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So like, I have opinions about how shows should structure themselves. Specifically like adventure-y, action-y shows like the Hundo. It’s built upon my years and years and years of watching shit like Buffy, Farscape, Charmed, Roswell, etc. (Micheal Geurin ILY)

This is basically my Grand Plan for when I inevitably am given a CW show. Inevitably. You know I’m for cereal because I’m going full adult capitalization on this bitch. 

Overall Show Structure


First of all, I think a show should know how long it wants to run. There should be an end date in mind rather than letting it just go on forever until it dies in a last, pathetic choke for relevance. Yeah, lookin’ to you SPN. As far as I’m concerned 3, 5, and 7 seasons are the best options for intended length but I think an argument can be made for other choices. 

I’m going to focus on a 5 season structure because it’s the one I think is best from both a story telling and fandom supporting stance. So, lets brush quickly on why I think 3 and 7 seasons are also good options.

3 Season Run

This form of the story is clear, concise and focused. There’s nothing extraneous in a short run like this and I think there’s a lot to be said for clean story telling like this. In a 3 season run season 1 shows us who characters are and what their relationships are; season 2 tests those relationships and asks characters to stretch themselves; season 3 breaks those relationships and the tensions first overcome in season 1 as the tearing points. 

7 Season Run

Telling a story for this long is a big ask. A lot changes in that many seasons and honestly, I think this is the longest possible run before a show loses coherency (crime procedurals can escape this but I think they’re a unique breed). The 7 season show follows the same structure as the 5 season run but the last 2 seasons pull from a dangled bit of information in season 3. This’ll make a little more sense as we dig into my season break down. You’re also almost certainly looking at some pretty big central cast choices by the end of 7 seasons.

5 Season Run

Okay, so my personal favourite, the 5 season run. I think this is the best length for a show of this type, action adventure stories that are ultimately about people. In a 5 season run you build characters, break them down, and let them reform themselves. 5 seasons is enough to really explore the depths of characters with time and focus but not so long that you end up repeating personal stories in clumsy ways.  In broad brush strokes seasons 1 and 2 set up who are characters are and what their relationships will be; season 3 picks away and their sense of self and leaves them at their lowest point in it’s finale; seasons 4 and 5 build them back up, reaffirm who they are and why it is that they’re doing this. 

Season By Season Breakdown 

Season 1

A good first season is a hard one. You need a small, tight story with small, personal stakes. This is where you set up the core of your show (hopefully the central cast that will carry all the way to the end of your run) and tell us who we’re rooting for. We’re given 3 or 4 characters who are going to be at the heart of our show and we need to learn who they are. It’s important that they have interpersonal tension and that by the end of the season they have a stable, working relationship.

This is also when you want to keep the stakes low. No one saves the world in the first season. Where do you go from there? The first season is about personal danger and personal stakes. We shouldn’t even meet the real antagonist this season. Our plucky heroes duke it out with lackies and maybe a lieutenant, a second or third in command. We hear about but never meet the Big Bad. The season ends with the  heroes defeating the small scale. For Buffy that was overcoming a prophecy of her own death. For the Hundo that was repelling an attacking force from their home. Small scale, personal. It shows us who our characters are but doesn’t ask to much of them.

Season 2

All those relationships we set up in season 1 are going to be tested. We’re going to meet the Big Bad who was calling the shots last season and we’re going to take a swing at them. But season 2 also leads directly from season 1, maybe there’s a time jump but it’s short. Maybe there’s a new direction but it is born out of the ashes of the season 1 finale hook.  

Our core group expands, they stretch their wings and test what their relationships do under the stress of higher odds. Season 2 feels pressure on a bigger scale, the core group aren’t the only ones at stake now. Maybe it’s family and friends, or their town. The Big Bad has seen that they really are a threat and is playing for keeps. In a fatal show we should suffer a loss that hurts in the final episodes. There is a victory but it’s not without it’s losses 

Season 3

We get a departure from our first two seasons. Season 3 can take a time jump, it doesn’t have to fall directly on the heels of the second season. But something late in season 1 comes back up. A good way to play this is to take the antagonist from a two episode arch shortly before the conclusion of season 1 and make them a big deal. This is a good time to make the antagonist here someone with whom the Big Bad in the first two seasons had their own tension with. The heroes do this antagonist a favour when they take out the Big Bad but it proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

This is a good season to narrow down, break a couple of those relationships. Swinging at the Big Bad last season cost our heroes something. In season 3 we know that heroes don’t have plot armor, the Good Guys don’t always walk away. The loss of a friend and the knowledge that this probably wont be the last loss weighs heavily on our heroes. They handle it differently and it starts to rupture the fabric of the group. Tension in the season is born of a question of how or if our group will stick together.

This is a good season to have one of our heroes play on the dark side a little. Maybe our new antagonist isn’t totally wrong about the way they view the world. 

The end of this season should see this antagonist dead and our heroes tentatively recommitted to the cause. A Pyrrhic victory at the conclusion of this season can make sure our heroes don’t want those deaths to be in vain. 

Season 4

At some point in first half of the first season a lacky  mentioned some Ultimate Villain that our first Big Bad was afraid of. Yeah, that mother fucker is back in the game. Or heroes are only tentatively recommitted to the cause, they’re as dark as we’ve ever seen them and they’re not all comfortable with the things they’ve done to get here. So season 4 is going to make them earn it. This is a season where they’re asked to prove that they are hero types, to make hard calls, to stretch themselves. 

But we also get victories. Someone they helped in the first or second season comes back as a guest star, is involved in their lives in a positive way because they helped them. This is where we get to see our heroes really commit, really see that they’re a force for good.

At the end of season 4 the Ultimate Villain isn’t defeated but they know what they have to do. They have achieved the first half of defeating this villain, maybe it’s securing a Magic Item, or a certain location, maybe it’s just figuring out who the fuck the villain actually is and what that means. But at the end of season 4 our heroes are poised to take their step at the Ultimate Villain. This is where we have our “I aim to misbehave” speech. Going into the fifth season our heroes are hard, are focused, and are ready to take no prisoners. 

Season 5

We should get a victory march. Season 5 should be an absolutely adoring ode to why we love these characters. It shouldn’t be easy for them, hell no. It should cost. We need one of the core group to die, absolutely. And die senselessly, die because the group make a stupid arrogant call because they’re the Heroes and they forgot what that can cost. Season 5 should pull away the arrogance that they learned in seasons 2, 3 and 4. By the end of season 5 they defeat the Ultimate Villain and walk out on top, but they do it by being the characters we first meet, the best versions of themselves. They have had all their rough edges buffed away by seasons of hardship and then they have the arrogance that winning gave them kicked out by hard, aching losses. But at the end of the finale the surviving cast should be their best selves, alive and well because they were the people that their friends could count on and because their relationships have helped make them the best they can be. 

So. Yeah. Someone give me a show. 


HQ!! Season 1 Ep. 24 vs. HQ!! Season 2 Ep. 24

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Okay so I wanted to do a thank you post now, as I did a follow forever for my blog’s 1st birthday (I know it should have been done reverse…nevermind). So in this post I’ll thank everyone that made my Tumblr journey even better, I met a lot of fantastic people here :)

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Now I’d like to mention some of my favorite blogs (in no particular order, and mutals are bolded):

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First off i love the new Header!! :D second how close are you to finishing forgotten hollow Josie bc i wanna binge read it and im one of those people who waits till the whole season of my fave show is out before i watch it?? I need to know so i can plan my binge reading day LOL! ily you as always and no pressure! <3

So glad you like my new header! I love doing those edit things but I always think mine look kinda corny? lol

Oh and I’m the same way with shows, I wait for the whole season too! I get too anxious in between episodes to wait for the next one, haha. But no, I’m not done with FH quite yet, I’m actually gonna work on Secrets for a while, so you can put the binge read on the back burner for now LOL  Please please please work on Ralia so I can get my fix, Shy! I’m addicted to your Legacy! lol

The One Where He Finds Out (Draco)

holy noodles so im rewatching the tv show Friends and i just watched the episode (spoiler lol) where Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time so dingdingding heres a Draco imagine lololol im so hyped. 
If you haven’t seen the episode its season 2 episide 7 and it happens towards the end its so amazing im crying okay read the imagine now ily bye 

* * *

It was a known fact that Draco had liked you ever since first year. You had only found out a few months ago and since then he was always on your mind and you had to keep convincing yourself that you didn’t like him. However, over the holidays you had come to terms with it

‘Come on.’ Pansy had said as you two sat in your pajamas on your bedroom floor. ‘Just give it a go. I mean you two are already so close! Everything will be just like normal except now you can kiss him.’ She smiled. You looked at the floor and nodded slowly, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ 
‘Of course I’m right!’ Pansy smiled reassuringly. ‘I know you both better than anyone else. You two are perfect for each other.’ 

On the first day of school you stood at Kings Cross with Pansy and waited excitedly with Pansy. You were nervous as hell but all you wanted to do was tell Draco that you felt the same way. Soon enough you spotted his white-blonde hair in the distance and you looked to Pansy. ‘Go for it.’ She smiled, before squeezing you hand. You grinned, breathing out, and started to walk towards him. As Draco was quite tall, you could see him above everybody else. You saw him look down, smiling and talking - to his mother you assumed. I’ll need to take him aside, You thought to yourself, Confessing my love to a boy in front of his mother isn’t ideal romantic, you smiled to yourself. As you got closer, and in between a few people you saw that the person he was talking to wasn’t his mother. Although the girl he was with had blonde hair, it didn’t have the black streaks that Narcissa Malfoy portrayed. Your smile slowly dispatched from your face as the the crowd dispersed and you saw the girl Draco was walking with was Daphne Greengrass, a girl in your year and in Slytherin. The smile was completely gone by the time you saw Draco hand-in-hand with the girl. ‘Oh god.’ You whispered to yourself. You immediately turned around, to go back to Pansy, your face red and your heart beating a mile a minute. ‘Y/n!’ You heard him call your name. You spun around, a wide, fake grin across your face. ‘Draco!’ You cried, ‘I totally didn’t see you! How are you?’ You smiled. Draco smiled also, ‘I’m really good!’ You looked to Daphne, ‘Hi Daphne.’ You said. Although you were smiling you couldn’t be more broken and embarrassed. ‘Hi y/n!’ She said sweetly. 
‘Um, Pansy is waiting for me, actually. So I’ll see you guys on the train yeah?’ You said, feeling yourself well up. 
‘Alright! Bye.’ Draco said as he and his girlfriend walked off towards the Hogwarts Express. 

Ever since then you had tried and managed to keep things normal, apart from the fact that all you could think about was Draco and his smile and his eyes and his laugh…

‘You just need closure.’ Pansy said to you one Saturday night. 
‘How do I get closure, Pansy? It’s not like I can just go to Hogsmeade and ask Madame Rosmerta for one large closure.’ You sighed, putting your hands in your head. ‘Okay,’ Pansy laughed, ‘Madame Rosmerta can’t give you closure but she can give you this.’ Pansy pulled out a bottle of Firewhisky from inside her robes, grinning. 

You awoke the next day with a pounding headache, the empty bottle of firewhisky laying at the end of your four poster bed, as well as a sleeping Pansy. Your rubbed your head, ‘Dammit Pansy.’ You sighed. You got up and rolled her under the covers of your bed just as Draco walked in. He smirked, ‘I see you two had a little fun last night. Y/n, I didn’t know you were into girls.’ He winked. ‘Ha Ha.’ You rolled your eyes. Draco laughed, 
‘Daph and I are about to go to the Quidditch pitch for a date.’ Draco sang happily, ‘But I just wanted to check that you two were okay.’ He said, raising his eyebrows at Pansy. ‘We’re fine.’ You said, a little put out at the mention of Daphne. You suddenly looked at Draco, cocking your head to the side. 
‘What?’ He asked. 
‘I don’t know.’ You said, ‘I just feel like I had a dream about you, but I don’t remember.’ You said slowly, thinking hard. 
‘Okay.’ Draco laughed. You sat back down on your bed, 
‘Did we talk last night?’ You asked. Draco shook his head,
‘No but you two were so loud the whole castle heard you yelling, so I put a silencing charm around your dorm.’ Draco said casually. ‘If you want I can take it off.’ 
‘It’s probably better on.’ You smiled. Draco laughed nodding, 
‘That’s true. Anyway I’ll see you later. Oh, I have to grab my jumper quickly,’ He added, ‘It’s freezing outside.’
As Draco left the room you remembered. 
‘Oh god.’ You whispered. You ran out of the room and down the hallway, just missing Draco as he entered his dorm. ‘Draco!’ You yelled. You finally reached the end of the corridor and burst through his door. ‘Draco!’ You cried again, almost breaking the door as you flung through it to find him standing by his draws, a slightly ripped piece of parchment in his hands.  ‘Did you write me a letter last night?’ He grinned, as he began to read the paper. ‘Draco put that down!’ You screamed. You ran over to him and jumped on his back, almost tackling him to the ground as you yanked the letter from out of his hands. You both fell onto Draco’s bed which was conveniently in the way of you crashing to the floor, both breathing heavily at the commotion that you just caused. 
‘You’re over me?’ Draco said. You closed your eyes, jumping off of him and standing up, ‘Oh god.’ You whispered into your hands that were clasped over your mouth, ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.’ You repeated over and over, covering your face. ‘You’re over me?’ He said again. 
‘When were-when were you…under…me?’ Draco stuttered. 
‘Draco.’ you whispered. 
‘Do you…did you have feelings for me?’ He asked. You nodded. ‘Oh my god. Oh my god!’ He said, ‘I can’t um, I can’t deal with this right now.’ He said, very stressed. ‘I’m sorry.’ You said. He nodded, his eyes wide, 
‘Yep okay. Um, I have to go because Daphne is-is waiting. Okay.’ He said, shutting the door behind him. 

That night you sat alone in your dorm, looking through the pictures of a book you had no interest in when the door opened. ‘Hi.’ You looked up to see Draco standing there. ‘Hey.’ You said softly. 
‘We-uh-didn’t end up having our date.’ He said, sitting on Pansy’s bed. 
‘Oh, why not?’ You asked. 
‘She had homework to do, and anyway I was a bit out of it.’ He said. 
‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You said, unsure of what else to say. 
‘No, it’s not “interesting”.’ Draco said, starting to get mad, ‘You had no right to tell me you had feelings for me!’ He cried.
‘What?’ You said, standing up. 
‘I was doing great with Daphne before I found out about you!’ 
‘Hey, I was doing great before I found out about you!’ You yelled back, ‘You think it’s easy for me to see you with Daphne?’ 
‘Well then you should have said something before I started dating Daphne!’ He yelled. 
‘I didn’t know then!’ You cried. ‘And how come you never said anything to me?’ 
‘There was never a good time!’ 
‘Right, because, you only had-what-five years! And we only hung out ever single day!’ 
‘Not every day!’ Draco said, running out of ways to defend himself, ‘And it’s not like I didn’t try! But things got in the way!’ 
‘Do you even have a point?’ 
‘The point is, I don’t need this right now! Okay? It’s too late. I’m with someone else and I’m happy. This ship has sailed!’ 
‘What so you’re just going to suppress your feeling or something?’ You shouted. 
‘I’ve gotten pretty good at doing that!’ Draco shouted back, leaving you silent. 
‘Alright fine.’ You said lowly, ‘You go ahead and do that, alright Draco? Cos I don’t need your stupid ship!’ 
‘Fine!’ Draco yelled before storming out the room and slamming the door behind him. ‘And you know what?’ You yelled as loud as you could, ‘Now I got closure!’ You screamed. You sat back down on your bed, in tears, ‘Stupid fucking silencing charm!’ You cried, sobbing into your hands. You sat in the quiet for a few seconds, the only sound in the room was your heavy breathing as you sat with your head in your hands. 
knock knock. You heard knuckles on the back of the door. You stood up and went to it, opening it to find Draco. His face was expressionless but you could see the pain in his eyes, as he could yours. You blinked and breathed out. Draco stepped in and didn’t stop as he went straight for your lips. You caught him and your hands shot up to his face as you kissed him back, and you felt his hands on your back and your foreheads touched as you kissed passionately. 

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himym was actually p good for like the first five seasons and then everything went downhill like ??? where did robin’s good traits go??? did ted become even more annoying??? i spent three years trying to get myself to get past s6 lmao (haven’t watched it since)

okay hella true, my mom and sister watched the entire series together and i kept getting lost because i’d watch it with them and then do something else and it was a good show for the most part imo (maya we haven’t talked in forever ily)

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hello! i was wondering if you've watched the first ep of haikyuu season 2 yet and what you thought of it // how do you feel about more ushi and oikawa may or may not be what i am asking ahah you're my fav artist for them. actually you're my fav artist for all the shows you've drawn for tbh ily (and ur ocs!!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH T.T to be honest i wasn’t sure if i was even going to watch s2 bc im very preoccupied w literally everything else int he world LMFAO but your kind msg really motivated me to watch it!!!! SO SORRY FOR REPLYING SO LATE I JUST WATCHED THE FIRST 2 EPS TODAY *screaming wildly at ushiwakas face* in the back of my mind wishing maybe the hot way ushiwaka says oikawas name and praises him will make ppl want ushioi— /SLAPPED

i really too so many screen shot i couldnt stop myself so it took a long time to watch lOOOL  lOOK AT HOW MANY TIMES THEY APPEAR TOGETHER!!!! GYAAAAAAA



Happy 55th birthday Emma Thompson!!!


Thank you for making my award season better, and for being in Harry Potter when I was only thirteen, something which was admittedly the first thing I remember seeing you in. Thank you for being in lots of things recently and coming up, and for being hilarious even when I was thirteen years old. I especially appreciated that episode of Ellen you did, which I have watched numerous times when I’ve been trawling through YouTube watching a lot of your interviews. I hope you have a fantastic day, and thank you for existing.

anonymous asked:

I've seen speculation about possibly happy things for Olicity by the finale. Maybe I'm a bit of a sceptic because as much as I love them, I'm not totally bought into sunsets and wedding bells. I just want a good story. I respect your outlook on shipping and remaining levelheaded and positive. I was wondering 1) how you think the season will end for Olicity 2) how you want it to and 3) what the fandom should do to recover if things don't turn out all roses and candlelight by the end. Thanks!!!!

I’m all about good story, Anon, and I don’t know.  I mean… what are people expecting exactly when you say “roses and candlelight”?  Obviously Arrow is coming back for another season, so it’s not like it’s the Mentalist giving Jane and Lisbon a big fluffy wedding, a baby, and wrapping things up forever before it fades to black.

I don’t think Arrow is going to end on a bad note for anything, really, at the finale.  That really isn’t their style. Look at how Season 1 and 2 ended.  They drew to a close on nice beats, wrapped up the season-long drama, and faded off to hiatus with a feeling of story closure and contentment with viewers ready to come back for a new season, a new story, a new chapter.

Do I think Oliver and Felicity are going to get married in the Chapel of Love, swearing their undying devotion to each other, and ride off in a car dragging tin cans with a “Just Married” sign on to have a honeymoon at Niagra Falls and make babies?  No.  Then again, I don’t think that’s what people are expecting at the end of this season either.  But I don’t think they’re going to leave Oliver and Felicity off in some weird bad spot either, especially when the writers/executives have said the ending of this season is like the end of a trilogy.  I expect Oliver & Felicity to be left off in a spot that allows their relationship to continue to grow, organically, next season without making huge leaps and jumps that advances them too quickly.  Slow and steady.  Slow-burn.  If you’re going to keep it, you gotta build it to last.

I fully expect more Ocean’s 11 style screwery going on before this season is over like they did the other ep with the whole dead-not-dead fake out con for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s sweeps & they want to shock you

2. It’s the finale 3 episodes

3. It’s Oliver and Felicity. I mean… seriously.  Look at what they’ve done all season long with Oliver and Felicity.  This is building to something somewhere.  And I don’t believe they’re going to leave it hanging in some unknown suspended status going into hiatus.

4. It’s sweeps.  Did I mention it’s sweeps?  Cause it’s sweeps.  Everything about these episodes will be about getting ratings, making your watch, and money, money, money.  Money!

But you know what I’m remembering?  I’m remembering what was going on in the fandom this time last season.  Do you remember that?  People (and I absolutely mean no offense by this to anyone) were all panicked that Slade was going to corrupt Oliver.  Felicity was going to betray Oliver!  Felicity was going to do something so horrible and evil to Oliver because Slade got to her that Oliver would be disgusted by her, turn on her, reject her, and the show was going to ruin the Oliver/Felicity relationship forever!  …remember that?  Look how that turned out.  Remember how Oliver’s “I love you” and following Olicity beach scene (You really sold it/We both did) was *all* anybody could talk about during hiatus? Did he mean it?  Did he not?  Etc.  Look where it led us in Season 3.

I am a total angst whore.  I come from soapdom.  I’m used to twists and turns and dark and bad things happening after bad things and usually I loved it!  Drama, conflict, and things getting worse and worse before they get better make for story you want to tune back into each day.  TV has one job for me: Entertain me.

That said, Arrow needs to end this season on a strong note (and with hope) for a couple of reasons.

1. You want to sell DVDs.  Give me a reason to buy DVDs, thecwarrow & warnerbrostv.  Because as of right now, you have me tempted (especially with the Oliver/Felicity storyline so far) but on a whole, I still haven’t pre-ordered my copy.  I think about it.  I’ve gone to look at it a few times and hovered my mouse over that 1-Click Buying option… but I’m waiting to see how that finale pans out before I plunk down $45 for a bluray set on a show that failed to give me:

  • Consistent Original Team Arrow Interaction (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle)
  • Consistent Oliver/Felicity interaction
  • Olicity stunts
  • Enough episodes I want to watch more than once. Now, granted, I got Felicity’s mom, Olicity ILYs, Olicity’s first love scene… but I can buy those handful of episodes individually (already have, in fact).

I need a reason to buy the DVDs.  A good season ending gives me that reason.

2. You want people talking during the hiatus to keep the Arrow buzz up and keep Arrow fresh in people’s minds until the show returns for Season 4 in October 2015.  That’s a long time away, and frankly, you’re not gonna get 5 months of buzz if you don’t end the show with something for your most vocal fans to oooh and aah and speculate over.

3. You want people to come back for Season 4.  There’s no doubt that this season has been Love It or Hate It for people.  Lots of debate about lots of things.  You need to end strong to make viewers WANT to come back for Season 4.  That means you have to end Arrow Season 3 in a way that makes it unforgettable, not ho-hum.

As for how to deal with disappointed expectations, I find the easiest way is this: Don’t have any. 

Look, we all have things we can have fun speculating and What If-ing, that’s half the fun.  But I find it best to keep one foot on the ground and realize things might not go that way.  It’s nice to hope and dream and everything and be excited but I’m not one of those people that say, “If it doesn’t happen this way I’m going to hate it!”  Sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees in stories (Arrow’s been that way a lot for me this year, so I have a hard time deciding how I feel toward just about everything), so I sit and I watch and I wait to see how things shake out before I decide. 

I love speculating but I don’t get crushed when that speculation doesn’t come true either.  It’s all about balance.

Also, I think sometimes people overreact to other people’s speculation.  They’re just having fun.  They want something to talk about, laugh about, look forward to, and enjoy.  Often, they’re just amusing themselves between episodes.  Some people just love to spec and, come the next ep, they’ll start all over again with brand new theories now that more information has been added.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for some reason, others feel like they have to stomp into the party to start flipping tables and popping balloons and bring everybody down like it’s a bad thing to be having fun.  Everybody watches in their own way and that’s okay.

I think, especially going into the final 3 episodes it’s important to remember that these are the final 3 episodes (and sweeps!) so they’re going to pull out all the stops to get you worried, talking, and watching.  But it’s also the final 3 episodes.  Watch.  Wait.  Give that finale time to play out and the season end before jumping to conclusions about how something is going to end.  We only have 3 weeks left.  Don’t knee-jerk to every teaser, spoiler, article, etc., and don’t pre-judge or let people get you all worked up. 

Let it play out & then decide.

Me?  I’ll probably need a few days after the finale ep to decide what I think.  Sometimes I need to let it all percolate before I even understand what I understand.