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Road trip au headcanons?¿¿?

- Veronica purposefully tries to distract Betty while she’s driving by placing wet sloppy kisses on her cheek and sometimes it works
- When night falls they stop in whatever field they can find and lay in the back of their truck and stargaze
- They both sing cheesy duets from High School Musical
- Betty wants to stop at every single museum and Veronica let’s her because she loves watching her eyes light up when she rambles on about facts n shit
(These all suck I’m-)

listen i know i probably shouldn’t care or whatever, since we all know the series has been garbage for a while now and the most recent batch of episodes have been Unfortunate overall but… it is admittedly sad for me to see this, you know? just because i grew up watching naruto. it was always an important part of my childhood and it ended up being a great distraction from a lot of things that were not so good about my life back then. i was 12 when i started watching it and it gave me… something. i’m not sure what exactly but it helped a lot. 

and now i’m 23 years old and somehow have found myself back into a series i once loved but dropped for a good 3-4 years or so? and the fact that it is now like, over For Real… is a lot. i mean yeah there’s still the boruto series but it’s not the same and even though i’m gonna keep following it i don’t have those childhood memories attached to it.

besides atla, naruto is the only other series i was ever so invested in as a kid and i’m gonna miss it, man. i really will! garbage ending and fanservice and all i will miss it. rip in pieces.

Who remembers THIS quote?

“They had you wrapped up like a present yesterday. Like you were his reward.”

Remember Feyre’s response? “So?”

Remember how angry Rhys was at the response? I can agree with him. Because Feyre was so sick that she honestly didn’t care that Tamlin practically owned her. She didn’t care that she was his goddamn REWARD, as if he had done some heroic thing. As if he hadn’t sat and watched while Feyre faced trials and was dying in the dungeons. She hated herself so much and was so reliant on Tamlin and Ianthe that Tamlin could’ve hit her and raped her and done whatever else to her, and she probably would have fought back the first few times, but would stop fighting after a while. So some people say there’s nothing wrong with her response. I say that EVERYTHING was wrong with her response.

And you know what? Here’s another reason I love Rhysand: he brought back that fight in her. Even the first time she came to the Night Court, she fought him because she loathed him. She gained her power back slowly because he helped her realize she never lost it in the first place. And when she grew to like him, that fight didn’t fade. In fact, it thrived. She healed because Rhys helped her understand she was sick. And when she wasn’t sick anymore, and was able to see that she’d been wrong, he stayed with her. Bonded with her. Loved her. Tamlin hated the fight in Feyre and wanted to stop it; Rhys embraced that flame and fanned it to make it grow.

And you know what? If Feyre looked back now and remembered saying “So?” in response to Rhys’ observation, I’m sure she’d be horrified about it. Her strength is the most imspiring thing in the whole ACOTAR series to me. Yes, the whole “Court of Dreams” thing is wonderful, and having friends as amazing as the Inner Circle is cool, too, but nothing is as awesome (and I mean “awesome” in the old way, not the new) as seeing Feyre overcome her demons, love herself, and become such a strong figure. I aspire to be like her one day. So thank you, Sarah J. Maas, because you did more for me through your stories than most ever would’ve bothered to in real life.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” - Alice Walker


You get to take a break. We got ‘em in the war. Go to a dance hall, go see a show, go do whatever it is the Millennials do these days. Take a 24 hour pass. Hell take a 48 hour pass. The Army can’t fire me, I issue you all a 48 hour pass to use at your leisure. 

The fight will still be here when you get back, unless a miracle happens in the next 48 hours, in which case clearly we did okay while you were eating jello cups and watching The Great British Bake-Off. 


Sherlock says, ‘Five minutes.  It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us’.  And then, ‘well, not on my watch’.  Now, he means that while he’s in in charge of the situation (to whatever limited extent) he’s not going to let either Mycroft or John die, of course.  This has already been said by both the Holmes Brothers in TST.  

But, the play on the word, ‘watch’, really struck me and reminded me of Anderson’s version of the fall.  At the end of his story, Derren Brown comes and hypnotises John, setting his watch back what looks like five minutes (we cut away near the four minute mark but the hand is still moving).  

I thought these two things might be connected or that there might be a reference to TEH and to Anderson’s story.  Or a reference to Derren Brown, even.

‘Five minutes: not on my watch’, is what John might say if he knew that Derren Brown hypnotised him; if Anderson’s story were true.


Request: Hej i was wondering if you could do an Elijah x reader imagine in which the reader babysits Hope and Elijah watches them playing and later that night they both lay in bed and he tell her he would love to see her with a baby

So i’m sorry this is so short. I’m kinda having writers block and i’m trying but i feel like everything i write is horrible.  

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“ELIJAH” Klaus called running all around the house looking for his brother. Elijah turned his head to look at Klaus when he heard him calling. “I need you brother. You have to watch Hope while i go kill some people” Klaus said calmly.

“I would absolutely love to but i have i date.” elijah said walking away from Klaus and towards you. Klaus grabbed Elijah’s arm pulling back back towards him again. “What do you want from me. The baby is yours not mine” Elijah said annoyed.

“We’ll watch the baby. Go do whatever you have to do” You said from behind Elijah. Klaus gave you a sweet smile and a baby while Elijah gave you a disbelieving look. You always liked kids and always loved hope. Elijah and you had been dating for around 7  months now and you had been there for it all. Hope’s first word her first steps. you loved Hope. she always made you smile and put you in a better mood.

“Thank you love” he said before walking out of the door but not before he had to say some snarky word. “You see brother it’s not hard being a good person” he yelled.

“What do you know about being a good person.” He yelled after his brother knowing very well he would have heard him even if he was whispering. He turned back around to face you and gave you a look saying he wanted you to explain rather quickly.

“I love Hope. she’s a good kid and it’s not like you don’t like her so why not.” you said bouncing the baby around a little making her laugh. You tickled her tummy and put her down so she could run around.

“There are so many other things we could be doing right now other than babysitting my stupid brothers baby” He said walking away from you and sitting on the couch. You walked back to him and sat next to him placing your feet in the table in front of you.

“I know what other things you wanna do and i’m not in the mood.” you started but were caught off by a screaming baby. You ran to Hope to check if she was okay. She had a cut on her arm and was bleeding. You quickly picked her up and ran to Elijah. He gently took her from you and went to put a bandaid on her.  He came back to see you looking sad on the couch. He handed you her again but you refused to take her.

“What’s wrong” he asked and sat down with Hope on his knee.

“I don’t know. I just feel like… i had her for 3 seconds and she got hurt. What if i ever have a child what is it just gonna get hurt every single day.” You cried. Elijah put his arm around you and pulled you closer.

“You’re not gonna be a terrible mother. I had her too. It’s both our faults. Actually it isn’t anybody’s fault. She’s a kid, kids get hurt sometimes.” he said trying to make you feel better. Hope noticed your tears and leaned up and kiss your cheek. Both you and Elijah laughed at the little girl.

“DINNERS READY” Elijah yelled from the kitchen. You were on the bed with Hope in Elijah’s bedroom. When Elijah realised you hadn’t heard him he went to check on you. In there he saw you with your back against the headboard and Hope on your lap. You were singing with Hope and having fun. He stood by the doorframe and looked at you both. You were the only thing that made Elijah feel human.

“Oh hey. I’m over my little fit so i’m just having fun. Although if she gets hurt again i’m not coming back here.” you laughed making Hope laugh loudly. After dinner Elijah had gotten Hope ready for bed. He came back into his bedroom where you were laying on the bed exhausted. Elijah put his arm around you and looked deep into your eyes.

“I think you’re gonna be an amazing mom.” he said. The words were like music to your ears. And that night you both went to sleep happy.


-Anon request

You didn’t even mean for it to happen; you’d been so careful up until that point.  A small part of you wondered if you had subconsciously done it on purpose.

But it didn’t matter how it had happened, all that mattered is that it had.

Sherlock watched you with confused eyes at first, inspecting your wrists. Then his eyes turned to sadness and he whispered, “Why? Y/N, you’re so happy all the time. Why would you do this?”

Taking your arm back from his grasp, you told him quietly and honestly, “It was from a while ago. After I was attacked, I got depressed and…yeah…”

Wrapping his arms around you, Sherlock pulled you against him tightly and mumbled into your hair, “I will never let you feel like that again. Whatever this is, we can get through it together. Me and you.

…and probably John.”

soft andreil because it’s v day & these boys own my heart, i’m sorry in advance?? now excuse me while i go put my andreil playlist on repeat 

  • So there are nights when Neil just watches Andrew sleep because he can’t fall asleep for whatever reason, and of course, there are always a thousand reasons. The stress of getting back into something as trivial as schoolwork after everything that’s happened, dealing with the new additions to the foxes who Neil sometimes feels were placed there just to torment him further, the PTSD and the bad dreams, that drumming fear in his chest & that odd twitch in his feet that still function on an old familiar instinct to run and just get the hell out.
  • On those nights looking at Andrew, asleep and undettered by his side is therapeutic, it reminds him that this, this, this is what he’s fought for all these years without even realizing it. This sense of stability, home, hearth.
  • Sometimes it collides with a warring sense of utter disbelief. There are times Neil still wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat afraid out of his mind that he’ll be alone in some strange city somewhere, or trapped in Edgar Allan with nothing but Riko’s abuse for company or watching his mother’s corpse go up in flames at a beach. There are times Neil has to sit down and relearn breathing, times he has to remind himself that this isn’t some cruel dream. That he gets to keep this. No hallucinations. No sick games. Just this. The two of them. Together. 
  • Watching Andrew sleep always sends the haunting thoughts spiraling away, because all he can focus on is the loose set of Andrew’s jaw, the dim fluttering of his pale lashes that catch the moonlight like powdered sugar and the way his breaths come and go. 
  • How lucky he is, he thinks, to be the one to get to have Andrew like this, in the way nobody else gets to. He would never admit it to anyone, but sometimes, he feels almost smug about it.
  • But mostly, he feels grateful. Grateful for the kisses and the keys and the company, for the trust. He couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be for Andrew to let himself fall asleep next to someone else, to not yank out the knife everytime he feels Neil twist in his sleep or hears Neil’s breathing at his ear, to restrain his movements so that he doesn’t wake in a violent spasm and break one of Neil’s ribs in the process.  
  • Andrew’s an extremely light sleeper, so sometimes he thinks he knows Neil’s watching him, can probably trace his gaze blind, but he never says anything about it, never reprimands him over it. Neil’s just glad he doesn’t have to hear Andrew go “stop looking at me like that” with his eyes closed and feigning sleep. 
  • Neil can’t help but think how young and unimpeachable Andrew looks in his sleep. The way the light spills into his hair, how it frames him like a portrait that deserves to hang in an art museum somewhere. Sometimes, Neil thinks, Andrew tries so hard to appear baleful, that the people around him forget that he’s just a damaged kid, coping against all odds, in the only way he knows how. 
  • He really will be pummeling someone six ways to Sunday if they ever try to convince him Andrew’s a sociopath ever again.
  • Some nights, when neither of them can sleep, Andrew just silently gets up and grabs the keys for the Maserati before heading out the door, knowing Neil will follow. 
  • And they drive and they drive with no particular destination in mind. Sometimes they’ll talk. Most times they don’t. They just soak in the reassurance of the other’s presence like they might run out if they don’t keep acknowledging it. Usually, they don’t bother to turn on the radio. They both appreciate the silence. Sometimes Andrew will allow Neil to crack a window. They’ll enjoy the night breeze, the sound of the tires squelching smoothly against the asphalt, a weirdly calming percussion. 
  • Tonight, Neil’s feeling experimental. He flips on the radio and Andrew says nothing about it. Not an approval, but not a negative either. 
  • There is something torrentially exhilarating about driving as far away from Palmetto State University as possible then turning right back instead of skittering off into the unknown. He’s mapped these roads into the back of his hand, he knows them like he knows his own name. He knows he’ll always find his way back from here. Back home. 
  • The song on the radio intones what he’s feeling, the artist says we’re running on fumes but we’ll make it through the night.
  • Sometimes they’ll park the car on the edge of the highway and kiss each other until they can’t feel their mouths. Neil thinks Andrew is the only thing that keeps him grounded sometimes, that keeps him from having a virtual panic attack every ten minutes.
  • “You’re real,” Neil says, between kisses, it was meant to be a statement but it comes out as a question. “As real as you.” Andrew’ll reply. He knows how much Neil needs to hear that, even if it gets repetitive and annoying, he knows he needs to keep being reminded that he’s home now, and that he’s fractured & reeling & disturbed but that he’s okay
  • When they do eventually go back to sleep, Neil will wake up before Andrew just to run a finger through his hair or over the ridges of his cheeks as he sleeps so that he can memorize this touch, the feeling of this touch, burn it into his brain for when it gets bad again.

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“Going back to Regina and Emma, while they’re trapped in the mirror both of them are ready to sacrifice themselves if it meant the other would be able to get back to Henry. This is a theme that’s been around since Season 2. Their trust in the other has grown stronger and stronger over time. This friendship (for now?) has been remarkable to watch. They’ve proven that they’ll do whatever needs to be done to protect their family and especially the son that they’ve managed to co-parent effortlessly. Yes, they had their issues but at the end of Season 2, Regina had already gotten to the point where she trusted Emma to raise Henry. Emma, in return, thinks Regina has done a great job at being his mom. The respect between these two women is admirable. They are each other’s mirror.”


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Can I request a Dean smut - you guys are on a date and some random dude comes up and starts hitting on you (while Dean goes to the bathroom or something idk) and Dean sees this and tells him off (and you find that really hot). Rough smut & dirty talk please?

“Ok, hurry up.” You tell Dean as you see him with a smile watching as he walked towards the back into the bathrooms in the clothing store. Today you were both on a date just celebrating being in the company of one another again before he had to go off to tour in whatever place. You had managed to have him the whole day and some fans had asked for his autograph but it wasn’t anything that was too unbearable. You let your eyes drift away from the direction that he had walked in, walking around the store your hands skimmed over the shirts, and skirts that you had found intriguing and you wanted.  Everything in the store was beautiful to you and if you could buy up everything you would be a broke person.

“I can get that for you.” A deep voice spoke behind you. Turning around on your heels, you looked up at a male who had blonde hair and a bunch of tattoos across his body. He was hot, and maybe if you were single you would take him up on that offer. Then again you were independent so taking things from strangers were not something you indulged in.

“Ah, it’s fine I was just looking and besides I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy to see you buying me something.” You smiled holding out your arms to show off the big leather jacket of Dean’s that you were wearing over your small sundress.

“But he’s not here, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt you. Besides you look pretty lonely to me gorgeous.” The male rasped and you couldn’t help but smile sheepishly and comb your hair behind your ear. “You missed a spot.” He teased reaching his hand out to tug a free strand of hair behind your ear.

“O-oh thank you. You’re too sweet but really I’m a loyal girl.” You grabbed his hand smiling up at him and gently pushing his hand down.

“Loyal, beautiful and independent? Damn I hate that I haven’t been able to meet a girl like you. Dude must be lucky but I can take you from him, just give me once chance.” He laughed softly and you couldn’t help but laugh with him because he was persistent and you had to respect it because he wasn’t overbearing he just seemed fun to be around.

“You’re never going to get that chance, dude.” Dean came up behind you, fists clenched you looked up at him turning flustered because you couldn’t believe he was here, but of course it didn’t take a person long to pee so of course he would be back.

“H-hyuk.” You whispered his name, he took your hand from the other male’s hand with a light jerk holding his own hand inside of yours.

“I’m sorry, don’t get me wrong I know how fine she is. I know she’s beautiful and that smile is to die for. I know that body looks taught and right with her curves and I can guarantee you that if you wondered if her pussy was tight and it would be easy to slip that dress up and taste her then you’re right because I do it all the time but she’s mine and I’m not stepping off for a while.” Dean bowed his head pulling you back from the male and you bowed your head with an apologetic smile as Dean lead you towards the car. Walking outside in the parking lots towards your car wasn’t anything less than awkward. He didn’t say a mumbling word. Jaw clenched he lead you towards the car and you were worried because he was never one to be like this, you were sure nothing ever got you done and seeing this made you feel guilty because you allowed someone else to flirt with you, but it wasn’t like that at all. Once you both made it to the car you opened your mouth to say something, instead Dean turned you around and pressed his lips to yours roughly hands tangling into your hair pulling your face closer to his. He sucked on your bottom lip backing you up against the car his hands roaming over your body feeling every ounce of skin that he could get. He only broke the kiss when he felt you both needed air, opening up the back door he pushed you into the car moving to place you on your knees facing the back seat. You didn’t have to guess what he was up to from the way he slammed the door and got behind you. Burying his face in your neck he kissed along your skin, grazing his teeth against your spots to turn you on as quickly as possible. His hand slid down to your panties, pushing them to the side as his other hand quickly tried to get his dick out of the confines of his boxers. Once he was free he rubbed his tip against your opening before slamming inside of you quickly.

“Dean!” You urged quietly pushing your hips back in a needy manner.

“No baby. Say my name.” He pleaded out bracing his legs on either side of yours bunching up your dress around your hips starting to fuck you harder making the car rock. His hard shaft slipping past your tight entrance and slamming into you.

“Hyuk!” You whimpered out pushing your hips back against his and he gave you a moan of approval slapping your ass cheeks. He grazed his length against your walls rolling his hips as he pushed harder into you. The car shook becoming filled with light cries of your moans and his heavy grunts. He was creating more hickeys on your neck breathing heavily against your skin.

“Don’t leave me baby. I love you.” He groaned out as his hand rubbed your clit quickly and that made you quickly realize what this was about. Your hips jerked forward, gasping you reached your hand back to grip at his hips bouncing backwards, the windows fogged up and the risk of getting caught was heavier but it was more exciting this way.

“I love you Hyuk! I only want you I promise, only you Hyuk please make me cum!” You whimpered out in a needy state squeezing your dripping pussy around him. You could feel the juice sliding down from your parted legs and onto the seats but you wanted more and you urged it. Your hips meeting as he bit on your ear groaning he husked out sweet nothings urging you to cum. In a few more thrusts you were cumming first spilling it out onto his shaft, and he was loving every moment of it. Hands locking around your waist he slammed you backwards until he was burying his load deep inside of you. Holding you to him as he filled you up, he took a few calming breaths kissing over your sweaty skin.

“I should get you jealous more often.” You teased earning a pout and a shove from Hyuk as you both straightened up yourselves.  

Stop? Tobias laughed incredulously. He shook his head, resting back on his heel. Standing for a moment in silence, he folded his arms across his chest as he thought. You want me to stop? You want me to ignore what I can plainly see? Fine. He threw his hands up into the air, bursting into a fit of fake laughter as he did. Archer could feel his blood boiling as he watched him. Of course, sweetheart. Whatever you want. 

You are such a prick, Archer muttered. 

Why is that, gorgeous? You’re getting your way, as always. I’ll be the doting spouse who looks the other way while you do whatever it is your little heart desires. The older man plastered a huge smile on his face as he began to slowly pace the floor. You want to fuck Levi? Go right ahead. We’ll both pretend that it isn’t happening & I’m sure his pea-brained boy toy will be none the wiser.

The young blond couldn’t remember the last time he was this angry. He was completely taken aback by how the other man was speaking to him now. Very funny, Toby, he snarled. But I’ve already fucked Levi, remember? It’s not like I have some lifelong curiosity that needs to be answered. Before you stepped in & started meddling with everything, he & I used to fuck all the time. 

It took everything in Tobias not to come unglued at that statement. His hands formed tight fists at his side as he tried to control his breathing. Every inch of his skin felt hot with rage. And did you enjoy it?

Every wonderful fucking second of every single time we did it, he spat in response. Archer knew he was only antagonizing the other man at this point but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. This ridiculous fight mixed with his husband’s recent attitude shift had driven him over the edge.

Then what’s stopping you from doing it again? Tobias roared. Go ahead. Go fuck Levi if he’s so wonderful. Maybe he can get you pregnant instead. Isn’t that what you do anyway? Go fuck someone else when your real partner isn’t giving you what you want?

Petty Newt

Percival is so invested in his work, he sometimes doesn’t remember talking to people that not about work. Newt decides to carry a tape recorder around to prove a point to Percy. Percy was really busy wilth paper work and he just nod his head when Newt is talking to him. “ hey Percy I found this creature and my case it isn't ready yet cause I till need to work out their habitat can she stay in your office?" "Sure Honey whatever you say”

Percy comes back from a quick restroom break to see a lizard like creature sleeping on his desk while Newt is watching her. “Newt what is this!?!” All Newt does is pullout his tape recorder playing the conversation they had" Percy just stare at him and nods his head( he gets a recorder of his own when Newt does something too, to prove a point.

Audrey Jensen - Trick 'R Treat

Today was Halloween and you and your girlfriend, Audrey Jensen, were in charge of accompanying your little brother and his friends while they trick-or-treated.

“C'mon Y/N, it’ll only be a couple hours, tops, out with the kids and then we’ll be back here and can watch Trick ‘r Treat and eat candy and whatever else you like.“ She pressed a kiss to your temple.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” You smiled. You loved Halloween and trick-or-treating was fun and all, but you’d rather have some alone time with your girlfriend. “Now let’s get going!“ You grabbed Audrey’s hand and walked towards the door; your brother and his friends already outside, eager for candy.

"Ready kiddos?” She ruffled a boy’s hair with her free hand and it made you melt. Her soft side always came out around kids, but whenever you brought it up, she always denied it (it was adorable).

“Yeah!!” They all exclaimed and took off down the street.

She laughed, and you had never been more grateful that you got to be the person that was lucky enough to see her smile the most, (okay, well, you and Noah shared the title, but still).

When she turned her head to look at you, you were already staring. “Whatcha you looking at, dork?“ She chuckled.

"This isn’t so bad, is all I’m thinking.” You said vaguely, before elaborating. You gestured around at the scenery surrounding you, “I’m surrounded by beautiful things. I mean, look at the red and orange leaves on the trees, and how it’s clear and cold out today, and there’s happy kids in costumes, and I’m holding the hand of my amazing girlfriend who’s wearing my favourite flannel and she’s laughing and it’s the most gorgeous thing ever. I’m just really happy.”

She wrapped her arm around you tightly, giving you a tight squeeze as you continued walking. She kissed the corner of your smile and while pulling away said, “I can’t really top your little speech there, so I’m not going to try to, but just know that, yeah.” Laughing to herself she leaned her head on your shoulder. You heard a whisper of, "Fuck yeah,” (almost entirely to herself). “Me too.” She added, a little louder.

You walked from house to house for some while longer, always trailing slightly behind the kids. After all, you guys were only there to keep them safe, not to harsh their fun. Once the kid’s route was complete and they were satisfied, you all headed home.

“Let’s all dump out and sort our candy, hey guys?” Audrey suggested to the kids. They all agreed and emptied their bags onto the kitchen table. “What I always used to do was count how many I had of each type and then I’d know what was the most popular candy people hand out.” She reminisced.

“What’s your favourite chocolate bar, Audrey?” Your little brother asked. The question took her back for a moment, as if she hadn’t thought about the simplest things from before all the killings in a long while. Her brows furrowed as she spoke slowly, “uhh, as a kid, I think my favourite was Snickers?” (You chuckled silently as your brain was instantly populated with thoughts of ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ memes about your easily angered girlfriend). “But now since I work at the movie theatre, I mainly eat Skittles. You guys get any of those?” She was back. Her mind pulled out of the past once again, (she never seemed to like to stay there too long, even if it was the good times that weren’t plagued with murder).

You walked up behind her, enveloping her in a warm hug from behind and burying your face in her shoulder.

Your trance-like hug was broken when you heard a small voice ask, “here, want a Snickers?”

Audrey’s features broke into a big grin, “hey thanks buddy!” She gladly took the candy bar, opening it and taking a bite, (they’re only 2-bite Halloween sized chocolates, but okay). At least a dozen emotions passed through your girlfriend’s beautiful eyes while she chewed the Snickers, but you weren’t going to pry. You just hoped the memories were great for her, perhaps of running house to house hand in hand with an equally small and innocent Emma. Of watching horror movies with an even more baby-faced Noah, but in a time when neither had witnessed such horrific things with their own two eyes. You hoped the brief falter you saw in her eyes was simply one of overwhelming nostalgia. You squeezed her hand in reassurance.

“You can have a candy too, Y/N,“ the child offered.

"You’re too kind!” You ripped open a small bag of M&Ms, dumping them all into your mouth. Audrey chuckled.

There was a knock at the door; it was your parents to pick up all the kids and take them to a costume party before heading themselves to a Halloween dance. The kids frenetically ushered their candy back into their bags and ran to the door to put their shoes on, eager to go the party.

Your parents opened the door, “Hey kids!” They exclaimed.

“Hey guys!” You replied as Audrey waved.

“Thanks for taking the kids trick-or-treating you two; there’s no way I would’ve made it home from work in time.”

“No problem, Mrs. Y/L/N,” Audrey smiled.

“Okay, here’s some money for you guys to order pizza or something. You guys stay out of trouble, okay?” Your dad joked.

“Will do, Dad. Thanks.” Your mom had almost got all the kids settled in the van. "See you later. You and Mom have fun!” You all waved before closing the door.

“Well that wasn’t so b-,” you started, turning back towards the kitchen, when Audrey’s lips silenced your own.

She pressed your back into the door, keeping your hips in place with her own. Your hands instantly went to her hair, running through it, worshipping it. She bit your bottom lip with such a force and gripped your hips equally as hard. You moaned loudly from the back of your throat, making her smirk against your lips before moving to kiss up your jaw. She nibbled on your ear lobe, sending a shiver throughout your body, “how long did you think you could go being that cute before I did something about it?” She whispered huskily in your ear. Her voice was the hottest fucking thing ever, and unfortunately, she knew your opinion on the matter.

Abruptly, she stepped away from you, throwing on an innocent smile and stating, “okay, I’m going to go put Trick 'r Treat on. You wanna call the pizza joint?” You tried to form coherent words, but couldn’t so you settled on just frustratedly flailing your arms, as she slid around the corner on her socks like a fucking child.

After ordering the pizza, you headed to the media room with candy and soda in hand. “You come bearing gifts!” Audrey exclaimed, grabbing a can of Pepsi and a heaping handful of tiny chocolate bars.

“You’re insufferable.” You jokingly sighed.

“So,” she flicked a M&M into the air, catching it in her mouth (wow, wonder if she’s trying to smug, you thought with a mental eye roll), “on a scale of 1 to holy-hell-Audrey-take-me-now, how rattled are you right now?” Her eyebrows danced.

You tried to remain calm, but your body failed you, and a blush crawled up your skin from under the collar of your shirt. “Let’s just watch the movie, okay?” Your voice was several pitches higher then usual. You stared directly forward at the screen, trying (and failing) to distract yourself.

Her fingers were suddenly lightly on your chin, “now,” she moved closer to your face as you continued to bore holes in the TV with your gaze, “you didn’t answer my question.” She guided you to look at her and pressed a sloppy kiss to right beside your mouth, (because, of course she did. More teasing, of course.) Yep, that was the last straw, and you moved so that her lips were once again where they belonged.

“That’s the spirit,“ she joked, still close enough that your breath mingled, as she was in fact, the worst. You gave her a shove back into the couch and moved to straddle her hips. A proud smirk painted itself over her perfect features and you couldn’t wait to take it off.

"Happy Halloween, loser.”

  • me: *finger painting on the floor while daddy is half watching me* i wonder what pretty colors taste like
  • daddy: you are not going to put that paint in your mouth, understand?
  • me: *mumbles* hmmph whatever. um hey Daaddyyyy? could i have a snack please?
  • daddy: yes sweetheart i'll be right back *leaves to go to the kitchen*
  • me: *licks the paint off my hand* eeewwwwwwwwwwww
  • daddy: *rushes back to where i'm sitting* did you eat it?
  • me: uhhh, nuh uh
  • daddy: *raises an eyebrow*
  • me: okay fine i did
  • daddy: *scoops me up* you just earned yourself a time out, little lady
Do you want the short or the long version?” she sighed, defeated. Whatever the answer, it was going to be painful.
“Short, for now.”
“I loved him. I loved him, and I think he even loved me back for a little while, even though it never really felt like it. I can’t say, because I was busy trying not to let the love I had for him tear me apart. It felt like he was undressing my soul, ripping up my skin just to crawl under it and watch my heart scream with every beat it took. I hated it, but it was nice to not be alone inside myself anymore.” She looks up at him, the better one (hopefully), the one who might find a different way to love her, and she’s losing him, right this second, she knows it, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t finish the story the one time she’s found enough breath to tell it.
“I wrote about him. That’s why I say these things, because words can make even the most horrific things marvellous. I know he doesn’t deserve it, but this is the only way I can remember it without reliving him.”
“What did you write?” His voice is hoarse, and she has a feeling he’s only asking because she’s stopped talking.
“Ballads. Sonnets. Fairytales. I found every euphemism and every metaphor and every allusion I could to dress my heartbreak up pretty, wear it like I was born for it and show it off without exposing anything.
But no matter what I said, or wrote, or cried to the heavens, the bottom line is I loved him when I shouldn’t have, and when he finally pitied me enough to leave me, I let his memory ruin me.
—  How do you like me now

Okay, this is not my best makeup BUT WHATEVER.

I wanted to do something for Jack hitting 14 million(!) but couldn’t decide on anything. So I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while! I loved all of the Anti videos so damn much. My husband and I watch Jack’s videos every day, and October was particularly fun anticipating all the different things Anti was going to do!

My awesome sister drew a really cool Anti fanart a while back where he had an eye bandage, so I wanted to do that as well. I got fake blood everywhere and my jammies are stained, but I’m okay with what happened. A makeup video did be posted soon.

Happy 14 million Jack! Congrats, you deserve it for sharing your light with the world! This community is so great and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Imagine: Choosing Hermione

Request: Hi, I was wondering if I could get an imagine where your friends with the golden trio and Harry & Ron are fighting over you but you choose Hermoine.


“Ron you’re my best friend, but Y/N is mine. Sorry mate,” Harry said.

“We’ll see about that, she obviously wants me!” Ron replied.

You sat back with Hermione and watched the two of them bicker.

“How long do you think I should wait to tell them that you’re actually the one I want?” You asked Hermione while laughing and holding her hand under the table.

“A few more minutes,” she said with a smile on her face.

You waited 5 minutes and then got up.

“Sorry boys, but I’m not interested in either of you. I’m kind of into girls…especially Hermione.” You looked over to her and winked.

Ron and Harry stared at you for a moment and then shrugged.

“Whatever makes you happy Y/N,” Ron said and he and Harry walked away to go play quidditch.

“Well that was easier than expected,” you said to Hermione.

She laughed and the two of you walked hand-in-hand to the library to work on homework together.

Concept: Satch offers to tutor PBG since his grades are dropping (and they’re secretly dating) and once Satch gets to PBG’s dorm it goes pretty well until the PeanutButterGuy decides it’s time to take a break and play some videogames while Satch watches him and after an hour or so Satch tries to get PeaButtGames to go back to studying but it’s not working so he goes behind the couch/chair/whatever-the-fuck-he’s-sitting-on and starts giving Peebs gentle neck kisses which distracts him from playing the game and Satch convinces him to study some more. 

Okay with everything going around and all these theories and the recent episode saying that the ghost rider’s eventually turn the people into one of them. I started imagining 6x09 or even 6x10 where they finally find stiles and all the memories come back and just as they think that this is it they have stiles back they’re never going to let anyone take him away from them again, the ghost riders take him. Whatever you do don’t imagine this. Don’t imagine Lydia crying running to be in stiles arms while scott is running behind her just as eager to hug his brother just to watch the ghost riders take him away again.

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