i watched this about 15 times

Every time I watch the cutscene with the confrontation with Ravus near the Regalia I want to cry. He was literally there to help them out and explain shit. He wanted to make Noctis realize what the price that Luna was paying for forging the Covenants was. Noct gets defensive because obviously he has no idea and things Ravus is the bad guy, but if Ardyn hadn’t shown up they’d clear things up for sure ;_;

Just thinking about how much could’ve gone different if they got that one conversation reaks my heart ;_;

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I just need to talk about happy Yuri(o) okay

Like, this boy is 15 years old and works so hard for his skating career, pushing his limits and trying to keep up with professional skaters who are much older than him. No wonder he’s so bitter all the time!

But when he’s with his grandpa he turns into a happy child (bless this angel) because that’s what he is. He’s just a 15 y/o old boy who loves pirozhki and skating (and his grandpa)!

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I’m just so glad his grandpa makes him feel happy and loved because it seems like this boy didn’t get a lot of love and support from other people (where are your parents my child???) 

So in conclusion: Bless grandpa Plisetsky 


Klebold: We’re hoping. We’re hoping. I hope we kill 250 of you. It will be the most nerveracking
15 minutes of my life, after the bombs are set and we’re waiting to charge through
the school. Seconds will be like hours. I can’t wait. I’ll be shaking like a leaf.
Harris: I hope people have flashbacks. [making shooting noises while aiming his shotgun]
Isn’t it fun to get the respect we’re going to deserve? We don’t give a shit because we’re going
to die doing it.

It’s getting late; Eric looks at his watch and says it’s 1:28 am on March 15. Dylan says people
will note the date and time when watching it.

Klebold: [predicting his parents’ feelings of regret] If only we could have reached them sooner,
or found this tape.
Harris: [also predicting] If only we would have searched their room. If only we would have
asked the right questions. [talks about his mother being thoughtful, bringing him candy and Slim Jims] I really am sorry about all this.
Klebold: They gave me my fucking life. It’s up to me what I do with it.

01/01/15: you kiss me for the first time and tell me that your new year’s resolution was to become the man I knew you could be.

02/01/15: you take me to your favorite place in the hills and watch the sunset cast warm light over our small town.

03/01/15: I meet your mother for the first time, and as we’re looking through all of your baby pictures I realize that you have her smile.

04/01/15: we get into our first fight. something about the girl in our history class. it ends in cuddling and her deleted phone number.

05/01/15: you tell me you love me.

06/01/15: you give me a promise ring shaped like a knot. you tell me you will never leave me. I believe you.

07/01/15: you call me at 1a.m. because the hole in your chest is swallowing all of the light, and the sound of your voice rips me apart.

08/01/15: we go back to your favorite place in the hills and look at the stars.

09/01/15: you come to school with bloodshot eyes and dark bags. I ask you what’s wrong. you give me no answer.

10/01/15: we are at a party and i’m ready to leave. I search everywhere for you, but you have already left.

11/01/15: we haven’t spoken in two weeks.

12/01/15: you are gone.

01/01/16: I am sitting in my living room holding a half empty bottle and watching the ring catch light from the fireplace. I throw it into the flames and down the rest of the bottle’s contents.

—  how the seasons go by
¿Quién es Sombra? A character analysis (Overwatch)

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So I’ve been watching the reveal of Sombra over and over again (as ya do), and I couldn’t help but notice some details that say a lot about her personality, worldview, and just how fucked up of a character she is. In the brief time we’ve seen her, Blizzard has already developed her into one of the most fleshed-out characters in all of Overwatch. Piecing together details from her short and her backstory video, we can begin to get a fairly clear picture of how she thinks. And needless to say, it’s very interesting, fucked up, and in a way, kind of tragic.

More below the cut. It’s a really long post, so be warned.

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“If 5SOS was a reality show”

Thoughts about Episode 12 and the GPF

So I’ve been thinking. I think I would like to see Yurio win the gold medal, and not Yuuri.

Hear me out.When we watch Yurio skate, I think it’s not just Yurio we’re seeing  it’s Victor. And I think Victor sees that parallel, too, it’s why he was watching with a smile on his face. (It’s why he was watching all of them, especially Chrise, because he’s remembering everything he did that brought him to Yuuri.)

And when Victor was 15, all that was important to him was skating. (We know this, he says as much in Episode 10, that he ignored the other parts of his life during that time.) 

Yurio is desperate to win the gold. It’s all he wants. It’s everything he wants. And yes, he’s learned a lot about agape and the love others have for him (and perhaps the love he has in return), but that’s only spurred him on in skating.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Any super talented 15-year-old will probably be the same.

Now let’s look at Yuuri, because I think we can agree, Yuuri’s in a much better place. He’s got his skating career revival, plus he’s got the support structure he’s always had and appreciated. And now, he has Victor, and I’m totally with the headcanon that when Yuuri says “let’s end this”, he’s not talking about their personal relationship, but their professional one. No matter what happens in the FS, Yuuri and Victor will end up together. This is just the way of rom com, it’s kind of a given, even if we’re all on the edge of our seats at the moment. 

We also know that Yuuri and Victor have been nothing but supportive of Yurio, from Day One. (Yuri has two dads, after all.) They root for him, they cheer for him, they’re happy when he does well.

So let’s envision this: Yuuri wins the gold, Yurio does not, Yurio harbors resentment and anger and Yuuri retires and lives happily ever after with Victor and everything ends with a nice, neat little bow.

But envision this, too: Yuuri skates a beautiful, perfect program, and there’s no doubt he shows his love for Victor to the world. Yuuri proves that he can fight his demons, come back from behind, and still succeed. 

Yuri gets a higher score. Yurio wins gold. Yuuri wins silver.

What would Yuuri and Victor do?

They would cheer Yurio on. They would rejoice, they would burst with pride, they would be so happy for him. 

And Yurio, seeing that from his place on the top of the podium - knowing that he’s standing where Yuuri has tried so hard to be - and seeing that Yuuri is still happy for him, still supportive, still proud - that’s… that’s something.

That’s the agape that Yurio has been missing all along. It’s not until he has won that he sees it.

Isn’t that a much more satisfying conclusion? After all - who says the “Yuri” of the title is Yuuri? The story was never only about Yuuri. It was just as much Yurio’s journey, too.

What do the signs do when they're at home alone

Aries: watching YouTube videos, ends up in that weird side of it (you know what i’m talking about)

Taurus: checking the empty fridge every 15 minutes, other than that they’re just probably surfing the internet

Gemini: talking either to themselves or to their pet, who knows what they’re discussing about

Cancer: binge watching tv shows and sometimes checking social media

Leo: dancing in front of the mirror in their underwear

Virgo: happy that they finally have some time for themselves and doing whatever they love, such as reading, sleeping or just watching TV

Libra: summoning satan

Scorpio: kissing posters in their bedroom and snacking

Sagittarius: ready to fight the ghost who’s hiding in their closet (it’s really there)

Capricorn: stalking their crush on the internet and spamming their friends with pictures (caption ‘dis u’)

Aquarius: who knows but they end up setting their house on fire

Pisces: using comb as a microphone, they’re pretending that they’re a winner of a singing competition

I just finished watching One Day at a Time on Netflix and honestly it was the best show I’ve watched in a long long time

Most shows don’t make me want to keep watching and keep watching but this little comedy about life did like holy shit its good

It stars three generations of a Cuban American family all under one roof. and there’s a straight and white guy who isn’t Straight™ and White™. plus it’s veteran inclusive and doesn’t hide the hard stuff like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and how shitty the VA is and and it’s LGBT+ inclines and the 15 year old daughter is a badass feminist oh and did I mention that the veteran who’s going through all this stuff is the single mom of two and the star of the show. 

So go and watch One Day at a Time your life will be better because of it 

West Virginia US: 2016 (UFO sighting)

Witness reports: I was taking photos of the full moon on a friend’s porch and I captured a photo of this object. It appeared out of nowhere and it was there without moving or sound for about 15 minutes. I watched it gradually camouflage with the sky. There was an odd feeling in the air. Like static electricity. I felt tingly. It’s hard to describe and it sounds crazy but I felt almost euphoric during the time I saw it.

Solas Facial Expression Analysis

Okay guys, we need to talk. I’ve posted my whole video of the vallaslin removal, but I want to discuss one particular moment, because I’m convinced that it is the single best facial expression we see from Solas in the whole game. I’m just in awe of the animators, seriously. Beautiful pictures of Solas and relevant discussion under the cut. This post is dark and full of spoilers, so be wary.

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I just got back from an exam but as expected I can’t stop thinking about YOI loool, now I had to write it down so I can calm myself down

Anyway, it’s about this scene:

Before anyone assuming–no, I do NOT think it’s okay for anyone aged 27 years to do this to a 15 years old boy, If it’s without context. Anyway this will be kinda long so I’ll put it under the cut so I won’t be bothering anyone’s scrolling.

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dont rb this please bc i dont want it spreading but feel free to watch this duet i was a part of choreographing back in june. we each made our parts separately in about 15 minutes without seeing the other’s work, and then put them together and changed some of the spacing and timing so it would fit! im still rlly proud of this one & im gonna submit it to some colleges as a part of my portfolio

So we finished playing FFXV...

It took us (well, @freyci  to be exact, I was watching and helping her the whole time) 65+ hours to finish (not everything tho) and we have a really strong opinion about the game.

Don’t get me wrong - I love FFXV, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the world they live in and I won’t stop loving and posting and creating - but I’m so utterly disappointed in a few things. 

Feel free to correct me, I would love to talk about it and believe me, I would be the happiest if I were wrong about something!
Beware, it’s gonna be long, though! (Also SPOILER alert)

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Midway through college, Stephen Agyei quit the track and field team, signed up for a stand-up competition, got on stage and did his first set. He knew immediately that he was going to do whatever it takes to make it in comedy.

“I would watch my stand-up in comparison to other comics,” he says. “I would go do a five-minute set one night, I would put it on the TV and right next I’d put a DVD of Chris Rock in. And I’d watch a minute of mine and then 10, 15 minutes of his. I’m like, ‘How did he get all them damn laughs, and I got one laugh?’ ”

Today, Stephen is a fixture on the comedy scene in Denver, where he lives. He’s opened for well-known comics like Roseanne Barr and Dave Chappelle, and he’s thinking about the next step. He still has a day job, and he’s worried about giving up that security to do comedy full time.

To help figure out his next move, he spoke with Roy Wood Jr., a veteran comic probably best known as one of the fake news correspondents on The Daily Show.

Roy encouraged Stephen to take the plunge and move to Los Angeles or New York.

“You gotta keep living in an uncomfortable zone,” Roy says.

To Make It In Comedy You Have To Bet On Yourself

Photo: Jeffrey Nicholson/Courtesy of Stephen Agyei; Mindy Tucker/Courtesy of Roy Wood Jr.

i just watched the outsiders movie with my mom, and it was her first time seeing it in probably 15 years. ive explained to her how dally and johnny are gay on multiple occasions. she said that she could see how i came to that conclusion but she couldnt rly see it herself so i made her rewatch the movie with me while i added commentary every once in a while. then we sat and talked about it afterwards.

my mom is actually from oklahoma- not tulsa, OKC- and was in middle school when the outsiders originally came out. she said that it 100% would have never occurred to her that dally and johnny might be gay because homosexuality was just a thing that wasn’t talked about. she compared dal and johnny’s situation to me coming out at the age of 12, but before that being deeply depressed for a long long time with a permanent sense that something was wrong. based on the information presented to me at the time, i had no name for the feelings i had, being young at a time where gay people weren’t in the media or anything. dally and johnny don’t have any idea that the feelings that they have for each other go past friendship; johnny was only 16 and had only ever been out of the neighborhood once before he died, dally 17 and he desperately tried to hide his emotions anyway. they had no name to put on their feelings and no place to put them in their already turbulent lives. johnny registered it as admiring dally. dally, my mom and i decided, was closer to realizing his feelings were romantic, which was why he tried so hard to be a hypermasculine ladies man. he didn’t realize the magnitude of his feelings until johnny was gone.

so, yeah, you heard it here first folks, from a woman who ACTUALLY grew up in oklahoma in the 60s: dally and johnny are gay as hell.

There used to be this tiny coffee shop in my home town, and the owner asked me about Lazytown back in 2005 because I kept talking about how much I loved it, and when she found out it was a kids show, she asked if she could borrow my New Superhero DVD to show her little boy. I said yes, and I was really hoping to get that DVD back, but I never did. She said that he loved Lazytown SO much and he watched the DVD all the time and ate his ‘sportscandy’, and eventually I went back to college and the coffee shop closed down and I only ever saw her once again like years later. That kid must be like 15 now and let me tell you, I hope he is Memeing Hard right now and that he has some great memories of Lazytown just like I do.