i watched this 4 times lol


She’s liking it a lot and she’s said a couple of things I want to share with you.
(I’m afraid it’s going to be an entire series lol)

So, we’re watching season 2, episode 5.
My brother asks: “Is this the episode you enjoyed the most until now?”
Me: “Nope, that was episode 4”
Bro: “What happened there?”
Me, whispering: “Reiner gay!”
Unexpectedly, my aunt’s heard me. “Ha, yes, Reiner’s gay. He’s said that in the herrings episode! And Ymir said that too!”
I’m speechless.
Aunt: “Well, what’s not to understand? He said it”
Aunt: “Yeah, plus he totally looks like the buff gay type”
Inner me: “Marrymeplease”
Aunt: “So… Ymir’s with Krista.. Who’s Reiner’s boyfriend?”
Inner me: “I wish it was Bertolt…”
Aunt: “Is Reiner in love with Connie?”

My brother and I laughed for a while.

Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag people

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1. Drink: water
2. Phone call: my mom
3. Text message: “HAHAHAAHAHAHA”
4. Song you listened to: Vixx - into the void
5. Time you cried: yesterday lol (nothing serious tho, just watching some sad shit)

6. Dated someone twice: no, im single as fuck
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: single as fuck
8. Been cheated on: hyukbin cheated om me
9. Lost someone special: what do you mean ‘lost’
10. Been depressed: yES
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: lol not gonna happen

12-14: black, purple, pink

15. Made new friends: YaaaAAss
16. Fallen out of love: yeah
17. Laughed until you cried: i almost died
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yep
19. Met someone who changed you: uhhh, maybe
20. Found out who your friends are: yep
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no ew

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: a lot of them
23. Do you have any pets: 3 dogs
24. Do you want to change your name: no cause my name is hyuk’s birthstone
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: swimming with the fam
26. What time did you wake up: 9:00 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching gay porn (reading a hyukbin ff after that)
28. Name something you can’t wait for: hyukbin
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: uhh, she’s upstairs sooo
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: my height
31. What are you listening right now: the sound of my electricfan
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: idk lmao what kind of question is this
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: school
34. Most visited Website: Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, AFF

35. Mole/s: plenty of them. I have one on my boobs.
36. Mark/s: a very small one on my right arm
37. Childhood dream: to be an actress
38. Haircolor: dark brown
39. Long or short hair: long
40. Do you have a crush on someone: not yet
41. What do you like about yourself: im cute as hell
42. Piercings: hell na
43. Bloodtype: guess
44. Nickname: bea
45. Relationship status: single and ready to murder
46. Zodiac: Libra
47. Pronouns: She/Her

48. Favorite TV Show: none
49. Tattoos: nah
50. Right or left hand: left
51. Surgery: hell no
52. Hair dyed in different color: im too scared to try
53. Sport: reading smuts
55. Vacation: we went to singapore last april
56. Pair of trainers: bish wut

57. Eating: i only drink water cause plants have feelings too
58. Drinking: my anxiety
59. I’m about to: nut
61. Waiting for: hyukbin to be official
62. Want: hyuk’s thighs to choke me
63. Get married: i cant even spell merry
64. Career: psych

65. Hugs or kisses: hugs
66. Lips or eyes: eyes
67. Shorter or taller: taller (cause im smol as fuk)
68. Older or younger: older (sugar daddy lol)
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: both
71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
72. Hook up or relationship: hyukbin
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

74. Kissed a stranger: yes, in my dream
75. Drank hard liquor: ….yeh
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: i broke my glasses
77. Turned someone down: a lot of them lol
78. Sex in the first date: ???
79. Broken someone’s heart: i think i did
80. Had your heart broken: no lol
81. Been arrested: nope
82. Cried when someone died: of course
83. Fallen for a friend: yep

84. Yourself: sometimes
85. Miracles: idk
86. Love at first sight: yes lol
87. Santa Claus: nope
88. Kiss in the first date: what the fuk is this
89. Angels: yes

90. Current best friends name: secret
91. Eyecolor: dark brown
92. Favorite movie: Kingsman

thirst queen @genomalkns tagged me to do this 🙏🏻

Here are the rules: answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: the only one i get is soph lol
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: virgo
4. Height: 5′6
5. Time: 7.49pm
6. Birthday: august 25 (this friday bih!)
7. Favourite bands: the national, japandroids, mountain goats, belle and sebastian, fidlar
8. Favourite solo artists: sufjan stevens, courtney barnett, bruce springsteen, harry styles (r.i.p.)
9. Song stuck in my head: all the boys by pwr btm (fuck those guys tho)
10. Last movie watched: obvious child
11. Last show watched: brooklyn 99
12. When did I create my blog: this one in jan this year, my main in like late 2009 lol
13. What do I post: hockey on here, literally whatever the fuck on my main lmao
14. Last thing I googled: “brent burns wookie video”
15. Do you have other blogs: main @jungmoney
and art blog @jennyholzertruisms1977
16. Do you get asks: yeah sometimes but i always love getting more! send me stuff tbh i love talking to people!
17. Why did you choose your url: bc i, like the pittsburgh penguins, am a petty ass bitch
18. Last thing you ate: dinner with my parents lol, pork and mashed potatoes (shout out to mum’s cooking skills)
19. How many pillows: ONE IS THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER
20. Favourite colours: pale pink, light blue, navy and forest green
21. Favourite tag you use: hmmmm idk if i have a favourite one but i’m a fan of calling erik karlsson burger king in the tags
22. Lucky number: 8
2Instruments: double bass, but i don’t play anymore rip
24. What am I wearing: jeans, my work tshirt and a giant hoodie w my uni’s crest on it bc i’m a normie bitch
25. Last thing I wrote: uhhh lecture notes on poststructuralism in international relations if that counts
26. Dream job: even though i’m getting my bachelors in law and politics i wanna be a teacher haha
27. Dream trip: umm i wanna go back to greece and italy and do the greek islands this time
28. Favourite food: mac n cheese boiiii
29. Nationality: nz european (so, white lol)
30. Favourite song right now: DUA LIPA NEW RULES BOP OF THE CENTURY
teagan tagged p much everyone i’m gonna tag so i’ll add @spidersgeorg12 , @jacklisowski and @kniveshoes !!!

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rules: answer 30 questions, then tag 20 blog to do the same

1. nicknames: my nicknames are super embarrassing so i won’t list them here lol 

2. gender: female 

3. star sign: cancer 

4. height: 5′6-7 ? 

5. time: 6:39pm 

6. birthday: july 14 

7. favourite bands: backstreet boys hakjfdsdf, p!atd, pvris, oh wonder, broods

8. favourite solo artists: banks, halsey, tinashe, vera blue, børns, vérité, MIKA ZIBANEJAD 

9. song stuck in my head: gold by kiiara 

10. last movie watched: spiderman homecoming probably 

11. last show watched: degrassi next class

12. when did i create my blog: end of 2015 maybe? but started posting hockey in april i think

13. what do i post: hockey but also anything/everything else 

14. last thing i googled: the weather

15. do you have other blogs: follow my shadowhunters blog @camillebelcovrts

16. do you get asks: only when i reblog ask games lol but pls message me i’m lonely!!!

17. why did you choose your url: charlie coyle is the love of my life, and mostly also bc only like 5 people on tumblr love the minnesota wild so i wanted to show some extra love

18. last thing you ate: mango yoghurt

19. how many pillows: 2

20. favourite colours: navy, teal, royal purple, black, pastel blue

21. favourite tag you use: 👅👅👅

22. lucky number: 14

23. instruments: i played flute up until two years ago 

24. what am i wearing: hoodie + blanket 

25. last thing i wrote: all the shit i have to do this week for uni 

26. dream job: anything that will make me rich, or something to do with finding a sugar daddy drai$$$$$saitl 

27. dream trip: italy and greece bc i love the history and architecture, and probably go new zealand again

28. favourite food: i can’t choose but probably just korean food or mexican food or pasta

29. nationality: australian w chinese ethnicity  

30. favourite song right now: angel by fifth harmony 

i don’t know 20 people but i’m tagging @stepmom @plutoisback @justhockey @seanmcnahans @oursmallahoe @artturi-lehky and tbh just anyone else lol

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Rules: answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

1. Nicknames: Ali
2. Gender: Female
3. Star sign: Taurus
4. Height: 5′3″ ish, a little taller
5. Time: 0:10 (wait like the time we wrote this??)
6. Birthday: May 4th (star wars day boyss)
7. Favourite bands: Girls Generation, Big Bang, Exo, 2ne1, Red Velvet, Bts, Fx, Twice, Evanescence… my music taste is all over the map just ask and I probs like it lol 
8. Favourite solo artists: Taeyeon, BoA, Gdragon, Childish Gambino, Lana Del Rey, 
9. Song stuck in my head: “3005″ by Childish Gambino
10. Last movie watched: Momento Mori 
11. Last show watched: Monday Night Raw
12. When did I create my blog: awhile ago?? I just never used it forever then revamped it like last month 
13. What do I post: hockey stuff (pens + hawks) and maybe some kpop/wwe related things if it really gets me
14. Last thing I googled: “How do I know if the eclipse is happening so I don’t look up” (I’m 17 and dumb and was freaking out over everyone telling me I was gonna go blind… like my dad literally asked if I looked at the sun today between 2-4 cause he was worried… good thing I was napping)
15. Do you have other blogs: a kpop one I haven’t touched in awhile lol
16. Do you get asks: nope
17. Why did you choose your url: my friend was over and I was kinda just like I want a “cool” username that is pretty broad idk
18. Last thing you ate: banana ice cream w chocolate chips from Coldstone 
19. How many pillows: one like for my head then a pillow pet to snuggle lol
20. Favourite colours: purple
21. Favourite tag you use: #this made me smile #sidney crosby #he’s so beautiful
22. Lucky number: 23
23. Instruments: violin but I had to drop for a year due to all my classes, so I’m screwed when school starts cause 6 years went down the drain
24. What am I wearing: running shorts and a cross country shirt
25. Last thing I wrote: can I say fan fiction w/o being judged lolol 
26. Dream job: computer engineer/ anything tech related (currently figuring major things out but that’s why I’m taking all these college and AP classes in high school ugh)
27. Dream trip: hm idk. I mean I like to go fun places w my friends 
28. Favourite food: potatoes in any shape or form
29. Nationality: american ugh
30. Favourite song right now: “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino 

Tagging: @elysian-oceanss @llowkeys @kazerforever @povverbottoms @letangier @nomorelonelydays @hiraethska @thiccsidney @flightofthefantasies @sidmalkin @hockeychickchat @fuckinhockeynonsense @sidsass OK tbh idk 20 blogs and I dont talk to anyone cause I’m awkward so yah, no one feel like they have to do this! just tagged my fave blogs that are on my dash a lot

tagged by the lovely @baarish​! tysm sani <3

1) nicknames: vivs (close irl friends) or vi (family because that’s actually part of my viet name) 
2) gender: female
3) star sign: aquarius
4) height: 4′10 yes i’m really that short
5) time: 10:23 PM
6) birthday: feb 5
7) favorite bands: none tbh. i listen to whatever sounds good to me lol
8) favorite solo artists: same as above but omg, i used to listen to so much Raymond Lam
9) song stuck in my head: Close to You from the Attention, Love! OST
10) last movie watched: Spiderman: Homecoming
11) last show watched: literally just finished the newest Game of Thrones episode and i’m about to start episode 7 of Memory Lost
12) when did I create my blog: way back in like 2011 and i started out as a harry potter and doctor who fandom blog lmao
13) what do I post: mostly cdramas and whatever else other dramas i watch
14) last thing I googled: lmao i’m pretty sure it was Game of Thrones meta because s7 is stressing me the fuck out and i’m not happy with a lot of things happening in the show atm
15) do you have other blogs: i have a resources blog @jixuxu (lol look at my attempt at a wasfil url) where i reblog photoshop stuffs and blog things like themes, pages, etc. 
16) do you get asks: sometimes!
17) why did you choose your url: because Jingyan is my fav from Nirvana in Fire but also because both the ‘xuxu’ and ‘jixu’ urls are taken and they’re not even being used like i’m so salty a;sldkfjs pls just release inactive urls @tumblr i want a canon wasfil url
18) following: 66
19) followers: a little bit over 2k, like tbh i’m surprised so many of y’all still stuck around after i revamped this main blog for like the ten thousandth time
20) favourite colours: blue, pastel pink, yellow
21) average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours
22) lucky number: 9
23) instruments: i quit the piano when i was like 7 lol
24) what am i wearing: a really big oversized t-shirt and sleeping shorts
25) how many blankets i sleep with: one during the summer, two when it’s colder
26) dream job: honestly anything that i can utilize my degree in lol, but i also love children so maybe something in education but tbh idk at this point, thinking about my future is just ugh
27) dream trip: all over Asia
28) favourite food: i love a lot of foods lol, but right now uhh sushi
29) nationality: Vietnamese/Chinese American
30) favorite song now: 追光者 from the Rush to the Dead Summer OST

tagging: @seventh-fantasy, @jcanvas@shenmeizhuang, @addictingkdrama, @julesblackthcrn, @woozyhoon (feel free to ignore if y’all don’t wanna do it)

get to know me tag

didn’t get tagged but i’m gonna do it anyway bc i’m bored hah

rules: answer 30 questions then tag blogs that you would like to get to know!

time right now: 11.39am

nicknames: ertsa (only my best friends call me that as a joke), keksi (made by people online who don’t know my name and i find that cute lol)

gender: female

star sign: virgo

height: 174cm

birthday: sep 4, 1996

favorite solo artists: g-dragon, andy black

favorite bands: bts, bigbang (?? idk i just listen to songs from several groups but don’t know anything about them)

songs stuck in my head: 1 year station by gd

last show watched: idk i never watch anything

when did i create my blog: may 2017, but i’ve been on tumblr since 2011

what do i post: my fanart & random text posts of my thoughts

last thing i googled: inuyasha (lemme explain.. i had to know how it ended bc i watched/read it 10 years ago and never got to the end lol)

do you have other blogs: yea a blog with just bunch of aesthetic photos but i stopped using it

do you get asks: very rarely

why did you choose your url: my bias is jungkook -> kookie -> cookie -> keksi (bc all the english urls are taken) -> keksimuru (= cookie crumbs, since keksi was taken)

following: 80

followers: 668 (i didn’t even start getting followers until i posted that shitty jikook comic i did at 3am lmao)

favorite colors: black & red

lucky number: ?? 3 idk

average hours of sleep: 5-6h (i don’t like sleeping tbh)

instruments: pfft-

what am i wearing: a long sleeve black shirt, pyjama bottoms & a beanie

how many blankets i sleep with: 1

dream job: being rich

dream trip: nothing really (i already travelled to nyc and china and those were my dreams)

favorite food: chewing gum (it’s a food ok)

nationality: finnish

favorite song right now: bullshit by gd

tagged by my angel @flowergrave xoxoox

1) Nicknames: Em, Emmlu, Lala

2) Gender: female

3) Star sign: Virgo

4) Height: 5′11 or 6 ft now idk

5) Time: 12:32 AM

6) Bday: September (im not gonna put the whole thing lol in between then 5-9th?

7) Fave bands: I have to post this separately there is too much I will add @flowergrave to the post haha

8) ^^ same as this Q

9) song stuck in my head: Bill Withers - Ain’t no Sunshine 

10) Last movie watched: Moonrise Kingdom (hated it)

11)Last show watched: Lie to Me with my baby Tim Roth lol

12) When did you create this blog: 4 years ago i think

13) What do I post: ??? emotional chaos and aesthetically pleasing things idek poetry? EVERYTHING?

14) Last thing googled: OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY so in my city there are a huge amount of cars with the license plate starting with CAKE… and its v suspicious SO MY LAST GOOGLE SEARCH IS EXACTLY THIS : cake license plate gangs hahahahah

15)Do I have other blogs: yeah a poetry one but not like just my poetry just only reblogging poetry too  its: @p037ry hahaha

16)Do you get asks: Yeah 

17) why did you choose your url: WELLL I was emmakems before but like… i wasn’t like bigger? that sounds shitty haha but anyways I love my URL its just very me. troubled and baby is more for the aesthetic aspect idk i love it would never give it up. 

18) Following: 330 I think?

19) Followers: 1k+

20) fave colours: ugh im easy anything pastel coloured and dark purple and blue

21) Average hours of sleep: 5ish? not recently but lol yeah

22)lucky number: 3

23) instruments: tuba lol and learning guitar

24) what am i wearing: this is odd? marvel boy short underwear and a sports bra 

25) how many blankets do i sleep with: omg these q’s never end lol lol um 2 my flannels and my duvet

26) dream job: private class talk therapist 

27) dream trip: tuscany!

28) fave food: too many sorry i love all food


 dont do it if you dont want and anyone who wants to can :)

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@wellwelldroogieboy tagged me to do this. Thank you so much! 😊💖
1. Nicknames: Mandy, that’s the main but there are others lol 
2. Gender: Female 
3. Star Sign: Virgo 
4. Height: 5'1
5. Time: 10:51pm
6. Birthday: August 31st
7. Favorite Bands: The Doors, Soundgarden,Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Atilla, Mondo Cozmo. And many, many more! 
8. Favorite solo artist: Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Tom Petty, Prince, David Bowie. And many, many more! 
9. Song Stuck in my head: Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet 
10. Last Movie I watched: The Devil Wears Prada 
11.Last show I watched: Game Of Thrones 
12. Why did I create my blog: my friend told me I should make one so I did 
13. What do I post: music, movies, whatever else I like 😊
14. Last Thing I Googled: McFly at the recommendation of @have-you-been-headwired 😘
15. Do I have other blogs: no
16. Do you get asks: sometimes
17. Why did I choose my URL: My name and one of my favorite numbers lol
18. Following: 269
19. Followers: 466
20. Favorite colors: blue, black 
21. Average hours of sleep: 5-6 
22. Lucky Number: 33
23. Instruments: learning guitar, and like to play drums and bass as well 
24. What Am I wearing: jeans and black t shirt 
25. How many blankets do I sleep with: like 5 I like the air blasted with a bunch of blankets 😂
26. Dream Job: photography or anything artistic in general 
27. Dream Trip: none
28. Favorite food: clam chowder or like pizza 
29. Nationality: all sorts of European with the biggest chunk being Norwegian and English and a touch of Native American 
30. Favorite song right now: Let It Go - James Bay

I tag: @jimmypageshurdygurdy @acid1c-kiss @appetiteforthenumberofthebeast @aroundthepeppers @babymoostachios @cherrydippedkisses @cinnamon-toast-cliff @davegrohlslongjohns @death-delirium @everythingisvedderwithgrunge @freakyfrusciante @fivehorizonss @gemstonedgoddess @gimme-stitches @holdmyhansolo @holly-roller @keithslittlerocknroll @magikofinsanity @noh-uh @oh-starry-eyes @one-bad-apple @pearljaam @rock-basstard @rockstars-and-otherloves @trustyoursenses @vedder-lover @vedder99 @vanthr @zoeyinchains

5 Things Tag

Created by @rbstudies

Shout out to @estudiear and @cypherstudys for the tag! I actually love doing these, they’re so fun lol

Rules: List 5 things for each category and tag 10 people!

5 Things You Would Like to Do Before School Starts

1. Finish reading 1984 by George Orwell (I’ve been slacking, y’all).

2. Get a head start on organic chemistry notes.

3. Hang out with my friends at least once more before we all go our separate ways.

4. Finish watching Jessica Jones and Daredevil…and then The Defenders…R.I.P. me

5. Learn how to skateboard.

5 Things You Would Like to Do Once School Starts

1. Post on this blog a whole lot more!

2. Actually go to office hours for once in my life. I’ve heard they’re useful?? Who woulda thunk it.

3. Master the art of time management…lol.

4. Review class notes every evening and week to make sure I keep up with the material.

5. Finish all my assignments way before their deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. 

5 Things You Have Done to Prepare for the Start of School

1. Bought a new pencil case. It fits all my Mildliners and favourite pens and pencils without being too bulky like hallelujah praise Jesus it has achieved the impossible!!!

2. Did research on all the prerequisites I need to take this year for my postgraduate studies.

3. Purchased my subscription and textbook on Top Hat for orgo and downloaded the app onto my phone.

4. Screenshot my fall schedule and made it my wallpaper - I do think for the first few weeks of school until I have it memorized.

5. Matched my schedule as best as I could with my friends. 

I tag @istudywithliz @serotonindiaries @optomstudies @future-vet-student @exceli @orbitstudy @ochrestudies @bookishbumblebee @minimalist-studyblr @miastudiesfilm

Okay so this idea popped into my head you guys and I had to.

i am currently very tired it is quite late (1 AM) but this just really needed to happen because my sleepy tired brain said OH HELL YES to this idea and here we are. Im not great at Chibi okay, just leave me be. Also I included Robin because I fuckin love that guy and his work he’s a marvelous human being

It’s also 16 million subs time, which mean probably like five people will actually see my crazed doodle (hello!), so if you don’t think that its absolute crap (I do) drop a like. -scroll on if you don’t want to read about my jack experience, mmkay? Thanks, have fun on tumblr!-

I found Jack at about 3 mil, but the first video I watched was his 1 mil subscriber Draw my Life. He was adorable, and Irish, and I was intruiged. At the time, he was uploading the Deadpool series, and it had just started. So I watched that. And Bully. And all of Stranded Deep, Subnautica, Sims 4, and The Escapists, in a week or so. I loved the energy and spirit that he had, though, to me, he wasn’t all that loud haha.

Flash forward to now, (three? it’s about three, maybe four) years later, and I’m off to college. I still watch Jack daily, usually both videos. Only one if it’s horror, lol, I’m a baby and can’t handle the scares. I still love his energy and spirit, and I appreciate how Jack has matured and grown along with the channel. I hope to continue to watch his content for as long as he makes it.

Oh wow are you still reading this…uh…not sure how to end it… hi? Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a good rest of your day/night in this tag!

yes i know that the can has wrong perspective shut up it’s one in the morning and im trying to draw cut me some slack okay thanks

seventeen on a road trip

|| suggested by @little-woozii ||

s.coups: “remember to pack your phone charger” “oH DON’T FORGET YOUR GLASSES” “ok headcount time” “wait where are the littles” “HANNIE I TOLD YOU TO WAKE UP VERNON AND DINO”

jeonghan: packs everything last minute but somehow doesn’t forget anything; leaves seungcheol to suffer alone; watches everything fall apart like ‘lol’; sleeps the whole way through

joshua: is the one in charge of packing bc seungcheol gave up on jeonghan; brings the first-aid kit anyway even though no one knows how to open it

jun: what a m o m; has snacks for everyone; has 4 portable chargers and enough candy to keep everyone awake for 3 days

hoshi: the fluffiest most excited lil hamster at first; helps out seungcheol by taking care of the young ones; falls asleep within the first 10 minutes; wakes up to “HOSHI FIGHTING” “FIGHTING”

wonwoo: highkey wants to read but can’t bc the road is hella bumpy; keeps making lame puns until seungkwan threatens to throw him out the window

woozi: has his headphones over his ears the whole ride; but listens to music for the first hour; silences it so he can listen to the others telling stories

dokyeom: needs to use the restroom everY SINGLE HOUR ffs; more often than not he’s the one who lets the others sleep on his shoulder

mingyu: constantly supplies wonwoo with snacks he steals from jun; fights with minghao over the aux cord for half the trip

minghao: wins the fight; but seungcheol makes them take turns anyway; seems really mad but he actually isn’t really

seungkwan: sits in the back; takes pictures of everything; probably livestreams the whole drive tbh

vernon: supposed to wake up early to pack but instead wakes up 1 hour late to josh blasting the spongebob theme song in his face (rmb when josh said vernon reminded him of spongebob lol); sleeps a lot

dino: arewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyet arewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyet

A transcript of the letter that Abe wrote to Thomas.

“Dear Thomas,

As I look back on that day some thirty years ago, when our first crop made it to harvest, I remember thinking how you had your whole life in front of you. Later, you say you wish you could fight for your country just like your father did, but… I never told you everything I did during the war. Tonight, I want to tell you the truth. The revolution never ends. It was hallowed as a triumph of the righteous over the wicked, but the battle lines were not clearly drawn. The real war, the one between good and evil, was fought within ourselves.

How else to explain that Robert Rogers, a man who tried to kill me, taught me the trick that saved our crop— and thus our family?

Or that Edmund Hewlett, the man I tried to kill, became a great man of science? He once told me the universe was a cold place where love had no purpose… yet he became an astronomer of renown, and married the sister of Sir William Hershel, whose writings on the stars you admire so much.

I grappled with these contradictions, though they were far from the most troubling.

In Upper Canada, the hated Colonel Simcoe, now Governor Simcoe, abolished slavery in his province. The man who took your grandfather from us, who oppressed so many colonists…gave freedom to generations of others.

Just before the British left New York, General Washington told Governor Carleton that he intended to take possession of all Negroes and other property of the inhabitants of the southerns states. He asked for the boats to be turned around.

The General didn’t know his own agent, 355, was aboard one of them. We only learned this years later, after our Ring received a letter written in code…and sent from Nova Scotia. 

The greatest war is the one fought within ourselves. Washington wished to return to his farm, yet was called back to serve his country as the only man who could unite our turbulent states. It may be that the price of our new union was to overlook our greatest divide. Or it may be that the bill will come through with a vengeance. 

These contradictions tortured me for years.

And yet not every path turns unexpectedly. Some lead right where they were pointing. Your Uncle Brewster remained water bound as captain of the Active, guarding our coasts. A smuggler, turned lawman!

And Congressman Tallmadge—well, you know I never stop talking about him. Ben was always the most well known patriot of our Ring, and a true believer in the cause. And yet when Congress sought to reward the men that would capture John Andre, Tallmadge rose to denounce them as criminals and scoundrels, claiming that when they removed Andre’s boots, it was to search for plunder and not to detect treason. Tallmadge broke our vow of silence this one time only, to defend his enemy in the war.

For if we spies don’t stand for one another, who will?

Of course, the British held Andre as a hero and quickly forgot about Benedict Arnold. None of his future endeavors came to fruition, and he died in his bed in 1801. His wife, long rumored to be Andre’s lover, returned to her family in Philadelphia. She passed in 1804, and among her personal things they discovered a lock of Andre’s hair, given to her when she was young, and in love.

Love is something easy to conceal….but hard to kill.

Though I love your mother, I also never stopped loving a woman named Anna Strong. 

Even though someone is gone, your love for them lives on. 

I will always love you.

You fell to a British musket at the Battle of Blandensburg, August 24th, 1814. The revolution never ends. You always wanted to fight for your country just like your father, but I never told you everything I did during the war. 

Perhaps someday, somehow, you’ll get this letter. But if not, I’ll tell you myself when I see you. and you can share with me all you’ve learned…from heaven.”

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today I stumbled upon your haikyuu au~ oh its so sweet. I really like your drawings and it´s great that everyone of the 4 seijous is in another tribe. Iwaoi is my fav of all times but I like it that Iwaizumi and Tendou were playing together as children~ (Iwaizumi were watching over him on the picture is so sweet)

Actually that’s how this idea was born, I wanted to draw the seijou 4 as different benders, each one with their own element. And about Tendou, when I decided make him a waterbender, I thought, Iwa is a waterbender too, why not make them friends?! But that’s in their childhood, I don’t think they would have the best relationship now lol

I put down the sodas, I picked up some water. Became a vegetarian. Got braces. Dedicated myself to the gym (as much as possible). Researched, watched many documentaries about the human body and brain (as well as makeup tutorials lol). Taught myself that self worth is one of the highest forms of self motivation that one can have. I was 16 on the left and 20 on the right. 4 years may not sound like a long time (just 48 months, 209 weeks, 1460 days, and 35,040 hours) but a lot can happen during that time frame . Every second of this time I had a goal to become a better me (both mentally and physically ) and though I’m no where near my goal and where I aim to be. I am so proud of myself for not giving up. Never give up on yourself.❤️ Xx AJ

Q. How many times does Ohm say Bryce?

A. A shit ton.

Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Jun Shishido & Yuusuke Tannawa interview) - Volume 4

The full translation of the booklet of vol.4 is finally done… Actually, one of the reasons it took me so long is that I spent most of the time I was home from Thursday to Sunday watching Fuji TV’s live coverage of the World Championships, lol. And I’m glad I did because it was really exciting. It does make a difference to watch it live without knowing the results… I will work on the audio commentary and choreography part in the next few days, and hopefully on other stuff too.

The booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Phichit, Chris and Guang-Hong.
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. 
3) Interview with chief director Jun Shishido and screen designer Yuusuke Tannawa. Most of you will probably have no idea who they are (and their titles are by no means a good explanation of what their actual role was), but I really recommend reading this interview because it gives more insight on the creation process of YOI and maybe it helps understand how hard it is to animate figure skating. The parts in round brackets are exactly like they are in the original text, it’s not something I added.

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He’s going to leave a mark in Thai’s skating history with his blades!

Phichit Chulanont
voiced by Kenshou Ono

Date of birth: April 30th, 20 years old
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: B

A new hope for Thailand, that didn’t have any skaters who got remarkable results. His popularity is quickly growing also thanks to his spontaneous and pleasant skating style that mirrors his friendly personality. This season he is skating both his short program and free to songs from the movie “The King and the Skater”, which is something he had always dreamed of doing. He is the first Thai skater to have succeeded in a quadruple jump and he also obtained his first Grand Prix victory. He is continuing to rewrite Thai’s figure skating history.
He used to train under Celestino in Detroit, but from this season he has moved his base back to Thailand. He loves hamsters and has a lot of them. Posts about them can be seen on his SNS.

The lethal weapon made of sex appeal that shines on the ice.

Christophe Giacometti
voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto

Date of birth: February 14th, 25 years old
Height: 183 cm
Blood type: undisclosed

10 years since he moved to the senior class, he is one of the world’s best skaters fighting for the top. Beside his quadruple Lutz and his characteristic sexy moves, he is also praised for his unique and precise spins. As a veteran, he never breaks down too much, but he is a slow starter and tends to not perform at his best in the Grand Prix series, which is held in the first half of the season. Last year he came in 2nd in both the Grand Prix Final and the World Championships. With his long-time rival Nikiforov missing this season, he is one of the candidates to snatch the king’s throne.
He is a popular skater who captures the hearts of women all over the world with his passionate and alluring performances that ooze the sex appeal of a grown-up man. He has a cat.

To become, one day, China’s hero.

Guang-Hong Ji
voiced by Yuutarou Honjou

Date of birth: January 7th, 17 years old
Height: 160 cm
Blood type: O

A growing 17-years-old who moved to the senior class this season. In the Grand Prix’s America tournament he placed 3rd, achieving the amazing feat of standing on the podium on his debut performance. The success rate of his quadruple jumps, which he started training for this season, is also high, and as China’s new ace he is expected to grow further in the second half of the season.
He has a shy personality, but at the same time he also uploads many selfies on the SNS. It seems that he also bought a lot of clothes during his training camp in Canada. Together with his friend Chulanont from Thailand and Japan’s Minami, he is called by fans “one of Asia’s 3 cutest skaters”.


TOPIC 1: Grand Prix Series
It consists in a total of 7 tournaments: 6 tournaments held in different countries every year from the end of October to the end of November, and the final that sees the 6 skaters who got the highest scores in the other tournaments as its participants. The 6 tournaments are always held in the same countries (the order may vary), but the location of the final changes every year, and this season it’s Barcelona in Spain. The participants are chosen based on their results in tournaments regulated by ISU (International Skating Union), their world ranking, recommendations by the host country etc.; however, each skater can only participate in a maximum of 2 tournaments. In addition, only up to 3 skaters from the same country can participate in the same category of the same tournament. The period when the skaters’ allocation is announced is somewhat of a festival among skating fans.

*It’s night in Japan when the skaters’ allocation is announced
*The first 6 tournaments are held in 6 countries over the span of 6 weeks
*In every tournament skaters receive points depending on their placement (15 points for the 1st place, 13 points for the 2nd place and so on), and the final ranking decides who will participate in the final

TOPIC 2: Quadruple Jump
(*at the moment of the Russia tournament)
One of the techniques that decide the game in male figure skating is quadruple jumps. Since the number and type of jumps greatly influences the score, recently it’s common for skaters to include multiple quadruple jumps in their programs. However, according to the rules the same jump can only be repeated a limited number of times, therefore skaters try new types of jumps and train hard to be able to have more quadruple jumps to put in their programs. Currently, 5 types of jumps except for the Axel have been successfully landed in official competitions. The one with the highest score is the Lutz, which top skaters such as Victor, Giacometti and JJ are using in their programs. The quadruple toeloop, which has the lowest score, is successfully used by young skaters such as Kenjirou Minami, Guang-Hong and Phichit too. Yuuri can jump the toeloop and Salchow and is currently training to master Victor’s trademark flip. After the Lutz, the flip is the jump with the highest score.

*Yurio in his junior years getting scolded for jumping a quadruple that was not planned
*Seung-gil is the first who successfully landed a quadruple loop
*Emil is a jumper that has 4 quadruples in his free
*JJ jumps an amazing quadruple Lutz in the second half of his program
*Victor uses as his weapons 4 types of quadruples, except for the Axel and loop (in the EX he landed a loop too)

TOPIC 3: Support Item (cheering goods)
It often happens to spot flags and banners used as cheering goods in figure skating venues. After a performance flower bouquets and plushes are also thrown into the rink. Banners do not only feature the skater’s name and flag; sometimes they have a message or a portrait of the skater with which people try to show their support, and in some cases they are even made using photographs. Yuuri is often thrown plushes of food. The bouquets and plushes are picked up by children who are learning skating, usually called “flower girls” and “flower boys”.

*JJ’s cheering group, called JJ girls.
*Yurio’s hardcore fans are called Yuri angels.
*Flags are basic items. Some fans bring different types.
*Present snacks from fans for Yuuri who is on a diet?
*After popular athletes skate the flower girls and boys have a hard time picking up everything
*Sometimes skaters will actually put on the items that are thrown into the rink

TOPIC 4: Kiss & Cry
The kiss & cry is where skaters wait for their score after a performance. The name comes from the fact that it’s a place where athletes can experience both happy and sad feelings. Normally the skater and their coach will sit there, but in some cases there might be people from a country’s federation or the choreographer too. In many venues there will be a microphone, therefore skaters can also send messages to their family and fans. If you listen to the broadcast closely you might be able to hear the athlete and coach reviewing the performance or other conversations.

*Sometimes the coach might strike a pose too
*It’s also a place where athletes vow to make up for a defeat
*”Please support me!” addressed to the viewers
*The JJ style gesture in the kiss & cry is a recurrence
*Michele’s sister Sara can be seen in the kiss & cry too

Chief director / Screen designer
Jun Shishido & Yuusuke Tannawa interview

I want to make the gag scenes dynamic. (Shishido)
The opening of episode 11 was possible thanks to the viewers’ response. (Tannawa)

Shishido: I’m the chief director, but in fact I did a lot of things. Director Yamamoto was too busy, so she mainly did sound and editing, and then since it’s an original story she focused on the story composition…
Tannawa: Shishido-san was like the site supervisor. We would ask things related to the story itself to director Yamamoto, but the one who actually took action and gave directions was Shishido-san. Though in the credits I appear as “screen designer”, the anime’s screen design was created by the director of photography, and my job in this series mainly consisted in creating the footage for PVs, OP etc. and checking the final product before delivery. I started working on the PV at the beginning of 2016. I asked director Yamamoto what kind of layout she had in mind, and decided how to set the visuals of the series. Regarding the contents of the episodes I also discussed with Shishido-san about various topics – for example, “this processing can be done with camerawork, this expression can be recreated with CG” – and shared this information with the involved work groups.

-Trial and error to create the huge amount of skating scenes.-

T: In figure skating athletes perform while continuously moving around, therefore it was extremely difficult to understand where an athlete was and in what direction he was skating in each frame. In the 1st episode we created a CG model of the skater based on the real choreography footage and had it skate in a rink created with 3DCG, then we followed it with tridimensional camerawork and used that footage as a base for the animation. It was a very elaborate process. However, we realized that it was impossible to continue using this method with the production schedule of a TV series, therefore we switched to a different method where we would create camerawork on a general background map. Also, after episode 5, for certain characters we preceded the creation of the key animation with 3DCG. The final animation is all done by hand, but by having a base to use as a reference it was possible to calculate the available time frame and create the animations accordingly, thus shortening the working time.
S: Even if you suddently ask the 3D staff to create figure skating animation, of course they have almost no knowledge of the jumps and techniques. They create the animation based on the reference footage, but they cannot express complex details such as how athletes balance their feet the moment they jump, so for that I and (figure skating animators) Abiko-san and Tatenaka-san adjusted the animation. Among the people working on the series, the only ones who had technical knowledge about figure skating were the 3 of us and director Yamamoto. And it’s not something that you can just explain verbally, so we took on all those jobs ourselves. We checked… everything, probably. Actually, until episode 4 the skating scenes were all created by Abiko-san and Tatenaka-san, so I didn’t need to check them, but from episode 5 the amount of skating scenes became so huge that we asked Tannawa-san and the others whether we could get help from the CG team… I completely trusted Tannawa-san, because I knew that if we explained what to do he would understand what was needed.
T: I basically asked what they couldn’t do, and we did all we could to make up for that and reduce their workload. We would never have finished the series otherwise. That’s why for this anime no one ever said “isn’t that your job?”. For every episode, everyone just fought toward completion.
S: Everyone took responsibility for their job and worked with extreme care, like no one was going to double-check what they did afterwards. We thought, “if we don’t do our best, this series will not make it to the broadcast, therefore we must all be responsible and work hard”…

-A scene you especially paid attention to.-

S: All the storyboards for the skating scenes were drawn by the director, but I drew them for quite a lot of daily life scenes. I especially like the scene where Yurio gives a pirozhki to Yuuri (in episode 9). I was particularly careful to make Yurio look cute. I wanted to show that, even though normally he is rude (to Yuuri), he actually rather trusts him and they do get along. I also like gag scenes, so I had fun with scenes such as the hug competition at the end of episode 9. Gag scenes do not need to be drawn as neatly as serious scenes, therefore I decided to animate them in a very comical and dynamic way.
T: I paid a lot of attention to the opening. The way we changed it in episode 11 to reflect the current story development is something I myself suggested to the director. Actually, only the opening of episode 1 was still incomplete when it was broadcasted. From episode 2 onwards it was always the same footage, but the viewers wrote a lot of comments about it (and were wondering whether it was changing every time). Since everyone was watching it every time without skipping it, we decided to really change it in the end.
S: My favorite character is Georgi Popovich! He’s a man who can talk about love seriously. He actually makes a few appearances since the 1st episode. When we were working on episode 1 we only had Kubo-sensei’s character plans and the storyboard saying “a character named Popovich is standing here”. We made him stand out a little because we understood that he would show up in the story later on. And what a character he was, when he was introduced in episode 6!
T: He was so striking that I was actually shocked! I like Popovich too. Also, among the programs, I like Yuuri’s FS “Yuri on ICE”. It’s the first song I listened to working for this series, and at that time I used it for the PV without knowing that it was going to be Yuuri’s FS. In the PV Yuuri is skating in Hasetsu with his slender appearance from episode 3 onwards, and (the character designer) Hiramatsu-san commented “it’s a wonderful video, but now we have to make him fat”. I remember thinking “what is he saying??” (LOL).

-The power of the support that reached the studio.-

S: When we were creating the anime we were so busy with the work at hand that we didn’t really realize how much of a response the series was having. However, we received lots of presents, food, goods and letters of support from fans.
T: Even items based on the contents of the series, like (retort-packed) borscht. That made us feel that fans were really supporting us because they liked the series, and it boosted our morale. Knowing that there were so many people watching and cheering on us motivated us to our best even it meant working overnight without sleeping.
S: The charm of this series is the love of the original creators, director Yamamoto and Kubo-sensei, that you can feel from it. It’s just so strong.
T: It also feels like you are touring various countries to follow Yuuri and the others and watch their matches. You can watch it with the eyes of a spectator and think “I didn’t know a lot about this athlete, but now I see how he skates”. I think that another element that allows viewers to really get into the world of the series is how not only the matches but also the skaters’ practice scenes and the back yard are drawn with lots of details. Everything is detailed, even the different shape of each skater’s blades. The director herself is full of very sincere love for figure skating, and that was transmitted to both the staff and the viewers.
S: The animation studio had a very nice atmosphere. It’s the first time that I’m working with Tannawa-san, but when I saw his work I realized right away that he was someone I could trust. Trust and unity are something you find in the staff of many series, but for this one it was especially strong.

On a side note, Kubo & Yamamoto went to see the Worlds in Helsinki and are now in St.Petersburg. I am confident it’s tourism but with a spoonful of location hunting… (What a timing, though. I hope none of you or your acquaintances were personally affected by what happened the other day in the subway)

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Why can't you believe they did laundry??? They did literally. Because they were supposed to do it earlier but they did some sweaty activities and got carried away sooooooo there they were, doing laundry at 4 a.m lmao. And tbh I don't think with his sleeping habit, Namjoon could hear anything while sleeping. Either he was real up too late or he found it essential to add that he did hear the washing machine to make it less sketchy. Sorry I'm extra af lol.

lmao plz don’t apologize for being Xtra im pretty sure im more Xtra than you (most of you, actually) are (the X stands for “XD” bai.)

I was watching it just now an did you notice how many times Jimin managed to dodge the “What were you guys doing yesterday” question, though? Until the end he still didn’t answer it and Jungkook had to answer for him. And another thing: if it was true that they stayed up doing laundry for the other members Hoseok would’ve never asked what they were doing because he would’ve seen his clothes cleaned so I’m like ???? Literally, the conversation was:





I hope you guys enjoy this idiotic idea of mine… Im so tired…. anyway the idea came from was this anime called “My First Love Monster”

A romance anime where the boy is just an elementary student while the girl is a high school student… weird right? but its totally cute when you watch it….

The scenery was in episode 4 if you wanna watch the whole episode from this idea…. lol

anyway tag time!!!!

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