrilling New AU Scenarios for your OTP!
  • I keep having dreams that I’m killing you over and over again and now it’s getting awkward between us. AU
  • I’m driving on the highway and almost run over you because why are you lying in the middle of the road?! AU
  • I pull up at a gas station and watch you working from my car before finally building up the courage to go inside and talk to you. You’re not too happy. AU
  • You walked into the room and a light burst. And now you won’t shut up about how sparks literally flew when we met. AU
  • I kicked you out and you have nowhere to go.. And now I feel like a jackass. AU
  • After going missing and losing my entire memory. You find me married to someone else. And that breaks your heart. AU
  • You’ve never had sex so I try to help you out but you end up embarrassing yourself and now I can’t stop laughing. AU
  • While we’re playing a board game I get angry and fling it off of a table, but you say nothing and now I’m a fucking idiot. AU
  • After getting into an argument I go to a gas station and try to make it up to you with porn and sweets. Except they ran out of sweets. And you’re still mad. AU
  • Your friends get mad at you for sticking up for me and so they tell you to get rid of me. But instead you decide you’d rather have me instead. AU
  • I keep checking in on you while you are sleeping and you always wake up at the worst time possible, making it seem like I’ve been watching you for a while. Which, of course, I haven’t been… AU
  • After getting lost in the forest you immediately take off on your own. And now I’ll stop at nothing to find you even though I already found a way out. AU
  • After I have a mental breakdown I decide to show up naked to apologize. AU
  • When your stepdaughter tries to kill me I realize I had it coming and decide that we should get her a birthday present anyway. AU

Wait…… All of this shit actually fucking happened.

sex with castiel would consist of:

warnings: this is extremely nsfw, and it includes many mature gifs that contain sexual content!

-cas being nervous at first because he’s only ever had sex once before

-cas teasing you shamelessly, even in front of the boys

-his hands getting super shaky and clammy and you laugh a little 

-“does this feel okay? i saw this in a video that dean was watching once.”

-asking you if you want to be spanked, which you gladly agree to (he saw it with the baby sitter and the pizza man. the baby sitter seemed to really like it.)

-grabbing him by his tie and pulling him in for a kiss

-tying up cas’ hands because he’s using his grace way too well (if he can heal people and hurt people with his grace, who says he can’t pleasure people with it?)

-not being able to wait so he pulls off his button down shirt, the buttons popping off and flying in all different directions as he exposes his chest

-fucking everywhere. kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedroom, living room; it’s all new to cas, and he wants to do it everywhere all the time. 

- “fuck, that’s so good. please do it again.”

-calling him angel 

-trying all sorts of positions because cas is curious as to what makes you feel best

-cas quickly taking charge of you because at first you assumed that he was a sub but you soon find out that he was holding back because he thought you enjoyed being dom 

-cas using his belt to tie up your hands

-cuddling with cas post-sex and he starts to think that he might like cuddling more than sex

dean version here

sam version here

When Mary read John’s journal she found something odd in a certain page. The title written on the page was bolded and underline: WATCH THEM. Mary raised her eyebrow in confusion. Watch who? She straightened the crumbled page and began to read the entries.

April 13, 1994 (Sam 11, Dean 15)

I told Sam to stop sleeping with Dean, but the boy was so damn stubborn. I kept catching Sam holding onto Dean the next morning. It caught me by surprise with their closeness but I let it slide because Sam was close with his older brother. Still had to scold him for disobeying me, though.

October 26, 1995 (Sam 12, Dean 16)

Sam started to rebel against me, and I couldn’t have that. I didn’t do this for him to hate him. I just wanted Sam to understand that we weren’t safe, nowhere was safe for us. I just wanted my sons to be okay. Dean would always intervene when we began to argue. However, I have noticed something, Sam never yelled at Dean, instead he would cross his arms and sulk.

I didn’t like this one damn bit.

May 19, 1996 (Sam 13, Dean 17)

Dean went out tonight with a random girl. I allowed him since he’s a teenager and he needed to have a break from being stuck in a motel. I drank a couple of beers and watched t.v. since I couldn’t leave Sam alone. Not only that, but Sam had been angry all night and even snapped at me. I didn’t understand him sometimes. Lately, Sam has been moody and acting childish, I was beginning to think if it was Dean’s fault for spoiling him too much.

Dean returned from his date. I witnessed Sam running up to his brother and hugged him. Something churned in my stomach upon seeing them embrace each other. I had to drink a couple of more beers that night in order to forget what I just saw.

February 3, 1997 (Sam 14, Dean 18)

Today I saw Dean whispering to Sam in his ear and watched him turn bright red. I immediately separated them and demanded to know what Dean said. Sam responded with ‘he told me that his girlfriend’s younger sister has a crush on me, sir’. I laughed and shook my head. I was beginning to think that I was loosing my mind. I was seeing things that weren’t even there.

Later that day I told them no more sparring, having their bodies pressed with one another was something I couldn’t have them doing. It’s too risky.

September 14, 1998 (Sam 15, Dean 19)

Dean and I were hunting a siren in a small town, I left Sam behind since it was too dangerous. Dean accidentally fell for the siren’s trance, prompting me to kill the son of a bitch, but before I could Dean suddenly attacked me and tried to protect the siren as he shouted out, 'Don’t hurt Sam’! My eyes had widened in horror… Siren’s ability was to impersonate a loved one, someone you deeply desired. When Dean said Sam’s name… I nearly lost it.

June 22, 1999 (Sam 16, Dean 20)

I kept an eye on both of them from now on. Never once letting them out of my sight. I took Dean with me on every hunt now, Sam was old enough to be alone either way. I couldn’t tell my oldest son anything, he had no clue that I knew the truth. I’m not fully sure if there was anything even between them, but I needed to be more cautious. Sam’s mood had also rose, he had shouted at me and even threw my journal across the room. A part of me knew that Sam was angry because he was tired of the hunting life, but the other part of me knew was because he couldn’t see Dean anymore.

December 5, 2000 (Sam 17, Dean 21)

The first time I saw hickeys on Dean’s neck, I just knew it was not from a random girl. Not when Sam also had similar ones around his neck. No matter how hard I tried… both of them would sneak around. I started to wonder if it was somehow my fault. I never blamed Dean, maybe I should have, it seemed easier that way. Yet, it wouldn’t be fair. I left them alone a long time. Everything was all my fault and I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it.

August 27, 2001 (Sam 18, Dean 22)

Sam left us. I told him to never come back once he stepped out. I couldn’t believe I told my son those harsh words. What kind of father was I? I went to the bar and drank so much alcohol that I passed out in the impala. Dean was no better. He was furious and wanted nothing more than to hunt all the monsters out there. Dean never once talked about Sam. It was just us now. Maybe it was better this way. Although, I knew Dean had his heart broken for the very first time.

March 16, 2002 (Sam 19, Dean 23)

I got after Dean today for being reckless. He almost could have gotten himself killed by the werewolf. What was he thinking? Then, I found him drunk in a bar, flirting with the bartender. Enough was enough. I dragged his ass out of the bar and drove back to the motel. What broke my heart was that he kept calling out for Sammy… I should’ve been disgusted by it, I knew Dean wasn’t saying it in a platonic way. But when he started to cry and say 'I miss you, Sammy. Why did you leave me? I thought you loved me’. I just couldn’t bring myself to get after Dean, or say anything at all. He was already suffering as it was.

Once finished, Mary began to cry as she read each entry again, she covered her mouth with her hand. Did her boys really love each other? She had never seen them act lovingly, no more than brothers. But if they fooled John for the first couple of years… Who was to say they wouldn’t do the same thing to Mary?

“Sam doesn’t love Dean as much as Dean loves him.”

Excuse me, what? ohmygosh sit down…

No but seriously…what the hell? I hate when people say this kind of stuff. Are we watching the same show here? Because I just cannot comprehend this.

After Dean lost the love of his mother, all he ever wanted was to be loved and cared for.

“All he wanted was to be loved. Just like me.” - Dean


“You saved my life over and over. Man you sacrifice everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same for you? You’re my big brother, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. And I don’t care, I’m going to get you out of this. I’m going to save your ass for a change.” - Sam

Ahem…I just like this gif of protective Sam hehehehe.

Sam accepted his death because he thought he was holding Dean back. But he chose to stay with Dean instead because Dean needed him - because Dean doesn’t like being alone and he is all Dean has.

And when Dean accepted his death that would eventually come with the mark of cain, Sam pulled him out of it. He’s still pulling Dean out of it every time Dean mention his death because Sam needs him just as much and he’s not going to stand there and watch Dean die again. He’s seen it waaaaaaaaaaaay too many times. (and so have I…kill my baby again and watch what happens grrr)

That time Dean was bleeding and hurt in the back seat of the Impala and John was like ‘Sam killing the demon comes before everything’ and Sam looks at Dean from the rearview mirror of the car and was like “no, not everything.” Because Dean being alive, safe and okay matters more to him. And remember that time he went totally psycho after Dean died in Mystery Spot? and begging for the Trickster to bring Dean back. 

And the other time Sam tried to sell his soul to save Dean.


And Sam leaving Dean so Dean would be safe from him and anything that came after Sam. He didn’t give up on Dean when Dean was in a coma. And in Faith, when Sam didn’t give up on Dean when he was sick. In Scarecrow, when Sam came back for Dean after their arguments and saved him. Sam trusted Dean when John was possessed by the yellow eyed demon.

When Sam hit the dog and “settled down” he was totally suicidal and broken because he thought Dean was gone, dead, and he didn’t even know where Dean was or where he would start looking. The “normal life” saved him and when Dean got out of purgatory and met Sam, Sam left that life behind for Dean. (Like Dean did when Sam came back from hell.)

“I’m not leaving my brother alone out there!” - Sam



Sam and demon!Dean…I can’t /cries in corner/ 

Sam being angry at Crowley for getting Dean into this mess and then being even more angry when Dean ditched him for Crowley.

Sam looking at Dean like he’s the cutest thing in the world. (cuz he is)

okay Sam control urself /cough

“I can’t do it without my brother. I don’t want to do it without my brother.”

Sam is the only one who understands Dean more than even Dean himself and he makes Dean really happy. Sam putting up with Dean’s shenanigans and worrying about his poor eating habits but still willing to buy Dean some junk food to make him happy.

And there is more where that came from but this would be one hell of a long post if I kept going.

Anyway, it’s not that Dean loves Sam more than Sam loves Dean. It’s just that we’ve seen Dean taking care of Sam longer than we’ve seen Sam do it because hello~~ Sam was in diapers when Dean ran out of their burning house with him. He’s raised Sam since then so yeah of course he loves Sam and we’ve seen him love and protect Sam since then because that was kind of his job thanks to John. Dean’s throwing himself into danger to protect him. Dean’s a lil shit who won’t even give Sam a chance to protect him or save him because he’s always thinking it’s his job to do it and Sam’s sick of Dean thinking like that (me too).

Sam doesn’t have to throw himself into danger to prove he loves Dean. He does sometimes but I think him being there with Dean, for Dean and takes care of him like he does is his way of showing his love and it’s just as equal. He wouldn’t be so desperate to save Dean if he didn’t love him. And I hope he is the only one who saves him so people can stop saying stupid things like this.



Arguments are invalid. 

(gifs & pics are not all mine)

Look at the bottom center. I have watched season 8 so many times and I didn’t notice Castiel’s hand squeeze. He is doing that so he won’t hug Dean back. Because he’s about to run again. Because he knows Dean will want to find a way out but Cas doesn’t think he deserves to be free. Because if he lets himself hug Dean back, it will make separating again that much harder.
(Gif by @fucktoydean)

One thing I’m very passionate about is Dean Winchester, Mister I-sleep-fully-clothed-on-top-of-the-covers, Mister I-always-keep-a-gun-under-the-pillow-just-in-case, Mister I-never-get-more-than-four-hours-of-sleep-a-night-because-I-will-sleep-with-one-eye-open-no-matter-what, finally getting together with Castiel and for the first time in decades getting that decent night of sleep that actually lasts eight hours, safe there in his angel’s arms.

Knowing for real that Cas watches over him this time, because their chests are pressed together, and because Cas’ warm breath caresses the top of his head as he easily drifts off to sleep without the help of some strong liquor for the first time in maybe 10 years.


“all i’m getting from you is…colors.”

or the one in which cas is basically a walking and talking color wheel