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Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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Boku No Hero Nichijou. - Lucky.
Ochako was shopping meanwhile Katsuki was taking care of the trash.
It took a complete night and I have no regret.

(click first panel to get the right panel order, it might look confusing but each panel is read like a manga)

Original scene from EP1 of Nichijou : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLTSA25SoAc

Next target : Boku No Hero Koukousei Nichijou - Iida lost his glasses

Please someone make a BNHA AMV on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHvYrn3FAgI&list=FLrK6jPoVh_G7ec5GHAe79YA&index=13

I’d Love to Change the World (My Hero Academia AMV) (Hero Killer Arc)

Finally finished my first full MHA AMV! I hope you guys like it, I know some of you were hoping I would finish it after posting little clips on here. Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen up to s2e17 “Climax.”  Song link is here. Watch it on YouTube for HD (i made a second channel for this kind of stuff finally!):

also, i forgot that since it’s a brand new channel I can’t do custom thumbnails, but by the time I remembered that, I already made a thumbnail haha. so the thumbnail I wanted to have is under the cut haha

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speaking of amvs, this is such a cool one… one of my favorites actually… the editing is amazing and the song is so fitting



GRAY LIKED LUCY BEFORE NATSU: an unpopular opinion

i just realized something after watching an amv of this same topic:

gray liked lucy before natsu.

he had interest in her before anyone in the guild. natsu was the one who brought her to fairy tail but gray was the one who first started to show feelings for her.

i think this was also the case even a little after juvia came into the picture. but, as time went by, he probably noticed how lucy and natsu were getting closer day by day.

i also have the theory that he silently backed off for natsu, because c'mon, they’re really good friends even contradictory to their useless fights.

and it got to the point where gray noticed juvia more and liked her.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU1LisZVDj0)

Wow, I never expected to see such a fantastic crossover AND amv all rolled into one! Any fan of Gravity Falls and/or Danny Phantom is sure to enjoy this video! :D